"Dr Jan Pająk portfolio" and other free videos on reserach of Dr Jan Pajak available via YouTube

po polsku Dla polskiej wersji kliknij na tę flagę, angielsku For English version click on this flag i niemiecku Für die deutsche Version klicke auf die Flagge.

Notice that until 17th of May 2016, at this home address (which now runs this web page, while via Menu 2 runs also all other web pages that I authorise) there used to be available a different web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm. It reported my experience gathered during standing as an "Independent" candidate for the New Zealand parliamentary election of 2014. Both language versions of that my 2014 election reporting web page (i.e. English and Polish versions) are still available, only now they are shifted to the background - you can view them by clicking on this (green) link.
In the year 2015 were also developed two further equivalents of that web page relating to the NZ parliamentary elections of 2017 - see web pages pajak_re_2017.htm and pajak_for_mp_2017.htm. However, in August 2016 my attention was directed at verses in the Bible which forbid believers in God to assume an active role in any governing body - these verses, and also my reaction to getting them know, are described in the "Introduction" and in "part #J" from my web page named pajak_for_mp_2017.htm.

I sincerely invite the reader to watch at least one out of a whole series of videos available for free on the Internet and objectively reporting on my life's scientific achievements. The most important among these videos, which I especially recommend to view, is around 35-minute long free film on YouTube, entitled "Dr Jan Pajak portfolio". It is available in English, in Polish (po polsku) and also in German (auf Deutsch). If you use the browser "Google Chrome", then in case of problems with the above green links, the same film (and also the working links to it) is displayed by the web page djp.htm which lists all free YouTube videos on outcomes of my research, to the making of which I somehow contributed my personal output, and thus I know that they do NOT deviate from truth. Detailed description of the film "Dr Jan Pająk portfolio" is provided in item #B1, while links - in item #A1, from this web page.
The film "Dr Jan Pająk portfolio" was produced by my friend to commemorate the occasion of my 70th birthday. It summarizes, reports, animatesand illustrates most important scientific achievements of my life, namely my discoveries, inventions, theories, formal scientific proofs (including the formal scientific proof for the existence of God), subsequent professorships in 4 different universities of the world, etc. So together with descriptions from this web page, the film has the potential to positively influence the life of the viewer. Furthermore, since it informs about the existence of technical devices already proven in work, but ignored by official science and by decision makers, which (devices) have the potential to solve most dangerous problems of our present civilisation, the film may inspire someone to build these devices for the good of his/her own nation and the entire humanity. This web page was prepared mainly to provide links, internet addresses, and more detailed descriptions of this excellently-designed and produced HD and HQ film. Furthermore, it records for future generations the descriptions of every-day problems and realities faced by inventors and discoverers who altruistically try to introduce true progress to our civilisation.
Although initially I intended that this web page is entirely devoted to the film with my scientific portfolio, as time progressed, I also started to describe and provide here links to all other films produced so-far with my active participation - which reported outcomes of my research (i.e. NOT just to the film "Dr Jan Pająk portfolio"), in this number including also films which were produced more recently, after the structure of this web page was already established and could NOT be changed. Thus, to NOT ruin the already exasting structure of this web page, to all the newest such films I am to provide links and descriptions in a single item #A3 below (these earlier films are described in items #A1, #A2, #A4 and #A5 of this web page - note that I would especially recommend having also a look at a 4-minute-long video with commentaries in German and English, entitled "How Big is the Magnokraft", described in item #A5 below on this web page, as it illustrates the future vehicles which soon are to arrive to our civilisation.) Of course, since all of these films are available free of charge in YouTube, finding them should be possible through YouTube. However, as it turns out in practice, YouTube search is inefficient and shows also a lot of "junk films", which are NOT authorised by me, but only make use of the qualities associated with my name. Thus, I recommend that the readers first look at videos described and linked on this web page (or in the web page named djp.htm), and only then consider whether they should look at anything else that is associated with my name.
Unfortunately, independently from the abovee positive videos, which I approved and recommend, the Internet is also overflowing with negative products of various individuals, whom the Bible calls "goats" or "chaff" for reasons that I explained at the beginning of "part #A" from the web page named dipolar_gravity.htm. These "goats" or "chaff" try to pop out of their skins to disgust, sabotage, block, or even just ridicule every my scientific achievement. If anyone is curious as to how the products of their "minds" look like, then he/she can look at some their "fruits" with the help of (green) links that I quote in items from #B2 to #B2.3 of the web page named faq_pl.htm.

Part #A: How to find in YouTube the films discussed here:

#A1. Links to the film Dr Jan Pajak portfolio":

As many as three language versions of the film are already available on youtube.com since 5 May 2016 at the following addresses (click on any (green) link to the address, and the film will run automatically):
youtube.com/watch?v=sXr2OzVsMp4 (the English version),
youtube.com/watch?v=f3MuZec4jGM (the Polish version - po polsku),
youtube.com/watch?v=RX-FwUXOs98 (the German version - auf Deutsch).
At the same time detailed descriptions of the content of this film are available below in the devoted to them "part #B" of this web page, while short summaries of these descriptions are also provided in item #H1 from my web page named pajak_for_mp_2017.htm, item #J9 from the web page named totalizm.htm, item #K7 from the web page named prophecies.htm, and item #L5 from my autobiographical web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm. From this autobiographical web page pajak_jan_uk.htm readers can also learn descriptively further details about the course of my life and about my research, which are to extend and complement the information presented visually in film discussed here.
Of course, the running and watching this excellent film does NOT require to remember nor to copy the above links, but just suffices that to the separate searching window which shows up in the top part of each youtube.com web page, or search engine google.com, one enters the title of this film, used as searching keywords - i.e. one enters the title "Dr Jan Pajak portfolio" (but typed without quotes).

or on youtube

Video #A1: Here is the starter for the video discussed here entitled "Dr Jan Pajak Portfolio". (Click on this starter if you wish to run that video.) Note, that independently from the above item #B1 of this web page, a comprehensive description of this video is also provided in several other my web pages, for example in item #J9 from the ending part of the web page named totalizm.htm.

#A1.1. The leaflet promoting the film Dr Jan Pajak portfolio:
Developed already is a two-side leaflet of A4 format, which encourages to see the film discussed here. This leaflet is available in all three languages, in which is also available the film "Dr Jan Pajak portfolio". Below in "Fig. #A1" is shown the English version of this leaflet. In turn the Polish and the German language versions of this leaflet, the reader is able to see, or to download to his/her own computer, from "Fig. #B1" and "Fig. #B2" in "part #B" of this web page, or from repetitions of these figures provided under items #H2 and #H3 of my web page named pajak_for_mp_2017.htm. All these three leaflets are also displayed in the similar areas of the Polish and German versions of this web page.

Fig. #A1a  Fig. #A1b
Fig. #A1: Here are both sides of a leaflet that encourages viewing the YouTube film entitled "Dr Jan Pajak portfolio". This leaflet is available in a highly secure format "JPG" used for transferring photographs (i.e. which cannot be used by computer viruses), and the copying of it is NOT blocked. Therefore, the reader can easily download it to own computer. After such downloading the reader can also print it for own reading or for giving it to friends. Moreover, it can be attached to emails and posted to people whom the reader wants to convince to view the film discussed here. If the reader knows about an unused notice-board somewhere in the place of work, learning, meetings, in club, etc., that is cluttered with antique advertisements or with outdated notices, and the reader is able to print this leaflet and to post it in there, then it would be worth doing so to introduce a bit of life, truth and escape from the everyday triviality. The leaflet summarizes briefly the most important information provided in the discussed film, provides the link to the English language version of this film, and also explains how this film can be searched in YouTube using its title for "keywords". Since neither the leaflet, nor the film promoted by it, provide literature references which would describe in detail the ideas presented in the film discussed here, links to the English-language descriptions of these ideas the reader is to find in "part #B" of this web page, especially in items #B1 and #B2. (Click onto any page of this leaflet to see it enlarged or to save it on your computer's hard disk!)

#A1.2. My current problem - the New Zealand custom office makes impossible for me to distribute in NZ free paper copies of this leaflet:

As a scientists who researches topics that may save our civilisation from the incoming self-inflicted destruction, I have special obligations toward New Zealand. After all, I live in New Zealand. Also New Zealand is specially prone to problems for which my inventions and discoveries provide effective solutions. For example, I worked out the design and operation of the Zhang Heng Seismograph, which telepathically senses impending earthquakes and long in advance provides remotely warnings of the incoming disaster. Thus, such a device would be very handy in New Zealand so frequently troubled by earthquakes - for examples see my web page quake.htm. All what is needed to have this extraordinary device, is just someone with the "golden hand" skills (in which skills New Zealanders supposedly are good), who with the assistance of my scientific knowledge and advice would make it again almost 2000 years after it was first build in China.
My friend from Germany (the same who printed for me the gift of 9999 elections flyers for 2014 parliamentary elections), volunteered to print for me free paper copies of the leaflet shown above in item #A1.1. Unfortunately, when in 2014 the same friend posted to me the free gift of 9999 election flyers, I had a lot of problems with NZ custom officers who wanted that I hire a custom agent, and that I pay the import duty for this free gift - for details see (2014/6/19) in item #N3 and (2014/5/28) in item #M2 of my election-reporting web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm. So I asked my friend to wait with the printing until I check with the custom office for what number of printed leaflets I could avoid having similar problems with the above leaflet.
On Thursday, 19th of May 2016, around 12:20, I entered the scary to me building of New Zealand customs offices in Wellington. For me it is a very scary place to go in there, as visitors already at the entrance are warned that this is the high security area, thus presumably numerous hidden TV cameras are watching and recording every move (i.e. probably they also recorded the entire my visit, and the discussion with the custom officer). I feel in there as if somewhere behind curtains armed guards are only waiting ready to pounce at, or shoot, a wrongly behaving client. I explained to the female custom officer the situation (i.e. that I am retired scientist and have no spare money to print this leaflet myself, but my friend from Germany would print it for me for free, and post to me as a gift, so that I could distribute it also for free to people around my area of living - hoping that the leaflet reaches hands of someone who has a potential to build my inventions in New Zealand). I gave her the printouts of both sides of the above leaflet together with the address of this web page, and asked her how many such leaflets my friend could print for me and post to me as a “printed matter” free gift, without the need for me to pay the import duty. After some time spend in a different room, presumably for checking the legal side of my case, she returned and replied that “none”, because my leaflet bears attributes of an "enterprise" (although I was clear that I am retired and I do NOT own any company that could in any way benefit from the distribution of this free leaflet), so I must pay the import duty for any number of them, and also if such a shipment of leaflets arrives to New Zealand, I would also need to hire a custom agent (about which agent I know since 2014 elections, that it would cost me enough much, to make the free printing of my leaflets overseas unaffordable, while the price of printing leaflets in NZ is so high that I also cannot afford it). The custom officer did NOT provide me with any advice as to how I could appeal for making for me an exception from these harsh custom "laws" that suffocate such a way of free promoting of progress in New Zealand.
So sorry New Zealanders, but probably I will NOT be able to find a way that the offer of my friend to print this leaflet for free could be accepted, as it looks that during the shipment to New Zealand the leaflet wouldbe stopped by customs - so that it could NOT be distributed for free around my area of living and, perhaps, reach someone with appropriate skills of "golden hands" who after learning about my devices could build them for the good of people and country of New Zealand. Thus, when e.g. a next earthquake strikes (as usually without a warning - since inertial seismographs which the humanity developed so far are triggered only during the earthquake, thus are NOT able to give a warning sufficiently long time in advance for an effective escape), and some of you are to be trapped under rubbles, then perhaps you should consider ringing to NZ custom officers and convince them to make room for exceptions in import duties for free leaflets and in the requirement of hiring a paid "agent" to push "printed matter" parcels through the border bureaucracy, so that such exceptions could help future generations in situations like the one that I tried to prevent!
I believe that the distributing the above leaflet for free, in order to inform NZ potential builders of my devices about the inventions shown in the film and also about fact that these inventions do exist and their proper work was already proven in practice, is morally, patriotically and legally correct thing to do. Therefore, in ways that to my imperfect human knowledge are both, legal and morally correct, I will try to continue my efforts of overcoming obstacles that are appearing in that matter. In turn outcomes of my efforts I will thoroughly report in "Part #D" of this web page - so that followers of my philosophy may gain some educational benefits from my experiences (similarly as they may gain from my reports on other difficult cases that I tried to solve accordingly to principles of the philosophy of totalizm, and that I reported on totaliztic web pages - e.g. on the web page pajak_for_mp_2014.htm).

#A2. A link to the Polish video entitled "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" (literally meaning "Extinction of humanity in 2030s") which explains reasons for the approaching cleansing of Earth in years 2030s:

On 6th of May 2018 in YouTube was made available for free viewing a 34-minutes long film with narration in Polish, entitled "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" (the true meaning of which title can be translated from Polish into English with the used by Hopi Indians expression "The Great Purification of 2030s").
On 2019/2/16 (means after 9 months and 10 days) this films reached its first million hits (views) - see the badge of "Złoty Rekord" (i.e. "Golden Record") shown below in Fig. #A2". The film "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" currently can be viewed from my web page named djp.htm (which web page "djp.htm" allows to run all YouTube films in the creation of which I participated in person, thus about which I am sure that they do NOT deviate the results of my research - some of these films are in English), or run directly from its YouTube addresses https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o06UvHgahr8 (or the address https://youtu.be/o06UvHgahr8) or run just through clicking below in "Fig. #A2" on the "Golden Record" badge.
The scenario of that film was developed as a result of cooperation of between myself (i.e. Dr Eng. Jan Pająk) and the extremely talented graphically my friend Dominik Myrcik. Later Dominik implemented the filming part of making it. The work on that film continued uninterruptedly for over half a year. In my personal opinion this film is extremely well made and is based on results of my many-years long research. In internet now is rather difficult to find a film of so high quality and calibre about this super-difficult for presenting (although extremely vital for everyone) subject of incoming extinction of 99.9% of present human population.
The content of Polish film "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" is based on results of my research, which on 2017/11/25 were published on specially devoted to them my Polish web page named 2030.htm. (Notice, that item #N1 from that web page named 2030.htm, describes the film "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" much more thoroughly than this item - thus if the reader is familiar with the Polish language, then I recommend to have a look at it.) On that web page "2030.htm" interested readers can also find additional information, sources, quotations and links to facts, findings and matters discussed in that film.

Fig. #A2

Fig. #A2: Here is the badge of "Złoty Rekord" (Polish "Złoty Rekord" in English means the "Golden Record"), designed specifically to inform, remind and commemorate for the readers of my publications the fact and the date when volunteers interested in learning the groundbreaking results of scientific research (that I must carry out on the alleged "hobby" principle - forced onto me by the society) have exceeded the first "million views" by the based on this research and disseminated free of charge on YouTube 34-minute Polish film entitled "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" (approximately meaning "The Great Purification of 2030s") - which the reader can view (among others) through the web page named djp.htm, or simply by clicking with the "mouse" on the above badge. (Notice, that viewing this film should allow you to have a first taste of the Polish language - which most probably your future descendants will voluntarily learn.) The above badge is also illustrated in the "Introduction" to my web page named 2030_uk.htm, and in item #E4 from the web page named prophecies.htm, while its wider description, in addition to that item #E4, and to the above "Fig. #A2", was published in the entry number #307 to blogs of totalizm (that entry #307 is the most easy to read from "volume T" of my publication [13] disseminated free of charge via my web page named tekst_13.htm that collects texts of all entries to blogs of totalizm).
The movie film "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" was uploaded to YouTube on 2018/5/6, and the first million views it reached on 2019/2/16 - i.e. after 9 months and 10 days. (The first 500 000 views it achieved after 4 months and 13 days.) Taking the opportunity of reaching such a "Golden Record" I would like to warmly congratulate and thank Mr Dominik Myrcik, whose huge graphical talent, knowledge, imagination, diligence, attention to detail, mastery of computer graphics tools, professionalism, love of truth, and other positive features, allowed that the report with dry results of my research, initially intended to be published as just another my web page named 2030.htm, was further expanded and transformed by Mr. Dominik into a true cinematic masterpiece. As a result, instead of receiving the traditional for online reports on the results of my research "treatment" by enemies of truth, typically involving spitting, mocking, sabotaging and disgusting for others everything that I managed to develop the knowledge of - no matter how well and how verifiably for everyone I managed to document it and confirm it, this time the reporting of my results on film aroused the wide interest and spoke convincingly to a huge audience. (And indeed, how few scientists living today had the honour that the results of their research were presented in a film voluntarily watched by over a million people.) In turn this arousal of wide interest allowed that the appeal of facts and emotional charge accumulated in this cinematic masterpiece have opened the eyes of increasingly more people previously passive and closed to the truth. As a result, at last some of us begin to be moved by realities of the tragic situation into which all of us have been placed and continually are submerging even deeper due to: turning our backs towards God and towards the principles of morally correct behaviour laid out in the Bible, destruction of the nature, continuous replacing the bitter truth by nicely sounding lies, the desire for power and subjugation of others, turning money to be the idol, chasing after pleasures, taking care of only profits and satisfying own selfish desires, humiliating one's neighbour, spreading injustice, doing only whatever is the easiest and what brings instant benefits, chasing of what one "wants to have" instead of what one "really need", avoiding insisting on the correct knowledge and on what for centuries has been proven in reliable operation - only because it is NOT compatible with the latest fashion, etc., etc. This cinematic masterpiece draws also our attention to the truths which I presented in item #E4 from my web page prophecies.htm - for example to the truth that people would NOT place themselves into the shown by that film tragic situation, if they were guided by the promptings of their own "conscience". Moreover, to the truth that regardless of what "fashions", "toys" and temptations reach our nation from those who have been silencing their consciences for ages, still every citizen of Poland, like any other inhabitant of the Earth, with irrefutable computer accuracy and objectivity will be irrevocably judged and settled by how attentively he/she listens and fulfils the whispers of his/her conscience; and also to the truth that the responsibilities of every Polish citizen and every other inhabitant of the Earth include the caring for everything that God gave him/her into the custody - including the caring for the perfection of the native language which biblically "very good" quality and potential for the future the Polish nation (and others) inherited from the ancestors.

#A3. Links to all most recent videos (starting from the year 2019) that report on results of my research:

Every film (video) which has been developed to present the results of my research, about which I am convinced that its content properly addresses important truths, to the discovering of which I devoted my research, and which already is available free of charge on YouTube to all interested people, in the most easy way can be accessed and run from my web page named djp.htm.
(In the name "djp.htm" the abbreviation "djp" stands for the first letters of my typical signature "Dr Jan Pajak" - then appears a dot and the abbreviated name of the computer language "htm" in which that web page was programmed.) Because the number of such films has recently started to exceed the number of previously unused numbers of items from this "part #A" of the web page, while the possible change of these item-numbers at the current stage would send astray the references from many other publications that refer viewers to films previously described here, each new film that became available since the beginning of 2019, I am now to report and to link in this item #A3. Here are these videos:
1: Around 25-minute long documentary video entitled "Andrzej Domała - Abducted to the planet Nea" (currently available only in the Polish language version). Its creator is Mr. Artur Witek (i.e. a Polish born resident of London, UK - who via Skype prepared also several interviews with me linked below in item #A4). The narration in this video is done by my good friend and associate, Mr. Dominik Myrcik (also the creator of several excellent films about the results of my research - on this web page presented in items #A1, #A2 and #A5). In addition, about the late Andrzej Domała on the film also speaks his brother and sister. I am shown very briefly on this film, because the session through Skype in which I discussed the abduction of the late Andrzej Domała experienced some strange interference and was NOT suitable for publication. As my major contribution, at the end of the film was repeated the content of the email (dated on Friday, 2018/7/13) with my thanks for the courage to carry out the preparations of this film about the most evidential in the world abduction to a UFO, the hero of which, i.e. the Polish citizen, the late Andrzej Domała, has been so badly treated both by the Polish public opinion and by the majority of Polish UFO researchers, as well as by UFOnauts themselves.
Also, a lot of illustrations and information shown in this film comes from treatise [3b] - which the late Andrzej Domała wrote together with me, and which free copies can be downloaded from my web page named tekst_3b.htm. The video about the late Andrzej Domała can also be started directly from the following address: https://youtu.be/R86lKRd3ADQ. It was uploaded onto YouTube on 2018/12/30. Of course, it is also made available and linked via my web page named djp.htm.

#A4. Links to my interviews (via Skype, in Polish) for the Polish Radio in London:

On my 70th birthday, i.e. on 25th of May 2016, at 9:00 am of NEw Zealand time, I gave a long conversation-interview via "Skype" for the Polish Radio in London. This conversation-interview (in Polish) was later subdivided into two approximately 35 minutes long segments, then both, broadcasted, as well as uploaded onto YouTube. On Tuesday, 7 June 2016, also at 9:00 am NZ time, took place second conversation-interview, also through the Skype. Before uploading into YouTune it also was subdivided into parts maked by adding "/2" to their numbers. Subsequent conversations-interviews took place: third on Tuesday, 6 July 2016, fourth on Saturday, 8 October 2016, while fifth on 26 November 2016. Here are links and internet addresses of those segments that have already been uploaded onto youtube.com, and thus that interested readers can view (in Polish):

Conversation-interview 1 (on Wednesday, 25 May 2016):
youtube.com/watch?v=I_FXfYTd1Wc (since 2016/6/03: 'Audycja "Przebiegunowani" - rozmowa z Dr. Janem Pająkiem cz. 1'),
youtube.com/watch?v=A0fZ_LnvTSE (since 2016/6/10: 'Audycja "Przebiegunowani" - rozmowa z Dr Janem Pająkiem cz.2'),
Conversation-interview /2 (on Tuesday, 7 June 2016):
youtube.com/watch?v=fnzGURyuIVc (since 2016/6/24: 'Dr. Jan Pająk - Druga rozmowa w audycji "Przebiegunowani" cz.1/2'),
youtube.com/watch?v=cWM1-F5HFr0 (since 2016/9/6: 'Dr. Jan Pająk - Druga rozmowa w audycji "Przebiegunowani" cz. 2/2').
Conversation-interview 3 (on Tuesday, 6 July 2016):
(Still in the processing)
Conversation-interview 4 (on Saturday, 8 October 2016):
youtube.com/watch?v=51pMoxHPpCk (since 2016/10/14: "Dr Jan Pająk - Telekineza"),
Conversation-interview 5 - in Polish but with English subtitles (on Saturday, 26 November 2016):
youtube.com/watch?v=MuxEu_kQPpY (since 2016/12/10, trailer in English: "Jan Pająk - Polish scientist, who changed the importance of modern science"),
youtube.com/watch?v=ALZJJp1uJao (since 2017/1/17 (with English subtitles: "Dr. Jan Pająk - Philosophy of Totalizm")

Have a lot of fun if you decide to watch these conversations-interviews.

Notice that there is an interesting history linked to these interviews for the Polish Radio in London. However, because the interviews are in Polish, I am NOT presenting it on this web page. Those readers who know also the Polish language, can the history of that interview read from "part #E" of the Polish version of this web page.

#A5. Links to a 4-minute long YouTube video entitled "Wie groß ist die Magnokraft?/How big is the Magnocraft?", which animates the appearance, size and dimensions of all 8 types of discoidal Magnocraft:

To celebrate my 71st birthday, my friend Dominik Myrcik has prepared another 4-minute long free video available on YouTube.com and having the bilingual (German and English) title "Wie groß ist der Magnokraft?/How big is the Magnocraft?". The video is a computer animation of the appearance, size and dimensions of all eight types of discoidal Magnocraft of my invention. Thus, in an animated (motion) manner this video compares appearances, sizes and dimensions of all eight types of discoidal Magnocraft, which through a similar computer-generation of their appearance, are illustrated, among others, on "Fig. #A2" to "Fig. #A5" (and also in further sections) of my other web page named magnocraft.htm. The video is distributed for free here or at the address youtube.com/watch?v=hkqrVePSj6c starting since 26th of April 2017.
The video discussed here ("How big is the Magnocraft") does NOT contain a speaking commentary, but only images, music and sounds that simulate the whistle of air caused by the fast flights of Magnocrafts. Hence, it can easily be viewed and understood by people of virtually every nationality - no matter which language they know and use. In the "introduction" of it, is only provided a short warning written in German and English, the content of which states, quote: "Our civilisation is approaching a collapse. Men turning away from each other. Everything we do is against Nature, Morals and God. A painful breakdown is arriving, but also the advent of our civilisation into a new golden era of Magnocraft. The country, which will build the first Magnocraft in the world, will be the leader of renewed civilisation. An old Polish prophecy foretells that the new leader will be an Asian Dragon - most probably South Korea. Immoral oppressors and destroyers will be thrown on their knees by dint of the mighty military power and the breathtaking greatness of the Magnocraft."
Thus, the warning from this introduction tries, among others, remind to us about the incoming disaster which I already explained in more detail in items from #H1 to #H3 of a separate web page named prophecies.htm, and which I hinted also in the caption under "Fig. #A2(K3-K4)" from the web page named magnocraft.htm while documented on two entire web pages named military_magnocraft.htm and wtc.htm.
The warning very similar to the above was also issued (by source officially negated until today) on November 26, 1977, at 5:10 pm, to television viewers from the UK. The newscasts of the evening television broadcast had been interrupted that historic day (or more specifically, distorted for about 6 minutes), and instead of news, a formal warning was issued that until present days is strongly denied by authorities and ignored by science. The warning had the title "We have come to warn you about your race and your planet". This warning is currently available for everyone to view (for free) on YouTube.com, in English for example at the address youtube.com/watch?v=eNbBdPZ-Yts, while e.g. in Polish at the address youtube.com/watch?v=zCrQONZuuHM.
In turn descriptions of this warning can be found in search engines with the help of English keywords Alien Warning Message Live on TV in UK, while e.g. in Polish with the keywords Kosmici incydent telewizyjny 1977 roku.
As the reader probably is to notice from the analysis of descriptions disclosed by the above links, the key to establishing the origin and authenticity of this warning, would be to determine the method, technique, and device by which this warning was imposed on the transmitted television news. As it turns out, no one has made such determining. On the other hand, the warning was "imposed onto" (NOT just "transmitted instead") of the continued during its broadcast transmission of the news - which fact is clearly demonstrated by the accidental "emerging" of segments of news through the sounds of that warning transmission. Some, including myself, believe that at the level of the earthly broadcasting technology of that time, such imposition of a warning by external earthly devices, which would suppress the continually broadcasted news, was simply impossible. Thus, the problem here is that so-far nobody has considered the possibility of technical use of the so-called "Telepathic Projectors" described, among others, in item #C4 from my web page named telepathy.htm.
It was precisely such "Telepathic Projectors" that would be able to impose this warning on the terrestrial television broadcast suppressed under it - and this could be done even at interstellar distances. What is even more interesting, the features of the imposition of this warning are very similar to another broadcast of already proven authenticity, which also used such "Telepathic Projectors", and with the help of which (via the Italian Miss Beauty and film actress, Daniela Giordano) the humanity received a gift of the so-called "Telepathic Pyramid" described in detail in items #E1.1 and #E1 from the above web page named telepathy.htm. It would be interesting to know, whether this warning also comes from the same category of beings as the "Telepathic Pyramid" does? (Links to the above warning from UK life TV broadcast I also provided in caption under "Video #A0" from my web page named magnocraft.htm, and in (v) from item #H1 of my web page named prophecies.htm.)
On my web page named ufo_proof.htm a formal scientific proof is presented, which documents that "UFOs are already built and operational Magnocraft". Thanks to this proof, people whose minds are able to accept the truth about UFOs (so stubbornly negated by present official science), the video discussed here NOT only allows to recognize which type of discoidal UFO someone has sighted or photographed, but also to determine the precise dimensions and size of that UFO.

or on youtube

Video #A5: Here is the starter for the video discussed here entitled "How big is the Magnocraft". Note, that independently from the above item #A5 of this web page, a comprehensive description of this video is also provided in caption under "Video #A0" from top part of the web page named magnocraft.htm.

#A6. Available in YouTube free videos which documented vital attributes of UFOs, thus confirming the truth and validity of my formal scientific proof that UFOs are already operational Magnocrafts:
Motto: "God which at the begining created the whole physical world and people, while now with an iron hand rules over the occurrence of absolutely everything that in this world is taking place, has no a slightest difficulty in preventing the success of these human actions that run against His plans. Therefore, no-one should fear that any of his/her actions carried out in accordance with the commandments and requirements of the Bible and aimed at the defense against immoral and harmful to truth and to progress attitudes and behaviors, may inadvertently prevent the implementation of God's plans. Thus, even if one knows that, for example, UFOnauts and other harmful to people supernatural beings are actually created and manifested by God, while in their actions they only complete God's commands, no one should be afraid to take and to follow agreeable with the Bible's commandments active defense against them and against the effects of their devastating actions, because our ability and the will to oppose harmful to people actions and lies is a component of the tough soldier-like training with the use of so-calledprinciple of reversals, and the component of the simultaneous examination of the future suitability to the productive eternal life in the kingdom of God, to which continuously are subsjected even the most valued and loved by God people."

The next parts are still waiting for translation from Polish. Until this is done professionally, this part were translated with Deepl.com

In the previous item #A5 of this page, and also as far as a whole range of my other pages Internet (e.g. in item #A5 of the web page named magnocraft.htm), I explained that shortly after inventing my Magnocraft, several programmes on Polish television devoted to the descriptions of this starship was inspired by many people to report to me and to claim, that they have already seen my Magnocrafts in flight - only that these the ships they have already seen called "UFO". So during the scientific verification the statements of these people, I have taken possession of huge body of evidence demonstrating that any attributes of the Magnocraft that I deduced theoretically during its development work on the invention of this starship, in fact, are already being demonstrated in real life by mysterious starships called "UFOs". This, in turn, quickly made I developed and published as early as 1981 the year, its formal scientific evidence, demonstrating that UFOs are already built Magnocraft.
(I carried out this proof with the scientific method of "comparing attributes'). In turn, this formal proof has been developed, my research and development on the design and operation of the Magnocraft have also resulted, among other things, in a profound understanding of the detailed knowledge of the structure and operation of UFOs. After 1981 in the course of many years of research and field measurements, so I was Able to define precisely all features and possibilities UFOs, and even precisely measure the dimensions of all 8 of UFO manned types. From his engineering practice, knowing and that my Magnocrafts must become compatible with already existing UFOs (with which in future my Magnocrafts may come either to fight or to cooperate), yes I have designed my Magnocraft so that in every dimension and details of their characteristics coincided with those of a UFO. W the result of such design of my Magnocrafts everything in your studies I am describing about the Magnocrafts is also important for UFOs, and everything that eyewitnesses will observe on UFOs are also important in relation to my Magnocrafts.
Unfortunately, in spite of pedantic documenting every step of his research, my invention of the Magnocraft, and my other inventions, discoveries and research results are ignored, denied, disgusted, sabotaged, blocked, etc. - For details and examples, see e.g. the initial page faq.htm. Both official science and more and more individual The critics also spread the lying opinion that the supposedly "all UFO observations, photographs and sightings are either fabrications, or illusions, misinterpretations, film errors, etc.". Of course, nowadays, when the computer illustrations and views of similar quality can be generated for illustrations shown in "Fig. #A5abc" or "Video #A1" above, which is often even better than quality obtained during authentic photography and filming, It cannot be ruled out that some of the more immoral things motivated people actually fabricate false observations, photographs and UFO sightings. (Note that apart from your rare publications devoted to revealing situations where authentic photographs are taken, see, or UFO landing sites, some "scientists" lied about "fabrications", I don't have time or see any need to Track or even just show the products that have been warped the actions of actual factory owners - that's why all I do I publish, or selectively link, both on this website and and on all his other studies, you always work hard I am checking for this compatibility with my "Theory of the Magnocraft", and if I inform the reader in this signature that it comes from it is from UFOs, then I actually give here my guarantee that it is a documentation of something authentic that is actually originates from UFOs.) However, regardless of the existence There is also a growing number of reliable fabrications, authentic observations, photographs and videos of the Magnocraft-like UFOs, which for the benefit and progress of humanity should be detailed examined. Even more importantly, truth and the scientific validity of my formal proof that "UFOs are already the "Magnocrafts build" allows presently to easily distinguish between "fabricated UFOs" (which do NOT conform to my The "Theory of the Magnocraft") from "authentic UFOs" (which all characteristics are in line with what my "Theory of the Magnocraft" - i.e. the theory published, among others, in Volume 3 monography [1/4]).
So if so-called "UFOlogists", instead of scoffing and criticising the results of my developmental work on the Magnocraft and the results of my empirical research on the compatibility of characteristics The Magnocraft with attributes of an authentic UFO, they put a bit of to work on getting to know these results accurately, then without The difficulties could already distinguish authentic observations, photographs and sightings of UFOs, from stupid and illegal world of physical fabrication of UFOs generated by various immoral and not very well understood individuals. After such a distinction, they could boldly "roll up sleeves", buy yourself measuring tapes and required meters and sensors, and then start investigating UFOs in real terms, quantitatively and rationally - as befits today's our level of knowledge. (Unfortunately, still the only effort which typical today's so-called "UFOlogists" are ready and seem to be be able to contribute to its activities, it is mainly limited to 'make money' on UFO sensations and to spread their speculations more and more aimed at astonishing storytellers.)
So that, in spite of the above difficulties, there is the current situation with humanity continues speaking to the reasoning of the increasingly rare currently people who have a mind open to the truth and are prepared to consider the evidence that came into my possession, I have NOT stopped its highly labour-intensive explanation and the presentation of evidence of compliance attributes of my Magnocrafts and mysterious UFOs, what kind of evidence is there by chance I'm in contact. Hence, in several of my publications I have already presented an objective discussion photographic material proving the truth my formal scientific evidence that UFO are already built Magnocraft - for examples of such pictures and for my discussion of them see the websites explain_en.htm, evidence_en.htm, or ufo_proof_en.htm, and also see Volume 14 of my monography [1/5].
Because in recent times in the Internet more and more clear-cut videos that have documented evidence of significant UFO characteristics or behaviour, further in the subsections of this point #A6, I have decided also systematically discuss these with video publicly available on the Internet and indeed documenting authentic UFOs which the truth and probative value of the evidence I personally I have verified, and on the basis of my knowledge I can guarantee that they are NOT factories, misrepresentation, or anything other than genuine UFOs - about being what scientists and all sorts of noises the critics are lying to them.
When, after the initial preparation of these from #A6 to #A6.7, I started testing the given here are links to UFO videos on purpose NOT using to of testing your own computer, I dread to say I have discovered that if I see these views again I am trying to review as someone other than me, but using the links from of this page, then someone skilfully sabotages is browsing (typically freezing the view with deliberately and maliciously made announcements in them of advertisements before they show an authentic UFO of the films I am describing below). Apparently someone about very "long hands" tries to interrupt people in learning about the knowledge that I disseminate, by, among other things, sabotaging the knowledge of the truth that arises from watching the videos I link here and at the same time to know the correct explanations I have given here (about this systematic sabotage of the knowledge that I have known for a long time - it is avoiding it. However, they are intended, among other things, to provide advice and guidance from the outset my page named faq.htm). Therefore, if the reader would also experience a similar sabotage, then I recommend that, in accordance with "motto" of this item #A6 put effort into finding how to bypass the obstacles that will be piled up before him to prevent him from seeing the listed herethe videos - after all, according to right "highways by the sea" God always forms a well concealed way of avoiding any encountered obstacles. (For example, I advise him to try to find and look at these views without linking to them from my side, and looking for them, for example, through a search engine or directly on YouTube - and I'm trying to help you with that by also mentioning below the "keywords" that will allow the reader to find these views regardless of my links, or try to browse through them from a computer other than your own and also without the use of intermediation of my pages, which this someone with 'long hands' apparently He is carefully watching and sabotaging.)
So here are the links, descriptions and additional aids to help you the circumvention of sabotage around, to those hugely important for the development and future of our civilisation a video, the authenticity of which is certified my "Theory of the Magnocraft", and thus which provide verifiable by everyone, that Magnocraft of my invention can be built because their already flying versions are seen and documented in virtually every corner of our planet, and hence that even the small countries of today, such as for example Korea, after putting in the required work and motivation they can succeed in building them, and after that successes can be used to raise of its prosperity, not just our entire planet, but even our whole galaxy.

#A6.1. About 14-minute YouTube video entitled "REAL UFOS making CROP CIRCLES in Wiltshire, England", which documents that the shapes, dimensions, features and capabilities of 8 types of my discoidal Magnocraft perfectly reflect the shapes, dimensions, features and the possibilities of 8 unearthly discoidal types UFO - including their ability to lecture in grain comprehensive "cereal circles":
Construction and operation of my Magnocraft are published continuously, starting with 1980. Since 1981 onwards, it has continuously my formal proof is also published scientific, stating that UFOs are already completed Magnocraft. In turn starting from around 1985 continually are also published with well-documented rules activities of my Magnocrafts and photographs of "landing sites UFO" my explanation that the so-called "crop circles" (in English called "crop circles" or "pictograms") are "UFO landing sites" accidentally or intentionally arranged from plants that have been coated and crushed to the ground by Magnocraft-like magnetic circuits UFO, and that the rules activities and attributes of my Magnocrafts indicate a well-documented explanation for how to form all authentic "crop circles" (i.e. those circles which actually have occurred on Earth and have NOT been fabricated by people, as people also sometimes falsify these circles), and furthermore solid evidence is already available it is clear that "grain circles" are indeed secretly formed by circuits invisible to human eyes magnetic Magnocraft-like UFOs.
In 1990 their descriptions and evidence that it was the Magnocraft-like UFOs form "crop circles", I even sent to English magazine Sunday Mirror, legally asking him for this prize in the amount of £10,000 the magazine has funded for whoever will scientifically explain the origin of the 'grain circles' (unfortunately, the payment of this prize to this magazine without discussion refused me) - as I described it more precisely in the point #D2.1 of my page named eco_cars.htm and in item #F2 from another my web page named artefact.htm. The above information, which is well documented in of my studies, I recall here to make you aware, that knowing exactly what grain circles are and how they shall be formed, on the date of publication of this point in May 2017 was already available to our civilisation by more than 30 years, i.e. for a disproportionate amount of time than It is necessary for this knowledge to reach everyone concerned. The only reason why this knowledge is NOT yet these human degenerations are widely known and recognised and the vices that the Bible has been trying to fight for over 2000 years, i.e. lust for power, greed, corruption, selfishness, jealousy, arrogance, etc. After all, in spite of so long availability of this knowledge, and in spite of its excellent documentation in my publications, human scientists, politicians, decision-makers, so-called 'UFOlogists', and virtually all of today's nations and societies stubbornly and deliberately ignore it, reject it, and block its dissemination.
It has already happened that the owners of UFOs are starting to have fun at the expense of today's mankind, drawing on the fields increasingly the more witty "cereal circles" - such as these, examples which are typically shown by today's search engines. Of course, have fun with the stupidity and persistence of today's scientists, decision-makers, politicians, "UFOlogists" and nations NOT only have the current UFO owners, but they will also certainly have, and they will use human stupidity and blindness as another example, future users of my Magnocrafts, telling I suppose there are jokes about it similar to what. Today we are joking about the supporters of 'flat earth'. and the worldview of medieval witch exterminators. What a pity that today's humanity is acting so carelessly and illogically, because 'grain circles' are a real mine of knowledge about already operating starships Magnocraft-like (i.e. about UFOs), the material quantitative research would allow us to build more quickly my Magnocrafts, and we all need my Time vehicles (opening up physical access for people to the so-called "imprisoned" "imprisoned of immortality"). To document here the usefulness and confirming the correctness of the Magnocraft the nature of knowledge resulting from 'grain circles', I will explain an example below how these circles document the truth of my findings development, including shapes, dimensions and the general design of my Magnocrafts.
In the course of his work on describing Dominik's video The fury of the previous item #A5, I came across in YouTube on yet another extremely interesting free 13 minutes and 50 seconds video, really worth it reviews. This video is available on YouTube from 2013/1/18 onwards, but I have come across on them only on the evening of 4 May 2017. It documents perfectly NOT only how faithfully shapes and dimensions of the Magnocrafts reflect the actual shapes and dimensions of UFOs, but also documents how are perfectly in line with those described in my publications principles of operation, attributes and capabilities of the Magnocrafts, with the principles, characteristics and capabilities of UFOs. That illustrative video can be seen in YouTube, for example, on the Internet youtube.com/watch?v=RiYqDeMQHAQ, and in search engines and YouTube data and more The key words reveal the view about it: REAL UFOS making CROP CIRCLES in Wiltshire, England (for Google), and REAL UFOS making CROP CIRCLES in Wiltshire, England (for YouTube). It was made at night on 2010/7/27 probably by an enthusiastic and, like me, insisting on the true tourist or immigrant (judging by her accent - probably came to England somewhere from Asia,such as Malaysia or from Hong Kong) - as well as from the commentary on that video, filming this invaluable evidence for humanity against the protests and discouraging remarks of her husband, or a male partner.
The same person, as soon as they got clear, She also went to a cereal field filmed earlier in the night, to check the appearance of a "grain circle", the formation of which She documented so pedantically at night. It is also possible, that, in addition, it was she who hired the helicopter to show as in the "bird's eye view" this "grain circle" looks - However, there are also other about 3 minutes on YouTube video available at youtube.com/watch?v=svcvlF4M_bM, which seems to imply that the filming of this circle the 'aerial' grain is already carried out by other researchers or journalists, and then their film wasonly included to the video described here.
Documented on this night-time video "circle The "cereal" has been intelligently, laboriously, planned, and gradually in several phases (i.e. NOT accidentally nor immediately) lined with grain throughout the entire UFO squadron types K3 to K7 - i.e. starships of which The appearance is shown, among others, in "Fig. #A2" to "Fig. #A4" from my page named magnocraft.htm, and on this page partly repeated above on "Fig. #A5abc", and illustrated in motion on the video discussed in the previous item #A5 of this pages. All UFOs of this squadron were coupled with each other in a multi-level and multi-dimensional so-called "multi-dimensional". The "flying cluster" of which one of the simplest The examples are shown and explained, among others, in part (f/#6) from "Fig. #H2f (down-right)" of my web page named magnocraft.htm and e.g. on "Fig. #D8e (right)" from another my web page named explain.htm, while on this page - below on "Fig. #A6.1b (down)".
In turn this entire squadron contained as many as 24 starships (UFOs) type K3 (i.e. one UFO type K3 attached under each The side propulsor of the highest hovering UFO type K7), 12 UFOs type K4, 7 UFOs type K5, 1 UFO type K6, and 1 UFO type K7 - magnetic circuits of all while these UFOs were mutually coupled and respectively pushed, forming this multi-level spatial so-called "flying cluster" with similar magnetic circuits to the circuits described and illustrated in the explanatory notes how such grain circles are formed (e.g. these explanations from item #D2.1 of my web page named eco_cars.htm whether from item #F2 of my other web page named artefact.htm). However, due to the complexity of the circle described here The Commission shall be assisted by the Management Committee for Cereals, and for its comprehensive design requiring multi-phase and step-by-step instruction it was in the grain, the grain lining was made only by the lowest the layer of UFOs from this cluster, i.e. UFO types K3, K4 and K5 - which magnetic circuits were spinning, albeit their spinning in UFOs of types K3 and K4 was enough slowly that it did NOT ionise the air.
Tylko więc owe 7 UFO typu K5 miało swe obwody magnetyczne wirujące na tyle intensywnie, iż powodowały one zjonizowanie powietrza i uformowanie jarzącego się tzw. "jonowego obrazu wiru magnetycznego" jaki dla owych UFO typu K5 udokumentowało dyskutowane tu wideo, zaś jakiego statyczny wygląd pokazałem na analizowanej przez siebie naukowo pojedyńczej klatce z "Fot. #A6.1a(góra)". Na omawianym tu wideo, to właśnie te jarzące się wehikuły UFO typu K5 są więc owymi jedynie widocznymi w ciemności parami UFO posprzęganymi ze sobą w tzw. "konfiguracje niezespolone" oraz otoczonymi "jonowymi obrazami wiru magnetycznego" (jaki to jonowy obraz wiru, dla UFO typu K4 pokazałem na "Rys. #C7a (góra)" ze swej strony ufo_proof.htm, oraz na "Rys. P20" z tomu 14 mojej monografii [1/5]).
On the next level above those UFOs that are teaching grain, one UFO type K6 was hanging, coupled with a "detached configuration" with a K7 type UFO twice as big as him. These two single UFOs of K6 and K7 types also do NOT glow at all on video, because their magnetic field did not spin, and thus it did NOT ionise the air, but only adequately precisely adjust and deflect the circuits magnetically these smaller UFOs, the magnetic circuits of which were teaching grain. However, still these largest UFOs can be seen vaguely in the video we are discussing here, where it can be seen as a kind of long, dark cloud (shown below on "Fig. #A6.1a (down)") hanging above these 'non-assembled complexes' - i.e. above those UFOs that you work (one after another") formed the 'grain circle' discussed here. (Perhaps even, that in order to "mask" their presence, these UFO types K6 and K7 were deliberately surrounded by steam, giving themselves the appearance of an irregular cloud, the formation and characteristics of which I describe on my page named cloud_ufo.htm).
The presence above the field of these large UFOs type K6 and K7 ionic images of magnetic whirlpools also confirm this. these glowing UFOs type K5 (and thus the only UFOs clearly captured on this video), because the strong field the magnetic field of these large UFOs compressed ionic pictures and pressed the spinning air ions right into a K5 type UFO to the surface of these glowing UFOs, while the so-called "lens the "magnetic" formed by these large UFOs changed the "K" factor of these UFOs type K5 - causing that the only the proof that in fact only a UFO type K5, are the dimensions of the grain grain grain layers in the formed by them "the grain circle". It is thanks to the top-down action of these two large UFOs, "ionic images of a magnetic whirl" these glowing K5 type UFOs take on video almost exactly the same shape as the surface of these UFOs. These small glowing UFO vehicles type K5 were coupled together with each other in pairs called "non-assembled complexes" - such as an example is shown in "Fig. #H2c (top-right)" from the above page magnocraft.htm, and below it I repeated it in "Fig. #A6.1a (center)". But because magnetic whirls of these UFOs type K5 they ionized the air, they looked almost like glowing "spherical complexes" of UFOs type K5 - i.e. almost like complexes whose forming principle is illustrated by "Fig. #A2c (2xK4) - bottom". and "Fig. #H1" from the above mentioned page magnocraft.htm.
To check and confirm the truth and value the evidentiary descriptions I am quoting here will suffice for the "grain circle" of England described here to determine whether: dimension (which I only estimated on the basis of their knowledge of construction and operation Magnocraft, because for the described here the "cereal circle" to record the value of that dimension I have not encountered so far) that the largest diameter "d" on which the following are arranged there are grains from these 24 UFOs of the type K3 suspended from side propulsors of a UFO type K7, approximately matches the diameter "d=49.65 metres" of circle "d" on which it is placed are the means of propulsion of the Magnocraft type K7, i.e. the diameter of long published in "Table G1" from volume 3 of my monography [1/5].
Reason for approximacy (NOT absolute identity) these diameters "d" in the cereal circle discussed here and in the Magnocraft is that subsequent UFO vehicles the grain circles carrying out this crop circle were connected to each other magnetic circuits only - and such circuits they are curved and leaned by nature nearby UFOs, and thus not very precisely reflect they have the dimensions of a UFO in their lined vegetation which these circuits form.

Video #A6.1: Here is a night video starter on which some (probably Asian, judging by the accent) an enthusiast caught a squadron of UFO types from K3 to K7, which, as a "joke" to themselves with the ignorance of today's earth scientists and politicians, decision-makers and UFO researchers, have worked hard in grains from Wiltshire, England, a picturesque so-called "Wiltshire". the "grain circle" - the general principle of formation which I described and illustrated in the point #D2.1 of its page named eco_cars.htm and in item #F2 of another web page named artefact.htm, and the look from the deck of a helicopter like this the cereal circle it showed on the very the end of this almost 14-minute video.
What is even more interesting, when under end of this video she reports her morning inspection of the "grain circle" made during the night that has just ended, unconsciously caught him (and filmed) a group of human-looking (although inhuman) people behaving) UFOnauts, who also that early morning, they decided to of the earth check the product of its picturesque the activities of the previous night. My behaviour and the appearanceof these UFOnauts from this video resembled experience with the so-called "Man and Black" (MIB) which I myself have lived with a group of other human-looking people (although also inhumanly behaving) UFOnauts - and what experience I report in signing the "Fig. #G1c" from its web page named sw_andrzej_bobola.htm.

Fot. #A6.1a(góra) 
Fot. #A6.1a(środek) 
Fot. #A6.1a(dół)

Photo #A6.1a: Here are, among other things, stationary images that can be used to their scientific analysis has been extracted from the video discussed in item #A6.1 above documenting the implementation of the so-called "grain circle" through a whole squadron of UFO vehicles of types #K3 to #K7.In order to see this video, click on the following Video search link on YouTube:REAL UFOS making CROP CIRCLES in Wiltshire, England, and then start to run this version of this one with a click the video you want to look at. Take note of the aboveimages that the video in question has a rather low resolution (i.e. probably made with a mobile phone), therefore, as well as extracted from it and scientifically the stationary images analysed here also show rather low resolution. But this is the reality of UFO researchers - that they must examine the evidence that has been gathered entirely at random, and that their subjects avoid cooperation with researchers. (That is why today's well-paid professional scientists do NOT feel competent to make research on UFOs, and would rather deny that UFOs exist than to examine them - after all, they are conveniently used to situations where What they are investigating is passive and they do not defend themselves or avoid their instruments, cameras or experiments.) Click on the desired illustration to see it enlarged.
Fot. #A6.1a (top): A static picture of one of these 7 UFO configurations type K5, which are documented on the discussed here's the video when they participated in the multi-phase lecture in England's vast and highly picturesque grain the "cereal circle" that I am also analysing The static image is shown below on "Fig. #A6.1b(top)". This UFO is actually a magnetically coupled from two individual K5 type starships the so-called "non-assembled configuration", what appearance illustrated above in the middle "Fig. #A6.1a(centre)". the list of illustrations discussed here. It is worth explaining here, that UFOs type K5 have the following overall dimensions: diameter D=17.56 metres, height H=3.51 metres. They are propelled by one centrally located propulsor The main one, and n=16 side thrusters. Their means n=16 side thrusters are mounted in equal the distance from each other on the perimeter of a circle of diameter d=12.41 metres. Each of them has 5 crew members. Their specialisation is to create living conditions and social for travelling researchers (i.e. housing), hospitals, meeting and advice centres, etc.). But like everyone else flying vehicle, they can be (and are) also used for to perform any other tasks, e.g. for lecturing "grain circles".
Fig. #A6.1a (center): Computer-generated illustration prepared by my friend, and showing the so-called "non-team configuration", contactless coupled magnetic forces from two discoidal K5 type starships - e.g. from two UFOs Type K5. (To solder its size, the following is shown nearby there is also a large two-storey house, a human silhouette and passenger car). In this configuration, both starships they do NOT touch each other at all, but touchless the link to a durable whole is achieved by the mutually repulsive positioning of their two thrusters the main, and mutually attractive, overrides their "n=16" pairs of side thrusters arranged in outlets opposite each other and connected to each other by so-called "blacks beams" formed from connecting these outlets n=16 columns of a powerful magnetic field absorbing light.
Fot. #A6.1a (down): The "configuration" look documented on this video not coupled" magnetically coupled from two UFOs larger than K5 size, the upper of which istype K7 and the lower of which is type K6. It is under side propulsors of both these UFOs of larger types other UFOs of types K3, K4 and K5 were suspended which were used for multi-phase lining of the individual the components of the 'grain circle' discussed here. In other words, the rigid structure of these two larger UFOs types to which they have been rigidly suspended magnetically the other UFOs, it allowed to put out the details the components of this cereal circle with such perfect symmetry and dimensional precision. Because in the above illustration these two larger UFOs hanging under a clean, cloudless The sky shows cloud-like, blurry shapes, probably for security and hiding from people when performing the "cereal circle" described here their crews deliberately surrounded them with steam that looks like the cloud - as I described and illustrated on my website cloud_ufo.htm. After all, these two larger UFOs did NOT lecture the the cereal circle, but only kept in the required the smaller positions of the UFOs which carried out this lecture.

Fot. #A6.1b(góra)  Fot. #A6.1b(środek)  Rys. #A6.1b(dół)

Fot. #A6.1b: Here are illustrations of the "product of action" of these UFOs, shown on the video discussed here, that the reader can find on YouTube by clicking on the link: REAL UFOS making CROP CIRCLES in Wiltshire, England. Unfortunately, the graphical quality of the documentation of these "products" It is NOT of the highest quality nevertheless, we should to be pleased that mankind has managed to document this obtained through a favourable coincidence for us, and through the persistence and truthfulness of the woman who filmed it. (Click on a selected illustration to see it enlarged.)
Fot. #A6.1b (top): A "bird's-eye" look of a "grain circle" on the performance of which the UFOs were caught recorded on the video we are discussing here.
Fot. #A6.1b (center): Strangely behaving (though human-looking) UFOnauts carrying various research equipment, who were caught early in the morning as they inspected they made a few hours earlier (i.e. the "grain circle" described here. After being caught, these UFOnauts simply run away fast, and their inlet is hidden behind a magnetic lens and hanging above the UFO field, has been documented by the direction of looking still sitting on the fourth of these UFOnauts.
Drawing #A6.1b (down): My own drawing trying to illustrate one each from each class of separate so-called "magnetic circuits" (i.e. strongly concentrated bundles of magnetic field force lines), which always connect the outlets of each UFO propulsor with the outlets any other nearby UFO propellant. This drawing shows only the most important of the cases that arise for magnetic coupling of two "complexes of spherical" UFOs in the most basic so-called "flying cluster". On the other hand, the cluster which put out the "crop circle" discussed here was many times more complex than the keyer shown in this my drawing. It is no wonder that this complex cluster managed to form in grain so complicated, illustrative and beautiful "grain circle".
If a team of today's human scientists would like to design and draw the various stages of formation of this the "grain circle", this band would have to be so big like today's NASA, and the design and drawing of each it would probably take a phase in the execution of such a cereal circle as much work and time as designing to send people to Mars. So this comparison of labour intensity illustrates how more The owners of UFOs are not only human-eligent, but also justify why UFOnauts can "entertain" themselves at the expense of human scientists and "to 'deceive' them for more than half a century, and human scientists They still do not have the green idea of 'what is going on'. Furthermore, the comparison This illustrates the amount of work and treatments the superior intelligence has at its disposal The UFO is ready to put into it so that the future inhabitants of the Earth can constructively motivating their way of laughing at ignorance, the incompetence, vanity, egoism, privatisation and greed of today's scientists, politicians, decision-makers, and the public, and thanks to this laughing stock so that future people can start pulling out constructive conclusions on what they should avoid in their own attitudes, behaviour and conduct. The reader will find a wider discussion of the above figure, among others under "Fig. G13" from volume 3 of my monography [1/5], and in the caption under "Fig. #C6ab" from my web page named ufo_proof.htm. In turn, its computer animation was shown, among others in item #D2.1 of my web page named eco_cars.htm.

#A6.2. Short view with Kelantan, Malaysia, 2016, which have documented the extremely rare coupling magnetic into a single, like permanent flying unit two different kinds of UFOs, i.e. discoidal UFO type K6 with Four-Propulsor UFO type T6 - a crew room which is shaped like a "torpedo":

On 2 September 2016, the small Kuala Krai from the Malaysian province "Kelantan", a UFO was appearing repetitively rather strange shapes. This UFO has been documented on a number of videos by different authors - the most the official ones, of which, as the presenting message a daily newspaper on Malaysian government television, the reader can watch it at youtube.com/watch?v=VpkCAAeGa20, and in search engines and YouTube you can find them using keywords Front UFO Cantanthan Malaysia 2016 (for YouTube), or words Front UFO Cantanthan Malaysia 2016 (for search engines).
However, in scientific terms, the most valuable and informative is done at the bottom semi-transparent UFO video, available, among others, at youtube.com/watch?v=sqlJdI14AJk, and in the YouTube search engine you can find them using keywords, among others Kota Kuala Krai UFO Berlegar Kelantan Malaysia 2016. It shows this UFO flying next to the building and the after the coating has been steerable to complete transparency. Hence, on this video at the back of an almost transparent discoidal A UFO type K6 clearly shows the shape of the entire "torpedo" of this four-propulsor UFO type T6 - which magnetically clinging to the floor of a discoidal UFO. In addition, the video it demonstrates that bridged to transparency the shell of the discoidal UFO is completely transparent only in those areas where the viewer's angle of view or The camera is close to a right angle (i.e. 90 degrees).
However, when this angle of view begins to decrease, the transparency of this coating also decreases - which we also know very well from looking at our transparent kitchenware. And when the viewing angle starts to be almost nil, then this transparency completely is disappearing - that is why they are often filmed nowadays discoidal UFOs described in item #A6.4 below, in which only those parts of their distorted on the transparency of the coating, which are set to the viewer or to a filmer at an angle close to zero. This fact of dependence the level of transparency of the UFO shell from the angle of its orientation in relation to the viewer makes the most informative The video shows exactly all the curves of the coating, which are characteristic of a UFO type K6. Furthermore, on the very the beginning of this highly informative video is a UFO type K6 flies outside a multi-storey building with as many as 10 columns windows. Because typically windows in non-transparent buildings The old ones are spaced out every 3.5 metres or so, that means, that the filmed UFO was around 35 metres in diameter, so was type K6. (The previous smaller UFO type K5 has about half the diameter of a UFO K6 - so it could NOT cover its diameter of the entire width of such a building, while the next ones the larger UFO type K7 has completely different shapes and outlines coatings from those documented on this excellent video).
For a whole range of different reasons, including, among others due to the unusual shape of that starship and its divergence from what it generally believes to be the classic shape of a UFO, and also to be "long with "hands" and loud voices to disgust people knowing the truth and collecting the correct one of knowledge about UFOs, but many critics quickly It hailed these spectacles as further fabrications. However, when in May 2017, one of my my colleagues have sent me links to these videos, I quickly found out that these views actually documented authentic UFOs, or more precisely documented magnetically the flying configuration coupled with each other's thrusters composed of one discoidal UFO type K6 flying in the so-called "hanging position", i.e. facing the floor upwards, and from one of the following, clinging to this floor A four-propulsor UFO type T6 - in which The crew room was shaped like a "torpedo".
(What exactly is type "T" of these 4-propulsors UFOs and Magnocrafts - so called from the word "Type", and how it differs from their type 'V'. - called. yes from the similarity of the "V" shape to the wings "the 'delta' of modern aircraft, I explained it more precisely in item #F2 of its web page named magnocraft.htm.
All phenomena demonstrated by a starship (UFO) captured on these Malaysian videos, and all the features that the starship they have registered are compatible with statements of my "Theory of the Magnocraft" - as the reader should be able to verify, for example, the content of Volume 3 of my monography [1/5]. Hence we already have knowledge and data which allow me here to guarantee with certainty that these spectacles have perpetuated the authentic stars popularly known as "UFO". There are also a number of premises, all from which they document that these Malaysian views are authentic have just documented the discoidal Magnocraft-like A UFO type K6 (and thus also a 4-propulsor UFO coupled with it UFO type T6). The most important of these premises are the dimensions this UFO. After all, the Magnocraft-like UFOs type K6 has dimensions: maximum diameter D=35.11 metres, and maximum height H=5.85 metres. Hence the diameter of this A UFO can cover the width of about 5 houses shown above on "Fig. #A5b(centre)". Judging by number of about 10 windows, width of such 5 houses is precisely the equivalent of the width of that one a large building, above and beyond which this UFO flies, covering its entire width with its diameter.
(Unfortunately, today's 'UFOlogists' are seen to be terribly lazy and careless - in spite of the fact that many of them were 'wise' to the subject of these videos on the Internet and nicknamed it "fake", as I see it, none of them have been tempted even to measure the width of that building, then publish this width on the Internet). Another premise, that this UFO was of K6 type, is the number of its side propulsors. The Magnocraft-like UFO type K6 has n=20 such side thrusters. In the "throbbing mode" of flight, in which this The UFO was filmed, each of its propulsors forms the so-called "magnetic circuit" which connects it to the thruster The main one. So, at some point in one of the videos, when a UFO carries out a "jerk", part of the these magnetic circuits ionized the air and from here she revealed her existence on video. However, these ionisations do NOT reveal how many of these propulsors were on the the entire circumference of the UFO, but they reveal that in a quarter the perimeter of that starship contained 5 side propulsors - which confirms that the entire UFO had n=20 side propulsors, That is, it was a K6 type. There are a number of other indications which also indirectly prove that it was a K6 type UFO. For example, on the clearest video one can clearly see all elements of the shell outline present in a K6 type UFO.
Wider explanations of what the various types of discoidal UFOs of the Magnocraft-like type (including type K6), and what are these Four-propulsor UFOs and what are the attributes of its of type 'T6', I have already quoted on another of my pages named magnocraft.htm - especially in point #F2 thereof and in the signature of its "Fig. #F2". That is why I refer the reader there - if he wants to know more about this documented by numerous authentic videos UFO from the Malaysian province of Kelantan and 2016.

#A6.3. Diversity of cabins of 4-propulsor UFO:

Four-propulsor Magnocrafts and UFOs, discussed in more detail in item #F2 and on "Fig. #F2" from my web page named magnocraft.htm, in their principle, they are very similar to human four-wheeled vehicles (e.g. for cars). I mean, like cars, which if only have 4 wheels then they can drive safely whether or not the rest of them are in the shape of a "torpedo" (like old racing cars), cubes (like today's buses or vans), or any other kind of thing, even the strangest shape (like today's machines agricultural), as well as four-propulsor UFOs outside those four thrusters spaced in relation to themselves at precisely defined distances and position, may have the rest of its structure with any other shape that best serves the function for which it was built.
(E.g. for transporting elongated objects, such as like today's planes, shape is best served "torpedoes")
In fact, there are already views that have been documented four-propulsor UFOs sometimes even the strangest ones shapes. Unfortunately, rarely have these views managed to capture their thrusters, and thus clearly reveal that these shapes are just lifted by four thrusters. Fortunately, I I have already found the video, filmed at night, and hence clearly that reveal the existence of these 4 propulsors of the type "T" of those stars. In this interestingly shaped UFO crew room has the shape of a kind of a bent pipe in the shape of a square frame of a human image, the middle of which frame is empty. These four the propulsors, instead of being placed, as typically in these UFOs, are on the outside of the crew room, actually are placed inside this void and a square frame.
So that gives the crew the opportunity to observe the outside world easily, which is NOT deformed by changing the optics space magnetic field from UFO propulsors. In addition, it also allows the crew to leave the vehicle in flight, without being exposed to a strong field magnetic from these propulsors. So ingeniously shaped UFO (as I believe from its destiny, probably of type T8), has been documented for example on length from 8:03 to 9:50 minutes of the video from the address youtube.com/watch?v=GfSNXlGPxBk, and a lot of videos on YouTube reveal key words about it Giant unusual UFO light caught over San Francisco in March 2013, at the same time, the search engines reveal key words and data about it Giant unusual UFO light caught over San Francisco in March 2013. (Exactly the same 4-propulsor UFO, filmed in March 2013 in San Francisco, USA, is also shown, for example, at minutes from 6:47 am to 8:28 am of the video list with the address youtube.com/watch?v=SvW2UExIk-E).
An ironical requirement they have to comply with designers of Magnocraft-like constellations four-propulsor is that in each type of their 4 thrusters must be precise arranged in such a way that the axles the central thrusters of these thrusters exactly match the axes of thrusters corresponding to this type discoidal starship. Only such arrangement of their 4 thrusters allows the constellations to the four-propulsors could be magnetically coupled by contact for interstellar flights with corresponding the types of discoidal starships - as they demonstrate this is the view from subsection #A6.2 of this page. In turn the fulfilment this requirement can be made in a number of ways. One of them is the construction of 4-propulsor constellations with a "V" type triangular shape - i.e. the shape as of 25 May 2017 could be seen at the very beginning, for example, i.e. on minutes from 0:09 to 0:37, a list of UFO videos with the address youtube.com/watch?v=QaQT_CR7SdA.
(The same triangular UFO type "V" was filmed NOT only over Virginia in the USA - see "UFO over Virginia USA October 2013" shown on video youtube.com/watch?v=18o3104BLmU, but also in Afghanistan in March 2014 - see video youtube.com/watch?v=FXiprz-hQic). In such triangular 4-propulsor starships (type "V"), one large thruster (let's call it "main") is mounted in the centre of the triangle, while the remaining 3 thrusters are 3 times smaller the output and size (let's call them "side thrusters") are mounted at the ends of 3 triangular angles - as follows this can be seen in the video indicated here. So during magnetic coupling with discoidal starship type "K", main thruster type "V" is coupled to the main discoidal thrusters K" starships, while these 3 side propulsors of the types "V" - with three "K" type side thrusters. A curiosity captured on the video indicated here of a 4-propulsor triangular starship is that - as you can see it is from the shape of the housing of these 4 thrusters (especially the the housing of its main propulsor), uses for its drive he more advanced "cross-configurations" with second generation Oscillatory Chambers, with the design illustrated in parts "2s" and "2t" Fig. F11 from Volume 2 of my monography [1/5] - which practically means that regardless of magnetic flights, this 4-propulsor UFO can also implement instantaneous telekinetic flights (and thus also means that this UFO probably came to our planet from some very a distant galaxy).
The triangular video is even more educational a telekinetic 4-propulsor UFO of the "V" type shown on the minutes from 1:40 to 2:45 the video list from the address youtube.com/watch?v=zGOHt4pSvJo. It illustrates NOT only the magnetic flight a telekinetic UFO of this kind, but even shows the switching of the propulsion system of this UFO to the instantaneous Telekinetic departure at interstellar distances (linked to the generation of a strong impulse a telekinetic emitting a powerful white flash the so-called "extraction glows"by its thruster main).
A whole pile of triangular four-propulsor UFOs also show the views listed under youtube.com/watch?v=s6FgUukkdFc.

Fig. #A6.3

Fig. #A6.3: Here is a computer generated illustration comparing the size of a 4-propulsor pair Magnocraft type "V7" of the London size Westminster Abbey. Like the figure of the 4-propulsor the smaller Magnocraft of the "V4" type, shown as "Fig. #F2b" under descriptions of these stars from the web page named magnocraft.htm - click on this (green) link to see that star type V4, also the above drawing was prepared by my graphically gifted friend Dominic Myrcik. Magnocraft type "V" will be built in three types, i.e. as V4, V7 and V10, mainly as telekinetic starfleet for immediate travel interstellar (with possibilities and rules of implementation what kind of instantaneous telekinetic travel the official human science still has NO green idea because of the stubborn and already more than 30 years of rejecting my theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity).
Because my formal scientific evidence, stating that "UFOs are already operational Magnocraft", maintains its validity and for constellations above the type 'V' shown, confirmed by my invention the technical feasibility of building such Magnocraft Type 'V' also means that over the Earth fora long time now, probably telekinetic UFOs of the "V" type already operate. Towards their satisfaction, in fact, in May 2017 I discovered a video that documented the telekinetic departure to stars of the UFO above type V7 (in May and June 2017 this video could be You can look at, for example, the following address .com/watch?v=zGOHt4pSvJo).

#A6.4. Views of UFOs, the shell of which was directed at transparency, thus only some elements of the shell are documented in them (those which were set to the film maker at angles close to zero), while in which the remaining elements of the shell, set at other viewing angles, disappeared from the field of view:

In the previous point #A6.2, and also in item #E2 and in the signatures under "Fig. #A1" and "Fig. #A5b(K10) - centre" on its side magnocraft.htm, I referred to the statement of my 'Theory Magnocraft" that starships flying in space the spacecraft must have a steerable shell transparency and light reflection. (I.e. close to the sun their coatings must reflect like mirrors almost all of the falling light on them, and in dark areas of space their shells they must be almost completely transparent). From home and observations of e.g. transparent kitchen utensils we know that the level of transparency of the objects made of transparent material (e.g. glass) depends on angle watching or filming. Hence the completely transparent only objects that are looked at from an angle of almost straight (i.e. 90 degrees), and at the smaller angle the objects these are viewed, the less transparent they are (e.g. under the two are completely out of the picture).
In all Magnocraft-like starships, almost the entire coating often stands up to the viewer at angles close to 90 degrees. The only elements of this coatings that are typically set up in some places at an angle close to zero, these are the partitions that separate from each other individual side propulsors (visible, among other things, on the blank the Magnocraft from "Fig. #E1ab" on my web page named magnocraft.htm), as well as some fragments of the walls of the Oscillatory Chamber housings.
So if a UFO is filmed in daylight in "beating mode" when its coating is switched for complete transparency, then on film or the video will document mainly these partitions between the individual side thrusters, and some small fragments of its Oscillatory Chambers. (Notice that after the number of these Oscillatory Chambers separated from each other by these partitions can be then it is easy to determine the type of filmed UFO - for details see item #E4 and the signature under "Fig. #E4" from my web page named magnocraft.htm). As it turns out, such videos showing only these bulkheads are currently the largest. To indicate here are some examples of these, including the following
A) K8 type UFO video shown between minutes 20:42 and 23:05 on a list of different videos from the address youtube.com/watch?v=880i7OsoweY.
B) Video of a transparent UFO type K3 filmed at McCormic & Shmitz restaurant in Troy, Michigan, on 25 March 2017, and shown between minutes 7:49 a.m. and 10:17 a.m. on a list of different videos from the address youtube.com/watch?v=vYOOYVA6FIc.
C) Video of a K4 type UFO shown between 7:30 and 9:50 minutes at the address youtube.com/watch?v=iXwqEeKMYt8 (notice that it shows spherical casings of side propulsors of this UFO).
D) A UFO video of a large type shown between minutes 8:03 to 10:24 on a list of different videos from the address youtube.com/watch?v=s2s4rfPXlGU.
E) Several UFO videos shown on several different shots of a list of UFO films with an address youtube.com/watch?v=YqajYtfmkvE.

#A6.5. Views documenting the operation of UFOs in three modes of operation, i.e. in modes: (1) throbbing, (2) virumagnetic, and (3) magnetic lens: .

Some of the views in support of this point already I have juxtaposed the other points of this point #A6 - see for example: a) video (1) from the point #A6.6 below, illustrating in daylight as many as two modes of operation of a UFO simultaneously, i.e. the throbbing mode and the magnetic whirl mode; b) video made at night from item #A6.1 above, which shows the UFO in the mode magnetic whirl; c) made on days the view from items #A6.2 and #A6.4 which they illustrate several transparent UFOs operating in beating mode.
Additional views, which would also support these three modes of UFO operation still require labour-intensive search and compilation here. Unfortunately, the implementation of this action I have to postpone it for now, because I urgently need to make the following sacrifices at this time his time to do a different project.

#A6.6. Links and descriptions of still other videos, which document more interesting or extraordinary attributes and capabilities of UFOs, but which because of their relationship to topics that already have a separate web page authorised by me, I analysed and described more extensively on that different page:

In the previous subsections of this point #A6 I've pollinated and described the authentic spectacles, which have documented the characteristicsor capabilities of UFOs which are NOT related to those described in detail on any other site dedicated to them online. There are, however, also views that are personally I have analysed and confirmed as authentic, and which show the characteristics or capabilities of UFOs already described on a separate page for them. In this subsection I will therefore indicate examples links to the most informative of such videos and films with links to my pages in detail describing them. Here are these examples:
(1) like "kettling" black UFO beams. The best example of just such videos is the one that shows the moving and kind of "kettling" the so-called "black beams" which always appear, among others, in "semi-attached configurations" out of two UFOs, of which at least one UFO is operating in the so-called "beating mode" (such a "semi-assembled configuration") is shown in "Fig. #H2b(top-centre)" on my page magnocraft.htm).
In May 2017, I watched this video (I hope that the reader will still be able to watch them there), among others on lengths from 0:15 to 2:40 minutes about 11 minutes youtube.com/watch?v=ObnE3pylB3U, at 5:17 to 7:44 minutes about 11 minutes youtube.com/watch?v=niIFNNpjSqI, and at 43:53 to 46:20 minutes about 57 minutes the list of films on UFOs available at youtube.com/watch?v=tInqmakSkzo. In turn a wider analysis and description of this video I quoted in item #E3 of my web page cloud_ufo.htm.
Exactly the same bottom-up approach to the same "semi-assembled complex" a UFO filmed in Alaska and the same situation, also documenting the minutes from 42:20 to 44:05 from an approximately 58-minute long list of UFO videos available at youtube.com/watch?v=QIBteGMPYB4, and in search engines, data about it is revealed by keywords: UFO Sightings New Lost Video May 15 2017. Same connection and mode of operation of the UFO, but captured in a less spectacular side view instead of a highly a showcase view from below has been documented on 4:45 to 6:40 minutes about 10 minutes long the list of films on UFOs available at youtube.com/watch?v=iXwqEeKMYt8.
(2) A ring of 'black smoke' formed by 'black beams" of magnetic field generated by the side propulsors an invisible UFO type K8 hovering motionlessly in the position hanging and in "magnetic lens" mode but with a light field spinning - for details see descriptions from item #E2 on my website cloud_ufo.htm, and watch the free video available e.g. at youtube.com/watch?v=BcS-uxuwh8A, which other copies than those indicated here can also be found in search engines using keywords mysterious smoke ring in Kazakh sky.
I should also add here that I have developed a special web link page called skorowidz.htm, where the reader will find further links to these parts my pages and publications in which I have analysed, described and I've been linking some UFO sightings or films, and in detail I have explained other more important topics.

#A6.7. UFO sighting widening and supplementing the photographic one the evidence that originally established the truth a formal scientific proof that "UFOs are already built my Magnocrafts", thus which they increase the certainty and the obviousness of the truth expressed by the individual points of my proof:
In item #B2 of its web page named ufo_proof.htm, and also in subsection P1 from volume 14 of my Monography [1/5], I explained the method of "attribute comparison" with which I have formally and scientifically proven that UFO is already built my Magnocraft. This method is very simple. Namely, my "Theory of the Magnocraft" indicates the entire the multiplicity of photographic phenomena that can be produced easily identifiable and distinguishable from other random manifestations, only if some kind of constellation, which phenomena these generates for its propulsion uses the principle of operation of my Magnocraft and has exactly the same design as my Magnocraft. From this multitude of such phenomena, I I chose the 12 most spectacular and unambiguous documented on the photographs of the stars. (Of course, my Magnocraft generates much more than 12 such fatographic and its unique phenomena, but for to prove beyond any doubt that "UFOs are already the "built Magnocraft" needs to be documented only 12 of them.) Then for each of these 12 phenomena I presented objective photographs of UFOs which prove that actually every of these phenomena is also induced by UFOs.
In total, the photographic documentation that UFOs generate these 12 phenomena induced exclusively by constellations about the design and operation of my Magnocraft, represents formal scientific proof by a method "to compare attributes", that "UFOs are already constructed my Magnocrafts". In other words, this method of command uses the same reliable and proven over the centuries the constant use of the principle that hunters, for example, use to identify the animal whose footprints they have encountered, or are using, detectives to find criminals on the basis of the traces he left in the scene of his crime.
At a time when in 1981 I was formulating my a formal scientific proof that "UFOs are already constructed Magnocrafts", people did NOT have present telephones mobile and small video recorders. Mobile UFO films were therefore a rarity. That is why your proof I formally based then on photographs of UFOs, which there was enough already then. However, nowadays video recordings already exist for many phenomena and cases from among the evidence I used at the time in with your command. I have therefore decided that below in in this subpoint, I will also gradually indicate the views and footage available on the Internet, which additionally, they will complete and broaden the photos with what they have in their in 1981, I illustrated these 12 points which formally prove that "UFOs are already constructed my Magnocrafts". In turn to make it easier for the reader to determine which of the views that I will indicate here support which the point of my formal proof, below these are the following I have listed the points whose numbering is consistent numbered subchapters of Chapter P2 containing the presentation of this evidence in volume 13 of my monograph Monography [1/5]. Here are these views:
At a time when in 1981 I was formulating my a formal scientific proof that "UFOs are already constructed Magnocrafts", people did NOT have present telephones mobile and small video recorders. Mobile UFO films were therefore a rarity. That is why your proof I formally based then on photographs of UFOs, which there was enough already then. However, nowadays video recordings already exist for many phenomena and cases from among the evidence I used at the time in with your command. I have therefore decided that below in in this subpoint, I will also gradually indicate the views and footage available on the Internet, which additionally, they will complete and broaden the photos with what they have in their in 1981, I illustrated these 12 points which formally prove that "UFOs are already constructed my Magnocrafts". In turn to make it easier for the reader to determine which of the views that I will indicate here support which the point of my formal proof, below these are the following I have listed the points whose numbering is consistent numbered subchapters of Chapter P2 containing the presentation of this evidence in volume 13 of my monograph Monography [1/5]. Here are these views:
(P2.11) Video showing two different colours of both outlets with UFO main propulsor. This is a video, recorded in 2017 of the year in California, USA, was shown at youtube.com/watch?v=uEzawwCf7t0, and also shown at the beginning of the list of UFO videos with the address youtube.com/watch?v=GfSNXlGPxBk, i.e. in lengths from 0:25 to 2:25 of this list. You can also find them by entering keywords in the YouTube search engine UFO lights caught over California in 2017. It captured the view from the side of a UFO flying in throbbing mode, or more precisely, probably the view of the spherical complex of two a UFO captured from the side with the vertical position of the floors these UFOs (in such a complex simultaneously visible there are outlets of both main propulsors, one of which is but can disappear from view if the UFO turns a bit vertical) - i.e. a view of a similar complex in its the coupling and positioning to the complex shown on "Fig. #A2b(2xK4) - centre" from my web page named magnocraft.htm.
Hence the two main thruster outlets, glowing with the two main ones colours, i.e. yellow-orange at the N-pole and blue-green at the S pole, have been recorded on this video horizontally next to each other at almost the same height. Similarly captured UFOs, also glowing with these colours, is shown at 0:02 to 1:14 minutes view youtube.com/watch?v=ogyxPnuflv8. Please note that these views repeat the documentation of the outlet lighting colours UFO propulsors flying in the throbbing mode of operation which in volume 14 of my Monography [1/5] are documented with pictures from "Fig. P24".
Other documentaries points of my increasingly overwhelmingly documented (and hence the increasingly unquestionable validity of all people) a formal proof that "UFOs are already constructed The "Magnocraft" will be gradually searched for and incorporated here when I'll just find some free time between the absorbing I have other even more important studies that At the same time, I am driving.
The sad observation that came to my attention when at the end of May 2017, I was preparing this item #A6 and all its subsections, is the immorality of intentions for which most videos the report on UFOs is published on the Internet. This is because instead of publishing these views to reveal the truth and informing people about what is really happening history, a large proportion of these videos are published solely for profit-making purposes. As such, the dissemination of these UFO videos is limited the copyrights imposed on them, they shall be supplied in various revenue-raising advertising inserts (which may contain hidden advertising (The algorithms and codes that I personally have are "hair-raising"), to increase income, they are combined into longer ones film sessions with obvious video factories UFOs, and in addition, instead of being commented on scientifically and, to make matters clearer, they are typically supplied with more and more a divergence from the truth and increasingly 'wild' speculative comments focused only on increasing the number watching and paying for their subscriptions.
As a result, instead of disseminating the truth and informing, those UFO sightings are spreading more and more lies and confusion and are increasingly blocking humanity's access to the truth. (For example, based on the bad experiences of the past I avoid analysing and commenting on the UFO images that are incorporated together with UFO factories in the longer copyrighted films.) It is therefore a great pity that the Poles are so passive and so oriented towards "being wise only after injury". After all, they lose a unique chance to form a group of 'truth promoters' who would publish seeing UFOs without imposing any restrictions on them dissemination of copyrights, commercials and requirements subscriptions, to which they would be added in a fair way, truthful and based on research and "Theory Magnocraft" explanations to inform viewers which has actually been documented on these views.
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Part #B: Descriptions of the portfolio film:

#B1. Publications that in greater detail discuss ideas presented visually in the film "Dr Jan Pajak portfolio":

In order to NOT "torment" the viewers with unnecessary information, the film "Dr Jan Pajak portfolio" limits itself to the visual presentation in the shortest possible way the most important "ideas" that represent the most vital scientific achievements of my entire life. In turn the precise descriptions of these ideas are provided on my numerous web pages and scientific monographs. So in order to indicate to people viewing this film, where precisely they will find more detailed descriptions of the ideas from the film, I prepared this item. This item provides the (green) links to my web pages, by just clicking the mouse on which (links) the reader will be immediately transferred to the appropriate web pages where in items indicated here he/she will find the descriptions in which he/she is interested.
In a series of sub-items which I am providing below, I am to describe the main "ideas" that make up the film discussed here, i.e. I am to describe my scientific discoveries, theories, inventions, formal proofs, etc. - which are illustrated and discussed in the film. For each of these ideas, I will cite here only the links to web pages and to my monographs, where the given idea is more accurately described.
Many among ideas shown on the discussed film introduce the potential to solve almost all the problems crippling the human civilization of today. That is why already in the next items #B2 and #B3 I am to explain for my inventions and for other important among my ideas, these their aspects which in their descriptions are the most vital, and thus to which during their deeper study the reader should pay particular attention. For example, during the descriptions of all my technical inventions, the most vital aspect is whatever explains item #B2 below, namely that all these inventions have already been build by someone, and thus that it is absolutely certain that their design and operation are correct and can be completed technically also by people. Except that those ones, who already have built my inventions, for various reasons, either do NOT want, nor are unable, to share with us the know-how stemming from the completion of these inventions, nor share with us the knowledge, how to most effectively build these inventions. Thus in order to be able to recognize amongst the massive number of phenomena which surrounds us, that these my inventions were actually build already by someone and that they were previously used, or even that they are used until today, I firstly had to re-invent them, and only after their re-inventing I could theoretically learn their design, operation, and phenomena that their work induce, and thus which allow us to recognize them. All these most vital aspects of my discoveries, inventions, and new ideas, I am to explain in more detail in separate items #B2 and #B3 from this web page. But here I am limiting myself to providing only links to web pages and descriptions of all the "ideas" illustrated in the film "Dr Jan Pajak portfolio".
So here are successive sub-items 1 to 30 of this item #B1, in which sub-items I am to list now the most important "chapters" or "milestones" presented in the film (along with the year in which I developed the knowledge discussed in these "chapters"), while in the content of each of these chapters of the film I am to provide (green) links and the exact details of my web pages and free monograph (that also are available online), in which the main "ideas" of these "chapters" have been discussed in more detail. Here are these sub-items:
1. Introduction (1946 to 2007). In introduction to the film the viewer is informed about the place and about the environment of my birth, the course of my education, the topic of my doctoral dissertation, my professorships and major places where I lectured, and also is provided with a list of the most important new "ideas" that make up scientific achievements of my entire life. The broadest publication that provides a written version of these information is my autobiographical web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm, and a shortened version of it named jan_pajak.htm. Villages of my origin, birth and residence are also described in a series of web pages dedicated especially to them, for example in
wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm and
Places of my education are described on web pages
rok_uk.htm and
A lot of information about my life is also included into my newest monograph [1/5] - especially in subsections A18 to A20 from volume 1 and in subsection W4 and Annex Z from volume 18 (all 18 volumes of my monograph [1/5] are available for free online through the web page named text_1_5.htm.)
2. My Periodic Table (1972). My Periodic Table (which sometimes I call also the "Cyclic Table" - because it illustrates the cyclical repetitiveness in developments) is a table very similar to the "Periodic Table of the Elements", only that instead of chemical elements my Periodic Table reveals the regularities existing in inventions and in developments of various propulsion systems. These regularities stemming from that table indicate, among others, that around the year 2036 the mankind will be able to build the starship of my invention called the Magnocraft. The more detailed descriptions of my Periodic Table are provided on the web page named propulsion.htm, and (more precisely) in chapter B from volume 2 of my monograph [1/5]. Notice also that in 2015 I developed a different "Periodic Table for Historic Epochs" (I also call it the "Cyclic Table for Historical Epochs"), which reveals that even in managing the human history, God also uses rules of repetitive cycles. This different table, that is also shown near end of the film "Dr Jan Pajak portfolio", is discussed in sub-item 26 of this item #B1, while it is shown as "Table #K1" on my web page named tapanui.htm, as well as "Table #A1" on my web page named humanity.htm.
3. The Magnocraft (1980). The Magnocraft is an invincible starship of my invention, that uses magnetic propulsion system, and thus that is able to fly with near-light speeds. To its description is devoted a lot of my web pages, the most important out of which is named the magnocraft.htm. However, the most complete description of the Magnocraft is provided in chapter G from volume 3 of my monograph [1/5]. There are two old Polish prophecies, my interpretation of which seems to imply that soon powerful and deadly tribulations are to arrive to our planet, from which the country of Korea is to emerge as the next leader and superpower of the world. This in turn seem suggest, that such a transformation of a small Korea into the next leader and superpower of the entire world would require that Korea develops something that is invincible and thus that would give to Korea a significant advantage over the rest of world, for example something like my starship Magnocraft, that cannot be shot down by any weapon in existence at present, and that would fly with speeds close to the speed of light. Two old Polish prophecies from which this my interpretation of the future is derived, as well as the reason why in my opinion Korea will probably be the country, which as the first in the world is to build my Magnocraft and with the help of this invincible starship is to become the next superpower and leader of mankind, are described in items #H1.1, #H1, and #H3 from my web page named prophecies.htm.
4. The formal proof that "UFOs are already operational Magnocraft" (1981). This proof confirms to us that the construction and operation of the Magnocraft are invented correctly, because they have already been realized by someone, and it also allows us to make it easier for us to build our Magnocrafts by copying the most difficult parts of their designs from solutions sighted in UFOs. The best (brief) presentation of this proof is presented on my web page ufo_proof.htm. In turn the full version of this proof is presented in subsections P2 to P2.15 from volume 14 of my newest monograph [1/5]. An additional evidence, which supports the validity of this formal proof, is also provided in a number of my other web pages, e.g. in
shuttle.htm, or
5. The Oscillatory Chamber (1984). This is kind of a "electromagnet" that generates ineffably powerful magnetic field. Because the magnetic field binds huge amounts of energy, it is simultaneously a kind of battery capable of storing the unlimited amounts of energy. Therefore, in Magnocrafts these Oscillatory Chambers will be performing functions that in present propulsion systems are performed by both, the propulsors and by the fuel tanks. The shortest, although relatively accurate description of the Oscillatory Chamber contains my web page named oscillatory_chamber.htm. In turn a complete description of this chamber presents chapter F from volume 2 of my newest monograph [1/5].The unfulfilled promise of Senator McCain, on the funding of the prize in the amount of 300 million US dollars to the inventor of the device with the features of my Oscillatory Chambers, is described, amongst others, in item #D2 from my web page named eco_cars.htm.
6. The Concept of Dipolar Gravity (1985). My ground-breaking theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is briefly described on the web page named dipolar_gravity.htm. In turn the full description of it contain two volumes 4 and 5 of my monograph [1/5]. It is based on a shocking discovery that I made as the first scientist in the world, and which states that the gravitational field is a dipolar field, and NOT the monopolar field for which it is erroneously assumed to be by the old official science. Later the truth of this my discovery (i.e. that gravity is a dipolar field) I proved formally with several different scientific methodologies - all of which formal proofs I published in subsections H1.1 to H1.2 from volume 4 my monograph [1/5]. The most important amongst these proofs, completed with the use of the method of mathematical logic, is also described in item #D3 from my web page named dipolar_gravity.htm.
7. Explanation for the mechanisms of "telekinesis" and "telepathy" (1985). It is a kind of "by-product" of the development of my Concept of Dipolar Gravity. In the best way these two mechanisms are explained on web pages dedicated to them, namely on pages telepathy.htm and telekinesis.htm.
8. The invention of "Telekinetic Vehicles" (1985). The Telekinetic Vehicles are to use for propulsion purposes the phenomenon of telekinesis described on my web page telekinesis.htm. But because this technological phenomenon can be released by slightly enhanced version of my "Oscillatory Chamber" used to drive my Magnocrafts, hence these Telekinetic Vehicles will simply be my "Magnocrafts of the Second Generation". Their detailed description is provided, among others, in item #F1.2 from my web page named propulsion.htm and also in a whole chapter LC from volume 10 of my monograph [1/5].
9. The philosophy of Totalizm (1985). Totalizm is probably the most important by-product of my groundbreaking theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Briefly Totalizm is summarized in the web page dedicated to it and named totalizm.htm, while partly also on the web page named parasitism.htm. The full descriptions of Totalizm are provided in volumes 6 and 7 of my monograph [1/5].In turn the "moral field" on work of which is based the existence of the philosophy of totalizm and which provides it with the most important so-called "indicators of the moral correctness", is described in a number of my web pages, e.g. in item #C4.2 from the web page morals.htmnt>, or in item #H2 from the web page totalizm.htm.
10. My Time Vehicles (time machines), means Magnocrafts of the Third Generation (1985). The work of Time Vehicles of my invention is briefly described on web pages immortality.htm and timevehicle.htm. To their full description is devoted the entire volume 11 of my monograph [1/5]. In turn features and the work of the "reversible software time" of a jumping (discrete) nature, which was artificially programmed by God, and in which people are ageing, as well as the work of the divine "Omniplan" (i.e. the mechanism with the use of which God governs over that "reversible software time"), and also features of the elapsing in a continuous manner "irreversible absolute time of the universe" which elapses around 365,000 times faster than our human time, and in which lives only God, independently from these items #C3, #C4 and #C4.1 of the above web page immortality.htm, are also described in the introduction and in item #G4 from the web page named dipolar_gravity.htm.
11. The model of brain as an input-output device (1987). This model is described in subsections I5.4 to I5.4.2 from volume 5 of my monograph [1/5].
12. The finding and research of the "Tapanui Crater" (1987). The Tapanui Crater briefly describes my entire web page named tapanui.htm. To its exact descriptions is devoted a separate monograph [5/3] available at the Internet address text_5e.htm (this monograph has also the German and the Polish versions).
13. The invention of the "Telekinetic Cell" (1989). It is described on several web pages, e,g. on fe_cell.htm, as well as in subsections LA2.4 to LA2.4.3 from volume 10 of my newest Monograph [1/5].
14. The explaining of principles of operation of the Swiss "Thesta Distatica" (1991). These principles briefly explain the web pages free_energy.htm and telekinetics.htm, while in detail discuss them subsections LA2.3 to LA2.3.3 from volume 10 of my monograph [1/5].
15. Learning about and describing the "Davey's sonic boiler" (1992). To the description of this boiler is devoted my entire web page named boiler.htm. It is also discussed in subsection LA3.3 from volume 10 of my newest monograph [1/5].
16. The research of the destruction of ancient city of Salamis in Cyprus and related to it my discovery of the particularly harmful for people "telepathic noise" as well as my forecasting of the not-too-distant arrival on Earth of the "neo-medieval" epoch (1993). All these findings describes the best item #54 from subsection W4 in volume 18 of my monograph [1/5], and also in item #K1 from my web page named tapanui.htm. In the local newspaper from the capital of Northern Cyprus I also published a long (two-part long) article (in Turkish) which, among others, discusses these discoveries. This article bore the following editorial data: "Salamis'in yekeme Yeni Zelanda'dan me?" (Ie. "Salamis: could the destruction come from New Zealand"), Kibris daily magazine (Dr. Fazel Küçük Bulvare, Yeni Sanayi Bölgesi, Veteriner Dairesi Yane, Lefkoşa, North Cyprus, Mersin 10, Turkey), No 1404 on 29/06/1993, page 18; and No 1405 on 30/06/1993, page 18.
17. The empirical discovery of the existence of "telepathic waves" and the principles of "telepathic communication" - including the construction and principles of operation of the "telepathysers" (1994). The empirical discovery of "telepathic waves" best describes #60 from subsection W4 in volume 18 of my monograph [1/5]. On the other hand, the history of telepathysers is briefly described in item #E1.1 from my web page telepathy.htm. One among telepathysers, that was donated to our civilization by a mysterious creature and called the "Telepathic Pyramid", is described in treatise [7] (this treatise has also the Polish and the Italian versions), and in treatise treatise [7/2]> (which has also the Polish version).
18. The discovery of "moral energy" - i.e. another among the so-called "indicators of the moral correctness" (1996). The best description of "moral energy" is provided in item #C4.3 from my web page named morals.htm and in subsection JB3.2 from volume 7 of mymonograph [1/5]. These descriptions are further extended in other totaliztic web pages, e.g. on my web pages named totalizm.htm and parasitism.htm.
19. The experiencing personally, and explaining, the phenomenon of "totaliztic nirvana" (1997). My personal experiencing of "totaliztic nirvana" is described on the web page named nirvana.htm, and also in subsections JE1 to JE9, as well as JG8 and JG10, from volume 8 of my monograph [1/5].
20. The invention of "Telepathic Telescopes and Projectors" (1998). To the descriptions of construction and principles of operation of "Telepathic Telescopes and Projectors" are devoted subsections K5 to K6 from volume 9 of my monograph [1/5], and also the entire treatise [7b] (available only in Polish).
21. The discovery of the principle of work of feelings and motivations (2001). It is best described in subsection I5.5 from volume 5 of my monograph [1/5].
22. The telepathic explanation for work of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph" (2003). It is the most widely described on the entirely devoted to it my web page named seismograph.htm. and in subsection K6.1 from volume 9 of my monograph [1/5]. Furthermore, it is also presented in several papers at scientific conferences (the text of some of these papers is available on the Internet), for example in the paper authored by myself and entitled Signal processing in the "Zhang Heng Seismograph" for remote sensing of impending earthquakes, The International Conference on Sensing Technology (ICST 2005), Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand, 21 to 23 November 2005, published on pages 669 to 673 in the Proceedings of this conference (ISBN 0-473-10504-7) - the full text of which was still offered on the Internet on June 2016 at the address www-ist.massey.ac.nz/conferences/icst05/proceedings/ICST2005-Papers/ICST_112.pdf, or in the paper authored jointly by Jan Pajak and Kihyun Chung and entitled Design of an experiment for principles verification in remote sensing of impending earthquakes with hydraulic version of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph", 5th International Conference on Information Technology, sponsored by Institute of Information Technology Assessment, organised by Ajou University, Suwon, Korea, November 16, 2007. Published in the conference Proceedings, pages 55-61.
23. The formal scientific proof that "God does exist" (2007). This proof is formulated for (and with the use) of several different scientific methodologies of proving. Its description for the methods of mathematical logic is provided in item #G2 from my web page named god_proof.htm, and in item #B3 of my web page god.htm. Another method that scientific proving that God does exist, is also presented in item #B3 of the web page named changelings.htm, while with several different methods, in subsections I3.3 to I3.3.4 from volume 5 of my newest monograph [1/5]. Notice here, that this formal proof that "God does exist" is only one among a whole series of similar proofs that have a direct link with it, for example, with the proof that "there is an intelligent counter-world". All those associated formal proofs are listed, and linked, in item #G3 from the web page god_proof.htm.
24. The invention and the description of the "Telepathic Phone" (2013). The most complete description of this telephone is provided in items #D1 and #D2 from my web page named artefact.htm.
25. Standing as an "Independent" candidate in the NZ parliamentary elections of 2014 (2014). The widest description of this my standing is provided in the web page which reports that my candidacy, named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm.
26. The Periodic Table for Historical Epoch (2015). This table is shown, make available to downloading by readers, and discussed thoroughly, on "Table #K1" from the web page named tapanui.htm, as well as on "Table #A1" from my web page named humanity.htm.
27. The explanation of reasons, and the forecast, of the collapse of present human civilization (2015). In the best way this explanation is discussed in item #K1 from my web page named tapanui.htm. A significant amount of information about it is also provided in items #T1 to #T8 from my web page named solar.htm.
28. My correction of official scientific statements that LIGO has received a "telepathic signal", NOT the "gravitational waves" (2016). This my correction results from the finding that LIGO is actually a large-scale copy of the construction and operation of the "telepathic pyramid" already described in section 17 above. My rectification of this significant error that the official science has made, is widely explained in item #E1.1 from the web page named telepathy.htm, while extended on the web pages indicated in that item #E1.1.
29. The question "why?" The answer to this question the reader should probably find himself, e.g. by looking in the mirror and asking himself "how much I myself helped to bring about the realization of any of these ideas?" Whether I, forexample, managed to do as little as the recommendation of the film "Dr Jan Pajak portfolio" to a few people among my family and friends? Or rather I intend to continue the current passivity that directly affects the vicissitudes of my life via matters discussed at the web page pajak_for_mp_2017.htm? After all, if everyone is to leave to other people doing whatever is morally correct and is good for the humanity, then NO ONE will be left who would carry out this doing. At the same time certainly will increase the number of people who, in their ignorance of work of moral mechanisms will try to satisfy their own greed by deepening the corruption and moral decay - which the increase, in the final count must end tragically for all people, including you (the reader), and also your loved ones.
30. Funny pictures. In past I had more of them - unfortunately I lost most of them during my constant travels around the world "in search of bread".
* * *

Rys. #B1a Rys. #B1b

Fig. #B1: Here are both sides of the Polish language version of the leaflet that encourages people to watch the YouTube film entitled "Dr Jan Pajak portfolio." This leaflet is also saved in a safe photography format "JPG" which is used to transfer images, while the copying of it also is NOT blocked. Therefore, the reader also can easily download it to own computer, after which he/she can read it, or print it for giving to friends, or even attach to an email and sent it to Polish-speaking people whom the reader wants to convince to watch the film discussed here. If the reader has an access to a bulletin board which read also people who know the Polish language, e.g. in the place of work, study, meetings, in a club, etc., then the reader may also print this Polish-language leaflet and place it in there, so as to introduce some fun and discussuion regarding ideas presented in the film. (Click onto this leaflet to see it enlarged or to save it on your computer hard disk!)
Because neither the leaflet, nor the film promoted by it, provide literature references which would describe in detail the ideas presented in the film discussed here, links to the Polish-language descriptions of these ideas the reader is to find in "part #B" of the Polish web page devoted to the description of this film, which (web page) is named portfolio_pl.htm (i.e. the web page which is the Polish version of this web page) - especially in items #B1 and #B2 of it.

#B2. The evidence which proves that all my technical inventions described in the film "Dr Jan Pajak portfolio" were (or are) already build by someone, thus that their correctness is guaranteed:

Another problem of humanity which I have solved, and which was illustrated on the described here film, are futuristic technical devices that will eliminate today's destructive behaviours of mankind, because their principles of operation, design, and use do NOT break any moral criteria (in a way as moral criteria are brutally broken e.g. by nuclear power and by the rocket propulsion systems - for details see 3 in item #D4 of this web page), and thus they have a potential to protect a large part of the mankind from a mass extinction - if only some country has enough time to build them before the destruction arrives. Examples of most important among these devices are: the Magnocraft described on my web page named magnocraft.htm, the Oscillatory Chamber described on my web page named oscillatory_chamber.htm, the Telekinetic Magnocraft described in item #F1.2 from my web page named propulsion.htm, the Time Vehicle ("time machine) explained on my web page named immortality.htm, the Telekinetic Battery described, among others, in subsections LA2.4 to LA2.4.3 from volume 10 of my newest monograph [1/5], and on my web page named fe_cell.htm, the Thesta Distatica described, among others, on my web page named free_energy.htm, the Davey's Boiler described on my web page named boiler.htm, the Telepathic Pyramid described on my web page telepathy.htm, Telepathic Telescopes and Projectors described, amongst others in subsections K5.1 and K5.2 from volume 9 of my newest monograph [1/5], the Zhang Heng Seismograph described on my web page seismograph.htm and the Telepathic Phone described in items #D1 and #D2 from my web page named artefact.htm.
An interesting fact which should be stressed here is that in spite of deceptive claims of a variety of liars, all of the above my devices are, or were, already built and used (or working) - except that for various reasons their owners are not willing (or able) to exhibit in the centre of Warsaw or London their demonstration models, while through the loudspeakers announce to all politicians, policy makers, scientists and sceptics, that YES, their principles of operation and general design correspond exactly with what Dr Jan Pająk developed and described, hence the humanity (or specific nations) should start as urgently as possible the constructing of them to have the time to save the humanity from a self-destruction. After all, such a lack of exhibiting somewhere of already built version of my devices and the lack of these loudspeakers' announcements, causes that the immorality, selfishness, greed, jealousy, ignorance, pettiness, etc., of many among today's scientists, politicians and decision-makers, urges them to proclaim around the world these deceitful allegations that supposedly so-far no-one has built my devices and that supposedly these devices are not feasible and impossible to materialize. However, in reality, about absolutely all future devices that I invented myself, or that the principles of which I worked out, it turned out some time after my inventing and describing them in my publications, that someone previously already built them, and thus that their working version already exist, or existed, on Earth. After all, in order to recognize the existence and use, e.g. by someone alien to us that avoids showing us what he have, of some technical device previously unknown to people, one must firstly invent this device oneself so that he gets to know its operation and features. In other words, it is a notorious lie that none of my futuristic devices has yet been built. The truth about this actually says: each of the futuristic devices which I invented, or which the principle of operation and general design I developed, has already been build by someone and its working prototype does exist, or existed, on Earth - only that the knowledge about it has NOT beenpopularized among the people and NOT entered permanently to accomplishments of the whole humanity, and thus each of these devices I had to invent from the scratch, while the building of each of them will need to be re-performed from the very beginning.
Below in sub-items I am to show specific examples of "who", "where" and "how" revealed that he/she/it currently has (or had in past) the already working technical device, which I then had to invent again. In front of these examples I provide numbers of sub-items in the previous item #B1 of this web page, in which sub-items I provided (green) links to detailed descriptions of a given device. And so:
(3) My "Magnocrafts" almost every day are seen by someone somewhere in the world, only that they are then called "UFOs". After all, already in 1981 I developed a formal scientific proof (which no-one could refute, though many have tried), that "UFOs are already operational Magnocrafts" - for descriptions of this proof, see sub-item 4 from item #B1, or see my web page named ufo_proof.htm.
(5) "Oscillating Chambers" which I invented, NOT only that have already been seen on the UFO decks and reported by many UFO abductees, but were also photographed and left on earth many permanent burn marks. For examples of these see "Fig. #H1" from the web page oscillatory_chamber.htm, or see "Fig. #C9abcd" from the web page explain.htm.
(8) My "Telekinetic Vehicles" (means the "Magnocrafts of the Second Generation"), similarly as my magnetic "Magnocraft of the First Generation", are already seen by people in the form of UFOs that operate on the principles of telekinesis. These UFOs can be identified by the use of hexagonal Oscillatory Chambers, by the white "extraction glow" that surrounds them, by the ability to disappear from the human field of view due to the so-called "telekinetic flickering" (see "Fig. #I2" from the web page telekinesis.htm), and by their ability to penetrate through walls and through solid objects. There are also numerous reports of people abducted on such telekinetic UFOs.
(10) My "Magnocrafts of the Third Generation", means my "Time Vehicles" ("time machines"), are also often sighted on Earth, while people are abducted into them. For examples see item #G1 from my web page immortality.htm or item #F2 from my web page explain.htm or see the report of Miss Nosbocaj from the abduction to just such a "Time-Vehicle UFO" provided in subsection UB1 from volume 16 of my newest monograph [1/5].
(13) The "Telekinetic Battery" of my invention turned out to be built-in each of the three free energy machines owned by the Swiss religious group named "Methernitha". I mean, this battery is already built-in both, the two-disc "Thesta Distatica", as well as in both single-disc machines "Testatica". Actually, all these three machines in the sense of principles of their operation are actually electrostatic motors, the only task of which motors is to generate a series of electrical impulses which initiate the work of embedded into them "telekinetic cell" - which I just invented. That working Thesta Distatica, along with two similar to it machines named "Testatica", probably still are owned by the Swiss religious group called Methernitha (after 1991 I have NOT visited again this group, so I do not know what happens to the machines which are in the possession of it). Also the old "crystal radios" had embedded into them a version of my "Telekinetic Battery" which supplied them into the energy required to their work - for details see item #G1, #C1 i #E1.4 on my web page named fe_cell.htm. A version of my "Telekinetic Battery" is also one amongst components of the "Telepathic Pyramid" - the history of which I described in item #E1.1 from my web page named telepathy.htm.
(15)The "Davey's Boiler" also was built by Davey himself. I saw it in his house, and even photographed it at work (although Mr Davey did NOT permit me to carry out the measurements of the energy efficiency of his boiler). It was also tested and checked in work by a number of New Zealand scientists. Several DIY enthusiasts were reporting to me also, that they managed to recreate the construction and operation of this boiler - the only thing I am NOT sure is whether in this re-creation they managed to properly "fine-tune" it (apparently, it is able to work even without fine-tuning - but non-tuned boiler demonstrates a higher losses of energy).
(17) The large-scale version of the "Telepathic Pyramid" has already been built in the United States under the name of LIGO (see sub-tem 28) and it started to work in 2015. The history of it is described in item #E1.1 from the web page telepathy.htm. Only that for various reasons does NOT lie in the interests of LIGO creators the public confession, that the operation and the general design of their installation, copy exactly, or exactly coincide with, the principle of operation and the overall design of the Telepathic Pyramid, nor confess that LIGO intercepted "telepathic signal", NOT the "gravitational waves". (After all, it is more beneficial for them to claim what they claim.)
(20) The "Telepathic Telescopes and Projectors" must already exist and work, because only with their assistance Daniela Giordano could remotely receive descriptions of how to build the Telepathic Pyramid. In other words, the mysterious giver, who explained to Daniela Giordano how to build the Telepathic Pyramid, have to use for this purpose a Telepathic Projector.
(22) The "Zhang Heng Seismograph" was built and operated some 2,000 years ago. The proofs for that are Chinese historical chronicles. In turn the only reason why today's scientists fail all attempts to reconstruct it, is that these scientists do NOT want to accept my explanation that this "seismograph" works on the principle of telepathy - as I explained it to them in a number of my publications, e.g. in the paper www.ist.massey.ac.nz/conferences/icst05/proceedings/ICST2005-Papers/ICST_112.pdf.
(24) Metal remains of the "Telepathic Phone", which I re-invented, were rescued by someone from the original place of use, and after a series of subsequent transfers and rescues, they landed at the end in the Marian Basilica from Polish Gdansk. I wonder if their researching (for which I, unfortunately, do NOT have funds nor the instrumentation) would show that originally this phone comes from one of the churches in the rich city-island of Vineta, which city in a manner similar to today's Singapore, once existed on the coast of Baltic Sea, near the present-day Polish Świnoujście - as this is described in items #H2 and #G2 from my web page named tapanui.htm. (Notice from the descriptions in next item #B3, that Vineta, as well as a number of other cities described in items #H2 to #H6 from the web page tapanui.htm, was deliberately destroyed as a punishment because of the highly immoral behaviour of their citizens - as warn us about this the descriptions of biblical cities of Sodom, Gomorrah and Nineveh.)
Let us summarize still with other words the above list of examples of already built and certainly working devices, which principles of operation and general design I invented, or worked out, as the first scientist on Earth, but the existence and work of which are falsely denied by many present scientists and policy makers. Namely, the actual existence of already built and working examples of these devices is the further evidence for the profound truth of words stated in the Bible (see the Gospel of St. Mark, verse 6:3-6) - I quote: So they began to stumble at him. But Jesus went on to say to them: "A prophet is not unhonored except in his home territory and among his relatives and in his own house." So he was able to do no powerful work there except to lay his hands upon a few sickly ones and cure them. Indeed, he wondered at their lack of faith."
* * *

Rys. #B2a  Rys. #B2b
Fig. #B2. Here are both sides of the German-language version of the leaflet which encourages people to see the YouTube video entitled "Dr Jan Pajak portfolio." This leaflet is also saved in a secure format of photographs "JPG" that is used to transfer the images, while the copying of it also is NOT blocked. Therefore, the reader also can easily download it to own computer, so that then he/she can read it, or print it for giving to friends, or even attach to an email and sent to the German-speaking people whom the reader would like to convince to watch the film discussed here. If the reader has an access to the bulletin board that can be read by persons familiar with the German language, e.g. in the place of work, study, meetings, in a club, etc., he/she may also print out this German-language leaflet and place it there, to introduce some discussion and excitement to the proverbial "stagnant pond with sleeping fishes." (Click onto this leaflet to see it enlarged or to save it on your own computer's hard disk!)
Because neither the leaflet, nor the film promoted by it, provide literature references which would describe in detail the ideas presented in the film discussed here, links to the German-language descriptions of these ideas the reader is to find in "part #B" of the German web page devoted to the description of this film, which (web page) is named portfolio_de.htm (i.e. the web page which is the German version of this web page) - especially in items #B1 and #B2 of it.

#B3. Destructions caused to our civilization by the official science because of insistence to NOT accept the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, philosophy of totalizm, nor any other futuristic achievements presented in the film "Dr Jan Pajak portfolio":
Motto: "Monopoly is good for a few, competition is good for everyone."

Let us consider for a moment, how the reader would judge a scientific article published in a journal of the world fame, in which a group of highly successful scientists financed e.g. by banana producers, summarized results of their research on time-lengths of walks in the open air by people with a variety of personal features. To perform the research the fairest as they can, these scientists would have taken into account people's features resulting from the Darwinian Theory of Evolution. And so, they would study the influence on the time-length of walks of such alternative personal features as having a bald head or full head hair, the use of artificial teeth or their own jaws, the having or not having a rheumatism, and of course, the fact of eating, or not eating, every day at least one banana - after all, their research would be financed by producers of bananas. To also conduct research in line with the current trend of social and political correctness accepted by the today's world, that all humans are supposedly equal and therefore none people are allowed to be discriminated, these scientists do not distinguish between the races of people nor between different sexes or kinds of transvestites - declaring that these differences are irrelevant to results of their research.
As a result of costly and deep research on a sample of several thousand of walkers, they would arrive to the final conclusion, which thoroughly and scientifically they would describe in their article, namely that the longest duration of walks in the open air show people who are bald, with artificial teeth, with rheumatism, and who eat the daily minimum of one banana (probably enriching their level of potassium). The question that is worth to ask here of ourselves, is whether on the basis of such an article the reader should try to quickly acquire these features, which the article proves to be inducing very healthy lifestyle, namely the bald head, false teeth, rheumatism, and the habit of eating every day at least one banana, because these features will help him/her to spend the most time while walking in the open air - which walks are highly healthy and therefore very desirable? Of course, everyone who knows the truth about life, would immediately shout "nonsense" and "pure absurdity"! The reason is that these scientists have NOT taken into account in their research the "weather", while all the conclusions to which they arrived are actually products of the weather. After all, the fact that people who are bald, with artificial teeth, rheumatism, and who eat a daily portion of at least one banana, spend so much time while walking, is because they are old retirees on pensions, so they can always choose the time of their walk when there is NOT raining. Meanwhile, the rest of the people are young, most of the day they must work to earn a living, and when at last they could go for a walk, typically is just starting to rain!
The above example I purposely invented so that in a best and humorous way I could illustrate with it the non-compliance with the moral criteria of activities of professional researchers and decision-makers of today's official atheistic science, and the resulting from this non-compliance the nonsense and falsity of conclusions to which they keep arriving. This is because the extrapolation of such behaviours of present scientists and decision-makers onto the scientific achievements illustrated and discussed in the YouTube film entitled "Dr Jan Pajak portfolio", i.e. onto the theories, philosophies, scientific discoveries, inventions and formal scientific proofs presented in this film, perfectly explains a lot of problems that encounters the researching, dissemination and implementation of these achievements. For example, it explains why several scientific decision makers tried to remove me from their university immediately after they discovered what topics I am researching and popularizing in my spare time and with my own funding. It also explains why none academic institution in the world openly endorsed nor adopted the research and development of any among my inventions - even though the proposals and projects of starting such a research and development were posted out to almost all research and development institutions in the world that are dealing with topics of an interest to me. It also explains why research policy makers and the entire official science secretly block, while openly ignore and boycott every scientific idea which derives its origin from my theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and from my philosophy of totalizm - though for the good of all humanity, this theory and philosophy should be already taught in virtually every high school and university to balance with it the atheistic worldviews, falsely forced on youth in there, while the new ideas derived from this theory and philosophy should be earnestly implemented in everyday life.
Although the example of research discussed at the beginning of this item was just invented, it perfectly reflects the today's situation with scientific research. In research carried out at present, professional scientists seem to routinely ignore what actually is most important forthe results, namely the "level of morality" in the people affected by work of whatever is the topic of given research, and also the reaction of God on this level of morality.
On the other hand, in our world, for which it already has been formally proven that God does exist, absolutely everything must be dependent on the level of human morality and on the response of God to this level - means on the level of human obedience in fulfilling the requirements and precepts of God and on the principles of the God's response to such a level of obedience. (For the totaliztic definition, stating that "morality is the level at which humans obey God's commandments and requirements", see item #B5 from my web page named morals.htm, in turn for the most important among formal scientific proofs that God exists - see item #G2 on my web page named god_proof.htm.) Therefore, without taking into account the morality and methods of God's acting as the factors that determine the fate of humans, virtually everything that scientists of today are researching leads to conclusions as absurd as in the above my invented example of researching walkers! The absurdity of such conclusions of the official science is proven best by my findings published on totaliztic web pages, which reveal the existence of a strong and actual interdependence, between the fate of individual people and also the entire so-called "group intellects", and the level of morality that characterizes their lives. For example, in item #G1 of my web page named will.htm I described my discovery which once shocked me immensely, but which then opened the door to next very important discoveries, namely that people who already in their youth learned to not listen to the voice of their conscience, and hence who from an early age entered the path of immorality, are dying at a relatively young age. A similar fate meets also group intellects. For example, in item #D3 of this web page is described what happened to the state company "P. P. Drainage" which harmed farmers from the village of Wszewilki. In turn in items #I3 and #I3.1 from my web page named petone.htm are described results of my research on disasters and calamities that plagued neighbouring human settlements, but always spared the New Zealand town of Petone, near which lived these required by the Bible at least 10 people with especially moral behaviour, which the Bible calls "righteous".
On the other hand, in items #H2 to #H6 from the web page named tapanui.htm I described the destruction of a number of cities that were famous in their times because of the highly immoral conduct of their residents - means such cities as Vineta on the Baltic Sea, Salamis in Cyprus, Saeftinghe in the Netherlands, Port Royal in Jamaica, and Kororareka in New Zealand. Of course, my web pages contain much more similar examples - for further of them see the index provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm.
The point that I am trying to make here for the reader, is that if in research of fates of individual people and the so-called "groupintellects" is completely omitted the taking into account their "morality" and the response of God to a given level of human morality, then the conclusions that are derived from such research represent a complete nonsense. This in turn leads to findings that I described at a whole range oftotaliztic web pages, namely that NOT only some of the statements of the official science (such as statements about the discovery of "gravitational waves" or "Higgs boson" - which I described in item #E1.1 from my web page named telepathy.htm), but practically everything about which speaks officially the monopolistic science (i.e. that science which still jealously guards its monopoly on research and on education) is a notorious lie and a deceiving people "hoax on wheels", and thus entrusting such lies and deception of science already led our world to immorality, chaos, misery, exploitation and injustice which we see now around us, while if the humanity do NOT repent on time and do NOT cease doing of whatever the official science directs it to, then this is to lead the humanity to the self-destruction.
On totaliztic web pages I described numerous examples to what misery and destruction leads distortions and lies disseminated by the present official science - for examples see items #T1 to #T8 from my web page named solar.htm, items #M1 to #M2 from the web page named telekinetics.htm, items #A1 to #A5 and #F5 from my web page named cooking.htm, the entire web page named tornado.htm, the entire web page named katrina.htm, the entire web page named wtc.htm, and several yet further totaliztic web pages. In turn how numerous are these distortions and lies, and how deeply they are nested already in the very foundations of the old official science, also explains the whole range of totaliztic web pages and publications - for examples see subsection H1.3 from volume 4 of my newest monograph [1/5], or item #C4.7 from the web page named morals.htm, or item #D4 from the web page named dipolar_gravity.htm, or item #K1 from the web page named tapanui.htm, or the entire web page named god_exists.htm.
Frankly speaking, it was only when I realized all the consequences of this deliberate avoidance by the official science of taking (in practically all the research) into account the impact of human morality (and also the response of God to the human immorality), that I started to understood what was actually God having in mind when in the Bible He explained what I more specifically developed in item #C4.7 from the web page named morals.htm, namely (see the Bible, Matthew, verses 7:17-18), quote: "every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree can not bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear a good fruit." After all, one of the purposes of this explanation is to warn people, amongst others, what is to happens in situations like with today's science, for example, what happens if the humanity entrusts the findings of the present official science and continually implements in real life whatever these findings suggest.
The reason for which the official science got lost and already since a long time leads the humanity directly toward a self-destruction, is that we allowed science to become a monopolistic institution. In turn each monopolistic institution quickly falls deeper and deeper into "corruption" described in more detail, among others, in item #E3 from my web page named pajak_for_mp_2017.htm.
On the other hand with the elapse of time the corruption of monopolistic institutions quickly reaches 100% level of advancement, at which given institutions in practice are starting to serve the goal which is an exact opposite of the goal for the fulfilment of which these institutions were originally established. In fact, right now increasingly more institutions in the world are reaching the level, and the situation, of such 100% corruption - in this number many governments of entire countries. (It is extremely hard to find nowadays a government that would not operate as a monopolistic institution.) It is also almost an irony, that the humanity long ago had developed an effective method for balancing monopolies, which method prevents the achievement by monopolies of this highly destructive 100% level of corruption. This method is known as the "competition". Unfortunately, in recent times, this method is applied increasingly less in the public life. For example, in order to repair present errors, distortions and lies of the official science, it would be enough to officially create for it a competition in form of the new "totaliztic science" - as this is explained more comprehensively in item #C6 from my web page named telekinetics.htm.
However, the old, official, atheistic science, is to defend itself as it can against the loss of its monopoly, that is, against the official establishing of the new "totaliztic science". After all, my theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the philosophy of totalizm were created in 1985 (means as long ago as 31 years prior to producing in 2016 the discussed here film "Dr Jan Pajak portfolio") and they are continuously published and disseminated throughout all that long time. In spite of this, still even now the official science insists that neither my "theory of everything" nor the philosophy of totalizm is officially recognized, and the spread of them is blocked - although in contrast to the "erroneous" theories and philosophies disseminated by the old official science, for my Concept of Dipolar Gravity and for totalizm their accuracy and compliance with reality have already been proven. That insistence of the official science causes untold destruction and losses for our whole civilization - to what I am trying to draw the reader's attention in descriptions from this item. On the other hand, the official establishing of such a new competitive "totaliztic science" would force the old official science to start the responsible telling of truth and to put more attention and actual research into whatever now this old science does profitably, irresponsibly and in an almost mindless manner.
After all, if there is a competitive towards the old, new "totaliztic science", then in every case of spreading lies by the old science, the new science would make these lies corrected (as indeed, in spite that I work alone, still I am trying to do already). Therefore, such an official establishing of a new competitive "totaliztic science" must be imposed forcefully by people and by governments, and NOT left to luminaries of science and scientific policy makers to make this establishing by themselves voluntarily. However, it is worth the effort, because it can save the humanity from impending doom that is arriving now rather quickly - that is, dear reader, it perhaps may, among other things, save your own life and lives of those whom you love the most.
Unfortunately, knowing the today's biggest weakness of humanity, which is the "passivity" and "complacency" described in item #N2 from my web page named pajak_re_2017.htm, we should know in advance what will happen with the official creation of the new "totaliztic science". Namely, people will ruminate over it, and perhaps even debate it, but they will NOT act - as they are currently also doing regarding the "global warming". They will be reeling over it until about 2040, when arrives the destruction of humanity predicted in the discussed here film from youtube.com, entitled "Dr Jan Pajak portfolio". In turn, after that destruction, everything will be destroyed - including the official science. Thus, these few people who are to survive the calamity, will need to start building again everything from the very scratch.
Of course, knowing already that it was the previous official atheistic science that pushed the mankind to destruction, they are to rebuild NOT the old official science, but the new "totaliztic science". However, there will be a problem again. Namely this problem will then lay in the fact, that even the new "totaliztic science", if it existed and operated without any competition, with the elapse of time will also fall a victim of the "corruption" - thus the current problems with the monopoly of science will over time be repeated again. Therefore, most preferably would be, if already now people stopped briefly that passive viewing of television and chumming sandwiches, and rather already now have created a new "totaliztic science" - when the old science still has NOT been destroyed (so that both of these sciences, from now acting in the situation of competition with each other, would stop each other from falling into claws of corruption, and thus would busily tend towards the good of the entire human civilization). After all, the appointment of such a new science is NOT difficult at all. It is just enough that in a country, e.g. in Poland, New Zealand, or Korea, at the beginning would be open at least one state institution of higher education (e.g. a university), which would employ only scientists already practicing the philosophy of totalizm and hence able to pass the "entrance exam" from the knowledge of this philosophy, as well as all universities and schools of the country would begin to balance the current imbalance in the atheistic teachings by starting the compulsory teaching of the philosophy of totalizm and my theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity .

#B4. General information about the film "Dr Jan Pajak portfolio":

The film described hare is approximately 35 minutes long. The designer of its scenario, the author of animation, and the producer of it is Dominik Myrcik. The film is entitled "Dr Jan Pajak portfolio".
The film "Dr Jan Pajak portfolio" in a very interesting, lively and eloquent manner documents, animates and explains these ones among the most important results of my research and inventiveness, which should be of interest to almost everyone. For example, it discusses, among others, the quickly incoming mass extinction of our civilization, that the most of people alive currently on Earth will soon have the dubious privilege of personal experience on themselves - if in the meantime the humanity will NOT try to implement in real life those NOT violating moral criteria future technical devices which are described in the film discussed here. The reasons for the scenario of this mass extinction of people I described in more detail, among others, in items #H1 to #H3 from my web page named prophecies.htm.
Moreover, the fact that this mass extinction is already coming, independently from me is noticing a growing number of people open to the truth. After all, it is enough to carefully look out the window today, to note that we are like passengers in a speeding train, which rushes along the tracks that are ending to an already visible cliff, but the pleadings of which passengers directed to the engine drivers that control the train go onto deaf ears. My personal report on the progress of humanity in approaching towards this mass extinction, the reader can find e.g. in items #T1 to #T8 from my web page named solar.htm, in items #A1 to #A5 of the web page named cooking.htm, as well as in pages that I am pointing above in items #G1, #F2, #E3 and #A1 from my web page named pajak_for_mp_2017.htm.
The film "Dr Jan Pająk portfolio" can be viewed on almost every device with a screen connected to the Internet and with access to YouTube (including on PCs). Hence, I would recommend to watch it several times, including pre-watching (first time and fast) on the screen of your home computer. In turn after such preliminary learning of what this film shows, you can better understand and appreciate its detailed descriptions from this web page. Thus, soon after that first viewing, I would recommend to read the film's descriptions from selected items of "part #B" of this web page. In the end, i.e. after learning descriptions in which we are interested, it is worth to see the film again, this time seeing it in more detailed way and with greater understanding.
For this repeated, detailed viewing of the film I would recommend to use a large screen of the modern TV - e.g. in own home, or in home of your family or friends. (Of course, if the reader has such a TV readily available, then he/she can watch this film in TV already for the first, initial time.) After all, if the reader wishes to experience and appreciate the artistry of the images and sounds, as well as learn details of its story, and wonderfully designed and constructed its images and animations, then it is best to see it just on a big screen of a modern TV. Such a modern TV is to fully emphasize its qualitative features, such as high definition (HD), high quality (HQ), and excellent colors and sounds.
Hence, the best for watching it would be a so-called "smart" TV which, by definition, has a direct connection with the Internet (I watch it on my 42-inch "smart" TV from LG company – i.e. the same one, for which I programmed my "playlists", for example the "playlist" available at pajak.org.nz/p_12fb.htm), or would be a TV that is connected to a computer, and that computer is in turn connected to the Internet.
The film discussed here is really designed and produced superbly (after all, its production took half a year of work and lasted since November 2015 till May 2016). Thus, although those fierce enemies and critics, many of which my discoveries and scientific achievements still have, probably immediately accuse me here of bias, I believe that it is the best film presenting anyone's scientific achievements which so far has been made and placed on YouTube - if anyone believes otherwise then I challenge him or her to indicate to us any better film of this type. In fact, I consider it to be a huge honour and pleasure for me, that so perfect film shows the most significant "milestones" of my current scientific achievements. I could NOT get a more precious gift on my 70th birthday than this film is!
; What makes me particularly happy is that this film was designed, animated and produced by a Polish person, or more specifically by an Upper Silesian. In this way, it also proves how talented and perfectionist are those people originating from Poland. So it cannot surprise us the saying, which I described in item #E1.1 from my web page named telepathy.htm, for some time disseminated in England and stating something along the lines "hire a Polish emigrant, and he will complete a given job four times faster and for only about one-fourth of the price of an English professional". What a pity that all this talent, knowledge and capabilities of people born and educated in Poland are now serving for other nations. Hopefully, my efforts described (in Polish), amongst others, on the web page pajak.org.nz/pajak_dla_prezydentury_2020.htm are to redirect to the progress of Poland these all Polish intellectual accomplishments derived from Poland, and thus over time will result in the restoration to Poland of its former moral power, size, prosperity and strength proverbially inspiring other nations from a sea to a sea.
Images of the discussed film create a perfect visual foundation for descriptions from almost all the totaliztic web pages, while the emotional charge contained in them moves to depth. Thus, in connection with the explanations and evidence shared on this and on other totaliztic web pages, the film has the potential to provide that breakthrough impulse which changes the course of life of the viewer. From the feedback opinions, which on this film reached me so far, it stems quite clearly that it has just such an effect on the viewer.

Part #C: How the film "Dr Jan Pajak portfolio" was received:

#C1. Quantitative data on viewing the film:

This film "Dr Jan Pajak portfolio" was uploaded to YouTube in evening on 5th of May 2016 (London time). On 19th of May 2016 NZ time (means after 11 days), around NZ midday, the number of viewers of the Polish version of it passed through the first milestone of 1000 views. In the same day and time the English version was viewed 75 times, while the German version was viewed 166 times. (It is worth to add, that Poland is inhabited by around 35 millions of people, while almost the entire world speaks English - so the number of people who potentially could view the English version of this film is at least 100 times greater than the number of Polish speaking people, while on that 19th of May 2016 the real number of English speaking viewers was less than one-tenth of the Polish speaking viewers of this film. It explains the present situation of the world which we can notice.)

#C2. Feedback opinions about the film:

Practically so-far the entire feedback is positive and enthusiastic. The only matter which people are unaware and thus ask about, is that all my inventions illustrated in the film, actually were already build by someone, and are, or were in past, already working - only that someone who build them either does NOT want, or is unable, to give to us the working model of these inventions. Unfortunately, in order to recognise that they are, or were, already build, I first needed to invent them from the scratch, and only then I could recognise them in objects which we see but NOT understand.
Therefore, I decided to develop in item #B of this web page, the detailed description as to "who" and "where" already build my inventions, and also how we can be sure that they are already build and working since we cannot buy them in our shops.

Part #D: The report from my efforts to be allowed to receive a parcel with free gift of leaflets shown in item #A2, so that I could distribute these leaflets around the area of my living in a way which fulfils the "zero-dollar" totaliztic principle (i.e. without involving any payments on any side):

(This "part #D" is the continuation of item #A3 from this web page.)

#D1. Why in life we need to try to overcome obstacles:

In item #C4.2 of my web page named morals.htm I described the work of so-called moral field - means the field similar to gravity, but acting on work of our intellects. This field works in two stages, namely a short-term, and a long-term. If we do something that is morally correct, needed, beneficial, and agreeable with God's requirements, then in the short-term work this moral field places obstacles in front of a person (or a group intellect) who is making a given effort of doing good deed. Only in its long-term action (i.e. only after elapses the so-called "time of return") moral field starts to "reward" the good deeds that someone carried out previously. Therefore, according to recommendations of totalizm whenever we do something that we believe is morally correct and good for all parties involved, then obstacles for sure are to appear and our duty is to attempt to overcome these obstacles, as their existence is the proof that whatever we try to accomplish is fulfilling moral criteria and thus will be beneficial in the long-term work of moral mechanisms.

The only situation when we should "give up" in face of obstacles, is when from our judgement stems that the chance of a success is equal to that from the proverbial situation of a "bull versus locomotive" (in the difficult case I am describing here initially it may seem to be just such a chance).

#D2. Report on the progress of my problem with free leaflets:

I must admit, that two days already elapsed but I still do NOT see clearly how to solve this problem to a satisfactory level in a way which would be acceptable from the point of view of the philosophy of totalizm - means which does NOT break any moral criteria nor any law, and which would make happy all sides involved. But I know that at least one such a perfect solution does exist, only that it is well hidden and thus one needs to put a lot of effort to find it (totalizm calls this special solution the "highway through the sea" - for details see item #A2.4 from my web page philosophy of totalizm, item #C4.2 from my web page >morals.htm, or item #J3 from my web page pajak_for_mp_2014.htm).
When I find such a way I immediately report it here together with outcomes which it provides.
However, on the third day of my memorable conversation with the NZ uniformed customs officer, I received the advice what I could continue to do in this case. This advice gave me someone, whose excellent knowledge and understanding of life and the principles of solving life's problems I greatly admire and greatly respect. Namely, he started from making me aware that firstly I should somehow find out, what should be done to make the shipment NOT dutiable. Since the NZ uniformed customs officer said that my leafletrepresents an "enterprise" (i.e. "the company"), she has her opinion be based on some law. Thus it would be good, that I firstly receive the information, or opinion, of a lawyer, that's my activities, at least these private ones, are NOT the subject to duties because they are non-commercial, and I do NOT have any established business, the existence of which requires the documentation of a company such as a business or an enterprise. So I would require a legal opinion, on which basis the NZ Customs may require a payment from the person who does not lead any gainful activity.
In order to receive such an opinion, the person who advised me suggested that, as so-far, I cannot yet "appeal" in the matter of leaflets, as such an "appeal" could in fact be only my reaction to another action of the NZ Customs Office. After all, so-far that authority has not yet taken any action - only their uniformed officer informed me about such a possibility, but there was no official letter. For this reason, Ishould firstly describe my visit to their office (but without details), and inform the office that I was during that visit told to hire an agent and to pay customs duties during receiving a package with PRIVATE leaflets (print) for a person not carrying out business activities nor having documentation of an economic activity, and therefore I would like to seek the written opinion of the authority, i.e. if they could show me a legal basis to require the payment of such a fee from a private individual, or if they could send me an internet link to the text of the law that then I could have read it, because I would like to be sure, that the collecting such a fee has a legal basis. Of course, this letter would have to be written in the conditional toner, politely, as a query, writing something like "inquiry regarding the legal basis for requesting the payment of duty from private individuals".
After receiving the above advice, I began to "attempt" its implementation. This trying took me a few days, because I have to admit here that I am NOT "strong" in writing the official polite letters (in this case email) in English. During this trying, I recalled that as a student of one of the last years of my studies at the Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland, I practically went already through a very similar situation and experience. This is because I got then into an exchange of similar official correspondence with a kind of state-owned enterprise (P. P.) existing then in Milicz, whose exact name I do not remember now, but because it carried out the "drainage" of agricultural land, among others in the village of Wszewilki, including the small, 3-hectare land belonging to my parents, in my descriptions of that situation and experiences that I am to provide below, that company I will call "P. P. Drainage". That my correspondence with this "P. P. Drainage" is quite educating, because it strongly suggests what most likely would be the final consequences and final "achievements" of any of my getting into a similar exchange of letters with the New Zealand Customs Office. So let us firstly carry out a "case study" of that historical event.

#D3. The historical "case study" of my struggle with "P. P. Drainage" regarding the fair treatment, and what this case indicates: Motto: "In collisions of 'a bull with a locomotive', instantly bull always loses, however, after the 'time of return' the moral mechanisms cause that the locomotive lands in a scrap metal yard."

This happened in the final years of my studies at the Technical University of Wroclaw. In the village Wszewilki highly active was then the state-owned company, to which the previous item #D2 refers under the name "P. P. Drainage". The company carried out the maintenance, and where it was needed - also re-digging, an ex-German drainage ditch that near the town of Milicz fell into the river Barycz, while by Wszewilki it ran along the foot of raised sandy slope on which extend the buildings of that village. These works it carried out repeatedly, every few years, already for a longer period of time. As a result, the inhabitants of Wszewilki village had a lot oftime to compare effects of its work with previous times when the company still did NOT exist, and to notice the ecological consequences of its activities.
I at that time did not live in Wszewilki any longer, because I studied in Wrocław. But during almost every my arrival to the family home, my parents complained to me about this company. Namely, it turned out that instead of increasing crop yields and help farmers from Wszewilki, the company actually hurt farmers, because the effects of its activities significantly reduced the groundwater levels, causing droughts and declining crop yields, and in addition, with the elapse of time it began to demand from the farmers additional fees for their alleged "services". (Although, as a state owned company, it was funded at a sufficient level by the state to pay from state funding for all its activities. However, the splashy, wasteful and greedy procedures of its management board, which today well describes the word "corruption", caused that it fell into a chronic deficit, which it sought to eliminate by inventing and imposing additional charges on farmers of Wszewilki village.) What was even more moving, is that my father always thoroughly cleaned himself and deepened the proportion of that ditch which ran along the land of my parents. So the company almost never did any work on the parents' section of that trench, but still demanded from parents of the standard fees for their alleged "services". (My father always thoroughly deepened and cleaned his section of the ditch because of the fish. Namely, such a deep and double-sided open ditch formed a kind of prolonged pond, where the annual spring floods poured in fish, which sometimes we were able to catch before they were caught by the other neighbours having taste for them, hence with which sometimes we could supplement our meagre supply in meat that in these times was very difficult to acquire by our poor family.)
In those days I did NOT know yet about the sign of "reversed function" described in more detail in (B1) from item #E3 of my web page named pajak_for_mp_2017.htm. Namely I did NOT know yet that if the true functions and goals of the current activities of a given "group intellect" represent a complete reversal of functions and goals for the achievement of which this intellect was originally established, then that is a sign that the intellect has already reached 100% level of corruption, means that its behaviour is governed solely by the greed and cronyism, while as such in its activities it already ceased completely to guide itself by the rule of law, justice , morality, the welfare of others, etc. On the other hand, NOT knowing about this "sign of 100% corruption", and often listening to endless complaints of my parents about 'fruits' of the activities of this company, I wrote to them a letter, in which I explained all these reservations which to it had my parents. I mean, I explained to them the reduction of crop yields due to lowering of the ground water level and due droughts caused by it, I reminded to them that the drainage ditch running by the land of my parents is always carefully dredged and maintained, so that the company did not have to perform any action on it, and I also have referred to a law, which then I found, and which establishing this kind of state-owned companies in Poland stated that their services will be free of charge for farmers.
While writing this letter, I did not realize then yet, that human laws can be "stretched" like a rubber, i.e. that the familiar with twisting the laws lawyers can "interpret" them in various convenient ways, and thus ultimately for the person who has access the best-paid lawyers they always allow to achieve the result on which he/she counts. As a result, after sending that first letter, for the next about two years I was forced to laboriously write more and more letters, trying to bring with them from the constantly slipping out company some beneficial for my parents outcome of this legal "ping-pong". In fact, if I could then transform the time and effort devoted to these letters into some paid work, then I would have earned more than the fees required by that company from my parents. So the only thing that in this way I got, was that when this "PP Drainage" officially asked the local "citizen tribunal" to punish all the farmers of the village Wszewilki, who do NOT have paid the outstanding fees payable to this company, it made an exception for my parents and did NOT demanded punishment or delinquent payment. However, the activities of the company was still continued in the previous way, still harming the productivity of agricultural land of my parents, and still exposing the entire village Wszewilki to unwarranted costs and losses.
For me, a relatively educational turns out to be the later fate of that company and of its operations, which took place already after the elapse of the "time of return". Namely, when the "Solidarity" toppled communist rule in Poland, in Milicz was created some other company (this time NOT owned by state) that instead of "drainage" of the land of Wszewilki, most of the land turned into fish ponds. But because these ponds already operate on different principles of "hydraulics", NOT "drainage", that, "PP Drainage" was "killed" by it - exactly like the descriptions of signs (B) from item #E3 of my web page pajak_for_mp_2017.htm explain, that after the "time of return" just to such a killing are subjected all group intellects that are corrupt already at 100%. In the case of that corrupt at 100% group intellect "P. P. Drainage", it is even possible to estimate roughly of how much was for it this "time of return" - I roughly estimate this time at approximately 25 years. Thus, if e.g. those my struggles took place today, which is around 2016, the killing of this group intellect would take place around 2040 - i.e. in the years about tragic events of which quite clearly speaks the film "Dr Jan Pajak portfolio".

#D4. The listing of reasons why I decided to refrain from any further contacts with Customs:

My past experience in the Communist Poland with "P. P. Drainage", seem to suggest, that because of the ambiguity of human laws, individual person does NOT have the slightest chance to convince the accustomed to the use of human submission large state institution, to interpret the law in a different and more consistent with moral criteria, than the interpretation of these laws already practiced by that institution. This in turn practically means, that if I actually got into some form by mail "ping-pong" with the New Zealand Customs Office, then I lose my precious time, energy and morale, while the matters still would not change. In addition to this, a longer and a deeper analysis of the situation revealed to me also, that eventual my attempt to obtain the consent of that Customs Office for a duty-free, NO "agents" use, and "zero-dollar" permission to receive the posted to me parcel with a foreign shipment of free (gifted) leaflets, does NOT mean that the leaflets would cause change for which I counted. There is a whole range of reasons for this. Let us now list at least most important among them:
1. With my "zero-dollar" principle of conduct in life, these leaflets I still would have to personally deliver to homes from the area where I live. However, winter is coming to NZ, means the time the cold rains, winds, lightning flashes and storms. In addition, from my previous experience, which I described in item #N4 from my web page pajak_for_mp_2014.htm, it appears that such distribution of leaflets is often associated with rather unpleasant treatment, dog attacks, with the issuances of exposing oneself to the action of elements, not to mention the long hours of everyday systematic work and contribution of physical fatigue. In turn my personal dedication to the distribution of these leaflets, would cause that I would have to simultaneously neglect other activities which I pursue, e.g. the further development and popularization of the philosophy of totalizm.
2. The unnecessary endangering of the idea of "telekinesis free zone". After all, during a possible helping of local "golden hands" I would have to consider the idea of "telekinesis free zone". This is because in order to avoid future commitment by mankind of a similar error regarding telekinesis, that the humanity already committed regarding pesticides and antibiotics, while currently equally mindlessly scientists take to re-commit regarding the GE (ie. "Genetic Engineering"), as the discoverer of "telekinesis" and inventor and operating telekinetic devices, I suggested in my web page named tfz.htm, that at the area of entire New Zealand, Australia and Antarctica, was established the "telekinesis free zone". In turn the establishment of such a zone practically means, that on this area may NOT be tested, manufactured, or used any devices operating on principles of telekinesis. This in turn also means that even if a "handyman" from New Zealand, for example, wanted to build my "telekinetic cell" and had every opportunity for doing so, I still would be forced to refuse my advice and intellectual support for his/her efforts and activities.
3. The need to avoid inducing a negative tradition around my inventions. In several places of my web pages I explained the fatal consequences of surrounding with a negative (immoral) tradition of a direction of human activities. For example, in the caption under "Fig. #1" from my web page named p_e.htm, in item #C4.7 from my web page named morals.htm, and also in item #K1 from my web page named tapanui.htm, I explained that with such a negative tradition already was surrounded the rocket propulsion system. Hence the moral mechanisms cause that this propulsion system will never be generating "good fruit" that in its long-term action would serve for the actual good of the humanity (for the explanation as to what "good fruit" I mean, see the quotation from the Bible discussed in item #B3 of this web page). In turn last two above web pages, as well as, among others, items #M1 and #M2 on yet another my page named telekinetics.htm, describe are similar immoral traditions with which was surrounded the nuclear energy. This is why nuclear energy, nor any of its "fruits" in its long-term effect will ever serve for the actual good of humanity. After realizing this, I find it hard to make myself to get into intoany further debate regarding the leaflets, which would make me risking that through these debates my inventions intended for the benefit of entire mankind could be accidentally surrounded by a similarly negative tradition.
4. A significant probability that the group intellect of country New Zealand has already been punished by the "forced passivity". In item #N2 from my web page named pajak_re_2017.htm I explained that intellects which practice a serial passivity, in the long-term work of moral mechanisms may be punished by the so-called "forced passivity". In turn watching the current situation in NZ, I have an impression, that this punishment has already been imposed onto it. If this was really so, then any attempt to do anything that would try to break this "forced passivity" before the events discussed in the film only for around 2040, including e.g. my attempts to persuade New Zealanders to undertake the construction of one of my inventions, could NOT bring any results. After all, by the consequences of this "forced passivity" they would in advance be doomed to fail.
5. The danger that the fervour of the struggle could also distort for the outside audience the clarity of goals towards accomplishing of which I try to serve. After all, there is a saying that "the first victim of every war is the truth". In addition, many people have a tendency to judge the conduct of others through the prism of their own worldviews. Meanwhile, future fate of the philosophy of totalizm depends mainly on how people will assess my conduct - which fact is clearly visible from the consequences for totalizm of these previous accusations that about me and about totalizm all sorts of evil-doers have placed on the Internet. So I should not be risking that struggling in the name of human progress, I deliver simultaneously ammunition to enemies of totalizm, who probably then would have come out with attacks like "if he so persistently struggles with that customs office, he is probably hoping for some material benefit, e.g. from the sale of these leaflets". After all, from the very beginning the uniformed female oficer of the Customs Office stated that my leaflets bear the characteristics of the "enterprise" - that is (implicitly) that probably the hide in themselves some my intention to 'make a fortune" with their help, after they are duty-free delivered to me, about which delivery I dared to ask.
* * *

To summarize the above, my more thorough considering of the matter of any further continuation of such "Don Kichote" ("Don Quixote") struggle to obtain permission for a duty-free, "agents-free" and "zero-dollar" letting the parcel of leaflets to NZ, so that then I could distribute these leaflets for free to houses in the vicinity of my place residence, shows that taking these efforts could bring effects that are exactly opposite to these intended by me. So I decided that I abandon the continuation of my efforts in this matter, and also taught by the previous experience, in the future I will avoid all voluntary intentions and actions that would involve me with the necessity of personal having anything to do with the New Zealand Customs Office.

Part #E (sorry - this and next parts up to #G still await to be translated to English - in the meantime, until the professional translation, here is a translation from Deepl.com):

Part #E: A more detailed discussion of my interviews given Polish Radio in London on my 70th birthday (i.e. the continuation of item #A4 of this web page):

#E1. A short history of these interviews:

Mr Artur Witek from Polish Radio in London (the interviewer) contacted with me by email on 30 April 2016. Unfortunately, at that time, I could not to give him an interview with several others reasons. For example, because I knew then that Skype in my computer some time has been broken and did NOT work. In addition, I have just been very absorbed the finalisation and publication of the project of the research activities of the last time the development phase. Itd., etc. So in order to be able to to give him this interview, I first tried to finish up and publish your then research project. Then I tried to launch that broken Skype in your PC - which I did not manage to do, and to uninstall that Skype and reinstall to produce a new version of it, I could not decide not to accidentally damage his old PC, already then (which, after all, I need very much to the implementation of my research).
So specifically for this I had to prepare and use another Skype, that I knew I had it installed in my 'smart' LG television (i.e. that I have it on my TV described, among others, in instructions for operating and using the song "playlists" I once programmed, e.g. handling and using a 'platinum' named p_12fn.htm). Only that I have NOT used this other Skype before, because the TV that has it installed cannot be moved to another place of mine a small apartment. Meanwhile, in a place where I have to sit while using Skype from that TV, the sun always shines straight into my eyes, and the windows cannot be covered, because then the Skype camera would NOT receive the amount of light required. That practically means, that while talking through that Skype I have to either keep my eyes in half closed, or wear sunglasses - that would make me look like a "Father". The "Godfather" from gangster movies. (As the reader He has probably already noted the two evils, for the interview, I have chosen to close my eyes halfway through.)
All of this has led to an interview has been delayed until my 70th birthday, i.e. by 25 May 2016.
The interview itself was very long and lasted almost three hours. Before letting you onto the antenna and publication on YouTube, leading So he decided to divide it into segments. The first segment was placed in youtube.com on Friday 3 June 2016. And the second segment of this interview was published in Friday, 10 June 2016. (Both these dates are in London time, because in New Zealand time Petone, where I live was already Saturday, 4 and 11 June 2016 respectively).
For me, seeing myself while giving the Skype interview turned out to be a kind of highly humorous experience. The reason is that I roughly know how to I look - after all, I have a mirror in the bathroom, and what I have to shave for a while. But through the camera Skype, and after recording the image in the opposite direction on the side of the world, you look completely different than in the mirror. Frankly speaking, if my Skyped likeness from that interview she went out on the street and I would meet her there, then I probably would not recognise it at all.
As a former lecturer on computerisation, however, I know, that the reasons for this difference in appearance are Several. For example, it is the effects of packaging the image sent by Skype as a kind of small digital packets which, when travelling separately at uneven intervals between them that long road from New Zealand to London (after all, on the opposite side of the world) and, after being independently unpacked, broadcast almost every move I make is kind of jerky the course. The change in appearance is obviously influenced by also the abovementioned sunshine straight into my eyes. In addition, in the bathroom I watch always have two eyes, and Skype has only one a camera and this one placed relatively close to the face.
(How different is it to be seen by one lens close to our face, almost everyone knows it from the looks of their own "passport photos" - which, for example, I always I have the impression that they represent NOT me, but some "fugitive from prison"). Fortunately, I already I'm used to the humorous look of my recordings with a camera. Moreover, this funny look adds some humour to the seriousness of the subject matter in I am discussing the interview. Hence the humour of appearance, linked to the seriousness of the subject under discussion, my in the opinion of the publicity to be promoted together is a good thing the subject of research to which I have devoted my life.

#E2. Number of views of my interviews for Polish Radio in London:.

As soon as Part 1 of the discussed here the interview was uploaded to YouTube on Friday, 3 June 2016 (UK time), I note that the number of viewers of this interview People are growing very fast. So when, in a week later, Friday, 10 June 2016 (UK time), part 2 of that interview, number of viewers of that part 1 has already achieved 830 visits - i.e. on average in that At the same time, Part 1 was watched about 118 times a day.
The first "milestone" of 1000 visits, this part 1 of the interview has already obtained about 8 and a half days, i.e. around 20:00 on 12 June 2016 in New Zealand time. Including the day and time of day 20 itself Part 2 of this interview has already had about 220 views. For comparison, on the same day of 12 June 2016, The watching of the film "Dr Jan Pajak's portfolio" amounted to: 1340 - for the Polish language version (that is, on average only about 37 views per day), 250 - for the German language version (that is, on average, only approximately 6 views per day), and 130 - for versions English (that is, on average, only about 3 views per day).
The second important "milestone" of 1500 views, the first part of this interview reached after 22 days, i.e. around one o'clock at night 25 June 2016, New Zealand time (i.e. around the time it was just being loaded to YouTube part 1/2 of the interview). On the same day and the second part of this interview was seen around 650 times. Average daily viewing of this interview So for that day it was about 68 for the parts 1, about 50 for parts 2, and about 90 for parts 1/2 In comparison, on the same day and at the same time the film "Dr Jan Pajak portfolio" was watched around 1720 times in the Polish language version, about 278 times in the German and 170 times in English.
The first major "milestone" of 1000 views, Part 2 of this interview reached in Monday, 11 July 2016, around noon New Zealand time (i.e. after about 32 days since its release on YouTube). On the same day and by the time Part 1 of that interview was about 1730 views and part 1/2 - 490 views.
In turn, part 1/2 of its first significant "stone the "milestone" 1000 views reached in the first night hours of New Zealand time, on Tuesday, 19 July 2016 (i.e. after about 25 days from the date of its release on YouTube).
So it looks like disposition the average daily viewing for both my film, as well as for my interview, after reaching its 'peak'. about a week after the date of the YouTube show, then it is already in what is known as a 'half curve'. decomposition" - known to us from atomism. If this decomposition looks like this to me, then there is also a high probability, that it is similar for others too people and other similar films.
For data on watching the film "Dr Jan Pajak's portfolio" see item #C1 of this pages.

#E3. Links to the YouTube presentation of the content of my interviews for Polish Radio in London:

All parts of my interview can find by typing in or in the search engine with youtube.com or in a search engine google.pl, whether in the search engine bing.com/?scope=video, keywords "Courses - interview with Dr Jan Pająk" (only that these words should be written without quotation marks).
The individual parts of both my interviews can be also start individually by clicking on the following their (green) links, or using the following their (green) internet addresses:
Interview 1 (from Wednesday 25 May 2016):
youtube.com/watch?v=I_FXfYTd1Wc (from 2016/6/03 - part 1),
youtube.com/watch?v=A0fZ_LnvTSE (from 2016/6/10 - part 2),
Interview /2 (from Tuesday 7 June 2016):
youtube.com/watch?v=fnzGURyuIVc (from 2016/6/24 - part 1/2).
While playing my song playlist (for example my favourite "playlist" named p_12fl.htm) I have long since noted that a 'brewer' who is currently doing the best job at to run videos and videos from YouTube, is Google Chrome - what copy can you make to download for free from the Internet, and what kind of a slightly reprogrammed copy is installed among other things, in my 'smart' LG television. (This best performance of "Google Chrome" as a player videos and videos from YouTube should not surprise us, because both "YouTube" and "Google Chrome" are now owned by Google).

#E4. If it were still so, the TV stations could be persuaded to put on YouTube also films with my interviews I once gave them:

The subject matter I am studying is highly interesting for a wide range of recipients. In addition my research builds on this theme a large amount of evidence. Ah, yes. it so happens that I have already discussed this subject as many interviews and programmes as possible for a variety of television stations. It would be . so it is of great benefit to the truth, to people what these interviews would look like, and for the countries (e.g. for New Zealand) that would host tourists wishing to see the evidence in person presented in my interviews, if These interviews were uploaded to YouTube and made available to all those willing to do so watching. I will therefore quote here about those interviews that have been successful so far to find me.
(1) Interviews for Polish Television given in 1980 to almost the end of 1981. For Polish Television (in Warsaw) I gave several interviews at the time (about 4), and I have also participated in several longer ones programmes that were broadcast in those years. Unfortunately, so far, I have not been able to find the data the dates and times of their transmission.
(2) Interviews for New Zealand Television given in 1988 to 1989. Their data are as follows:
(2a) "Mark Price reports on the Tapanui Crater", TVNZ 1 (evening news), 25 June (June) 1988, 6:30 pm (interview length: about 2 (minutes). That snapshot of the television news managed to show the Tapanui Crater, looked through the various evidence of a technological explosion having place in this crater e.g. fallen trees, magnetized debris from a spacecraft, photographs of a tornado, landings UFOs near this crater, etc.), and quoted the opinion of scientists on the author's hypothesis of the 'spacecraft explosion' in that place.
(2b) > "Jim Mora presents the Tapanui Crater", TVNZ, Channel 1, "Holmes" programme, broadcast on the day 3 May 1989, 6:30 p.m. (length about 7 (minutes). It was already a longer report from a television station in Dunedin, which he presented the evidence about a UFO explosion near Tapanui.
(3) Interviews for Wroclaw Television in Poland, given around 30 August 1991. For this Polish television I gave at least one interview, which then I saw it emitted. Unfortunately, so far I was also unable to find the exact data the dates and times of its (or their) transmission.
(4) The recording of my lecture open to the public of Wroclaw, 10 May 1995. This recording was later split up for 3 parts, and on 18 and 25 January and 1 February 2013 it was made available to all interested parties in youtube.com - where they can be found and watched using word keys: Jan Pajak - UFO? They're already here.

Part #F: Secrets of preparing an interesting film (e.g. for displaying it in YouTube):

#F1. Where does my competence to give advice and guidance on "how to make a good film" come from? (i.e. a film that is willingly watched):
Motto: "The easier it becomes to use movie cameras, the more difficult it becomes to make a good film."

This point and all this "part #F" I have decided to be included in this page on 20 August 2018. A few days earlier, my colleague from the year, from which we studied together at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Wroclaw University of Technology, has spoken to me on behalf of all of us of our joint colleagues from the time of our studies, to make a film reporting on the occasion of the alumni convention of our year. This convention will take place in summer 2020. The year of the 50th anniversary of graduation from that university - the exact date of its organisation for the time being NO has yet to be established, but will probably be It is around mid-July 2020 (i.e. when typically the weather in Poland is the best, hence when they occur best conditions to enjoy together the time spent and to make a film).
Our joint studies with future participants in this the alumni convention is described on a website called rok.htm - which I founded and run. However, because by 2020 rather far and much in the meantime it may happen to help this colleague, and those cooperating with him, in appropriate the orientation of the preparation of the film to be recorded only at that reunion, even if I were myself he was unable to take care of the film, I decided that I will send this colleague some guidelines and advice from from my previous experience with making films. In turn, in order not to limit the usefulness of the work I put in In preparing these guidelines and advice, I decided that, irrespective of their transmission to his colleague the following information will also be made available to everyone on this website the "amateur filmmakers" interested in them. After all, the preparation of these guidelines and advice it took me a few days to think and work. In such so the current "part #F" of this website was created.
To this I should also add here, from which it follows my competence to make 'good films' - which competences are, after all, a kind of question which comes to mind anyone who reads anyone's advice or guidelines. So, when it comes to making films, I have quite a lot of experience with them - plus, of course, I also have all of the following whatever (including films) counts most, so I have creative and analytical mind, knowledge, life experience, sense and responsibility, understanding of morality, and his own creative output in many different disciplines. My contact with films and my adventure with them started already in time study. In 1967 (i.e. in my third year of studies) I enrolled for an evening specialist training course cinematographers and I've developed practical skills and third vocational category diploma cinematographer - this diploma probably I still have somewhere to go, hidden and secured so carefully, that I do not know where to look for it now (the same goes for my Polish 'driving licence').
I have undertaken this training in the hope that one of your next holidays will take place, when I'm looking for my typical summer job for to earn a little bit of money, I'll catch some employment as a cameraman to improve their finances. Unfortunately, I did not find any working on films. In addition to the above diploma, God somehow so decided that in the final stage of my studies, I had the exceptional happiness that the father of my girlfriend at the time and later my father-in-law was one of the company directors the state in Wrocław, which was responsible between The other ones for all cinemas and films in Wrocław. Within its he received a lot of free tickets every month important for all cinemas in Wrocław.
Because it is NOT he very much had time to use them himself and the tickets were valid were "bearer", to I went to the cinema instead of him - later on to him I have only been reporting on what is important about the films they represent. In this way, I have watched practically all the films that have been shown in Polish cinemas for the last 15 years or so before I emigrated from Poland. More importantly, because I then reported the essence of each film to my father-in-law, I learned to watch movies more and more analytically. So I can say here that at the moment of my departure for exile, probably there was no other person in Poland who would review Analytically and scientifically more films than I do. In addition to all this, since 1980, my invention of the starship called Magnocraft, made me a kind of "scientific star" in the then Polish television - as I also explain in item #E4 above on this one the website. Every few months, I was invited to Warsaw, to take part in a television programme for which my Magnocraft was turned on. These invitations also allowed me to learn "from the lining" the principles of operation and equipment of the television at that time.
Practical experience of personal filming However, I did not get the films until after my emigration. to New Zealand (NZ). In his CV (Curriculum Vitae), attached to each job application, This is because at that time I also added information about a diploma and qualifications as a camera operator. Hence when I became a lecturer in 1983 at The University of Technology in Invercargill, NZ, They made me the leading filmmaker of the whole University of Technology there. They had good college equipment, including portable VHS camera plus excellent analogue a system for editing films. Under that the duty of a "college filmmaker" I made then many films. At the university itself, they reported they on various official events and celebrations there.
And after the work, with a huge number of in those areas, evidence of continuous activities of UFOs and UFOnauts on our the planet - including, inter alia, films about the giant krater Tapanui created by the UFO explosion of 1178. After moving in 1988 to Otago University of Dunedin, NZ, I continued to make other films. Only that NO having already access to the required equipment there, I have moved in front of the camera lens, and I was rather presenting or commenting in words, what was filmed, and the camera was operated by my then a friend whose hobby was filming. From those days I still have a whole large box of analogue VHS tapes with recordings that take their place in my tiny NZ apartment, but with which I have nothing to do, as it is currently being used digital television, and I have no hardware or software to my tapes to be translated into digital form. After the University Otago, I did not have a job or an opportunity to do so. chances of making serious film recordings. However, the sister my wife presented me with a miniature television camera, which I have been practising making 'free hand' films (i.e. without tripod).
As it turns out, they are the most difficult to correct the execution, because the hand is shaking, and in addition small cameras They use the 'AVI' format, which is very difficult to view. In 2015, however, I discovered that an old friend of mine living in Germany, Mr Dominik Myrcik, who has been popularising my research, has both the required equipment, expertise, knowledge and inclinations and interests, as well as having an extraordinary graphic talent and perfect mastery of computer tools to perform films. Indeed, it is a great privilege and honour for me that God he assigned Mr Dominic to help me in my struggle for a better humanity. To this day, together with him, we have prepared several videos later uploaded to YouTube. One of these videos, entitled "The annihilation of humanity 2030", based on the content of my page named 2030.htm, It turned out to be almost a 'masterpiece' and by 20 August 2018, that is 106 days after it was posted on YouTube, it exceeded half a million viewers (which means that on average they watched (4717 people). A full set of films prepared together with him, you can view from YouTube via the links listed below on my page called "djp.htm" making available all the films that are available for free viewing on the Internet, and in which preparations I participated somehow. From the above brief discussion, you can probably see that I have the required qualifications, competition and experience to be able to advise people with aspirations to make a 'good film', how such a film should be made. I will therefore describe my advice in the next item #F2.

#F2. My advice and guidelines for amateur filmmakers to which they should pay particular attention when trying to make a "good film":
Motto: "Many people wrongly think it is enough to have a camera to make a 'good film' - forgetting about that filming is a very demanding work, for success, in which you need to have not only talent, but and creative mind, knowledge, experience, patience, and stamina to effectively perform arduous, difficult and unusual work."

I personally have long encouraged everyone, to document by film or photo each a situation, event, phenomenon, object, etc., in respect of which They will note that they represent something important, something funny, interesting, touching, unusual, unknown, etc. I myself have experienced several times in my life how much (and how long) you regret it afterwards and "spitting in the beard" if you see something really important and/or unusual, for example the miraculous one discussed in the Bible "burning shrub" - whose own observation I described in item #J3 from the web page named petone.htm, but instead of documenting it immediately on film or a photo, you start looking at it first, and this something will take advantage of the time he has been given and simply disappear.
It is precisely because of several such cases missed exceptional opportunities to make a huge relevant photographic or film documentation that I I have worked out and am trying to remind everyone of the advice and at the same time encourage "first film or photograph and only then deliberate". After all, in present times practically already almost Everyone has a mobile phone, a digital camera at hand, or even a video camera, any one of these devices enables him to film immediately and cheaply or photographing ever in your life for something worth documenting. And what is also important, movies and photos are currently stored in a cheap memory type computerised, and then cheap and easy to view on a television or computer screen and, if necessary, also cheaply emailed to other people to look at them. But if what we have filmed or photographed is NOT like it, then we can get it out just as cheaply and quickly. All we still need, then, is this constant to keep in his memory and to be ready to immediately film or photograph what is worth documenting - instead of just looking at it and wondering 'is it worth it'.
From the perspective of his own experience I see a whole range of reasons for that each of us should be constantly documenting on film or in pictures absolutely everything what he considers to be the most important of life reveals to him (and even has the obligation to do so) documentation). For example, over time such documentation may become the only what remains of the past. Therefore, it will have for us an indescribable sentimental value. Typically it is also the type of binder we have in common with the relatives and friends - with whom it came to walk us through some part of our path of life. Most importantly, however, in my opinion The reason is that we live in exceptional times.
For example, there is already hanging over our heads the threat of the events described on my website called 2030.htm, and illustrated on film The annihilation of humanity 2030 - which, on 2019/2/16, exceeded its first million of views - see badge shown in "Fig. #A2" at the beginning of this one pages. If what is coming, we will not be able to avoid it, then we have a duty to ensure that future generations provide documentation to enable them to find answers to the questions 'why', 'what mistakes we have made such a fate', 'as they did they should do so that they never again', etc.
Filming what is worth documenting can to do it in two different ways. The first is . of which is that whenever we see something worthy of proof, we catch our mobile phone, or an electronic camera with the possibility of filming, or a camera at hand on television, then we film what we see as best we can. Such documentation Typically, however, it is NOT suitable for public access - unless we accidentally managed to fix something, in to see what many people will be interested in (Hence this important idea, which is hidden in it, will cause that many people will see it regardless of quality our filming). But this documentation will still allow so that we can show a group of our loved ones and friends what we have documented, and moreover, what we have been doing for ourselves over time time will have a gradually increasing sentimental value.
The second way of filming is to shoot a pre-planned film. If such a film We will be able to prepare in a sufficiently 'good quality', then it will typically be suitable for public shows. Unfortunately, quality filming is enough good to be suitable for public display is very labour-intensive. In my experience, that making even just a few minutes of "good film", one 'amateur' person (i.e. normally dealing with something other than filming) takes at least half year of time - for more details see what I explain in point (3) below. Therefore, of my own experience has shown that, before undertaking the exercise we should make such a pre-planned film analysis of the audience size to which we address this one of ours a busy film.
In my own private opinion too, if the predicted number "W" viewers potentially interested in seeing our the film does NOT exceed W=1 [million], then in today's in times, the production of such a film is no longer worthwhile and we should abandon it. To put it in other words, before we start working on a "good film", it is necessary to conduct research in English called "feasibility studies" (which I would translate on Polish as a "justification for the profitability of undertaking" - dictionaries but I have looked into it, they explain it differently and not in accordance with the actual meaning of the expression).
However, if our analysis of potential audience will suggest that the 'main idea' of our film has been popular enough, that we can probably count on at least W=1 [one million] people who want to see it, then months of work and months of filming such the film is worth taking. For such situations, when it will be worthwhile for an "amateur-filmmaker" to take to make a laborious "good film", below I have written in the most important subsections guidelines (or advice) that result from both my personal experience of creating new the films, as well as my analysis of the films I saw already shot by other artists.
All kinds of advice and guidelines are easier to understand, if they are supported by some real examples. So, in order to use the following my advice as well As a real example, I decided that as this I will use the example I have not decided yet, nor a situation of disclosure that has not been started, nor is it being implemented what it would look like, and with what it would involve preparing a "good film", if I I personally undertook to do it (preferably together with my colleagues already proven in action) during the next one, probably around July 2020 the year, the jubilee "golden" convention of graduates Mechanical Department Wroclaw University of Technology (short for "WM-PWr"), the 1970s, organised on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of its completion of this university. (Note that previous alumni reunions The WM-PWr yearbook 1970 is described on my page named rok.htm). After all, the use here as an example of this yet undeclared the situation of filming the "Golden Convention" of my colleagues from the period The studies have many advantages.

For example, it clarifies to these colleagues, which involves the immortalisation of their jubilee convention with a 'good film'. It frees me from the need to explain to every curious person, why it is NOT enough to have the camera and the good will to make a "good film", and why making various films, I still have NOT yet created a film about his year of studies, about his colleagues, and about his university. In turn, the amateur filmmakers who read these descriptions are an example this will help to understand much better what is more important making "good films". So here is my next advice and guidelines, supported by this very 'golden' example:
(1) "A good film should be positive, constructive and with respect the truth to communicate or comment on some very important idea, message, transmission, knowledge, learning, analysis, message, etc., that occupy our minds many people. For example, showing in some film just the appearance of a few hoppy feasting people on a particular occasion (unless the main idea of the film is humour or showing a particular person), or e.g. showing only someone's pictures from certain times or situation, usually only has the effect that the film in question only the persons appearing in it would voluntarily watch (and probably not even all of them). Typically and even a rather "populated" film is or is recorded by viewers only about 30 well identifiable people. So it is big the likelihood that such a typical film is a typical film altogether would look (and only once) at just about those 30+ people who would be shown on it, plus sometimes their immediate families.
This means that all the work of these people over many months, who made this film, plus the cost of the film, the reader, transport, travel, hotels, etc., would result in a short pleasures only about 30+ people. The reason for this is very simple - for a film to be watched by many people, it must present something in which these people are vitally interested. Few people today are interested in to see everything they've got. That is why "good film" - guidelines for the preparation of which here I describe, it is only worth filming if It will present a very important idea, message, message, knowledge, learning, analysis, whether Something else. (I deliberately called I do NOT use the name 'thesis' for such a main 'idea' of a film.
The name "thesis" has a very strict definition scientific, which, among other things, requires it to be given at the beginning of a given hearing. Meanwhile, in a "good film" this main idea is typically NOT given, however it must always exist there, it must be known to the creators the film, and the entire content of the film must serve to prove it the truth.) This main idea is to be of interest later that at least W=one [million] viewers, while the present one in the film, people can only be shown as if "on Marginaries" (which relieves them of the burden of compliance handsome and smoothly speaking actors) - For example, because it was they who participated in to forge, or experience, what the film discusses and illustrates. In other cases, when you know in advance, that the film would NOT be of interest to that W >= 1 million of potential viewers, instead of busy make a "good film" rather worth "catching a cell or video camera" and only spontaneously to document what is happening.
Here are some examples of cases where ideas related to the studies we have been experiencing together with my colleagues of the year and (or) associated with with my person, hence the presentation of the 'good the "film" would probably have aroused wider interest (although establishing "how many people" would still require more detailed analysis and type testing "feasibility studies', which for the following ideas I I did not):
(1a) Why communist education led the whole country and individual graduates to successes NOT based on knowledge (i.e. based mainly on knowledge and merit), while capitalist education is no longer capable of to do so - the result is that instead of being "source of knowledge and skills", to this day capitalist education has transformed into "the main source of knowledge and access to the pool of college colleagues (the so-called "pool"). "old boys network"), what kind of business do you do in later life'? (Note that it is this transformation that studying in "old boys networks" generators is the main the reason why many of today's capitalist countries has already reached the level of "100% corruption" described in item #E3 of the web page pajak_for_presidency_2020.htm, while other countries are NOT far from that 100% corruption and its suffocation of our civilisation today the consequences.
The situation in this case has become so distorted that by watching some television programme in one of the countries whose economy has been rapidly collapsing It was then downhill and only corruption was growing in it, I was shocked by the TV presenter's statement, that all members of that country's government were former colleagues attending the same school).
(1b) Based on your life experience what do you think that it would require that the universities they stopped generating 'old boys networks' and returned to generate professionals with high knowledge and skills, and for the life of the country to stop being based on this "whom you know" and it is back to the once practised basics on this "what do you know"?
(1c) In your opinion, does this fast-growing trend currently in the world a situation of galloping corruption, collapse the emergence of democracy, the emergence of despots and dictatorships, the spreading of cronyism, etc., will end (1) the global cataclysm and annihilation described on the website 2030.htm, or rather nature, life and God will solve this situation in some other way, e.g. (2) according to the old Polish prophecie, that "The yellow race will rule the world" (or perhaps the simultaneous fulfilment of both)?
(1d) From the point of view of the life experience of our the 1970s graduation group, difficulties by the 1960s student candidates went through passing the then very demanding entrance exam at the Wrocław University of Technology, life was confirmed as good, or as bad, for us when we have already become graduates of this university? (Note here that even popular wisdom has come to know the old truth, by the philosophy of totalizm expressed later by the principle paraphrasing the saying that "NO there's no such thing as bad that would work out for good and there is no such thing good, which would NOT generate some form of evil" - for descriptions of this old truth see e.g. item #F3 from my web page wszewilki.htm.
In other words, this truth reveals that difficult examinations then resulted in high quality and usefulness of the graduates - It is a pity that today's mothers do not understand how this truth works, preferring the "greenhouse principle" of raising their children (see the so-called "greenhouse principle"). anti-smacking law"), i.e. a principle without discipline, penalties and the rod - the effects of a longer one the use of which is described, amongst others, in item #B5.1 from my web page named will.htm.)
(1e) Why, no matter what they say official sources, from personal experience the life of the author of this website (and probably (each of us) it appears that around 1970 Wroclaw University of Technology she was one of the best technical universities and the graduates of the world, and one of its graduates of that time of the most successful generations of Poles life. (This subject is discussed in more detail in the points #J1 and #J2 of his page named magnocraft_en.htm, in item #B1 of its web page named wroclaw.htm, and in item #E1 of its yet another web page named rok.htm).
(1f) Do you feel co-responsible before the next ones generations (or responsible to God) for the difficult the situation in which our entire civilisation finds itself today (see website 2030.htm and page water.htm), and to the coming of which it has contributed, among others, also our generation (because, for example, instead of improving Communism like the Chinese, we have eliminated the ideological competition for capitalism, which is competition up to the time when communism was being abolished, it maintained the morally correct behaviour, health and a flourishing world democracy), and whether you agree with the position of the philosophy of totalizm, that very drastic measures are now required moves to quickly rectify this difficult situation - one of the important ones examples of what these steps are described in item #L4 of the web page 2030.htm, another in item #J2 of the website free_energy_en.htm, and yet another in item #C6 of the web page telekinetics.htm?
(1g) Looking from our perspective today and the survivors of life experience, what you would change or improve in the way we were educated in the 1960s, and in what was the focus of our lives after graduation professional, so as to avoid the gulf we are heading towards current civilisation? (For example, what would you change if you already knew about described in item #A2.11 of the web page totalizm.htm "the principle of mutual compensation for the bad consequences of two opposite actions'. - which inter alia allows, instead of only distort the knowledge, worldview and morals of graduates unilateral and monopolistic lecturing of atheistic universities the theory of evolution and the big bang, these graduates have also learned the advantages opposite to the big bang All Theory called Concept of Dipolar Gravity?)
(1h) "Whether" and "how" our post-university working life for us revealed that monopolistic acquaintance of university students only with the atheistic 'big bang' theory and its consequences, without, however, making the competitive represented knowledge available Concept of Dipolar Gravity, turned out to be a disadvantage and an obstacle to life, NOT an advantage?
(1i) Are the students politically provoked on 1 May 1968 The following year, when removed from the Wrocław University of Technology, they should be somehow morally compensated by today's Poland and our university, and what we think we should do to make this moral compensation a reality? (See the discussion of that political provocation and the removal of the students they present: item #F2 of my web page named wroclaw.htm, and item #E5 from the page of graduates of our year named rok.htm).
(1j) As a 1970s graduate, do you feel co-responsible for causing some form of moral redress (e.g. granting their honorary degree of "Master of Engineering") those of our former colleagues from of studies who, after the political provocation of 1 May 1968, were removed from the university - if "yes", then in your opinion this moral the compensation should look and how you think we should to strive for its implementation?
(1k) How Wroclaw University of Technology has changed and evolved, since the time when the us studying until today, and would you personally prefer graduate in 1970 or today the times, and how your parents would have accepted the funding your studies these days?
(1l) Have you ever seen or seen in your life you have experienced something supernatural or unexplained (e.g. miraculous healing, unknown creatures, ghosts, UFOs, rain of fish falling from the sky, etc.), and if 'yes', how what did it look like and how do you explain it to yourself? (Please note that the author of this website has experienced a number of wonders described, amongst others, in item #F3 of the web page named wszewilki.htm. Among them there were also spectacularly looking (even "theatrical"), short-term super-natural healing chalk-white light beam - described in item #E2 of the page malbork.htm).
(1m) Do you agree with your personal life experience his colleague, Dr Jan Pajak, that God always does directs the education of each person that everything that comes afterwards in adulthood is needed, it has the opportunity to learn (or get to know) already in their previous education - that's it, that it is up to the person concerned to know whether he or she will be aware of this, or will it also ignore this? (Actual "programming in advance" by God of the course of our entire life in the so-called "Omniplan" are explained in items #J5 and #J6 from the web page named petone_en.htm - one of the manifestations of this prior programming the course of our lives is e.g. phenomenon "deja vu").
(1n) Dr Jan Pajak, my colleague and his Magnocraft and other 'world-shrink' ideas - what do I think of them. (In this case, the interest It would induce the curiosity and controversy that my person is arousing, as well as an attempt by viewers to find out, for example, what the persons concerned are, or what my colleagues will say about this.)
(1o) Am I convinced that human technology has already matured to build Time Vehicle invented and described by my colleague of the year, Dr Jan Pajak, and whether our psyche has already matured to be realised by this vehicle principles of obtaining the so-called "imprisoned immortality" consisting of on a repetitive shift back in time to the years of his youth after each to live to an old age? (A responsible answer to this question would probably require to know at least the descriptions of the action "reversible time software", in which we humans are getting older, and in which The full presentation is spread over the following three pages: an "introduction" to my page dipolar_gravity_en.htm, plus item #D3 from my page named god_proof_en.htm, plus point #J5 on my part petone_en.htm, and if that is not enough, then plus the points and pages linked from there).
(1p) Itd., etc.
Of course, the above are only examples that are mainly focused on "shaking the sleeping ones" and hinting at "how" the ideas of films can be pre-formulated and NOT aimed at indicating ready-made ideas and topics for filmmakers to address. Anyway, knowing life, I know that in realising a large proportion of them probably nobody (except me) would agree to take part in order not to damage the reputation and respect of the authorities and fellow citizens - Therefore, they are only examples illustrating the case which I am addressing in this sub-item number (1), and NOT actual proposals for a possible film. In practice and the topic and the main idea of the film is yet to be solved. to come up with and work it out - ideally for this purpose use a method called "brainstorming" which our generation has often used, and which until today has already been abandoned. I am curious to see whether the reader manage to come up with some positive ones, suitable for realistic, new and acceptable for all the idea, and the theme and title for 'good film', which would ensure that interest in what the least number of spectators with a 'W' of one million potential of the audience - justifying this workload to make such a film for many months.
(2) The title of the film. The title the film receives is immensely important. So you must not save on time and on the studies carried out to select this title properly and correctly exposed on the leading edge the film board. After all, even the best films, which however, have NOT been given the appropriate title, or the title of which is not properly exposed (e.g. in more than one line, too small or distracting (e.g. in bizarre letters, etc.), will NOT get recognition for that they deserve. When working out the title, we must draw attention to the following points:
(2a) It should be as short as possible. For example, on the starter board and advertisements of a given film its title should be to fit in one line - so you can cover it at a glance. The titles on this board will be given in two or more lines, They already discourage the potential viewer by themselves.
(2b) It should make this main idea clear which will be presented in this film. Hence . He should call this idea by its name - see the title, for example "Destruction of humanity 2030>", or to convey in some symbolic way - for example using a word, a name, or a name that is remembered the majority of people are associated with a particular idea, which is the film presents itself - e.g. see the feature film with the title "Prometheus". A very common mistake of e.g. today's reporters or interviews is that the title of their film describes the opportunity which film was made with (e.g. interview, wedding, convention, etc.), instead of describing the main idea behind this film It reports. It is therefore worth remembering this if you have an influence on the choice of title for the film (although many of today's filmmakers those making the film believe that they know better than the client for which they create the film, what title they should give it).
It is also worth adding here that more and more creative newcomers from Poland, for faster climbing up, as such eye-catching titles for their films, music, or studies, uses a name associated with me - which are already symbolic in the memory of many Poles are associated with specific ideas that stimulate curiosity and the willingness to get to know them (which, unfortunately, are still fiercely sabotaged by search engines) - as example of the use of names related to mine person track the use of the name "Magnocraft", whether use of my name and titles "Dr inż. Jan Pająk". This is, among other things, because of the fact that I attach such a highly the discouraging 'bubble ballast' when the reader is looking on the Internet links to descriptions of anything I have created, then if it can He should NOT look for it through Internet search engines (which instead of factual publications will mainly indicate such "ballast"), and look for in the sources and places that I recommend - e.g. with the help of my page named skorowidz.htm, or my pages with names djp.htm, menu2_en.htm and faq.htm, either in the links at the end of the latest posts from my blogs, or in links from my websites or blogs.
(2c) The title should also be written in clear (albeit (NOT imposing) shanks, which clearly cut off from the rest of the piloting board, but NO distract or absorb the attention of the reader - turning away This is his interest from the concept of film content and hence subconsciously discouraging him from watching.
(3) Workload of making a good film. (English have a proverb, "if it's worth something is done, it is also worth to do it well"). Every 30-minute or so film (DO NOT confuse here "film" with (a "video interview") in which I I participated, required at least six months of continuous the work of two people (e.g. mine and Mr Dominik Myrcik), and, last but not least, the work of a professional teacher - who read the carefully prepared written text of the narrative of the given film). I suspect that due to additional difficulties that would occur when making a film with many people involved NOT used to standing in front of the camera (e.g. graduate (a) the performance of the study year), its implementation would require what at least a full year of work for at least three people, plus a narrator. So in order to invest such a huge amount of work in A film, you have to have very important motivations for this, and have something important to say about the film.
From my practical experience to date "amateur filmmaker" (i.e. a person whose daily activities are different from filming, and the issues of film can to deal with only in leisure time), it is approximate a pattern that reveals how many months "C" will take making a "good film", in which the following are presented there will be a "B" of the heroes or a "B" of the main ideas and in which the content will include the 'L' statements of people, and which is prepared by "T" artists. This formula has form C=6(B+L)/T [months]. For example, in a film "The annihilation of humanity 2030" one idea is presented (i.e. "extermination"), that is for him B=1, all his commentary is read by L=1 the narrator, and the preparation of this film was worked on T=2 creators (i.e. myself, and an extremely talented Mr Dominik Myrcik).
Hence, for this film, C = 6(1+1)/2 = 6 months. However, if, in a sample reporting film the forthcoming "golden" convention of WM-PWr graduates in 2020 present B=1 main idea (e.g. one of the ideas discussed in point (1) above), and for its exhaustive purpose the performances if L=30 interviews were included in the film, while the production of this film would help all these T=30 people, then preparation such a film would take about C = 6(1+30)/30 = 6 months. In turn, if, for example, 15 people out of these thirty also showed up in the film, but it did NOT from the proportion of work they do (as I suspect, that in the actual operation of a large group may have place), then the preparation of such a film would take approximately C = 6(1+30)/15 = 12 months (i.e. the whole year). On the other hand, if she had made the same film only T=1 person, then it would be ready after approximately C = 6(1+30)/1 = 186 months (i.e. after 15 and half years), which practically means that you never would be finished - because human impatience would result in its full implementation being abandoned.
(4) Writing a script. This part of the work on "good film' is extremely important. It also requires a real talent and close cooperation between all people making a film. There are also very few people capable of to prepare a 'good scenario'. After all, there is He is on the borderline between science and art. So I will NOT even be here tried to explain how to prepare it.
(5) The problem of remote communication. Even during making videos to YouTube together with extraordinary the talented Mr Dominik Myrcik, constantly I have experienced how laborious, time consuming, and This absolutely essential mutual communication is not efficient, even just by email, if at least one of the contractors lives far away from the place where the film was made in practice. The conclusion from this is that you always have to try to to live as close as possible to the place where the film is made. And I live permanently in the UN. For the workload of making any film, with such a place of my residence So there is the added workload and the difficulty of constant communication to get together at a distance with the people who are making the film. After all, to think about and write just one important thing email, in many cases takes up all my free time from at least one day. And during preparation the film, which is made outside the UN, must be written dozens of emails, sometimes even of a similar length to the content of this point - after all, every matter then requires close cooperation and therefore constant to communicate with each other.
Therefore, if I were to implement an exemplary film about the "golden" convention of the 1970s graduates, for which it would be necessary to film interviews with say 30 of my colleagues from college, then for the production of this film all main people making this film NO they should live outside the country in which the film is made this would be done, so they should live in Poland. And we must remember from previous calculations that such a film would be carried out for at least six months. So who would then be able to afford to pay for hotels, for example?
(6) Choice of place where, and time when, the filming will take place. For example, if you were to make a film from the "golden" convention graduates of 1970, such a convention usually takes at most 3 days. Typically, it is also organised too early for it to reign the weather is already bearable enough for filming (this is why for outdoor filming, the date of the convention should be transferred to around the middle of July). After all, if you can this should be avoided, the film should NOT be shot 'under the roof'. (unless you have a studio specialising in such shooting This is because it requires a special (expensive) equipment and typically looks bad afterwards - for example, the picture is dark, under-lighted, the colours look pale and morbid, People in the film need to be coloured with makeup, etc.). Typically, to record just one minute of "good film" about two hours of preparation and filming is needed - All in all, therefore, if the cameraman and the director were to work, for example, in the case of the camera. If the cameraman and the director worked for example 8 hours a day (which would be extremely exhausting for them), then, during a 3-day descent, they would be able to shoot around 12 minutes of good quality film.
(7) The need to mercilessly reject NO shots to show off. NOT every person is photogenic - This is why cinema films are made by particularly beautiful women and exceptionally handsome men. So if he wants to make a "good film" in which instead of a single idea it shows There are many heroes (e.g. for which the heroes would be those Approximately B=30 participants in the alumni convention), and which will be prepared to be watched by many people, then shots those non-photogenic persons, or persons behaving like should NOT, or say what should NOT be said (e.g. swearing), should NOT be included in the film - unless they say something on film that is so important that It absorbs all the attention of the viewer, so that the viewer has NOT It is now time or multi-tasked attention to note their appearance. This in turn means that after the filming with e.g. 30 random people of the film which does NOT have an important guiding idea absorbing the viewer, the final film could only include about three of them.
Such a situation would result in those who they were filmed, but they would NOT be included, they would feel harmed and deceived. So instead of making everyone closer to each other of those involved in the filming, many of them would do so offended and feeling sorry. It is therefore extremely important, that it is an idea, NOT the appearance of people or words presenting this idea, the film dominated. After all, in a film about an idea absorbing the viewer, it does not matter who and how the idea is This one is presented. It is an idea, not a person presenting it, absorbs all viewers' attention. It is only that it an idea that absorbs the viewer must be invented before it begins The film is shot, and then it is systematically made.
(8) Professionalism. Everything that makes up a "good film" requires expertise and good equipment. Even such seemingly it's a "stupid" thing like scanning and sending a photo, requires a great deal of knowledge about what is being done. After all, photographs the film used should have a resolution of at least 600 dpi (dots per inch), and typically as much as 1200 dpi, and they cannot be 'compressed'. Without this knowledge, bubbles come out, which are not suitable for public display. So when it is planned who will operate the filming camera or prepare it the scenario, it must be based on knowledge of the previous the achievements of a given person, and not, for example, on the information that he or she "works He on TV', or on the recommendation of his mother. Honestly . saying, it is work on today's television that I think teaches their professionals "how NOT to film", instead of teaching "what" and "how" should be done correctly. Especially . I also advise against hiring for the preparation of primers. music experts of today's (young) music experts.
It is not only that they have a distorted musical taste, but they still have headphones in (or on) their ears. As a result, their hearing is already degenerated. So when e.g. they will prepare the background music, typically this background will be it is too loud and will drown out the most important thing for normal people they should hear in the film. I know people, of course, who already work with me and who also have the required knowledge, equipment and sense of proportion. The problem, however, is this, that a new film must have a truly excellent guiding idea to get them to work together on it. After all, their time and knowledge is too valuable for them to waste on filming a "dozen" film for which the potential audience of the "W" is several dozen people.
(9) Time. I myself have been very busy lately. Frankly speaking, it is only the completion of things that I am currently working for at least the whole of next year time. So for the next year I do NOT really have time for to make any additional commitments or work.
(10) Advertising of a finished film. Just making a "good film" It does NOT guarantee that it will find many viewers. To because people watching it must know about its existence, about the fact that it presents what they are interested in, and They must be able to find it and run it easily. Including The goal is therefore to advertise the film and have numerous links to it. Unfortunately, nowadays, everything has to be paid for. So that to advertise the free (amateur) film we have prepared, you have to either pay for its advertising (which in my case, for example argues with the moral principles of the philosophy of totalizm in which deeply I believe, for example, with the principle that truth, knowledge, air, water, energy, wholemeal bread and a place to work should be available free of charge - albeit people getting them for free would have to meet certain moral requirements), or you have to advertise it somehow in person - for example on your websites, blogs, etc. - What I am trying to do.
Unfortunately, such personal advertising is very ineffective, therefore, it typically does NOT cause a rapid increase in the number of viewers. But unlike paid advertising - which only works when you pay for it, such personal advertising provides a constant and steady flow of viewers for practically the whole time the film is available. (Yes "by the way" advertisements, these are all free films with my participation available are from the page named djp.htm.)
* * *

All of the above points (and many others such as I am NOT discussing here) it is actually "problems" that expect a solution to be found before implementation takes place any 'good film'. But if the situation does NOT allow to solve them, then instead of producing 'good of the "film", one should rather content oneself with a mere commentary what is needed, by whoever has a mobile phone, an electronic camera with filming option, or a video camera. In my personal case, the most critical a problem, a requirement and a condition for even just starting any realistic consideration of undertaking the preparation a "good film" on the occasion of the "golden" convention discussed above of graduates in 2020, there is a possibility of my temporary to live in Poland for about 1 year. Only after the solution to this problem could be started by looking for solutions to the remaining problems identified in the above subsections.
Although today's people could be intimidated the very existence of these problems and requiring them to be terminated before I I would agree to undertake any of "good film", our generation of graduates 1970 is used to problems and to their solutions. We also know from life practice, that "God helps those who help themselves". After all, despite the accumulation of obstacles, God often makes miracles and exceptions. For example, in the case of the film under discussion here could, in fact, miraculously there was an offer from some university in Poland that it would invite me for a half-yearly or year-round paid visit, e.g. to as a so-called "Visiting Professor", or as "Professor initiating a new topic of lectures" (e.g. the initiator of a lecture at that university Concept of Dipolar Gravity or philosophy of totalizm).
For then, using the accommodation, equipment and the remuneration of the visitors in such a case or to those initiating new lectures are offered, in my free time, I could also deal with the preparation of the 'good film' being discussed here - considerable workmanship costs which, as well as the costs of travel, hotels and transport resulting from from the performance of recordings of individual performers in the film, I could then pay for this Professorships, relieving others of these costs. But I know a lot about a lot of things - so for every university I could contribute a lot, even if only by filming at the opportunity of his or her stay also a didactic or scientific profile of a given university. Of course, this is just one example of the many possible wonders that would provide a solution for the key problem of this film. God because he knows many ways to make it happen The idea of such a film could be achieved. So perhaps, that together we should pray for a solution it somehow found itself.
Of course, there is no known solution to this today the problem does NOT mean that it will not happen by chance It will happen in the future. Therefore, I would encourage that in moments of when someone has the time and opportunity to try to solve another of the most important of these problems, i.e. come up with the idea and title of the film (for points (1) and (2) above) - in which view the interested parties would be interested in what at least W=1 million Poles - that is at least one on every statistical 35 people that this person knows. If such a title and idea can be found, then it will be Maybe God will help us to tie the others to the the above problems.

Part #G (and further parts): Further information relating to the topic of this web page are to be designed and provided here later:

#G1. ...
(This part and next parts yet to be designed and written - thus it is worth to look here again at a later date.)

. . .

Part #J: To conclude:

#J1. Currently there is a lot going on in our civilisation:

As the previous descriptions illustrated this, there is a lot happening in our civilisation right now. For example, technical devices already exist and work, which practically solved all current problems of our civilisation - including the problem of energy (which the telekinetic cells generate for free by spontaneously absorbing heat from our environment), the problem of space exploration (which the starship called the Magnocraft solves by using the magnetic propulsion system that allows it to reach speeds of light), the problem of electromagnetic waves that kill our bees and induce cancers (which the device called the telepathyser solves by using telepathic waves instead of electromagnetic waves), etc., etc. Since 2007 there is also published a formal scientific proof which indicates beyond any doubt that God does exist. Unfortunately, neither the media, decision makers of our official science, nor politicians and governments, wish to acknowledge all this. Thus our civilisation, like a train controlled by blind people, rushes straight towards a cliff and own destruction. The film discussed here illustrates well this highly puzzling situation.

#J2. About the author, Dr Eng. Jan Pająk:

Fig. #J1

Fig. #J1: Myself, means Dr Eng. Jan Pajak - while for the duration of 1992 to 1998 and 2007: Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak

On the above my most favourite photograph, I am shown on the background of beautiful New Zealand landscape at the age of 40 - i.e. when I still had almost all hair. However, my most recent appearance shows the passport photo from Figures #A1, #B1 and #B2 of this web page, as well as the video from my interview (in the Polish language) recorded via "Skype", links to which are provided in item #A4 of this web page. In turn photographs that illustrate how my appearance kept changing during 70 years and in a range of different periods of my life to-date, are shown in "Fig. #1" from the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm.
By education I am a Mechanical Engineer with the publicly defended degree of a Doctor of Technical Sciences. However, in my latest profession, which I practiced until 2005, and then repeated for 10 months in 2007, I lectured computer sciences and information technology. I specialised mainly in Software Engineering, Web Technology and in Information Processing (using the Web Technology). But my hobby research, carried out until today in my private time and on my private cost, amongst others, includes development of the new, moral, peaceful, constructive, and uplifting philosophy of totalizm which is based on the operation of moral field, moral laws, moral energy, and karma.
For more details about my life, research, and work, it is worth to have a look at web pages about me (i.e. Dr Jan Pajak), or secular and scientific view of God, listed in the menu on the right side. One can also read subsection A4 from volume 1 of monograph [1/5], free copies of which are available, amongst others, also via this web page.

#J3. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested: A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#J4. I would suggest to return periodically to this web page in order to check further progress in research and development of totalizm:

The thorough knowledge of totalizm presented on this web page, is immensely vital for our lives. After all, depending how well we learn this philosophy, this is going to reflect on how moral, and thus also how happy and fulfilled our lives will be. This is the reason why I created the web page that summarises totalizm. However, accomplishing a progress in our knowledge of totalizm places a requirement that I continually advance research on it. Therefore, even at present I carry out various experiments aimed at determining further information about moral laws, karma, etc. Results of this research are to be published as soon as they are available in the final form. Therefore the development of this web page cannot be considered to be completely finished, but must be carried out continually. In future this web page will be periodically updated, improved and extended, as soon as any new information becomes available and I finish verifying it. So I am inviting to visit this web page again at some stage in future, in order to check what new becomes known to us regarding totalizm, moral laws, moral field, karma, etc.

#J5. Blogs of totalizm:

It is also worth to check periodically blogs of totalizm some of which operate already since April 2005, means since the time when Internet discussion lists of totalizm experienced a massive sabotage and needed to be replaced with blogs. Blogs of totalizm are available under several address, e.g.: totalizm.wordpress.com, and totalizm.blox.pl/html. (Notice, however, that all these addresses hold mirror copies of the same posts with the same content of messages, and that public discussions on topics presented on these blogs are NOT carried out on them, but on Google discussion groups from item #J6 below.) After all, on blogs of totalizm many matters discussed on this web page are also explained with additional details written as new events unveil before our eyes. Furthermore, these blogs contain links to most recently updated web pages of totalizm.

#J6. Internet discussions on topics presented in this web page:

Readers who wish to discuss any topic addressed on this web page, or on any other web pages of totalizm, should be interested to know that these topics are discussed at a whole array of threads from Google discussion groups. Topics and addresses of these threads are listed in item #E2 from the totaliztic web page named faq.htm.
I should also add, that from the beginning of my work on totalizm and on other topics linked to totalizm, every new topic which I am researching I try to expose to a public discussion. I count on receiving feedback. But because the official science and the majority of scientists turned their backs to whatever I am researching, for the lack of scientific channels of receiving this feedback I was forced to discuss these topics in Internet. Unfortunately it introduces serious drawbacks. E.g., for strange reasons - which I also try to investigate, these Internet discussions in the majority of cases occur between some individuals which are well masked and clearly feel safe behind the screen of their anonymity. These individuals transformed recently Internet discussions into kinds of verbal matches the participants of which are competing in throwing mud and spitting at every constructive idea. This shocking phenomenon of abusing and spitting instead of communicating and discussing, is lately so widely spread, that it is even discussed in newspapers - e.g. see the article "Excuse me, could we please be a bit more polite", from page B3 of the New Zealand newspaper Weekend Herald, issue dated on Saturday, January 3, 2009. In spite of this escalation of the internet culture of verbal abuse, for the lack of other channels of gaining feedback regarding topics which I investigate, I still try to expose each topic researched to such Internet discussion. After all, between abuses and personal attacks, sometimes appear also single constructive voices in the discussion which contribute a new quality to a given topic. Therefore, still is worth to scan these discussions, seeking in them these rational and constructive comments.

#J7. Emails to the author of this web page:

Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pająk while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided in item #L3 from other my web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm).
The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 until 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life).
However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching.

#J8. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":

This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green links still active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link
or to open from any totaliztic web site the PDF file named as in the above green link.
If the reader wishes to check, whether some other totaliztic web page which he or she just is studying, is also available in the form of such PDF brochure, then should check whether it is listed amongst links from "part #B" of the web page named text_11.htm. This is because links from there indicate all totaliztic web pages, which are already published as such brochures from series [11] in PDF format. I wish you a fruitful reading!

#J9. Copyrights © 2019 by Dr Jan Pajak:

Copyrights © 2019 by Dr Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. This web page is a report from outcomes of research of the author - only that is written in a popular language (so that it can be understood by readers with non-scientific orientation). Majority of ideas and presentations providedd on this web page (and also in other publications by the author) are unique for the author’s research, and thus from the same angle these ideas were NOT presented by any other researcher. As such, this web page presents a number of ideas, inventions, theories, illustrations, tables, etc., which are the intellectual property of the author. Therefore, the content of this web page is the subject to the same laws of intellectual ownership as every other scientific publication. Especially the author reserves for himself the moral credit and copyrights for the scientific theories, discoveries and inventions, photographs, illustrations, tables, etc., mentioned or utilised on this web page. Therefore, the author reserves that during repeating any idea presented on this web page (i.e. any theory, principle, explanation, deduction, interpretation, device, evidence, proof, discovery, invention, photograph, illustration, table, etc.), the repeating person revealed and confirmed who is the original author of this idea (means, as it is used in creative circles, the repeating person provided a full moral "credit" and recognition to the author of this web page), through a clear explanation that a given idea is repeated from the web page authorised by Dr Jan Pajak, through indication of the internet address of this web page under which this idea was originally explained, and through mentioning the date of most recent update of this web page (i.e. the date indicated below).
* * *
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