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First publication: March 2003 (original)
Last update: 03.10.2013 (original)
Update german mirror-site: 26.02.2023
Copyright Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

Telepathic sensor for remote detection of impending earthquakes by genius Zhang Heng


Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:
- #A1. What are goals of this web page:
- #A2. What inspired me to write this web page:
- #A3. The related web page named day26.htm discusses the topic of "tsunamis" which are induced by earthquakes described here:

Part #B. Why murderous earthquakes, and other cataclysms, are disastrous only from the human point of view:
- #B0. If one learns methods used by God, then he or she knows "for which behaviour", and "how", God is going to punish us, if we act immorally - in turn this knowledge is a primary condition for an effective defence against earthquakes and other cataclysms:
- #B1. Analyses of questions "why" reveal that even disasters and catastrophes are justified and also bring various benefits, in turn being such most clearly they are unleashed on purpose:
- #B2. How various regularities contained in supposedly irregular earthquakes confirm that these are NOT initiated at random:
- #B3. "Explosive" dispersion of so-called "moral energy" that brings disasters:
- #B4. What is the mechanism of change of philosophy in areas affected by a catastrophe:
- #B5. The "standard procedure" for a cataclysm:
- #B6. A simple way on which larger communities are capable to stop the arrival of murderous earthquakes and other catastrophes:
- #B7. Principles of predicting that a cataclysm is coming:
- #B7.1. What signs inform us that we live in the community which is close to the state of "agonal intellect" in its practicing the philosophy of parasitism (and thus close to a cataclysm):
- #B7.2. The "intensity of the stream of teaching information" and the capability of it to hold back the arrival of cataclysms to communities which already reached the level of "agonal intellect" in their practicing the philosophy of parasitism (and thus which are close to being punished with a cataclysm):
- #B7.3. Which indicators are to tell us that the place where we live already deserved a cataclysm, only that either "10 righteous" or a high "intensity of the stream of teaching information" still holds back the arrival of it:
- #B8. Could these cumulative raises in earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters mean that the "end of world" is just approaching?
- #B9. Those more scared ones can relax - the world's nuclear war will never happen:

Part #C. The review of the most deadly earthquakes of the 21st century:
- #C1. The earth shakes continually - only that in the majority of cases this is a kind of "smoke screen" which is to hide from people the selectiveness and the purpose of catastrophes send by God:
- #C2. The earthquake from China on 12 May 2008:
- #C3. The earthquake from Haiti on 13 January 2010:
- #C4. The Chilean earthquake on 27 February 2010:
- #C5. The warning Christchurch earthquake from New Zealand, on Saturday 4th September 2010 at 4:35 am:
- #C5.1. There is a very simple (and inexpensive) way for Christchurch (and also for other cities and communities) to protect itself against any cataclysm - unfortunately the city acts exactly opposite to this way:
- #C5.2. The "moral field" works in such a manner, that whatever is the easiest thing to do, is NOT the deed which yields beneficial outcomes:
- #C6. The "urging" earthquake from Christchurch, on Tuesday, 22 February 2011:
- #C6.1. Italians finally make their scientists accountable - should the victims from Christchurch also follow the Italian example?
- #C6.2. Earthquakes from Christchurch have NOT limited themselves to these described above - but in order to not extend this web page, descriptions of further ones amongst them are shifted to the web page named quake.htm:
- #C7. The earthquake and tsunami from Japan, on Friday 11 March 2011:
- #C8. Washington, USA - the "warning" earthquake of Tuesday, August 23 2011:

Part #D. Why the humanity did NOT learn yet how to predict nor to remotely detect the impending earthquake:
- #D1. Earthquakes detected in advance are less dangerous:
- #D2. Close-minded thinking of present scientists:

Part #E. The Zhang Heng seismograph which allows to predict and remotely detect earthquakes that are just brewing up:
- #E1. Ancient "chi" (i.e. "telepathic waves") provide a principle for an early detection of incoming earthquakes:
- #E2. What are "telepathic waves" (ancient "chi"):
- #E3. A "houfeng didongy yi" working on "chi":
- #E4. The life history of Zhang Heng is quite extraordinary:

Part #F. My research on the "Zhang Heng Seismograph":
- #F1. I have researched privately the "houfeng didongy yi" since 1993:
- #F2. Device's shape and mutual cooperation of components:
- #F3. Principle of operation of the "houfeng didongy yi":
- #F4. Erroneous inertial explanation of the operation of this device:
- #F5. Why "houfeng didongy yi" could not work on inertia:
- #F6. The "houfeng didongy yi" foreruns present orthodox science by at least 100 years:

Part #G. The confirmation of the correctness of the principle of operation of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph" which I developed:
- #G1. The experiment which proves the feasibility of principles of operation utilised by the "houfeng didongy yi":

Part #H. How today we could initiate the building of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph":
- #H1. What we should do now, when the true operation of this wonder device is finally known:
- #H2. How to build a present version of this device:
- #H3. Design for a modern equivalent of the "houfeng didongy yi":
- #H4. The same principles of "houfeng didongy yi" can also be utilised for the detection of incoming tornados, tsunamis, hurricanes, and several other deadly phenomena of nature:

Part #I: Costs of my fruitless efforts to build the earthquake early-warning device described here:
- #I1. Universities of practically every country destroyed by earthquakes, including Japan, were bombarded with numerous my job applications supported by scientific proposals of building the device described here for remote detection of impending earthquakes:
- #I2. As it turns out, these are small interests of several "luminaries of science" that block for the entire humanity the progress of knowledge about earthquakes:
- #I3. I would still be willing to assist in research and development of prototypes of the "houfeng didongy yi" that would work on principles described on this web page:

Part #J. Why inventors are persecuted - means the "curse of inventors":
- #J1. Why God implements the "curse of inventors":
- #J2. Another technical invention that also was completed before "its times":

Part #K. Findings that stem from fate of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph" described here:
- #K1. So that the packing does not devaluate the content:

Part #L: Summary, and the final information of this web page:
- #L1. Summary of this web page:
- #L2. How with the web page named "Topics" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:
- #L3. The blog of totalizm:
- #L4. Emails to the author of this web page:
- #L5. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":
- #L6. Copyrights © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak:


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