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Formal scientific proof for the existence of UFO starships

Part #B: The characteristic of the formal method of proving with the use of which it was proven scientifically that UFO vehicles do exists objectively:

#B1: Present official human science does NOT acquired yet the competence to research intelligences other than human ones - means research intelligences which do NOT cooperate with scientists who research them:

Motto: 'Only the true hiliness is not afraid of criticism. Incompetent "authority" always denies everything that could disclose its own ignorance.'

Someone may ask the question, "what is with this our science that the only thing it seems to be able to do about UFOs is to deny the existence of these alien spacecraft, while the life around us is full of evidence for the actual existence of these UFOs". The reply is simple - the human science is NOT able, as yet, to investigate anything that is intelligent, but that do NOT cooperate with scientists who research it. The science, of course, has research methods for investigating the so-called "inanimate nature". But these methods are based on a blind submission of objects of research, on the passive cooperation of these objects with scientists who research them, on the repetitiveness and predictiveness of behaviours of whatever is being researched, on susceptibility to tests, on the same behaviour in actual life and during experiments etc. On the other hand, intelligences other than human do NOT display any of these characteristics. For example UFOnauts in fact NOT only that refuse to cooperate with scientists who research them, but actually hide thoroughly from the entire humanity the existence of themselves and activities they carry out on the Earth. Furthermore, in the disposal of these other intelligences are technologies, devices, products, and phenomena, which our official science still does NOT understand and is NOT even able to guess their existence. Some amongst these other intelligences have also the ability to infiltrate the human science from inside, similarly like human spies and agents do this in matters of military intelligence or in order to carry out clever crimes. In turn after this infiltration is accomplished - they sabotage the human science from the inside. With all these problems the official human science is unable to coupe, is totally hopeless and incompetent towards them, and thus the only thing that is able to do, is to deny the existence of such intelligences other than human (most probably this denial is what such intelligences are actually after).

The "official human science" can be classified to the category of so-called "intellects" (what are these "intellects", it is defined by the philosophy of Totalizm). In turn every "intellect" matures due to passing through a whole range of phases in its development. The human science also passes through such phases. So if we compare the development of human science to the development of a human being, then the science already has passed through the phase "childhood". Presently it is in the phase "growing up", means showing up its "tempers" and behaving like a "arrogant teenager" who thinks that already knows everything. But the science is still very far from the maturity of an adult age. One amongst challenges that this science must undertake and be able to meet it in order to enter doors to the adulthood, is just to learn how to research intelligences other than human ones. Means how to research these intelligences which in fact do exist, but which refuse to cooperate with scientists who research them. About the bitter truth that the official human science is still incompetent in researching everything other than people that also have its own intelligence, certifies a number of facts. So let us have a closer look at most well known amongst such facts, explaining why these prove the incompetence and inability of the Earthly science to research intelligences other than human.

1. The authoritative denying by the human science that UFOs do exist and that UFOnauts are active on the Earth. The official human science persuades people that UFOs do NOT exist. But it is enough to have a look at newspapers or at Internet in order to realise how huge amount of highly consistent evidence continually comes out to the light and documents the actual existence of UFOs - for examples of such evidence see the web page evidence - about evidence of the existence of UFOs and activities of UFOnauts on the Earth, Aliens - about scientific interpretation of photographs of UFOnauts, or Interpretation UFO photographs - about scientific interpretation of UFO photographs. Thus, this official denying of the existence of UFOs by the human science is just only a kind of "smoke screen" which is to hide the incompetence of our scientists in researching intelligences the level of which exceeds the level of intelligence in an average Earthly scientist.

2. The denying of the existence God, while a wealth of scientific evidence is available, which conclusively confirms that God in fact does exist. In reality the human science continuallystumble on the scientifically undeniable evidence for the existence of God. An entire wealth of such scientific evidence for the existence of God is presented in items #A2., #F1., #F2., and #F3. of the web page Bible - about authorisation of the Bible by God Herself. On the other hand, God is interested in allowing the human science to research Her. God even authorised for this purpose a kind of Her own "autobiography" called the "Bible". As it is explained on the web page Free will - about the impact of "free will" at fate of the entire human civilisation, God actually is cooperating with human scientists who undertake research on Her. But in spite of this, the human science still feels too incompetent to undertake any research on God. In turn if the human science is incompetent in research of God who cooperates with humans, how much incompetent it must be in research on Evil UFOnauts, who NOT only that refuse to cooperate with us, but also they sabotage the human science from the inside.

3. The denying by the human science that dolphins and whales have, and use, an advanced form of language.A scientifically controversial topic is the actual existence of the language with the use of which dolphins and whales communicate with each other. The human science denies that such a language does exist. But the existence of such a language is definitively confirmed for example by a case described more comprehensively in item #C2. (see 15 in there) of the web page Evolution - about origins of people, means where to look for a "missing link", which initially was published in the article "How Moko the friendly dolphin saved whales", from page A3 of the New Zealand newspaper "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Thursday, March 13, 2008. So if the human science is still incompetent in recognising the existence of a language in dolphins and whales, whom do NOT hide from people at all and whom even enthusiastically cooperate with human researchers, how this science has the courage to authoritatively claim anything regarding UFOnauts - who are known to be very hostile towards people.

4. The stubborn denying of the existence of a colossal carnivorous "squid" (called the "arkatutos") of around 14-meters long and weighting around 750 kg, in spite that about this squid informed us for centuries legends of New Zealand Maoris. For me personally such many years long denial by the official human science, that this colossal carnivorous squid in fact does exist, is the most convincing illustration for the incompetence of the science in researching intelligences other than human ones. After all, about the actual existence and aggressiveness of this colossal squid in waters of New Zealand, legends of local Maoris informed us for several centuries. Yet until 1999, when one such squid was accidentally caught in fishing nets, the official human science authoritatively denied that such a squid does exist at all. (Descriptions of this colossal squid are provided in item #C3. and in caption under Img.452 (#I4) on the web page Newzealand - about mysteries and curiosities of New Zealand.) Surely, it is a habit of this carnivorous animal (which has some amount of animal intelligence) that it does NOT cooperate with scientists. Thus, if our official science was so hopeless and incompetent towards the animal intelligence of this "squid", that the science was unable to accept the existence of it, and to research this relatively primitive animal practically until the end of 20th century, how hopeless and incompetent this science must be towards the advanced intelligence and cunning behaviours of clever aliens who are hostile towards people but who still keep robbing our planet while hiding from us in their enormously advanced UFO vehicles.

In order to accept the challenge that is thrown at the official human science by intelligences other than the human one, and show in this way the tendency to "grow up" to its maturity, the science must develop methods of researching these other intelligences that refuse to cooperate with scientists who try to research them. Such methods already do exist on the Earth, only that are used by human institutions that are other from the official science. For example, these methods are used in criminal investigations, in courts, in military intelligence, and also by hunters who hunt intelligent animals. The formal scientific proof for the existence of UFOs described on this web page was completed with the use of just such a method. It is called the "method of matching the attributes".

#B2. The "method of matching the attributes" that is used for the formal proving that "UFOs are already operational Magnocraft":

Motto: "In the present situation, when we know perfectly well the design, operation, and specifications of the Earthly spaceship named the Magnocraft, the formal proving of the existence of UFO vehicles boils down to the proving that UFO manifestations in every aspect are identical to outcomes of the operation of this Magnocraft."

The logical design of the proof presented here, is based on a proven in action and very reliable scientific methodology. It was also published in a range of articles and scientific monographs. As no one is able to disprove it, therefore the proof keeps its relevance and theoretically speaking every person on Earth is obliged to respect its existence and validity. In turn these people who ignore it, and refuse to acknowledge its consequences, are acting against the interests of humanity, behave like mannequins in hands of cosmic robbers from UFOs, and also with their actions they document that they allowed their minds to be completely manipulated by UFOnauts who secretly occupy the Earth. This item is to familiarise readers with details of this proof, and to make available to them the resource literature in case they wish to include this proof into their system of information, knowledge, philosophical principles, and manners of thinking.

The formal proof discussed here is based on a very old and countless times proven in action methodology adopted by humanity a long time ago and called the "methodology of matching the attributes". In this methodology two sets of independent attributes, which describe two different objects, are compared (matched) with each other, in order to prove that both these objects are identical. An oldest example of the use of this methodology would be an ancient hunter, who matches the attributes of a trail with attributes of an animal known to him, in order to determine as to whether this animal made the trail. This methodology is one of the most reliable, successful, and frequently used ways of identifying unknown objects. It is used in the majority of identification procedures, including criminal investigations (matching the evidence present in a site of crime with a suspect), medicine (matching symptoms with a disease), military reconnaissances, etc. In order to prove the existence of UFOs with this methodology, the proving process begins with scientific proving that "UFOs are vehicles identical to the well known to us Magnocraft. Then, after it is scientifically proven that the UFOs and the Magnocrafts are identical vehicles, various further conclusions can be drawn. For example, because the Magnocraft are interstellar vehicles with a magnetic propulsion system which can be build physically and the objective existence of which is beyond any doubt, UFOs also must exist objectively and must be interstellar vehicles. In order to scientifically prove the identicity of UFOs and Magnocrafts, a total match between the theoretically deduced attributes of the Magnocrafts and the observed attributes of UFOs must be documented. Therefore, the proof discussed here is formulated as a logical structure comprising the following 5 steps:

1. Proposing the working thesis that "UFOs are already operational Magnocraft" and defining a way of proving the truth of this thesis. (This introductory item #B2. achieves this).

2. Identifying the Magnocrafts' attributes, to be subjected to "matching". Through applying the "Theory of the Magnocraft" outlined on a separate web page Magnocraft - descriptions of the "Theory of the Magnocraft", and also described comprehensively in chapter F from volume 3 of monograph [1/4] - "Advanced magnetic devices", 12 classes of the most representative attributes that characterize the operational Magnocrafts were theoretically identified and are used for the construction of the proof discussed here. All these 12 (and many further) classes of Magnocrafts' attributes are listed and explained in subsequent items of part #C of this web page. The reason why, in the proof presented here, only 12 attributes are used (instead of, for example, 13 or 24) is that from the probability point of view 12 attributes fully suffice for this purpose (see the justification provided in subsection P1 of monograph [1/4]). But the complexity of the Magnocrafts enables us to identify and describe a large number of further attributes not considered here (but partially discussed in subsection P2.13 from monograph [1/4]). Thus almost any required number of attributes of the Magnocraft may be included to this formal proof at a later date, if for some reasons this turns to be necessary or advisable.

3. Documenting the existence in UFOs of the corresponding 12 classes of attributes, out of which each one coincides exactly with the matching class of attributes deduced for the Magnocrafts. These corresponding 12 classes of attributes assigned to UFOs were revealed and documented due to analyzes of various UFO photographs, analyses of visual observations of these flying starship, and due to research on material evidence of UFO activities that are present on our planet. The full documentation of the existence in UFOs of these 12 classes of attributes observed empirically is presented in subsections from P2.1 to P2.12 in volume 13 of monograph [1/4]. In turn the presentation of just photographic evidence for these attributes is provided in part #C of this web page.

4. Matching each attribute of the Magnocrafts deduced theoretically, with the corresponding attribute observed empirically on UFOs. Because, as this is to be proven in the course of logical deductions from this web page, such matching provides a total correspondence (identity) of both groups of attributes, its conclusive outcome proves automatically the truth of the working thesis, thus constituting formal proof that "UFOs are already operational Magnocrafts". Practically this matching is carried out each time a given class of evidence is presented, means in subsections from P2.1 to P2.12 of monograph [1/4], and also in part #C of this web page.

5. Drawing the final conclusion from this process of proving, and explaining consequences of the proof discussed here. These conclusions are presented in subsection P2.15 of monograph [1/4], and also in item #C13 of this web page.

#B3. In the brief version of the proof provided in part #C below, shown are mainly highly objective photographs which document outcomes of comparisons of UFOs and the Magnocrafts:

The effort to keep the volume of this web page at reasonable level, caused that in the brief version of the proof discussed here for the existence of UFOs (provided in part #C below), the process of proving is mainly documented with the use of objective photographs (i.e. with the use of authentic photographs of UFOs, and also my own drawings that illustrate the operation of the Magnocraft). In order to save on the volume, I did NOT provide below such further kinds of evidence as: descriptions of eye sightings of UFOs, reports of people abducted on decks of UFOs, marks and material remains left by UFOs on the surface of the Earth, meetings with UFOnauts etc. (But these further categories of evidence are presented in the full version of the proof, provided in subsection P2 from volume 13 of monograph [1/4], and also on separate web pages of totalizm, e.g. on evidence - about evidence of UFO activities on the Earth, explain - about scientific interpretation of UFO photographs, Military Magnocraft - about military and destructive capabilities of UFO vehicles, or Aliens - about scientific interpretation of photographs of UFOnauts.) So if the reader wishes to learn also this further (also very wide) evidence, he or she should look at the full presentation of this proof provided in subsection P2 from volume 13 of monograph [1/4] - "Advanced magneticdevices".

#B4. Illustrations of shapes and dimensions of subsequent types of discoidal Magnocraft:

There is a 4-minute long free video available in

resp. in YouTube

which illustrates (animates) exact dimensions of all 8 types of discoidal Magnocraft (i.e. types K3 to K10). It is entitled: Wie groß ist der Magnokraft?/How big is the Magnocraft?

Various drawings and computer-generated illustrations of the subsequent types of discoidal Magnocraft are also available for viewing at my web page named Magnocraft. I encourage you to have a look at them.

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