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The use of moral mechanisms for prevention of cataclysmic earthquakes

Part #T: Findings that stem from descriptions of this web page:

#T1. So that the packing does not devaluate the content:

My research yielded an interesting finding, that around 70% of people who are interested in the subject area of this web page, and who went through the trouble of opening this web page, still abandons the reading of the most vital details of the ideas described here. So there is something that discourages them from learning the details for explaining of which this web page was created. We can deduce logically that this discouraging component is NOT the idea explained here, but the expressions, presentation, and the language with the use of which this idea is "packed". I would be interested to learn what this discouraging aspect is.

Fig. #T1

Img.520 (#T1): The impressively looking replica of the "houfeng didongy yi". In 2003 this replica was shown in the interesting web page www.kepu.com.cn (I recommend to have a look at this web page). It illustrates meaningfully how beautiful was the appearance of the original model of the instrument described here in times when the constructor of it continually polished and fine tuned it. As this can be seen from the above photograph, the apparatus was perfected in every possible detail. The principle of operation that it utilised shocks even today with the technical perfection. In turn the beauty of external appearance of the original prototype induces an awe even in present times.

The beauty of the original "houfeng didongy yi" revealed by the above replica points our attention at an extremely important rule. Namely that "appearance and packing frequently is even more important than content". Such a rule applies also to this web page. The way this web page is formulated and "packed", is equally important to the success of the idea that it tries to forward, as the message that it contains and the knowledge that it tries to present for our attention. So even if for various reasons you are unable to assist in the completion of the idea presented here, perhaps still you would be able to contribute to the perfecting of the "packing" in which this idea is disseminated via this web page. In turn the satisfaction from doing something in order to improve the present difficult situation of all of us, should be very similar independently of the type of contribution that you are able to provide.

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