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The use of moral mechanisms for prevention of cataclysmic earthquakes

Part #I: The established due to research of the new "totaliztic science" a direct relationship between cataclysmic earthquakes and the level of "immorality" of people that live in areas destroyed by these earthquakes:

#I1, blog #237E. Who are these "righteous", as well as "what" and "where" God has promised to communities which e.g. host at least "10 righteous" living in their midst:

Motto: "The inhabiting of at least 10 especially moral people in a given human settlement drastically changes the features and atmosphere of this settlement - this is why God rewards communities which host such '10 righteous'."

In the majority of English-language Bibles the name "righteous" has a strictly defined meaning, which briefly can be expressed as: "righteous" is a person who in his/her daily lives pedantically fulfills each of the requirements, orders, laws, and commandments of God, and thus who belongs to the group of these exceptionally few people who will be allowed to enter the "kingdom of heaven" - see verse 20 from Psalm 118 in Bible: "This is the gate of the Lord, only the righteous will pass through it." My Philosophy of Totalizm managed to deduce and indicate to us a kind of test, which is able to show whether in a given period of time a given person in his/her actions meets the definition of the biblical "righteous". This test results from the requirements of the so-called "moral work" which by definition depends on obeying all commandments and requirements of God, in order to be able to generate the amount of so-called "moral energy" which is sufficient for the appearance of the phenomenon of miraculous happines of Nirvana.

This "moral work" that fulfills commands of the Bible is described in items #D1. to #D3. and #C6. from my web page named Nirvana. Thus, learning these requirements for obtaining the "nirvana", allows us to state that every person who experiences the earned nirvana for a long period of time, during the period of time of experiencing it, fulfilled all requirements imposed by God onto the "biblical righteous". However, it needs to be emphasized here, that the periodical fulfillment of requirements of a "righteous person" which allowed someone to earn nirvana, does NOT mean that such someone is a "biblical righteous person" forever. After all, for example, after this time of experiencing nirvana, someone may commit a murder - which God does NOT forgive, and thus which disqualifies him/her as a candidate for a "righteous". Thus, only the person who experienced the "earned nirvana" for a longer period of time, knows enough about his or her own behaviour to know whether the requirements of God which he/she fulfilled during experiencing his or her nirvana are also fulfilled when for some reasons his/her nirvana already disappeared, and thus whether in the eyes of God most probably is still seen as "righteous", or in the meantime has neglected to fulfill some commandments and requirements of God.

Therefore, in the light of above one needs to be a very dedicated to God and extremely moral person, to deserve to be called by the name "righteous". So, if someone asked me about the definition of a "righteous" person - in the understanding of this name presented in the Bible, then I would provide the following my understanding of this terminology: a person which in the Bible is described under the name of "righteous", is a pedantically moral individual, who in his (or in her) everyday life fulfils all the commandments and all the requirements that are imposed onto the people by God and are described in holy books which God inspired (e.g. in the Christian Bible), as well as are ordered to be fulfilled by the organ of conscience which every person has and which continually notifies that person what God requires from him or from her to be done in a given situation. In other words, "righteous" is a Totalizt who consistently and continually fulfils the principle of totaliztic life which states pedantically obey all moral laws.

It is worth to notice here, that since all moral obligations and requirements imposed by God onto people (which in the Bible [1#I1] are called the "Law"), are also constantly suggested to each person by his or her organ of conscience, this definition of a "righteous" can also be met by persons who profess different religions than Christianity. (Although the fulfilment of this definition is most easy in Christianity, because in it the "Law" was clearly outlined in writing and explained in the Bible - it is because of this dissemination of the Low in such written form, God currently promotes Christianity and Bibles in practically the entire world.) Text of the Bible confirms the fact of prompting to us the God's requirements (i.e. the Law) by the organ of our conscience, and the possibility resulting from this prompting, that similarly like Christian "righteous", also followers of religions other than Christianity may as well be judged by God to heaven - if they only listen to their voice of conscience and they do whatever the conscience orders them to do. For example, in verses 2:14-16 from the Biblical "Letter to Romans" is stated - quote from [1#I1]:
"The Gentiles do not have the Law, but whenever they do by instinct what the Law commands, they are their own law, even though they do not have the Law. Their conduct shows that what the Law commands is written in their hearts. Their consciences also show that this is true, since their thoughts sometimes accuse them and sometimes defend them. And so, according to the Good News I preach, this is how it will be on that Day when God through Jesus Christ will judge the secret thoughts of all."
Also, according to God's principle described in item #L3. from the web page Soul proof, stating that every most important information is coded in the Bible in at least three places (but each time with different words), the above information, that every person from the world is to be judged by God according to the agreement of its actions with the Law prompted to it by the organ of conscience (but NOT according to the religion which this person practices, nor position which it performs), is also coded with different words, in e.g. verse 4:17 from biblical "Letter of St. James", and in e.g. the prophecy from verse 13:6 in the biblical "Book of Zechariah". In fact, it stems from my experience gathered during travels "for bread" around the world, that out of all the countries where I had the opportunity to spend some period of time, the highest density of "righteous" persons had (and probably still have until now) two countries from the Far East, in which Christianity is NOT the dominant religion, namely in 2007 had the Korea (predominantly confessing to Buddhism), while in years 1996 to 1998 had the Malaysian province of Sarawak on the tropical island of Borneo (officially confessing to the Muslim religion - but practically having a mixture of almost all basic religions).

By contrast, in countries with a predominantly European population, in which traditionally dominated Christianity, the number of "righteous" persons is rapidly declining recently, and in the first decade of the twenty-first century it has become close to that from the most corrupt countries of Africa. Thus, summarising this situation jokingly, it may happen, that the official language in heaven will NOT be English, but e.g. Korean.

Unfortunately, nowadays the use of Biblical name "righteous" no longer defines what it supposed to mean. After all, today this name can also describe a rich atheist, who when giving an amount of "pocket money" to his spoiled son - because this son is going to a "party", also gives without even being asked an equal amount of money to his daughter (notice here that a "rich atheist ", as well as the person giving "pocket money" to his or her children which have NOT yet earned any amount, according to the Bible constitute a denial of "righteous"). This is why in publications that I authorize I introduced the name "soldier of God" defined more comprehensively in item #B1.1. from the web page named Antichrist.

The name "soldiers of God" more thoroughly defines the characteristics of persons, who in English-language Bibles are most frequently called "righteous" - therefore this name can be used in place of the name "righteous". In addition, due to its origin and characteristics, the name "soldiers of God" does NOT imply, that persons named with it must adhere to the Christian religion - after all, the definitional requirement imposed onto the "soldiers of God" is that all of them must fulfil every single obligation and requirement of God (e.g. whispered to them through their organ of conscience), NOT just obey directives and requirements of a given version of the Christian religion.

I should also add here, that the next (higher) related state after being "righteous", is to "personally experience the totaliztic nirvana". In fact, I believe also that it is impossible to achieve a state of totaliztic nirvana, if previously one did NOT achieved already the state of such a "righteous". Expressing this in other words, all those persons who are experiencing the state of totaliztic nirvana, much earlier already reached also a state of "righteous". But in contrast to "nirvana", the state of "righteous" can be achieved in every situation and in every community (society) - even in these the most immoral ones and with the lowest level of moral energy. This is because it does NOT depend on the condition, situation, or the level of moral energy, of the people who surround such a "righteous". For example, in New Zealand I know a number of people who currently fulfil the definition of "righteous", but since my return from the serene Borneo in 1998, I have NOT managed to locate in New Zealand even a single person currently experiencing the state of totaliztic nirvana (the only person in the state of totaliztic nirvana I met in New Zealand in 1987 - see item #B3. from the web page named Nirvana).

Moreover, in spite of my knowledge about nirvana, I myself am NOT able to achieve the state of nirvana in New Zealand - despite, that such a state of totaliztic nirvana I attained and kept up for many months in that province of Sarawak from the tropical island of Borneo.

As the condition of "righteous" lies just before the state of achieving the "totaliztic nirvana", one can speculate, that if these righteous are separated from ordinary people (i.e. from the ordinary "sinners"), who vampire on their "moral energy" and who under normal circumstances are preventing "righteous" from achieving the state of "totaliztic nirvana", then in such a highly moral community composed exclusively of "righteous" persons, all the participants would immediately reach, and maintain, the continuous state of "totaliztic nirvana". This, combined with the mechanism of obtaining of the so-called "everlasting happiness" described in item #H2. from the web page named Immortality, explains why in the "kingdom of heaven" described near the end of this item, the people invited to it will experience the state of continuous happiness, and also explains why to this "kingdom of heaven" from the "flying city" of Jesus (i.e. to "New Jerusalem") will be invited exclusively those people who in their prior physical life already reached the state of "righteous".

All the "righteous" persons enjoy a particular respect of God. As a reward for their dedicated service to God, God rewards them lavishly in a number of ways. For example, in case of individual "righteous" persons, God typically meets almost every request contained in their prayers. Of course, the most important reward for individual "righteous" persons is the one already mentioned before, namely that each of these "righteous" people has the promise from God described in the Bible, that after the "end of the world" (see item #N1.) and after the so-called "Final Judgment" he or she will receive a new immortal body, and will be included into the group of those rare people who, under the leadership of Jesus Himself, will live for 1,000 years in the flying city of happiness and pleasures, that in the Bible is called "New Jerusalem" - see descriptions of this flying city provided in item #J3. from the web page named Malbork. (It is worth to emphasise here, that God fulfils every His promise.) God lavishly rewards also entire communities, in the midst of which resides an increased number of people who fulfil the Biblical definition of "righteous". For example, everyone can notice this for himself or herself, that a small country such as the Korea, in which I personally noticed in 2007 the highest (known to me) "density" of the "righteous" people, already now slowly becomes the world's industrial superpower. In turn, as I explained this in item #H1 from the web page named Military Magnocraft and in item #H1. from the web page named Prophecies, God probably has even a greater plans in relation to this small country with especially moral population.

Another example of a group rewarding of communities in the midst of which lives many "righteous" individuals, is that for example, if in any human settlement lives at least 10 of these "righteous" persons, then God promises in the Bible, that this town or city is not going to be destroyed by any cataclysm send by God - the actual observance by God of this promise I documented scientifically in items #I3. to #I5. from the web page named Petone.

However, I should add here, that the residing in a town or a city of these at least 10 "righteous" does NOT protect it from disasters and calamities brought in by people - i.e. the promise of God applies only to natural disasters send by God, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, rains, flooding, cold, heat, drought, etc. However, the calamities and disasters caused by people themselves, such as air pollutions, smokes, poisoning of the water and the natural environment, noises, crimes, hooliganism, shootings, terrorisms, arsons (fires), bureaucracy, high prices, unemployment, poverty etc., still are to plague those places even when 10 or more "righteous" individuals are living in there - as I described this for the New Zealand township named Petone.

For sources of this God's promise, that He does NOT destroy a town or a city in which lives at least "10 righteous" - see the Bible, "Book of Genesis", verses 18:23-32. This promise from God is also discussed in item #N1. of this web page, and also in a number of other totaliztic web pages, e.g. in item #G2. of the web page named Day 26 or in item #B4.3. of the web page named Możajski.

An interesting fact that I noticed about these "righteous" ("soldiers of God"), is that if in (or near of) any town or city lives at least 10 of them, then in that place prevails a completely different atmosphere and climate than in localities which do NOT have such a numbers of them - what I am trying to emphasize e.g. in item #I4. from the web page named Day 26. If I tried to describe that atmosphere and climate, then I would state that one can perceive it as a kind of the emanation of "warmth", "sincerity" and "friendliness". In fact, since once someone experiences that feeling, then probably only on the basis of it should be able to recognize the city or town which host these required at least "10 righteous". For example, in New Zealand, the same kind of "warmth" which in the township of Petone I started to notice since 2010, in years 1984 till 1987 I noticed to be emanated in the city of Invercargill. Thus, although I really do not know whether in Invercargill lived then these required at least "10 righteous", just on the basis of the emanation of that "warmth", as well as due to the noticing that, like now Petone, also Invercargill was then omitted by all cataclysms send by God, I suspect that YES. Moreover, in the towns and cities inhabited by these at least "10 righteous", although human-induced "evil" still does happen in there, their people focus mainly on speaking, taking notice, and listening to about "good" - as I remember that used to do people from the totaliztic Village of Cielcza.

Thus, they do the opposite to the inhabitants of towns and cities in which there are no these required "10 righteous", and thus the population of which not only that does evil, but it also primarily speaks, admires, and listens about the "evil" (i.e. it ignores talking about, seeking, and listening mainly to representations of "good"). One could therefore argue, that a symbolic "coat of arms" for towns and cities having their "10 righteous" are those Buddhist "three wise monkeys" (i.e. the Buddhist "four wise monkeys" orphaned from the most important one and described in item #B1.1. from the web page named Antichrist) - an abundance of statues of which (monkeys) are offered to tourists in markets of the Far East. Out of these "three wise monkeys", one clogs the mouth with its paws, another covers its eyes with them, the third one clogs the ears with own paws. These three monkeys symbolically express the remaining parts of the old Buddhist commandments which were deprived by Japanese of their most important part (i.e. thus which by present times endured a significant distortion), and which originally used to state: "do NO evil, speak NO evil, see NO evil, hear NO evil". (These commandments originate from God and initially were disseminated by the Buddhist religion, while later also by the philosophy of Confucius.) These shortened God's commandments (i.e. deprived of their most important part and thus distorted due to the passage of time and due of the action of human imperfections), in the most moral manner can now be interpreted as if they try to recommend to us: "although other people do evil, you yourself do NOT repeat evil, do NOT admire evil, do NOT listen to evil" (which message is also expressed shortly by the famous English proverb: "speak NO evil, see NO evil, hear NO evil").

As a child, I was in a highly advantageous situation, because my grandfather was just one of those "righteous". Several references to that my grandfather (the "righteous" one), are contained in my web page named Cielcza - which describes the totaliztic village called Cielcza, means a village that during the days of my grandfather certainly had its at least "10 righteous" (although at that time I was NOT aware of this fact, nor I did know them personally). It so happens, that every "righteous" person NOT only behaves and speaks in a rather unique way, which can be described by the words "warm", "delicate", "nice", "sincere", "understanding", "friendly", "helpful", etc.; but also from such a "righteous" person emanates a clearly perceived kind of a warmth and a love of your neighbour - very similar to the warmth and love that are also emanated from the people in the state of totaliztic nirvana (only that this emanation is NOT as strong as for the nirvana). Therefore, this advantageous for me fact, that my grandfather used to have the characteristics of a "righteous" person, taught me how to quickly distinguish between "righteous" people, and any other ones. As a result, today I believe that I can recognize a "righteous" person already after the exchange of just a few sentences with him or her.

To become a "righteous" person requires that on the daily basis it is necessary to do everything that God commands us, and that God expects from us. In turn, the knowledge as to what and how we should do for that purpose, is constantly prompted to us by our organ of "conscience" - described more comprehensively e.g. in item #C3.2 from the totaliztic web page named Morality. In addition, almost the entire Bible is devoted to a precise description of God's commandments and requirements. One of the more general such biblical lists of those commandments and requirements, is contained in verse 18:5-9 from the Biblical "Book of Ezekiel" - I quote them here from [1#I1]:

"Suppose there is a truly good man, righteous and honest. He doesn't worshipthe idols of the Israelites or eat the sacrifices offered at forbidden shrines. He doesn't seduce another man's wife or have intercourse with a woman during her period. He doesn't cheat or rob anyone. He returns what a borrower gives him as security; he feeds the hungry and gives clothing to the naked. He doesn't lend money for profit. He refuses to do evil and gives an honest decision in any dispute. Such a man obeys my commands and carefully keeps my laws. He is righteous, and he will live," says the Sovereign Lord.

It is worth to notice here, that the Bible further clarifies each of these requirements and orders - as an example of such a clarification, consider the so-called. "10 Commandments" of God, the observance of which is briefly highlighted above with the words "obeys my commands", however the full content of which 10 Commandments is thoroughly explained in a number of verses 20:3-17 from the Biblical "Exodus", while briefly summarised, amongst others, in verse 10:19 from "Mark" (notice, that the Bible utilises the principle that each vital information is repeated in it at least three times).

In many places of the Bible are repeated warnings that after the "end of the world" and after the so-called "Final Judgment", for the eternal life in the physical "kingdom of heaven" only the "righteous" people are to be admitted to live with Jesus. In other words, according to the Bible (and contrary to the reassuring claims of many of today's religions and priests), in order to get to heaven, it is NOT enough to go to a church one time in a week, while the rest of the days to continue the usual daily hurting, cheating, lying, satisfying own desires, etc. - hoping that the claims of priests are true, and that good God sill forgives all sins. In fact, to get into the "kingdom of heaven", according to the Bible it is necessary to continually and on a daily basis act as it is required to achieve the state of this biblical "righteous" person. However, due to the large number of God's requirements and commandments that one needs to fulfil in the daily life to be classified as a "righteous", only very few people are able to achieve this state of a "righteous" person. In fact, in item #C4. from the web page named Immortality, I tried to estimate what is the "density" of these "righteous" among the human population which have lived or are living now on the Earth. (I mean, I tried to estimate quantitatively what proportion of the to-date population of the Earth has a chance to get into the "kingdom of heaven".) After all, we know approximately how many people have been born on the Earth so-far. In turn, from records in verse 21:10-23 of the Biblical "Revelation" (discussed also in item #J3. from the web page named Malbork), we know already that all these "righteous" are to accompany Jesus in His "kingdom of heaven" and will fit inside of a single four-propulsor Magnocraft type T12 - the dimensions of which we know today. Since we already know approximately how many cubic meters of the interior of this starship is required to maintain a comfortable life of each of these "righteous", now it is possible to approximately estimate to how many "righteous" people God ultimately intends to give the immortal body and the eternal life. As it seems to stem from such my estimates, on average for every million of people who live, or have lived on the Earth, accrue a maximum of four people who fulfil the Biblical definition of "righteous". Approximately a similar "density" of "righteous" ultimately selected for the salvation, seems to also confirm verse 14:3 from Biblical "Revelation" - which can be interpreted that the saved will be only "one hundred forty-four thousand" (i.e. 144 000) of these "righteous" people. (Notice here, that in order to reassure us about the correctness of the most relevant information, the Bible applies the principle of repetition of this information in as many as three different its places.) In turn, such a small concentration of "righteous" among the world's population, coupled with warnings from the Bible, that practically only they will be saved, could mean that after the "end of the world", to the eternal life in the "kingdom of heaven", the resurrected will be on average, only one person in at least every 250,000 people previously living on the Earth. Regrettably, all the rest of people may only be resurrected so that after the "Final Judgment" they will be burned permanently - I do hope that I'm wrong in these estimates and may God show us mercy.

Immediately after the completion of above estimates, I was overwhelmed by a fear. After all, according to these results, paraphrasing the verse 10:25 from the Biblical "Gospel of Saint Mark" - it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a today's typical television worshiper is to enter the "kingdom of heaven". This is because if I'm not mistaken in these estimates, then for example, from all of today's Poland to the "kingdom of heaven" may get much less people than just after the world's war two lived in my native village Wszewilki - and at that time we all thought that our Wszewilki is one of the smallest villages. On the other hand, for example in the entire present-day New Zealand is almost twice as many politicians employed in positions of "ministers" and receiving ministerial salaries, than the number of people of this country that statistically have chances to deserve getting into the "kingdom of heaven". However, if we consider the matter objectively and on logic, then it turns out, that this estimate resulting from the descriptions in the Bible, may turn to be rational and legitimate. After all, the majority of people are highly imperfect creatures, who sabotage every God's effort of upbringing them into better people, who refuse the perfecting themselves and their characters, and who stubbornly stick to their imperfections. In turn, if such creatures stubbornly persisting in imperfections God allows to the future "kingdom of heaven", and gives to them immortal bodies, then even God is NOT able to prevent transforming that kingdom into a place of "everlasting hell" described in item #H3. from the web page named Immortality.

Therefore, in the interest of God lies allowing to the "kingdom of heaven" only these people, who in present physical lives already have proven their will for a constant perfecting of their character, and showed a pedantic obedience of God - means allowing into the "kingdom of heaven" just only persons who fulfil the definition of "righteous". This is because only such a rigid criterion of entry to heaven is to assure, that the "kingdom of heaven" is NOT becoming a place of tears, misery, envy, intrigues, jealousy, strife, etc. - means is NOT the place like now is Earth. After the "sifting" of the "sinners" from "righteous" people, God is to be left only with persons of a high moral quality, which in the other world and life, will be characterized by the following features, which they accomplished in their earlier life on the Earth:
1. The recognition of the authority of God and a deep love for God. After the "sifting" of all of today's sceptics, sinners, rebellious unbelievers, etc., the remaining "righteous", who already proved in their previous lives the appreciation for God's absolute authority, wisdom, justice, etc., are NOT going to question the right of Jesus to give commands, to govern, to impose requirements, etc. (as that would be done by many random people or even many followers of Christianity) but they just are to meticulously do whatever Jesus orders them to do.
2. The love and deep respect for all the other "neighbours". This in turn is to result in a high harmony, pleasure, courtesy, tact, etc., in mutual co-existence of people in this "kingdom of heaven".
3. The complete elimination of thoughts, feelings, behaviours and actions, which God has defined as sins and prohibited them in the Bible. This in turn means, that in the "kingdom of heaven", no-one is to be offended, abused, maltreated, etc., by anyone else.
4. The voluntary discipline and obedience to God. After all, these result directly from a voluntary but still pedantic compliance by these "righteous" with all the requirements and orders imposed on the people by God.
5. The submission of the faithful service to God over the care of own affairs, businesses, body, pleasures etc.This in turn is to turn these "righteous" into excellent "Soldiers of God" who with enthusiasm undergo the required training and fulfilling of their service duties which result from their role described in item #B1.1. from the web page named Antichrist.
6. The contribution of human ideas, solutions, and human points of view, to every problem being solved by God. Although God knows practically everything, still for the most proper functioning He requires the so-called "feedback loop", that is information that show Him things from a human point of view, which suggest to Him the human opinions and ideas on solutions to every problem, etc. Therefore, close cooperation between God and the inhabitants of the "kingdom of heaven" is to constantly supply this "feedback loop".
7. The continuous maintenance of the state of totaliztic nirvana. This in turn is to ensure that in the "kingdom of heaven" shall always rule the everlasting happiness, harmony and satisfaction with life - as described in item #H2. from the web page Immortality and in items #B4., #E1. and #G1. from the web page Nirvana.

These features, which are to dominate among the "righteous" people that are to become residents of that future "kingdom of heaven", cause that all interested parties are to benefit in whichever way is most vital for a given party. For example, God obtains an army of devoted soldiers who will stand behind Him like an impassable wall, and who voluntarily, unconditionally, meticulously and intelligently will fulfil every divine wish and intention. In turn, for the people who live in this "kingdom of heaven" finally is to fulfil the promise of God described in verse 21:4 of the Biblical "Revelation" - quote from [1#I1] the "Good News Bible" (Thomas Nelson Publishers, New York, 1976, ISBN 0-647-16257-1):

"He will wipe away all tears from their eyes. There will be no more death, no more grief, or crying or pain. The old things have disappeared."

#I2. A simple way on which larger communities are capable to stop the arrival of murderous earthquakes and other cataclysms due to inviting "10 righteous" to live amongst them:

From God's promise described above in item #I1. stems a highly effective manner of saving a given community or a given city from a cataclysm. It boils down to making sure that amongst a given community or in a given city lives and acts at least "ten righteous" people, about which clearly reassures us the abovementioned verse 18:32 from the Biblical "Book of Genesis". Through giving to us such a reassurance in the Bible, God clearly lets us know that people living "righteously" (means accordingly to commands from their own conscience) are under a special God's protection. (But we must distinguish real "righteous" people from various false "devotees", or even from priests with parasitic inclinations.) Thus, every community and every city should be very interested in settling amongst its citizens just such holy people so that they live in it. After all, if in a given community lives 10 or more such "righteous" people, then this community will NOT be affected by a murderous catastrophe. (But if there lives less than 10 of them, then the catastrophe still can arrive, as God is to cause that these people for some reasons will leave the area for the time of the catastrophe, or that consequences of the catastrophe will selectively omit them.) What even more interesting, God not only gives to us this promise, but He also continually illustrates in real life that He keeps this promise. As examples let us consider the city Rome and the country India.

In Rome lives Pope and his cardinals. So in spite that Italy has volcanoes and is frequently shaken by earthquakes and other disasters, and also in spite that many normal inhabitants of Roma is very far from "moral behaviour", Rome always is left without a major destruction. Similarly is with the country India which inhabitants are far from being angels. But amongst people in India lives a lot of "righteous" mystics who behave like saints. After all, in present times only in India still can be found mystics of the kind of someone named Prahlad Jani from Ahmedabad, about extraordinary abilities of whom informed us shocked newspapers - e.g. see the article "Mystic who lives on air staggers docs" from page A15 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Tuesday, May 11, 2010). It turns out that in order to live, this mystic does NOT need food nor water - but just lives on air. Doctors who did NOT believe in his capabilities subjected him to a strict test to check whether he really will live without food and water. For this purpose they locked him for 15 days in the hospital from Ahmedabad, continually surrounding him with 30 doctors, repetitively checking the reaction of his organism, and all the time recording every his movement with television cameras. It turned out, that during these 15 days he truly lived, behaved, and reacted normally, eating and drinking nothing and not going to a toilet. This test completely staggered the conventional medical knowledge of present times.

No wonder that having such holy men, apart from a small number of small areas which are avoided by these mystics, India as a whole is NOT destroyed by catastrophes. But located near the border with India areas of neighbourly countries, e.g. Pakistan, Sri Lanka, or Bangladesh, are troubled by frequent catastrophes. Explanation - in these other countries there is a lack of such at least "ten righteous" mystics that would co-habit in given communities with normal humans prone to influences of parasitism.

Another area on the Earth which I personally verified that in the vicinity of it in fact do live the required number of "10 righteous", is the area of Petone from New Zealand (in which place, amongst others, I also live). As I am reporting this comprehensively in items #I3. to #I5. from the web page named Petone, and in items #I1. to #I4. of the web page named Day 26 - that township of Petone also is carefully omitted by natural disasters, even when these disasters trouble nearby human settlements.

#I3. Which scientific evidence we have in our disposal, which confirms that hosting at least "10 righteous" by a given community actually does stop the arrival of cataclysms:

For the required evidence see items #I3. to #I5. from the web page named Petone, or items #I3. and #I5. from the web page named Day 26.

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