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Sabotages of totaliztic web pages by 'simulations' of UFOnauts


To date, there are already enough scientific proofs available that God does exist, for anyone interested in God to no longer have any doubts about the existence of our creator. For example, only on web pages that I authorize such formal proofs completed with several different scientific methodologies of proving are presented e.g. in item #G2 from the web page God proof, or in items #B1. to #B3. from the web page Changelings.

Unfortunately, in spite that people are tripping over various evidence for the existence of God for thousands of years, and in spite that, for example, the Christianity devoted to God has already been in existence for over 2000 years while the old so-called "atheistic orthodox science" researches the reality around us for even a longer time, in fact so-far no-one tried to research God objectively and scientifically. It is only the recently established new so-called "totaliztic science" (described in more details in items #C1. to #C6. from the web page Telekinetics) that started the first objective and factual research of God. And God does NOT think nor act the same way as people do - about which fact for a long time God warns us e.g. in the Bible which He authorises (inspires). For example, this new "totaliztic science" has discovered that God is in the specific situation, which causes that He has His superior divine goals to be achieved - for descriptions of these goals see e.g. items #B1. and #B1.1. from the web page Antichrist.

Also, in order to achieve these superior goals, God uses methods of action which are beyond the reach of human capabilities and beyond imagination od many people. For example, to stimulate the human search for truths, God "simulates" the existence of unusual creatures such as "Yeti" from Himalayas, "Nessie " from the Scottish Loch Ness, a mysterious "black panther" from New Zealand , etc. - see descriptions of these unusual creatures presented amongst others in items #E1. and #F4.2. of the web page Soul proof, Stawczyk. To mitigate, amongst others, the conceit of present "atheistic orthodox scientists" and to stimulate the competition of ideas between "evolutionists" and "creationists", God deliberately "manufactures" on a massive scale "bones of dinosaurs" - as this is described e.g. in items #E1., #F2. and #H2. from the web page God exists.

In order to be, for example, able to use both "good" and "evil" in His methods of motivating people, God temporarily creates (i.e. "simulates") the existence and activities of evil creatures, which in ancient times were called "devils", "Satan", "Lucifer", "serpents", etc., whereas nowadays are called "UFOnauts". Etc., etc. On this web page are presented results of the to-date research of new "totaliztic science" regarding still one more superior method of God's action, which boils down to "simulating" of sabotages of web pages, so that in this way, for example, those who search for truths are forced to put personal effort in their searches (according to the action of the "moral law" stating that "everything must be earned"), and also to prevent the learning of truths by these people who still do NOT deserve such learning.

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