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The declaration of "telekinesis free zone" (TFZ) in New Zealand and Australia

Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:

Part #A1: What are goals of this web page:

This web page summarises the most vital information about the "telekinesis free zone" (TFZ).

#A2. Let us start to learn from mistakes committed by previous generations:

Even a most stupid animal, once it "burns its tail", will omit other fires until the end of life. On the other hand the followers of the Darwin's Theory of Evolution for a long time claim, that us people should price themselves as being the most intelligent animals that populate the Earth. In spite of this, during over 60 years which I already lived on the Earth until the time of writing this item, I noted that people are inclined to symbolically "burn their tails" tens of times, and still learn nothing from that experience. For example, already since I was a small boy, I remember noisy news items that just another "accident" with crude oil took place in the ocean, and that it causes a disaster to the fauna and flora from the surrounding areas. But the humanity as a whole still did NOT worked out the more safe ways of extracting and transporting crude oil. What even worse, in the meantime it introduced to the use the immensely devastating for the natural environment, the so-called "fracking". In the result, in 2010 took place the most catastrophic "accident" with crude oil that so-far affected the USA - for details see any news bulletin from the period after 20 April 2010, or e.g. see the article "Monster slick" from page A23 of the New Zealand newspaper Weekend Herald, issue dated on Saturday, June 12, 2010 - which contains a summary on that slick. Almost identical situation is with nuclear energy (see an "accident" in Fukushima, Japan, described in item #M1.1. from the web page Telekinetics), nuclear bombs, chemicals, pollution of the environment, ozone layer, warming of climate, extinction of rare animals, new medicines, antibiotics, genetic engineering, industry, wars, religions, ideologies etc. Wherever we look, people in the manner of most stubborn in the entire animal world refuse to learn from the past mistakes. So, although there is a very small chance for such a time to ever arrive, that people begin to take any notice of "voices of reasoning", still herewith I am making available this web page. After all, one should start somewhere, while my research and discoveries on technical telekinesis provide the humanity with the longest so-far advanced warning about dangers of this phenomenon. Let us hope, that this time people who are to make decisions about the dissemination of devices which generate technical telekinesis, instead of the to-date following their greed and money, finally begin to take notice also of the good of people and start to consider of what I am warning here about, and what I suggest to do as a simplest form of precaution.

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