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The use of moral mechanisms for prevention of cataclysmic earthquakes

Part #F: Why destructive earthquakes, and other cataclysms, are disastrous only from the human point of view::

#F1. If one learns methods used by God, then he or she knows "for which behaviour", and "how", God is going to punish us, if we act immorally - in turn this knowledge is a primary condition for an effective defence against earthquakes and other cataclysms:

"Murderous earthquakes" belong to the category of "acts of God" which clearly fulfil the definition of "punishments from God" that affect entire large communities. After all, apart for killing and destroying, these do NOT perform any other major primary function. (On the other hand, the majority of other phenomena, which do NOT fulfil the definition of "punishments from God", usually perform many important primary functions simultaneously.) Although the official human science researches "earthquakes", I never encountered any sign of official scientific research on "God's punishments". Situation with the researching of "earthquakes" while simultaneously avoiding to research "God's punishments", is a repetition a similar situation with present orthodox medicine - which aims at "healing symptoms" but avoids as only can "healing illnesses". (This is why in the society increasingly stronger opinion spreads, that the medicine intentionally avoids "healing of illnesses", because healthy people would be "bad clients" in the booming present business of orthodox medicine - see item #G2. from the totaliztic web page Healing.)

But I personally believe that the reason for this lack of research on "God's punishments", is the fear of present scientists, that they are going to be symbolically "burned on stake" by "scientific neo-inquisition" that started to rage in the present period of "neo-medieval epoch" (activities of this "scientific neo-inquisition" that operates in the present re-emerge of "neo-medieval epoch" is explained in item #I7. of the totaliztic web page Tapanui).

I am also ready to bet, that neither readers have heard about such official research on "punishments from God". This is quite pity and even a kind of paradox. After all, the subject which is NOT researched scientifically by our civilization, remains completely unknown to people. This especially concerns "punishments of God" served to entire large communities (means served to "group intellects" - as such entire communities are called by the Philosophy of Totalizm).

After all, e.g. religions are limiting their interests mainly to individual people, thus they do NOT indicate principles of avoiding "punishments of God" by entire larger communities. In other words, in matters of "God's punishments" served to entire communities, our civilization prefers to remain in darkness, ignorance, and in "blindness", similarly like it also remains in matters of UFO proof. All these in spite that e.g. Christianity is practiced officially for over 2000 years, and that periodical checks on state of faith regularly confirm that as much as around 90% of people in the depths of their souls still believe that "God does exist" - even if they do NOT practice actively any religion (for the source of this data see item #D1. on the totaliztic web page UFO).

The proverb states that "no pain, no gain" - in this case "no research, no reliable knowledge". Unfortunately, in matters of "punishments by God" it would be a good idea to acquire a reliable and modern knowledge of the kind "what exactly" is punishable by God and "in what manner" God really punishes larger communities. After all, if we could know the truth on this subject, then instead of to-date blind "asking for punishments", specific communities could begin to knowingly avoid these punishments. On the other hand, there is no doubt about the fact that God really punishes selected communities. After all, God clearly "promises" such punishing in several places of the Bible (e.g. consider the Great Flood, or fate of Sodom and Gomorrah discussed in item #G1.). In addition, every now and again God illustrates this punishment for us - as an example consider the earthquake from Haiti described in item #C3. from the web page named Seismograph.

So let us abandon for a moment these "double standards", that while a decisive majority of us still believes that "God does exist", yet an official, open, reliable, and scientific research on anything regarding this God supposedly is NOT desirable to carry out at all. Let us gain a courage to analyze the matter of "God's punishments" served to larger communities in a logical, objective, and evidential manner - as this is enabled by the present state of methods and tools of modern science.

#F2. Analyses of questions "why" reveal that even disasters and catastrophes are justified and also bring various benefits, in turn being such most clearly they are unleashed on purpose:

We all know the proverb that "Out of something bad always something good comes-out". It teaches us that everything that we humans consider to be "bad', in fact also has good consequences. For example, every murderous earthquake not only kills a lot of people, but also destroys old social structures, obligations, links, and institutions which supported the stagnation and corruption, eliminates old, mouldy and unhealthy buildings in which without earthquakes people would be forced to live, creates opportunity for people who believe in God to prove the power of their faith - e.g. through the devotion with which they help victims, etc. Every war not only decimates countries, but also forces people to new manners of thinking and acting, eliminates and removes parasitic people from governments, removes decadent institutions from countries - which otherwise would maintain stagnation and conservatisms, reminds to nations the value of moral acting, peace, and negotiations, etc. In turn e.g. mosquitoes not only spread several murderous illnesses, but also serve for various other purposes, for example motivate progress through forcing people to seek manners on which these mosquitoes could be annihilated, indicate to people these areas of the Earth in which already prevails the destructive Parasitism - which deprives people of motivations, initiative, and ability to act (and thus the spread of which manifests itself by a high infestation with vermin of the communities which practice it) etc.

Even pain and suffering serve for a number of desirable purposes - as this is explained in the web page named God exists. In other words, catastrophes and disasters are just such only from the point of view of people.In turn from the global point of view of God these are mainly further amongst numerous tools which allow God to restore the balance and totaliztic principles of acting in all areas where these were already abandoned.

The present atheistic science makes us believe, that catastrophes and disasters are exclusively "bad". Unfortunately, through such a thinking, the science to-date deprives us the motivation to seek replies to vital questions of the "why" type, and thus also to notice these positive consequences of all catastrophes and disasters. On the other hand, without learning these positive consequences, our civilisation does NOT see "why" God brings to people all these catastrophes and disasters. In turn, without knowing the answer "why", our civilisation is unable to realise the existence of very simple manners on which cataclysms can be prevented, nor is able to develop effective methods of defence against cataclysms - of the kind of manners and methods which I am describing in items #H1. and #P5.1. of this web page, as well as in items #A2.3. and #A2.2. of the separate web page named Totalizm.

(These futuristic manners and methods of preventing cataclysms and disasters depend on practicing in our lives the moral, peaceful, and progressive Philosophy of Totalizm - which completely eliminates for God the need to bring cataclysms to people in order to force them to implement this particular philosophy in their lives.)

Atheism did NOT overwhelmed yet the entire world. Thus, there are people e.g. like myself, who know for sure that God does exist - because they for example learned scientific proofs for the existence of God (of the kind of proofs described on the totaliztic web page named God proof). Such people which are aware of the existence of God, probably sometimes ask themselves these questions "why". Unfortunately, without the knowledge of the highly effective theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity - which provides us with the key for getting to know God scientifically, these people typically are unable to find correct answers for their questions "why". Therefore, in this part of the web page I am going to find this answer together with the reader - by relying on findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. But before I begin the search for this answer, I would like to remind here that the answer maintains its validity for a whole array of questions "why", the discussion of which is spread over several totaliztic web pages. So let us list here examples of such questions "why" - answer to which is provided in this part of the web page. "Why God troubles inhabitants of poor countries with murderous earthquakes" - of a kind of the earthquake from Haiti described in item #C3. of the web page named Seismograph.

"Why God brings to people catastrophic tsunami waves" - of the kind of these described on the separate web page named Day 26.

"Why God destroys inhabitants of selected areas with destructive hurricanes" (i.e. hurricanes of the kind described on the web page named Katrina).

"Why God blows out of the surface of Earth entire settlements with the use of murderous landslips and mudslides" - of the kind described on the separate web page named Landslips.

"Why God send murderous illnesses to many countries" - of the kind described on the totaliztic web page named Plague etc.

For people who already acquired the scientific certainty that God does exist, and learned methods of God's action, there is no doubt that all these catastrophic events are actually "punishments" send to people by God. After all, the omnipotent God extends the absolute control over the entire our physical world. Nothing in the entire universe happens without His agreement and action. Thus, catastrophes could NOT appear without the knowledge and participation on the part of God. Furthermore, for these people who thoroughly investigate these catastrophes, God always leaves several small details on the spot, which are to discreetly confirm that these catastrophes in fact originate from God (e.g. leaves churches spared from the destruction while located in the very centre of cataclysms - see 2 from item #F3. /please scroll down/). Therefore, before on this web page the reply to questions of the type "why God sends catastrophes to people" is provided, we firstly should have a look in the next item at several examples of such discreet information written by God into typical earthquakes. After all, these examples of information confirm conclusively, that every large and murderous earthquake in fact is caused by God. Also these examples indicate the simple manner (described below in item #H1.) in which people can prevent such catastrophes.

#F3. How various regularities contained in supposedly irregular earthquakes confirm that these are NOT initiated at random:

If the universe IS NOT governed by intelligent and justice-loving God, then earthquakes would have purely random character from every point of view. But if our universe IS governed by a wise God who maintains the universal justice, then even in so random and chaotic events as earthquakes, God also writes discreetly a whole array of regularities. As it turns out, actually a thorough researcher can detect various regularities in strikes of murderous earthquakes. On one hand, these regularities confirm that earthquakes, similarly like everything else that happens in our physical world, are ruled by highly intelligent and wise God. On the other hand, they indicate "why" this wise and justice-loving God troubles people with earthquakes. Moreover, these also create for people the opportunity to predict the place and time of next murderous earthquakes. So let us now review the most vital amongst these regularities that appear in earthquakes.

1. Earthquakes always destroy the area inhabitants of which already reached the level of so-called "agonal intellect" in their practicing of the philosophy of parasitism. In this way the first regularity which everyone can notice not only in earthquakes, but also in all other catastrophes that trouble people, is that these disastrous events "always hit the area which in a given period of time is characterised by the most powerful 'explosive release of moral energy' caused by the practicing of advanced form of philosophy called Parasitism by inhabitants of that area". This regularity is explained more comprehensively in item #F4 below. Because symptoms of someone practicing the philosophy of parasitism include, amongst others, stagnation, corruption, ignorance, inability to improve own situation, privacy, egoism, poverty, chaos, indecisiveness, the lack of unity and organisation, dependency on help of others instead of own work, etc., outside witnesses of such earthquakes notice this regularity as a subjective impression, that earthquakes always seem to strike and "harm" people who even without them are already very poor, hopeless, and desperate.

An excellent example of the earthquake which hit just such a community already paralysed completely due to the slipping down in its practicing of the philosophy of parasitism into the state of "agonal intellect", is the earthquake from Haiti described in item #C3. from the web page named Seismograph.

2. Earthquakes and other catastrophes always meaningfully ovoid destroying at least one religious object located in the area of destruction. I personally believe, that this intentional avoiding the destruction of religious objects is the most meaningful and significant regularity with which God clearly lets us know that a given catastrophe is a "God's punishment for practicing the philosophy of parasitism". This regularity hits our eyes in practically all natural catastrophes - unless there was a religious reason that given objects of cult or religion were destroyed. I discovered this regularity for the first time during the analysis of effects of tsunami described on the totaliztic web page Day 26 - during which living quarters and houses were massively destroyed, but mosques and Buddhist temples survived untouched. Then the same regularity hit my eyes during the tsunami from the island of Samoa on Tuesday morning, 29 September 2009 - see the description of that tsunami in item #F2. of the web page named Day 26.

On the island of Samoa also living quarters and homes were completely ruined, but the local church that stood amongst them was left untouched - in spite that it was the structure completely closed which must create a huge resistance to the wave of water that hit it. This church still standing there in the area destroyed by tsunami was mentioned in the article "Devotion among devastation" from page A2 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post issue dated on Tuesday, October 6, 2009. The same regularity of leaving by God non-destroyed churches was also confirmed in the earthquake from Haiti - as it is indicated in item #C3. from the web page named Seismograph, and in the mudslides that destroyed, amongst others, Brazilian towns called "Teresopolis" and "Nova Friburgo" (descriptions of these mudslides are provided in item #H4. from the web page named Landslips, while photographs of these churches spared by mudslides and standing in very centre of destructions - in January 2011 one could see on the Polish web site from the address angelus-silesius.pl).

It was already after the first formulation of this item, when my attention was brought to two further confirmations of the regularity described here (i.e. that "during catastrophes God always leaves for us a 'sign' through saving a religious object located in the centre of the area of destruction"). One amongst these confirmations was my own recall of a strange event with an old Bible which during the flood in the area of Wairarapa on Wednesday, 5 July 2006 was reported in New Zealand television news. Namely, in a slightly different part of the North Island from New Zealand than the one in which I live, there was then a destructive flood which submerged many settlements and destroyed some houses. I was interested in this flood because I was afraid that the catastrophic rains which caused it could shift to the nearby "Hutt Valley" in which I lived and to flood also my flat - fortunately these so-called "cloud bursts" omitted my valley (most probably for reasons explained in item #I4 of the web page named Day 26).

The owner of one amongst destroyed houses had a very old and precious Bible. When the flood ceased, the Bible was found on a nearby paddock that previously was under water - it was so extraordinary case that it was even later shown in New Zealand television. The point which this farmer identified as a kind of miracle, was that the copy of that Bible survived without being wet or destroyed - as if the Bible was NOT touched by water and it was kept dry during the flood. Since writing this item I started to look more carefully than previously at these parts of television news which reported about various catastrophes. To my dismay, when in evening on 7 February 2010 the television news from New Zealand reported about the first anniversary of the tragic so-called "black Saturday" - during which in Australia 173 people died in the result of catastrophic bush fires from the State of Victoria, I again noted a confirmation described here. Namely, when television cameras were panning through destruction in the burned Australian settlement called "Kinglake", the view accidentally showed to us a church which survived in spite that everything around it was burned. Simultaneously there was a break in the commentary - almost as if for some reason someone intentionally "censored out" from this commentary the information that the church survived untouched by that catastrophe. Intriguingly, when a year earlier this catastrophic bush fire from Australia took place, I was carefully analysing all reports and listened to all news on this subject, and I intentionally looked whether any church was left in there standing. Thus, I know for sure that an information about the survival of this particular church was NOT provided at that time. So now I am left puzzled and wondering. After all, it would be unheard of, if in the democratic Australia for some strange reasons someone could systematically and intentionally "censored out" the information about this church. Besides, that area was inspected by numerous reporters, so to have such a censorship someone would need to unleash a large-scale conspiracy. On the other hand, it is difficult to imagine that the survival of the church could just be overlooked by all these reporters. Intriguing is also whether in reports from various other catastrophes, on similar principles is also omitted an important information about possible survival of further religious objects that were present in the areas of destruction.

3. Every earthquake, and also every other cataclysm, has in-build attributes which document simultaneously at least three different mechanisms of its formation. These attributes, as well as these at least three mechanisms of formation that these attributes describe, are explained in item #C2. of the web page named Tornado. Furthermore, they are also described on several other totaliztic web pages. So here I am NOT going to repeat those descriptions.

4. Murderous earthquakes prefer hitting in days of holidays, and also on 13th and 26th day of months.Another noticeable regularity of earthquakes, concerns dates when these most murderous out of them hit their victims. As this is explained in item #D8. from the totaliztic web page named Day 26 and also confirmed on examples from part #P of this web page, and from item #B1. of the web page named Seismograph, earthquakes have their favourite days in which they prefer to hit their victims. Most frequently they hit during a holiday (frequently even in the first day of a holiday), as well as on 13th day of a given month or on 26th (i.e. 13+13) of a given month. I tried to explain reasons behind this their regularity in subsection V5.4 from volume 16 of my older monograph [1/4]. For example, the cataclysm occurring during a religious holiday reassures believes in God that it has a religious justification.

5. Practically every earthquake is predicted by animals. This further regularity of all earthquakes has the multidimensional meaning. For example, it proves that animals are innocent of practicing the philosophy of parasitism by their human masters. Therefore God always allows animals sense the warning about approaching catastrophe. So animals know well what is to come and if they wish so they can escape the destruction. As this is to be explained in further parts of this web page, animals learn about impending earthquakes, because each such earthquake sends a "warning" in the form of a special beam of "telepathic waves" which can be intercepted and decoded by both, animals as well as by appropriately constructed technical devices (one amongst of which is described on this web page). This is why that particular regularity proves also that if people were able to break through the inherited inclinations to follow the philosophy of parasitism, then they could build alarming device described on this web page which would warn them about approaching murderous earthquakes.

#F4. "Explosive" dispersion of so-called "moral energy" that brings disasters:

Justification of reasons for which God brings various natural disasters on selected areas of the Earth, stems from the theories of two opposite philosophies called Totalizm and Parasitism. If we would explain in one sentence these reasons, then these would state that "in his effort to restore morality, justice, progress, and peace, God hits with a catastrophe into every area in which the spread of immoral philosophy of parasitismachieved the level of 'agonal intellect', while the consequences of this catastrophe God uses to restore on that area the practicing of moral philosophy of totalizm.

According to theories of these two opposite philosophies, everything that we do in our lives, causes the flow of unique energy called the "moral energy" through a border that separates two different worlds called "our world" and "counter-world". If whatever we just do is "moral", then this moral energy flows from our world to the counter-world. Thus, in our physical world such morally-correct activities have the character of "implosions" of this moral energy. It somehow happens, that God made beneficial for people everything that works on principle of an "implosion" occurring in our physical world (in turn everything that is based on an "explosion" God turns to be destructive and detrimental for people). However, if we do something that is "immoral", then it causes that moral energy is explosively let out from the counter-world to our physical world. Means, if someone practices this immoral philosophy called Parasitism, then he carries out almost exclusively immoral actions. Thus, such a person, institution, society, or country with the parasitic philosophy, causes a local "explosion" of this "moral energy" that brings disasters.

Reasons for which God was forced to destroy areas on the Earth in which local societies practice the philosophy of advanced parasitism, are described in subsection KA8.2 from volume 7 of monograph [8/2]. Namely, the point is that intellects (means people, institutions, communities, or countries) which in their practicing of the philosophy of parasitism slip down to the level of so-called "agonal intellect", cannot be saves and the only option which remains towards them is to allow them to die. After all, by being already in the agonal state, they are NOT able to change their immoral principles of behaviour, while even if someone tries to save them and artificially extends their existence - they just are going to consume resources and energy of the saviour, but their moral state and principles of behaviour will NOT improve. Thus, if they are artificially maintained alive, they will still do a lot of harm, while their immoral behaviours increasingly more are going to demand the restoration of justice. In addition, their philosophy of parasitism is very "infectious". So it is like an infectious moral disease which spreads fast to neighbourly areas. Thus, if a larger area on the Earth slips down to this irreversible level of such "agonal intellect", then in order to protect neighbourly regions from spreading this dangerous "moral illness", and also to restore totalizm on a given area, God has no other option but to decimate and segregate inhabitants of the area with the use of a large catastrophe. After all, every large catastrophe annihilates various human structures, links, dependencies, parasitic traditions, decadent institutions, etc., which previously troubled a given area. It also abolishes the stagnation, exploitation, forces to moral acting, to giving help mutually, to organizing themselves, etc. In the result of such a catastrophe, a given area experiences various external pressures, starts a new life, different people and new ideas take hold in there, etc. Thus, instead of previous philosophy of parasitism, this area temporally is forced to adopt the philosophy of totalizm. In this way, all areas of the Earth where inhabitants slipped down in their practicing of parasitism to the level of "agonal intellects", God troubles or annihilates with destructive catastrophes. This is because if God leaves such areas to themselves, then their parasitic philosophy, like a kind of fatal plague, would spread on the neighbourly areas. In turn the lack of God's reaction to their highly immoral ways would make impossible the restoration of universal justice. (Notice that God clearly warns people via the Biblical story about the fate of "Sodom and Gomorrah", that communities practicing an advanced philosophy of parasitism will be destroyed by cataclysms - as an example see the Biblical "Book of Genesis", 18:22-33, 19:1-28.)

Of course, in order to NOT deprive people of their "free will" and to leave their views unchanged, God always selects a kind of catastrophe with which He hits a given community, in such a manner that it looks like a completely "random" and accidental disaster. After all, God has an entire arsenal of catastrophes with which He can strike, not just earthquakes described on this web page. Other, also "random" looking catastrophes, include: Tsunamis, Tornado, Hurricanes, Mudslides, Plagues, Collapses of buildings, Infernos, Terrorism, floods, explosions, etc. Thus, for each situation and community God is able to select both the catastrophe, as well as circumstances in which it strikes, so that these look as if they are completely random and explainable according to the "canon of ambiguity" described in item #C2. on the totaliztic web page Free will. In this way goals of God can be accomplished without imposing at people different views nor changing their attitude towards God.

#F5. What is the mechanism of change of morality and philosophy in people from areas affected by a cataclysm:

Motto: "Every event in the universe serves to a vital purpose, thus it confirms a purposeful acting of a superior intelligence."

The practicing of destructive philosophy of parasitism results from the stagnation. This is because every stagnation causes that some people acquire permanent parasitic habits of a highly immoral character. These habits are acquired mainly by people who do not have a so-called "moral skeleton" which results e.g. from their religion, certainty of God's existence, knowledge of totalizm, etc. Thus, for example, if such a person deprived a moral skeleton for a long time is left to itself and lives in the same conditions, then with the elapse of time begins to take care exclusively of itself, acts only along the so-called 'line of least resistance', does only whatever is absolutely necessary, treats differently people whom knows and very differently these ones whom does not know, (lies) says one things and does something completely different etc. Of course, such immoral individuals with inclinations to acquire parasitic habits exists in practically every society. Therefore almost every society left just to itself for a longer time and not exposed to external pressures, starts to develop various parasitic behaviours. For example, it forms informal structures and links which motivate people to immoral actions such as employing just only own relatives and friends, implementing the principle "matters whom you know, not what you are able to do", practicing corruption, finding ways on which others can be exploited, forming monopoles, paying themselves increasingly higher salaries and premiums, etc. Thus every catastrophe, even if it annihilates just a fraction of members of a given society, breaks stagnation and destroys these informal structures and parasitic behaviours.

After all, it eliminates people who previously formed these decadent structures and links, forces these that survived to undertake new activities, positions, and initiatives - about which they still do not know how to utilise these for their own advantage, introduces new people to the system and various new pressures, makes various key people to shift or emigrate out of the area, etc. In this way every catastrophe forces a given community to change the philosophy which it practices as a larger "group intellect", from previous parasitic into more totaliztic. This is why, e.g. soon after the second world war almost all communities from territories affected by fighting started to practice the philosophy of totalizm. (E.g. I experienced personally this totaliztic philosophy via the community of my native village Wszewilki.)

But as time elapsed, habits and philosophy of these communities again started to "creep" towards the philosophy of parasitism. Thus, at present time in almost all these communities again parasitism prevails. In turn on territories which already for a long time did NOT experience war nor any other serious disaster, the level of parasitic philosophy which prevails in there is close to that irreversible "agonal state". So probably soon God will have no other option but to shake them again with some catastrophic events which are to restore totalizm for them.

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