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The declaration of "telekinesis free zone" (TFZ) in New Zealand and Australia


"Knowledge is responsibility." By some verdict of the fate it was me to whom was granted the difficult honour of discovering the phenomenon of telekinesis released technically, and also the honour of inventing devices which implement this phenomenon - of the type of telekinetic cells", or telekinetic magnocrafts. (I discovered lately, that an electronic circuit shockingly similar to the "telekinetic cell" of my invention, was supplying in electricity not long ago the so-called crystal radios.

It was because of this circuit, that the "crystal radios" worked perfectly although they did not have any battery nor any other external energy supply.) Thus I am fully aware that by the same verdict of the fate, it is also me who bears the responsibility for the most beneficial for our civilisation directing of consequences that result from these my discoveries, inventions, and findings. This is even more important, because already now I am able to encompass intellectually various implications that result from these facts. Especially I am able to predict already, that similarly to every other phenomenon, also the technical version of telekinesis introduces the potential for creating various consequences, which - if these slip out of control, may turn to be very disadvantageous for people and for natural environment with the elapse of time. I am also aware already now, that in order humanity can maintain a control over these consequences, it is absolutely necessary to establish on Earth the "telekinesis free zone". Therefore, on the power of authority which the fate invested in me by making me the discoverer and the inventor of phenomena of telekinesis and telekinetic devices, herewith I declare to be the "Telekinesis Free Zone" (i.e. "TFZ") the entire area of New Zealand in which I live and which I love, as well as the area of nearby Australia and Tasmania, and also the area of Antarctic which is so imporant for the rest of our planet. Simultaneously I oblige morally all inhabitants of these areas, as well as people living outside of these areas, that for the good of entire our civilisation they direct their effort into pedantic and patient observing also these difficult, requiring sacrifices, and highly inconvenient obligations which may result from the title of establishing this zone.

Declared by Dr Jan Pajak, Wellington, New Zealand, 23.09.2005.

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