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Evil UFOnauts and their advanced technology

Part #D: In fact UFOnauts hide much more mysteries than just a question "whether they DO exist or DON'T exist" - researching UFOs we learn more about God Himself:

#D1: Why God keeps people in the continuous uncertainty of His existence:

Motto: "In order to understand God, we must place ourselves in His position and see our matters from His point of view."

If we are to believe in claims of subsequent religious institutions, our planet Earth is packed with atheists, while only rare people believe in God. Also such an opinion prevails amongst a majority of people, who are convinced that in present times individuals who believe in God are a real rarity. However, the reality is an exact reversal of what is claimed by religious institutions. In fact, if someone seeks carefully around, then only with a great difficulty can find a true atheist. Practically, almost 100% of people, at the bottom of their heart believe in the existence of some superior being with attributes of God. The only thing which differs from person to person is the depth of their belief, and the name and definition of God in which they believe. This fact of the common belief in God is confirmed by all research done in this matter. One amongst such research was reported in the article "More than nine out of 10 believe in God", from page B2 of New Zealand newspaper from Christchurch named The Press, in the issue of that newspaper dated on Wednesday, June 25, 2008. This article informed about results of such research carried out in the USA. But it is well known that presently the USA belongs to one amongst the most atheistic countries of our planet, in the majority of schools of which teaching religion is forbidden. Thus, in other countries probably even a larger proportion of people believe in God. Similar results are yield from research on human psychology. This research always stresses that people have from the birth a natural inclination to believe in the God's existence. Even many murderers and sadists admit that they committed their crimes because "God ordered them to do so". So in reality the claims of religious institutions and beliefs of the majority of us, that the Earth is full of atheists, turns out to be a myth and an untruth. In fact the Earth is packed with peoplewho believe in God's existence. Only that these believers are intentionally kept in the uncertainty about the God's existence. Furthermore, a significant proportion of present people is highly sceptical in relation to naive and full of errors explanations of God disseminated by present religions paralysed by their own age and sclerosis. Therefore the belief of these people in the religious explanations of God in many cases is too shallow to be able to force them to pedantically do whatever their religion asks them to do.

Unfortunately, if we look on the humanity from the prospective of God, then it turns out that the situation when all people deeply believe in God is NOT at all in the interest of this God. This is because God created humans so that people continually increased their knowledge, searched for truth, created, developed, overcame obstacle, did not give up, etc. On the other hand, people who deeply believe in God typically cease to seek knowledge and truth. Also they cease their stubborn fight with obstructions of fate and in everything they begin to give up. From thinking seekers of truth and from creative inventors, such people deeply believing in God usually transform themselves into thoughtless pleasers and worshippers of God, who spend time on infinitive repetition of the same prayers. For example, as this is described in item #A2 of the web page Free will - about the influence of "free will" of people on fate of the entire human civilisation, people who deeply believe in God cease to seek and to increase their knowledge, as they have a ready answer to everything that "God created it". They do NOT try to establish how God created everything, how this creation works, why God did this instead of doing something else, nor what God really is - because they are afraid to "offend God" or to commit a "blasphemy" ("profanity"). They cease to do scientific research because "if God wants that we know this, He would reveal this to us". They do NOT improve their characters because "how God created me He must want me to be". They do NOT fight with illnesses, accidents, nor inconveniences, because "God appears to want me to suffer". They cease to create new inventions because they wait until "God gives these to them". They cease to fight against bad fortunes because "God appears to wish that it is so". What even more strange, they do NOT try to improve their methods of praying to God, nor they seek better and more effective methods of praying - outcomes of which would prove that God wishes people appeal to Him in just such a way (of the kind of the method discussed in item #G7. from the web page named "Free will) etc. In the result, a deep belief in God has a conservationist and destructive consequences. It freezes the progress of creativity, knowledge, technology, and faith. Thus, a society which is full of people that deeply believe in God, freezes in its intellectual and technical development, and thus also in its spiritual and religious development. If since the beginning of time the world was full of people who deeply believe in God, then we would live in caves until today, we would NOT know fire, and instead of the only and intelligent God we would worship e.g. thoughtless lightning flashes and thunders. As we can realise, such a freezing of progress of knowledge and development of people is NOT in interests of God. God does NOT want that people behave in such a manner. After all, according to explanations from item #B3. of the web page "Free will" - about the influence of "free will" of people on fate of the entire human civilisation, and also item #C1. of the web page God - about secular and scientific understanding of God, God created man in order people mastered the skill of stubborn searching for knowledge and truth, thus becoming an active instrument in the evolution of the universe and helping God in increasing His own knowledge. From the God's point of view it is immensely vital that people seek knowledge and truth, are creative, continually improve themselves and their knowledge, display determination and stubbornness in implementing their intentions etc. So God has no choice but to find a way how to force people to seek knowledge and truth, and how to motivate us to put into these searches everything that we are capable of.

Fortunately, NOT without effects God is infinitively more intelligent than people. Therefore He found a perfect solution to the problem of freezing of progress, knowledge, and technology by people who deeply believe in God. Namely, God continually keeps all people in the lack of certainty "whether God exists at all". In turn, to keep us uncertain about His existence, it is this God Himself who, amongst others, spreads atheism amongst people, who actively supports everything that noisily denies His existence, and who quietly blocks from noticing everything that confirms His existence. In the result of such moves, and numerous other similar steps described in the next item, God intentionally "confuses" people in the matter of His own existence. This confusion decreasing peoples' belief to such a low level, that "just in case" many of them begin to act as if God does NOT exist at all. These people begin actively and on their own risk seek the truth. They stubbornly fight with obstacles of fate. They create inventions and make discoveries etc. In this manner, through continuous maintaining people in the uncertainty about the existence of Himself, God actually stimulates the search for knowledge and truth, scientific research, efforts, striving, progress etc. So with people God acts similarly like people do this with a donkey - namely "in order to force a donkey to go forward, people intentionally pull it backward". This continuous maintaining people in uncertainty about the existence of God, allows also God to earn a whole range of other benefits. For example, it allows Him to subject individual people and the entire our civilisation to continuous tests and exams, thus allowing Him to distinguish between valuable people - which are worth to inspire and to protect, and a human trash - which can be donated to fate as examples that teach others.

Of course, God does NOT destroy all evidence for His own existence. Several well-hidden items of such evidence God leaves on the Earth for those more stubborn seekers of truth. The philosophy of Totalizm already managed to discover and identify some amongst these hidden items of evidence, and now disseminates these on various web pages - e.g. see the web page God proof - about scientific evidence for the existence of God. After all, if someone gets really stubborn, then God always allows him or her to earn the certainty about the God's existence. Only that He makes them to earn this certainty through their own effort and after many sacrifices. This is why, in spite that officially and loudly God allows His "simulations" to block the access to publications of totalizm, that He openly helps critics who throw mud on totalizm, and that He visibly promotes everything that discourages people from reading publications of totalizm, quietly God always opens the access to these publications and web pages for stubborn seekers of truth - about whom He decided that they deserve to get to know totalizm. This is why, if you (the reader) are NOT reading these words just with the intention that this allows you to throw mud on totalizm later, the sole fact that you come to read these words and descriptions, is a proof that you belong to these few seekers of truth whom God considers sufficiently mature and worthy to give them chances for thinking-over the matters that are described here.

#D2. The simulation of the existence of evil UFOnauts is one amongst methods with the use of which God continually maintains people in the lack of certainty about His existence:

Motto: "God so shaped the reality, that true knowledge always must be sought with difficulties and earned with effort. In turn whatever is screaming and finds us by itself, never is a true knowledge but only misleading lies that pretend to be knowledge."

As it is explained above, in very vital interest of God lies maintaining people in continuous uncertainty about the existence of God. So in order to keep people continually in this uncertainty, God developed and perpetually uses a whole range of various manners, ways, methods, tricks, etc. For example, God causes that after the birth, memories of our previous incarnations are blocked. Only very stubborn seekers of truth can later unblock these memories with the use of hypnosis. But even then their scepticism still forms barriers against recognising these memories for what they really are. God also so designed the human psychology, that everyone amongst us is especially untrusting and sceptical in all God's matters. Thus, a typical person would acquire the certainty of the existence of God only if he or she could see and touch God - of course, to NO living people God grants such a privilege.

Amongst a huge number of methods, ways, means, tricks, etc., which God continually uses to keep people in the perpetual uncertainty about His own existence, one group of these is strictly linked to the topic of this web page. This is a wide use of "evil" by God, and His employment of "evil creatures". Namely, in order to be able to illustratively suggest to people, that God does NOT exist, in practically every area of life God noisily although anonymously (i.e. not under His own name) promotes the prevalence of "evil". Simultaneously, God also suppresses the emphasizing, and intentionally hides, all manifestations of a good and morality. Of course, God does all these in a way similar to an enthusiastic examiner, who uses various tricks and traps to check how well his students mastered a given subject area. Means, these people who allow to be misled by such noisy promotion and actually give out to temptations, God later mercilessly, and this time quietly, punish and persecute. In turn these ones who stand by morality and in the defence of good, God discreetly and quietly rewards later.

In this noisy utilisation of "evil" for hiding His own existence, very handy for God is the use of "simulation" of the existence and a secretive activity on the Earth, of "evil creatures" which in most ancient times were called "gods", later - although still in antiquity, were called "devils", while presently are called with the ultra-modern term "UFOnauts". After all, God is a master in "simulation". He continually creates and destroys thousands of stars and planets, and millions of human existences. Thus, for the use in such a simulation, God is able to design appropriately, then temporally create, human-like creatures (i.e. "UFOnauts") to which He transfers (i.e. "possesses") His own awareness. Then with hands of these creatures God can subject people to any manipulations, temptations, tests, and tricks - which lie in interest of goals and intentions of God. Finally, when these temporally created creatures fulfil their duties, God again destroys them. The use of these creatures has also this advantage, that everything that God does with their hands, appears as if it has NOTHING to do with God. So it works perfectly towards making impossible for people to gain a certainty about the existence of God.

More exact explanations as to how God simulates UFOnauts and UFO vehicles, and also which items of evidence confirm the truth of this God's simulation, are presented in parts #B., #E. and #F. of the totaliztic web page God - about secular and scientific understanding of God, and in part #F. of the totaliztic web page Evil - about origins of evil on the Earth. This web page concentrates mainly on discussing consequences of this situation for our understanding of UFO manifestations and phenomena that accompanies UFOs.

#D3. In addition to maintaining people in the lack of certainty about the existence of God, the simulation of UFOnauts and UFO vehicles by God serves also several further purposes - for example helps to subject people to God's tests and exams:

God acts in a completely different manner than people do. For example, every action of God fulfils several intended goals, each one of which serves well interests of God. (For comparison, every action of people usually has just one intended goal, but it induces several unintended "side effects" which typically spoil this intended goal.) Therefore the simulation by God of creatures so evil as UFOnauts, independently from helping God to keep people continually in the lack of certainty about the existence of God, has also several further goals that support intentions of God. Let us list at least the most important amongst these goals.

One amongst goals accomplished by God through the simulation of the existence of evil UFOnauts, is the subjecting of people to continuous tests and exams. After all, as we know, through creation of the religions and authorisation of Holly books - e.g. the Bible, God clearly explained to people how they supposed to behave in order to be rewarded, and which behaviours God is going to punish. So in order to check whether people obey the the behaviours and duties which He commanded, God is forced to repetitively subject everyone to various tests and exams. For example, God must subject everyone to temptations of atheism, laziness, lack of morality in actions, discipline, indulgence etc. Then, depending whether someone passes or fails these tests and exams, God serves the justice through everyday making life pleasant for one group of people, and creation of the hell on Earth for other people. Of course, it would NOT be good if these tests and temptations God formed under His own name. Therefore very useful for these are evil creatures which God simulates, and which in past were called "devils", while now we call "UFOnauts".

Another vital goal which God accomplishes through the simulation of evil UFOnauts and their vehicles, is the motivation of people to creative seeking and research, and the inspiration of progress of knowledge. For example, with the use of UFO vehicles God demonstrates principles of operation and designs for human propulsion systems of the future. In turn, through attempts to explain principles of flight of UFOs, people are motivated by God for research and for creative seeking the truth.

Still another goal which God accomplishes through the simulation of evil UFOnauts and their vehicles is the allowing these most stubborn "truth seekers" to get to know God much better. Because God Himself simulates the existence and activities of UFOnauts, the through research on products of this God's simulation, provides people with the shortest path to the learning about God Himself. After all, through researching what God simulates, in reality we are researching God.

A further goal which God accomplishes through the simulation of evil UFOnauts and their vehicles is the providing people from the higher levels of awareness another proof for the actual existence of God. As it is explained on the web page God proof - about scientific proofs for the existence of God, God intentionally leaves on the Earth a whole array of well-hidden evidence for his Own existence. These items of evidence are intentionally so formed by God, that they serves for proofs of the God's existence only to these people who accomplished the required "level of induction into the knowledge" (for details see item #D5 below). The remaining people can trip over these proofs and freak noses on them, and still will NOT notice that these are proofs for the existence of God. The fact of simulation by God Himself the creatures and devices so physically manifest like UFOnauts and UFO vehicles, is just another amongst such proofs for the existence of God - which, however, one can recognise as such a proof only after one accomplished the appropriately high "level of awareness".

So as the above reveals, through the simulation of evil and evil creatures, God in fact spreads amongst people such qualities as good, universal justice, progress of knowledge and technology, better getting to know God's nature etc.

#D4. Two opposite explanations, i.e. (1) atheistic and (2) the one which considers the existence of God, which God inscribed into His simulation of the existence of UFOnauts:

In order to NOT take away from people the so-called "free will", everything that God does, He always must do it in such a manner that it fulfils the so-called "Canon of Ambiguity". This canon is described more comprehensively on several totaliztic web pages, for example in item #B9. from the web page God - about the secular and scientific understanding of God and also in part #F. of the web page Bible - about mysteries of the Bible authorised by God Himself and in part #C. of the web page Free will - about maintaining of free will of individual people while controlling the entire human civilisation. So I am NOT going to write here on this subject. I am only going to concentrate on explanations of the influence that this canon has on the manner in which God simulates the existence of UFOnauts and UFO vehicles.

The consequence of the "Canon of Ambiguity" is, that everything that God does, He always must do in such a manner that it can be explained in two different ways. The first out of these two ways must be completely "atheistic". In turn, the second explanation must be such, that all people who believe in God and who seek knowledge and truth - as God ordered us to do, it allows to determine "how exactly God accomplished this". In the matter of simulation of the existence of UFOnauts and UFO vehicles by God, the aspect most difficult for explaining is the matter of complete disappearance of UFOnauts at the moment in time when they stop being needed by God. Therefore God must write in into His simulation the seeds for such explanations which in the future will allow to determine why UFOnauts and UFO vehicles existed in the past, but then rapidly disappeared. In case of "atheists" the seed of the explanation of the present "existence" and future "non-existence" of UFOnauts God embedded into the phenomenon which the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity described under the name "non-existing existence". This phenomenon of "non-existing existence" is explained in more details in item #B8. of the web page Timevehicle, and also in item #F7. of the totaliztic web page Timevehicle. In turn in case of people who believe in God and who according to commands of God stubbornly seek knowledge and truth, the seed of the explanation for the present existence of UFOnauts and for their future non-existence, God make available to people through inspiring myself to the forming and publishing thoeries and explanations which, amongst others, I am presenting on this web page, means theories and explanations of the kind which describes the need and principles of the simulation of UFOnauts by God Himself.

#D5. Since God simulates the existence of UFOnauts and UFO vehicles, then why people have such difficulties with getting certainty of their existence, that even many so-called "UFOlogists" are unable in the entire their lives get beyond the asking repetitively the same question "do UFOs and UFOnauts exist at all":

Motto: "With knowledge, certainty, etc., is like with water in the English proverb, that 'you can lead horse (donkey) to water but you cannot make it drink'."

The moral and highly progressive philosophy called Totalizm explains that independently from the so-called "gravity field" our lives are also ruled by still another kind of invisible field called the moral field. This "moral field" causes, that into accomplishing everything that is moral us people must put our personal effort. After all, everything that is moral lies "uphill" in this "moral field". Therefore doing in lives moral things is like climbing uphill in gravity field - means always requires putting into specific amount of effort. In turn when we review the list of things that are moral, then it turns out that apart from telling truth, doing whatever is good and justly for others etc., highly moral is also gathering knowledge. When anyone amongst us gathers new knowledge, then he or she also moves "uphill" of this "moral field". This in turn requires putting a specific effort. Therefore gathering knowledge, establishing truth, gaining certainty, reaching point of being convinced, etc. NEVER comes to us without an effort. We always must trace these with our personal contribution of work and gather these with significant effort - like farmers gather grain and harvests. Only information which represents confusion and untruth find us by themselves and we have them without any effort.

Of course, as this is the case of every truth and knowledge, also accomplishing the progress in our knowledge of UFOs requires the contribution of effort and climbing upwards in the moral field. But the majority of so-called "UFOlogists" and UFO researchers are NOT prepared to put any effort in the matter of UFOs. They expect from the life that the explanation of the UFO puzzles is going to find them all by itself, in the same manner as television advertising about the newest (and thus also the most expensive) products are finding them. In turn since these "UFOlogists" are NOT prepared to put their own effort into the gaining knowledge and truth about UFOs, their supposed "research" in fact are "infinitive trotting in the same place". This is why the majority of so-called "UFOlogists" never in their lives go beyond the "barrier of awareness" defined by the question "do UFOs really exist".

Interesting is the manner in which God does that gaining any new knowledge, in this number also knowledge about UFOs, comes with such a difficulty and requires putting into it so much effort. As it turns out God formed every knowledge in kinds of like layers, which can be named "levels of induction into knowledge". In every topic and in every matter there is at least a dozen of such subsequent layers. In addition, in front of each such a "level of induction into knowledge" God placed a special "barrier of awareness". So in order someone could lift his or her knowledge onto a higher "level of induction into knowledge", he or she always must firstly overcome the "barrier of awareness" which stands on his or her way. For example, in order to learn the knowledge about UFOs, every person must firstly overcome in himself or herself the "barrier of awareness" described by the question "do UFOs exist". So until the time when someone overcomes this barrier, he or she is NOT going to learn anything constructive on the subject of UFOs. But when he or she overcomes this barrier, then in front of his or her eyes opens a huge prospect of knowledge about UFOs, e.g. all that about UFOs and UFOnauts explains this web page. However, simultaneously in front of this person appears another barrier of awareness - e.g. described by the question "on which principle UFO vehicles do fly" etc.

More about "levels of induction into knowledge" and "barriers of awareness" which allow gain new knowledge only by these people who put into the learning their personal effort, explains item #F4. on the web page Evil - about origins of evil on the Earth. In turn item #F6. of that web page "Evil" describes "levels of awareness" through which I went myself in my path to the knowledge about UFOs and UFOnauts.

#D6. It is worth to invest our effort in the accumulation of knowledge, because whatever we learn is going to remain in our memory forever:

In item #F5. of the web page "Evil" - about origins of evil on the Earth. is explained that there is one kind of knowledge which we learn practically without any effort. This is the knowledge which we learned in one amongst our previous reincarnations. God so formed our soul, that the knowledge and truths into learning of which we already put the required effort, remain with us forever - in next reincarnations we just need to recall them without any effort. This is why in school sometimes we have huge difficulties with learning some subjects, while other subjects "get to our heads all by themselves". The subjects which "get to our heads all by themselves" are just these ones into learning of which we already invested the required effort in one amongst our previous reincarnations. This is also why as children we could display knowledge and talents in something that in present life we had NO opportunity to learn. While learning, tracing truth, earning certainty, etc., it is worth to remember that everything into which we put an effort in our present life, remains with us ready for use in all next lives. In turn for learning everything that we failed to learn in the present life, we are going to be send again somewhere and sometime to learn it again. So it is NOT worth to postpone the learning, finding truth, acquiring certainty, etc., onto our next reincarnations. After all, it may happen that in order to learn what presently we failed to learn, a next time we are going to be placed in much worse and more difficult position than the one in which we are at present.

#D7. Whatever God simulates to confront it with people, He always gives to it 100% authenticity:

If we consider what "tools of simulation" are in the disposal of God, then it can be deduced without any difficulty, that people could classify these tools into two major categories. Namely (1) "tools of simulation" which people are or will be able to learn and understand, and (2) "tools of simulation" which lie beyond learning capabilities of human minds. For example, if God decides to simulate e.g. the arrival of a UFO vehicle to the Earth, then He can accomplish this simulation with the use of both categories of tools. It means God can either (1) create a UFO vehicle which will be designed and will work exactly as if it was a spaceship constructed by higher advanced technically cosmic relatives of humans, or God can (2) use some phenomena from the same group which God used to create human souls or create laws of nature, then make on people an impression with the use of this phenomena that people see a UFO vehicle.

As it turns out, in God's simulations with which people are confronted, God always uses only such tools which for people are identifiable and can be recreated in entire 100%. This means, that for example, when God simulates UFOnauts, then everything in this simulation can be learned by people, researched, recreated on the Earth, etc. SO we can state that "all simulations of God are authentic in 100%". This means that UFO vehicles simulated by God have exactly the same design, principles of operation, materials, phenomena employed, etc., as these would appear in UFO vehicles if these vehicles were sent to the Earth by some cosmic relatives of humans. In turn UFOnauts have the appearance, characters, behaviours, vindictiveness, principles of behaviour, etc., exactly the same as they would display if they are morally decadent relatives of humans, if such relatives arrived to the Earth from the space.

In other words, because God simulates everything with 100% authenticity, although we should be aware that UFOnauts are just simulations of God, we simultaneously must also treat these UFOnauts as if they really do exist and do operate secretly on the Earth.

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