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Evaporation of WTC buildings in New York by UFOs


Part #A. Introductory information about this web page:
- #A0. Introduction to the first (original) version of this web page:
- #A1. Goals of this web page:
- #A2. How it is possible that most of people do NOT believe that "UFOnauts" do exist, yet these supernatural beings still collapsed WTC:
- #A3. How my discovery from 2007, that UFOs and UFOnauts in fact are "advanced simulations", changes the interpretation of facts described on this web page:

Part #B. Collapsing of WTC - means the most mysterious event of present times:
- #B1. The evaporation of WTC skyscrapers: the spectacular beginning of a series of attack of UFOnauts on humanity:
- #B2. How in 2005 UFOnauts systematically murdered workers who removed rubbles from the evaporation of WTC skyscrapers in New York (see also the web page on predators):
- #B2.1. Human victims of the systematic murdering of workers who removed rubbles from the evaporation of WTC buildings in New York, display symptoms which are characteristic for the use of a cancer inducing machine of UFOnauts on them:
- #B3. Which evidence confirms that UFO vehicles can evaporate solid matter, such as buildings and rocks:
- #B4. Which evidence confirms that WTC skyscrapers were evaporated by UFO vehicles:
- #B5. Conclusions that emerge from the analysis of evaporation of WTC buildings by UFO vehicles:
- #B6. Controversy which is induced by the unexplained aspects of the attack of UFOnauts on Pentagon:
- #B7. Questions induced by the contribution of UFOnauts to the downing of the fourth airliner in Pennsylvania:

Part #C: Summary, and the final information of this web page:
- #C1. Summary of this web page:
- #C2. Blogs of totalizm:
- #C3. How with the web page named "Topics" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:
- #C4. Emails to the author of this web page:
- #C5. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":
- #C6. Copyrights © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak:


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