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How to choose a "smart" TV worth buying for yourself

In 1985 I published an extraordinary scientific theory, which a few months later turned out to be the scientific Theory of everything of 1985 that was sought after since centuries. At the time of its development and the first publication, I named it the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. In turn its second name the Theory of Everything (of 1985) I started to add to its descriptions a few months later - i.e. when I was surprised to discover that it has the power to answer practically all possible questions. In 1997, using the opportunities created by my professorship on the close to nature tropical island of Borneo, I decided to experimentally test the postulate of my "Theory of Everything of 1985", which suggested that there exists an intelligent counterpart for stupid forms of energy that we know from the findings of physics. Initially, I called this intelligent energy "zwow" from the Polish words "zasób wolnej woli" (meaning "capacity of free will"). And so, in Borneo I undertook the implementation of an extraordinary empirical experiment, the aim of which was to raise in myself the level of this particular kind of intelligent energy - the existence of which was strongly suggested by my scientific "Theory of Everything from 1985". In turn, when in order to fulfill the requirements of this experiment, I was already doing a "heavy physical toil" motivated solely by the good of our "neighbors" for a number of months, means a labor which I pedantically tried to fulfill all God's commandments and requirements written in the Bible, while being in the middle of the task that I imposed on that particular day on myself as part of this toil, and having muscles that were already significantly painful from effort and fatigue, while my shirt was wet with sweat squeezed out by hard work in the middle of a hot day in the Bornean tropics, suddenly I felt as if I was struck by some "lightning bolt of happiness". My body almost fainted and unspeakable happiness burst from somewhere inside me with such force that I had to sit down and wait for my body to get used to this extraordinary feeling of happiness and a kind of spiritual pleasure with an intensity that is simply impossible to describe. In turn when this strange happiness did NOT disappear for the next days and then weeks, I started to fall into a kind of "panic".

In my youth I read that there is an African "tsetse", a bite of which caused the disease of perpetual "coma" which ended in death. So because the tropical island of Borneo on which I carried out this my private experiment with physically performed heavy "moral work" is full of strange insects and extraordinary diseases, I started to fear that perhaps I was bitten by some local "fly" related to the African "tse-tse", which, however, instead of a constant "coma", caused a lasting feeling of happiness. So I started to frantically search in the literature of the university in which I worked then as a professor of mechanical engineering, to find out what is this extraordinary happiness that I constantly experienced. In this way I discovered that the performed in my experiment hard physical work for highly moral motivations (which in order to emphasize the role of these motivations I started to call then the "moral work"), generates in people an increase in intelligent energy initially called "zwow" (later its name I renamed to "moral energy") - the exceeding with the level of which intelligent energy the "threshold value" of around 1200 [hps] causes the phenomenon of long-term happiness of earned nirvana.

As a result of further research and experiments with this personally experienced totaliztic nirvana that lasted continually for around 9 months and ended only because ended my professorship in close to nature island of Borneo, I managed to collect a whole range of discoveries and facts about the very phenomenon of earned nirvana.

Thus, after my return to New Zealand, I understood that the intelligent "moral energy" which, due to the physical performance of heavy "moral work", accumulates in such a working person, and then its outflow through "chakras" causes the phenomenon of feeling the overpowering happiness of nirvana, most probably was pre-programmed into souls and bodies of people to replace the currently used "money" as compensation for hard work done with morally correct motivations. In this way the idea of a new political system was born, which I named the "nirvana political system", while detailed descriptions of which I published in a number of my publications, including that item #C7. from my web page named "nirvana", publications linked from that item #C7. .

Unfortunately, the publishing of descriptions of the "nirvana political system" brought to me mainly various hidden persecutions and institutional blocking and disgusting results of my research. After all, the goal of the "nirvana political system" is to completely eliminate from the use of the to-date "money" scarcely allocated to working people by imperfect human superiors and by "elites", and to replace "money" with "moral energy" extremely justly generated by programs prepared by God. This in turn will cause the equalization of all people and the disappearance from Earth of the so-called "elites" and "rich". Meanwhile, some people, for whom having "money" enables easy and sluggish lifestyle spent at banquets, intrigues, controlling and dictating to others, etc., do NOT really enjoy the chance to replace their wealth with "moral energy" that needs to be generated by many "hours of physical struggle" [hps]. Nevertheless, I recommend the reader to look at the descriptions of that item #C7 because it will immensely extend the understanding of the world in which we live.

The reflections and analyzes that I carried out in order to develop this "nirvana political system" designed for us by God, allowed me to discover that all existing political systems on Earth, including the present capitalism and communism, operate on the principle of "forcing" ("extortion") of labour from people through the use of "money" or "fear". On the other hand, the "moral energy" and the happiness of nirvana that it induces, allows for shifting the country or even the entire humanity from this "forced" labour into completely "voluntary"work - without simultaneously reducing its efficiency, quality, etc. But most importantly, the idea of "nirvana political system" allows us to understand, that the most important goal of the ruling elites in every political system to-date (including NOT only capitalism, but also communism) is to "force" and to "exploit" the rest of the population in various clever ways. In turn one of the first victims of this "extortion" and "exploitation", which is already chronic in our civilization, is that e.g. we are increasingly often "forced" to watch in today's television only what the elites decide that it is in their interest that we watch it, and at the same time we are forced to additionally "pay" for this watching.

Unfortunately, this "forcing" increasingly distances us from what God commands us to watch and do - see verse 4:8 from the Bible quoted in items #B1. and #E1. of this web page. Therefore, it is in our interest that we take care of preserveing our human beliefs, views and preferences and instead of watching on TV what is "forced" upon us by elites distorted by the wealth and what distances us from God's commandments (e.g. from the commandment "You shall not kill" - see verse 20:13 from the Biblical "Book of Exodus") we can begin to watch what the "organ of conscience" tells us, or what we want and consider appropriate to watch. But in order to be able to switch our viewing in such a way, we need NOT a TV set that shows only propaganda programs produced by the elites in order to be able to "force" them onto us and "sell" them for an additional fee, but we need a TV set which nowadays is sold under the name of "smart" TV - as some of the versions of such "smart TV allow us to watch without additional payment whatever we consider appropriate. (However NOT every "smart" TV actually meets the requirements of being "smart" - see item #E1 below.) This web page describes how to find and choose for purchase such a "smart" TV. After all, in order to be able to continue deceiving us, under the name of "smart" TV, are also sold TV sets, which still secretly force us to watch what and still exploit us by forcing us to pay additional fees for whatever we watch.

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