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The church of St. Andrea Bobola and other churches of Milicz

"There came a man
who was sent from God;
his name was John.
He came as a witness
to testify concerning
that light, so that
through him all men
might believe. He
himself was not the
light; he came only
as a witness to the
light. The true light
that gives light to
every man was coming
into the world. He
was in the world,
and though the world
was made through him,
the world did not
recognize him. He came
to that which was his
own, but his own did
not receive him. Yet
to all who received him,
to those who believed
in his name, he gave
the right to become
children of God - children
born not of natural descent,
nor of human decision
or a husband's will,
but born of God.
The Word became flesh ..."

(Quotation from the Biblical Evangel of St. John 1:6-14.)


The Catholic Church dedicated to the saint Andrea Bobola from the Polish town of Milicz is the only one in Poland about which I know with certainty that the Bible foretells the essence and confirms the truth of several scientific discoveries very important for humanity, made by a Polish researcher and author of this web page, who experienced the honour of his first Holy Communion in that very church. So I am going to start this web page about the church of Andrea Bobola in Milicz from a summary of a pair of the newest examples of these discoveries, and from a reminder of the older discovery (made in 1985) but being the most fundamental among them, because due to its potential to remove evil from our planet, it is until today (means already for over 37 years) hidden and blocked from dissemination by institutions of "official atheistic science" and "Internet".

(1) The newest of these discoveries, to accomplish of which God inspired me in 2022, I had the honour to publish on 2022/11/1 in the post number #353E to blogs of totalizm (addresses of which are provided in item #Z3 of this web page). This discovery is the crowning achievement of the results of my many years long research on the role of today's very ill-designed "Internet" as the carrier of NOT only evil in all its forms, e.g. lies, slander, injustice, unearned income and money, computer viruses, the so-called "cookies", etc., but also the bearer of the biblical numerals of Beast "666", i.e. the digits described in verse 13:18 from the Book of "Revelation" in the Bible. As the reader probably already heard, some powers increasingly loudly spread the rumours around the Earth, that since the times of the German reformer of Christianity named Martin Luther (born in 1483, died in 1546), some branches of Christianity wrongly claim that the Pope is the bearer of these prophetic numerals "666".

After all, after adding together the Roman numerals contained in the official papal title "Vicarius Filii Dei" their sum expresses just the number "666 Explained in 10 Minutes" - which fact in English explains e.g. about 10 minutes of video on Youtube.

Fortunately, just I discovered and described it in detail in the paragraph marked with the label [The Wisdom of Coding the Bible] and also in the first paragraph from item #H4. of my web page named Free will, that God very wisely and farsightedly encoded the hidden message in the same verse 13:18 from the "Revelation" in the Bible, which message informs the researcher using "wisdom" that these numerals "666" indicating the actual carrier of the of the mark "666" must be counted for the number 18 which is the sum of the numerals 18 = 6+6+6 (and NOT counted from the number "six hundred sixty-six"). Thus highly fortunately for us Catholics, this requirement of counting the numerals 666 out of the number 18, and also several other requirements described in the Bible - a part of which I also indicate in item #H4. to #H4b. from my web page named Free will, the Pope does NOT fulfil at all. Moreover, in these #H3b. to #H4. I explain in engineering way, "how" and "why" the requirement to count the numerals of Beast "666" from the number 18 = 6+6+6 and other requirements described in the Bible, are perfectly fulfilled by the present institution of the "Internet", in which the foundation of its operation is the so-called computer "word" (also explained in the Bible in a coded manner) which consists of just 18 "bits". This in turn means that believers in God should be beware of the Internet and try as soon as possible to undertake rational, objective and characterized by respect and desire for mutual benefits for all interested parties and people, as well as guided by the wisdom, farsighting, and knowledge of "how", works on removing from the Internet these unfortunate for humanity elements of its design (and there are many of them).

This is because if we do NOT do this, then most probably it is the "Internet" (or someone governing over the Internet) that will be this Beast "666", which soon will become one of the greatest tormentors and persecutors of the entire humanity - about which, regardless of the Bible, artists inspired by God have us warned, for example, in the entire series of movies "Terminator".

(2) A slightly older my discovery, but also made in 2022, is the finding that in the Bible the symbolic "[Ω] Seal of God" foretells and confirms the essence and truth of everything that is most important for the good of people - in this number it also prophesies and confirms every future important and truthful scientific discovery. Just such a very important discovery, the essence and the truth of which the Bible confirms in two verses, I made in February 2022. So with this discovery I fulfilled the prophecy from these verses of the Bible over 2000 years after these verses were written. And because my family belonged to the parishioners of this church from Milicz, and I received my first holy communion in there, the honour and distinction of the fulfilment of the prophecy contained in the Bible verses also covers this church and all its parishioners. The discovery discussed here, the essence and the truth of which is confirmed in verses of the Bible, is already explained thoroughly in item #I5. and in Img.217 (#I5a) from my English web page Theory of everything of 1985 and also in the Polish version of this web page, then I also summarized them in posts #346E and #345E to blogs of totalizm. It was this prophecy, and also the confirmation in the Bible of this one as well as several other my scientific discoveries, that led me later to try to put into words of modern language the formulations of laws described in the Bible that govern effective praying regarding our requests that God promises to fulfil - the most important of which I explained in #A3. to #A3abc. from my web page Class 1964 (describing graduates of 1964 from the Lyceum in Milicz) and in post #352E to blogs of totalizm.

So I am NOT going to repeat them here. I will only add that these discoveries and their confirmation in the Bible have many far-reaching consequences. For example, some of these consequences brought to religions are discussed partially in the Introduction to my web page Bible, and from another point of view, partially also on the entire web page describing my Theory of Life of 2020.

In turn some consequences that they bring to science and to history are explained in {9} from item #B8.2 of my Polish web page named Yearbook - which discusses my year of studies at the Wrocław University of Technology, where I gained knowledge after completing my education in the class of Madam Hass from the General Education High School in Milicz.

After all, being born in a poor family from the hamlet of Stawczyk (i.e. a part of village Wszewilki), the town of Milicz and its high school were enough close as the place of my education, that despite the chronic lack of Party of Totalizm by my poor parents, I could still get an education in Milicz. In turn, thanks to this education, plus later due life experience and wisdom that I gained while working hard and productively in many countries of the world, now, like my patron saint John (in Polish spelled "Jan"), as I can I testify concerning that light. This is why, with the discovery discussed here, I have the courage to oppose the deception of people by the present "official atheistic science" and for example scientifically prove that neither the "elapse of time" nor "time" and its aging action do NOT exist in "nature" but they have been "invented" by God, then wisely pre-programmed only into the created by God our "world of matter" - i.e. neither "time" nor "elapse of time" physically exist in the counter-world in which God lives and our souls reside, hence everything that in this world of God takes place must occur in there with infinite speed (for example telepathy or telekinetic motion are always carried out with an infinitive speed). In turn these timeless truths about the invention of time by God, confirmed e.g. in the Bible by the mentioned "[Ω] Seal of God", I document in items #I1. to #I5. from the web page Theory of everything of 1985 indicated above, and in posts #346E and #345E to blogs of totalizm (addresses of these blogs are provided in item #Z3 at the end of this web page), while almost every person is make aware of them, e.g. due to repetitive experiencing the phenomenon of the so-called "deja vu".

(3) Of course, there are many more my discoveries confirmed in the Bible by the "[Ω] Seal of God", but I am NOT going to describe them all here. Those readers who wish to read them, will find a list, short summaries, and links to full descriptions of the most important among them, in item #B8.2 from my Polish web page Yearbook.

(4) The most important discovery made by me in 1985 (although until now cleverly hidden and blocked by some hostile towards people force from being disseminated via the Internet), was the development of the Theory of everything of 1985. This is because having the theory of everything allowed me later to gradually work out all my other discoveries and scientific findings. But most importantly, it also allowed to formulate the first in the world whole series of irrefutable formal scientific proofs that God does exist with reliable methods of proving which for centuries have been proven in action as irrefutable. The reader can find this evidence described in items #G2. and #G3. from the web page God proof and in other publications linked from there. Of course, the reader probably did NOT hear about them yet because of the imposition of a strict blockade on them both by the present "official atheistic science" as well as by the "Internet", so if someone accidentally mentioned it, probably spoke unfavourably about them. However, it is worth remembering that no properly conducted scientific proof loses its validity only because someone showers it with insults or slanders and blocks it, but it maintains its validity indefinitely - unless someone is able to formally prove its contradiction, i.e. in this case to prove that God does NOT exist - a formal proving of what, however, is practically impossible simply because God does exist (while NO lie can correctly be proven to be truth, as it would also break the truth of the Bible).

My name is Jan (i.e. Polish for John) and I welcome you to my ethnic web page which presents mainly old stories about churches of the town Milicz. I prepared this web page on 2004/8/15 in order to present in it mainly stories of ancient people about the churches of Milicz. Only a small proportion of what is presented on this web page originates either from my personal life experience, or from scientific research which I carry out. In turn the majority of information provided here originate from stories of old-timers which I overheard in years of my youth and which I am repeating here.

How much correct are these stories of old-timers that I overheard in my childhood, I am unable to estimate. Some of them were quite extraordinary and controversial. For example, at the beginning of 20th century the folklore of the vicinity of Cieszków, Stawiec, and Wszewilki claimed, that operated in there someone named "Sapieha" - who supposedly was a "wizard" - i.e. a male version of "witch". (According to this folklore, a "wizard" supposed to be a creature with supernatural powers, similar to powers of present "UFOnauts", or the magician David Copperfield. Typically they had a character that was extremely hostile towards people. These creatures used to enjoy torturing, persecuting, and inflicting suffering to people. The only difference between them, and other "supernatural" creatures known then and called "devils", was that "wizards" lived amongst people, looked exactly the same as people do, and everyone around them knew them, as well as knew their past. Therefore people considered them to be evil humans who only acquired supernatural powers through studying secret knowledge from "forbidden books". However, in present times when we already know well that there is purposely simulated a race of evil UFOnauts which look identically to humans, agents of which are simulated as if they mix with people - so that they can spy and control the humanity much better, now we would rather consider these "wizards" to be UFOnauts.)

Still in times of my youth, means in late 1940s and early 1950s, at that are children were scared by whispered warning "Sapieha flies" (he supposedly used to fly like a huge bat - so he was a blueprint for characters from the American movie "Batman"). More information about the "wizard" named Sapieha is provided in item #G1. below on this web page. Other stories of old-timers are more verifiable. For example the story, that by the present dam on the Barycz river there used to be an old watermill, I was verifying myself as a teenager. In fact I saw remains of a dam, pond, waterwheel, etc., still then existing in there. Similarly various facts support old stories that one of branches of the ancient "Amber Route" passed by the present Krotoszyńska Street of Milicz, and then via this dirt road to Stawiec. (I.e. the same dirt road by which just after the World War Two four nameless graves of German soldiers were left, described on the web page with the story of the Battle of Milicz.)

The fact which supports this, is the significant lower level of this dirt road to Stawiec, in comparison to the level of fields that surround this road. In some places the level of this road is lower by almost 2 meters in comparison to the level of fields surrounding this road. This in turn means, that this extremely old road was intensely used for very long time. Such a long use, combined with the location of it on a small slope, caused that the level of it was so much lowered after all these years. (Notice that the same folklore states that another branch of the "Amber Route" led by the very old church in Stawczyk.)
* * *

The content of this web page is authorized by Dr Eng. Jan Pajak that is by a researcher, discoverer and inventor of New Zealand and Poland and WorldCat Identity (see the web page http://worldcat.org/identities/), the course of whose life is briefly described at the autobiographical web page Jan Pająk.

By profession Dr Eng. Jan Pająk is an academic teacher who lectured and carried out research at 10 tertiary educational institutions of the world where he lectured numerous subjects in two different disciplines, i.e. in the discipline of Mechanical Engineering and Machine Construction, first at his native Wrocław University of Science and Technology, then at the universities of New Zealand (Canterbury), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and Borneo (Kuching), as well as in the discipline of Software Engineering and Programming Languages at four New Zealand tertiary educational institutions (i.e. at Invercargill College, Dunedin University, Timaru Polytechnic, and Wellington Institute of Technology) and at universities in Cyprus (Famagusta) and Korea (Suwon). At as many as four among these universities (i.e. at universities in Cyprus, Malaysia, Borneo and Korea) he was employed as university professor. In the early part of the 21st century, Dr Eng. Jan Pająk distinguished himself from the group of still alive at that time discoverers and inventors who simultaneously were citizens of Poland and/or New Zealand, that he became among them the most widely known in the world, most variously interpreted, and moreover, the most productive - in spite of conducting his research without funding and on the principles of alleged a private scientific "hobby", forced by the official disapproval of the areas of knowledge and truth he researches, and in spite that the results of his research constitute knowledge and truth that in present world is one of the most fiercely overpowered and blocked from getting known by people. Only a brief illustration and summary of the most important of his discoveries, inventions and scientifically indisputable formal proofs with the use of teaching movies, required the preparation of a series of half-hour video presentations available for free on the Internet: either in three languages, namely i.e. in Polish, English and German - examples of which can be the movie entitled Video Dr. Jan Pająk - Portfolio (english) resp. in YouTube and the movie entitled Future Propulsions resp. in YouTube too, or English and German 4-minute video How big is the Magnocraft resp. in YouTube or videos disseminated with narration in Polish but with subtitles in English - for example the quest movie entitled The Nirvana System: World That Rid Of Money resp. in YouTube /only polish at moment/ and the warning movie entitled Video Dr. Jan Pająk - The Destruction of Humanity 2030 resp. in YouTube /only polish at moment, but with subtitles in English/ (note that these English subtitles can be turned "on" or "off" by clicking on the icon "cc", i.e. "subtitles/closed captions", located at the bottom-right of given movie). Unfortunately, the results of his breakthrough research to-date illustrate how perfectly the today's situation with truth, knowledge and monopolistic "official atheistic science" is reflected in the life wisdom of the Bible verses from Matthew 13:57, Luke 4:24 and John 4:44, as well as in the folk wisdom contained in the saying truth hurts.

After all, e.g. in New Zealand until today almost no-one wants to know about the existence and outcomes of his research. In turn, e.g. in Poland, in order to invalidate, deny, silence, and combat his discoveries, inventions and formal proofs, many compatriots conspire into gangs that act as monopolies distorting the truth and forgetting about God (as, for example, it is documented from #A5. to #A5bc. from the web page named Totalizm), while trying to leave for future generations only lies, rubbish, polluted water, air and soil, and devastated nature.

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