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The use of moral mechanisms for prevention of cataclysmic earthquakes

Part #R: Significant earthquakes which affected New Zealand cities other than Christchurch:

#R1. The earthquake of power 6.5 which affected the capitol city of Wellington on 21 July 2013:

/original english text Dr. Eng. Pająk/:

At 5:09 pm on Sunday 21 July 2013, the capital city of Wellington, on the suburb of which I live, was affected by a relatively strong earthquake of the power 6.5 in the Richter scale. (I.e. it was affected by the earthquake that was stronger from the one that on 22 February 2011 devastated the city of Christchurch). But because a description of this earthquake from Wellington is provided in item #I3.1. (see 21 in there) from the web page named Petone, I am NOT going to repeat these descriptions in here.

If we would like to classify that Wellington earthquake to one amongst categories of cataclysms listed in item #G1., than this was (7a) a warning earthquake.

#R2, blog #278E. My experiences and conclusions from the extraordinary earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 that struck NZ near Kaikoura at midnight on November 13-14, 2016:

Notice, that the rest of this item #R2 still awaits the translation from Polish to English. But the reader can translate it on his/her own, for example by using one of these free translation programs available in Internet. /Here on the mirror page I have relieved the reader of the work and selection of a suitable translation program... The following is a translation by DeepL.../

Motto: "The reason why scientists are so clueless and deliberately atheistic about earthquakes is that in earthquakes everything works according to the Bible's content - a truth of content that scientists are trying to officially deny.".

At midnight from Sunday to Monday of November 13 to 14, 2016, both my wife and I were already asleep. Suddenly I was awakened by a strong rocking of the bed, combined with the noise of creaking furniture and building. I knew immediately that it was a strong earthquake. After all, lately relatively strong earthquakes have been hitting our house repetitively almost every year. So I waited a few seconds to see if the shaking stopped, but when instead of stopping it even started to intensify, with a shout I woke up my wife and urged her that we had to run away quickly because the house might collapse. We sprang from our beds and attempted to move toward the garden door - just as the path of our escape had long been established. However, the floor was thrown so much that it was impossible to stand on our feet. We started bouncing off the furniture and walls. So I grabbed my wife falling and paralyzed by the "telepathic rumble" that I will describe below, and probably also by the sudden awakening, and then, in spite of the fact that we were thrown, I started to almost carry her on my hands towards the garden door. I used to be a sailor, and moreover, in my youth I rode standing up in Polish streetcars, so I know how to move even when significantly thrown. (It's intriguing that all this throwing in our country occurred only in the north-south plane, while the so-called geological "faults" here run in all sorts of directions, and all ground slips shown on TV ran in the general direction from west to east).

To reach the garden door, however, we had to somehow get through our main living room - which, with the floor throwing us and swaying, was NO small feat. At the door to this room was a large bookshelf on which we were thrown. When we bounced off it, it threw us one by one onto the next furniture. Fortunately, the solar lamps that I had previously installed in our garden so strongly illuminated this large room through the windows that everything was clearly visible (I described these lamps in item #N4. of my page named Solar energy). These lamps also allowed me that when I was pushing so stubbornly towards the garden door supporting my wife and overcoming the forces that were throwing us, I also had the opportunity to look at our clocks repetitively with attention (for whenever an earthquake hits our apartment, I check its time). The two hands of the clocks were then just exactly superimposed on each other - meaning that it was precisely midnight at the time. When we had thus traveled about halfway across the main room, a heavy bookshelf with my books collapsed behind our back with a very loud bang like the firing of a small cannon.

It later turned out that the force of its collapse was so great that it shattered this shelf into a dozen tiny pieces. In fact, each of its load-bearing side walls disintegrated at the extension of each shelf. How powerful must have been the force that threw it. If that shelf had collapsed while we were still at it, then at the very least we would have ended up in the hospital - if anything whole was still left in us. Upon reaching the garden door, we found that we could NOT open it. This is because my wife had bolted them for the night, additionally securing the lock with a latch so that it could NOT be opened from the outside even with a key, and in addition, for additional security, she put a chain on the door also securing its opening. In turn, unfastening this chain and unlocking the latch on the door lock, when we were constantly being strongly thrown, proved almost impossible.

After quite a tug-of-war with the door, which felt like it took an eternity, we finally managed to unbolt it and fall out into the garden. However, since in fleeing we had NO time to look for where the cat was, we left the door open behind us. After a while, the frightened cat also fell out of the apartment and started running away. I moved after him to catch him and calm him down. Since the ground in the garden also rocked and rippled as if drunk, it was practically impossible to stand on it. After all, it was the strongest earthquake I have experienced so far in my entire life. Fortunately, in the garden I have a bench and a few chairs not far from the door. So when I grabbed the cat, we both quickly sat down - holding the cat in my lap to calm it down. Although this seat felt like we were sitting in a moving "roller-coaster," it nevertheless protected us from falling. So we were able to start watching what was going on around us - in which watching was helped by the strong lighting of our garden with solar energy lamps. In turn, the view, as well as the noise, was amazing. All the buildings rhythmically and loudly creaked and rattled and were clearly thrown about, while the car alarms blown by this quake howled. The ground itself, however, did NOT generate any noise this time. (In some previous earthquakes it has come to my attention that the earth itself made a deafening sort of rhythmic rasping, creaking, or roaring noise, to me resembling the sound of what looked like an approaching heavy freight train). After about 2 minutes of tossing, or about 00:02, this shaking stopped. So we cautiously peeked into the apartment to see if it had not yet collapsed.

Yet inside was chaos, by some miracle our building still stood undamaged. Only the lamps under the ceiling swung like swings, almost touching the ceiling at both turns of their motion. (I deliberately installed lamps hanging on flexible cables in the apartment, because I discovered that for us they are excellent seismographs - indicating how strong a given earthquake is, and hence whether we should flee the apartment). Also remarkably, despite the strength of the quake, electricity and water were still working in our apartment. But in a significant part of the cities of Petone and Lower Hutt, starting from the street next from us, including also the house of our friends with whom a few days earlier I had that eloquent dinner described in item #D2.1. of my web page named Eco cars (i.e., the dinner on account of winning a bet on the results of the U.S. election), the electricity was interrupted. I realized then, and immediately thanked God for it, that the entire city of Petone, including my apartment, because of the existence of those biblical 10 righteous is still protected by God - as I described in the "introduction" and in part #I of my page "Petone", as well as in item #I1. of this page.

The reader is probably wondering why, during every earthquake, my wife and I behave as if we were prolonging our exposure to danger by fleeing from the apartment to the garden, instead of immediately diving under the nearest table, door frame, or bed - as scientists advise us to do in this situation. The reason is simple. Namely, from my own analysis of the mechanisms and aftermath of previous earthquakes, it appears that it is really safe only in the open air, and away from tall objects that could collapse on us. At the same time, my engineering knowledge tells me that even if a given earthquake is so strong that it collapses the building we are currently in, still various physical phenomena such as inertia, friction, viscosity, static strength of materials, consumption of energy for the dynamic acceleration of masses, etc., which will act when the building starts to shake, will cause that from the first shock at least 30 seconds will pass before the building actually collapses. This 30 seconds is typically too little for an escape from the upper floors of a multi-story building, or even for an escape from a single-family house - if one is previously undecided what to do, or if instead of running away one looks for where one's cat, dog, keys, wallet with money, passport, etc., is. However, 30 seconds is enough to escape from a single-family house, or even from the ground or second floor of a multi-story house, if you have planned in advance what to do and if you definitely and quickly escape.

And running away is worth it, because empirics proves that within buildings, no table, door frame, bed, etc., can guarantee that they will protect us from the force of an earthquake. This is because the force is so great that in the blink of an eye it was able to shatter my bookshelf into pieces, which if I had tried to similarly shatter it with a heavy hammer, then I would have had to work significantly harder. On TV I also saw an entire building that was thrown off its foundations by the force of the earthquake described here at a distance that I estimate to be about 20 meters (showing it was NOT informed how far it landed from where it originally stood). In the previous Christchurch earthquake, bricks were thrown with such force that they broke through the structure of cars and even a bus. And it should be remembered that even if these bricks had been thrown, for example, from the roofs of the buildings in Christchurch, the gravitational pull alone would at most have slightly bent the sheet metal of these cars with them.

What I want to make clear here through these examples is that in earthquakes there are powers, forces and phenomena, the recognition of which today's science still deceitfully refuses to acknowledge, and which are triggered in ways still considered supernatural today. (Similar powers, forces and phenomena of a nature still considered supernatural today are also triggered by Tornado.) For example, I believe that during an earthquake quite a few objects are thrown using Telekinesis the existence of which official science still refuses to acknowledge, although my Theory of Everything called Concept of Dipolar Gravity describes it, explains it, and promotes it starting in 1985.

In turn, this phenomenon of telekinesis allows to unleash unimaginably powerful forces and powers, which, for example, after being used in the propulsion systems of Propulsion, will allow to instantly fly people to different star systems. Unfortunately, as of yet, I am NOT able to formally prove that earthquakes are driven by telekinesis phenomena. However, I have already accumulated quite a few empirical observations that seem to confirm this. For example, strong earthquakes induce a white glow that coincides with the so-called "absorption glow" which is triggered by strong telekinetic movements. During strong earthquakes, glowing spheres of telekinetized gas are also sometimes generated, which in modern times are often described under the name "ball lightning".

Moreover, for example, phenomenon of telepathy is always accompanied by the phenomenon of telekinesis (on a similar basis as the generation of some sound is always accompanied by a physical kind of motion). Meanwhile, from the principle of operation of the so-called "Zhang Heng Seismograph" described, among others, on my websites named Seismograph and Artefacts (and also mentioned in items #M2., #S2., #S5. and #S7., while shown in Img.020 (#M1) of this web page) quite clearly implies that every earthquake is always accompanied by such a powerful "telepathic rumble" that it can be perceived with this ancient analogue seismograph. (Unfortunately, the "telepathic rumble" is NOT audible to physical human ears, although supra-sensory it is perceived by many women in whom it causes hysteria, confusion, loss of consciousness of mind, dizziness, and sometimes even fainting).

I will now summarize this paragraph. Using a personal example, I make the reader realize in it that if an earthquake surprises him in a building, while escaping outside would take him there only about those 30 seconds described earlier, then the most sensible thing to do would be to escape - and NOT to hide under a table, desk, door frame, etc. This is because outside (and away from tall objects) one is certainly safe. On the other hand, a building already after this approximately 30-second delay (which, however, is often sufficient for a quick escape) may collapse and then, in many cases, no e.g. table will have enough power to guarantee saving from death the people hidden under this table. In one's own house or apartment it is also good to have a previously worked out (and prepared in advance and checked with a stopwatch) plan of such an escape - so that if the earthquake really comes, then one will NOT need to think what to do. It is also good to have in every room of your apartment at least one lamp hanging from the ceiling on a long flexible cable, because the range of fluctuations of this lamp will immediately give us an idea of the strength (and thus the level of danger) of a given earthquake. We should also remember that women may faint due to the action of this "telepathic rumble" that every earthquake generates. Therefore, fleeing women sometimes need to be forcibly carried away with them, almost lifting them in their arms if necessary. In addition, it is necessary to remember that on the path of the planned escape one should NOT create for oneself too many obstacles or threats from falling objects (such as a book shelf unattached to the wall in our case).

For example, I just caught my wife that, despite the experience described previously, she still bolts the door of our planned escape at night - even though the lock on that door is of a type that can NOT be opened from the outside without the use of a key. Unfortunately, logic and emprical experience turn out to be helpless when a change in a woman's habits is required.

When the shaking stopped and we decided to return to the apartment, the first thing we did was to unlock and turn on the TV to see if there would be any news broadcast about this earthquake. Unfortunately, the entire next hour of this checking passed, and we found NO news. The TV was only broadcasting some nightly pre-recorded programs. So we came to the conclusion that the authorities were still asleep - which we understood as a suggestion that the danger was completely gone and we too could go to bed. After all, NZ has a network of institutions paid for by our taxes, whose highly qualified employees are supposed to warn the population of any dangers. Everyone in NZ is also accustomed to frequent earthquakes, hence even days the alarm is raised only when some significant danger threatens. So after unblocking the passage between rooms from the remains of the book shelf and from other scattered objects, we too settled back to sleep. After about half an hour, we heard someone drumming on our door.

It turned out that a neighbor somewhere had managed to search that a tsunami was coming and that we needed to flee. So we checked the TV again, but all the channels were still broadcasting their pre-recorded trivia night programs on it. We decided, however, that in spite of the lack of an official warning, it was better "just in case" to move somewhere on higher ground. After all, we live in dangerous proximity to the seashore. So we dressed warmly and packed our cat in the car then drove to a gas station in Lower Hutt, some 7 kilometers from our apartment, to fill up with gasoline. This was because it turned out that our car was just about to run out of gas. There were several cars at the gasoline station, but their drivers behaved as they do every day, and no one showed any haste or nervousness in refueling. During the refueling, a strong "aftershock" hit, which rocked the dock over the pumps and our car. After refueling, we drove to the closest place to Lower Hutt we knew, called Tirohanga, where the street climbs uphill. There, much higher above sea level, we found an area of what looked like a sizable plateau or clearing among the hills, which guaranteed safety from the laves of dirt and mud that a possible subsequent "aftershock" could induce, and where the side of the street was NOT occupied by too many parked cars of local residents, after which we parked our car there. In addition to us, about 50 meters above was parked another car in which people were sitting. (In turn, the cars of local residents parked on the same street were empty, although lights were on in several of the nearby houses.) So we turned on the radio.

The local radio station "The Breeze" was only broadcasting music. So we searched around other stations to see if there would be anything about this earthquake and tsunami. After some time, we came across the airwaves of "National" radio, which finally said something about this earthquake. It was from it that we learned that the epicenter of this earthquake was somewhere near the town of Culverden or Kaikoura, and that its strength was around 6.5. At that time, however, it was already well after 2 a.m. - that is, according to my knowledge of physics, if this earthquake had caused a tsunami, then such a tsunami should have hit Petone a long time ago (or more precisely, it should have hit NO later than an hour after the occurrence of this earthquake, that is, even before we left our house). Then also from the messages of this radio we learned that in fact someone there still advises to move to higher areas, because there may be a tsunami. However, this was NOT a message derived from some sensors or research instruments, but only someone's guess.

Some time later, we heard emergency sirens begin to howl in Lower Hutt. Shortly after they wailed, the street where we parked became overgrown with runaway cars. An interview was also played on "National" radio, in which someone from civil defense finally stated that there was a possibility of a tsunami coming and that a tsunami warning alert was officially being issued. And it was close to three o'clock at night at the time. In other words, if indeed that earthquake had induced a significant tsunami, then that tsunami would have swept the coastal cities of most of NZ well before the civil defense services woke up from their slumber and took action. So, knowing from my knowledge of the workings of physical laws that all these noises were started too late and that they could only serve as a later excuse that some kind of alarm had been raised after all, and also as an attempt to "save face," we waited on the street from that hillside until exactly four o'clock in the morning, by which time, to the best of my knowledge, the possible tsunami, if it actually occurred, should certainly have already completely disappeared, after which we drove home and returned to continue sleeping. The next day, after getting up from bed, we heard the tsunami alarm cancelled, along with the news that in several places the water level had changed by up to about one meter in size. A few days later, however, it turned out that it was the land level that had changed as a result of this earthquake.

In other words, the entire official response and actions of taxpayer-paid offices and institutions, which should warn of such disasters, and inform, advise and guide people when such disasters occur, turned out to be a complete fiasco which only sowed public confusion and a sense of loneliness in confronting the danger. Thus, if this earthquake actually induced a tsunami, then probably this tsunami would kill at least half of the population of New Zealand - after all, most of the population of this country lives on the shores of the ocean, and the offices and institutions established to protect it neglected to inform what to do. This fact of general confusion, chaos, sluggishness of the authorities and lack of information or alarm, was noted, by the way, NOT only by me, and was complained about even in the national TV news broadcast at 18:30 on channel 1 TVNZ on Friday, 2016/11/18.

This unusual earthquake, like the prior Christchurch quakes, is also surrounded by a whole host of unusual features. The announcement of tsunami alerts and warnings, described above, only at a time when it would have been after the tsunami (had a killer tsunami actually occurred) is just one of them. Besides it, quite a few others caught my eye. So let's now discuss some examples at least of the most important ones.

1. Destruction resembling the result of today's wars. What puzzles me most about the earthquake discussed here is the size and unusual appearance of the destruction. Watching the destruction on television, I got the impression that I was watching a landscape devastated by some kind of intense warfare, for example, the kind reported from New Zealand military sites during the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.

2. Symbolic meaning of the death of 2 people. In this earthquake, 2 people also died. One person was killed by the collapse of a house, and the other by a heart attack probably caused by that powerful "telepathic rumble" I mentioned earlier. For the strength of this earthquake, and the amount of destruction it caused, 2 victims is a happily small number. However, it is worth remembering that in the "warning" earthquake from Christchurch, which I described in more detail in item #P5 of this web page, there is also the number of 2 people, only that with injuries and taken to the hospital, not killed. So it appears that in both these New Zealand earthquakes this number 2 performs some additional function, e.g. a symbol of a kind of karma, a foretelling, a prophecy, a warning of what will happen if a given kind of conduct is NOT abandoned, etc. This is because, as I explain it in more detail in the #D2.1. of my page called Eco cars, and under #F2. another of its pages named Karma, in the so-called acts of God practically everything is wisely designed in advance, carries some significant meaning, and if correctly learned by humans - then it can also become a source of significant advancement of civilization. Of course, human tradition assigns to the number 2 some there symbols and meanings. We can learn them from various numerological publications.

However, God may attribute completely different symbols and meanings to this number. For example, from the "Concordia of the Old and New Testaments to the Millennium Bible" it appears that the symbolic use of the number "two" in the Bible includes, among other meanings: multiplying power, making sure that some requirements are fulfilled after all, and announcing a repetition. The Christchurch earthquake described in item #P5. /please scroll up/ was in fact later repeated with multiplied destructive force after only about 5 months. So whether these 2 from the earthquake described here are also to symbolically give us the same message, we will probably find out soon.

Especially, that when I developed this subsection on November 22, 2016, then Japan was hit near Fukushima by as many as several earthquakes (the largest had a strength of 7.4) and a small tsunami, as a result of which, also 2 people were injured. Thus, from the aftermath of the recent earthquakes in Kaikoura and Fukushima, it will surely be possible to determine one day what this number 2, repeatedly repeated in God's actions, means.

3. Three official assessments of the strength of this earthquake. Another unusual feature of the earthquake discussed here was its strength. On the day it began, it was said to have had a strength of 6.5 on the Richter scale. Then it was renamed to a magnitude of 7.5. After about four days, it was renamed again to a magnitude of 7.8. These three successive revisions look as if the earthquake experts were more focused on announcing what they thought would have the right political impact, rather than the facts and truth indicated by the research instrumentation they had (e.g., they were focused on picking the "politically correct magnitude," rather than reading what magnitude the measuring instruments scientists had in their possession indicate).

4. It tells us a lot to choose what and where to destroy. If earthquakes were governed by the blind laws of nature, then their destruction should "go in a bench". Meanwhile, in this earthquake, the distribution of destruction was selective, looking shockingly similar to how someone chooses which towns, communities, institutions and families are to be punished with it, and which are to be spared. For example, the town of Petone, where I live, was shaken so badly that it was difficult to stand on one's feet. (As I once investigated this with a radiation meter in my possession and described in item #F5. of the page Food handle, one strong geological "fault" runs not far from our garden). So personally, during the duration of this quake, I was heartbroken, because from the force of the throw it looked like our building would at least be damaged, and maybe even fall apart completely. However, even a single residential house was NOT destroyed in "Petone" - just as God promises that He will NOT destroy the localities in which these at least "10 righteous" described in item #I1 of this web page are present. On the other hand, practically all localities lying around Petone suffered severe destruction.

For example, in nearby Lower Hutt lying north of Petone and separated from Petone only by a river, a local new "mall" (shopping center) called "Queensgate" had to be closed down because of the damage it had sustained. And this mall had quite recently been re-built from scratch in such a "scientific" way that it was supposedly earthquake-proof. (Unfortunately, when I wrote this subsection 10 days after this quake occurred, I still hadn't come across any official explanation as to why the "Queensgate" mall was closed. It wasn't until Friday, November 25, 2016, that TV news outlets briefly reported that about half of "Queensgate" had to be demolished because of the "structural damage" that the earthquake caused to this mall. Demolition of this mall actually also began a short time later).

The same happened in nearby Wainuiomata, located east of Petone, on the other side of the near-Petone hills, where the local mall was also closed due to damage. Residents of both of these villages are now flocking to supermarkets from our Petone to make their purchases.Meanwhile, in the center of the country's capital, located south of Petone and only about 8 kilometers away, ie. in this Wellington, in which all government decisions are made, as many as a number of new multi-story government buildings, several habitats of headquarters of various institutions, and a few houses given by the government for housing for the chronically unemployed, also suffered so much damage, that already a few days after the quake it was announced the necessity of demolition and deliberate demolition of a significant number of them - for an illustration of one such demolition see Img.515 - Img.519 (#R2abc) below. (What quite intrigued me was that one of the severely damaged Wellington buildings turned out to be the almost-new customs office in which I experienced this treatment, which so moved me that I described it in detail in item #A3. of my web page named Portfolio.

Another thought-provoking mystery is that just days after the earthquake, the government suddenly decided that it would order the construction of a new expensive and secure building right next to the parliament building, to house all the ministers, i.e. the entire government - I wonder "what" and "why" initiated this sudden decision). Probably also in order to somehow prove to voters that the government is doing something in this matter after all, a special (as usual bureaucratic) commission was appointed, which supposedly is to investigate why so many new buildings in Wellintgton, which supposedly were "scientifically" designed and built to resist earthquakes, were damaged by the quake described here. I, of course, do NOT at all expect this committee to discover and openly reveal the real reason for this state of affairs - which, according to my personal understanding, is the stubborn persistence of New Zealand education in a particularly devastating for the country model called "user paid" (i.e. "education paid for by the students themselves"), and described in more detail in item #E1. from my page named Yearbook.

After all, this model causes such educated "professionals" to expect to receive diplomas just for the mere fact of paying high tuition fees, avoiding and sabotaging all attempts by the more informed of their lecturers to nevertheless also learn the knowledge and skills that will later be required of them to properly fulfill their specialty and professional work. (One of the solutions, the draft of which I presented to voters during my 2014 campaign in Pająk for President 2014 , was to get out of the "riding the tiger" situation in NZ higher education by offering "government scholarships" to a certain pool of the brightest New Zealanders who would have previously passed a special, particularly difficult and stripped of cronyism qualifying exams, and which scholarships would be revoked in the event of failure to pass required university exams or misbehavior, and hence which would allow the most hardworking and disciplined students to graduate even if they came from a very poor family. This is because such a tough and cronyism-free solution would gradually halt the further decline of knowledge and expertise in NZ professionals and engineers, and restore the required level to NZ higher education).

5. So wisely directed the effects of this earthquake that they revealed and illustrated the most pressing violations of moral criteria. This bizarre fact of wise disclosure and illustration of the effects, to me, caught my eye when I watched on television the news and reports of the aftermath of this earthquake. In order to explain to the reader here the essence of the clever mechanism on which this disclosure and illustration of immorality operates, I will describe some examples of it below.

(Note, however, that there are many more cases of this exposure than I describe below.) An example of cases of very serious violations of moral criteria, were the decisions of NZ to join overseas wars, the effects of which were later illustrated by the appearance of the destruction wrought by the earthquake described here. Another example of such violations of moral criteria was the creation by the NZ government, and subsequent funding of its activities for many years, of a special team of "tree exterminators" described, among others, in item #I1. of my web page Landslips. This form of violation of moral criteria was illustrated in the earthquake discussed here by the highly eloquent filling of roads and blocking the flow of rivers with avalanches of earth and mud formed due to the landslide of mountainsides stripped of trees and shrubs. After all, this team of "tree exterminators" for many years continuously cut down and removed trees trying to grow on the slopes of New Zealand's mountains. Thus, as a result of the actions of this team and the ungulates that graze on these slopes, soil erosion in some places has covered more than half of the entire area of the slopes of the NZ mountains.

Also, as a result of the current earthquake, it was this kind of illogical tree-hugging that caused avalanches of dirt and mud to cover large sections of roads and rivers - completely demobilizing the entire region. After all, the buried roads completely cut off the city of Kaikoura from the rest of the country. The buried rivers, in turn, began to pile up their water, causing the danger that any houses and settlements located downstream from them would be wiped out once the water broke through these blockages - so the rapid evacuation of the population from these areas had to begin. Yet another example of violating moral criteria was to base education on a model called "user paid" - which I already described in the previous subsection. This is because this model NOT only took away the opportunity to study from young people from poor homes and not only continually lowers the level of education and expertise in the country, but also causes that young people from rich homes, who can afford to finance their studies, choose majors that are the easiest and at the same time that will later bring them the highest income - such as law and economics majors. As a result, the country has an excess of, for example, lawyers, while there is a shortage of engineers - that is, as they say, there are too many chiefs, while too few Indians. So when the earthquake discussed here hit, then it turned out that there was actually a shortage of professionals who would be able to quickly clear blockages on roads and rivers, and rebuild homes and infrastructure. This shortage of professionals is so great that on the evening of Wednesday 2016/11/23 it was loudly and openly discussed on a national daily newspaper TV.

Another example of violating moral criteria is the stubborn support for monopolies, which in NZ now already rule every aspect of life and which have already pushed prices almost beyond the reach of low earners. These monopolies are supported in spite of the fact that it is well known that they are ruining the country by lowering quality and raising prices, and by exporting capital heavily out of the country. The earthquake discussed here highlighted this kind of violation of moral criteria by, for example, blocking the exit of a marina used by the ships of a monopoly showing whales to tourists. Because there was NO other similar institution already in existence, which would also have built its own marina for its boatmen, this blocking of the monopoly's marina interrupted the flow of tourist dollars to the entire town of Kaikoura. In addition, this monopoly began to demand that the government remove the blockade of its marina at taxpayers' expense.

6. "Supernatural" initiation precisely at midnight. Another unusual feature of the earthquake described here, to which I paid particular attention, is also the hour of its onset. This is because from the old times, when still as a small boy I used to dismantle clocks repaired by my father (which I described in more detail in item #B1. of my autobiographical web page Jan Pająk), a fondness for clocks and for measuring the precise passage of time remained with me. Since clocks are cheap these days, I have a plethora of them in my apartment - i.e. at least one large and highly visible clock in virtually every room - including the hallway and bathroom, while in the main room I have as many as 3 different and highly visible large clocks. I also repetitively check whether these clocks indicate precise time, by comparing their readings with the "official state time" which in NZ is continuously broadcast along with TV programs.

What also needs to be emphasized here is the fact that at nights my clocks are well illuminated by the light coming through the windows of my apartment from the numerous solar energy lamps that I have installed in my garden (see descriptions and photos of these lamps from item #N4. of my web page named Solar energy). It was thanks to this perfect nighttime visibility of the hands of my clocks that, as we fled the apartment, I clearly noted that this powerful earthquake actually shook my apartment at exactly midnight, i.e. at 24:00 on November 13, 2016. Meanwhile, it is officially claimed in New Zealand that this earthquake started two minutes after midnight, i.e. at 00:02 on November 14, 2016, i.e. at the time when this earthquake in my apartment just ended. And we should also remember that if in fact this earthquake started at 00:02 and in distant Culverden or Kaikoura, then my apartment should shake even later, as earth movements do NOT propagate with infinitely high speed. So there are some reasons for this discrepancy between what is officially claimed about the moment of its initiation, and the actual moment of time at which it shook my apartment. From the list of these reasons I completely exclude the inaccuracy of my clocks, because the next day I checked my clocks again and additionally.

I also rule out the error of my gaze, for in escaping from my apartment I deliberately, consciously and repetitively checked what the exact time was at the time. Of course, there could be other reasons too - for example, one physical one could be that my apartment was hit by a different earthquake than the one scientists are talking about. Personally, however, I wonder, although I am unable to either prove or verify this, whether the actual reason for this discrepancy in the time of onset of this earthquake was the need for science to maintain a monopoly on explaining the causes and consequences of its occurrence.

The point is that if it were officially admitted that this earthquake struck exactly at midnight (i.e., at exactly 24:00) and on November 13, 2016, then such a statement would include the implication that it was of supernatural origin - and hence that it also requires, among other things, religious analysis and translation. After all, for a long time people have adhered to the tradition that many supernatural phenomena and acts of God take place precisely at midnight, and that the number and date of the 13th is associated with the announcement of misfortune. Meanwhile, if its impact is officially announced as taking place two minutes after midnight, i.e. at 00:02 on November 14, then this time of its onset and date already turns it into a phenomenon about which the exclusive right and monopoly to authoritatively speak can be usurped for itself by today's official science - which in its explanations can implement a cemently atheistic presentation of the world.

The fact that the so-called political correctness of official science may have already been involved in this earthquake also seems to be evidenced by another event. Namely, on Wednesday and Thursday, i.e. November 16 and 17, 2016, in the evening news of 6 pm on the main TV channel of New Zealand, I watched something that moved me to the depths. For it looked like an attempt to introduce anti-religious "zamordyism". This is because in the national NZ television then attacked bishop named Brian Tamaki, because during a mass in his church he dared to state that the earthquake which previously destroyed the city of Christchurch (the one described in item #P6 of this web page) had its source in the sins committed by the inhabitants of that city. Thus, this televised attack noisily demanded that this bishop apologize to the residents for what he had stated, and even tried to imply that he had made a "hate speech" (i.e. the so-called hate speach).

Although this bishop did not take up the gauntlet thrown at him by the journalists and ignored the cries for an explanation and apology, the journalists did not give up and repeated their attack on the TVNZ1 channel at 18:30 on Sunday, 2016/12/4 (NOT without reason, my grandfather used to repeat the warnings to us that "if you want to have a long, peaceful and happy life, stay away from doctors, lawyers and journalists". Of course, as a scientist I know perfectly well that without learning the truth there is NO progress - which I emphasize all the way through a whole series of my publications (e.g., see item #F1. on my page named Totalizm, or items #G1., #P1. and #P6. on this page).

I also know that in order to find out the truth, it is necessary to take into account and analyze evidentially all the factors that can influence a given truth. But how can one find out what the truth is here if even just an attempt to speak of the truth is received with an attack via national television? Does this mean, then, that in the present era of the "neo-medievalism" (the one described in more detail in item #K1. of my web page Tapanui) begins the symbolic "burning at the stake" of people who believe in God - that is, the Karma of a similar burning at the stake of "witches" that took place in the original Middle Ages is slowly beginning?

Does this also mean that as of recently, in a democracy it is still allowed to profess and express any views, provided, however, that these views do NOT represent a belief in God nor are they based on statements of the Bible?

The reader probably already knows that I am the creator of this Theory of Everything called Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and probably the only scientist in the world today who empirically, objectively and positively investigates the methods of God's work using the principles and tools of the new so-called "totaliztic science". (Above I put great emphasis on the words" empirically, objectively and positively". After all, if anyone else, e.g. religious personalities, researches the methods of God, then if he is positively inclined towards the existence of God, then in the present situation in the world he typically carries out this research biased and practically almost exclusively on the content of the Bible (i.e. purely theoretical). If, on the other hand, he is a professional scientist, then he is forced by the atheistic system and by the traditions of official science to do this research the opposite of positively, i.e. solely for the purpose of negatively denying the truth and existence of God, and increasingly openly denying, mocking and escalating the persecution aimed at believers. Meanwhile, in my case, I prove formally the existence of God, so my research is positive.

At the same time, I was trained as an empirical scientist and acquired scientific habits, hence everything that I research I try to do highly objectively and base in this research NOT only on my theory of everything and on logic, but in the first place on empirics - that is, on verifiable observations and experiences collected during real life events). Thus, as such a scientist, I also feel obliged to inform the reader here what my theory of everything and empirical evidence indicate was the true source and driving mechanism for the occurrence of the earthquake discussed here. After all, this theory of everything of mine, has an enormously wide area of validity. Thus, it is also able to clearly indicate the origin of this earthquake, and indicate the evidence that confirms just this origin.

This is because it was already the first scientific theory in the world to allow me to formulate as much as a number of formal scientific proofs that "God exists" - which proofs no one on Earth was previously able to formulate. This theory has also already explained to us that God is a self-aware program contained in the 12th (highest) level of memory of the entire invisible for people multi-memory counter-matter from which the physical world visible to us and everything in it was created. Thus, the programs that constitute the fragments of God are contained in, and govern the behavior of, NOT just every elementary particle, every atom, and every cell and tissue of our body, but also every beam and brick, every stone, every mountain and every continental plate, etc. In other words, my Concept of Dipolar Gravity unerringly explains and proves to us that absolutely everything that happens in the physical world is accomplished and governed by God. This in turn, among other things, means that according to the canons of "Concept of Dipolar Gravity", the earthquake discussed here was sent by God. Only that the incomprehensibly omnipotent and wise God carries out all His actions in such a way that they never take away from humanity their Concept of Dipolar Gravity.

Unfortunately, my fulfillment of my duty to explain to people the above vital truth recently is already becoming dangerous and does NOT come at all so easily - as evidenced by the previously described TV attack on bishop Brian Tamaki. After all, humanity is currently being plunged deeper and deeper into the entire ocean of shocking lies generated by the atheistic culture of today's official science - for examples of these lies of science see item #B2. on my page named Humanity, or item #D4. on my page named Concept of Dipolar Gravity.

Thus, many people who put these lies of human official science above the truths revealed to us by God through both divine methods of operation in empirics (i.e. in real life) and descriptions contained in the Bible, have NOT yet matured to learn and accept the truth on the subject that all cataclysms and calamities affecting people, including the earthquake discussed here and all other earthquakes, are justly sent and wisely managed by God. Thus, many people of today are unable to understand that if someone as wise as God really loves us as much as God loves people, then He will NOT only provide us with everything we need to live, but will also severely punish those of us who harm others. After all, these wrong-doers harm those others of us whom the omnipotent God also loves very much. So it would be a significant injustice if God tolerated hurtful behavior. This is because such a God who avoids punishing sinners would be similar to these present mothers, who claim to love all their children, but when they see that one of them repetitively beats and tortures others, they do NOT want to punish this one under the excuse that they love him too (in turn, our conscience unambiguously tells us how wrong this type of behavior is).

So when a group of people messes up so badly that God's patience is exhausted, then God sends a punishment on them - e.g. an earthquake, tornado, heat, drought, fire, frost, or some other cataclysm appropriate to their offense and current situation. But because with His punishments and other actions God does NOT want to break in people their Free will, He cannot send His punishments in a way that would unambiguously reveal that they come from Him. Therefore, in order to NOT break the free will of people, in every punishment that He sends, and also in practically every His action, God inscribes at least 3 or 4 different kinds of evidence, which depending on the worldview of people, who later analyze this punishment or action of God, allows them to explain it in their own way. These 3 or 4 different kinds of evidence written into every action of God, are described in more details in item #C2. of the web page Tornado, and also in item #G2. of this web page. In the case of the earthquake discussed here, the first (1) type of them are, among others, the findings collected by today's official science. They tell people, unfortunately erroneously and highly misleadingly, that the source of the earthquake discussed here is (1) the periodic release of energy of continental plates sliding against each other, initiated by some natural phenomenon, e.g. the maximum proximity of the Moon to the Earth that took place just before the earthquake discussed here occurred.

Another type of evidence is (2) the actions of UFOnauts. After all, the main area that the earthquake described in this item destroyed is a favorite place for UFO vehicles to operate. Many people probably still remember the famous filming of a UFO over the village of Kaikoura - the authenticity of which no one has ever questioned (although many scientists have tried). On my web pages you can also see numerous photographs of UFO landing sites from the vicinity of Culverden, Weka Pass and Hanmer Springs - i.e. places particularly badly affected by the current earthquake. Another (3) type of evidence are these unusual and supernatural elements which I described in this item, e.g. in its previous parts. This is because they unambiguously indicate to us that the source of the earthquake discussed here is the (3) punishing action of God (in which, unfortunately, not many people today will believe, which is a pity, because it is the only explanation which already gives us effective methods of preventing future earthquakes and other cataclysms - for details see item #A2. of this web page). Finally, the last type of evidence is (4) today's theories and observations about the warming of the earth's climate. They suggest that the reason for this earthquake are (4) human activities harmful to the Earth's climate, e.g. those which increased the depth of the oceans and thus the pressure of ocean water on the Earth's tectonic plates (which then moved these plates causing the earthquake described here). As the above evidence inscribed by God in the earthquake discussed here indicates, everyone can now choose for himself what explanation of the origin of this earthquake the level of consciousness of the chooser allows him to believe. Logic, however, and the vast amount of empirical evidence that I have already gathered and presented on my web pages, reveal that only one of them is true - namely, serving justice and getting even by God.

Of course, presenting the above logical deduction that the earthquake discussed here is a punishment that God inflicted on the affected group intellects (i.e. communities) for some past violation of God's commandments and requirements described in the Bible, I also have a duty to at least try to deduce here what exactly that violation was. After all, by learning about them, it will be possible to try to avoid similar punishments in the future. Unfortunately, deducing the offense that brought this punishment is quite difficult. This is because, so far, my empirical "hobby research" on the methods of God's action has NOT yet given the required range of tools to do so with repeatable correctness and absolute certainty. Nevertheless, the first hints of my empirical research on these methods have already provided us.

Of course, presenting the above logical deduction that the earthquake discussed here is a punishment that God inflicted on the affected group intellects (i.e. communities) for some past violation of God's commandments and requirements described in the Bible, I also have a duty to at least try to deduce here what exactly that violation was. After all, by learning about them, it will be possible to try to avoid similar punishments in the future. Unfortunately, deducing the offense that brought this punishment is quite difficult. This is because, so far, my empirical "hobby research" on the methods of God's action has NOT yet given the required range of tools to do so with repeatable correctness and absolute certainty. Nevertheless, the first hints of my empirical research on these methods have already provided us.

Of course, I will NOT stop with this view, and I will continue to modestly continue my research on the current basis of my paid "hobby". In turn, if I come into possession of any evidence stating something different from what I have explained here, then I will immediately publish it here. (It is a great pity that I do NOT have at my disposal the means or research capabilities that professional scientists of the official science have today. This is because I could then perform in-depth research on this matter and precisely determine the truth. This, in turn, in the future would allow various nations to more easily avoid this kind of misfortunes by simply abandoning actions that bring God's punishments. This is because, according to common knowledge, many countries have sent their armies to places where they should NOT. So irrevocably one day will come the so-called "time of return", when God with the use of still commonly ignored and requiring further research mechanisms of group karma will undertake the equalization of the balance of suffering and justice).

Of course, if my empirically arrived at conclusion in the previous paragraph is correct, then it must be supported by much more evidence than merely the similarity of the destruction in that aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq, to the destruction in the earthquake discussed here. (To those who do NOT like the use of the word "aggression", which unfortunately has NO more polite synonym, I suggest that they point out what other word should be used in the situation under discussion, when an army is sent to an area of another country to occupy it and to impose in it the governments, laws and rules it prefers. It is also worth to check, whether this other word correctly describes exactly the same situation, only that it occurred near our own home, for example when we do NOT like something in our neighbor, thus in order to change it we go to this neighbor with a big club, beat him up, and force him to be like we like, or when some other nation sends to our country its army in order this army introduces by force its own rule and order in us).

So I will now cite here other types of this evidence, which seem to confirm the same thing. And so the first (1) kind of them is this "turnaround time" that has elapsed since those wars. This is because, as I explain it in detail e.g. in items #B2.2. and #B2.3. of my web page named Możajski, in items #C4.2.2. and #C4.2. on the web page Morality, or item #J6. on the page Battle of Milicz, in cases of conduct that God strenuously combats in people, e.g. in cases of unambiguously aggressive wars, this "turnaround time" is significantly shortened (accelerated).

Meanwhile, between the wars in question and the earthquake described here, just such a shortened length of group turnaround time elapsed. Another kind of (2) is that heavy damage was suffered by the city of Wellington, where all political decisions are made. And this city was NOT at all in the zone of major destruction - hence its destruction has a sort of "informing" origin and purpose. Still another type (3) is the limited area of destruction, which covered only a small part of the country, just as the actions of the NZ military were also limited only to occupying a small part of another country. Another type (4) is the group responsibility of all citizens for violations of moral criteria by the group intellect (in this case, the country) to which they belong - i.e. the responsibility described in items #A2.8. and #E2. of my page about Philosophy of Totalizm, as well as in item #N2. and #E1. through #E5. from the page called Pająk for President 2020 and items #B2. to #B2.3. from a page called Możajski.

For instead of resolutely opposing whatever group violates the criteria of morality - as the generation of fathers of today's NZ citizens courageously and actively opposed, today's NZ citizens have lapsed into complacency and passivity, allowing moral criteria to be violated (and continue to be violated) on their behalf - in this case by sending an army into a war that exhibited the characteristics of aggression by another country. Thus, the existence of this group responsibility (4) explains why one of the consequences of the earthquakes discussed here was, for example, the collapse of tourism, the undesirable effects of which immediately affected those residents of the country who had the best opportunity to protest, but did NOT even try to prevent the army they created and paid for from being sent to war. Still another kind of (5) is the now clearly visible situation that NZ is NOT the only country where the return of karma for the wars discussed here has already begun. To recall at least one manifestation of this payback, it is, among others, what they diplomatically call today "illegal emigration" - which strangely enough is most damaging to some of the countries involved in these wars.

(For the rest of these countries, God apparently prepares different types of returns.) There are also other categories of evidence, which also seem to support the conclusion described here, but at the present (preliminary) stage of this research I so far prefer not to mention them here.
In conclusion, I will add here that explaining the above truths is NOT at all pleasant for me, nor does it promise future praise or benefits (and probably will even cause very unpleasant for me reactions of some of the more immoral and noisy atheists). Therefore, the only reason why I overcame here the natural human reluctance to describe these truths after all, is my willingness to help and brotherly love for the harmed neighbors and for fellow human beings, and also my willingness to help and love for all those people who even now perhaps consider committing the errors of behavior described above.

After all, without learning the truth there is NO progress. So even those who do NOT agree with my findings of the truths that I have presented here, still should be aware that it is in the interest of all people to nevertheless scientifically analyze, and to include in research also the possibility of what I have explained here. This is because if no one is going to warn their fellow human beings what the errors of abuse of "free will" are about - means the highest kind of freedom and goodness, which, apart from giving us life, was also given to us by our loving God, and if they decide to use the free will they have for hurting other people, whom God also loves equally much, and thus for hurting them God is later forced to inflict severe punishments of the kind of earthquake described here, then these mistakes will be committed infinitively, infinitely also experiencing later for them the unpleasantness returned to them Karma of the kind described here. Also, if no one is going to explain to those who have already made the mistakes of abusing the free will they have received, for which they are just being affected by the series of misfortunes they are currently experiencing, then they will be able to come to the completely erroneous conclusion that God does NOT love them and that He has completely abandoned them - just as the people of Africa are supposedly lamenting. (While in fact, as I believe, God first serves the punishment they deserve - just like a loving father sometimes with a great pain in his heart punishes his children if they have done something wrong, while after suffering this punishment the former sinners will again have a clean bill and love from God, just like the rest of people - unless they again begin to stain this bill for themselves with incorrect behavior). Moreover, the lack of explanations, such as this point, for the sufferings and misfortunes already bedeviled by previous mistakes, also means the lack of "signposts" for the future, indicating how to avoid repeating similar mistakes, and thus experiencing similar misfortunes.
Fot. #R2a (góra)
Fot. #R2b (dół)

Img.515/ Img.517 (#R2ab) Here are pictures documenting that the claims of the old atheist official science are NOT able to correctly explain why the town of Petone (in which I, among others, live, i.e. Dr. Jan Pajak) has survived untouched by the unusual (supernatural?) earthquake of midnight on November 13 2016. After all, in the nearest villages surrounding Petone from all directions along which this quake could have acted, i.e. Surrounding Petone from the south (S), north (N), east (E) and west (W), fatally damaged were many selectively chosen new buildings specially designed and built "scientifically" to withstand strong earthquakes. Meanwhile, the promise of God described in the bible verse, which I am indicating and explaining in more detail in item #I1. on this web page, and which God gives to localities inhabited by these required biblical "10 righteous", provides a perfectly logical explanation for this contradictory to present scientific knowledge survival of the buildings of the of the township of Petone in an undamaged condition.

Img.515 (#R2a): demolition of a nearly new building in Wellington located about 8 km in the S direction from my apartment in Petone. This building was specially "scientifically" designed to withstand strong earthquakes. It is shown here in the process of demolition, because its structure was damaged by that strange (supernatural?) earthquake of magnitude 7.8 which struck exactly at midnight on November 13, 2016, and which I described in item #R2 above. In turn, this tip of the old orange-painted building, a small section of which is visible as a neighbor to the left of this demolished almost-new building, is the Protestant cathedral "St. Paul" in Wellington, built in 1866 - i.e. a cathedral having a tower as tall as this building with heavy bells (unfortunately, NOT captured on the above photograph) and in addition built still in times when architects and builders did NOT have any so-called "scientific knowledge" how to make buildings earthquake resistant. In turn, right next to it sits the even older Catholic "Sacred Heart" cathedral in Wellington, built in 1850 (also NOT captured on the above photograph).

Despite their age, both of these old religious buildings emerged from the earthquake discussed here unscathed, while the modern, "scientifically" built and supposedly "earthquake-proof" building-home of an important government office standing right next to them-had to be demolished due to damage. I took the above photo during the initial phase of demolition of this building. Then I also took another photo already in the final phase of its demolition. The reader can see them in Img.516 (#R2a2).

I then remembered that on TV news the locals were already complaining about that dust caused by undertaking the demolition (damaged in the earthquake discussed here) of a multi-story concrete and steel garage, designed to be earthquake-proof, because it was part of an exclusive mall called "Wellington Central" (i.e. a mall with exclusive stores, eateries and cinemas of the "Reading" company). I have been to this mall only a few times, because the prices there were NOT for my pocket, while the services were mediocre. But since they were demolishing it, I still went to investigate why it was stirring up so much dust, and also decided to take the photo Img.519 (#R2c) of the demolition.

As my photo revealed, a swirling pillar of heavy dust was stirring up the demolition crane because (probably to save money) they neglected to hire a worker who would selectively, intelligently and continuously pour water over the demolition area. My photo also revealed that I was NOT the only one who was interested in such carelessness for the health of the population, because in the sky in the upper right corner the photo also captured a UFO vehicle watching the demolition surrounded by a magnetic lens hiding it from the sight of people - similar to the invisible to people UFO documented in Img.114 (P25) from volume 14 of my monograph [1/5].

Img.517 (#R2b): demolishing a section of a nearly new shopping "mall" building called Queensgate from the town of Lower Hutt, located about 2 km to the N of my apartment in Petone. This strong concrete shopping mall housed, among other things, many snobby stores, which were mainly stocked by rich people because their prices were too high for ordinary New Zealanders. I took the above photo from a point in the N-W direction from that mall, because the view of it from the N exactly was blocked. Then I also took another photo of the same part of the demolished mall, only that from the N-E direction. The reader can see them in Img.518 (#R2b2).

I should add here that on the subject of the damaged buildings and the devastation of the earthquake discussed here, surprisingly little information appears in NZ. It looks as if either some force cares about keeping people in the dark, or as if the lack of information is meant to mask the incompetence and chaos of the authorities. For example, independent of the town of Kaikoura, the small settlement of Clarence River has been completely cut off from communication with the rest of the country and the world. However, the authorities and the government completely forgot about it. So for more than a month the residents of this settlement lived without food supplies or any assistance, until finally they became so desperate that they sent someone by boat with a cry for help. Hence, the evening TV news on Friday, December 16, 2016, showed two government "bigwigs" who flew in by helicopter to soothe the grief and frustration of these people with various promises. In other words, in order to find out anything now about the aftermath of this earthquake, this information has to be searched for a long time, actively and with effort.

Thus, although I know that a lot of almost new buildings have also been damaged on the E and W sides from Petone, unfortunately, so far I either do NOT have information which exactly these buildings are and what has been decided about them (e.g. to demolish or to repair and reinforce them) and when the work on them will begin, or I do not know how to reach them and how to find them. So if this misinformation of the public continues, I am afraid that I will no longer be able to photograph and show here to readers further documentation similar to the above. Nevertheless, in the light of my observations described in this item #R2, that the movements and shaking actions during the earthquake discussed here occurred exclusively in the S-N plane (exactly on which plane both buildings documented above are located, as well as my apartment is located between them, together with the entire town of Petone), even if I do NOT manage to document any more similar demolitions, still the above two completely suffice to prove the selective, intentional and supernatural protection of Petone from experiencing destruction from this earthquake - which protection, however, was NOT extended to the neighboring towns of Petone.

#R3. The symbolism of avoidance of the small town of Petone from New Zealand by the threats of ocean "tsunamis" - e.g. by the one that was induced by three powerful earthquakes of magnitudes from 7.1 to 8.1 that occurred on 5th of march 2021:

Motto: "How holy is a given area of the earth, it is revealed to us by cataclysms that bypass it, instead of troubling it"
(The conclusion resulting from my analyses and documenting of the cataclysms that bypass the tiny township of Petone from New Zealand, or more strictly that most probably bypass the Celtic cross which marks the place of the first Presbyterian mass in NZ, located right next to the beach on the outskirts of the town of Petone).

Just down the beach from the outskirts of the tiny NZ town of (where I have lived since 2001) is Petone Celtic Cross. It is erected of cement and stones, surrounded by a low hedge, while right next to it are two benches for those wishing to pray by it. Although I have never noticed that anyone (except myself) on these benches prays, or even just chews near this cross, nevertheless around it prevails an unusual atmosphere of spiritual peace and relaxation, which causes that on about 2 kilometers of long Peton beach, right next to the cross, this beach is usually at least twice as densely filled with people as other parts of it, while on the two near-plaza parking lots near this cross there are constantly some cars - even when in other places one cannot see the proverbial "living ghost". In addition, when taking advantage of the good weather I go for a walk on the Peton beach and just pass by this cross located only about 400 meters from my apartment, every now and then I notice something unusual by it, which I do NOT see in other parts of this beach.

The most remarkable to me of the unusual things noted there was seeing on the beach in front of the cross the burning bush described in verses 3: 1-5 from the biblical "Book of Exodus," as well as seeing and later photographing the outline of a "heart" scorched in the grass by a UFO - that is, an outline commonly understood as a symbolic expression of the feeling of "love". The most important of the uniqueness of the Petone beach is described and illustrated in item #J3 from my website named Petone (On that "Petone" page, it is also worth noting the "hearts" illustrated there in Img.482 (#J3c) and Img.487 (#J4a), among others, as a significant symbolic meaning is contained therein). Observation of the numerous scientifically inexplicable unusualities documented on Petone beach near the Celtic cross cause this area of New Zealand's first Presbyterian (Christian) mass to deserve the name holy area - i.e., an area that is blessed with special treatment from God.

For all objects located on or near New Zealand beaches, the most dangerous are waves of powerful oceanic "tsunamis". After all, if such a wave hit this Celtic cross near Peton beach, then it would at least damage it beyond repair, if NOT completely wipe it out. Its both historical and religious significance would probably be lost forever - as I cannot imagine that in present times of empty churches, official atheism, widespread avoidance of even uttering the word God, and lack of funds for almost everything, anyone in NZ would voluntarily take the trouble to rebuild this cross after it was destroyed, and probably at their own expense. So it's no wonder that God surrounds such holy places with protection, and that on YouTube one can find videos showing various temples and churches that survived intact even though tsunami waves wiped out everything that existed around them - for examples, watch the video 7 incredable miracles resp. in YouTube.

Not surprisingly, in times after I already lived in Petone, I noted as many as two cases when a powerful tsunami could be induced and hit Petone, but so far nothing has ever threatened this cross. The first of these cases was the one described above in item #R2. /please scroll up/. The second one took place on Friday, March 5, 2021, while its descriptions can be found by the reader on the Internet using the key words tsunami 5 march 2021 - this second case I also described in (c3) from item #J2. of the Petone web page.

On that day, March 5, 2021, I was carefully checking on New Zealand TV whether that series of three powerful earthquakes would cause any tsunami threat to Petone. This is because on that day 2021/3/5 I was working intensely on the scientifically indisputable proof for the existence of God present in every living person, and I necessarily wanted on that day to finish the fine-tuning of that proof published in items #D1. to #D5. from my web page named 2020 life, and then immediately publish it also as entry #332 to the blogs of totalizm - addresses of which are provided in item #U2. of this web page.

Meanwhile, the possible need to evacuate due to the tsunami would have prevented me from completing the elaboration of this proof. So while refining his descriptions, I simultaneously checked every now and then in the relentlessly broadcast TV warnings whether that tsunami was also threatening Petone. However, as it was repetitively shown on TV at that time on maps of endangered areas, the coasts of Petone and nearby Wellington were these few exceptions from the outskirts of New Zealand, in which the impact of that tsunami did NOT threaten. Thus, in spite that thousands of people from other coastal settlements of New Zealand on that day were forced to evacuate to higher-lying areas, I was able to continue working on this "always carried by everyone evidence for the existence of God" and then, as I planned to do, publish this evidence as entry #332 to the blogs of totalizm on the very day of these sub-oceanic powerful earthquakes and the threat to almost the entire New Zealand with a tsunami hit.

= > #S.
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