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The use of moral mechanisms for prevention of cataclysmic earthquakes

Part #P: We are entering times when we should scientifically research and learn God, instead of just at the most "worship" Him:

#P1. Why for the illustration of deductions presented on this web page an example of the city of Christchurch from New Zealand was used:

Motto: "If you love and respect someone, you have to give him a chance for perfecting and for further development by making truths available for him."

In item #B2. of a separate web page named Antichrist is explained in details, that in order people could more effectively "pursue of knowledge", God was forced to create people as maximally "imperfect creatures". In turn one amongst effects of human imperfections is, that people always seek in others of "what is NOT there". Being aware that someone may also start to see "what is NOT here" in reasons why for the illustration of deductions from this web page I used here the example of the city of Christchurch from the country in which I live, I intend to preclude these unnecessary deliberations and explain here why in fact as an example I am indication here this city, instead of e.g. some cities located in distant and non-connected with me countries. Reasons for this is several, so I am going to describe them in items. Here they are:

1. Availability of information. In order to scientifically draw and document conclusions, to which almost no-one in the entire world seem to arrive before (i.e. conclusions described, amongst others, on this web page), it is necessary to process and analyse huge amounts of information. It so happens, that the city of Christchurch is located in the country in which I live. So on its topic continually appear detailed information in newspapers which I read and in television which I watch. Thus, I have a continuous and current access to information which arrives from that city. In turn if I as an example for analyses choose some city unknown to me from a distant country, then I would NOT have an access to such a current and continuous information.

2. Finding (and recommendation) of the philosophy of totalizm, that "if we love and respect someone, then we should make sure that this someone has an access to the truth to which we already managed to arrive". (Although this truth must NOT be "forced" at anyone, but just should be make "available" - in case one wishes to make use of it.) After all "without learning truths there is NO progress". In turn myself is NOT only a creator of the philosophy of totalizm, but also the most devoted follower and a person which at daily bases practices totalizm for already the longest period of time (i.e. the person which is the carrier of the "world record" in the length of practicing totalizm). Therefore, the making truths available to someone whom I love and respect, is considered by me to be my moral duty. After all, truths give this someone a chance for making a progress and for gaining the higher level of perfection. (Although it is known also, that truths are accepted with the reluctance and significant objections by many people.) This finding (and recommendation) that stems from the philosophy of totalizm, is emphasized on a number of totaliztic web pages - for their examples see item #F1. on the web page named Totalizm or item #K1. on the web page named Morality.

3. Information provided on this web page allows the restoration of the "control over the situation" for inhabitants of that city. The old "atheistic orthodox science" takes away from people affected by cataclysms the feeling that they have the "control over the situation". After all, the responsibility and fault for these cataclysms this old science "assigns" at the hostile towards people "forces of nature", and also on the wrong activities of inhabitants of distant countries and lands - who cause the "climate warming", "pollutions of atmosphere", "disappearance of the ozone layer", "Al Nina" etc. In turn due to such allocation of responsibility and faults, people loose the control over the situation. After all, they cannot influence what inhabitants of distant countries are doing, nor they can change "forces of nature". On the other hand, the new "totaliztic science" reveals, that "it is exclusively our own morality, philosophy, attitudes, activities, etc., that are responsible for everything that happens to us" (i.e. moral mechanisms work in such a way, that "whatever is done by other people is going to cause that these other people are to experience consequences of it"). Thus discoveries and findings of the new "totaliztic science" restore the "control over the situation" in all people. This is because all people have the power and capability to change their situation through just an ordinary change of the morality and philosophy that they practice on everyday basis.

4. Inhabitants of the city of Christchurch need hearten up, calm etc. - in turn nothing is more mitigating than the awareness that there are ways for defending ourselves from troubles. Inhabitants of Christchurch are torn apart by numerous contradictions. For example, they are flooded by the propaganda from high quarters, that in their city everything progresses fine - but simultaneously they see that everything increasingly faster is going to the drain. Scientists flood them with cleaver expressions, but are unable to tell what is to happen even in the nearest future. City is emptying. Fires, burglaries, robberies, crimes are fast raising etc. No wonder that mood amongst the inhabitants is increasingly more "dark" - as this is described e.g. in the article "Super-hyper aware of the frailty of the city and of mind", from page B3 of the newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, January 9, 2012. In this situation they need knowledge, that in fact there are methods of effective defence against cataclysms, and if the city wants, then it can defend itself from further earthquakes. This web page provides such a knowledge.

5. The city of Christchurch is my most favourite city in the world. My heart for a long time is in Christchurch. Thus, I am scared by even a thought that e.g. a possible avoiding by me of the revealing truths that are difficult to accept, could stop inhabitants of that city from undertaking steps which they could take, and which could, e.g. save this city from destruction.

I am aware that in present world in which are "fashionable" such things as "atheism" and "immoral behaviours" - as this is explained e.g. in item #G3. from the web page named Prophecies, truths which I try to reveal are for some people rather difficult to take. But such philosophical immaturity of a small proportion of people who unable to take truths, should NOT block the access to these truths for people whom they (truths) can help significantly.

#P2. Beware of symbolism of names assigned e.g. to areas on the Earth, cities (e.g. "Christchurch" means the "city which represents the church of Christ"), ideas etc., as these names define powers and roles that God designated for them to be fulfilled:

Motto: "Beware of 'words', because until today they keep their power to 'became flesh'."

Until 2010 the city of Christchurch was a magnificent, picturesque metropolis located on the South Island of New Zealand. I was truly in love with it and I always wanted to live in there. The name of it means the "Church of Christ".

From numerous cases which I encountered during my research to-date, stems a rule that "in the world created and ruled by intelligent God" words which God inspired to be assigned as names of specific areas on the Earth, cities, ideas etc., have the power of symbols able to "become flesh", means to define events, phenomena, behaviours etc., which are described or required by these names. However, so-far I did NOT write down cases which document this extraordinary rule. It is pity, as I encountered already a large number of such cases. Only after the formulation of this web page on 23 December 2011, I decided that I am going to write here and to present to readers examples of just such extraordinary cases which I am to encounter in my future research, or which I manage to recall from the past. After all, these cases represent also evidence, which in addition to the body of evidence presented on the web page named God proof, also clearly prove, that "God really exists and He rules over the physical world with an iron hand". So here are subsequent cases (in addition to the name "Christchurch"), which document, that according to the intention of God "words" assigned to names of places on the Earth have the power to "became flesh" (interesting, that this extraordinary rule seems to be just a small section of a much more general principle implemented systematically by God):

1. The death on the "Mountain of Death". In item #E2. from the web page named Interpretation UFO photographs - is described the so-called "Diatlov's Pass" on the Ural Mountains. By local "Mansovs" the hill by that pass is called the "Cholat Siahl" - that means the "Mountain of Death". Thus should NOT surprise anyone, that in 1959 UFO vehicles mysteriously killed 9 students and graduates of the "Technical University in Swierdlovsk" (today the "Technical University in Jekaterynburg") who went in there for a mountain climbing.

2. An attempt to maul (by a lion) of a girl which lives on the street named "Mauldeth". On the Wellington's street named "Mauldeth Tce", from the "Churton Park" in the capitol of New Zealand, lives 3 years old girl named "Sofia". On Wednesday, 4th January 2012, Sofia together with her mother went to ZOO in Wellington to see lions. In there she watched 7-years lion named Malik from behind 33 millimetres thick glass cage. Malik supposedly is a tamed lion and typically it takes NO notice of people who watch it. But this time he aggressively pounced in the direction of Sofia and with a roar he tried to maul her with claws. Fortunately, she was protected by the glass. Thus the only thing that the lion Malik was able to do, is to repetitively and persistently scratch the glass with its claws - in a manner in which dogs scratch the ground when they dig a hole. Mother of Sofia recorded the entire event on a video. This video was later shown, amongst others in evening news broadcasted on channel 3 of New Zealand television on Monday, 9th January 2012, at 6 pm till 7 pm. It was also placed in "YouTube" at the address youtube.com/watch?v=pEnACXc3QSI /no longer available/. A best, because a complete, version of this video readers can view, amongst others, on the web page of newspaper "The Dominion Post", fom the web page "stuff.co.nz" at /national/videos/6231724/Toddler-faces-down-massive-lion. /Page not found/. Furthermore, the history of the attempt to maul this girl by the lion was also published in the article "Sofia the Lionheart unafraid of king of the jungle", from page A1 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Tuesday, January 10, 2012.

3. Ripping the hulk of the cruising sea-liner "Costa Concordia" at the moment of time when in its speakers was played the leading tune from the film "Titanic". On Saturday, 14th January 2012, at 9:42 pm, a sharp rock near the Italian picturesque island Giglio ripped a big hole in the hulk of a cruiser liner named "Costa Concordia". Paradoxically, many aspects of this sea tragedy resembled the tragedy from the famous passenger boat named "Titanic" - e.g. irresponsible behaviour of the captain, panic, lack of coordination in saving passengers, impossibility to use all lifeboats, mysterious phenomena on the ship - e.g. the unexplained electric blackout and the darkness which make difficult to find escape routes, jamming of many doors which increased the number of drowns etc. But the most meaningful in my opinion was the information provided in the evening news from channel 3 of New Zealand television broadcasted on Thursday, 19th January 2012, at 6 to 7 pm - namely that at the moment when this ship hit a rock, its deck speakers were playing the leading tune from the film "Titanic". Although later I was unable to find a written confirmation for this information, the sole fact that it was broadcasted in television news seems to suggest that it was a confirmed fact. This in turn again confirms, that specific words, phenomena, ideas, etc., have the power to "become flesh".

Thus, according tot he above rule, by inspiring the person who was giving the name to a new city, to assign the name "Christchurch" to the city which this person was establishing, God most clearly expects, that inhabitants of that city are to act and to behave as it is fit for people who live in the "Church of Christ". In turn, if inhabitants of that city disappoint the God's hope, then they should NOT be surprised by consequences which are to result from this.

#P3. The "rejection of Second Jesus" back in 1999 - was like "asking for troubles":

That "rejection" of the arrival of "Second Jesus" to Christchurch in 1999 is described in items #G2. to #G3. of the web page named Prophecies - thus I am NOT going to repeat here that description.

The only thing that should be emphasized here, is that the course of events described in there in the "world created and ruled by God" seem to be a kind of "asking for troubles".

#P4. The earth shakes continually - only that in the majority of cases this is a kind of "smoke screen" which is to hide from people the selectiveness and the purpose of catastrophes send by God:

In many countries of the world the earth shakes continually although most of time non-violently. Examples of such countries include New Zealand and Japan. Thus, in order to e.g. notice these continuous earthquakes in New Zealand, it is enough to look at indications of seismographs shown "life", amongst others, on web pages www.geonet.org.nz/drums.html or www.gns.cri.nz/what/earthact/earthquakes/. These continuous but non-violent earthquakes are needed by God to allow some people to maintain atheistic views. After all, since earth shakes continually, atheists have reasons to believe that earthquakes are "natural" phenomena which occur "at random". In turn for believers, God always writes into these catastrophic earthquakes several discreet indications, of the kind described in item #F3., that in fact it is Him who maintains a full control over them.

#P5. The warning Christchurch earthquake from New Zealand, on Saturday 4th September 2010 at 4:35 am:

On Saturday, 4th September 2010, at 4:35 in early morning of the local time, a powerful earthquake hit in the second largest city of New Zealand with around 340 thousands of inhabitants, which is named "Christchurch". The epicentre of this earthquake was located at the depth of around 10 km, some 40 km to west from Christchurch, approximately a half way between settlements called Darfield and Rolleston. The map of the area affected by this earthquake was published in the article entitled "Earthquake", which appeared on page A3 of the New Zealand newspaper [1#P5] named The Press, issue dated on Monday, September 6, 2010 (pages A6 and A7 the same newspaper [1#P5] published numerous photographs from that earthquake). The main quakes of this earthquake lasted for around 40 seconds. The first hit of these quakes had the initial power 7.4 in the Richter scale, while the remaining main quakes had the power 7.1.

The Christchurch earthquake was quite special and clearly differed from other earthquakes described on this web page. For example, about such other earthquakes I usually had very little information - because their descriptions would NOT appear in mass media to which I have access. But on the Christchurch earthquake I had an access to huge amounts of information - after all it took place in the country in which I normally live. In fact it shook even the home in which I hire a flat - inducing a panic in my female neighbour who lived upstairs above the flat that I occupy. Only that in time when it happened I was just on my vacations in the distant city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Thus first attributes of it I could learn only on the basis of photographs and descriptions that were published in Malaysian newspapers. But after 8 days since the earthquake I returned to New Zealand and could filtrate the most vital information from a whole ocean of newspaper and television news that appeared in there on the subject of it. The only problem which limited my research, was that remaining unemployed in New Zealand since 2005, and receiving no unemployment benefit nor any other financial support - as I explained this in items #A2. and #B1. of my autobiography, I could NOT afford to go in person to Christchurch and to carry out research and checks on the spot. Thus, the entire information presented here I gathered remotely through an analysis of articles and photographs in newspapers and in television news. Other special aspect of this Christchurch earthquake was also that I predicted its arrival, only that I did NOT knew when exactly it is to occur. These my prediction I described cautiously already several months earlier before it stroke - the reader finds it cautiously coded both, in the previous items of this web page, as well as in part #I of another related web page named Day 26. Below I am reviewing the most important attributes of that Christchurch earthquake, filtered from the huge volume of information that appeared on this subject. These attributes reveal the intentions, wisdom, farsightedness, caution, and care with which God served this cataclysm. Here are these attributes:

1. The miraculous lack of deaths. Not even a single person died in this earthquake. Only two people experienced slightly more serious wounds and were taken to a hospital. But soon afterwards they were restored to a good health. The leader of New Zealand in his speech in TV stated, that it was a miracle that no-one died. For example, according to the article [1#P5.1] "Quake scare for M'sians" from page N3 of the Malaysian newspaper the Sunday Star (issue dated on Sunday, 5 September 2010), in 1968 a similar earthquake of the force only 7.1, which happened in almost unpopulated "West Coast" of New Zealand, still managed to kill 3 people. In turn the Haiti earthquake (also of a similar force) took numerous lives – see item #C3. above on the web page named Seismograph, or see the article [2#P5.1] "Haiti's quake similar but deadlier", from page A2 newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, September 9, 2010. The significance of the miraculous character of this earthquake from Christchurch emphasizes also the fact, that it took place in a large city just before dawn, when almost all people slept deeply in buildings the walls of which this earthquake collapsed. Also before these people managed to awake from the sleep and consider their escape from the endangered area, the earthquake was over.

The fact that a certain miracle that accompanied this earthquake saved the affected people from death, suggests that this earthquake most probably had just a preliminary character of a warning and confirmation - as this is explained in item #G1 above on this web page. Probably only if this preliminary warning and confirmation does NOT accomplish the intended effect, only then the sending of main cataclysm may be considered, which - according to what I explained in item #I2. of a separate web page named Day 26, and also according to what I wrote in the previous item #C4. of the web page named Seismograph, most probably would then be to hit the biggest city of New Zealand called Auckland. (The third large city of New Zealand, i.e. Wellington - in which I live at present, right now is protected against a cataclysm by these "10 righteous" described in item #I3. of the web page Day 26.)

2. Disproportionably huge destruction of the city Christchurch and its vicinity. The earthquake caused that in a large number of buildings collapsed their facade walls, disintegrated tops of their chimneys, gave up slanted roofs, etc. In streets and on footpaths appeared ditches and deep cracks. On roads appeared wide cracks and sinkholes which made them dangerous. Parked cars were smashed with falling rubbles. Underground cables, pipes with water and gas, and sewage flows got destroyed, while streets were flooded with sewage and human waste. River beds were blocked, while a significant proportion of the city was flooded with water thus hold back. In addition, simultaneously with this Christchurch earthquake appeared hurricane winds and freezing cold - e.g. see the article "High winds lift roofs, knock out power", from page A9 of the newspaper [1#P5]. The initial estimates of material losses carried out right after this earthquake, stated the cost of it equal to at least 2 billions of New Zealand dollars. The article [1#P5.2] "Christchurch 'wobbled like jelly'" from page W41 of the Malaysian newspaper Sunday Star (issue dated on Sunday, 5 September 2010) describes that the entire city was shaking like a jelly, while people (and also furniture, television sets, etc.) were thrown around in their flats and felt as if they are in a huge washing machine.

The enormity of destruction caused by this earthquake may suggest that independently from serving for warning and for confirmation, this earthquake probably was also so designed that it could cause a significant renewal - as it is explained in item #F5. of this web page.

3. The accompanying of the earthquake from Christchurch by an array of highly mysterious and puzzling phenomena unknown in other earthquakes. Let us review here the most extraordinary amongst these phenomena.

3.1. The electricity blackout before the earthquake. The article [1#P5.1] claims, that already a noticeable time before the earthquake hit, areas located not far from its epicentre were experiencing the electricity blackout. (Such a blackout right before the earthquake was noticed e.g. in the town named "Lincoln".) In turn, since this earthquake was proceeded by a phenomenon capable of blocking completely the flow of electricity, scientists should research it intensely - after all in the future this phenomenon could be used for warning that just such a powerful cataclysm is coming. (From different my research it stems that this phenomenon which blocked the flow of electricity was the same "telepathic noise" which in the ancient "Zhang Heng Seismograph" described in further parts of this web page was utilised for early warning that a powerful earthquake is just arriving at a given location.)

3.2. Mass heart attacks. Simultaneously with that earthquake, waves of some sort propagated in the space, which induced heart attacks in people susceptible to it. According to the article [1#P5.3.2] "Quakes cause heart attacks" from page A1 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post (issue dated on Friday, September 10, 2010) after each seismic wave hospitals were flooded with a crowd of people with heart attacks. From numbers provided in that article it appears that numbers of heart attacks were at least 3 times higher than normal. Their interesting aspect was, that the factor which caused these attacks for sure was NOT e.g. fear induced by quakes, but some kind of a radiation which was given out by this earthquake. (I.e. most probably it was the same kind of "telepathic waves" which were utilised in the operation of the ancient "Zhang Heng Seismograph" described in further parts of this web page.)

3.3. The loss of sense of direction in dogs and cats. The article [1#P5.3.3] "Did cattle know tremor was coming?" from page A2 of newspaper The Dominion Post Weekend (issue dated on Saturday-Sunday, October 2-3, 2010), reported interesting reactions of animals (including domesticated) noticed before the earthquake discussed here. These reactions were called "earthquake precursors". As the article writes, farmers noticed that shortly before the earthquake was started, firstly pigs initiated squealing - while their squeal become increasingly high-pitched. Then pigs were joined by cows which started to bellowing. Simultaneously various birds started to chirp crazily and chaotically, like in fear. Finally all this noise of animals rapidly ceased and there was silence. Around 10 to 20 seconds later the ground started to shake. But the most in my opinion significant information contained in this article concerned the missing dogs and cats in the week preceding the earthquake. As it turned out, in the week preceding this earthquake at least twice as many missing dogs and cats were reported as in ordinary days, while in some day of the earthquake even many times more (e.g. in news broadcasted in channel 1 of TVNZ on Tuesday, October 12, 2010, at 4:30 pm, it was stated that the number of officially reported missing of dogs on the day directly preceding the earthquake was 6 times higher than such missing on the same day but one year earlier). This in turn means that before the earthquake the ground emitted something increasingly powerful that in animals was able to disturb the sense of direction and current location. This something could NOT be neither electromagnetic waves nor disturbances in magnetic field of the Earth. After all, these two quantities are currently constantly monitored by various measuring instruments installed in a number of research institutions. In turn these instruments do NOT detect any irregularities in magnetic field or in electromagnetic waves that appear before every earthquake. So the only explanation is, that the earthquake described here emitted powerful Waves of telepathic noise which caused the confusion in brains of animals. In other words, these reports about the loss of sense of direction in animals during the week preceding the earthquake, represent also the evidence, that the incoming earthquakes in fact emit powerful waves of telepathic noise which are able to trigger the action of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph" described on this web page. This noise appears already at least a week earlier than a given earthquake and it intensifies with the elapse of time. So it is pity that present scientists so stubbornly ignore findings of my Concept of Dipolar Gravity on subject of the "Phenomenon of telepathy". After all, if these findings are considered as they deserve, while the research that I am carrying out is supported officially, then probably already a long time ago I would have a chance to build a device capable of early detection of impending earthquakes, that is based on the remote identification of telepathic waves emitted by the ground which is to shake. It does not need explanation how many lives and valuable properties such a device could save.

Interestingly, this loss of the sense of direction in animals, disturbed by the powerful waves of telepathic noise emitted by the brewing earthquake, confirms with evidence the explanation of my Concept of Dipolar Gravity for the mechanism of sense of direction in animals, while simultaneously it invalidates the present explanation of this sense by today official science. Namely, the present official science claims erroneously, that animals recognise the direction in which lies their nest or home, by estimating their location in relationship to the Earth's magnetic field. Thus, according to present scientists, animals navigate in their travels on the same principle as this was done in past by humans during sea navigations. In turn my "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" explains the navigation of animals on completely different principle. Namely it states, that animals have additional sense-organ similar to the human "conscience". This sense-organ "whispers" to them intelligently everything that animals wish to know, e.g. where is their nest or home, which substances they should NOT eat because these are poisonous, which pray they can catch and eat easier because it is not feeling well, which herb is helpful for their current health problem, etc. An example how works in wild bears this sense-organ similar to our "conscience", is described in item #F4.1.2. from the web page named Stawczyk. In turn this sense-organ similar to our "conscience" acquires the information needed to a given animal through the telepathic communication with intelligent "counter-matter", i.e. on a similar principle as present water diviners and pendulum users acquire replies to their questions from the same intelligent counter-matter. (What is the mechanism of operation of diving rods and diving pendulums, it is explained in subsection I8.2.1. from volume 5 of monograph [1/5].)

Thus, if a powerful earthquake is brewing, this telepathic communication between animals and the intelligent counter-matter is interrupted by the telepathic noise. In the result, animals are then unable to, amongst others, return to their nests or homes - if they wondered too far from these.

3.4. The powerful "bang" and metallic screech. The article [1#P5.3.4] "Quake hits Christchurch" from page 39 of the Malaysian newspaper New Sunday Times (issue dated on Sunday, 5 September 2010), states that this earthquake was initiated with a kind of powerful sonic "bang" - which could be heard as an extremely powerful explosion. Then, in the duration of the entire earthquake, people heard a loud metallic grit and an extraordinary noise which they compared to the sound of a heavy train rolling through their bedrooms. I myself lived through several earthquakes and know jolly well that typically earthquakes themselves are silent. Only sounds which can be heard during earthquakes are generated by objects which they toss around - e.g. by furniture in shaking homes. The extraordinary (eerie) silence of typical earthquakes is also confirmed by the article [2#P5.3.4] entitled "Interesting twist to the quake tale", from page A25 of newspaper Weekend Herald issue dated on Saturday, September 11, 2010.

3.5. The collapsing of walls of buildings due to a factor that arrived through the air, means not due to shakes of the ground. As it is clearly documented by photographs of destructions, it was this sonic-like "bang" that propagated through the air (not the earth movements) that caused collapsing of front walls in the buildings which were positioned almost perpendicularly to the direction of the epicentre of the earthquake. What even more intriguing, the collapsed were only these buildings and these frontal walls, which were NOT sheltered from the force of that sonic "bang" by some other buildings or walls. In the result, in a significant proportion of buildings, collapsed were just only upper sections of their frontal walls (and also towers, roofs, and chimneys) - because only these were sticking out and exposed to that sonic "bang" that propagated through the air. In turn remaining destruction of walls was caused by falls of these upper segments of walls when these collapsed on other walls or structures.

3.6. Symmetrical outward "swell" of outlets from hundreds of chimneys. Through the action of some mysterious factor, hundreds of chimneys from Christchurch which had open outlets directed right upwards, were "swollen" outwards in all directions - all at a similar distance from their outlets that amounted to around a meter. The appearance of these chimneys resembled to me the appearance of the swell in intensely played "pipes" made of willow bark, which in times of my youth children used to make by themselves. (In such pipes from willow bark, this bark was relatively weak, thus if someone played intensely on them, the sonic wave caused the swell at the specific distance from the mouthpiece.) Fire brigades from Christchurch were forced to pull down literally hundreds of just so "swollen" chimneys. The mysterious in these chimneys is the fact that their "swell" in all chimneys looked the same and in all chimneys appeared in the same distance from their outlet. This in turn eliminates shakes of the ground as the reason for their appearance, while suggesting that it was caused by some wave probably of the sonic nature, which propagated through the air. Unfortunately, no-one took the effort of researching these mysterious "swells", or even just take notice of their mysterious attributes.

3.7. The previous lack of the break in Earth's crust (called "fault") in the epicentre of the earthquake. Highly mysterious in that earthquake was also that according to previous research and claims of scientists, the Canterbury Plains (on which the city of Christchurch is located) previously had NO known geological so-called "fault" (means had no break in the Earth's crust which later turns to be a starting point of earthquakes). These previous reassurances of New Zealand scientists that there is NO geological fault in Canterbury Plains, later were even scoffed at in a highly sarcastic photograph [1#P5.3.7] published on page A23 of newspaper The Press, issue dated on Wednesday, September 8, 2010. This photograph taken from the airplane shows a green paddock of some farmer located on this new geological "fault" and ripped apart by the earthquake. Near this fault the farmer burned a highly sarcastic sentence stating "NO FAULT HERE - yeah right". The paddock with this sentence was located somewhere between townships Rolleston and Greendale. According to scientists, the nearest such geological "fault" supposed to exist only under the "Southern Alps" mountain range - means at least further 100 kilometres to the west from Christchurch. But the earthquake revealed previously unknown, and appearing to be completely new "fault" - the course and attributes of which local scientists still seem to NOT know exactly nor research thoroughly. What even more intriguing, this new "fault" does not run along a straight line, but it folds into the shape of a section of a closed loop - thus suggesting that it may be a beginning of a future volcano. In total, God did NOT assume in advance that He is ever going to treat the city named "Christchurch" to an earthquake. Probably only the most recent behaviours of inhabitants of that city, clearly contradicting to the old Polish saying that "nobility obliges" (in Polish: "szlachectwo zobowiązuje") - as this was explained in item #C4. from the web page named Seismograph, forced God to apply so drastic measure.

3.8. Smell of sulphur. In eastern suburbs of Christchurch locals noticed a strong smell of sulphur, which they compared to the smell spreading in the New Zealand town called "Rotorua". This smell is described in a brief article [1#P5.3.8] "Sulphur smell not gas" from page A5 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post (issue dated on Thursday, September 9, 2010). Although this smell was ignored quite fast and hardly anyone took notice of its significance, in combination with the rounding path of the geological "fault" (described in the previous point) it seems to indicate a danger, that a completely new and powerful volcano gradually forms and saturates with explosive energy underground near Christchurch. After all, the smell of sulphur always spreads from the earth near active volcanoes. (For slightly more information about the smell of sulphur spreading in volcanic town of Rotorua, see the article [2#P5.3.8] "Deadly gas warning for hot pools" from page A3 of newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, March 24, 2010.) In turn, if such a new powerful volcano accumulates sufficient energy to break through stagnant shell of the Earth, and to explode, for sure its force will be so high that probably it will have the character of so-called "pyroclastic flow" - means that it would blow out all traces of the city Christchurch from surface of the Earth. So it would be worth to check with research, whether by any chance something is brewing up in there and soon our planet receives a second version of Pompeii located in the centre of New Zealand.

Typically people do not believe, that completely a new volcano may rapidly explode in the plains. But the Canterbury Plains on which Christchurch is located had already such an explosion on plains. Traces of it are still visible until today in the so-called "Centennial Park" located on the outskirts of the town called Timaru - distant just by around 160 km from Christchurch. It was just under the layer of lava from just such a volcano on plains, that in Timaru oldest so-far known bones of Moa bird were found.

3.9. The puzzling persistence of aftershocks. Almost every earthquake causes several aftershocks. But after the Christchurch earthquake these "aftershocks" persisted as if they never intended to end. For example, in last days of September 2010 their number already exceeded 1000. Also each one of them was of a noticeable power - at a level of around 4, and many even over 5 on the Richter's scale (means each one of them was like a new significant earthquake). They still persecuted Christchurch even in the middle of October 2010 (when I updated this information), while for example the news item from the evening news on channel 3 of TVNZ from 6 pm news on Friday, 8 October 2010, stated that until that day the total number of aftershocks amounted to 1575. (On that day Christchurch was troubled by two more such aftershocks of the force 4.4 and 4.2 which hit 12 minutes apart from each other.) Thus, such a persistence of aftershocks can also be understood as a message or a suggestion, that this particular earthquake was NOT just a single event, but is a continuous process which leads to something even more serious. Pity that it looks as if their significance is ignored instead of being intensely researched. After all, it could lead to discovering what these aftershocks try to foretell us.

3.10. The wandering of epicentres towards the middle of Christchurch. An extraordinary attribute of numerous aftershocks from Christchurch, that persist for unusually long time, is that their epicentres are wandering and gradually approach directly beneath the middle of Christchurch. In the result, in the "Boxing Day" of 26 December 2010, a series of relatively mild aftershocks - the most powerful amongst which (at 10:30 a.m.) was just 4.9 in the Richter scale, caused in the centre of Christchurch another wave of destruction which was described as even larger than destruction from the original earthquake on 4 September 2010 of 7.1 force - an example of descriptions of this destruction is provided in the article [1#P5.3.10] "Major aftershock cruel blow for struggling stores" from page A2 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald issue dated on Tuesday, December 28, 2010. The destruction from these aftershocks were so significant, that authorities decided to treat them legally (e.g. for purposes of insurance) as a completely new earthquake. In turn the reason for such a destruction from a mild aftershocks was explained officially as resulting from the fact that the epicentre was exactly beneath Christchurch - e.g. see the article [2#P5.3.10] "Quake directly beneath city" from page A3 of newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, December 27, 2010. The article informed also, that from the force point of view these aftershocks were just on 17th position - but by the size of destruction they turned out to be leading ones.

If instead of looking atheistically on this phenomenon of wandered aftershocks, we rather look at them from the point of view of God's intentions, then they appear as an "encouragement to leave" - according to the procedure of cataclysms described in "Re. (3)" from item #G1 above. Namely, this wandering of epicentres of aftershocks towards the middle of Christchurch may appear as an encouragement "please leave - it is unsafe here". NOT without symbolic meaning is also the fact, that these destructive aftershocks described here took place on 26th December, means on the day which to the affected people seems to carry the message "I disapprove your beliefs, philosophy, and behaviour". (About the existence of a message hidden under the date of 26th, I try to warn, amongst others, in 3 from item #F3. of this web page, and also in item #D8. of the separate web page named Day 26.) So it is no surprise, that some inhabitants of Christchurch already took this warning seriously and are moving out from the city to wherever they can.

3.11. The probable appearance of premises, that the telepathic phenomena induced by the earthquake brewing up in Christchurch, induced so "supernatural" and peace disturbing behaviours of the replica of ancient detector of impending earthquakes shown below in "Fig. #M1", that it forced the museum to remove this remote detector of impending earthquakes from the active exhibition. (Unfortunately, an official confirmation of these probable premises exceeds my means.)

3.12. Disproportion between the moral state of some inhabitants of Christchurch described by mass media, and consequences of that earthquake. For a significant time the city of Christchurch is getting into news for all wrong reasons, from which inhabitants of that city cannot be proud of. Furthermore, inhabitants of Christchurch acted quite angrily and hostile towards the idea that the Second Jesus visited their city in 1999 - as it is described in item #G2. from the web page Prophecies. But in spite of this, God treated them especially gently. So it is a mystery worth explaining why happened so and what were intentions of God when He implemented this lives-sparing earthquake. After all, there is a possibility that it was just a confirmation, reminder, and warning - which in case of being ignored may have much more serious consequences in a near future.

3.13. Over ten times higher number of alcoholics rapidly getting rid of their addiction. In television news on TVNZ 3 broadcasted at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, 25th January 2011, reported was that after the Christchurch's earthquake over 10 times more people than in previous times comes to clinics and to organisations which treat for the addiction to alcoholism. The explanation which was given for this extraordinary phenomenon, stated that it is caused by stress of citizens - which pushes many amongst them to alcoholism that then they try to heal. But what I do NOT understand, is that this phenomenon appeared too soon after the earthquake and lasted for too long, to be explained as a post-earthquake alcoholism. After all, falling into the addiction to alcoholism, realising that fact, and the emotional ripening to undertake the healing, typically consumes a lot of time (usually many years). Is it possible, that in some manner (e.g. through the content of this web page, trough the page Day 26, or trough the whisper of conscience) the earthquake only realised to alcoholics who for a long time existed in Christchurch, that in order to NOT be "punished by God" any longer, firstly they must get rid of their highly immoral addiction? After all, we must remember, that if in present times someone would come to a clinik for alcoholics and claim that he tries to heal his addiction because does NOT want to take any further "punishments from God", then probably he would be immediately send to a mental hospital. So it is much more convenient to state as the official reason "because the earthquake stressed me". Pity that I cannot carry out on the spot any investigation which would find out what is the real reason for this mysterious phenomenon.

3.14. Coincidence with prognosis. Already several months priori to the appearance of the earthquake from Christchurch, I predicted that it is to happen. In fact it happened according to my predictions. Such a coincidence of my prognosis with actual events is rather unusual. This is because from my research to-date it stems, that God typically avoids giving confirmations for predictions or forecasts of any human. After all, the fact whether with His Acts God confirms, or denies, predictions of a human, is this vital detail which decides, amongst others, about a difference between e.g. a "knowledge-based prognosis" and someone’s "ignorant talk", or between e.g. a "true prophet" and a "false prophet". On the other hand God is too omni-knowledgeable, farsighted, predicting, and having in His disposal too great capabilities, to give without vital reasons the capability of correct predictions to a human, and then support predictions or warning of that person with real Acts of God. This is why, if a person predicts that soon a cataclysm is to happen, in typical cases it gives almost a certainty that this cataclysm does NOT happen in the predicted place and the predicted moment of time. The good confirmation for that principle is e.g. the so-called "pandemic" of bird flu and then swine flu – which according to predictions of various learned men supposed to happen already around 2008, but which has NOT happened until today. In a similar manner the "end of world" was predicted repetitively many times by various false prophets and it never happened in the designated date. (Included into these false predictions is also the "end of world"which according to various "false prophets" supposed to happen in December 2012 – as this is explained in item #N1. from this web page.) In a similar manner the humanity will never be affected by the "nuclear (3rd) world’s war" – continually prophesized by numerous "false prophets" of various sorts. So if, in spite of utilizing by God the principle to confirm predictions and warnings of individual humans in only extremely rare cases, God still confirmed my predictions of the cataclysm described here, most clearly He had for this very vital reasons and clearly wishes that whatever this item reveals is to be written down and published so that people could take notice of that information.

The fact that the Christchurch's earthquake could be predicted on the basis of philosophical and moral situation in New Zealand, introduces various implications. One amongst these is the consequence of similarities between UK and New Zealand. New Zealanders take a great pride from their links to UK and always emphasize that their country is an almost exact copy of the culture, language, religions, philosophy, morality, etc., of UK. Large number of New Zealanders have even British passports and spend significant proportion of their lives in UK. In turn New Zealand television and newspapers almost exclusively talks about UK and English-speaking countries, routinely ignoring what happens in non-English places and countries. This close links with UK in turn suggest, that if the philosophy and morality of New Zealanders was the reason for the cataclysm described here, then the similarity to UK may imply that soon also UK should expect equally powerful cataclysm to appear.

3.15. Such implementation of this earthquake, that its origins, significance, and consequences can be interpreted on several different ways. After all, the presence in the Christchurch's earthquake as large number of mysterious and earlier unknown phenomena, as these described above, allows investigators with different views of the world to develop and to document at least 3 different explanations for origins of this earthquake. Also, according to my findings described in caption under Img.123 (#D8), and in item #C2. of the web page named Day 26, each one amongst these explanations can satisfy different people in this world full of drastically contradictive views. For example, the presence of mysterious attributes listed above allows that depending on someone's views, this earthquake could be explained as (1) the stupid action of untamed nature, (2) intentional destruction caused by UFOnauts, or (3) morally and philosophically corrective Act of God. In addition to these, the earthquake provides also strong premises, that in each of these explanations one can see the warning that soon a next stage and continuation of this earthquake can reveal itself.

Revealed in the above items are only these mysterious and puzzling phenomena, the appearance of which in Christchurch I was able to determine remotely through the analysis of articles in newspapers and reports in television news. Of course, if I could drive to Christchurch and carry out my research and verification on the spot, for sure I would detect, verify on the spot, and describe, much more such mysterious phenomena. Some of them perhaps would be able to save someone's life or property in the future. Unfortunately, remaining unemployed already since 2005, and having no any source of income nor even receiving unemployment benefit - as this is explained in my autobiographical web page named Jan Pająk, financially I am unable to afford to go to that city. After all Christchurch is located on a different island from the island on which I live, and also the infested by monopoles economic structure of New Zealand causes that travelling in there is extremely expensive - not for my pocket. This is pity. After all, my long training in detecting and explaining mysteries of the nature, combined with my wide and multidisciplinary knowledge represented by the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity which I developed, would allow me to detect and to interpret these phenomena and material evidence, the existence of which normal scientists would simply overlook. In addition, my personal courage and devotion to morality and to truth, would allow me to publish even findings which normal scientists would never have the courage to make available for the public knowledge. I do not need to explain here that if I would be on the spot in Christchurch, then I would also establish in discussions with locals moral and philosophical reasons for which God send this cataclysms, and also would try to establish whether the actions of people in response to this cataclysm really are turning in morally undesirable direction - as this seems to be suggested by report in New Zealand press and television (means I would also establish whether thiscataclysm is going to be repeated soon). After all, so-far I seem to be the only scientist in the world who developed tools and methods for carrying out this kinds of estimates, the only scientist who is able to qualify the philosophy of his conversation partners from just several sentences that they tell, and also probably the only scientist who would have the courage to publish his findings regarding such "taboo" areas.

4. Invisibility of scientists. After the earthquake as full unexplained phenomena and mysteries as the Christchurch one, we could expect that scientists should rush to research these and to explain these to interested members of the society. However, in the post-earthquake Christchurch, New Zealand scientists are completely invisible. The only sign that allowed me to notice that they still do exist, was a small article [1#P5.4] entitled "Fault awakens after 16,000 years of inactivity", from page A11 of newspaper The Press, issue dated on Tuesday, September 7, 2010. Unfortunately, the content of this article documents, that scientists who suggested this content, did NOT move from their armchairs and ivory towers to research the situation on the spot. The article is full of speculations completely removed from realities present on the spot of the earthquake. It does NOT provide explanation to any puzzles indicated above in items 3.1 to 3.9. It explains the appearance of a completely new "fault" as the existence of this "fault" for 16000 years - but it does NOT address the question how it is possible that scientists had NO idea about the presence of it. It also does NOT address many puzzles of that "fault", for example the fact that it seems to loop - as if it is just a section of a larger circular structure, or the fact that the length of it amounts to only around 30 km while ends of it do NOT link to any other "faults". It is also worth to notice, that the article [1#P5.4] appeared in the morning newspaper already in 3rd day after the earthquake - this means that it needed to be written not later then in the second day after. Only scientists sitting in comfortable armchairs and seeing the world from the heights of their "ivory towers", know for sure already second day after the earthquake that it was caused by unknown earlier "fault" which slept under the surface of the Earth for the last 16000 years.

(The rest of this item #P5 is yet to be translated.)
/Here on the mirror page I have relieved the reader of the work and selection of a suitable translation program... The following is a translation by DeepL.../

In (1) from #E1. on a page called Yearbook, I explained that since 1989, New Zealand's universities have been "riding the tiger" - resulting in a steady decline in the quality of their teaching and in their academic performance. This decline, by the way, has already been objectively confirmed, for example, by the research described in the article [2#P5.4] "Universities slide down world ranks" from page A7 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue of Wednesday, September 8, 2010.

According to the information in that article, New Zealand's universities have already dropped to a position between 68 and 302, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that local scientists remained invisible in post-quake Christchurch. In fact, in spite of the fact that Christchurch has as many as several universities, the involvement of scientists there in warning citizens that a deadly cataclysm was approaching after the initial tremors was almost as irresponsible and as criminally inadequate as in that famous Italian case described in item #P6.1. /please scroll down/ of this web page. However, in contrast to the Italians, in Christchurch no one was held accountable for neglecting official duties for the performance of which he was lavishly paid, and whose irresponsible treatment led to the deaths of almost 200 people.

5. Damage to several Christchurch churches, including the collapse of the tower of the Presbyterian Church of Hororata. A TV report that I first saw in Malaysia on news broadcast by the "Al Jazeera" station showed that this earthquake collapsed the tower of the 99-year-old historic Presbyterian Church of Hororata - dedicated to St. John. A photograph of the destruction of this church was also published in the article [1#P5.5] "Tremors strike historic church", from page A14 of the newspaper [1#P5]. In mid-September 2010, a photograph of this church was available on the Internet at the following addresses anglican.org.nz/Lifestyle/Earthquake-Update and anglicanlife.org.nz/Anglican-Life-Home/Lifestyle/Earthquake-Update/Earthquake-Hit-Churches.

During the Christchurch earthquake, God acted tremendously selectively. Only some carefully selected buildings were destroyed, as even surprised journalists noted - see the article [2#P5.5] "Surprise as most houses left intact", published on page A13 of the newspaper [1#P5]. This in turn means that any destruction from this earthquake was NOT just an act of God, but also a clear message from God. In addition, it is known from other cataclysms that in typical situations God spares religious objects, leaving them untouched. Thus, these significant destructions in Anglican churches, also express a specific message from God - to which message I am already trying to draw the reader's attention in item #P6. /please scroll down/ of this web page, and also in items #C3. and #C4. from the web page named Seismograph. One can guess that these destructions are a sign of God's disapproval of the gradual "blurring" of the boundaries of what distinguishes moral from immoral that the priests of this church have been allowing for some time now. Examples of this "blurring of boundaries" include, among others, the subject of a command repeated in the Bible as many times and expressed, for example, in the words of the biblical book of Leviticus, verse 18:22 - quote: "You shall not commune with a man as you commune with a woman." Or the position expressed by the article [3#P5.5] "Archdeacon backs atheist ads-on-buses campaign" , from page A6 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald issue of Tuesday (Tuesday), March 2, 2010. Or initiatives like the prominence at an Auckland church of the famous poster (billboard) that showed St. Joseph in bed with the Virgin Mary - as explained in the article [4#P5.5] "Anger at biblical bed scene" , from page A3 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue of Thursday, December 17, 2009), and illustrated by the photograph of this "billboard" shown next to the article [5#P5. 5] "Billboard will stay, despite upsetting bishop", from page A9 of the Weekend Herald (issue of Saturday (Saturday), December 19, 2009).

6. After the main earthquake, Christchurch was plagued by hundreds of so-called aftershocks. According to the article [1#P5.6] "Aftershocks strike" (i.e., "Aftershocks strike") published on page 14 of the Malaysian newspaper The Malay Mail (free edition of Tuesday, September 7, 2010), only during the following night after that earthquake, Christchurch was struck by about 20 aftershocks, the largest of which had a magnitude of 5.4. In turn, in the interval of a whole day from that earthquake, over 100 of these "aftershocks" of the magnitude from 3.2 to 5.4 on the Richter scale were counted there. These aftershocks occurred repetitively for as many as a dozen days afterwards, stopping people from entering their homes, deepening the uncertainty and sense of danger on the streets, and adding further damage to that caused by the main earthquake. For example, a whole series of them still occurred on September 14, 2010, the evening news of TVNZ reported that day. Jak w owych wiadomości to podkreślić to, do wówczas Christchurch experienced already more than 300 such aftershocks stopping the return of stability and normality to the lives of residents of this city. These aftershocks continued even in November 2010. For example, two more of them with a magnitude of almost 5 on the Richter scale are reported in the article "More shakes" from page A3 of the newspaper The Dominion Post, issue of Monday (Monday), November 15, 2010). That article reported that by then Christchurch had already been shaken by as many as several thousand similar aftershocks.

Such prolongation of the sense of danger and uncertainty is probably conducive to an accounting of conscience, people's search for the truth, and their taking more seriously the necessity of renewal - in accordance with the old Polish saying when fear is to God. How high the atmosphere of danger is introduced by these aftershocks is perfectly reflected in the words of the mayor of Christchurch published in the article [2#P5.6] "Big aftershock rocks New Zealand city again" from page 14 of the Malaysian newspaper The Malay Mail (free edition of Wednesday, September 8, 2010). The mayor in question stated, and I quote: "Until my guts turn over. When will it all end? It's like living in a centrifuge. ... Our staff is in tears, fire trucks are chasing each other around the city center, electricity is not coming in, while many, many people are completely overwhelmed by it all." (In the English-language original (Mayor, Bob Parker, said:) "My guts is churning up here. When will this thing end? It is like living in a maelstrom. ... We have got staff in tears, we have got fire engines going through the middle of the city, power is out and a lot of people are very, very churned up by that.")

Symbolic meaning of my absence from New Zealand at the time of this earthquake. Due to the poor financial situation, I had not gone on vacation since 2008. I had no intention of going in 2010 either. I was forced to leave mainly by a chronic cough, which, in that cold, leaky and fungal apartment I was renting, refused to subside for many months. So I believed that a stay in hot Malaysia would allow me to cure this chronic cough - which actually happened. But then it turned out that my departure from Wellington also had a highly symbolic meaning. For it revealed that God - if He wills, then He can easily remove any person from the reach of the catastrophe He is just preparing for a given area. This in turn means that the city of Wellington by which I live is not at all permanently protected from cataclysms by these "10 righteous" whom I describe in item #I3. of the web page Day 26. Thus, if Wellington residents slip to the forbidden level of Philosophy of Parasitism - which will create the need for a "corrective cataclysm", while some of these "10 righteous" will move out of the city, then God without difficulty will temporarily remove from the city the rest of these "10 righteous" who for the time being are still protecting it, then will serve the city the required cataclysm.

8. Creating an opportunity for Christchurch to fulfill the saying "there's no such thing as bad that doesn't work out for good." The lack of human casualties, the selectivity of the damage, and the New Zealand government's willingness to provide financial assistance to people affected by this earthquake, reveals that this earthquake may also, over time, prove to be a kind of "boon" for Christchurch. This is because the point is that New Zealand, including the city of Christchurch, has the most deplorable housing conditions of all countries that I know, including countries of the so-called "third world" - Malaysia, for example. (Which fact slowly begin to realize also inhabitants of New Zealand themselves - e.g. see the article "Wellington's cold, damp homes worst in country" from page A12 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, (issue of Wednesday (Wednesday) November 2, 2011.) Typical housing in New Zealand is in houses built of drywall and completely uninsulated against the cold. Typically, they have faulty architecture that ignores climatic realities and focuses solely on appearance. Their roofs and poorly insulated walls usually leak - as a result of which these houses made of plywood rot, while their dwellings are damp, moldy and highly unhealthy for the people who live in them. The dwellings are also cold, as their leaky walls, windows and overall architecture make it impossible to heat them efficiently. I won't elaborate here that the current market price of these inferior quality homes is more than 10 times their actual value - so that a normal New Zealander is no longer able to buy them for himself. (This, in turn, practically means that only the more wealthy New Zealanders can afford to buy houses, who then rent them out to their poor fellow New Zealanders, using this artificially created difficult housing situation as a tool for the ruthless exploitation of poor New Zealanders by their rich fellow New Zealanders). As a result, the earthquake described here may be the opportunity explained by the article [1#P5.8] "Opportunity to build houses suitable for our climate", from page A21 of the newspaper The Press, edition of Wednesday, September 8, 2010.

9. The almost simultaneous hitting of New Zealand by a whole range of other punishments and cataclysms. The Christchurch earthquake was just one of a whole range of cataclysms which recently began to hit New Zealand, and whose continuous appearance is an indication that God has already lost patience for the continuous slipping of inhabitants of this country into the clutches of the Philosophy of Parasitism.

Already shortly after the Christchurch earthquake, "kiwi" fruit growers from that country, stubbornly supporting the immoral principles of monopolistic sales of these fruits, were punished with the highly destructive PSA disease - see the article "Grower begins to destroy kiwifruit" (ie. "Grower begins to destroy kiwifruit") from page A6 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue of Tuesday, November 16, 2010) - which PSA disease in November 2010 began to rapidly devastate New Zealand orchards with "kiwi" fruit - as described in item #D5. of the page named Tropical fruits. A strange disease has also suddenly begun decimating New Zealand's globally sought-after oysters, whose exports generate some $30 million in profit annually - for details, see the article "Mystery as oysters wiped out" from page A3 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, edition of Friday (Friday), December 3, 2010.

In addition, huge schools of dead fish appear from time to time off the coast of New Zealand, or on its beaches - see the article "Mass of floating snapper a mystery to officials" from page A9 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue of Thursday, Decemb 2, 2010). I won't mention here that the irresponsible pouring of poisons on New Zealand's forests, meadows and fields has caused the mass extinction of its bees - so that nowadays it is almost impossible to see a bee near my house, for example. In turn, the coal mine called "Pike River Coal Mine" was rocked by a gas explosion at 3:43 pm on Friday, November 19, 2010 - see the article "Don't seal the mine, beg relatives" from page A5 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, edition of Friday, November 26, 2010. As a result of this explosion, 29 miners were trapped in the mine, while each subsequent attempt to free them was thwarted by increasingly strange "coincidences". As a result, probably not even their bodies could be brought to the surface. Added to all this are weather phenomena which devastate agriculture in New Zealand.

For example, on Tuesday, December 28, 2010, an area of New Zealand known as "Golden Bay" was hit by the worst flooding in 150 years - see the article "Clean-up begins after storm inflicts worst flooding in 150 years" (i.e. "Clean-up begins after storm inflicts worst flooding in 150 years") from page A2 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue of Thursday (Thursday), December 30, 2010). Interestingly, this "Golden Bay" lies not far from Petone in which I live - in fact, if NOT for the mountains surrounding Petone, then it would probably be visible from my house. However, when the worst flood in 150 years raged in "Golden Bay", the sun was shining in Petone at that time - so much for the protective power of these "10 righteous" whose defense of Petone from cataclysms is described in item #I3. of the page Day 26. All in all, only to people lacking the ability to see is it still not apparent that God is increasingly angry about what is happening in New Zealand. (Of course, New Zealand is just one of a whole range of countries with rapidly declining morality, to which God increasingly reveals His growing anger with series of various cataclysms similar to those described here as examples illustrating symptoms of someone's slide into the forbidden area of parasitism and immorality. In turn the only reason why I am writing here about New Zealand, instead of e.g. about Pakistan, Afghanistan, or Zimbabwe, is that the access to facts and to precise information I have mainly about the country in which I currently live. However, this does NOT mean that in other countries the moral situation of their inhabitants is better nita which I am describing here).

* * *

Unfortunately, the problem - and probably also the "test for morality" to which God subjects New Zealand via this earthquake, is that both decision-makers and affected citizens of that country give the impression of being too incumbent (complacent) and too deeply immersed in the philosophy of parasitism to turn this earthquake for the good of the people. For example, from the probably censored and hence rather cautious statements in the press and on television, a picture emerges that the victims of the earthquake are nevertheless afflicted by many plagues representing typical manifestations of the parasitic philosophy. And so, for example, they are afflicted by excessive bureaucracy that paralyzes almost all activities, procrastination and lack of conclusive decisions, monopolization of all activities and decisions by institutions and authorities that are too slow and too incompetent to cope with their duties - which, however, insist on maintaining their monopoly and do not want to share the work (and hence the profits) with others, monopolistically oriented laws that single out selected individuals and groups at the expense of progress and the good of society as a whole etc. One of the victims of this earthquake complained on TV on November 15, 2010, that the post-earthquake bureaucracy is so strong, while the existing laws so strongly constrain the actions of citizens, that he personally found out that building a brand-new house on a brand-new building lot comes easier, faster and less costly than repairing a few damages to an old house. How hard these monopoly-oriented laws can paralyze citizens, I also found out for myself around 10/10/10 - when the programmer in my New Zealand-made washing machine blew up. In spite of the fact that I'm a former professor who used to teach electronics, among other things, and in spite of the fact that I taught a course for electricians at Timaru Polytechnic, I still don't have a New Zealand electrician's craft license authorizing me to repair washing machines. (I used to have such authorizations for Poland, when as a student I made a living as a threshing machine driver - but Polish authorizations are NOT valid in New Zealand). Hence, stores are NOT allowed to sell me a new programmer worth about $20. So in order to replace it I would have to call a "specialist" who for "diagnosing" first charges $100, then for "replacing the programmer" he makes himself pay around $200. Meanwhile, a new washing machine costs $699. So the repair would cost me almost half the price of a new one, while the washing machine would still be old and probably something else would soon fail in it. So I discovered then, that in spite of the fact that in my washing machine a part worth $20 has broken down, and in spite of the fact that to replace this part I need only a screwdriver worth about $5, because of the anti-progressive and restrictive laws that are in force in New Zealand, it turns out to be more beneficial to buy a new washing machine for $699 than to repair the old one. Similar laws also operate in almost every other area - this is why, for example, I am unable to undertake in there even the implementation of a relatively simple so-called "telekinetic cell" which I invented myself - and the adventures with which I describe, among others, in item #J1. of the web page named Telekinetic Cell.

The effect of these repressive laws on society, locals call "red tape"-because they handcuff people and incapacitate their actions as effectively as if people were covered inch by inch with sticky tape-for another example in the same category see the page Sonic Boiler. Adding to the bureaucracy and to the laws handcuffing all initiative, Christchurch also seems to be adding problems with the distribution of funds and aid, social problems caused by the population's unwillingness to act on their own and wait for others to organize everything for them, lack of information and ignorance of what is really going on, etc., etc., etc. As a result, it seems that instead of renewing morally, this Christchurch earthquake only entrenches incumbency and some immoral behavior. This in turn means that after some time we will probably hear about the next cataclysm, e.g. the next earthquake, this time much more destructive and lacking the miracle that previously took place in Christchurch.

#P5.1. There is a very simple (and inexpensive) way for Christchurch (and also for other cities and communities) to protect itself against any cataclysm - unfortunately the city acts exactly opposite to this way:

Motto: "If you wish to have a peaceful and safe life (far from cataclysms), then 'fund a stipend for an active totalizt'."

/original english text Dr. Eng. Pająk/:

If one believes in claims of the atheistic science, then after getting a "punch" from a destructive cataclysm, one may only "sit and cry". After all, for the atheistic science, e.g. devastating earthquakes from Christchurch described here, or e.g. catastrophic floods which on 10th to 12th January 2011 devastated Toowoomba and Brisbane from Queensland in Australia, are the outcome of NOT what happens in a given area, but of what happens in the entire world. Unfortunately, inhabitants of New Zealand or Australia cannot order e.g. politicians from the USA to start to control emissions from chimneys of their factories, nor order e.g. politicians from Brazil to stop further cutting-down Amazonian native jungles. Therefore, when standing by beliefs in the correctness of claims of atheistic science, practically everyone feels completely powerless in matters of prevention of cataclysms. The reason is that claims of official science today are like speeches of present politicians - they shift to others and dissolve the responsibility for committed mischievousness and disallow to establish what should be done to improve our situation.

But if one believes that the world is ruled by omnipotent God, then the prevention of cataclysms becomes possible end even easy. After all, in the world ruled by God, destructive cataclysms are simply "punishments" which God serves to those who do NOT live according to His requirements. In such a world, every city and every community receives from God exactly whatever it deserved with its own behaviour. (Notice that in the world ruled by God the level of someone's voluntary fulfilment of the requirements imposed on people by God, is called the "morality". Thus, in such a world the arrival of cataclysms is the outcome of "immorality" of inhabitants of a given area treated as a single "group intellect".) So in order to prevent or stop the arrival of cataclysms, in the world ruled by God suffices to just find out which immoral behaviours God punishes with cataclysms, and simply either eliminate these behaviours completely, or change them into more moral which God is willing to accept without serving a "punishment". In other words, in the world ruled by God, whatever hits you is exclusively your own fault. Thus, you cannot pass the responsibility for your disasters onto neighbours or on distant countries, but the improvement of your own situation you must start from yourself.

The research to-date carried out for the Philosophy of Totalizm and described in this web page as well as in the page Day 26, suggests that typically there are two basic reasons for which a cataclysmic phenomenon of nature destroys a given "group intellect". (The "group intellect" is explained e.g. in items #B2. to #B4.4. of the web page Możajski. It is defined as "an entity composed of many people and leading its own 'life', and thus subjected to the action of moral mechanisms and laws" - e.g. a city, village, community, nation, country, entire human science, etc.) These reasons include:
(a) the lack of the required at least "10 righteous" in this "group intellect", whom would protect it against cataclysms - as this is explained in item #A2.3. from the web page Totalizm, and
(b) the wrong philosophy (and thus wrong beliefs) which this "group intellect" practices. For example, in case of Christchurch, instead of e.g. attracting and encouraging "righteous" people to settle in that city, inhabitants of this city rather prefer to "repel" them, while attract people who represent reversals of "righteous" and whom later make this city famous for completely wrong reasons. I am aware of two cases when this city clearly "repelled" from itself "righteous" people that could change its fate (instead attracting such people). But it is obvious that these two cases represent a permanent "trend" that prevails in that city. The first case is that of 1999, when in the city was this miraculous revelation that Christchurch is going to be visited by "Second Jesus" - as is described in item #G2. from the web page named Prophecies.

Instead of helping the city director who was preparing the city for that vital visit, the city preferred to scoff at, and remove this director from his post. The second case is my own attempt to find a job in Christchurch. Namely, starting since the time of my emigration to New Zealand, I personally used to fill at least one job application each year for a post at the Canterbury University in Christchurch. After all, I love this city and I wanted to live in it. But all these my numerous applications (plus also many applications to the Polytechnic in Christchurch and to the Lincoln College) were systematically rejected. This rejection could NOT be based on my qualifications, knowledge, experience, and capabilities, as in these I always excel in comparison to all other candidates - for details see item #E1. of the web page named Yearbook.

So they needed to result from my views that were known to members of selection committees, and that are far from atheism and from orthodoxy so dominating that particular university and the city. I do NOT need to explain here, that philosophies and believes that were sources of motives for both above cases of "rejection" from Christchurch of the "righteous" people who could protect the city, were also the reason (b) listed above for which the city is troubled by series of cataclysms.

After identifying reasons why "group intellects" (including Christchurch and many other cities and communities) are "punished" with cataclysms, the Philosophy of Totalizm allows to develop several simple ways how to eliminate these reasons. I am going to explain here how works an example of one such way, which applies to Christchurch, but which gives an idea how to develop similar ways for other cities and communities. For Christchurch, the most simple and inexpensive amongst these ways states, that "it suffices to officially invite Jan Pajak to permanently live in Christchurch on the expense of city inhabitants, and the cataclysms will omit this entire destruction area". The work of such an official invitation would boil down to the philosophical effects of procedures of issuing it. These procedures would eliminate both, the reason (a), as well as the reason (b) explained above. The elimination of reason (a) would stem from my (already well known) moral stand which qualifies me as one amongst these "righteous" that would protect Christchurch from cataclysms. In addition, after shifting to Christchurch I would soon surround myself with a group of followers of totalizm, thus complementing the required number of at least "10 righteous" living in the city. After all, the philosophy of totalizm can be considered to be a kind of "generator of righteous" people - as those ones who pedantically practice the "formal totalizm" fulfil simultaneously the demanding definition of "righteous" from Bible.

In turn, the elimination of reason (b) would stem from the sole process of granting me a formal invitation to live in Christchurch on the expense of city. The process of such granting would cause a significant modification of philosophies and beliefs that dominate this city (i.e. the city treated as a single "group intellect"). In turn, such a change of philosophies and beliefs in the city would eliminate the action of the principle applied by God and described in item #A2.2. of the web page named Totalizm, to "always affect people with the evidence which is the reflection of beliefs that these people adhere and on the base of which they undertake their actions". In other words, if I really was invited to live in Christchurch on the expense of the city, then the sole process of making this invitation would implement in there the method described in item #A2.2 from the web page "Totalizm" - which would effectively defend the city against "mischief of nature". To the above it is also worth to add, that in my presence quite strange events always happen, which can be described with the name of "silent miracles". The list of examples of these is provided in item #H2. of the web page God proof.

Furthermore, the premises which are described in item #I3.1. of the web page named Day 26 suggest that the "gift" of protection from cataclysms by "10 righteous" probably can be "projected" to a selected single "righteous" person. Thus, if I am invited to live in Christchurch on the expense of this city, then also in there such "silent miracles" would probably start to happen, while all possible cataclysms perhaps would start to omit this city at large distances - as at present all cataclysms omit the town of Petone in which I live. (For the evidence of omissions of Petone by cataclysms - see item #I3 on the web page "Day 26".)

The method of defence through "funding a stipend for an active totalizt" described above, is fast and effective. So it excellently suits the "crisis situations" - means cases when the philosophy practiced by a given city or community already reached the level of Parasitism at which God sends cataclysms. But in present times such situations prevail already in many areas of the world, e.g. in New Zealand they include a significant number of cities, towns and provinces, regularly troubled with droughts, fires, floods, frosts, sows, hurricanes, earthquakes, hooligans, mobs, fights, robberies, etc. In turn in Australia it includes cities and communities from several states regularly affected with droughts, fires, winds, floods, dust storms, tornadoes, locust plagues, etc. I will not elaborate here on the rest of the world, including USA, England, and the continental Europe, where various cataclysms are rampant. Of course, in the applying this method, this "righteous" someone invited to settle on the cost of given community not necessarily must be myself, but can be any active "totalizt" who practices a "formal totalizm" and who fulfils the God's definition of a "righteous" - so precisely explained in the content of the Bible, as well as who additionally is widely known in the world from active promotion of this unorthodox philosophy. After all, in the method described here the invited "righteous" is NOT the one who stops cataclysms. He just acts on the philosophy of local people in a similar way as active "catalysts" act in chemical reactions - i.e. he triggers with his views and his actions the change of philosophies in a given community, while only the effect of this change in philosophy and beliefs causes that cataclysms cease.

From the formal point of view, the "invitation of an active totalizt to live in Christchurch at cost of the ratepayers" would NOT differ significantly from whatever this city is doing already for many years. After all, Christchurch probably is the only city in the world, which - on the expense of ratepayers, for many years officially employs the so-called "Wizard" - who previously on the central square of this city was performing various "pagan rituals" in order to amuse with them passers-by and tourists. (Now this central square is destroyed.) Thus, if instead of "wizardry" this "Wizard" become famous from practicing the formal version of totalizm, while instead of amusing passers-by with "pagan rituals" he rather tried to impress God by the devotion with which he fights for the right kind of morality, then probably the earthquake from Christchurch would never happen. However, while considering hypothetically a different orientation and philosophy of that "Wizard", it is also worth to ask a question, whether the city of Christchurch would then employ him for the role which he fulfils.

As the reader can find out this from my autobiography, totalizm still is a persecuted philosophy - similarly like in first centuries of AD persecuted was the Christianity. After all, everything that introduces a significant progress, including totalizm, is persecuted with the so-called "curse of inventors" described in item B4.4. of the web page Możajski.

Thus, the majority of "totalizts" hide from their surroundings the fact of practicing this philosophy. But many of them are in contact with me - after all I am the creator of totalizm. Therefore, if someone wishes to get in touch with nearest totalizts, then should turn in this matter to me.

Of course, totalizm indicates also methods for long-term "prevention" of cataclysms. (These methods are to work more permanently than the above method of fast and short-term removal of the "crisis" caused by cataclysms that already have arrived). The most sure amongst these "preventive" methods recommends to the endangered communities: "include into the syllabuses of your schools and universities three additional subjects, namely the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the Philosophy of Totalizm and the Philosophy of Parasitism - so that they balance the "atheism" and the "scientific orthodoxy" forced monopolistically in the highly biased current educational systems. In turn, such an inclusion of these subjects will reassure that the new generation in these communities starts to practice the correct philosophy from the very beginning and just by itself is to generate the required number of "righteous" individuals which are to protect these communities from cataclysms.

At the end I would like to explain "why I am writing here all this, while realistically I know in advance that present atheistic people will NOT implement it, while some amongst them will even scoff at it?" Well, there are three main reasons. (1) At present there are numerous cities and communities in the situation of Christchurch. Thus, on the example of Christchurch this item indicates for all of them, how in a simple and inexpensive way they all can defend themselves against increasingly frequent cataclysms. (2) If, knowing the method of defence, I decided to keep it secret, then the guilt for the consequences would fall on my shoulders. But if other people are informed what they should do to avoid cataclysms, however, at their own responsibility they decide to NOT implement it, then they themselves bear the entire responsibility for whatever is to happen. Furthermore, (3) the above descriptions indicate an obvious evidence for the actual acting on the Earth the reason (b) described here for the appearance of present cataclysms. After all, this reason is the wrong kind of philosophy and beliefs amongst present people, while this item clearly realises that such wrong philosophy and beliefs become already so dominant that they really make impossible the implementation of even so simple and so well documented method of self-defence against cataclysms as the one described here. Thus, this item realises that instead of actually defending themselves against cataclysms, present people prefer to rather act in the way caption under "Fig. #M1" explains that employees of "Te Papa" acted with "houfeng didongy yi" (i.e. present people prefer to remove from the view and to hide in cellars the evidence which documents that they follow a wrong path).

I should also add here, that my suggestion expressed in the content of this item #P5.1 was already published on 18 January 2011 (simultaneously in two places, namely in item #C5.1. from the web page named Seismograph, as well as in post number #193E from two blogs of totalizm with addresses indicated in item #U2.).

#P5.2. The "moral field" works in such a manner, that whatever is the easiest thing to do, is NOT the deed which yields beneficial outcomes:

Motto: "For those endangered with a cataclysm the most vital is the answer: 'how we prove to others that we really changed the philosophy which we practice'."

(The translation /from Polish/ of this item still awaits to be completed - please return here again some time later.)

/Here on the mirror page I have relieved the reader of the work and selection of a suitable translation program... The following is a translation by DeepL.../:

Of course, as could be expected, my suggestions described in the previous item of methods with the help of which Christchurch residents could dismiss the current "cataclysmic threat crisis" turned out to be a "cry in the wilderness". Meaning, no one has even considered "funding a scholarship for a totalizt", "importing" the "10 righteous" to the city, or at least introducing, for example, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity into the curriculum. After all, only few people know from the workings of the "moral field" (described in item #A2.1. of the page named Totalizm and in item #F1. of the page named Yearbook) that although "ignoring" comes much easier than "realizing", only the laborious implementation of the truth can bring the desired consequences. Also, instead of undertaking the construction of the much-needed New Zealand "remote detector of boiling earthquakes" described on this page, after the first Christchurch earthquake I noted that the model of this detector (shown below in Img.020 (#M1) was removed from active display in the museum and hidden from the public to the basement. Other "indicators of a change in philosophy" also looked similar. For example, people's complaints about Christchurch only intensified, while quite a few of the city's residents complained more and more loudly about the handling of issues resulting from the earthquake described in item #P5 above. In order to give here some idea of the nature of these complaints and grievances, in mid-February 2011, i.e. after the elapse of almost half a year from that earthquake, still the "formal shuffling of paperwork" was NOT yet completed, while the affected people still did NOT receive even formal permits to undertake the rebuilding of their ruined buildings. So for about half a year life and progress were frozen in Christchurch by bureaucrats, while people still have NOT received formal permission to start restoring this life to normal.

#P6. The "urging" earthquake from Christchurch, on Tuesday, 22 February 2011:

Motto: "People relentlessly refuse to accept the truth, God relentlessly illustrates this truth for them."

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On Tuesday, February 22, 2011, at 12:51 pm, another catastrophic earthquake struck Christchurch. Its strength was only 6.3 on the Richter scale. However, its epicenter lay not far from the center of the city, at a shallow depth of only about 5 km underground. It inconvenienced thousands of homeowners, and many businesspeople whose residences were ruined. It has also killed a lot of people. E.g., on the day of updating this item on March 31, 2011, TV dailies reported the final number of 181 dead bodies found. It also documentally destroyed a sizable part of the city of Christchurch - especially that which had a lot to do with income and with people's rights, as well as with the framing of the views of so-called "public opinion."

In this next earthquake can still be seen as many "lucky coincidences". For example, it struck in the middle of a sunny day and during the hours of the so-called "lunch" - i.e. exactly "at nine one in the afternoon". Thus, most people were already outside the buildings to take advantage of the sunny day and have lunch somewhere outdoors. Good lighting also allowed these people to see clearly what was going on around them. So that they could also run away from falling walls and debris. As can also be perfectly seen in the film shots, many people avoided death just by quickly dodging or running out of the way of collapsing rubble, walls and balconies. Thus, the consequences of this earthquake were still milder than the misfortunes it would have caused if it had struck, say, when people were still in their offices, e.g., around 10 a.m., and hence when the collapsing buildings would have collapsed on these people, or when it would have been of even slightly higher magnitude. Thus, one can consider that God also this time had in mind that He was experiencing the "Masto Christo" and treated this "Christchurch" relatively mildly.

Thanks to the relatively "lucky coincidences" described above, there were only four major instances in this Christchurch earthquake where collapsing buildings claimed more human lives - although under less favorable circumstances there could have been dozens of such "dying centers." Intriguingly, these four cases also represent the most important sources of influence on the philosophy practiced by Christchurch residents. They include the buildings of the two most important institutions shaping the views of Christchurch residents. Of these, (1) the building of the so-called "CTV" (i.e., the local television station called "Canterbury Television") claimed the most casualties. This is because on its top, the CTV building contained an international English language school with about 100 foreign students - mainly from Japan. The building completely collapsed, while almost all the people inside perished. Human casualties were also claimed by (2) the partially collapsed building of a local Christchurch newspaper called "The Press" - known for its "orthodox" articles.

However, it is worth mentioning here that in the destroyed center of Christchurch is also located the building of the 3rd channel of "New Zealand Television" (national) - which survived intact. Interestingly, this intact "Channel 3" has been leading the fight for morality, for truth, for justice, for progress, for equality, etc. in New Zealand for some time now. So it seems that its survival documents the close connection between "actively standing up for truth and for morality" and surviving a cataclysm. Another case of collapse claiming numerous victims was the financial, legal and insurance center of Christchurch - to whose offices could be traced quite a number of human complaints and grievances published in the press and uttered on television. It was (3) an almost completely collapsed building of the so-called "Pyne Gould Corporation".

Finally, about 20 human casualties were claimed by (4) the Anglican church (cathedral) of Christchurch's central square (the faithful of the Anglican church include the vast majority of Christchurch residents). Interestingly, in quite a number of other cataclysms, churches and other religious buildings usually survived intact - as I emphasize in item #F3.. Only churches whose practices perverted the precepts of the Bible (like the cathedral in Haiti) were left in ruins. Meanwhile, in Christchurch almost all churches were ruined - regardless of the religion they practiced. This includes the Catholic cathedral - from whose roof two, of the 3 there, tin domes fell. Fortunately, no one was killed in or by it.

Is it possible, then, that God thus expressed His disapproval of, among other things, the source of the complaints that some time ago outraged public opinion over the mistreatment (sexual exploitation) of children under the care of the Catholic Church? After all, that God has a clear grudge against the entire Catholic Church of Christchurch about something, is evidenced by a rather symbolic incident from that cathedral described in the article "Cathedral statue turns the other cheek", from page A6 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, edition of Thursday (Thursday), March 10, 2011. Namely, the "Our Lady" ("Our Lady" - i.e. "Mother of God") statue in that cathedral, before the earthquake, was facing its front to the faithful. However, during the earthquake it turned 180 degrees, so that after the earthquake it began to be turned with its back to the faithful - as if it "could no longer look at them." Both the newspaper and many people probably consider this "turning of the statue with its back to the people" to be a funny "coincidence". I, however, suspect that this is a highly symbolic "sign" given to people by God, only that in a typical manner for divine actions it fulfills the so-called "canon of ambiguity" - so that everyone can interpret it in their own way (this canon is described, among others, in items #C2. and #A2. of the web page Free will).

In addition to these four unambiguously definable killing sites, the rest of the human victims came from random sidewalks and streets of the city center, when the ground shook and stone parapets and bricks began to fall on the heads of passersby, while they were too slow to escape and did NOT manage to dodge. The last living person was pulled out of the rubble as early as Wednesday afternoon around 3 pm, just one day (or about 26 hours) after the quake. After that, only bodies were pulled out. What puzzled many was that just about 24 hours after the quake, the rescue of foreign students from this language school at CTV was abandoned - as documented in the article [1#P6] "Search for CTV survivors called off" (ie. "Search for CTV survivors called off") from page A5 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue of Thursday (Thursday), February 24, 2011.

Meanwhile, TV3 news on Friday reported that one of those students still sent a text message asking for rescue as late as Thursday, around 2am. (The enormously sad story of the woman buried alive in the CTV building and communicating with her husband until her cell phone battery ran out is described in the article "Hope fades with dying phone battery" - i.e. "Hope fades with dying phone battery," from page A7 of the New Zealand newspaper Weekend Herald, issue of Saturday (Saturday), March 12, 2011. ) It wasn't until a rescue team from Japan arrived in New Zealand that they resumed the search for the bodies of their own students in the ruins of the CTV building - as highlighted in the article [2#P6] "Japanese rescuers searching for their own" (ie. "Japanese rescuers searching for their own"), from page A4 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, edition of Friday (Friday), February 25, 2011.

I also noted with great sympathy that the earthquake itself, the destruction of buildings, and the deaths of numerous victims, were only the beginning of the hell that was later unleashed on the residents of Christchurch. After all, the lack of electricity, damage to the water supply and sewage outflow, the stench and disease-causing effects of human feces which did NOT drain with sewage, lack of fuel, lack of stores and goods in stores, impassable roads, ejaculations of liquid minerals from underground which flooded apartments, gardens, roads and sucked up cars, evacuations of sizable sections of neighborhoods, numerous bans, barriers and restrictions imposed by the authorities, the slowness and selectivity of the response, the procrastination in naming or returning the bodies of the victims, the skyrocketing crime rate, the unleashing of cold and windy weather, the constant "aftershocks" and threat of another earthquake etc., caused continued life in that city to become one string of suffering. In addition, numerous dangers have emerged. For example, New Zealand has an "asbestos problem" because a sizable proportion of homes have this carcinogenic mineral mixed into the plaster of ceilings and walls. After the Christchurch earthquake, the dust-crushed plaster with this asbestos was blown away by the winds creating deadly "asbestos clouds" to inhale. So those unaware people who DID NOT wear masks will probably soon be sick with "asbestos pneumoconiosis." In addition, the damaged stores and institutions began to attract criminals of all sorts.

In addition, the shortage of undamaged buildings began to escalate rental prices. Not surprisingly, in just the first week after the quake alone, as many as 50,000 residents abandoned Christchurch and flew away on planes, with the total population of the city (according to the latest "censuses") at 348,000 - figures reported in a statement [3#P6] from the A2 newspaper's The New Zealand Herald (edition of Tuesday, March 1, 2011). After all, quite a few native New Zealanders own more than one home in disparate parts of the country - so they had places to flee to. This figure of 50,000 includes only those who fled by airplane - and thus who could be officially counted thanks to the accurate documentation of tickets that airlines keep. This is because how many more people left Christchurch by their own cars or buses, this no one knows. So in the city mainly remained only the very poor - who have nowhere to run to, and also the very rich - who, although they also have other homes, do NOT want to lose sight of the source of their income and wealth.

My heart, sympathy and sincere condolences are with the people of Christchurch. I myself also lost both parents - so I know very well how it feels to lose someone closest to us. In addition, I have also lost almost everything I owned several times in my life. Although these my successive losses resulted from the immorality of the people on whom I was dependent at the time (as I explain in more detail in item #4 of the page named Jan Pająk), the loss of life's achievements is always a loss and is felt just as painfully regardless of who, or what, causes it. What has been most etched in my mind from those losses of my own is that one who has lost something truly important to himself usually sincerely wishes that his pain and suffering could somehow be turned into good for others. Meaning, that his loss should already be the last. It is for this reason that I wrote this page, created the eye-opening Philosophy of Totalizm, constantly remind that "morality is the key to everything", explain that "in a world ruled by God, 'morality' is the level of conformity of the rules of our lives with the requirements imposed on us by God" etc. This is because I understand that in the world there is NO shortage of people who spend their entire lives politely comforting, encouraging, praising, and forgiving others.

In turn, we lack people who have the courage to speak the truth - especially when this truth is bitter, or when speaking it publicly threatens them with the loss of their well-paid profession or the comfort of their position. Meanwhile - as I try to explain in item #F1. of the page Totalizm, without knowing the truth there is NO progress. After all, if, for example, the Christchurch tragedy is considered from the "a priori" approach (i.e. from the "from cause to effect" approach - described in item #G1.), then in order to find an effective method of defense against such cataclysms, one first needs to learn the entire truth about causes for which these cataclysms plague us.

So someone has to have the courage to name the whole truth about these causes, define them, point them out, and then speak them out loud. In turn, it takes as much as tremendous pain, loss and disappointment, as well as great love for God, for one's fellow human beings, for nature and for the world in which we live, of the kind I have already experienced, for someone to feel prepared to take on this thankless role.

A highly instructive example of the fate which befalls people trying to establish the truth and inform their fellow countrymen about it, was the campaign of unanimous condemnation and attacking of the New Zealander, who, analyzing the interdependencies between the distances of the Moon from the Earth, the magnitudes of sea tides, and the appearance of earthquakes, predicted and publicly announced that on Sunday, March 20, 2011, a strong earthquake would strike Christchurch again. Immediately on this - as he was called "Moon Man" (i.e. "person from the Moon"), a concerted chorus of condemnation assailed all newspapers, radio and television. Every important personage also pronounced that he is NOT right and that his predictions are highly "irresponsible" and "harmful". - see the article "Quake forecast reckless, says MP engineer" (i.e., "Earthquake forecast reckless, says MP with engineering degree") from page A3 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue of Monday (Monday), March 21, 2011).

Local scientists, who normally are nowhere to be found, suddenly came out of hiding just to publicly scold him and announce that he is wrong (none of them, however, gave their date when Christchurch residents should expect the next earthquake). In turn, the famous "association of skeptics" from Christchurch, which also used to give me a solid thrashing for proclaiming my views, organized a televised "lunch" in a restaurant located exactly above the predicted epicenter of the announced earthquake. Although under normal circumstances God avoids confirming human predictions - as I explain in (3.14) from item #P5. /please scroll up/ of this web page, this time God decided to intervene.

After all, he could NOT allow to get away with such immoral condemnations and assaults on someone who only wanted the truth and progress of knowledge, and who free of charge made the forecast that should be performed by highly paid scientists. Thus, in spite of the fact that the entire day passed peacefully, just before 10 p.m. Christchurch was, however, hit on the indicated day by a shock of about 5 on the Richter scale, with the epicenter located exactly where this "man in the moon" predicted it. That is to say, this ordinary man acting amateurishly succeeded in something for the performance of which perfectly-paid "experts" turn out to be completely useless, namely he successfully predicted NOT only when the next earthquake in Christchurch would occur, but also indicated where exactly its epicenter would be. So did any of these important personalities apologize to him or pay him any compliments? As it turned out, NO. The next day he continued to be criticized in newspapers and on television, declaring that he had predicted a "big" earthquake, while the one that came was NOT "big" at all.

At this point, I should point out that totalizm reveals to us that from the point of view of morality, truth and progress, it is this hysterical campaign against that forecast that is "irresponsible" and "harmful." After all, it accepts and rewards the parasitic behavior of today's scientists, and their culture of the type "DO NOT DO ANYTHING", i.e. do NOT even try to forecast earthquakes yourself, but instead rebuke and criticize everyone who makes such a forecast - even NOT checking beforehand whether his forecasts turn out to be correct (for more details about the "culture" and behavior of today's scientists - see items #C1. to #C4. on the page Telekinetics).

In turn, with such a culture and behavior, progress itself will never work out, while people will never be informed when they should be careful because there is a danger that the earth will shake under them again. So as one can see "everyone meets exactly the fate he or she deserves".

I should confess here that I am "in love with the city of Christchuch". The reason is probably that of all the cities in New Zealand, it is Christchurch's architecture, parks and views that are most similar to those I remember from my native Poland. So when I watched on TV reports from this huge tragedy of my most favorite city, I could not resist asking why philosophical habits, fashion, "scientific behaviors", and established ways of doing some things, do NOT allow its inhabitants to try to change their fate by voluntarily changing the philosophy they practice. After all, in today's desperate times, people should do everything in their power, and try every already identified method of defense against cataclysms, so that similar tragedies cease to happen to residents of today's cities and communities.

The damage to buildings from the earthquake described here was enormous. As explained in an article [4#P6] with the title "Counting the cost" (i.e., "Tallying the losses") from page A1 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated Tuesday (March 8, 2011), out of the total number of 140,000 houses existing in Christchurch, around 10,000 will have to be demolished because they are NOT repairable anymore, while further around 100,000 have been damaged - although they are still repairable. (Notice that in cities of New Zealand houses typically are wooden and look completely different than houses in Polish cities. Outside the strict city center, i.e. outside the so-called CBD, the rest of the development is miles and miles of cheap one- or two-story houses of almost identically shabby appearance, made of drywall and covered with rusting and usually leaking tin roofs, each of which houses stands in a miniature garden in which, apart from dying grass and bushes, nothing else usually grows. Of course, every city also has at least one neighborhood of rich people, in which the houses are larger - although still single-story, sometimes even made of bricks and covered with tiles, while whose enlarged gardens even have flowers. But these neighborhoods with rich, healthy and nice houses are NOT typical, similarly as well-dressed, wealthy and healthy in body and spirit people are NOT typical inhabitants of today's New Zealand).

It also turned out that the destruction of Christchurch homes was NOT evenly distributed. This is because three coastal districts of this city (means eastern and most old in age and philosophically) were destroyed almost completely. In turn, several western districts of the city (the newest - both in age and philosophically) almost did not suffer damage at all.

The Philosophy of Totalizm explains that every action can be accomplished in at least two ways. One of these ways, climbing most steeply "uphill" in the moral field, totalizm will define as the most "moral". Thus, according to the principle of operation of the "moral field", it will be the most difficult to implement - after all, its implementation in the "group intellect" will be hindered by the mechanism of the so-called "curse of inventors", described, among others, in item #B4.4. of the totaliztic web page Możajski. For this, the fruits of this most moral way will be the most beneficial, durable, and the most pleasing to all concerned. Another of these ways will descend most steeply "down" the moral field. Hence totalizm will define it as the most "immoral". For this it will be the easiest to implement. In turn, its fruits will turn out to be the most unfavorable in the future and will be a source of further tribulations for all affected people. In the case of an action like "rebuilding Christchurch," with as much destruction of the city as described above, it is relatively easy to determine which of the ways of rebuilding it qualifies for which of the two above catagories. And so, the most "moral", although the most difficult to implement, would be a rebuilding of Christchurch involving the complete demolition of the most damaged (eastern) quarters of the city, the establishment of parks in their place, and the relocation of the people who previously lived there to newly-built quarters, this time already located on the western (new) side of the city>. Indeed, such a reconstruction would bring many beneficial consequences.

For example, the relocation of a sizable portion of the population to completely new neighborhoods would cause a fundamental change in the philosophy of these people. After all, it would cause the "mixing" of people and the demolition of old "social arrangements". Thus, it would eliminate the danger of another cataclysm - as explained in item #P5.1. above /please scroll up/. Furthermore, it would be incomparably faster than repairing these houses. After all, it would eliminate a lot of time-consuming bureaucratic formalities (of the kind of estimating and documenting the level of damage to each individual house, valuation of this damage for insurance, approval and payment of insurance, architectural design of the manner of repair, etc.). It would also simplify the entire reconstruction process. After all, even the most "fair" process would then reduce to only four very simple actions, namely:

(1) valuations of how much the old house was worth (which has been done for a long time, because in New Zealand every city council has official valuations of all the buildings of that city - for it is on the basis of these valuations that there is determined how much "bailout" a given owner is to pay to the city for each of his buildings),
(2) to give the owner a new house of similar value - only that already located in a new neighborhood,
(3) to move from the old house to the new one, and
(4) demolish the old house and establish a park in its place. It would also allow new houses to be built quickly, on tape and economically by a state uninterested in profits - which would reduce their price, as it would eliminate the monopoly of builders and architects who ruthlessly "jack up prices" in such situations. It would also increase the demand for productive professionals instead of idle bureaucrats - that is, it would eliminate the country's current economic depression. It would reduce the number of sources of people's dissatisfaction and complaints, which (according to item #G1 of this page) then become the reason for serving another cataclysm to a given city or community. In addition, it would eliminate the number and level of immoral frauds that are possible with long-lasting repairs requiring many stages, a large bureaucracy, various officials, payments by quite a number of institutions and by the state, a mixture of artisans, harsh contributions etc.

In spite of the fact that the New Zealand government actually offered the residents of Christchurch to undertake the implementation of the above-described, most "moral" principle of rebuilding this city, as reports on television and in the press indicate, the residents of the city themselves, as well as its local authorities, rejected this offer and insisted on doing the rebuilding in accordance with the easy-to-implement movement "down" the moral field. That is, they insist on rebuilding each house on the spot on which it currently stands, using that most bureaucratic, time-consuming, and costly process of documenting on paper and valuing each damage, paying insurance and government compensation, drawing up architects' designs on how to rebuild each house, then slowly and expensively rebuilding requiring the services of dozens of various craftsmen and their supervisors. As a result, entire neighborhoods of the city will continue to be located on the most unstable and most vulnerable terrain.

In addition, in spite of the "sinking" of huge funds in these neighborhoods and houses, the houses there will still be old, still leaky, damp and difficult to heat, still molded, still unhealthy and practically uninhabitable. But worst of all, with this principle of reconstruction, the philosophy of the residents will NOT change at all. After all, everyone will remain in the "old arrangements," while the incumbent atmosphere and human relations will still not change. Instead, thousands of new sources for grievances and interpersonal harm will emerge. Thus, a short time later, God will probably have to strike there with another cataclysm to, however, force these people to make the necessary philosophical and moral changes.

(Notice that, contrary to other cataclysms, to the detailed descriptions of which I do NOT have access at all, the precise reports and information about the Christchurch cataclysm I can follow on the fly and research under the "a priori" philosophical approach ignored by today's "atheistic orthodox science" - i.e. "from cause to effect". "from cause to effect", described in more detail in item #A2.6. of the page Totalizm and in items #C1. to #C4. of the page named Telekinetics. And because, like any other cataclysm, regardless of the human tragedy, this cataclysm also reveals a "philosophical dimension" - which should be objectively studied and learned about for the benefit of all mankind, on this page I will continue to report on the results of my research of this particular philosophical dimension. This is because I hope that the results of my objective research, although sad and sometimes unpleasant, on the whole serve well to this highly moral idea that without learning the truth there is NO progress, and thus in the long run will turn out to be beneficial for all concerned).

Everything I have described above represents the reporting of events done immediately after that Christchurch earthquake. However, as time progressed further events took place, some of which also deserve mention here. For example, the fact that virtually all of the moves made by those in charge of rebuilding Christchurch in practice proved to be wrong-headed, and hence aroused a significant wave of discontent and complaints from ordinary residents of that city. In order not to be lip service here, I will point out some of such moves most criticized and considered highly unjust. Thus, for example, immediately after the earthquake, the entire central part of the city was fenced off and cut off access to the owners of the houses and industrial plants contained therein. As a result, these owners were prevented from recovering their most precious heirlooms and what was more valuable property. Then, in turn, the houses there began to be demolished, along with the property contained in them. As a result, a large number of people felt robbed and harmed.

In turn, a ban has been issued against all the damaged houses to undertake any repairs until the bureaucratic formalities of valuing the damage and drawing up and approving repair projects are settled. However, these formalities dragged on indefinitely, and even at the end of May (when I wrote this paragraph) they were still far from being completed. As a result, winter came and thousands of people had nowhere to live. After all, their own houses were NOT allowed to be repaired, while other inhabitable buildings are NOT available there. A lot of problems were also induced in there by the New Zealand law, which forbids people to do anything on their own (every kind of work is allowed to be done in there only by a "specialist" who has a "paper" that he/she acquired appropriate "authorizations" - as I already explained it in the last paragraph of item #P5 of this web page /please scroll up/).

As a result, people are NOT allowed to repair anything there by themselves, and for repairing every "little thing" they have to call an expensive, unreliable, and unpunctual "specialist" there. All in all, already after several months from the day of the earthquake it started to be clearly visible over there, that decisions and moves conceived and implemented by people leading the rebuilding of Christchurch turned out to be the most immoral and the most damaging out of all possible to be implemented over there. Apparently, too, even God Himself began to grow impatient with them and even made this clear on several occasions. For example, these small "secondary earthquakes" did NOT stop there at all and repeated periodically from time to time - jerking everyone's nerves. Furthermore, in the early morning hours of Wednesday, May 18, 2011, God probably intentionally sent a fire which eloquently illustrates His displeasure, and which is described, among others, in the article "Three firefighters hurt in early morning blaze". "Three firefighters hurt in early-morning blaze"), from page A3 of the local newspaper The Press, issue of Thursday (Thursday), May 19, 2011. This is because the train fire burned down a building and all computer equipment belonging to the so-called "Trimble Navigation Co." - i.e. an American company which was directly involved in the reconstruction of Christchurch. This company, which employed 240 people, was making in Christchurch a digital map which later was to be used to prepare a 3-dimensional model of the earthquake and to work out principles for the future rebuilding of the city. But a fire destroyed its headquarters and all its electronic equipment used for this digital mapping of Christchurch.

In June 2011, residents of Christchurch began to complain more and more intensely about the bureaucracy, callousness, unreliability, robbery, mistreatment, delays, indecisiveness and inaction of the authorities, secretiveness, etc., which were increasingly openly rampant in that city. The best expression of these complaints were the statements of ordinary residents of that city revealed on Channel 3 of New Zealand TV in the repetitively broadcast there program "Campbel Live" from Wednesday, June 15, 2011, 7:00 to 7:30 pm (it's good that New Zealand still has at least one such objective and truth-fighting current TV program). Of course, one can easily guess how God reacts to such growing human discontent and complaints. Probably for this reason, on Monday, June 13, 2011, the city of Christchurch was again hit by as many as a whole swarm of earthquakes. The strongest of these, having a magnitude of 6.3 on the Richter scale, struck at 2:20 p.m. - for descriptions of it see, for example, the article "Trapped in hell" (i.e., "Caught in a hellish trap") from page A1 (as well as pages A4 to A7 and B1) of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue of Wednesday, June 15, 2011).

This earthquake caused one human casualty - some old man killed by a falling brick. It also added another portion of destruction to the city. However, it was its symbolism that probably had the strongest impact. For everything about it turned out to be highly symbolic - something that could be noted even from as far away as Poland (as revealed by the Polish-language website angelus-silesius.pl/articles/2011/christchurch_13_June.html). For example, its date 13 was rather symbolic - as I explain in (4) from item #F3 of this page. Also symbolic were the buildings which it destroyed - especially the already unrepairable destruction by it of both cathedrals of the city of Christchurch (i.e. both the destruction of its Anglican cathedral and its Catholic cathedral). If God destroys the cathedral of a city, then this can be taken as a clear sign of divine displeasure with what the church of that city is doing - as an example, see the destruction of the cathedral in Haiti deviating into voodoo and Satan worship (as described in item #C3. from the web page named Seismograph). So the question that someone could ask is whether the destruction of both Christchurch cathedrals is not by any chance an expression of God's disapproval of the position of these churches in the matter of the visit to Christchurch of the Second Jesus in 1999 - described in item #G2. of the separate web page named Prophecies. After all, both of these churches then allowed the city of Christchurch (treated as one large "group intellect") not only to reject the idea of that visit, but even to launch an almost open war against the memory of that visit and against the mission it was supposed to accomplish. It would also be interesting to know whether the destruction of the Anglican cathedral was in any way influenced by the decision described, among other things, in the article "Presbyterians ratify gays" (i.e., "Presbyterians approve of homosexuals") from page B3 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post (issue of Thursday, May 12, 2011) - in which it was revealed that in these churches homosexuals can already become priests.

#P7. The earthquake on Friday, 23rd December 2011, and next earthquakes which arrived soon afterwards:

When the inhabitants of Christchurch already started to believe that the worst is beyond them, suddenly on Friday, December 23, 2011, another series of strong earthquakes hit them. This earthquake I already described relatively well in item #B2 of this web page. The most annoying component of them was the so-called "liquefaction" which flooded a large part of the city with a layer of liquid mud, which later residents had to laboriously clean up and remove from the city.

Soon after, it also turned out that this was NOT the last earthquake to hit the city. Another series of strong earthquakes - fortunately for its inhabitants, this time already without the unpleasant "liquefaction", hit Christchurch on Monday, January 2, 2012. A brief description of it is contained, among other things, in the article [1#P7] with the title "Quake flurry last straw for some, Parker says" (i.e., "recurrence of quakes last straw for some, said district chief"), from page A5 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, edition of Tuesday (Tuesday), January 3, 2012. The strongest strike in that series of new quakes hit the city just before 6 a.m. and had a magnitude of 6 on the Richter scale. In turn, the very fact of occurrence of that series extended the tremors to which the city of Christchurch is subjected to for the third calendar year in turn - after all, the city was previously repetitively shaken already starting from 2010 (see item #P5 above) and then through the entire year 2011 (see item #P6 and this one).

If a teacher (of even the least capable students) repeated the same lesson to them for three consecutive calendar years, those students would certainly understand its pronunciation. Meanwhile, for local scientists in Christchurch, who are paid to learn from what is happening there, the pronunciation of repeating earthquakes for three consecutive calendar years seems to say nothing. So wouldn't it be worthwhile to finally start asking whether the problem here is the competence of these scientists, or the fallacy of the entire "atheistic orthodox science" to date. After all, only asking the right questions and providing bold answers to them brings the potential to improve our tomorrow.

The actual meaning of these successive earthquakes is as if God wanted to convey a message to the residents of that city with their help: "I do not see the required change in your views, conduct, or attitudes - so I have NOT yet finished my settlements with your city".

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