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The declaration of "telekinesis free zone" (TFZ) in New Zealand and Australia

Part #D: Consequences of establishing the "telekinesis free zone" (TFZ):

Part #D1: So here is the zone declared - what next?

Of course, I have no illusions that just by the declaration of the zone described here for the area of Australia, New Zealand, and Antarctic, I cause that in fact this zone will be established and become reality. After all, the actual existence of this zone will depend on the will and decisiveness of all of us. However, I hope that by declaration of this zone already now, I realize to all interested people the following:

(i) The actual existence of the phenomenon of technical telekinesis and the induction of it even in devices which already were mass produced on Earth, for example in so-called crystal radios /website "Telekinetic Cells"/.

(ii) The uniqueness of the phenomenon of technical telekinesis and the need to treat it in a special manner.

(iii) The inclusion of to wide range of aspects into the phenomenon of telekinesis to be able to identify them, to encompass them, and to learn control them all, without the establishing and having the "telekinesis free zone".

(iv) The absolute necessity to establish "the telekinesis free zone" if one wishes to control consequences of the telekinetic pollution of the natural environment.

(v) The true interest and benefit of practically every person on Earth to establish such a zone and to maintain it with an iron consequence.

(vi) The undisputable fact that New Zealand, Australia and Antarctic are most suitable amongst all countries and geographic areas in the world to become such a zone.

In turn, by realising these facts before telekinetic devices become disseminated throughout the world, gives to all the chance that people on Earth accept the absolute necessity to have such a zone, and in collective effort they all begin to implement such zone in real life at the moment when first these extraordinary devices become implemented into mass production and distributed throughout the world. Of course, the most critical moment for TFZ arrives when the serial factory production of telekinetic devices is implemented, and when first such telekinetic devices appear in shops. I do hope that builders and producers of these first devices are then going to be aware of everything that is written on this web page, and thus from the very beginning they build in into their activities all procaution mechanisms needed that these devices are prevented from entering inside of the zone described here and prevented from telekinetic polluting the natural environment of this zone.

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