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UFO explosion near Tapanui, New Zealand, 1178 AD


Part #A. Introductory information of this web page:
- #A1. Maori legend from Mataura - means what motivated me to prepare this web page:
- #A2. What are goals of this web page:
- #A3. This web page offers also free copies of monographs [5e/3] and [5p/4] which detail the evidence on UFO explosion near Tapanui:

Part #B: My search for the site of explosion that is described in Maori legends:
- #B1. The first four years of my search for the explosion site:
- #B2. Discovery of the Tapanui Crater:
- #B3. What research revealed:
- #B4. The exclusively sensational, instead of scientific, reception of the outcomes of my research:
- #B4.1. The stimulation of my philosophical interest in "truth" and in its attributes - caused by the "unworthy of truth" reception of the results of my research on the Tapanui explosion and the Tapanui Crater:
- #B5. The denials and condemning actions of other local scientists, and the negative consequences of the lack of constructive handling of my discovery regarding the UFO explosion near Tapanui:
- #B6. In what manner the "carbon copy" of the Tapanui explosion in New Zealand, means the so-called impact from Kofels in Austria, indicates how we all could benefit from the constructive handling of the New Zealand catastrophic event:

Part #C: What kinds of evidence I managed to identify around the Tapanui Crater and what this evidence implies:
- #C1. Complexity of the evidence:
- #C2. Where is available this body of evidence that is ignored so-far by the present official science:

Part #D: The body of evidence which certifies that near Tapanui some powerful explosion actually took place:
- #D1. Die Fülle der Beweise für die tatsächliche Existenz der Tapanui-Explosion:
- #D2. Trees of majestic "totara" concentrically lied down by the blow of the Tapanui explosion and lying in such manner that their axes point at the Tapanui Crater:
- #D2.1. The mystery of the incredible durability of timber from trees blown down by shockwaves of UFO explosion near Tapanui:
- #D3. So-called "china stones" - means lumps of soil thrown into the air by force of explosion, melted by heat of this explosion, and aerodynamically shaped in the effect of flight in the hot air:

Part #E: The body of evidence which certifies that these were UFOs that exploded in Tapanui:
- #E1. Summary of the evidence that these were UFOs that exploded in Tapanui:
- #E2. Debris from UFO vehicles that exploded near Tapanui:
- #E3. Nuggets of the "magnetised gold", or rather pieces of extraterrestrial metal which still remains unknown to the present human science and which displays all attributes of gold:
- #E4. Fast progressing vandalism of the evidence:

Part #F: Consequences of the Tapanui explosion for New Zealand:
- #F1. How the Tapanui explosion affected New Zealand:
- #F2. Waving of the so-called "timespace" and repetitive appearances in present New Zealand fauna from the past which is already extinct in there for a long time, e.g. moa birds:

Part #G: Consequences of the Tapanui explosion for the entire our planet:
- #G1. World-wide impact of the Tapanui explosion:
- #G2. Wiping out the legendary city of Veneta (also called Vineta and Wineta) from the surface of Earth:

Part #H: The use of the Tapanui explosion as a tool for elimination of parasitic communities:
- #H1. Why and how parasitic people and parasitic communities must be eliminated:
- #H2. The destruction of the immoral Baltic city known from legendary wealth, in Polish called "Wineta" (in German - "Vineta", in English - "Veneta"):
- #H3. The legend on the destruction of immoral city of Salamis in Cyprus:
- #H4. The legend about the destruction of immoral city of Saeftinghe from the medieval Netherlands:
- #H5. Historical records of destruction of the immoral city of Port Royal in Jamaica:
- #H6. Human settlements destroyed by Acts of God in most recent times:

Part I. How to recognise the "simulated cataclysms" formed intentionally for correcting the immoral influence of parasitic communities:
- #I1. The "simulated" cataclysms have at least three well-documented explanations:
- #I2. In present times increasingly larger number of cities and countries become lairs for practitioners of the philosophy of parasitism - similarly as Wineta and Salamis used to be:
- #I3. While the majority of humans laboriously brings cataclysms on themselves, individual people received a chance for saving themselves:

Part #J. How the Tapanui explosion was "simulated" - means the reconstruction of mechanism of the Tapanui explosion from the available evidence:
- #J1. Where all this energy comes from:
- #J2. How we know about Oscillatory Chambers:
- #J3. How we know that Oscillatory Chambers are used in UFOs:
- #J4. UFOs are Magnocrafts that already fly:
- #J5. The formal proof that "UFOs do exist and they are Magnocraft":
- #J6. If UFOs are Magnocraft, then why UFOnauts do not give us their technology:
- #J7. The evidence indicates that this UFO explosion of 1178 AD near Tapanui that slanted the Earth was carried out on purpose:
- #J8. Where else UFO vehicles have exploded (apart from Tapanui):

Part #K: How the Tapanui explosion explained the arrival of present dark "neo-medieval epoch" that prevails on the Earth since 11 September 2001:
- #K1. The analogy of collapse of a flourishing "Antiquity" into the darkness of the "Middle Ages", explaining how on 11th September 2001 from a thriving "technocracy" of the 19th and 20th century, the humanity rolled down into the current, dark "neo-medieval epoch":
- #K2. Why it is vital to emphasize abnormalities in the behaviour of people while defining the medieval epoch (instead of emphasizing the span of time):
- #K3. The destructive "resonation of telepathic noise" is also induced by every nuclear explosion - what this means for the humanity:
- #K4. Which facts prove to us, that we really have already on the Earth another "neo-medieval epoch":
- #K5. Generations which actively contributed towards arriving of the "neo-medieval epoch" to the Earth:
- #K6. Why the generation of "Midases in reverse" escalates the "neo-medieval epoch":
- #K7. The beginning of "witch hunting" in the official human science - means the return of medieval behaviours and "scientific neo-inquisition":
- #K8. Can somehow the sliding of humanity into the "neo-medieval epoch" be stopped, and negative consequences of the resonations of telepathic noise be neutralised:
Part #L: Harmful for humanity disappearances of all material evidence for the existence of NZ giants described as up to 8 meters tall, which were eating, among others, people:
- #L1. My research on the tribe of giants "Te Kahui Tipua" from Timaru, NZ, and the sources of data that allow readers to verify heights of NZ giants:

Part #Z: Summary, and the final information of this web page:
- #Z1. Summary of this web page:
- #Z2. Should you wish to visit the Tapanui Crater:
- #Z3. How with the Polish web page named "skorowidz.htm" one can find links to totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he/she is interested:
- #Z4. Blogs of totalizm:
- #Z5. The author of this web page (i.e. Dr Eng. Jan Pająk):
- #Z6. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":
- #Z7. Copyright © 2022 by Jan Pajak - means the intellectual owner of copyrights to this web page and to theories, evidence, ideas, and illustrations shown here:


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