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Remote detection of impending earthquakes with the use of genius telepathic apparatus called "Zhang Heng Seismograph"

Part #G: The confirmation of the correctness of the principle of operation of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph" which I developed:

#G1. The experiment which proves the feasibility of principles of operation utilised by the "houfeng didongy yi":

The correctness of every principle of operation utilised in a given technical device always can be verified by an appropriately designed, simplified scientific experiment. Therefore, it is also possible to develop a simplified scientific experiment, which demonstrates the correctness of principles of operation described on this web page. Let us learn now how to carry out such an experiment.

The main components of the research station required for completing this experiment are shown and explained on the illustration Img.544 (#G1) shown here.

The main part of the experiment presented here is aimed at proving the thesis that "the energy contained in a telepathic signal which is concentrated on a stream of flowing water is changing attributes of the flow of this water". Thus this part of the experiment is proving illustratively that the "houfeng didongy yi" is going to operate exactly as descriptions presented on this web page are stating this. This part of the experiment is carried out after previous removal of the screen (H). In the first phase, the experiment depends on filling the aquarium (A) with water and allowing that this water is flowing out through the pipe (P) in the form of a "laminar flow" (W). The source of telepathic waves (O) is switched off in this phase. We try to either memorise or to photograph attributes of this laminar flow of water (W) through the pipe (P). In the second phase of the experiment, the source of telepathic waves (O) is switched on. Namely the powerful sparks are induced on the electrodes (S). Telepathic waves (O) generated by these sparks (S) are then focused by the concave hemispherical mirror (M) on inlet to the pipe (P). In the result of this focusing, the energy contained in telepathic waves (O) is changing the character of the flow of stream of water (W). From the previous stationary "laminar flow", this water changes now the behaviour into a "turbulent flow". The stream of water (W) now is bubbling out and shooting unevenly, in tact of sparks (S). The sole observation of changes in the character of the flow of this water constitutes a proof that the principles of operation of the "houfeng didongy yi" are correct and feasible. But if someone does not believe into visual signs, he/she can place on the path of the water a "pearl" positioned in the "labile balance", i.e. similarly as it is done in the instrument discussed on this web page. During a "turbulent flow" of water this "pearl" is going to be put out of balance by the stream of flowing water.

The additional advantage of the scientific experiment discussed here is that it also allows to prove another thesis, namely that the "rays which change the character of the flow of water are NOT composed of electromagnetic radiation, but represent telepathic waves". To prove this it is enough to place a steel screen (H) across the path of rays (O). (Note that this screen (H) was removed during the main part of this experiment.) If the radiation (O) penetrates through this steel screen (H) and causes the same effect on the flow of water (W) as the one that is observed without the screen, this means that the considered radiation does NOT have electromagnetic character. After all, it is well known that electromagnetic radiation normally is unable to penetrate through screens made of ferromagnetic materials.
* * *

In spite that this experiment was so designed that it is the simplest experiment possible for proving the feasibility of the device presented on this web page, still it is rather complicated. So in normal cases it cannot be completed in our private garage or in a corner of our bedrooms. However, if someone has an access to a research laboratory, it is incomparably simpler to carry out this experiment than to construct a working prototype of the "houfeng didongy yi". But still the experiment has almost the same proving power as a working prototype of this ancient instrument. Therefore, all these investigators who have the required conditions for experimenting, are encouraged to complete it. Especially if someone disbelieves into the existence of telepathic waves (or disbelieves in "chi") and would like to obtain some sort of a proof for the existence of these waves and for their actual work in practice. Or if someone is NOT convinced that telepathic waves are capable of carrying out a useful alarm signal. Or if someone considers investing his/her time or/and funds into re-constructing the "houfeng didongy yi", but he/she would like to obtain a proof beforehand that this investment is going to bring the desired results. Of course, this experiment can also be completed altruistically, just for the progress of our knowledge and for the good of Earth's science.

Fig. #G1 (2 in [ICST-2005])

Img.544 (#G1) : Here are basic components of the research station needed to carry out experiment which proves the feasibility of principles of operation and idea of the "houfeng didongy yi" discussed on this web page. (Click on the above illustration to see the more clear enlargement of it.)

The central component of this research station is a square glass aquarium (A) completely filled up with stationary water. In the centre of one of side walls of this aquarium a pipe (P) is hermetically assembled. From this pipe (P) a stationary stream of water (W) is flowing out in the so-called "laminar flow". Notice that the parameters of this pipe (P) are of key significance for the success of experiment discussed here. Exactly on the inlet to this pipe (P) telepathic waves (O) are focused. These waves are deflected by hemispherical, concave mirror (M). The waves (O) are generated by a stream of electric sparks (S) formed by some kind of electrodes. (These sparks emitting electrodes (S) can be e.g. from a present electrical welder, or from an ignition sparkplug of present cars.) These electrodes simulate electrical phenomena (of the "piezoelectric effect" type) that are induced in the Earth's crust by a brewing earthquake (or a tornado). Optionally, between sparks inducing electrodes (S) and aquarium (A) a removable iron screen (H) can be placed. If telepathic waves are able to penetrate through this screen and cause the same effect as if there is no such a screen, then this means that for sure they are NOT electromagnetic waves that are already known to our science (i.e. it means that they are "telepathic waves").

The same as this happens with every other scientific experiment, also in the experiment described here there are special requirements which must be fulfilled in order this experiment is successful. The most of these requirements concerns the pipe (P), or more strictly the clearance of inner hole from which the stream of water is flowing out that initially is required to display a "laminar flow". And so, in order this initial flow was laminar, the pipe (P) must have a hole with a very smooth (preferably polished) inner surface. Furthermore, there are also requirements concerning the diameter of the hole in this pipe (P). Namely this diameter should be smallest possible, but still allowing the "laminar flow of water" (as it is known from hydromechanics, too small holes disturb the laminar flow). After all, the energy of telepathic waves focused on the pipe and trying to disturb the laminar flow is going to be relatively small. Thus when the clearance diameter of the pipe (P) is too large, and thus when the flow of water is too powerful, these weak telepathic waves will be unable to change the laminar flow into the turbulent flow. In addition to the above requirements, vital is also the power of sparks generator (S). This power should be possibly the highest. Therefore it is desirable to use a present electric welder of possibly high power. Or use an electric arc similar to the one utilised in past in old cinema projectors. Or use a Wimshurst machine vigorously propelled by an electric motor etc.

Principles of the scientific experiment described here depend on utilization of an entire range of phenomena linked with telepathic waves. The most key significance out of these phenomena holds the ability of electric sparks to generate "telepathic noise". This ability is already confirmed by numerous other experiments of so-called "alternative sciences" (e.g. "totaliztic sciences"). For example, it is confirmed by experiments described in subsections U3.2.1 and K4 from volumes (correspondingly) 16 and 9 of monograph [1/5]. Another one amongst these phenomena is the ability of telepathic waves to induce physical vibrations of objects on which these waves are focused. (In turn these vibrations modify the laminar flow of water converting it into a turbulent flow.) Also this phenomenon is utilised by "alternative sciences". For example in subsections K2.2. and K2.5. from volume 9 of monograph [1/5] explained is the use of this phenomenon for inducing vibrations of a quartz crystal with telepathic waves. (Such a vibrating crystal is a main component of telepathic receivers in telepathic communication systems.) Still one more key phenomenon utilised in the experiment discussed here is the ability of smooth surfaces to deflect telepathic waves. (Means the ability e.g. the hemispherical mirror (M) to focus telepathic waves on the inlet to pipe (P).) This ability is confirmed e.g. by legendary already attributes of "pyramids", or more strictly by the fact that pyramids focus along their vertical axis the unknown to present orthodox science kind of radiation popularly named the "radiation of pyramids" - which in fact is just a kind of "telepathic noise".

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