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Destruction of the space shuttle Columbia by two UFOs


Welcome to my web page which presents a body of evidence in support of the very shocking for some people fact, that the space shuttle "Columbia" was destroyed intentionally by "simulations" of UFO vehicles - similarly as "simulations" of UFO vehicles destroyed also intentionally "WTC" skyscrapers from New York. Thus, the body of evidence presented here provides another confirmation for the merit of main thesis from the web page Evil - which (thesis) states that the humanity is currently tormented and annihilated in a hidden manner by "simulations" of UFOnauts who look identically to people. (The best brief description of very important reasons why UFOnauts are "simulated", and why they are tormenting humans, is provided in items #L1. to #L5. from the web page Magnocraft.)

Furthermore, this body of evidence additionally complements and extends similar documentation from another web site Day 26. This another web site indicates, amongst others, that the tragic tsunami from the Indian Ocean which occurred on 26 December 2004 and which killed around 300 000 people, was also induced on purpose by "simulations" of UFOnauts - to become another example in their continuous efforts to illustrate to the humanity how departures from principles of pedantic fulfilment of Morality lead to the destruction and to tormenting of people.
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Everything that is presented on this web page results from my personal research carried out on the basis of theory of a magnetically propelled spaceship of my own invention, called the Magnocraft. In turn descriptions of the murderous campaign of tormenting humanity, which UFOnauts carry out on Earth lately, are contained in subsections A3 and O8.2 from volumes (respectively) 1 and 12 of monograph [1/4], and also on a naumber of separate web pages, such as

Evil, Landslips, Katowice, Katrina, Tornado, Day 26, WTC, Columbia, Changelings, Plague, and Predators.

Here are headings portraying to subsequent categories of evidence in support of my thesis that UFOs destroyed the space shuttle Columbia, and also my explanations provided directly under these headings.
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