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Remote detection of impending earthquakes with the use of genius telepathic apparatus called "Zhang Heng Seismograph"


Is it possible, that the institution of official human science in fact started to lean already towards doing an exact opposite of what it was originally established to do, i.e. it started to be a servant of lies, holds break progress, make learning impossible, blocks the further development of the humanity, etc.? In other words, is it possible that the institution of official science already reached this turning point in its "lifecycle" from which its fall-down begins - i.e. the point equally turning as was e.g. for the Christianity the formation of medieval "inquisition" and burning on stakes everyone who tried to think differently than it was allowed by the official doctrines of the church? As it turns out, YES.

One amongst evidence for this beginning of the fall-down of the science is the device described on this web page. This device at present is known under the name of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph" - because around 2000 years ago it was constructed by a Chinese genius of that particular name. But in fact it is NOT a "seismograph", because every seismograph detects earthquakes only when it is shaken by them. But historical data inform, that this Zhang Heng device remotely detected earthquakes when these were still distant by around 500 kilometres from the apparatus. This is because this device utilises for operation waves of telepathic disturbances, which every impending earthquake sends in all possible directions. It is because of such use of telepathy in its principle of operation, that the creator of this apparatus named it the "houfeng didongy yi" - that means the "instrument for inquiring into the flow of fluid and earth movement". Unfortunately, the fact that it utilises telepathic waves is giving an excellent excuse to present scientists to NOT research and NOT build it. After all, the "telepathy" is for present scientists the same of "heresy" was for medieval inquisition. But this "telepathy" is just an "excuse".

The real reason, for which the present science does NOT research and does NOT implement this device, nor researches and implements well-known already methods of earthquakes' prevention based on morality, is the "greed" discussed more thoroughly in item #R1. from a separate web page Earthquake. (I recommend to later have a look at that item #R1, because it is like a continuation of this web page.) It turns out, that many "luminaries of science" rip significant financial benefits from the fact, that officially the humanity still does NOT know any effective method for detecting impending earthquakes. Thus, such people quietly sabotage all research which could lead to the development of such a method. Therefore, it is worth to read this web page even just to learn how wonderful are capabilities and operation of this ancient telepathic device for the remote detection of impending earthquakes, the researching of which decision makers of present science decisively refuse because of their imperfections and greed.

The reading of this web page is best to begin from item #E1., or even better from item #E3. This is because descriptions of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph" are started in there. Only after we learn what this instrument is able to do and how it works and is constructed, then it would be worth to return to the selective reading of other parts of this web page. As it turns out, starting reading from these other parts, unfortunately, slightly obscures of what is most important on this web page. Thus, this other parts remain on this web page mainly because of the historical reasons. Namely, they were gradually inserted here to initially justify the need and the significance of undertaking the research and the construction of this device, later also to report on outcomes of previously ignored research linked to this device. But in December 2011 these other parts were selected and reformatted into the shape of a separate web page named Earthquake.

Here they remained only because a number of other totaliztic web pages still is referring readers to them. But in fact their content is much better to read from that quake-web page - because it is in there that this content was extended and reedited. On that other web page are also contained items #R1 to #R7 - reading of which I would recommend in order to learn "what really is going on" in circles of "luminaries of science" responsible for earthquakes' research. On this web page here, the most important is only the presentation of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph" - for getting to know of which starting from item #E1. and #E3., I suggest to turn immediately after finishing reading this "introduction".

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