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Stawczyk village (Neu-Steffitz) which is and isn't


"Stawczyk" is an extraordinary small village - or more stictly a "hamlet". It supposedly exists, but cannot be found on maps nor on lists of Polish settlements. So practically it does NOT exist. But I was born in it. Means that in spite of non-existence, this village (hamlet) exerts its influence onto the world. It affects us on the same principle as the Polish snake "gniewosz" described in item #F2. of this web page - which alters the speed of elapse of time to be able to move unnoticed, or as these famous creatures described in item #E1. below, means as e.g. "Yeti" from Himalaya, "intestine worms" from the Gobi desert in Mongolia, "Nessie" monster from the Scottish lake Loch Ness, "dragon" from the lake Cini in Malaysia, "serpent" from the lake Tver near Moscow in Russia, "Mkole-Mbembe" or "elephant killer" from the "Lake Tele" in northern part of Congo, American "thunder birds", the New Zealand giant lizard "taniwha", huge "centipedes" from Brazil, and other life forms which according to science do NOT exist, but yet exert their influence on the humanity. Such an "existing non-existence" of Stawczyk causes in turn that it is NOT only a village which is impossible to find on maps. It is also a symbol. Means a symbol of what is invisible or ignored, but still exerting its influence. This web page is about the village Stawczyk. Thus it is also about everything that is invisible or ignored, although it exerts an influence. All explanations of this web page are carried out on the example of this highly symbolic village called "Stawczyk".

The content of this web page is authorized by Dr Eng. Jan Pająk that is by a researcher, discoverer and inventor of New Zealand and Poland and WorldCat Identity (see the web page http://worldcat.org/identities/), the course of whose life is briefly described at the autobiographical web page Jan Pająk.

By profession Dr Eng. Jan Pająk is an academic teacher wholectured and carried out research at 10 tertiary educational institutions of the world where he lectured numerous subjects in two different disciplines, i.e. in the discipline of Mechanical Engineering and Machine Construction, first at his native Wrocław University of Science and Technology, then at the universities of New Zealand (Canterbury), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and Borneo (Kuching), as well as in the discipline of Software Engineering and Programming Languages at four New Zealand tertiary educational institutions (i.e. at Invercargill College, Dunedin University, Timaru Polytechnic, and Wellington Institute of Technology) and at universities in Cyprus (Famagusta) and Korea (Suwon). At as many as four among these universities (i.e. at universities in Cyprus, Malaysia, Borneo and Korea) he was employed as university professor. In the early part of the 21st century, Dr Eng. Jan Pająk distinguished himself from the group of still alive at that time discoverers and inventors who simultaneously were citizens of Poland and/or New Zealand, that he became among them the most widely known in the world, most variously interpreted, and moreover, the most productive - in spite of conducting his research without funding and on the principles of alleged a private scientific "hobby", forced by the official disapproval of the areas of knowledge and truth he researches, and in spite that the results of his research constitute knowledge and truth that in present world is one of the most fiercely overpowered and blocked from getting known by people.

Only a brief illustration and summary of the most important of his discoveries, inventions and scientifically indisputable formal proofs with the use of teaching movies, required the preparation of a series of half-hour video presentations available for free on the Internet: either in three languages, namely i.e. in Polish, English and German - examples of which can be the movie entitled Video Dr. Jan Pająk - Portfolio (english) resp. in YouTube and the movie entitled Future Propulsions resp. in YouTube, or English and German 4-minute video How big is the Magnocraft?
resp. in YouTube or videos disseminated with narration in Polish but with subtitles in English - for example the quest movie entitled The Nirvana System: World That Rid Of Money resp. in YouTube /only polish at moment/ and the warning movie entitled Video Dr. Jan Pająk - The Massive Purification of Humanity in 2030s resp. in YouTube /only polish at moment, but with subtitles in English/. (Note that these English subtitles can be turned "on" or "off" by clicking on the icon "cc", i.e. "subtitles/closed captions", located at the bottom-right of given movie).

Unfortunately, the results of his breakthrough research to-date illustrate how perfectly the today's situation with truth, knowledge and monopolistic "official atheistic science" is reflected in the life wisdom of the Bible verses from Matthew 13:57, Luke 4:24 and John 4:44, as well as in the folk wisdom contained in the saying "truth hurts".

After all, e.g. in New Zealand until today almost no-one wants to know about the existence and outcomes of his research. In turn, e.g. in Poland, in order to invalidate, deny, silence, and combat his discoveries, inventions and formal proofs, many compatriots conspire into gangs that act as monopolies distorting the truth and forgetting about God (as, for example, it is documented from #A5. to #A5bc. from the web page Totalizm), while trying to leave for future generations only lies, rubbish, polluted water, air and soil, and devastated nature.

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