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First publication: 27.01.2019 (original)
Last update: 15.11.2019 (original)
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Report: collecting clean rainwater for drinking and cooking


Part #A: Part #A: Introductory information about this web page:
- #A1. The information for English speaking (or using other languages) readers of this web page that "the Polish language will be voluntarily learned and used by all nations of the world":
- #A2. Goals of this web page:

Part #B. Why did I decide to prepare this web page:
- #B1. How I managed to establish that NZ water, which I have been drinking for years, since 2011 is systematically poisoned with ever more powerful doses of poisons and deadly microorganisms - which during autumn times of "April chillis" made me increasingly more ill:
- #B1.1. Starfishes and the changing number of their arms - could it be the excesive level of pollution and industrial poisoning of seas that triggered their "mutations"?
- #B2. A deadly crisis of the extinction of humanity is also rapidly approaching, when every inhabitant of the Earth faces a fight for survival:
- #B3. Why for our own good we should NOT believe in assurences of professional scientists and politicians that quantities of chemical poisons allowed in drinking water are at a safe level:

Part #C. My experiment of catching firstly rainwater into a steel wash basin, then into a makeshift installation made of a panel of "polycarbonate":
- #C1. How did this experiment begin:
- #C2. Combining together on 2017/8/27 of a more efficient than the steel bowl, a temporary installation for collecting rainwater:
- #C3. That aromatic taste and smell of "wind" that had the first rainwater sample which I caught using only a steel bowl, later turned out to be the standard result of God's method of operation, which is the method that English describes with an eloquent term "Beginner's luck":
- #C4. Conclusions drawn during the use of my temporary installation for catching rainwater:

Part #D. Problems that needed to be analyzed and decided in order to be able to build this makeshift installation from "Fig. #C2" for collecting drinking rainwater:
- #D1. How did the functional limitations (i.e. the need to wash, protect against contamination and pollution, bird and mouse droppings, insects, leaves, etc.) and the supply of NZ shops, influenced the final form of my makeshift installation for catching rainwater:

Part #E. The preliminary checking of my body's reaction to drinking rainwater obtained through the makeshift installation purchased and assembled on 2017/08/27:
- #E1. What am I trying to determine in this checking of the reaction of my body to drinking the first portions of rainwater that I managed to collect starting from 2017/08/28 with the help of my makeshift installation shown in "Fig. #C2":
- #E2. Report on the consequences of drinking first portions of that significant amount of rainwater obtained with the help of a temporary installation from "Fig. #C2" (i.e. the installation which I combined together on 2017/08/27):
- #E3. The fourth in turn recurrence of symptoms of poisoning, which I experienced after the winter of 2017 starting from 2017/9/19 and in spite of the continuous drinking of rainwater, which previously healed all these symptoms:
- #E4. Which symptoms of groundwater poisoning well known to me since a long time, the drinking of rainwater is NOT eliminating completely, or eliminates just with the utmost difficulty, because after drinking the rainwater these symptoms do NOT show a tendency to disappear:
- #E5. Which natural abilities of our organisms that deteriorated in me due to the drinking of poisoned groundwater, the drinking of clean rainwater apparently is NOT able to repair:
- #E6. Checking whether appeared in me any harmful effects of drinking rainwater that have already been identified and described by other people:
- #E7. Conclusions that seem to result from the already made and written experiences of my body's reaction to drinking rainwater:

/Headings original English text by Dr. Jan Pajak, text content translation with DeepL/
Part #F. Report from my attempts and efforts to find a way of collecting the rainwater that has this highly aromatic taste and smell of "wind" - which I experienced on 2017/8/22:
- #F1. What these my attempts and efforts are about:
- #F2. A list of factors about which my theoretical analysis tells me that they can affect the taste and smell of rainwater collected for drinking:

Part G. The method I intend to use to detect in me the adverse consequences of drinking rainwater:
- #G1. What do I mean here:
- #G2. Here is a theoretically sought for list of adverse consequences of rainwater drinking, the descriptions of which I have already found on the internet:

Part #H. General conclusions resulting from the described here experiment of using rainwater for consumption purposes:
- #H1. Because organisms of all of us are similar to each other, and this causes that my problems are probably afflicting also a large number of other people, it is worth to learn my thoroughly drawn general conclusions from the empirical research and experiments described on this web page:
- #H2. General conclusions on the health consequences of rainwater drinking:
- #H3. General conclusions on the installation for rainwater harvesting:

Part I. My unexpected "discoveries of 2017" that emerged on the occasion of drinking rainwater and cooking on it my meals:
- #I1. My discoveries 2017: the main reason for diseases and overweight in both myself and a majority of other people are poisons and chemicals contained in the water that we drink and in the food we eat - NOT the consequences of calories that we eat nor our lifestyle:
- #I2. Why I gained weight - the evidence described below indicates that mainly guilty are chemical poisons which I have consumed and which are neutralized by body through embedding them in fatty tissues:
- #I3. My method of healing, reducing health problems and decreasing overweight due to drinking rainwater and cooking on it dishes (i.e. completely without the use of any pharmaceuticals):
- #I4. My method (which does NOT use pharmaceuticals) also seems to suggest how to lose weight permanently:

Part #J. My efforts to transform the current "temporary installation" that collects clean drinkable rainwater into a "permanent installation" for catching rainwater:
- #J1. What I decided regarding the continued drinking of rainwater and my installation to catch it:
- #J2. A list of parts and components of my already "permanent installation" for catching rainwater, and the cost of the making that installation:

Part #K. Strangeness of the chain of invalidating occurences decreasing my partial successes (and conclusions that emerged for me from this strangeness):
- #K1. My cat's cough, as a kind of "last straw" that forced me to consider the lack of randomness in the invalidations of partial healing successes that I have already achieved:
- #K2. Let us recall other cases of similar (as in the "scenario" from the previous item #K1) someone's purposeful efforts to invalidate the truths which my research has established and which I describe in my publications:
- #K3. Due to the fact that the content of this web page clearly induces repetitive relapses of my symptoms with traits which in other people have already proved the potential to bring one down, to NOT continue the provoking these relapses, I hereby decided that the most reasonable principle of my defense against them will be to refrain from the further reporting healing actions that I undertake:
- #K4. Two worms in a locked container with my rainwater, and the sinister truths that they tell me:

Part #T. What does the Bible say about the "destroyers of the earth":
- #T1. Warning from the Bible: all destroyers of the earth will be destroyed:
- #T2. Who and why is the most responsible for destroying the earth and bringing the situation of nature and humanity to the state described on this web page - i.e. when the planet Earth was turned in a poisoned rubbish on which the continuation of life gradually becomes almost impossible:
- #T3. "What" and "from where" we already know about the rapidly approaching imminent The Great Purification of 2030s, as a result of which, among other things, the Earth will be depopulated from these "destroyers of the earth" about which deadly punishment is warning the Bible:
- #T4. Why, in spite of practicing totalizm, God still experiences me so hard, including in the way described on this web page?

Part #U. Summary, and the final information of this web page:
- #U1. Summary of this web page - means DO NOT delay starting your own experiments on acquiring clean rainwater for consumption, after all, it may soon save your life:

/original english text Dr. Eng. Pająk/:
- #U2. Blogs of totalizm:
- #U3. How with the Polish web page named "skorowidz.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:
- #U4. The author of this web page (i.e. Dr Eng. Jan Pająk):
- #U5. Copyrights © 2019 by dr inż. Jan Pająk:


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