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Technical telekinesis for space travel and free energy


Television and internet bring us closer to phenomena the subject of which was discussed like myths in past. One amongst these phenomena is telekinesis. Present official science claims that telekinesis is an illusion and does NOT exist objectively. (In publications by the author, this present official science is called the old "atheistic orthodox science" - reasons for the use of this name are explained more thoroughly in item #A3 below on this web page.) Thus, according to present scientists, telekinesis should be ignored, instead of being researched. But the real life reveal to us increasingly more cases, when telekinesis is manifested. After all, in villages until today new wells are dug out only in places which beforehand were indicated by a "divining rod" that was bend telekinetically, some people are able to move objects without touching them, others telekinetically break or bend spoons, still others can levitate, many amongst us encounter manifestations of so-called "poltergeist", there are people who claim to be telekinetically lifted on decks of UFOs, etc., etc. So what is "going on" with this telekinesis. Let us have a look at descriptions that follow to find it out.

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