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First publication: 01.03.2007 (original)
Last update: 21.04.2022 (original)
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Wszewilki of our tomorrow - means from a dream to a better reality


Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:
- #A1. Why it is worth to dream about a better tomorrow for Wszewilki:
- #A2. In order to develop, one needs a vision for the future - this web page is just such a vision for Wszewilki, Milicz, Sławoszewice, and other surrounding settlements:
- #A3. The symbolism of this web page - it is published for the occasion of fulfilment of another my childhood dream from Wszewilki - i.e. earning a full university professorship:
- #A4. The fulfilment of every dream requires appropriate conditions - which, amongst others, include overcoming numerous obstacles:
- #A5. What is the goal of this web page about dreams regarding the future of Wszewilki and the future of nearby Sławoszewice and Milicz:

Part #B. Access and circulation are keys to prosperity and happiness - so let us link Wszewilki and Milicz with a closed circuit of roads, and let us bring them together with a town bus "8" (i.e. "eight") following a circular trajectory:
- #B1. Why according to Chinese "Feng Shui", in order to revive Wszewilki and Milicz it is necessary to build a circular road which reinstates the historical "Amber Route", and necessary to run a town bus "8" (i.e. "eight") which follows this circular road:
- #B2. How and why Wszewilki, Stawczyk and Milicz are to benefit from the bus line "8" (i.e. "eight") that will follow a circular route:
- #B3. What would be the future route of the circular bus line "8" (i.e. "eight"):
- #B4. The construction of a hard road from Stawczyk to Sławoszewice and the high bridge through Barycz - means public works which must be completed in order to realise the idea of circular bus "8" (i.e. "eight") and to economically revive area of Milicz, Wszewilki, Stawczyk and Sławoszewice with the use of this bus:
- #B5. How practically implement the construction of the section of circular-road from Stawczyk to Sławoszewice, and the adaptation or construction of high bridge over Barycz, in the present chronic lack of funds:
- #B6. Why the road and the bridge will begin a renewal - and after are build these initiate significant changes in lives of citizens of Milicz, Wszewilki, Stawczyk, Sławoszewice, and other surrounding settlements:

Part #C. Let us intensity and differenciate the production in Wszewilki, so that this village returns to the historic role of a productive extension of Milicz:
- #C1. After the access and communication is created, time now for the economical renewal, amongst others through the creation of local industry:
- #C2. The industry which already now have a backing in Wszewilki, only needs to be organised (i.e. the processing of "organic" farming and forest products, herbs, tourism, hospitality):
- #C3. Further kinds of industries, for which Wszewilki and other surrounding villages already now have resources (e.g. electronics, optics):
- #C4. The moral message of hope, renewal, and civilizational advancement, which should stem from the kind of industry initiated in Wszewilki:
- #C4.1. An assembly line for telekinetic cells:
- #C4.2. A manufacturing facility for windmills which extract water from the air:
- #C4.3. A factory of rubber pavements:
- #C4.4. Let us start the renewal of humanity from revolutionising the distribution and sale of liquids, by such wise re-designing of their containers, that e.g. plastic bottles from PTE after emptying can be instantly re-used as ready-made bricks for buildings:
- #C4.5. The factory of telepathic pyramids:
- #C4.6. Developmental and production facilities for water dissociators used in combustion engines:

/Headings original English text by Dr. Jan Pająk, text content translation with DeepL/
- #C4.7. Solar "insect killers" (i.e. mosquitoes, sand flies, flies, cockroaches, etc.):

/original english text Dr. Eng. Pająk/:
- #C4.8. The development of timber crafts, based on deliberately hidden by God unusual attributes of natural "moon timber" (i.e. timber cut down only in winter and in the phase of the diminishing moon):
- #C5. Idea of "off-spin" - means if one area is revived, then everything begins to revive:

Part #D. Let us additionally activate Wszewilki through attracting the world to curiosities of this village, and through hospitable welcome of visitors:
- #D1. Extraordinary aspects of Wszewilki which already now make this village worth visiting:
- #D2. "Time capsules" - means another attraction for visitors to Wszewilki and Milicz:
- #D3. The inclusion of Wszewilki as the destination area for participants of international games and hobby interests organised via the Internet:

Part #E. The establishing in Wszewilki a centre (i.e. a farm and a free restaurant) for volunteers who wish to earn for themselves a totaliztic nirvana:
- #E1. Why the totaliztic nirvana is so important, that a special centre needs to be organised in which volunteers would earn it for themselves:
- #E2. How such a centre for learning how to earn the totaliztic nirvana would look and operate:

Part #F. Let us rebuild the historic central square of Wszewilki:
- #F1. A neo-Roman church with a separately standing tower (also for viewing), a hotel with a restaurant, a mall, and a museum - means present equivalents for historic buildings of the central square in old Wszewilki:
- #F2. The symbolic meaning of eventual rebuilding of the historic square of Wszewilki:
- #F3. What, why, and how should be rebuild in order to reconstruct the historic square of Wszewilki:
- #F4. "Museum of generators of free and renewable energy in Wszewilki" (or in Milicz) - means a small investment which with extraordinary exhibits would attract crowds of visitors:
- #F4.1. The most attractive exhibits which would attract crowds of visitors to a museum, are various designs of devices that in Latin are called "perpetual motion", while in present languages are named "generators of free energy":
- #F4.2. Who wants a collection of ornamental pigs - means "build a museum and some exhibits will find you":
- #F5. How to arrange the founding a museum in Wszewilki (or in Milicz):

Part #G. "Opening a window to happiness" - a reason for which everyone will be willing to repetitively return to Wszewilki:
- #G1. In Wszewilki dreams come true - so there is no a better place to get married:
- #G2. Let us saturate with optimism of Wszewilki - it is worth to witness the path from a fall down to happiness:
- #G3. Let us utilise the chakra, gravity, and the air of Wszewilki to try night sleeps which revive and stabilise:

Part #H. "Organic farming" - means the return of Wszewilki to healthy traditions:
- #H1. Why all farmers in Wszewilki should return to principles of the "organic farming":
- #H2. Creation of a unique "brand name" for farming products from Wszewilki - by naming them "Wszewilki":

Part #I. Close to nature - means also close to God. In harmony with nature - means also in harmony with God:
- #I1. Why Wszewilki is the place where people get in touch with nature:

Part #J. The mysterious insight into the future - means how my native village will really look-like in the future:
- #J1. Our wishes and reality - means NOT everything that described on this web page is going to fulfil:
- #J2. My dream, or rather a "trip to the future" - means a strange mystery of what was shown to me:
- #J3. So how the village in which I was born is going to look-like in my "trip to the future":
- #J4. Philosophical consequences of insights into the future:
- #J5. Role of the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity in our understanding of the operation of time and in the discovery that "the future is already pre-programmed":
- #J6. Empirical evidence which confirms the fact that "the future is already pre-programmed in advance":

Part #K. "Simulation of evil" as one amongst components of the life defined by the "program of our life and fate":
- #K1. Why "simulations of evil" are necessary:
- #K2. How "simulations of evil" are manifested:
- #K3. The dream from my childhood, namely a "professorship":
- #K4. The implementation of our dreams is hold back by enemies of humanity, yet these enemies are not worth to waste even a small candle for them:

Part #L. Summary, and the final information of this web page:
- #L1. The summary of this web page:
- #L2. Let us watch fate of Wszewilki and record on photographs the illustrative chronicle of this extraordinary village:
- #L3. How with the web page named "Topics" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:
- #L4. This web page is going to be improved repetitively - I would suggest to return to it after some time:
- #L5. The author of this web page (i.e. Dr Jan Pająk):
- #L6. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":
- #L7. Copyrights © 2017 by Dr Jan Pajak:


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