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The use of moral mechanisms for prevention of cataclysmic earthquakes

Part #H: The prevention of earthquakes and other cataclysms due to elimination of reasons for which these cataclysms are to be send - means due to the change of philosophy:

#H1. A simple way on which larger communities are capable to stop the arrival of murderous earthquakes and other cataclysms by changing their philosophy and behaviours::

The principle of our self-defence against earthquakes and against all other cataclysms is very simple. It is enough that communities living in given areas (i.e. local so-called "group intellects") permanently eliminate reasons for which God is forced to "correct the morality of these group intellects" to and "punish" them through sending such cataclysms. Such a "permanent elimination of reasons" is already accomplished when a given community, considered as a whole, changes its morality, philosophy, attitudes, etc., onto these "correct ones - because required by God", means when a given community e.g. begins to voluntarily practice either what God commands in the content of the Bible, or what in a more modern manner is recommended to everyone by the moral philosophy called Totalizm. (E.g. when every member of this community in its actions and behaviours begins to practice at least a so-called "intuitive totalizm" - which boils down to listening and implementing "whispers" of own organ of "conscience".)

One amongst most illustrative evidence, that undertaking practicing of this "correct kind of morality" (i.e. the morality commanded to people by God) eliminates cataclysms, can be the verifiable to everyone fact that areas on which the population practices a version of philosophy of totalizm are omitted by all cataclysms - e.g. see items #I3. and #I5. from the web page named Day 26. All possible catastrophes hit only these areas, the population of which practices the reversal of totalizm, means the immoral philosophy called Parasitism - e.g. consider what happens in Pakistan, Haiti, or Somalia. A similar evidence is also provided by historic analyses. Namely, the intensification of all possible cataclysms takes place in times when the humanity intensifies its immorality (e.g. consider medieval times, and also consider present time - as this is described more thoroughly item #G2. from the web page named Plague).

In the light of the above, a simple method of permanent elimination of earthquakes and other cataclysms described here, boils down to making sure that all members of a given community practice in their everyday life some form of the philosophy of totalizm. In turn how practically undertake this practicing, and what requirements and conditions need to be fulfilled for this purpose, are explained more comprehensively in item #G2. on the web page named Plague.

#H2. Additional benefits from the elimination of murderous earthquakes and other cataclysms through the change of philosophy being practiced:

Societies which practice a philosophy of totalizm will display also sufficiently open minds to accept, develop, and implement all new ideas. In turn such new ideas provide also atheistic justifications and capabilities which cause that catastrophes are going to omit them. In this way the practicing of totalizm will protect against catastrophes independently whether someone believes in God or not. For example, societies which practice totalizm already long ago would build a device described on this web page and called the "Zhang Heng seismograph". (But communities practicing a philosophy of parasitism would never be able to mobilise themselves to such a building, while if someone gave them this device for free, they would waste it anyway - in the same manner as ancient Israelis wasted in past the Ark of the Covenant which they received for free - see the Bible, while Mongols wasted the device described on this web page - see Img.541 (#F4) from the web page named Seismograph.)

In turn such a device would protect these communities from falling victims of earthquakes (and also other "natural" disasters) the approaching of which this device can detect remotely.

Between us, in recent times increasingly more areas on the Earth approaches the level of "agonal intellect". So it is sure, that the number of murderous catastrophes will fast increase in the nearest future. One can only wait when by a catastrophe is hit e.g. the area in which one lives, or are hit some other areas of the Earth - e.g. the country Somalia or the city London. After all, although from our imperfect (because human) point of view not always is visible what level of advancement of the philosophy of parasitism reached the population of subsequent areas of the Earth, still God has a perfect knowledge in that matter. Thus God knows exactly which community should next time be directed into a moral path with the use of a powerful catastrophe.

The wider explanation why the humanity is persecuted by God with earthquakes and with other disasters, provided from a slightly different point of view, is provided in item #J1. of the totaliztic web page named Newzealand visit.

#H3. Principles of predicting that a cataclysm is coming:

The reason for which it is worth to scientifically research the goals, manners of thinking, and principles of God's actions, is to acquire the capability of predicting "what soon is to happen". This is why, one amongst goals of newly being formulated "totaliztic science" (the one described in items #G1. and #F2. of this web page) is to learn gals, manners of thinking, and principles of God's actions, sufficiently well to be able to predict "what God is going to do in a given situation". In turn our knowledge what God is going to do, allows us to align better our actions and behaviours to God's requirements, and the same to lead more happy and more fulfilled lives. After all, in case of e.g. "cataclysms" described on this web page, such an exact getting to know God, allows us to predict whether a given community is going to be a next place where a cataclysm is going to hit soon, and thus also allows us to prepare ourselves to the incoming cataclysm - while sometimes even to undertake actions which would allow us to avoid it. Although God typically does NOT allow people to predict "when" a cataclysm is to hit (after all, the capability of making such predictions would give to specific people the status of "prophets" - while this status is too precious to be given just for this one capability), but God gives to people a chance to learn all signs that inform exactly "where" such a cataclysm is to hit soon.

Unfortunately, the way God thinks is difficult to investigate, because God thinks in a much different manner than people think. The to-date research carried out by the Philosophy of Totalizm reveal, that "God thinks at multiple levels simultaneously". It means, that otherwise than people do it, God acts and thinks in a way as it is done by present "multiprocessor computers" described in item #C6. of the web page named Truth.

Such a "multilevel" (or multiprocessor") thinking allows God to consider and to process parallel, in the same moment of time, a huge number of various influences, factors, acts, behaviours, limitations, promises, etc., etc. (In turn people "think at one level only" similarly like present "single-processor computers", means people always in a given moment of time do or consider just only a "single action", "one problem", "one reason", "single solution", "one explanation", "one way", "one outcome", etc.) Therefore, the decision of God whether a give area or community is to be hit by a cataclysm, is made by God through simultaneous considering a whole list of various factors. For this reason, our scientific prediction "where" a next cataclysm is to hit (means, our replying to the most vital question "whether the area in which we live is soon going to be destroyed by a cataclysm?") - is quite difficult, although is still possible. As so-far, the Philosophy of Totalizm managed to identify several vital factors, which God most clearly takes under consideration when He selects the place and the community which are to be hit with the "next" cataclysm. So let us list now most important amongst these factors:

(1) The "level of submerging" into the Philosophy of Parasitism - which is reflected by the number of "complains" that harmed outsiders announce about the inhabitants of a given area. This factor is the most vital one - this is why it is going to be discussed wider in next item #H4. After all, cataclysms hit only these cities and communities which already practice an advanced form of parasitic philosophy. In turn areas where this philosophy is NOT practiced, do NOT generate "complains" about locals, thus are NOT troubled by any cataclysms! Unfortunately, in present times the philosophy of parasitism is prevailing already in almost every country and in every community. So the only question which we still may ask, is whether the "level of submerging" into this immoral philosophy already reached the depth which is punished by God.
(2) The "intensity of the stream of information" teaching other cities or countries, means the "informative value" of manifestations of the Philosophy of Parasitism practiced in a given area. God created and maintains the humanity for a vital reason, namely to "increase the knowledge". (This "goal of creation and existence of the humanity" in the best way explain subsections A3. and A3.1. from volume 1 of my newest monograph [1/5], while briefly it is discussed in item #F3. from the web page Free will.)

In turn, as we know this from the analysis of cataclysms, if a community practices an "aggressive version of parasitism", which actively "persecutes" other parasitic communities, thus giving them a vital moral lessons, then God suspends the destruction of such parasitic community. This is because it introduces too significant "educational value" to our civilisation, to just be destroyed. After all, for God knowledge and education are major goals of all His actions. This is why, e.g. aggressively behaving Somalis are NOT affected by cataclysms - although their level of parasitic philosophy is deeper than e.g. the level in Haiti or in Japan. But Haiti and Japan "did NOT gave moral lessons" to other nations, thus their parasitism do NOT served to the progress of knowledge nor towards the educating of people. This is why in item #C7. of the web page named Seismograph (and also in items #B4. and #B1. of the web page named Parasitism) I am explaining, that it is immensely vital to be active in whatever we do, because the passiveness is punished by God the same as a "partnership in spreading evil". However, the practicing of an "aggressive version of parasitism" does NOT protect against cataclysm, but just delay the time when a cataclysm is served. This is because after some time diminishes the "intensity of a teaching stream of information" generated by a given parasitic community (i.e. the rest of the world is already sufficiently "educated" by it) - and this means that God ceases to have reasons to tolerate any further a given "parasitic educator". Thus, after such a diminishing of the "intensity of a teaching stream of information", God treats this community with a punishment which it deserved since a long time. Because this "suspending of cataclysm arrival" action of the "teaching stream of information" is extremely vital, it is going to be additionally discussed in sub-item #K1. from this web page.

(3) The protective against cataclysms presence of so-called "10 righteous". This presence is explained more thoroughly in several items of this web page, e.g. see items #I1 and #I2. or #P5.1. It is vital to be aware of the fact, that our "group intellect" (i.e. our country, our city, our village, our institution, our family, etc.) is already endangered by a cataclysm, only that the arrival of destruction is temporally hold back either by these "10 righteous" or by a significant "intensity of the stream of teaching information". After all, then we can prepare ourselves to the cataclysm, or even we can implement various prevention measures which are to remove the danger that a disaster is to come. Therefore, in sub-item #K2. below I am going to explain, which indicators are to inform us, that our group intellect was already selected by God for receiving a cataclysm - if it does NOT change its ways.

(4) The future. What is to happen to someone now, depends also on what this someone is going to do in the future - as this is explained more comprehensively on the entire web page God exists and in item #F1. of the web page named Yearbook. Although we people do NOT have an insight into the future yet, we still can roughly estimate it through an "extrapolation of general trends" which we see in a given community.

(5) The karma. These communities which have a "bad karma to pay", are hit much earlier by cataclysm than communities which do NOT have such a karma.

Of course, the above are just some amongst factors which are indicated by already analysed cataclysms, that God considers them in the selection of communities which will be punished next with cataclysms. But even after learning just these several above factors, if the "totaliztic science" learns how to assign some "quantitativeweights" to subsequent amongst them, then this should already allow to predict "who is next" and "whether the place where I live is already endangered". In order to understand the significance of such "quantitative weights", I would suggest to the reader to select several communities on the basis of this one, and next, items, and then try to predict which one amongst them is going to be first punished with a significant cataclysm.

Because two amongst the above factors, namely (1) the "level of submerging" into the philosophy of parasitism, and (2) the "intensity of the stream of teaching information", in typical cases exert the strongest influence on the arrival or suspension of cataclysms, they both will be discussed in more details in sub-items that are to follow.

#H4. What signs inform us that we live in the community which is close to the state of "agonal intellect" in its practicing the Philosophy of Parasitism (and thus close to a cataclysm):

I already explained this in items #I5. and #I6. from the totaliztic web page Tapanui, that in present times - in which power over the Earth holds the generation of "Midases in reverse", the philosophy of parasitism is fast spreading in practically every country of the world. Thus, there is no a slightest doubt that we all live in communities which since a long time are practicing the Philosophy of Parasitism.

The only doubt which we still can have, is whether the level of advancement of this philosophy in our community is already close to the state of "agonal intellect" - which for God is a sign to serve a cataclysm. Therefore, it is beneficial to learn several most characteristic marks of this "agonal intellect". Here they are:

1. Pride, haughtiness, arrogance etc. According to the Bible, the feature of the "intellects" which hides under these names, is the primary source and cause of the downfall of these intellect - see the Good News Bible, 1984, "Book of Proverbs", verse 16:18, quote:
"Pride leads to destruction, and arrogance to downfall".
Although a slight amount of this dangerous feature is present in practically every intellect, because every intellect likes to occasionally experience the prising and adulation from others, the destructive power of this feature is released when the level of pride and arrogance exceeds the specific threshold value. In turn, what is this threshold value, it can be learned through the analysis of these "group intellects", which has already been destroyed, or which destruction has already begun. For example, in the "Titanic" - means in the ship which owners and the crew with a pride considered to be "unsinkable", this feature revealed itself by the fact that it did not have enough lifeboats even though it had the fourth unneeded and unused chimney "for the decoration and to impress" (imagine how many lifeboats could be carried on the deck if this "ornamental" chimney is NOT built into it because of the pride), nor it slow down its run in the zone affected by icebergs.

In turn, for example, in New Orleans, this feature manifested itself by the local certainty that the hurricane Katrina has no chance to harm that city - as, amongst others, this is mentioned in item #S5 from this web page. In Christchurch, this feature manifested itself as explains this the web page linked below in item #P3. In turn, within the entire today's "atheistic orthodox science", the pride manifests itself, among others, through a complete ignoring of consequences of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity - in this number, for example, ignoring the outcomes of the author's research based on this concept and described in item #S2. from this web page etc.

Thus, in order to check whether a given group intellect has exceeded this threshold level of pride, it is worth, for example, to check whether it actually appreciates and treasures the work and the real achievements of others - or rather it is just preoccupied exclusively with praising itself, its own greatness and significance, and only its own achievements. Whether it displays a significant difference in attitude towards strong and rich in comparison to weak and poor. Is the form already dominant for it over the content, or the form is still serving the content. Can it see a merit in the criticism and complaints of others, or whatever others say and write it only considers to be products of their jealousy or inferiority etc. For example, if the analysed group intellect is an entire country, then it is enough to look into its local newspapers and television and check what proportion of their volume is devoted to these other countries, which a given country does NOT consider a part, a copy, or a version of itself. Ot it is enough to visit its libraries and check how one group of its inhabitants respect the concentration and work of other citizens of the same country through maintaining silence and the library atmosphere in there. Or go to any of its public hospitals and see how sick and weak are treated in there. Or check how really this country takes care of its unemployed and retirees. Etc., etc.

2. "Inventive impotency" - means the lack of implementation of even the most miserable invention on the territory of a given country. First symptoms that a given country is sliding dangerously deep into the philosophy of parasitism, is the "inventive impotency". This impotency is brought about by the "curse of inventors" described in items #G1. to #G9. of the totaliztic web page Eco cars, that rages in a given country. Such "curse of inventors" causes that in a given country cannot be implemented to a permanentaccomplishment of people, even a least complex technical invention or discovery - the implementation of which depends on the good will and support of a number of people. Of course, such an "inventive impotency" does NOT mean at all, that a given country or nation does NOT have any more creative inventors, nor it means that these inventors do NOT create valuable inventions. It only means that the philosophy of parasitism which dominates in that country makes impossible implementation of local inventions from that country to the permanent technical accomplishments of the entire humanity. It happens so because the local parasites are so strongly persecuting inventors from that country, that these inventors are either forced to completely cease their attempts to complete their inventions (as this is described in items #H1. to #H2. of the web page Newzealand visit), or they manage to build their inventions but local parasites so trouble them that their inventions cannot be put into a practical use (as this is described in the web page Sonic Boiler), or that through superhuman efforts these inventors break through the barriers and build their inventions, and even break through resistance of local parasites and implement their inventions to use, but local parasites still waste later given inventions through failing to allow these inventions to be included into the pool of permanent technical accomplishments of the entire humanity (as this is illustrated with examples from the totaliztic web page Możajski).

The cause for this "inventive impotency" is that the principle on which the "curse of inventors" works, boils down to just such "organising" the fate of a given inventor, that in his efforts to implement his invention he is forced to break through resistance of most parasitic opponents of his invention who live in the country of his work. Due to such designing the principle of operation of this curse, God makes sure that the technical progress is carried out only in the most totaliztic countries of the world, and that only citizens of these most totaliztic countries of the world as first are going to benefit from fruits and blessings of inventiveness and progress. To the pool of examples of countries, which already a long time ago reached so significant fall down into claws of the philosophy of parasitism, that in them already prevails the complete "inventive impotency", belong, amongst others, both countries with which the fate tied up my own life, namely Poland and New Zealand. None of these two countries so close to my heart, can show that on its territory has been implemented even a most miserable invention the completion of which required the totaliztic cooperation of at least several of its citizens.

3. Complains and dissatisfaction of visitors. In item #G1. is explained, that according to the Bible and totalizm "complains of outsiders" are actually a "trigger that brings a cataclysm". Therefore, their truth, number, and content are perfect indicators of the level of someone's endangerment with a cataclysm, and thus in the interest of everyone lies that they are thoroughly monitored. Of course, in order to hear a truth and honest complains, asked must be only these outsiders who already are NOT dependent somehow from a given city or community (e.g. ask them only just before they sit into the airplane and fly away, or ask when they already leave for good their previous place of work). After all, truth and complains cannot be heard from an emigrant who counts on the permit to stay, or from a tourist who just checked in and do NOT wants further problems, or from a passing worker who still wants to keep his work and income. (However, the majority of cities and communities seeks opinions about themselves just by asking such people that still are "dependent" on them.)

4. A fast and clear drop in the average level of moral energy, and the appearance of symptoms that indicate this drop, such as immorality, hypersensitivity, injustice, double standards, suppressing contents by forms, etc. A consequence of practicing the philosophy of parasitism is a fast and clearly noticeable drop in the average level of moral energy in a given community. In turn signs of this drop are all symptoms discussed, amongst others, in item #D4. of the web page Parasitism and in (iv) from item #F2. of the web page Nirvana, such as immorality, hypersensitivity, injustice, exploitation, laziness, unemployment, poverty, hunger, double standards, depression, addictions, deviations, crime, robberies, savagery, etc. If these start to hit our eyes at every step and at every opportunity, and if these are accompanied by increasingly alarming phenomena of the kind described in the article "Rampant spread of the vile germ that spreads acute sensitivity disorder", from page B5 of newspaper The Dominion Post, (issue dated on Tuesday, May 11, 2010), then this means, that slowly comes a turn for also our community.

5. The diminishing "export" of parasitic behaviours and the directing of aggression towards inside. The consequence of sliding down into claws of parasitism is always the increase in aggression. The deeper an intellect is in parasitism, the more aggressive it is. In turn in this aggression of parasitic intellects two clear phases do exist, which can be called (1) aggression directed outwards (i.e. exported aggression), and (2) aggression directed inwards. In case of individual parasites, the aggression (1) directed outwards usually boils down to the "export of aggression" means to harming (and sometimes even killing) completely strange people or passers by, to persecuting subordinates and colleagues at work, to quarrelling with neighbours, etc. In turn the aggression (2) directed inwards boils down to persecuting and harming members of own family, to killing wife or husband, close friends, etc. In turn for parasitic communities, the aggression (1) directed outwards always depends on the "export of parasitic behaviours" - as this takes place e.g. in the parasitic Somalia (which produces pirates who rob ships passing by that country). Of course, manifestations of the "export of aggression" by parasitic group-intellects are NOT limited to pirates, but also can take the shape of wars, terrorism, fights on borders, threats, etc. In turn the aggression (2) directed inwards unloads the entire evil within its own society - as this took place in the parasitic Haiti or in the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah. As this appears from analyses to-date, God does NOT "punish" with natural disasters these parasitic intellects which are still in the phase of "export of aggression". He only "warns" these intellects increasingly frequent with e.g. "acts of terrorism" or with "accidents" (of the kind described in item #H2. from the web page Eco cars), letting them know that they are increasingly closer to the "agonal state". Hit with murderous catastrophes are only these intellects which reach the phase of the aggression (2) directed inwards. Therefore, if you (the reader) intend to trace the level at which the area where you live is endangered by a catastrophe, then you should take the notice of the point in time when the community in which you live ceases to "export the aggression" and starts to direct inwards own aggression. This is because such a point in time is the beginning of end.

6. The lack of "ten righteous". If we establish that in the area where we live in fact already the state of "agonal intellect" is reached - because we see already signs described in 1 to 5 above, then it is worth to count how many "righteous" people live in a close proximity. If we are unable to identify and to count in our close proximity these at least 10 socially active people, who fulfil the definition of "righteous" - i.e. who not only speak about morality and good, but also practice (implement) morality and good in everything that they do, and thus who for all people around are role models for moral and righteous behaviour (means who according to descriptions from item #I2. of this web page would screen their proximity from a catastrophe), then it is worth to begin prepare ourselves for the arrival of the unavoidable.

7. Persisting disasters. If on a given area already prevails the philosophy of parasitism, then various cities and communities from that area are more advanced than others in practicing this destructive philosophy. In turn these one amongst them which already accomplished the state of "agonal intellect" are punished by God with various catastrophes. Thus, if close to us start to appear persistently various frequent and repetitive catastrophic "acts of God", such as earthquakes, tsunami waves, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, rains, frosts, snows, pollution, smog, dusts, plagues, mudslides, droughts, fires, collapses, explosions, acts of terrorism, robberies, epidemics, illnesses, etc., then this is a sign that we are just reaching the state of "agonal intellect". From then onwards anything can happen at the least expected moment of time.

8. Aggressive behaviour of weather and nature. Even present atheistic science admits that "the environment shapes people". But if one subjects this matter to thorough research, then it turns out that "the morality and philosophy of people shapes behaviours of nature and weather" (means that the morality of people shapes their environment). In the result, if someone is able to separate the current behaviour of weather and nature from a given area, from long-term attributes written into its climate, then it turns out that these current behaviours of weather and nature are kinds of "signs" which are able to inform us correctly what is the present state of morality and philosophy of community which lives in that area. The same, such "signs" are able to warn us if to the area is coming a deadly cataclysm. More comprehensively this extraordinary ability of local weather to reflect the state of morality and philosophy of human inhabitants of a given area is described in item #I4. on the totaliztic web page named Day 26.

Of course, the above do NOT exhaust all signs that a given community (or city) is approaching the state of "agonal intellect", and thus that its turn is coming for experiencing a deadly catastrophe. For summary of further information on this subject - see the web page about the Philosophy of Parasitism. In turn a full description of this state is provided in volume 13 of the newest monograph [1/5], volume 7 from the shorter monograph [8/2] "Totalizm", and also in volume 8 of slightly older monograph [1/4].

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