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The use of moral mechanisms for prevention of cataclysmic earthquakes

Part #L: Taking notice of "warnings" issued by God:

#L1. Kinds of "warnings" from God:

Before a cataclysm destroys any community, always God firstly "warns" this community. These warning always take many different forms. For example, one amongst these forms is "verbal" - meaning the community selected for a destruction is "warned" by someone in a manner which is understandable for everyone. Another form takes the shape of warning passed to people via animals. For example, it is known that rats always beforehand leave a boat that is to sink, a mine that is to have a disaster, and even a city designated for a destruction. Similarly pigeons are leaving cities designated for a destruction. In Japan is kept a special kind of "cat fish" which warn about approaching earthquakes. The impending earthquake are also announcing frogs and toads - as this is described in item #D7. from the web page named Day 26. So it is worth to listen to the surrounding nature. Selected people are also warned through some form of a "premonition". E.g. they have a dream, a vision, may just get a specific phobia etc.

A kind of warning is also the intensification of increasingly unpleasant "natural" phenomena in a given area. This is because before a given area is destroyed by a cataclysm, always firstly appear in there less destructive natural phenomena, such as droughts, fires, winds, tornadoes, floods etc. - for details see 6 and 7 from item #H4. of this web page. Slightly more information about the "unfriendly" behaviour of "nature" in areas occupied by immorally behaving communities is provided in items #I4. and #I5. from the web page named Day 26.

One amongst the most intriguing "warnings" from God which I encountered so-far, was the "sending" to New Zealand (by the Chinese government) a "model" of the ancient instrument for a remote detection of impending earthquakes and for early warning about these earthquakes that are just brewing up - very briefly described below in item #M2., while explained in details on a separate web page named Seismograph. This instrument was known in ancient China by name of the "houfeng didongy yi" - this after translation of Chinese means "the instrument for inquiring into the flow of fluid and earth movement". This warning device was supposedly be send to the museum in Christchurch. But in the last moment someone supposedly decided that it should be exposed in Wellington in the national museum called "Te Papa". Thus, similarly like everything else that happens on the Earth, the arrival of to New Zealand also turned out to NOT be just a "coincidence".

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