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Remote detection of impending earthquakes with the use of genius telepathic apparatus called "Zhang Heng Seismograph"

Part #I: Costs of my fruitless efforts to build the earthquake early-warning device described here:

#I1. Universities of practically every country destroyed by earthquakes, including Japan, were bombarded with numerous my job applications supported by scientific proposals of building the device described here for remote detection of impending earthquakes:

As long ago as already in 2005, I presented my paper [1#I1] entitled "Signal processing in the 'Zhang Heng Seismograph' for remote sensing of impending earthquakes" on the scientific conference named "The International Conference on Sensing Technology" (ICST 2005), Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand, 21 to 23 November 2005. That paper explained thoroughly the "hydraulic" principle of operation of the "houfeng didongy yi" described here. As it happened, the presentation of that paper coincided in time with the loss of my last job that I managed to have in New Zealand for a short term - starting from 2001 - details of it are provided in my autobiography.

Therefore, immediately after the presentation of that paper, I started a vigorous job-seeking by sending countless applications to various universities from almost the entire world, which advertised positions in any amongst my numerous scientific specialisations in which I gained the required expertise and experience. In total, I posted literally hundreds of such job applications to universities from many countries, starting from that year 2005, until the beginning of 2011. Because many amongst these universities required that to the job applications candidates enclosed also research proposals for projects which candidates would complete in the duration of their employment on these universities, to my research projects for universities with the engineering orientation I always included, amongst others, the research and development of prototypes of the "houfeng didongy yi" described on this web page, as well as the research and development of a range of energy devices which I am investigating, e.g. these for the generation and storage of "free energy" which are described on my web pages named Oscillatory Chamber, Eco cars, Telekinetic Cell, Free energy, or Jan Pająk.

Only to universities from Japan and from New Zealand I posted tens of such projects for the research and for development of my warning and energy devices. I also posted these in massive numbers, amongst others, to: Australia, Haiti, Pakistan, Thailand, Taiwan, USA, several countries of the Europe (most to England, Germany and Poland), and to a range of other countries - which soon afterwards started to be plagued with cataclysms against the arrival of which the devices which I proposed supposed to issue early warnings to people (thus giving them the required time to escape from the danger zone). This massive, although always fruitless, sending of my job applications supported with proposals of research and development of the "early warning device" described here, I stopped only at the beginning of 2011 - when I realised that further such efforts have no sense as chances to be fruitful are almost zero.

In the meantime my research carried out according to the philosophical approach called "a priori" (i.e. "from cause to effect"), described, amongst others, in item #A2.6. of the web page named Totalizm and in item #C1. of the web page named Telekinetics, revealed to me quite an interesting, as well as highly fair and just, method of work of God. Namely, in every moment of time God knows the entire future. Thus, a long time before this future arrives God already works in such a way, that this arriving future receives the treatment which is the most fair and just, as well as the most justified by morality. (Notice that I am trying to attract attention to this way of God's work, amongst others, on the entire web page named God exists and in item #F1. of the web page named Yearbook.) For example, due to a careful preparation of all events which still are to arrive, everything that affects people God so skilfully organises that it is "self-regulating" from the moral point of view - as this is explained in items #B3. to #B4.4. of the web page named Możajski.

Thus, since God knows e.g. from the decrease in human morality that soon in the future He will be forced to hit with earthquakes some cities in e.g. New Zealand, therefore in order to warn and to prepare that country to the cataclysms which unavoidably are coming (see (4) in item #B5. on this web page), God makes sure that in the major museum of that country (i.e. in its "Te Papa") was exhibited the model of a "remote detector of impending earthquakes" a long time in advance, so that people of that country had a good opportunity to familiarise themselves with principles of operation of this alarming device long before the cataclysm is to hit them - as this is illustrated in Img.020 (#D1) from this web page. In addition, God makes sure, that in New Zealand itself appeared an appropriately prepared expert, e.g. someone like Dr Jan Pająk (i.e. myself), which to universities of that country stubbornly proposed numerous projects on the research and development of the working prototypes of that particular "remote detector of impending earthquakes". In turn, if in spite of all these efforts, New Zealanders who live on the continually shaking islands, reject all offers of building for them this "device for early warning about impending earthquakes", then when the earthquake must come and must hit them, the moral responsibility for all the consequences falls just onto their own shoulders. After all, previously God did all in His power to help them. (Not without reasons, the old Polish proverb states that "everyone meets the fate which he or she fully deserves" - in the original Polish language: "każdego spotyka dokładnie to na co zasługuje".)

Of course, New Zealand is NOT just an exception in these matters. On a similar "self-regulatory" moral principles, to the approaching cataclysms God actually prepares every other country and every other city. For example, it turns out that God so skilfully directed the appearance and the content of advertisements about university positions, as well as skilfully directed my own job searches, that to universities from every city and country which soon supposed to be hit by a powerful earthquake, I posted earlier at least one job application supported with my proposal of research and development of the device which would warn against the incoming earthquakes (but typically many my job applications arrived to these particular universities). In other words, every city and every country which was to be hit by a deadly earthquake, previously received a chance from God to have a cheap but very effective early-warning device which would alarm inhabitants sufficiently in advance for a successful escape, that such a killing earthquake is just coming.

This extraordinary fact I noted only recently with a big surprise. Namely, while researching the most destructive earthquakes of the recent years, I was shocked to notice the regularity, that at least one university from every city and country hit by these earthquakes, received at least one my job application supported with my project for the research and development of the "device for early warning about impending earthquakes" described on this web page. And so, just such job applications together with proposals of research and development of the early-warning device I posted to the following countries - which until the time of writing this item were already hit by a deadly earthquakes (in the alphabetic order): China, Haiti, Japan, New Zealand, Pakistan, Thailand, Taiwan, USA. All of them refused many times to accept my scientific proposals of researching and building for them the alarming device described here. Soon afterwards all of them were hit by powerful earthquakes, the total economic costs of which reached billions, while the human costs cannot be even estimated - for details of some amongst them see part #C. of this web page. What even more interesting, the first (warning) earthquakes started to crack walls of some buildings in the city of Chicago that was equally like Europe sure of its stability and safety from earthquakes - to universities of which I also posted several such job applications and research proposals.

After realising the above I started to panic. This is because I recalled that I posted many more of such job applications and research proposals to also countries and cities which so-far were NOT hit yet by any earthquake. Does it mean that one day their fate is also to conclude? For example, I remember that such job applications I also posted to Australia and to Europe (mostly to England, Germany and Poland). What should be worrying for myself, is that I posted these applications even to the Victoria University of Wellington - i.e. not far from the suburb of Petone in which is located the flat that I currently hire. I am aware that Petone in which I currently live, and also all large cities in Poland, for now are protected from cataclysms by so-called "10 righteous" which live in them and which protective capabilities I already documented in item #I3. from the web page Day 26. But I also know, that the morality in there decreases fast and that prevails in there increasingly open, punishable by God, and highly "infectious" form of the Philosophy of Parasitism.

Furthermore, I know also, that for various reasons one day the number of these "righteous" is going to drop down below the required at least "10" - this in turn releases God from the Biblical promise to NOT send a cataclysm in there. I know also that Australia and the entire Europe (including England, Germany and Poland) so-far were considered to be stable areas - free from earthquakes. But I know also, that until recently for such a completely stable and secure was considered also to be the city of Christchurch - but this has NOT prevented it from meeting the fate described in items #C5. to #C6. of this web page. Therefore, herewith I recommend to readers, to take under consideration of what I am describing here and to begin preparations for the eventuality that in present increasingly immoral times, earthquakes can also hit their own city (for descriptions on "how" to prepare ourselves - see item #G2. from the web page named Plagues).

#I2. As it turns out, these are small interests of several "luminaries of science" that block for the entire humanity the progress of knowledge about earthquakes:

"Why" and "how" the greed and personal gains of just a few scientific decision makers block the progress of the entire humanity in research both, the telepathic device for a remote detection of impending earthquakes, as well as methods of earthquakes' prevention based on morality, is explained more thoroughly in items #R1. to #R7. from a separate web page named Earthquake.

#I3. I would still be willing to assist in research and development of prototypes of the "houfeng didongy yi" that would work on principles described on this web page:

I estimate that the cost of materials, equipment, research, and manufacturing (however, without human labour) needed to complete a working prototype of the "houfeng didongy yi" amounts to around $US 50,000. This equipment includes, amongst others: a good conventional (inertial) seismograph, a set of parabolic antenna dishes, appropriately shaped feed-horns and sensors, spectrum analyser with a digital output, a PC computer with a large memory (i.e. of a "server" type), and several prototypes of research stations. Even if I would decide to build this device on the same principle like all other research which I carry out so-far, namely in my personal time and in the corner of my bedroom, still I have no enough private funds to buy all materials and equipment needed - in spite that it costs less than a single family house that is going to be destroyed during a next powerful earthquake which for sure is to come soon. But perhaps the reader could help. Perhaps the reader already have a laboratory with all this equipment. Or maybe together we could build this device in any other manner - after all it is needed so urgently. I invite you to have a look at this web page, to see how feasible the idea of this device is, and what it involves to build it. Then I invite you to consider how the practical construction of it could be moved forward from the present deadlock. In turn, when it is finally build, it is going to save thousands of human lives, perhaps even your own or your close ones.


In 2005 I was made redundant from my lecturing job in computer sciences. (I have the required expertise in two disciplines, namely in Mechanical Engineering and in Computer Sciences.) The reason for that redundancy was a mysterious slump in numbers of students who studied computing and Information Technology in New Zealand. Then arrived the economic depression, massive unemployment, and cataclysms. In the result, until today I have NOT managed to find a next job in New Zealand. As I am explaining this in my autobiography, in spite that I am still unemployed, I do NOT receive even an unemployment benefit. The loss of job and income is always a regrettable situation. However, in my circumstances it also opens a possibility of finding another job, which would be more suitable for research and development of devices described on this web page. Although because of the hopeless economic situation of the present world, at the beginning of 2011 I ceased to seek a next job, I would still consider accepting a position if by any chance an appropriate post "would find itself". Thus please let me know if the reader hears of any suitable position. I am interested in every position, which would allow me to research and to develop working prototypes of any devices described on my web pages. This includes the device of advanced warning described on this web page, as well as Oscillatory Chamber, telekinetic water dissociators, or Telekinetic Cells. The most ideal position, which would suit me best, would be the one described on a separate web page my job search.

However, I understand that it is very difficult to accomplish an ideal in life. Thus, I am prepared to negotiate any job opportunity which would allow for experimental research of such innovative devices.


Notice that this web page is actually a preliminary report which summarises outcomes of my "private" research to-date on an ancient remote detector of impending earthquakes (or an ancient earthquake warning device). This device has the ability to detect an earthquake a log time before it strikes and does a damage. To be even more extraordinary, this device was already build and actually proved its worth in action. This is why I am putting so much effort in research and in promotion of it. I believe that it is able to save many human lives. Because of my publications, everyone may now be able to find out from the descriptions on this web page how it works, what principle it uses for the detection of impending earthquakes, and also to learn the unusual history of it. You can also download from this web page a copy of short subsection K6.1. from volume 9 of my newest monograph [1/5] "Advanced Magnetic Devices". Similarly as that conference paper [1#I1] indicated in the introduction to this web page and in item #I1, this subsection K6.1 also describes well the "houfeng didongy yi".


The device described here carries the potential of saving countless lives and properties. Actually, if you live on an "earthquake belt" and this device is build soon enough, perhaps it may even save your own life, or life of someone that you love the most. After all, for reasons explained in item #B6. of this web page, our planet is increasingly more active seismically, and destructive earthquakes keep happening increasingly frequent. They occur lately also in places where before no-one even have heard of them. Europe and Americas are NOT immune against them. We could sleep more peaceful if we have a device like this, which would wake up us soon enough to escape from a danger zone. So perhaps we both should think together how to build this device much sooner. I have the knowledge and skills required to build it, but I do not have laboratory nor right conditions for experimental research and for prototyping. But perhaps the reader have these, or could arrange for these. If we join our forces, this wonder device maybe could materialise after almost 2000 years of being removed from the service to people, and thus would obtain a chance to save many more lives.

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