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Remote detection of impending earthquakes with the use of genius telepathic apparatus called "Zhang Heng Seismograph"

Part #E: The Zhang Heng seismograph which allows to predict and remotely detect earthquakes that are just brewing up:

#E1. Ancient "chi" (i.e. "telepathic waves") provide a principle for an early detection of incoming earthquakes:

Ancient Chinese mastered an exceptional knowledge of phenomena they called "chi". (This phenomena is also known in other cultures. For example Japanese call it "reiki", Indians call it "vril", Europeans call it "energy of pyramids", while Australians and New Zealanders call it "vibes".) Chinese knowledge of this "chi" was on such an advanced level, that even today people constantly draw from it. To be worse, present orthodox science still has not established yet, and shows no slightest interest in establishing, what this "chi" actually is. Therefore at the moment our only knowledge of "chi" originates from ancient Chinese manuscripts. Fortunately, I completed my own research on "chi". Some of my conclusions are described in subsections H2. and H7.1. from volume 4 of my monograph marked [1/5], According to my findings, the term "chi" was used by ancient Chinese for describing an entire body of different phenomena that occur in the counter-world. (Note that the name "counter-world" is assigned to a separate set of dimensions that do exist at the other end of the gravity dipole - as this is formally proven in subsection H1.1. from volume 4 of [1/5].) These phenomena include, amongst others, phenomena which in monograph [1/5] are described with such terms as: telepathic waves (see subsection H7.1 from volume 4 of monograph [1/5]), moral energy (see subsection I4.3. in [1/5]), life energy (see subsection I5.6. in [1/5]), and the thinking substance called counter-matter (see subsection I2. in [1/5]). Out of these different components of "chi", the most interesting from the point of view of earthquakes are "telepathic waves". The reason is that telepathic waves are actually equivalents to sounds, only that they propagate in the counter-world. As such, they are produced continually by every object and by every process. But their tone, and thus also the message that they carry in themselves, depends on the process to which a given object is subjected.

Therefore, when an earthquake begins, these telepathic "sounds" are spreading a very unique "noise" which actually is telling to everyone who listens, that an earthquake is just brewing up and that it is to strike soon. So far only animals and very special people called "psychic" were able to intercept naturally with their minds this telepathic message from an incoming earthquake. It is about a time we re-build with our present technology an ancient technical device which was also able to do so in a technical manner.

Here are examples which illustrate the unique shape of a "parabolic antenna chamber" assumed by the device now misleadingly called the "Zhang Heng Seismograph" (although this instrument does not utilise principles of present inertial seismographs):

Fig. #E1a

Img.532 (#E1a): This is probably the most accurate replica reflecting the external appearance of the "Zhang Heng seismograph". It gives quite a good idea as to how this instrument really used to look like. For example it shows that originally only dragons' heads were attached to the "antenna chamber", not entire dragons as this is shown on other replicas. (In my opinion entire dragons attached to the "antenna chamber" may actually distort the proper reception of telepathic warning signals, means "chi"). The only discrepancy in the above replica concerns the uppermost part - originally it was dome-shaped and had no flange shown in the above replica. In 2003 this replica was presented on following web pages: inventors.about.com or sra-4kids.com. I encourage to have a look at any one of them, or both.

Fig. #E1b.

Img.533 (#E1b): An old drawing of the "Zhang Heng seismograph". In 2003 it was presented in the article by Sara Rhodes, "Chinese Contribution", available from the web site home.earthlink.net (have a look at this interesting article). Notice from the shape of the "antenna chamber" how perfectly this shape is suiting the focusing of telepathic waves reflected from walls of the chamber on inlets of water to mouths of dragons.

Fig. #E1c.

Img.534 (#E1c): Still another old replica of the "Zhang Heng seismograph", which also very well reflects the parabolic shape of the "antenna chamber". In 2003 it was shown on the web page of Albertson College of Idaho, USA. You can visit the interesting web page of this college under the address: albertson.edu (have a look at it).

Fig. #E1d.

Img.535 (#E1d:) Sensational ancient "artefact" shaped as a replica of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph". The pattern on this replica seems to indicate that it may originate from the Western Zhou period (1100 BC to 770 BC). If this origins would turn to be true, then it could mean, that the "Zhang Heng Seismograph" could even be over 1000 years older than it is currently believed. Unfortunately, many details of this "artefact" seems to indicate, that it is just one of these skilful fabrications prepared in present times.

Several ancient artefacts known by the author of this web page, the operation of which is still ahead of the current level of official human science (including three artefacts of the telepathic devices that still remain unknown to the official science) are discussed on a separate web page named Artefacts. The shown above, probably fabricated (although modelled on the ancient telepathic device that actually did exist) the artefact (1) of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph", is justone amongst many other known to the author, highly advanced scientifically (although very simple in production) technical devices from the antiquity. That separate web page named "Artefacts" discusses also (2) the authentically originating from medieval times the artefact of a "telepathic telephone" that the reader can see for himself in the old church of St. Mary in Gdansk, Poland. That web page named "artefact.htm", also discusses (3) a kind of artefact of the "great pyramid of Cheops from Egypt", all the details of which indicate, that the pyramid in antiquity was working as an ancient device which allowed the telepathic exchange of thoughts at interstellar distances. This ability of the Cheops' pyramid, to allow the telepathic exchange of thoughts at interstellar distances, stems from the high similarity of its design and of its internal structure, to the configuration and operation of the electronic so-called "telepathic pyramid" - relatively recently transferred to the humanity as a "gift" by an UFOnaut, and described in detail in treatise [7/2] (briefly that "telepathic pyramid" is also discussed, amongst others, in items #E1. to #E3.2. from the web page named Telepathy).

That totaliztic page named Artefacts discusses also a number of other ancient artefacts and technical devices, which significantly exceed the present level of knowledge and technology on Earth. For example, it discusses also the Biblical "Ark of the Covenant" - and documents a body of evidence that this "Ark" was in fact the ancient equivalent to the today's Oscillatory Chamber. That web page also provides contacts for Mr Keewee Tan Email: keeweetan@pacific.net.sg - who owns the shown above controversial artefact of the replica of "Zhang Heng Seismograph", and it reveals more detailed information about this replica. I would therefore encourage the reader to have a look on that web page.

#E2. What are "telepathic waves" (ancient "chi"):

Behaviour and attributes of telepathic waves are described by a discipline of knowledge of ancient Chinese, called "feng shui" (see subsection H7.1 from volume 4 of monograph [1/5]), or "hou feng". Actually "feng shui", or "hou feng", is simply a body of knowledge which summarises natural laws that govern the deflection, concentration, screening, and medical impact of telepathic waves. The most interesting attribute of "telepathic waves" is, that an extremely powerful burst of these waves is emitted by epicentre of every earthquake just when this earthquake is about to happen. Therefore this burst of telepathic waves can be utilised as a principle of early detection of earthquakes. It can provide an advanced warning about these earthquakes, a long time before they strike. This principle is actually used in the alarming device that I am describing on this web page. Because our orthodox science does not explain what are these telepathic waves (or "houfeng"), I better summarise here some basic information about them. But for a complete understanding what they are, I would recommend to read chapter H from volume 4 of monograph [1/5]. This volume describes a scientific theory called the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity", which provides theoretical foundations for understanding phenomena such as telepathic waves, telekinesis, time, energy, gravity, etc. Especially I would recommend to read subsection H7.1 in [1/5] which directly explains what telepathic waves are. However, to understand fully that subsection H7.1, one firstly needs to read the beginning of chapter H of [1/5] - up to subsection H3.) For the purpose of the device described on this web page, it is sufficient to take my word for it, that the telepathic waves can be explained as a kind of counter-material waves similar to sound, which: (1) propagate infinitively fast, (2) every object is transparent for them, therefore they penetrate easily through even such huge objects as Earth or Sun, (3) are partially deflected by every surface, (4) are constantly emitted by every phenomena and every object, and thus carry in themselves a complete information about this phenomena or object, and (5) can be intercepted and decoded by plants, animals, people, and also technical devices.

Fig. #E2

Img.536 (#E2). A spectacular replica from Taiwan of the instrument wrongly named the "Zhang Heng Seismograph". (Reproduced and hyperlinked by the kind permission from the Ministry of Education Computer Centre dated 3 Nov 2003, authorised by Yenchen Lin, Centre Engineer, yenjen@mail.moe.gov.tw.) This replica is on the exhibition in the famous "National Museum of Natural Science", in Tai Chung (Taiwan). In 2003 the above photograph could be found on the web site showing various exhibits from that museum, which has the internet address: content.edu.tw. Have a look at this web page, because it shows the details of the dragons' mouths with "pearls" in them. It also shows a technical drawing of the "inertial" mechanism that according to some scientists triggered the fall of these "pearls". (Please notice, that this web page disagree with such opinions and explains that this device did NOT work on principles of inertia.)

#E3. A "houfeng didongy yi" working on "chi":

Actually there was a "seismograph" already build and operated in ancient China, which utilised "chi" for the detection of earthquakes long in advance before they strike. The principle of this "seismograph" was so designed, that it reacted on the burst of powerful telepathic waves ("chi") that is produced by epicentre of every earthquake just before this earthquake is to strike. This wonder ancient device, which detects incoming earthquakes in advance and raises early alarms, is shown in Img.020 (#D1). It was build in 132 AD by a Chinese genius mathematician and astronomer, named Zhang Heng. Therefore presently it is known by a trivial and very misleading English name of the "Zhang Heng seismograph". But the original Chinese name for it was much more meaningful. It read "houfeng didongy yi", which usually is translated as "instrument for inquiring into the flow of fluid and earth movement". Notice however, that the segment "hou-feng" of this name specifically refers to telepathic waves. This segment actually indicates that the movements of Chinese "chi" was detected by this device. Unfortunately, in present days the Chinese term "hou-feng" is erroneously translated as "winds", while it should be translated as "chi" or even better as "telepathic waves". Thus this ancient Chinese name of the device directly highlights that it operated on telepathic waves (i.e. on "houfeng"), not on forces of inertia. Descriptions of this wonder device can be found in internet if the key words "Zhang Heng seismograph" are being typed for key words of a search engine. A half-size replica of this device made of copper was given to New Zealand by the People's Government of Beijing Municipality. Probably the gift took into account that New Zealand is frequently plagued by earthquakes. This replica is around 1.5 metre tall, while the widest diameter of its barrel-shaped chamber is almost 1 metre. It weighs full 600 kg. In 2003, 2004, and 2005 this replica was on the exhibition for public viewing in the museum named Te Papa (means "Our Place" in the Maori language), which is located in Wellington - the capitol of New Zealand, only a few kilometres from the flat that I occupied since 2001 till now. This replica is shown on the photograph from Img.020 (#D1).

Fig. #E3

Img.537 (#E3): There is a Hong Kong based company named "Sinopro International Ltd.", which actually produces replicas of this seismograph for interested clients. The above photograph shows two replicas of the "Zhang Heng seismograph", which were produced by this company and installed in the Sheraton Hotel in Chengdu, China. These replicas, and other ones produced by "Sinpro", can be seen on the web site of this company, which has the internet address sinopro.com. The above photograph is reproduced by a kind permission from Wayne Thompson, Sinopro (wrtomson@sinopro.com).

#E4. The life history of Zhang Heng is quite extraordinary:

Zhang Heng (sometimes also spelled "Chang Heng") lived from 72 AD to 139 AD, during reign of the Eastern Han dynasty. The most of his life he spend in the capitol city Luoyang (present Nanyang city) of Henan province of China. In the last stage of his life he used to be even the Minister in charge of historical records for the Emperor, although it is known that he turned down many important posts that were offered to him. To our present understanding, he was an extraordinary person. Although his official occupation was mathematics and astronomy, his real interests were in morality, philosophy, and mysteries. (Means, he was like an ancient version of myself - Dr Jan Pajak.) He wrote descriptions, which reveal that in our present terminology he could be called an "aware UFO abductee". For example, he described his own travel through cosmos, other planets, and cosmic landscapes, thus suggesting that he actually could have seen and remembered them. (E.g. he wrote "Heaven is like an umbrella, earth like an upturned dish", or "I looked back and saw the sun and the moon revolving".) In 132 AD he build a seismograph discussed here. This device was one of the technical wonders of our planet. Even today it foreruns the state of present orthodox science and technology by at least 100 years. But no technical documentation of his device survived until today. I personally believe that such design documentation existed, but was later purposely destroyed. Fortunately for us, those who destroyed this documentation, overlooked a single short section of laymen descriptions as to how his device looked like, and what were outcomes of the operation of it. This description is recorded in Zhang Heng's biography from the "Hou Han shu" - meaning the "History of the Later Han Dynasty". His seismograph was so sensitive, that it detected an earthquake which on 1 March 138 AD destroyed the city of Longxi from western Gansu Province. This city was distant by about 500 kilometres from the device. The physical shockwave from this earthquake was undetectable in Luoyang - this is why Zhang Heng was initially accused of being a liar, while his device was suspected of being a fraud. Fortunately two days later horseback messengers with news of this earthquake arrived to Luoyang, thus confirming the correct and highly sensitive operation of the device.

After Zhang Heng died in 139 AD, there was no one who could maintain and "fine tune" this device. So it fell into misuse and soon stopped to work. Subsequently it was shifted to the graveyard of Zhang Heng in Luoyang, Henan Province. It remained in the Zhang Heng grave until it was destroyed some time later. It was firstly reconstructed by a Japanese scholar in 1875. In 1951 a Chinese researcher, Mr Wang Zhenduo reconstructed it again according to inertial model which in his opinion this device utilised in operation. His replica of the device was later exhibited for public view in museum of technology Van Tien in Beijing. Further replicas were also made. The copy of this device given to Te Papa museum in New Zealand is said to be the first instance of a Chinese-made replica being exhibited overseas.

Fig. #E4.

Img.538 (#E4): Zhang Heng - genius mathematician and astronomer from China. The above image originates from the article by Shi Ke, entitled "The Universe Unlimited in Both Space and Time" which in 2003 was available on the web page pureinsight.org (have a look at this extremely interesting article, if you are able to access it).

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