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Totalizm: the philosophy of happy and fulfilled life


Part #A: Examples how totalizm helps to solve everyday problems - means examples of a first category of benefits from practicing totalizm:

- #A1. Recipes of atheistic science would be correct only in the world deprived of God, but in the world ruled by God everything depends on morality - as this is explained by the philosophy of totalizm:
- #A1.1. The most vital advice of totalizm: do NOT be fooled by the short-term consequences of "moral field" work, which seem to "reward immorality" and "persecute morality":
- #A2. Let us learn several examples of general guidelines on how to act in our lives (i.e. guidelines identified, worked out and recommended by the philosophy of totalizm):
- #A2.1. In making decisions "always do exact opposite of whatever is indicated by the 'line of the least moral resistance' ":
- #A2.2. Mischievous inanimate nature, illnesses and problems control most effectively through corrections in own believes:
- #A2.3. From catastrophes and from extremes of nature defend yourself and your loved ones by surrounding yourself with a group of at least "10 righteous":
- #A2.4. If you are "pushed against a wall" or "cornered", then seek the hidden "doors of exit from the situation" that God prepared in there especially for you:
- #A2.5. In your adult life be careful to NOT sabotage the plans and intentions of God, because your adult behaviour decides about what was happening to you in the young age:
- #A2.6. For true knowledge - research God and then extrapolate your findings to the world around, for the impression of knowledge - research world around you and extrapolate it to God:
- #A2.7. Beware of "principle of the survival of most moral" (which can also be called "principle of the extinction of most immoral intellects"), which God consistently, although discreetly, implements on people:
- #A2.8. If you notice a "group immorality" of the institution or community to which you belong, do wisely everything in your power (but without compromising your security), to disclose the harmfulness of it, as the passivity towards someone's immorality, God punishes the same severely as a participation in this immorality:
- #A2.9. To those whom you love and respect tell the objective truth and well-balanced constructive criticism, while praises and unconstructive compliments keep for the enemies:
- #A2.10. Rise your children accordingly to the "principle of reversals" commanded us by God, remember also that the entire your life God continues upbringing you with the use of this principle:
- #A2.11. Because every elementary action generates both good and bad consequences, to each of your more vital matter assign at least two different actions at the same time, which you choose so skilfully, that their "bad" effects will compensate each other:
- #A2.12. Practicing totalizm: procedure "how" to take the first step - i.e. starting from changing own habit of mental justification in ones mind "why I do something" from so-far used selfish motivating it "because it will give me income, increase my power or fame, satisfy my need, is on the list of my professional duties, etc."; into a new totaliztic (and also religious) motivating all my actions "because my neighbours need it, it will satisfy their needs, it will solve problems and shortcomings for many neighbours, for me it is an opportunity to do good deeds, etc.":
- #A3. Further guidelines on the totaliztic acting in lives are indicated by the rest of totalizm:
- #A4. Manuals of totalizm:
- #A5. Notice how to spell the name "totalizm" (always with "z"):
- #A6. Logo of totalizm:

Part #B: Origins of totalizm:
- #B1. What is totalizm:
- #B2. The scientific foundations of totalizm, means the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity:
- #B3. How the Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains the work of moral laws:
- #B4. The intelligent counter-world:
- #B5. The thinking counter-matter, means God:

Part #C: How to practice totalizm:
- #C1. The single principle of totalizm:
- #C2. Totalizm is like a science of everyday living:
- #C3. How to practice totalizm:
- #C4. Benefits of practicing totalizm:
- #C5. Ideology of totalizm and a political party of totalizm:

Part #D: Significance of "moral energy" in totalizm:
- #D1. Moral field, moral laws, and moral energy - means three fundamental quantities which convert philosophy of totalizm into a strict scientific discipline similar to physics:
- #D2. Moral energy in totalizm:
- #D3. Totaliztic definitions of sins and good deeds:
- #D4. Attributes of moral energy:
- #D5. Definition of moral energy:
- #D6. Relative level "µ" (mi) of moral energy:
- #D7. Nirvana:
- #D8. Impact of "moral energy" and "morality" at our mental and physical health:
- #D9. Der Zusammenhang zwischen dem relativen Niveau der moralischen Energie „µ“ und den Zuständen der Intellekte:
- #D9. Relationship between the level of moral energy "µ" and states of intellects:
- #D10. Mental depression ("black dog") as a warning alarm of an excessive drop in the level of moral energy:
- #D11. How to increase in ourselves the amount of moral energy:

Part #E: The philosophy of parasitism - means the opposite, enemy and adversary of the philosophy of totalizm:
- #E1. Totalizm versus parasitism:
- #E2. Group intellects:
- #E3. Institutional parasitism:
- #E4. When institutions turn into parasitism:
- #E5. Parasitic countries:
- #E6. Parasitic civilisations:
- #E7. Why the simulation by God of the existence and secretive operation on the Earth of parasitic civilisations is beneficial for the humanity and for the entire universe:

Part #F: Why peaceful totalizm has enemies and adversaries:
- #F1. Persecuted although needed truths revealed by totalizm:
- #F2. The formal scientific proof of totalizm that God does exist, and its consequences:
- #F3. Totalizm as an interpreter of messages which God coded into the Bible which He authorizes (e.g. coded through a consistent qualifying "serpents" to the category of animals having high intelligence and human appearance):
- #F4. Totalizm in the role of a straighter of errors and deviations of all other sciences (for example totalizm reveals a moral manner for gaining the immortality, means a moral way of defeating death and living forever):

Part #G: Totalizm versus faith and religions:
- #G1. Explanation why totalizm is not colliding nor competing with anyone's religion:
- #G2. "Faith plus totalizm" - what benefits it brings:

Part #H: Strange "coincidents" concerning totalizm:
- #H1. Totalizm as a new phenomenon:
- #H2. On what principle totalizm works:
- #H3. Shockingly symbolic fate of totalizm:

Part #I: The art and totalizm:
- #I1. Totalizm is the subject of creative art:
- #I2. The poem about totalizm:
- #I3. Paintings, banners, posters, and photographs that concern totalizm:
- #I4. Songs about totalizm:
- #I5. Playlists with totaliztic songs and music:

Part #J: To conclude:
- #J1. There is much more going on for totalizm:
- #J2. About the author:
- #J3. How with the web page named "Topics" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:
- #J4. I would suggest to return periodically to this web page in order to check further progress in research and development of totalizm:
- #J5. Blogs of totalizm:
- #J6. There used to be an Internet discussion forum on topics presented in this web page:
- #J7. Emails to the author of this web page:
- #J8. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":
- #J9. I am inviting you to watch an excellent, 35 minute long film which complements and extends the content of this web page:
- #J10. Copyrights © 2022 by Dr Jan Pająk:

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