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Evaporation of WTC buildings in New York by UFOs


When we love someone very much, then one amongst manifestations of this our love is that we long for getting to know this someone more and more. After all, "getting to know" means to "understand" and to "approve". I love my God very much, thus since a long time I put a lot of effort into getting to know Him. As my knowledge about God is growing, also my astonishment for His wisdom and knowledge continually is raising. For example, let us consider such a matter as His ways of motivating of people to increase their knowledge.

In 2007 I discovered with a huge surprise and awe, that the so-called "UFOs" and "UFOnauts" are simply temporary "simulations" (or "fabrications") carried out on the Earth by God in order to motivate people for a more intense and more effective "pursue of knowledge". More information on this subject provide numerous totaliztic web pages - for example (amongst others) item #C2. from the web page named Tornado.

But before I accomplished this discovery, I adhered strongly to exactly the same views, which at present are adhered by a significant proportion of people - namely that UFOnauts are simply cosmic relatives of humans, which (relatives) practice a highly immoral philosophy called the Parasitism (i.e. the philosophy which persuades to exploit and to harm everything that is around us - just in order to draw from it various material gains). Because of their practicing of this immoral philosophy, these technically highly advanced (although decadent morally) UFOnauts supposed to secretly occupy and exploit the Earth and the humanity.

This web page was prepared and published in 2005, i.e. in times when I still believed in the secretive occupation of the Earth and humanity by evil UFOnauts. Thus, the page still maintains its original (first) formulation. After the discovery that UFOnauts are just temporary "simulations" of God, I still left the original formulation of it to be able to demonstrate with it how high is the level of perfection of God's "simulations", and to what actions God is forced to resort in order to persuade people to undertake the "pursue of knowledge". This is because learning these facts, from one hand allows the reader to get to know better his or her God proof, while on the other hand it persuades, that we should start to treat very seriously and responsibly our duty to contribute in person to the goal in which God created people - and which (the goal) is described more comprehensively, amongst others, in item #B1 of the totaliztic web page Antichrist.

After all, the fulfilment of this goal God expects from each single one of us, while failing to fulfil it is linked to rather unpleasant consequences to all these unwise people who in that way disappoint their God. This is because from research of the so-called "totaliztic science" it stems, that these people who do NOT contribute towards the "pursue of knowledge" on some available for them manner, God turns into a meaningful "illustration" and "example" which allow other people to increase their own knowledge, but which are NOT too pleasant for the individuals that are used as such an illustration and example.
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