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First publication: 25.05.2001 (original)
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Time vehicles and the principle of technical control over time


Part #A: Let us start from the illustrative proof that time really can be shifted back:
- #A1. Here is how each one of us can see with own eyes that time flows in jumps (i.e. time has a discrete character), and thus that my findings regarding the possibility to build time vehicles and to live forever are correct and can be implemented technically:
- #A2. Regularities which emerge from analyses of earlier human inventions, and which allow us to understand better "what is going on" with the invention of time vehicles described on this web page:
- #A3. The new monograph [12] which explains how the Theory of Everything named the Concept of Dipolar Gravity defines time and describes its operation, how this dipolar definition of time differs from the definitions disseminated by the old official atheistic science, and what opportunities this dipolar definition of time opens to the entire humanity:
- #A4. Results of my private research presented on this web page have been achieved only due to "a priori" philosophical approach, the use of which is recommended by the new so-called totaliztic science:
- #A5. Yet another totaliztic web page reveals how time vehicles can be used practically for gaining an access to one amongst several kinds of immortality:

Part #B. What is time, how time works, and where the knowledge about time presented here comes from:
- #B1. Orthodox understanding of time - what it states, why is wrong, and what limitations it displays:
- #B2. How the alternative understanding of "time", introduced only by the scientific theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, opens for people the completely new horizons and potentials:
- #B2.1. What is this "timespace" ("omniplan"):
- #B3. What is this new scientific theory of the totaliztic science, called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, which - amongst others, explained what is time and how time works:
- #B4. How the operation of "time" is explained by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity:
- #B5. What benefits and prospects opens for us the understanding of "time" according to the new Concept of Dipolar Gravity:
- #B6. The general principle of shifting back someone's time and the practical implementation of this principle by Oscillatory Chambers of the third generation:

Part #C. Time travel and time vehicles - what these are, and what are consequences of their use:
- #C1. So how to accomplish a time travel according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity:
- #C1.1. The mechanism of time so controls the work of human memory, that the "natural" reliving another version of the past (e.g. because someone changed this past with his or her time vehicle) erases the memory of previous version of that past; but being shifted back in time through the use of our own time vehicle only adds the memory of another version of the past to the already existing memories of previous versions of that past:
- #C2. Limitations which according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity are imposed onto travelling in time on principles of the deformation of magnetic fields:
- #C3. Whether paradoxes described in "science fiction" books really appear in the feasible principle of time travel:
- #C3.1. Remotely controlled "assassination of the grandfather" - means the use of time vehicles for undoing events which already happen:
- #C4. How our future "time vehicles" are going to look-like:
- #C5. Practical applications of the ability of our time vehicles to shift back in time:
- #C6. What observable effects a nearby use of time vehicles is going to induce:
- #C7. The "imprisoned immortality":
- #C7.1. The group responsibility of members of civilisations which practice "imprisoned immortality":
- #C8. The "non-existing existence" of evil civilisations which practice the "imprisoned immortality" without accomplishing previously a nirvana:
- #C9. "Time black hole" in evil civilisations which practice the "imprisoned immortality" without accomplishing a nirvana:
- #C10. How time vehicles are going to cause the "rising people from graves":
- #C11. So when our civilisation accomplishes time vehicles (and thus the immortality for all people):
- #C12. The passive replay of timely distant events:

Part #D. The body of evidence which confirms that some UFO vehicles work on principles of "time vehicles" described in previous parts of this web page:
- #D1. Why the knowledge regarding our Magnocrafts allows us to decode secrets of UFOs much faster, while the knowledge of UFOs allows us to accelerate the construction of our Magnocrafts:
- #D2. The existence of UFO vehicles is a fact - it is confirmed by the Resolution of internet discussion list totalizm@hydepark.pl, about "recognising the Magnocraft as the technical explanation for UFOs":
- #D3. Which evidence confirms that "UFOs of the third generation" which can travel through time are already build and that they work as this is described here:
- #D4. The Earth is an invisible "battlefield of humanity with UFOnauts", in which (the battle) UFOnauts utilise "time vehicles" against people:
- #D5. The manner on which UFOnauts utilise their UFO vehicles of the third generation (i.e. "time vehicles") in order to make deeper the level of enslavement of humanity:
- #D6. My personal experiences with cases when time travel induced by UFOnauts took place in my close proximity:
- #D6.1. The probable relocation of a whole baroque church, together with the confession contained in it, from Warszawa to Święta Lipka:
- #D7. Which permanent evidence available to us confirms the use of "time vehicles" on the Earth by UFOnauts:
- #D8. Catastrophic consequences of the "imprisoned immortality", to inhabitants of parasitic civilisations - including the "simulated" civilisation of UFOnauts:
- #D8.1. The film "Groundhog Day" as an illustration for the mechanism of time, principle of operation of time vehicles, erasure of previous memory records during a "natural" shifting back in time, "imprisoned immortality", "everlasting hell", and the advantage over ordinary people that UFOnauts have because of time vehicles:
- #D9. Where this indescribable evilness of UFO "imprisoned immortals" comes from:
- #D10. Extraordinary characteristics of the "non-existing existence" of evil civilisation of UFOnauts which currently occupies our planet:
- #D11. If universal intellect already prepared shifting of the evil civilisation of UFOnauts from the present stage of "existence" into the future stage of "non-existence", then why still delays the implementation of this intention and when is going to carry it out:

Part #E: Time travel which utilises the principle of "waving the timespace":
- #E1. The principle of time travel which is based on waving the timespace:
- #E2. Characteristics of the time travel accomplished through waving the timespace:
- #E3. True immortality:

Part #F. Why it would really be worth to assist me now:
- #F1. Induced by "time vehicles" version of the final judgement just started on the Earth - while you are the judge and the accused:
- #F2. Try to help me actively already now, so that when your life comes close to the end, you will NOT be sorry that you ignored my appeals for help in the completion of time vehicles - which by pressing a button would shift you back to years of your youth and allow you to enjoy life forever:

Part #G. Summary, and final matters of this web page:
- #G1. Let us summarise what this web page tries to realise to us:
- #G2. It is worth to return periodically to this web page:
- #G3. Blogs of totalizm:
- #G4. The author of this web page (i.e. Dr Eng. Jan Pająk):
- #G5. How with the web page named "Topics" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:
- #G6. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":
- #G7. Copyrights © 2019 by Dr Jan Pająk:


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