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Tornados in "a priori" interpretations of the "totaliztic science"


From the everyday life we know, that if we are to learn the "entire truth" about any phenomenon or object, then we must examine it thoroughly from all possible points of view and from all possible angles. After all, viewing something from just a single direction allows to learn at most a half of truth on the subject of it - as an illustrative example consider looking at a person from only a back view. On the other hand, in our official life we uncritically accept that the so-called "atheistic orthodox science" to-date (means the official science which we learn in schools and at universities) describes everything to us just from a single point of view - which by philosophers is called "a posteriori" (i.e. "from causes to effects"). So in order to indicate here how "incomplete truth" this science is revealing to us, and also in order to realise benefits from learning a "complete truth", on this web page is presented an alternative picture of a highly destructive phenomenon called "tornado", prepared from an opposite to the official science point of view called "a priori" - from which at the reality that surrounds us looks the new "totaliztic science". In turn, by revealing to us benefits from such an alternative look at "tornadoes", this web page reveals also how different and how beneficial outcomes can provide to us also a similar alternative look at all other phenomena and other objects from the reality that surrounds us.

The alternative look at "tornadoes" from the point of view of the new "totaliztic science" - as described here, reveals that tornadoes actually are just "tools" with the aid of which wise God "corrects morality in immoral individuals and communities" - doing this in a manner which does NOT take away from them the so-called "free will". In turn the knowledge what really are tornadoes, allows these people who know, to effectively defend themselves against such cataclysms - for a method of this defence see item #J1 below, while for an example of outcomes of such a defence see item #I3. on the web page Day 26. Most convincing proof for the God's origins of tornadoes, in my opinion is the one indicated below in item #C2..
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