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The use of morality in prevention of cataclysmic earthquakes


Motto: "There came a man
who was sent from God;
his name was John.
He came as a witness
to testify concerning
that light, so that
through him all men
might believe. He
himself was not the
light; he came only
as a witness to the
light. The true light
that gives light to
every man was coming
into the world. He
was in the world,
and though the world
was made through him,
the world did not
recognize him. He came
to that which was his
own, but his own did
not receive him. Yet
to all who received him,
to those who believed
in his name, he gave
the right to become
children of God — children
born not of natural descent,
nor of human decision
or a husband's will,
but born of God.
The Word became flesh ..."

(Quotation from the Biblical Evangel of St. John 1:6-14.)

Welcome to the web page which presents answers, justifications, and evidence based on my research and concerning the most frequently asked questions about God and about matters related to God. Everything that is presented on this web page results from the research carried out according to findings of a secular philosophy named "totalizm". I am Jan Pajak (my christian name "Jan" represents the Polish translation of the old Biblical name which in English translates as "John"), and I will be your narrator for the explanations presented here. I personally believe that I have all qualifications, preparation, authority, and mission that are required to answer such questions. (My qualifications and preparation for providing answers to questions about God I am going to explain below in item #A2 of this web page.) Here are typical questions in matters related to God highlighted with a blue colour, and also my answers provided right below them.
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