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The use of moral mechanisms for prevention of cataclysmic earthquakes

Part #S: What to do, so that the present official human science is no longer interested in maintaining the situation, when they are NOT officially known methods for the detecting that deadly earthquakes are just brewing and soon are to hit us:

#S1., blog #226E. How the ability to generate "profits without responsibility" blocks research of the official science on the development of effective methods for detecting impending earthquakes:

Motto: "Behind large words of important people typically hide low motives."

/original english text Dr. Eng. Pająk/:

It is NOT a secret, that many of today's "luminaries of science", working in disciplines that research natural cataclysms, are leeching financially "on the side" by taking part in various "expert panels", associations, advisory bodies, etc. Just for the promise, that they will warn people against the impending earthquakes or other disasters, these "luminaries of science" harvest big profits without putting any effort into it and without taking any responsibilities on themselves. The reason is that any their incompetence, error, and lack of responsibility, they are always able to justify with the excuse, that the humanity supposedly still does not know officially the precise manner of detecting "when" and "where" the next deadly disaster strikes. While counting on the effectiveness of that excuse, when actually an earthquake or any other disaster approaches, they either find a way to remain completely silent - in spite, that by taking money for their "expertise" in fact they committed themselves to warn, or they just provide some "comforting lies" - to calm down fears of the population, and thus to satisfy the political decision-makers from whom depends their employment in that role, and who, in the case of issuing an actual warning would have to get busy with taking a difficult action or preventive evacuation. Of course, regardless of whether these "luminaries of science" choose to keep silent or to tell "comforting lies", in case when a disaster actually comes, their behaviour only worsens the situation of people counting on them. After all, ordinary people who do NOT know "what is going on" in scientific circles, typically consider their "comforting lies" as a scientific certainty, in turn their silence - for a reliable prognosis that nothing will happen. According to the popular saying that "no news is good news", for the ordinary people the silence of scientists typically is taken as the official forecast of science that "nothing is threatening anyone here".

But what is even worse, human nature has this attribute, that if someone finds something very profitable, then he or she is vitally interested that the situation which allows this is to never end. (The work of this attribute of human nature is explained in item #C1 from this web page on an example of pharmaceutical companies that in order to increase their profits develop drugs which do NOT heal, but only relieve the symptoms of illnesses, and at the same time make patients so dependent that this dependency forces them buy these drugs for the rest of physical life. Of course, this pharmaceutical example is just a single one amongst a whole array of similar behaviours which we can see around us. Others involve tobacco producers, beer and spirits breweries, drug gangs, gambling casinos, brothels, dictators for life, etc. In each of these "industries" various groups of people are breaking moral principles to draw benefits from human suffering, illnesses, and even death - as on the example of the tobacco industry tries to realize this to us the article [1#S1] entitled "Why smokers are good for NZ society", from page A9 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Tuesday, October 23, 2012.)

Because of this attribute of human nature, in order to extend indefinitely situations from which given kind of people makes money, some amongst these "luminaries of science", who profit, for example, from the fact that there are deadly earthquakes and that the humanity still officially does not know effective methods for detecting when and where these earthquakes are to strike, tend to secretly sabotage every research which bring a potential to develop an effective method for the detection of impending earthquakes. In the result of such sabotages, these scientists created for humanity a "vicious circle" in which (1) "the inability to detect impending earthquakes allows some decision makers of science to reap profits without taking responsibility", while simultaneously (2) "the reaping profits without taking any responsibility inspires these decision makers to block the search for effective methods of detecting impending earthquakes". This "vicious circle", causes that the low motives and private interests of just a few individuals are blocking the progress of the entire human civilization. Therefore, the humanity as a whole must find and implement a way to break this vicious circle. To the finding and implementing such a way is devoted this entire part #S of this web page (as well as devoted are significant parts of several other web pages and monographs by the author).

#S2., blog #226E. What evidence confirms that today's official science as a whole is NOT interested in the development of effective methods which can detect deadly earthquakes that are just brewing to hit:

Of course, if the arguments presented in the previous item are to be confronted with scientists from earthquakes, who themselves are involved in drawing benefits from the official non-existence of effective methods for detection of impending earthquakes, then these scientists will attempt to beat the validity of such arguments in an usual for orthodox scientists way. Firstly, they probably will try to call these arguments yet "another conspiracy theory" - and then scorn the entire matter. If this does not work, they are to use a "heavier artillery" of the kind of claims that supposedly there is absolutely no scientific evidence that some scientific decision-makers blocks the development of effective methods for detecting impending earthquakes. Therefore, in order to forestall such attempts, below I listed several categories of evidence which actually do prove that the present official science, considered as a single "group intellect", blocks the research on the development of effective methods for detection of impending earthquakes. Here are these categories:

(1) The deliberate avoidance by the official science of undertaking research on the Zhang Heng Seismograph. Since March 2003 are available on the internet numerous descriptions which I personally prepared and which disclose the design and operation of an ancient telepathic device which already around 2000 years ago has proven itself in action, that it is capable to detect incoming earthquakes remotely and to effectively alert people about the approaching disasters. (Prior to March 2003, descriptions of this seismograph were also available on the internet, but they did NOT contain yet explanations as to how this device actually worked, because this explanation was only provided by my "hobby" research.) On this web page a model of the device is shown as "Fig. #M1". When in years 2005 to 2011 I was on another my unemployment, and the impossibility to obtain even an "unemployment benefit" intensified my panic search for a job, I sent my job applications supplemented by proposals of a research programme to build and to test this particular device, to all universities in the world which advertised any scientific positions that were suitable for carrying such type of research, including universities from the countries most at risk from earthquakes (e.g. including Japan) - as described in item #I1. from the web page Seismograph.

I sent in that period hundreds of such job applications, complemented by proposals of research programs on this seismograph. In spite of this, none of those universities agreed to give me a chance to construct the device - although, for example, in cases of Japan, the USA and New Zealand, this device could actually turn life-saving for the nation which financed these universities. What also may shock equally much, since the time when as a first scientist in the world I published descriptions of the true principles of operation of this device, I have NOT received even a single shred of inquiry regarding this seismograph. Such a massive disregard to opportunities of developing a device which already has been proven in action around 2000 years ago, cannot be explained just by a chance, and behind it has to hide someone else’s benefits and private interests.

(2) The hiding of the telepathic "Zhang Heng Seismograph" by researchers from the national museum "Te Papa" in New Zealand. (This seismograph is capable of remote and early detection of impending deadly earthquakes - i.e. of their detection at the stage when the earthquakes still are just preparing to occur.) Many years ago New Zealand has received, as a gift from people of China, the same model of this ancient seismograph, the picture of which is shown in Img.020 (#M1) on this web page. When the country was not shaken yet, this seismograph was exhibited at the National Museum of New Zealand, called Te Papa. But when the earthquake described above in item #P5. devastated the New Zealand city of Christchurch, this model has been hidden from visitors. After all, it was inspiring embarrassing questions of the kind "why it is NOT build and researched today - since it has already proven its effectiveness in ancient times?" Of course, hiding an exhibit is in fact the easiest way to avoid such embarrassing questions - already proven on many other exhibits, for example on the so-called. "Colenso's Bell" described in the caption under Img.020 from this web page and in item #D1. from the web page named Seismograph, or on the "skeleton of a human giant" described in item #I2. from the web page named Newzealand - about which a whispered gossip or tradition from Timaru says (unfortunately, in a manner impossible to verify or confirm it officially) that supposedly this skeleton disappeared forever in the cavernous basement of the museum in Christchurch.

(3) Ignoring the opportunities to verify or to implement any of the methods of preventing the arrival of earthquakes based on morality and described on this web page. About the life-saving potential of these methods informs NOT only the Bible (e.g. see in the Bible the description of the fate of the biblical city of Nineveh), but also countless legends - such as the legend about the Baltic city of Vineta from the vicinity of today's Polish Świnoujście, described in item #H2. from the web page named Tapanui. I myself also, acting only on the basis of deprived of funding "scientific hobby", was able to document already a significant body of evidence that in fact these methods based on morality are proving effective - see e.g. the evidence listed in items #I3. to #I5. from the web page named Petone.

(One can imagine what the evidence in this matter could be identified and revealed by well financed professional scientists - if they had reliably taken this research on board.) In addition, these methods based on morality are rather inexpensive. In spite of all this, no-one bothers to check or take their trial implementation. This fact is particularly disappointing, as for the example, the method described in items #J1. and #P5.1. from this web page would be very easy to check in the New Zealand's city of Christchurch shaken repeatedly by earthquakes virtually even in times of writing this paragraph. In spite of such easiness in checking, at the same time it brings a high chance to eliminate dangers and consequences indicated in the introduction to the web page named Petone.

To summarise the above, the long existence of methods for early detection of impending earthquakes and for the defence against the deadly effects of these earthquakes, which methods are clearly and deliberately ignored and on purpose omitted from researching by the present official science, reveals that the official science and professional scientists are NOT trying hard enough to actually find an effective method for detecting and stopping of incoming earthquakes. They do not check every opportunity which in this matter has already been identified. In turn it is known, that if someone deliberately avoids something that could save lives of many people, then he or she must have in this some personal interest.

(4) Twisting facts and noisy harassment of these Italians, who make their scientists accountable for causing deaths due to an incorrect estimates of the risk of an earthquake. If decision makers in science had NO personal interests in maintaining the current "status quo" in the matter of impossibility to detect impending earthquakes, then they would NOT carry out such morally questionable campaign of vociferous attacks and twisting of facts, as they do it in relation to the judgment of the trial described in items #S4 and #S5 below /please scroll down/.

#S3., blog #226E. How can we break this "vicious circle" in which (1) "the inability to detect impending earthquakes allows some decision makers of science to reap profits without taking responsibility", and (2) "the reaping of profits without taking responsibility, encourages some amongst these decision-makers to block research on methods of effective detection of impending earthquakes"?

In order to stop the rooted presently in science "vicious circle" of blocking the development of effective methods for the detection of impending earthquakes (or for the detection of any other natural disasters - out of some of which various "luminaries of science" also derive additional benefits), it is necessary to take several kinds of well-designed official actions. The most important amongst these, is the official formation of the "competition" for the old science, through the establishment of yet another, new "totaliztic science". "How" and "why" this is to be done officially - it is explained already on a number of totaliztic web pages and publications, including items #A3., #B1. and #C2. from this web page. Another such an official action is to make the "luminaries of science" accountable for their silence and for the avoidance of responsibility of warning the public about upcoming earthquakes. This making them accountable is to deprive them of the opportunity to continue the present avoidance of responsibility for what they do and what they claim, and will force them to break the deadlock in the research on more promising methods for the detection of impending earthquakes.

#S4., blog #226E. The Italian case of the first in the world bringing to justice those scientists who botched the interpretation of manifestations of an incoming earthquake and caused deaths of 309 people with their erroneous prognosis that the earthquake will NOT come (which case created the first legal precedent that could help to interrupt the "vicious circle" discussed here):

Motto: "If an engineer builds something that collapses, or if a medical doctor poisons someone instead of healing - they usually land for this in a prison. This is why engineers and medical doctors are used to practicing the culture of responsibility and searching for truth. But if the ignorance and laziness of a scientist causes numerous deaths - typically this scientists gets away with this. This is why present scientists are used to practicing the complacent avoidance of responsibilities and preferential dissemination of nicely sounding untruths instead of unpopular truths."

With reference to methods of interrupting a "vicious circle" described above, it is worth noting that YES, finally, there is the first case in the world and the first "legal precedent" when the "luminaries of science" were make accountable by the society for the reckless treatment of the "expert opinion", the preparation of which they undertaken voluntarily for a good payment, for their lack of knowledge and ignorant discharge of their professional duties, for the irresponsible and incorrect assessment of risks, and for avoidance of issuing a clear warning to people, when the danger was obvious. About the occurrence of this case I learned for the first time from thearticle [1#S4] with quite a misleading title, "On trial for not predicting quake", from page A12 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Wednesday, September 21, 2011. (The title of this article seems to be intentionally misleading and manipulated, as in fact these scientists were NOT judged for "not predict an earthquake", but for avoiding the responsible disclosure of uncomfortable truth, for putting the pleasantly sounding untruth before the truth, and for succumbing to the culture of complacency and passivity - which became the reason for deaths of many people.)

From the above article it stemmed, that this first in the world legal precedent of making scientists accountable for disastrous consequences of whatever they volunteered to undertake for a hefty fee, was accomplished by relatives of 309 people killed in the Italian city of L'Aquila during the earthquake with the strength of 6.3 on the Richter scale, which earthquake took place in there at night on 6 April 2009. These relatives organized themselves in an association called "309 martyrs" and reported to the court all six participants of the panel of 6 scientists "experts from earthquakes" and one high-ranking civil servant, all of which were appointed to assess the risks that may threaten their city after it was hit by a series of more than 400 small quakes. At the meeting which evaluated the level of risks, which meeting preceded by six days the killer earthquake in L'Aquila, this panel of "experts" made quite irresponsible verdict, that in spite of that series of more than 400 tremors, and in spite that similar series of small earthquakes preceded the deadly for city large earthquakes that have taken place there in the 18th and 16th century, the city probably is NOT threaten by any earthquake of a greater magnitude.

As it was only exposed by the article [3#S4] indicated below, one person from this panel of experts gained a grim fame among the locals, as he advised the people from that city to be relaxed and pour themselves glasses of wine, because nothing threatened them. Relatives of the victims of that earthquake, which in spite of this verdict, still struck the city and killed 309 residents, say that they are well aware that no-one today is able to predict the day and the hour when a deadly earthquake is to hit. However, these "experts" coming from the group of highest paid scientists specializing in researching earthquakes, still should have a sufficient knowledge and a sufficient sense of responsibility to at least warn residents that there is a possibility of an earthquake of a greater magnitude, and that hence the city residents are "sitting on a bomb". Such a warning would allow residents of L'Aquila be on guard and probably would save a lot of lives. So in fact the accusation concerns the ignorance which is contrary to the requirements of a well-paid profession in which these scientists are working, and covers too-irresponsible treatment of the assessment of a highly significant level of risk that these scientists officially (and, of course, for the high fee) have volunteered to prepare for the residents of that city.

Immoral and loud efforts of twisting and distorting the content and merit of this quite reasonable charges, carried out by other professional scientists, make me so interested in this whole trial, that I began to closely monitor its progress. The next article [2#S4] which I was able to read about that judicial process of Italian earthquake scientists, appeared in February 2012. He was entitled "Scientists stand on shaky ground", from page B5 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Tuesday, February 7, 2012. It informed that the trial of these Italian scientists is still ongoing, and that probably will continue to go on until next several months, if not years. The article also added some further information which provided the awareness how irresponsibly and how immorally modern scientists can behave, avoiding the communicating with the public on matters for which they have been employed, and ignoring the procedures of behaviours that have been developed for them.

What was the verdict of this trial I learned only from the article [3#S4] with again the deliberately misleading and probably manipulated title "Dismay at jail term for scientists who failed to predict quake", from pages A24 and A25 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Wednesday, October 24, 2012. As it stemmed from this article, these scientists were sentenced to 6 years in prison each, and to pay several million Euros in compensation to families of the victims of this earthquake (two million euros they had to pay immediately, and the rest a bit later). Of course, their lawyers immediately cautioned that they will appeal against that verdict - so the case still has not closed. The article also quoted the exact wording of the charges for which they were convicted.

The wording very clearly revealed that they were NOT accused nor convicted for "not predicting the earthquake", as deliberately confusingly slandered this lawsuit numerous scholars from the rest of the world - whom clearly did not like that in Italy the society began finally make accountable well-paid scientists from the responsibility for disastrous consequences of their well-paid expert opinions. The prosecution was stating, quote: 'for providing "an incomplete, inept, unsuitable and criminally mistaken" assessment of risks posed'.

#S5., blog #226E. The reaction to the Italian court verdict which make scientists accountable for bungling the assessment of the level of danger:

Almost immediately after the announcement of the judgment from that Italian court case, various other scientists began noisy attacks on the verdict. Of course, one can guess, that scientists who made these attacks, are also members of various "expert panels", advisory bodies, committees, etc., which allow them to reap financial benefits from earthquakes, without taking on themselves the responsibility linked to such disasters. There was so many of these attacks that, for example, only one edition of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Thursday, October 25, 2012, published two articles on this subject, namely, on page A13 published the article [1#S5] "The mystery of when any earthquake will strike remains", while on page B2 it published the article [2#S5] "Disaster chiefs walk out over jailing quake". What shocked me the most in immoral reactions of these scientists for this morally justified judgment, is that they completely distort the meaning of that judgment, and that most probably they use it as an excuse to justify their own lack of responsibility in statements of expert opinions that probably they voluntarily prepare for hefty fees. It is because these scientists say that their Italian professional colleagues should be exempt from liability for the consequences of their wrong and negligent "opinion of the expert panel", because "NO earthquakes can be predicted" at the present state of the official science. In this assertion those "defenders of irresponsible scientists" overlook, or deliberately distort, a number of facts. For example, they overlook, or distort, the facts that:

(a) Italian scientists sentenced to prison actually made predictions about what supposedly is impossible to predict. After all, they stated in their "opinion of the expert panel" that a deadly earthquake will NOT hit L'Aquila. Meanwhile, just the same as today's scientists are unable to predict the coming of an earthquake, they are also NOT able to predict that there will NOT be an earthquake. Thus, it is NOT a professional behaviour to calm down the population by claiming something like "relax and have a drink of wine, because you are completely safe from an earthquake". After all, where just was an earthquake, at any time may hit also the next one that will turn to be deadly. The purpose of these scientists should therefore be rather to determine how big are chances that a deadly earthquake will hit within the specific number of days from the nearest future and to recommend evacuation of the population - if these chances turn to be unacceptably high.

They should also try to determine how powerful this next earthquake can be, when it is likely to appear, how to be alarmed that it is just coming, how to defend ourselves against the consequences of it, who and how is threatened by it, and what the various categories of people should do to NOT be killed by it.

(b) In practice, almost all other professions, are also in the situation of earthquakes' researchers. After all, for example the surgeon that begins an operation, or the doctor applying treatment to a patient, also are unable to predict what surprises await them after opening the patient's body, or after the making of a diagnosis. Despite of this, doctors can be held liable if they botch what they are doing. So why do professional scientists do NOT have to be accountable for what they do. Similarly, engineers who build a machine, bridge, or skyscraper, also are unable to predict all the surprises that life prepares to whatever they created. But if, in spite of this inability to predict the surprises of life, engineers are still held accountable to the responsibility for whatever they do, why scientists should not also be held accountable for their actions.

(c) Scientists continue to expect that in spite they take hefty money for the preparation of their expert opinions, still no-one will make them accountable for the consequences of whatever they caused. On the other hand, in the civilized world, the rule is that if you took money for the preparation of an expert opinion, you also assume the responsibility for all the consequences of that opinion. In other words, if, for example, scientists do NOT want to be responsible, they should make their expertises completely free of charge. Meanwhile, the history of our civilization is full of famous cases, when scientists handsomely paid for something, botched their duties and were NOT held accountable for it. For example, in this article [3#S4] is provided the information, that the US Federal Emergency Management Agency botched saving lives of around 1100 people when it failed to warn that the deadly Hurricane Katrina (described on the web page named Katrina) approached New Orleans.

In turn, on this web page is described how in spite that the city of Christchurch has two universities and several polytechnics, no professional scientist clearly warned its inhabitants that after the earthquake described in item #P5 above comes also a next earthquake and that it will be much more deadly - in spite of the fact that the close arrival of this next earthquake was so obvious, that on the web page named Seismograph warned against it even the author of this web page (although heonly researches these matters on an "amateur" principles, and he is NOT paid for such research, nor is rewarded in any other way).

(d) The to-date institution of the official science has NOT, as yet, developed methods that would compel the professional scientists to the effort of improving their performance and to take responsibility for their statements. Still almost the only criterion for the quality of a scientist is the number of publications. But this criterion is easily walked around by too many scientists - for example, by using the proverbial "scissors" (rather than research) to generate new publications by cutting out and putting together pieces of older publications. As a result, for example, someone who grew up on the customs of industry or on traditions of best universities of the world (such as the university which I described in items #E1. to #E4. from the web page named Yearbook), will always be shocked by the number of scientists all day long doing nothing while sipping coffee and discussing politics in "staffrooms" of many Western universities, while all the research is done for them by students or by technicians. Thus, just by making professional scientists accountable from the responsibility for what they do and what they claim, is likely to cause that such quality criteria for scientists will eventually be worked out. Only then people can begin to rely on the old "atheistic orthodox science", that it responsibly and reliably performs its professional duties.

(e) The reason, that professional scientists still are unable to detect that a deadly earthquake is just coming, is that in fact they DO NOT carry out research on the most promising methods of such detection. For example, since around 2000 years is known to humanity the ancient telepathic device called the "Zhang Heng Seismograph" - which can detect impending earthquakes much ahead of time when they strike, and which can warn people that this earthquake is coming. For more extensive descriptions of the device see abovementioned web page named Seismograph.

Unfortunately, due to a "culture of ignoring the topics considered by scientists to be taboo", this telepathic device is NOT being builtnor tested by any present official scientific body. So it is possible that a few more cases of making scientists accountable, similar to the one described here, finally persuades them to get busy with the construction and testing of this wonder device. After all, the device has the potential to prevent many deaths of people and damages to property. In a similar way as decision makers in science block the research on this "Zhang Heng Seismograph", they also block the research on methods of prediction and prevention of disasters based on morality, which methods are described, amongst others, on this web page, as well as on the web page named Petone.

Unfortunately, it so happens, that still the behaviour of the majority of people is NOT motivated at all by the so-called "morality" defined e.g. in item #B5. from the page named Morality. Rather, in their behaviours most people are guided by their awareness of how others evaluate them and by the knowledge how and for what other people are going to reward or punish them! Meanwhile, the tradition already practiced for a long time, that scientists are rewarded for avoiding the taking of responsibility for their claims, and for the silence - when they should keep warning, or for telling nicely-sounding untruth instead of uncomfortable truth, has led to the present situation of the corrupted science. In this situation, the high-earning scientists avoid researching and revealing uncomfortable truths, but insist on convenient lies and fictions for which the society rewards them - but which block the progress of knowledge and the progress of humanity. For example, they conveniently insist on such fiction as the "theory of relativity" and the ridiculous, devoid of logic "big-bang theory" - in spite that the erroneousness and the blocking of progress by both these theories is already known to us for certain since 1985, i.e. since the time when was formally proven the correctness of the so-called Concept of Dipolar Gravity.

In the meantime, also these "atheistic orthodox scientists" persistently have ridiculed or ignored several opportunities to straighten lies and fiction of these theories, e.g. when it was experimentally detected that there are elementary particles which travel faster than light (which fact undermines the correctness of the "theory of relativity") - for more information on this topic see the article [4#S5] entitled "Did Einstein get it wrong?", from page A21 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post Weekend, issue dated on Saturday-Sunday, September 24, 2011. Atheistic orthodox scientists stubbornly promote also e.g. such false claim as that God does not exist - in spite that already was identified a wealth of scientific evidence for the existence of God, and in spite of that it becomes increasingly more visible that such a claim about the non-existence of God, is only to strengthen the "monopoly for knowledge" held by the old science, due to discouraging people from professing views that differ from whatever the old science says. No wonder that such an escalation of lies and obviously false or fictitious views by the official science, causes the escalation amongst people of an increasingly greater distrust towards scientists - expressing itself, among others, by more frequent publishing of books such as [5#S5] by David H. Freedman, "Wrong - why experts keep failing us and how to know when not to trust them", © 2010, HC ISBN 978-0-316-02378-8, 285 pages. It is worth noting here the citation quoted on the cover of this book [5#S5], which states "no lesson seems to be so deeply inculcated by the experience of life as that you never should trust experts" - Lord Salisbury.

As a result of this corruption of scientists with that for what they are rewarded or punished, in today's scientific community widely spreads the culture of avoiding responsibility, avoiding research and disclosure of inconvenient truths, official orders of keeping silence, and the rule of speaking only nice-sounding lies instead of the typically bitter and unpleasant-sounding truths. Changing and eliminating this culture becomes possible only when scientists will be held accountable for avoiding the disclosure of truths, and only when the current "monopoly for knowledge" of the old orthodox science is officially broken through the establishment of the competing with it, the new "totaliztic science" - as this is explained, amongst others, in items #C1. to #C6. from the totaliztic web page Telekinetics or item #A2.6. from the web page named Totalizm.

#S6., blog #226E. Other affected communities and cities also could have gained, if they followed the example of Italians and also make accountable their scientists for the devastation and deaths caused by incorrect diagnoses and a lack of clear warning about the dangers ahead:

The today's world is full of cases, where people are dying not only because of the wrong diagnosis, but also because scientists from a wide variety of tax-paid "expert panels" were silent instead of warning the public against the impending dangers. The silence of scientists, as well as their wrong diagnosis, each year cause also huge losses of property. The reason for this silence is the fact that the society developed in scientists the habit that most beneficial official response to any threat is the silence. Because of the silence no scientist is accused of making a wrong diagnosis - thus the authority of science is therefore intact, no matter of what happens. Scientists always can also get out of the hook much easier from the silence than from a not very accurate diagnosis. Therefore, any "panel of experts" use various tricks and manoeuvres to be silent instead of warning. Examples of these can be: speaking of only verbally, and only at meetings with authorities, trips and other activities undertaken when a cataclysm is approaching, harsh bans on speaking for the use of mass media - which apply to participants of such "expert panels", and many more similar "tricks".

The above situation can, however, be fixed with benefit to the society, if the participants in such "panels of experts" called to warn the public, while paid from taxes, are to eventually be also make accountable for the silence - just as they should be mandatory accountable for issuing wrong diagnoses. After all, according to the popular saying that "no news is good news" for the ordinary people the silence of scientists is typically taken as the official forecast of science that "nothing here is threatening to anyone".

In light of this state of things, one may want to ask the important question of whether it would be in the interest of justice and the public good, if the victims (or relatives of victims) of cataclysms from countries other than Italy, also organized themselves into "associations of victims of the avoidance of issuing a clear warning to the population by a given panel of experts", and then these associations also followed the example of Italy and also attempted to make responsible local "experts" officially employed in positions that should issue warnings about a given type of disasters. The making accountable of well-paid members of various "scientific panels" from the responsibility for not only what they have done and what they said, but also for what lies in their duties and what they should do, but they neglected to do so, would finally break this"vicious circle" described in items #S1 to #S3 from this web page. In turn the result of the discontinuation of the "vicious circle" would be that our civilization would finally begin a real progress in addressing these pressing problems, which for now are still leading people towards a destruction.

#S7. How the above relates to Christchurch in New Zealand:

Everything that is written in this "part #S" also applies to Christchurch. It weights heavily on my heart and awakens my biggest concern, that in my most favourite city of Christchurch from the country that I love and respect, around 185 people have died unnecessarily in the earthquake of 22 February 2011 - as described in item #P6 above. Many amongst these deaths probably could have been avoided if researchers from several research institutions and universities that operate in the city, showed more responsibility in performing duties for which their wages were paid, communicated more clearly warnings to the public about dangers of the situation, and joined more actively various preventive projects. For example, after the "warning" earthquake from Christchurch described in item #P5, I myself have spent a lot more time to seek any warnings from scientists about whatever may happen next, than the time that for this goal can be allocated by ordinary residents of the city. However, I could not find any clear warnings. Although these scientists perhaps reported the situation to authorities, or even published about it in some inaccessible to ordinary people publications, to the rest of society treated as a whole, they in public were "silent as if cursed".

Similarly silent and almost invisible in public those scientists from Christchurch remain until today. And all this in spite that the picture of the situation in that city revealed on TVs and in newspapers, does NOT inspire optimism that the philosophy and morality of the "group intellect" that occupies that city actually went through the required improvement in the result of to-date consequences of that disaster. In turn it stems from the hobby research of the new "totaliztic science" presented on this page, that such a state of things typically means that from the point of view of God, serving of this cataclysm is not coming to a conclusion yet. So it would not harm the city, if its scientists had ceased the further continuation of their stand to ignore the warning capabilities of the Zhang Heng Seismograph and finally started to research this ancient telepathic instrument. Similarly beneficial for Christchurch could prove if scientists examined the effectiveness of earthquakes' prevention methods based on morality, especially the inexpensive method described in items #J1. and #P5.1. from this web page. It also would not hurt the city if any of numerous "experts" from earthquakes employed in it bothered to check how compares the geological situation of the city to e.g. cases described in the Bible and in some legends, then he honestly published results that were obtained. Although in drastic circumstances this could cause the desertion of the city, in case yet another deadly disaster is to occur in there, this could multiply the number of people openly grateful to science for own survival.

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