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The use of moral mechanisms for prevention of cataclysmic earthquakes

Part #K: The suspending the arrival of earthquakes and other cataclysms due to turning ourselves into an "illustration" and an "example" for others:

#K1. The "intensity of the stream of teaching information" and the capability of it to hold back the arrival of cataclysms to communities which already reached the level of "agonal intellect" in their practicing the philosophy of parasitism (and thus which are close to being punished with a cataclysm):

I do NOT know whether this is also practiced in other than Polish armies, but in Poland, when a "sergeant" needs to show to privates how to do properly a difficult task, he always have two ways to illustrate it. Namely, he either can (1) order a best soldier to stand up in front of the platoon and show to others "how it should be done properly", or he can (2) order the worst soldier to step out in front of the platoon (in past such a soldier was popularly known as the "awkward fellow" - in Polish "oferma kompanijna") and then show to the others "how this should NOT be done". Exactly in the same way God does to people. Namely, God teaches people not only by exposing them to the "best examples", but also through exposing them to the "worst examples". But because in recent times "best examples" almost completely disappeared, almost the only ones which still God can show to people are these "bad examples". However, from the point of view of the main goal of God, which is the "increase of knowledge", these "bad examples" are equally educational for the humanity as would be "good examples" - if God would have a sufficient number of them. So in order to make possible the education of the world by the "aggressive towards others" parasitic communities which provide to others just such "bad educational examples", God delays the destruction of these communities with cataclysms until the time when diminishes almost completely their educational influence on others.

In the present world there is a lot of nations and communities, which since a long time deserve a cataclysm. But because of the explained above their "educational mission" is still unfinished, it is to pass some time before any cataclysm is to hit them. In turn the indicator for all of them, "when" their time is to come, is the so-called "intensity of the stream of teaching information". Because the reader may NOT understand what exactly this term means, I am going to explain it more exactly. And so, in the previous example of the "awkward fellow" from the Polish army, this "fellow" did NOT performed the function of a "teacher" all the time. He only thought others when special conditions were met, e.g. when in some manner the attention of others was brought to him - e.g. through ordering him to stand in front of other soldiers, when he did something in a manner strange to others - e.g. he had a "fit" which shocked everyone, etc., etc. In such moments, between this "fellow" and the rest of soldiers occurred the phenomenon which in informatics is called the "flow of information".

But soon afterwards this "flow of information" ceased - means everyone already knew what this "fellow" was capable of and others stopped pay attention to him. In other words, in various times such a "flow of information" can occur with a various "intensity"- similarly like through the same wire in different times electricity current can flow with a different Amperages. An excellent illustrations of changes in the "intensity of flow of information" are videos posted in internet, e.g. in "YouTube". Namely, immediately after they are posted, many "surfers" log to them to see what they show - so in internet-wiring occurs then a high "intensity of the flow of information". But with the elapse of time almost all interested people see this video, and this causes that the "intensity of the flow of information" from it to other people almost drops to zero.

Exactly the same way works the "intensity of the stream of teaching information" generated by most aggressive parasitic intellects. When this intensity is high, the world and people learn something from the example of these intellects. (After all, even the "worst lesson" still is a lesson which teaches something.) Therefore, even if they deserve to be treated with a cataclysm, God suspends the serving of that cataclysm. But with the elapse of time, this "intensity of the stream of teaching information" gradually diminishes. When it reaches the level sufficiently low to NOT have any significant educational influence onto other people, God is punishing given parasitic intellects with a cataclysm which they deserved since a long time.

The present world is full of "group intellects" which since a long time deserve an "annihilating cataclysm" - but so-far they still generate too-significant "intensity of the stream of teaching information" to destroy them with a cataclysm. It is a highly educational and eye-opening to realise who they are. It would be interesting to see whether the reader is able to deduce which commonly known countries, nations, and global institutions, belong to this category of parasitic intellects that deserve a cataclysm already since a long time, but are still protected by the teaching information which they are oozing?

#K2. Which indicators are to tell us that the place where we live already deserved a cataclysm, only that either "10 righteous" or a high "intensity of the stream of teaching information" still holds back the arrival of it:

In today's highly immoral times, in which the punishable by God philosophy of parasitism is widespread practice around the entire world, many of us live in countries, cities, or localities, or work in institutions, that since a long time have deserved to get a devastating earthquake or other cataclysm, but for various reasons God still refrains from serving it. After all, this holding back of the arrival of a disaster sooner or later is to stop and our "group intellect" gets whatever it deserved. Since we ourselves are "sub-intellects" of this "group intellect", and thus we are co-responsible for its moral state, when it gets a hit, we also are getting it (this is appropriately described by a Polish saying that "where wood is chopped chips fly", in Polish "gdzie drwa rąbią tam wióry lecą") - as this is explained with more details in item #E2. from the web page Totalizm.

Therefore, if one already is in such a situation, it is good to be aware of that. After all, one can then prepare properly to the incoming cataclysm and can also take various prevention measures. In this item I am going to describe various indicators that characterize these countries, cities, and human settlements which already have a disaster hanging over their heads, only that for some reasons this disaster is delayed.

(1) Experiencing recently a "warning" cataclysm. The most important indicator that over our heads is "hanging" an ominous disaster, is if our "group intellect" has already been hit by a "warning cataclysm" or even by several of them. This is because such "warning cataclysms" are easy to notice. They always look very seriously, destroy a lot of property, except that typically they yet do NOT take human lives. After them, however, are to already come "urging cataclysms", which, unfortunately, are to kill some people - as explained in items #G1. and #P6. this web page. Therefore, when a "warning cataclysm" already is over, it is NOT worth to wait until arrives the "urging cataclysm", but rather members of a given "group intellect" need immediately and vigorously get started some corrective actions and self-defence described on this web page.

(2) The presence of "indicators of an approaching cataclysm". A very important sign that we are due to a cataclysm, is also the presence in our "group intellect" of any of these attributes that are described in item #H4 from this web page.

(3) Disasters plaguing our close neighbourhood. The source of many indicators that the disaster is already hanging over the heads of our "group intellect" (or "collective intellect"), is a huge "infectivity" of the Parasitism. This "infectivity" causes that if our group intellect has slipped down to the depth of parasitism that is punishable by God, then in a similar situation are also other group intellects which are adjacent to our own, as well as all sub-intellects which are components of our group intellect. Since some of these "neighbours" of our group intellect, as well as some of its "sub-intellects", DO NOT meet the requirements that for us prevent the incoming of a cataclysm, these neighbouring group intellects, and some of our "component sub-intellects", will already be troubled by various natural disasters and calamities - as for the township of Petone this is described in items #I3. and #I3.1. from the web page Petone.

Therefore, another obvious indicator that our group intellect already deserves a disaster, but for some reasons the arrival of this disaster is delayed by God, is that some of the constituent sub-intellects of our group intellect, and also some similar intellects from the neighbourhood, are been repeatedly plagued with various calamities and disasters. So if, for example, the neighbourly city is plagued by floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes etc., or some of the buildings of our own city are suddenly ruined, sink into the ground, burn in fires, floods, plague, etc., then it is the sign that also above our own heads already hangs a devastating disaster. So there is only a matter of time when it will strike us.

(4) Parasitic behaviours of people. Another group of indicators stems from human behaviours. In the group intellect dominated by parasitism, people behave differently than in a totaliztic intellect. I mean, almost all of them exhibit the characteristics of people that practice an advanced form of parasitism. (These characteristics are summarized on the web page Parasitism, while more fully described in volume 13 of monograph [1/5].) For example: people talk a lot and beautiful, but they do almost nothing (according to the proverbs "empty pots make a lot of noise" or "the most barren cow bells the most"); for carrying out even insignificant actions for years must be debated by governmental bodies, but the action still is not taken; what is said in there is the opposite of what people are doing; the form is dominant over the content; people are very cunning in there for the money; the prices there are rising rapidly while the real value of the local currency falls; almost no one and nothing keeps dates, timings, liabilities; everyone becomes hyper-sensitive and almost everything is treated as an offence etc.

(5) The visibility of reasons for which God suspended a cataclysm. Still another group of indicators results from the very reason for which God suspends the incoming cataclysm. The point is, that if there is such a reason, then God discreetly reveals it to those who search for the truth. For example, if this reason is e.g. the presence of these at least "10 righteous" in our city or in our group intellect, as this is the case in many large Polish cities, as well as around the New Zealand's township of Petone, in which I live, then these "righteous" actually can be recognized in the crowd and be counted, whether really there are 10, or even more, of them. In turn, if the reason is e.g. the large "intensity of flow of teaching information", then our city or town is famous in the entire area, and sometimes in the entire world, for what it does - just like in every possible area now is famous the USA or England.

If on the basis of indicators available for us, we discover that our "group intellect" (i.e. such as a place in which we live, or the institution in which we work), has a cataclysm already hanging over its head, then it is worth to start preparing for it. To descriptions as how to do it, is dedicated the entire this web page - that's why it's good to start from reading it. If I have to remind here what activities are the most important in these preparations, I would stress that they include (1) starting ourselves to practice the Philosophy of Totalizm and (2) starting to persuade others to initiate an official implementation in the public education and in the everyday life findings of the "science totaliztic", especially findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.

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