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Time vehicles and the principle of technical control over time


If you, the reader, was God and you would create a new world practically from zero - as this is indicated by formal scientific proofs from item #G3. of the web page God proof, then for sure you would NOT create in this world even a single parameter over which you would NOT have any control. So you should NOT have any doubt, that immensely wiser God so created our physical world, that is able to rule completely over practically everything, including time. Especially, that the principle of control over "reversible software time" is relatively simple and easy for implementing - as this is illustrated to us by even such primitive "imitations of software time", as these formed by people and taking the form of "control programs" for present "machine tools with computerised control" (for details see item #C3. from the web page Immortality).

Thus, this web page documents, that God in fact created our world in just such a manner, that time can be controlled in it relatively easily - even with the use of machines build by people and called here the "time vehicles". In turn, the related web page "Immortality", explains how us people can utilise these "time vehicles" for overcoming death and for immortal lives - through repetitive shifting ourselves with the help of these vehicles, back in time with to years of our youth each time after we reach on old age.

In 1985 myself (i.e. the author of this web page) was blessed with the honour of developing the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. One amongst numerous skills which this theory teaches us, is (amongst others) how to take "time" under our control. If my scientific superiors and colleagues allowed me to implement findings of this theory immediately since that 1985, instead of scoffing at my results and instead of pushing me out from their universities and polytechnics, then by the time when 23 years later I was writing these words in 2008, the humanity would already defeat the death and people could live for as long as they wish. People could also repair all their past errors. This is because the theory indicates how to build time vehicles which allow us to shift our time back. In turn when we have such time vehicles, then each time after we get old and we are close to death, we could shift ourselves back in time and become young again. Also each time we make an error, we could shift back in time and repair it. Unfortunately, people have chosen to ignore my theory and to make constructing my inventions impossible - instead of helping me in my creative efforts. So instead of repetitive shifting to our past and living forever, now we can only read from this web page how to do this, and we can only imagine this wonderful technical device, which on every our wish is able to shift us in time to any moment of our own life - under the condition, however, that previously we already lived through this moment. This moment can lie both in our past, as well as in our future. (In order it lies in our future, we must earlier shift back in time with the use of this device.)

This device allows us also to slow down the speed of elapse of our time. For example, we can slow down our time so much, that when our surrounding experiences just a fraction of second, we ourselves would experience equivalent of several hours. In this way we would be able to catch and to carry in our bear hands e.g. red-hot iron bars, because for this iron too short span of time would elapse to be able to pass to us enough heat to burn our hands. This wonder device would also allow us to accelerate our elapse of time, so that between two our heartbeats, in the surrounding e.g. several hours would pass. In this way we could e.g. pretend to be dead, while in fact we are going to be equally alive and active as normal. Similarly like for ourselves, this device would also allow all other people and all other creatures and permanent objects to shift in time. Furthermore, in order to make the use of it easier, this device could be assembled in a form of a flying vehicle of my invention called the Magnocraft. In this way, with such Magnocraft, we would be able to not only travel in time, but also travel in space. Such an extraordinary device would be the time vehicle which I would build by now - if I was given a chance. This web page tries to explain most vital principles, scientific facts, and findings regarding my time vehicles which I could build for the humanity by now if I was given the help from the beginning of my struggles.
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