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The declaration of "telekinesis free zone" (TFZ) in New Zealand and Australia

Part #C: Justifications applying to the "telekinesis free zone" (TFZ):

Part #C1: Why it is Antarctic, Australia with Tasmania, and New Zealand, which best suit the fulfilment of the honourable role of the "telekinesis free zone" (TFZ)?

There is a whole range of objective reasons, for which in my own estimation, such areas and countries as Antarctic, Australia with Tasmania, and New Zealand suit the best out of all countries in the world to become this "telekinesis free zone". Let us list here the most important out of these reasons:

(i) The natural separation from the rest of the world, and clearly marked sea borders. If on the "telekinesis free zone" designate e.g. any European country, then people who live on the border of this zone and who would not wish (or would wish) to be included into it, could resort to various tricks, for example - change the course of borders, split into two, join another country etc. However, in case of Antarctic, Australia with Tasmania, and New Zealand, there is no problem with borders. These borders cannot be changed because they are defined by the nature and by geography.

(ii) The easiness of safeguarding of borders. The link of the rest of the world with Antarctic, Australia with Tasmania, and New Zealand is accomplished only via airplanes or boats. Therefore, is it comes to the necessity of guarding whether telekinetic devices are not smuggled (as "contraband") onto these areas, in a similar manner as presently people guard that drugs are not trafficked over there, the safeguarding of Antarctic, Australia with Tasmania, and New Zealand will be much easier than guarding of e.g. any other area or country in the world.

(iii) The presence of practically all climatic spheres and natural environments. Apart from Australia, New Zealand, and Antarctic there no other area on Earth, which onone hand would be separated from the rest of the world by natural sea borders, on the other hand would represent all climates and natural environments of Earth. This in turn means, that the spreading the telekinesis free zone on these two countries, makes possible in future the monitoring of influence of telekinesis on all possible environments and climates on Earth.

(iv) The unique nature, flora and fauna. In nom other place on Earth is such a nature, flora and fauna, like within New Zealand, Australia, and Antarctic. In turn the main purpose of the "telekinesis free zone" is to protect the nature and living creatures against telekinetic pollutants which could cause mutations and genetic problems, uncontrollable growth or undergrowth and generation. Therefore, the most beneficially is when the telekinesis free zone is imposed onto areas of these two countries.

(v) Insignificant contribution of these countries to the state of technology on our planet, with a simultaneous large contribution to the production of food. In turn, the influence of technical telekinesis onto people will be most noticeable, and thus requiring the most strict monitoring, just through the telekinetised food.

(vi) The relatively large area with simultaneous small population of people living in there. Thus the benefits from establishing this zone spread onto relatively large area of our planet, including practically all climatic zones. Simultaneously, the possible inconveniences which may result from maintenance of this zone will affect by relatively small number of people.

(vii) To date accomplishments in the direction of becoming the "telekinesis free zone". For example, New Zealand is the only country in the world, which presently maintains the "nuclear free zone". So New Zealand has already a historic tradition of protecting its territory against the pollutants which endanger it. (The "nuclear free zone" declared in 1988 some David Longe - the Prime Minister of New Zealand at that time.) Australia also tries to contribute noticeably to the maintenance of our planet free of pollutants and threats. For example, in time of preparing the idea of the "telekinesis free zone" (i.e. shortly after 23 September 2005) very vividly was discussed in Australia the matter of undertaking by this country the role of "world's storage for radioactive refuse". This in turn documents the readiness with which Australia is ready to add its own contribution to the keeping our planet free from dangerous pollutions. In my own opinion the maintaining the "telekinesis free zone" will not be more difficult for citizens of Australia, than keeping the safe storages of radioactive litters. Simultaneously the contribution to the progress of our civilisation will be even bigger.

(viii) The fact that I am a New Zealander myself, and that many my superiors and colleagues were Australians. This in turn means, that the initiative of initiating and maintaining this zone originates from inside of the zone. So it is NOT imposed to citizens of these countries by an outsider, who would not be affected in person by consequences of it. Expressing this in other words, when I declare with this web page the establishment of the telekinesis free zone on the area of New Zealand and Australia, i.e. where I live as well, by this I volunteer myself to endure with all others any inconveniences and limitations which with affect this area because of such a zone. So I am the first who volunteers to subject myself for the good of entire humanity, to all limitations and inconveniences that may affect all other citizens of this zone, if the zone is established. In addition, of course I also accept the awareness, that as a person who postulated TFZ, both myself, as well as memories of my existence, will be exposed to persecutions which one day will eventuate from this idea.

(ix) The fact that New Zealand and Australia would be the last countries in the world which would be ready to promote any research on technical telekinesis. From the first moment when I discovered the existence of technical telekinesis and invented devices working on nthe basis of this phenomenon, I try to obtain a permission to be able to officially research these phenomena and devices. The undertaking official research of these phenomena and devices I proposed practically every university in existence in New Zealand and Australia. To each of these universities at some stage I filled a job application indicating in it that I would like to do research on such phenomena and devices. Always the only reply which I received was a refusal. Myself, I am NOT the only creative researcher to whom the determination of these countries to unofficially retain the status of the "telekinesis free zone" was manifested. For example in New Zealand the inventor who developed a revolutionary telekinetic heater that not only immediately boils water, but also probably telekinetises this water, for over 60 years continued efforts to receive a permit for the industrial production of this heater. He never obtained this permit. Fate of this inventor and his extraordinary heater is described on the web page Sonic Boiler - about shocking history of revolutionary heater which bits all records. Very meaningful treatment received also in both these countries the inventor of so-called "N-Machine" - means a telekinetic generator of electricity. A brief account on the subject of this inventor and his N-Machine is contained in item #H1.3. of the web page named Newzealand visit. So it is rather obvious, that representatives of science and bureaucracy of these countries clearly documented with their actions, that they decisively do not want to promote on their territory anything that has a connection with technical version of telekinesis or with telekinetic devices.

#C2. Why I believe that I have a moral obligation, and a moral right, to declare the "telekinesis free zone"?

Problem with the declaration of the "telekinesis free zone depends on this, that in order it is effective, it must be declared before these devices are distributed. Because the first prototypes of such devices already work on Earth, the right time for declaring such a zone arrived right now. (Examples of prototypes of telekinetic devices are famous telekinetic aggregates named "Testatica" and "Testa-Distatica", which are owned by the Swiss religious commune called "Methernita". Descriptions of these aggregates are provided on a separate web page Free energy - about telekinetic free energy devices. The prototype of such a telekinetic free energy device is also so-called "N-Machine" which was made famous around the world by a researcher named Bruce DePalma - mentioned in item #H1.3. of the web page named Newzealand visit. However, the telekinetic devices which were the most spread around the world were so-called "crystal radios" which contained embedded into them electronic circuitry forming the so-called Telekinetic Cells. It was just because of the containing such "telekinetic cells" that these "crystal radios" worked perfectly although they did not have any battery nor any other energy supply.) But, as so far, I am the only scientists on Earth, who carry out a wide scientific research which incorporate all phenomena induced by these devices. There is no other scientist on Earth at the moment, who would research these phenomena from the point of view of their mechanisms, consequences, etc.

Taking under the consideration, that I am the only scientist on our planet, who gained the awareness of all consequences and mechanisms released by the phenomenon of technical telekinesis, and who feels responsible for the manner in which this phenomenon is mastered and controlled, I arrived to the conclusion that I am the only scientist who has not only the moral duty, but also a moral right, to declare the "Telekinesis Free Zone" (TFZ).

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