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The use of moral mechanisms for prevention of cataclysmic earthquakes

Part #J: The suspending of the arrival of earthquakes (and all other cataclysms) through "funding a stipend for an 'active totalizt' ":

#J1. What actually is this "stipend for an active totalizt" and why it has the power to "suspend a cataclysm":

An "active totalizt" is a totalizt who NOT only practices himself or herself the aware version of the philosophy of Totalizm, but who also "fights actively" with immorality of other people on every manner which is available to him or her - and thus who becomes widely known from his or her morally righteous activities and from his or her fight with immorality carried out exclusively with "morally correct methods". In this way an "active totalizt" eliminates for himself consequences of the "passiveness towards immoral behaviours of other people" - described, amongst others, in item #B4. of the web page named Parasitism. Thus, in connection with own exclusively moral behaviour, such an active totalizt starts to fulfil the biblical definition of so-called "righteous". Furthermore, he or she attracts positive thoughts of other totaliztically acting people - thus forming the effect of "delegating" described in item #I3.1. of the web page named Day 26.

In the light of the above, a "stipend for an active totalizt" boils down to inviting such an "active totalizt" to live at cost a given city or settlement, amongst people who feel endangered by a cataclysm - as, amongst others, in item #P5.1. of this web page I offered this to inhabitants of the city of Christchurch in New Zealand. After all, his or her living amongst this community, is to release the action of a number of different moral mechanisms, the combined outcome of which are to cause that the arrival of a cataclysm to this community would be suspended by God.

There is a whole array of moral mechanisms in action, the combined action of which would cause, that the place of living of such a morally active, aware totalizt, starts to be protected from cataclysms. To the most strongly acting amongst these mechanisms belong:

(1) A kind of "penitence" and "humbleness" which a community or a city must induce in itself and display to others, when at its own cost it is to invite such an active totalizt for living amongst this community. In turn - as this is explained in item #A2. on this web page, the demonstration to God of such a "penitence" and humbleness", is one amongst most vital conditions required by God for "forgiving" a given community its past "sins".

(2) The protective action of "10 righteous" described in previous item #I1. If even a single "active totalizt" starts to live in a given city or community, then his or her morally active performance is to cause, that soon around him or her a further number of people is to assemble, who with the elapse of time are to also fulfil the requirements of so-called "righteous". In turn, when the number of such "righteous" exceeds 10, then the quantitative condition of God is fulfilled, and a given area is protected from cataclysms.

(3) Good-wishing "delegated" at a distance by other totalizts, the gift of "protection" against cataclysms. As this is explained in item #I3.1. on the web page named Day 26, various premises suggest already, that if a given "active totalizt" is widely known amongst other people practicing the formal version of the philosophy of totalizm, then these other totalizts send to him or her thoughts of "protective wishes". In this way, together they fulfil the requirements from verse of 18:19 in the Biblical "Evangel of St. Matthew", quote:

"whenever two of you on earth agree about anything you pray for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven".

In the result, just a single widely known totalizt, supported with unanimous thought wishes of many other totalizts known to him, gains the power to represent several amongst these required "10 righteous". So even if initially in his or her place of living there are NOT yet all these "10 righteous", such a "delegating" of "protective thoughts and wishes" by other totalizts, is going to protect this area from cataclysms equally well as if there actually lived all these at least "10 righteous". It is worth to add, that this - based on another promise of God, gift of "delegating", for sure works in healing - for descriptions of it see item #F5. on the web page named Healing.

Thus almost for sure it also works in the protection from cataclysms. Furthermore, surprising changes in "weather anomalies" which are noted in the New Zealand town of Petone (a suburb of Wellington) and which are described in (12) from item #I3. on the web page named Day 26, also probably are one amongst consequences of the remote "delegating" of good thoughts and wishes described here.

(4) Unleashing the action of energy of "positive thinking". One amongst most vital findings of the "totaliztic science" is this described in item #A2.2. from the web page named Totalizm. This finding could be summarised in one sentence, that "God always gives to people in whatever receiving they strongly believe. A negative example of the work of this principle of God, is the phenomenon usually called "self-fulfilling prophecies". For example, if someone deeply believes that is going to get sick and die on cancer, then in fact this someone is getting sick and dies of cancer. In turn if someone deeply believes that is going to have a specific kind of accident, e.g. is to drown, then this person really is going to have this particular accident.

But the same principle is also used by God for positive consequences. Most frequently it is then called the "positive thinking". Best examples of the positive action of this principle, are various believes of Chinese. As an example consider the deep belief of Chinese, that "if in a given family is born someone crippled physically or mentally, while the family provides this handicapped person with the love and care required to assure his decent life and development, then God rewards this family by sending prosperity to it". This deep belief truly fulfils itself for all Chinese families who deeply believe in it. But it does NOT fulfil itself to European families which do NOT know such a belief, and thus which do NOT believe that a "decent care over a crippled person brings prosperity". Or consider another example of Chinese belief in so-called "chi energy" and in "Feng Shui" - for more details on this topic see e.g. items #B1.and #B6. from the web page named Wszewilki tomorrow. Namely, many Chinese believe deeply, that if they place in the window of their shop e.g. a "cat which waves its paw", then this cat is going to call many new customers for them. And in fact this is what really happens. Or they believe that if they place at the entrance to their bank or business two carvings of a mythological animal, then this bank or business is going to generate huge profits. And this is what actually is happening. Such an energy of "positive thinking" also works in case of holding back the arrival of an earthquake (or any other cataclysm) by a single "active totalizt".

After all, the invitation to live amongst a given community must be issued to an "active totalizt" in an open ("ceremonial") manner, that is to be known by every member of this community - for details see item #G2. from the web page Plague. This in turn causes, that after his arrival, the majority of inhabitants of a given city of settlement begin to believe, that this active totalizt living amongst them really is going to stop the arrival of further cataclysms. Thus, their "positive thinking" adds its energy to other moral mechanisms which action this totalizt is to trigger, and which in total are causing, that the arrival of further cataclysms is really halted at the moment of his arrival to a given city or community.

(5) The public invitation of an "active totalizt" to start living in the midst of a given community at the cost of that community, requires making a decision which runs "uphill in the moral field" (means which is absolutely correct morally) - as this is explained in items #A2.1., #H2. and #C1. from the web page named Totalizm.

In turn making such "morally correct" decision requires a drastic departure from the previous principle of making exclusively "immoral" decisions which always run "downhill in the moral field", which exclusively immoral decisions are always being taken by decision-makers, politicians, and some representatives of communities endangered by cataclysms. Of course, seeing such a "first step" of a given community towards departure form the tradition of taking exclusively "immoral" decisions, and seeing that this community already started the making decisions which are morally correct (i.e. decisions which run opposite to the "line of the least intellectual resistance"), God is going to support efforts of a given community to change ways on which it operates, and He is going to grant this community the suspension of further cataclysms until the time when the moral state of this community clarifies further (so that God knows whether this moral direction of action becomes permanent). After all, God sends cataclysms just to force given communities just to abandon their previous practices of doing exclusively what is immoral, easy, convenient, etc., and therefore what runs "along the line of the least resistance" and thus what pushes a given community "downhill in the moral field".

A detailed proposal of the "funding a stipend for an active totalizt" is presented in item #P5.1. below on this web page. The formulation of this proposal is adopted from item #C5.1. of the web page named Seismograph.

#J2. Out of all methods of cataclysms' prevention, the "funding a stipend for an active totalizt" is the most easy for implementing, most inexpensive, and provides fastest outcomes - thus it allows to temporary "buy more time" in order to implement later some more permanent method of defence:

The "funding a stipend for an active totalizt" does NOT require a change in philosophy and behaviour of the entire given community - as this is required e.g. for the method from item #H1. of this web page. A decision in this matter can also be taken by practically any person who has the required funds, influence, or power. Thus, such a stipend represents a method practically most easy for a fast implementation - as this may be required when e.g. some cataclysms already "hangs over heads" of a given community.

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