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Wszewilki of our tomorrow - means from a dream to a better reality


There is a place on Earth, in which dreams come true. This place is an extraordinary village of Wszewilki (described comprehensively on the separate web page). I personally believe, that the reason why dreams come true in there, is that during our presence in Wszewilki we experience the "touch of supernatural". Of course, sceptics would argue this reason in a different way. For example, that because of a harsh reality of the life over there, and also because of the closeness to nature, in Wszewilki dreams are always realistic and always stand hard on Earth. In turn people who grew in this village embedded into their character the skill of making own dreams come true. In whatever manner this reason would be explained, the fact is that the most vital dreams from Wszewilki always come true. Therefore, with the use of this web page I would like to reveal what I personally dream for the future of Wszewilki. Means, how in my dreams the future of this village looks like. This is because the future of this village synthesised itself clearly in my mind during numerous travels over the world which I continually take, and which allowed me to notice what in life is the most vital. When writing this web page I believe also, that through revealing these my dreams I will cause, that one day in the future at least some my dreams may come true - as this seems to be confirmed in my "trip to the future" described in item #J3 of this web page. Furthermore, I believe that through explaining here how the future of Wszewilki could look like, I am going to create a far-reaching goal for inhabitants of this village, towards the accomplishing of which they may now systematically work and persevere.
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