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Tornados in "a priori" interpretations of the "totaliztic science"


Part #A: Introductory information about this web page:
- #A1. Goals of this web page:
- #A2. Questions replied in the content of this web page:
- #A3. The message that I try to express via this web page:
- #A4. The history of this web page:

Part #B: Two approaches to scientific research - what are their differences and what they lead to:
- #B1. The approach to research called "a posteriori" (i.e. "from effects to causes") practiced by the old "atheistic orthodox science" to-date, versus the approach to research called "a priori" (i.e. "from the cause to effects") practiced by the new "totaliztic science":
- #B2. What are "tornadoes":
- #B3. How "tornadoes" are interpreted by the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date from its "a posteriori" approach to research:
- #B4. How "tornadoes" are interpreted by the new "totaliztic science" with its "a priori" approach to research:

Part #C. Reasons and consequences of this "incorporating in tornadoes the body of evidence which documents simultaneously several different mechanisms of their formation":
- #C1. In order people "generated knowledge", a number of conditions must be fulfilled, the key to which is the possibility to explain everything on many different ways:
- #C2. Tornadoes (and everything else that God manifests) God always forms in such a manner that a body of evidence is embedded into it for at least three different mechanisms of their formation, namely for their origins as the (1) outcome of work of a "blind nature", (2) outcome of work of some hostile intelligence (e.g. UFOnauts), and (3) outcome of the Act of God - while in phenomena susceptible to human influence, God writes also a further origin (4), i.e. that these are outcomes of immoral activities or behaviours of people:
- #C3. Due to a simultaneous embedement into tornadoes as many as three sets of different attributes, when one amongst these sets fails our attempts to predict "when" and "where" tornadoes hit, both other sets of these attributes still allow to effectively defend us against tornadoes:
- #C4. In order people are able to benefit from methods of defence against tornadoes, which are stemming from our learning of these three mechanisms of tornadoes' formation embedded in each one of them, it is necessary that firstly the "totaliztic science is officially established and recognised and that its findings are implemented in our everyday life:
- #C5. Only tornadoes formed by omnipotent God may contain in themselves attributes which document simultaneously three different mechanisms of their formation - thus the existence in tornadoes these attributes is another proof for the existence of God (and thus also for the erroneousness of the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date):
- #C6. Still further benefits stemming from the presence in tornadoes attributes that document simultaneously three different mechanisms of their formation:
- #C7. So let us now learn these "three different interpretations for mechanisms of formation of tornadoes", which result from attributes embedded by God into every tornado that appears on the Earth:

Part #D. The interpretation of "tornadoes" by the "atheistic orthodox science" as "weather phenomena of untamed nature":
- #D1. The mechanism of tornadoes' generation suggested by explanations of the "atheistic orthodox science":

Part #E: Attributes and mechanisms of tornadoes which suggest that "tornadoes are formed technically by some advanced intelligence" (in present times called "UFOnauts", while in past called "devils"):
- #E1. The mechanism of tornadoes formation must agree with the mechanism with which God forms weather:
- #E2. Gradual movements of the air-whirls from west to east confirm that these whirls also propel the whirling motion of the Earth:
- #E3. The principle of technical formation of tornadoes:
- #E4. The "algorithm" that allows a speedy detection of these attributes of tornadoes" which document their technological formation by UFOs:
- #E5. Films showing tornados - as a good evidential documentation of such "simulation" of tornadoes as if they are formed technologically:
- #E6. Let us summarise attributes of tornados generated technologically:
- #E7. Readers are invited to send further photographs of tornadoes which they took, so that these photographs could be interpreted, commented, and shown to others:
- #E8. Even if someone does not take own photograph of a tornado, it is still worth to return to this web page again, after some time elapses:

Part #F. The interpretation of "tornadoes" by the "totaliztic science" as "phenomena induced by God for correcting morality of humans":
- #F1. What are tornadoes for God:

Part #G. Kinds of tornadoes:
- #G1. Northern "counter-clockwise" tornadoes (mainly appearing on areas of Europe and the USA):
- #G2. Southern "clockwise" tornadoes (mainly appearing on the areas of Australia and New Zealand):
- #G3. Water tornados ("waterspouts"):

Part #H. Examples of most significant tornadoes from recent years attributes and meaning of which the author was researching:
- #H1. An example of tornado formed intelligently above the Tapanui crater, New Zealand:
- #H2. An example of tornado formed technologically from the township Bunbury in Western Australia:
- #H3. The tornado from Polish city of Wrocław that hit on Friday, 16 May 2008:
- #H4. The swarm of tornadoes which kept hitting the USA for entire week, starting from Saturday 23 April 2011:
- #H5. The classical "clockwise" tornado which hit the city of Auckland in New Zealand around 3 pm on Tuesday, 3rd of May 2011:

Part #I. Moral meaning of tornadoes:
- #I1. A next time seeing a tornado, greet it as a "warning" that the morality of a given area leans towards an undesirable direction:
- #I2. Why it is extremely vital to learn links between tornadoes, and the morality of people affected:

Part J: Methods and manner of defence from tornadoes:
- #J1. How to defend ourselves from experiencing destructions caused by tornadoes or by other cataclysms:
- #J1.1. The method of individual defence of single people from tornadoes, which depends on embracing by them the highly moral philosophy of totalizm that eliminates the reason for sending a tornado or a different disaster:
- #J1.2. Methods of group defence of so-called "group intellects" (e.g. entire cities, islands, countries, etc.):
- #J2. Early detection of impending tornadoes with the use of a modern version of the ancient telepathic device called the Zhang Heng seismograph:

Part #K. Which evidence confirms, that the old official "atheistic orthodox science" is still too primitive, too incomplete and too incompetent, to really be able to explain tornadoes:
- #K1. The contradiction of present physical knowledge and the operation of "waterspouts" (i.e. "water tornadoes") - means the confirmation of the lack of atheistic explanation to tornadoes, and the lack of competency of the official science to-date:
- #K2. Contradiction of "sucking" of water by "waterspouts" (i.e. "water tornadoes") to present physical knowledge, is just one amongst a whole array of mysteries of tornadoes for the explanation of which the present official science has NOT earned yet the required competence:
- #K3. Tornadoes are just one amongst a huge ocean of examples of natural phenomena, for the actual explanation of which the to-date "atheistic orthodox science" does NOT have the knowledge required nor the competency needed:

Part #L. Summary, and the final information of this web page:
- #L1. Summary of this web page - means benefits stemming from simultaneous simulation by every tornado as many as three different mechanisms of formation (e.g. allowing people to effectively defend themselves from tornadoes, confirming the need for official establishing the "totaliztic science", another proof for the existence of God, etc.):

- #L2. Blogs of totalizm:
- #L3. Internet discussions of topics addressed on this web page:
- #L4. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:
- #L5. Emails to the author of this web page:
- #L6. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":
- #L7. Copyrights © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak:


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