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Remote detection of impending earthquakes with the use of genius telepathic apparatus called "Zhang Heng Seismograph"

Part #H: How today we could initiate the building of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph":

#H1. What we should do now, when the true operation of this wonder device is finally known:

The telepathic seismograph described above introduces a capability of saving countless lives and preventing countless losses of most precious possessions, because it raises alarm before an approaching earthquake gets them. Furthermore, it displays enormous commercial potentials. For example, if this device is available in shops, and the price of it is comparable to prices of present smoke alarms, it is sure that it would be purchased by almost every household. After all, every year our planet is becoming seismically active increasingly more. So everyone for sure would like to have in his/her house a device, which would raise alarm of an incoming earthquake sufficiently in advance to allow for an effective escape.

Therefore now, when the real principle of operation of this wonder device is revealed, there is about a time that appropriate institutions find financial means to design and to build modern equivalents of it. We need to roll up our sleeves, translate the analog principle of operation of this device into our present level of digital technology, and run an industrial production of thousands of such devices.

It is worth to remember, that the analog principle of operation that it uses, when translated into the present state of our digital knowledge and technology, allows for further improvements to be done on it. For example, it allows to estimate the precise distance to the epicentre of a given earthquake, and thus estimate the time we have for an escape, and also a precise estimation of the force of an incoming earthquake. Furthermore, it can be miniaturised and assembled into e.g. present hand-phones. In such a way this wonder device may finally start to serve for the benefit of each single human being and the entire humanity. After all, this ancient Chinese device until today remains the only apparatus on our planet, which is able to remotely detect an impending earthquake and to raise an alarm about the approaching earthquake much earlier before this earthquake comes, and before it inflicts damages.

Fig. #H1.

Img.545 (#H1). Ornamental "houfeng didongy yi". Shown above is an ornamental seismograph made of jade (a semiprecious stone). In 2003 it could be ordered from nautilusimports.com. The above photograph is reproduced by a kind permission from Guoying Chen, Manager NI&E (service@mail.nautilusimports.com).

I personally believe that when the right time comes for humanity to venture into a new direction, everything that is connected with this new direction becomes "fashionable". This seems to be one of mechanisms used to inspire humanity. Now we just see times when everything connected with telepathic waves started to be fashionable. People are increasingly interested in "chi" and in "feng-shui". Also the "Zhang Heng seismograph" which practically opens the doors to technical mastery of telepathic waves rapidly becomes very fashionable.

#H2. How to build a present version of this device:

In the original version the seismograph discussed here combined in itself two different principles of operation. The first of these was the principle on which the alarm signal about an incoming earthquake was intercepted. This principle boils down to decoding of information that are carried out in the powerful outburst of telepathic waves which are generated by an incoming earthquake. The second principle contained in the device discussed here, is the conversion of information brought by telepathic waves into some form of alarm that would be noticeable by people. In case of the discussed seismograph, this conversion depended on the modulation of flowing water with telepathic waves. But if this device is to be constructed presently, both above principles of operation can be significantly improved and modernised. Instead of using water, which in present circumstances would significantly decrease the usability and portability of this device, electronic signals and computerised data processing could be used. Therefore in present times this device could be build as a kind of "computerised information system", in which telepathic signals would be intercepted electronically, in turn the conversion of these signals into an alarm would be carried out by appropriate software contained in the processor of a miniature computer. Such a design will introduce several additional benefits, which were impossible to be accomplished in the original device. Let us list here at least the most important of these benefits:

#i. Miniaturization and portability. Such a computerised information system for early warning about an incoming earthquake can be constructed as a completely portable device, similar to e.g. present "smoke alarms". After appropriate miniaturisation it probably will be possible to incorporate it into cellular hand-phones, so that every person will be able to carry it all the time. In this way, it will alarm every person separately, indicating from which direction a given earthquake comes, what the power of it is going to be, and how much time is left to escape.

#ii. Precision of information. The principle of operation of this device, combined with the present state of our knowledge and technology, allows for further improvements to be done on it. For example, present computer systems allow for a precise decoding of information that is contained in telepathic waves. This in turn allows the present equivalents of this device to estimate the precise distance to the epicentre of a given earthquake, and thus to estimate also the time we have for an escape. Furthermore, the computer analysis of characteristics of incoming telepathic waves allows to determine the precise force of an incoming earthquake, thus it warns what we should expect from a given earthquake.

#iii. Any desired form of alarm. The shaping of this device into a form of a computerised information system allows to give any character to the alarm that it raises. Thus independently from a sound alarm that would wake up people at nights, present version of this device may raise a vibratory alarm - means they may start to vibrate in the pocket of a carrying person like present cellular phones. They also are able to send the alarm signal on miniature screens, informing visually about the direction of an incoming earthquake, about the destructive power of it, and also about time left to escape.

#iv. Universal operation. When such a telepathic detection system is working, it actually can be used not only for Earth. For example, if one directs a large parabolic antenna at any heavenly body nearby, it could also provide information about earthquakes occurring at that particular body. In this way, e.g. astronomers could use such a device for monitoring earthquakes on all planets of our solar system.

Fig. #H2

Img.546 (#H2): Everyone knows such antennas. Usually these are affiliated with satellite TV and radio-telescopes. But actually they can also be utilised for early detection of incoming earthquakes and tornados.

Each single such an antenna represents an equivalent to a wedge of around 1/8th of the "houfeng didongy yi". So if we use eight such antennas, and each one of them we point out into a different geographic direction, then we obtain a modern "antenna chamber" that simulates the work of this entire instrument. Only that instead of focusing telepathic waves on inlets of water, these antennas would focus telepathic signals on appropriate telepathic sensors. In turn the sensors would forward the earthquake (or tornado) signal for processing firstly to a spectrum analyser, and then to a computerised information system for early detection of incoming earthquakes. This system would be a bit like present voice recognition software, means it would recognise the telepathic "speech" which every earthquake (and tornado) is giving out just while it is brewing up. From such a "speech" the information system is to extract two details, namely how soon this particular earthquake (or tornado) is to strike, and what the force of it going to be. Then these two details are to be send by the processing computer to all interested people, as an early earthquake warning. After receiving it, people will have enough time to escape from the danger zone. Therefore such a system of eight parabolic antennas directed into eight sides of the world, together with electronic hardware and processing software linked with it, would be capable of starting an early alarm before an earthquake hits us. What is even more interesting, at a later date all these could be miniaturised and build into e.g. our cellular hand-phones. Then they could warn individually each one of us about an incoming earthquake, a long time before this earthquake strikes.

(Please notice, that the same my old car is also shown in Img.479 (#B2a) from the web page named Petone, as it mysteriously attracted a white heron.)

#H3. Design for a modern equivalent of the "houfeng didongy yi":

On the current level of our knowledge, we already are able to describe what the design and operation of the present equivalent of the discussed telepathic seismograph is going to be. And so, it must have some kind of surfaces which are to focus telepathic waves. These surfaces may either take the form of a parabolic "antenna chamber" - like the one in the original seismograph of Zhang Heng, or a system of dishes similar to that used in present satellite TV antennas - directed in several different sides. In focal points of these surfaces, sensors of telepathic waves must be placed. Most probably functions of these sensors may perform appropriate industrial quartz crystals, such as these discussed in subsection K2.3. of monograph [1/5]. But it is also possible to use optical resonance cavities described in subsection K2.5. of monograph [1/5], or ampoules of solution of salt in distilled water described in subsection K1. of monograph [1/5]. From these telepathic sensors, the signal about an incoming earthquake is going to be send to a computer microprocessor via an analogue-digital converter. In the microprocessor it is going to be processed by appropriate information system, which subjects it to identification, analysis, and which on the basis of it is going to generate an alarm signal send to a selected alarming device.

Fig. #H3.

Img.547 (#H3): Another ornamental seismograph. This beautiful replica in 2003 could be purchased from Hong Kong. It could be ordered via the following web site: well-link.com (have a look at all these collectable art pieces available in there).

#H4. The same principles of "houfeng didongy yi" can also be utilised for the detection of incoming tornados, tsunamis, hurricanes, and several other deadly phenomena of nature:

The name tornados or "twisters" is used to describe murderous whirling winds, which display the force of destruction equal to that of dynamite. Many buildings hit by a tornado simply explode. The power of tornado is also able to suck into the air people that try to hide from it in cellars. In Poland tornados used to be called "air trumpets" (i.e. "trąby powietrzne"). I also have heard that an old Polish folklore name for them was the "dancing devil" (i.e. "tańcujący diabeł"). In turn old English name for them was "wind devil". In more details tornados are described on the separate web page Tornadoes.

An interesting attribute of tornados is, that these whirling winds release a whole array of electric and magnetic phenomena, which are very similar to these induced by earthquakes just brewing up. For example, crushing of objects and crystals of soil by forces of tornados cause the release of piezoelectric effects similar to these triggered by earthquakes. In turn electrical discharges and lightning produce magnetic impulses similar to these from earthquakes. Therefore incoming tornados also release various "telepathic signals" (or flows of "chi" energy) which can be perceived remotely and which can be utilised in principles of anti-tornado early warning systems.

An extraordinary attribute of the principles utilised in the "houfeng didongy yi" is, that after appropriate technical modifications, it is able to detect remotely the impending tornados. Thus the principle of operation that it utilises enables it to be used as a remote sensing device which detects a tornado that just is brewing up. More information about just such application of the "houfeng didongy yi" for remote detection of the "devil winds", is provided on several web pages on the subject of Tornadoes

Interestingly, phenomena very similar to these generated by tornadoes, are also generated by approaching hurricanes - for details see totaliztic web pages Hurricanes and Katrina. Therefore, the device described here could also be used for getting early warnings about approaching hurricanes. Furthermore, as everyone knows, "by-products" of some earthquakes are waves of killing tsunamis. Because the device described here issues advanced warnings that an earthquake is to hit, it also warns that a tsunami may hit a given area - should the approaching earthquake induce such a tsunami.

Fig. #H4

Img.548 (#H4). Another interesting replica of the shape of "Zhang Heng seismograph". In 2003 this one was presented on the web page iris.washington.edu where it appeared courtesy of National Geographic magazine.

The interesting attribute of this device is, that after appropriate re-designing of the parabolic "antenna chamber", it is able to remotely detect incoming tornados and hurricanes. The re-designed shape of this antenna-chamber must be such, that it will intercept and focus the telepathic waves incoming from the clouds positioned above this device. (Notice that in the design presented here the "houfeng didongy yi" was build to intercept telepathic signals coming from undergrounds located slightly below it.

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