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The use of moral mechanisms for prevention of cataclysmic earthquakes

Part #E: The established due to research of the new "totaliztic science" a direct relationship between cataclysmic earthquakes and the level of "immorality" of people that live in areas destroyed by these earthquakes:

#E1. The so-called "group morality" and the primary principle, that "in 'group intellects' all members are responsible for immoralities and all get punished":

What is the so-called "group morality", is explained, amongst others, in items #B1. to #B4.4. from the web page named Możajski. In turn detailed descriptions, how all members of a given "group intellect" (i.e. a city or a community) bear the responsibility (and together are all punished by God) for immoral behaviours of a given "group intellect" governed by just several individuals representing participants of this group intellect, are provided, amongst others, in item #B4. of the web page named Parasitism.

For example, if the immorally acting "group intellect" is a bank or a so-called "finance company" (such as these described in item #G4. from the web page named Free will), then if this group intellect acts immorally, the punishment it receives from God as a whole is a bankrupcy. In turn, after the bankrupcy of such a bank or a finance company, all people who were employed in it loose their jobs and the source of income, while all people who kept their savings in it loose their money. Such loses of income and savings represents for all of them the group punishment for a passive tolerating immorality of the entire "group intellect" for which all these people were parts of. This is because God imposes onto every person a "group-linked moral obligation" and later with an "iron hand" makes everyone accountable for obeying or for ignoring that moral obligation (i.e. God "punishes" or "rewards" everyone who belongs to a given "group intellect"). This applicable to all of us "group-linked moral obligation" states that every person which is a part of a larger "group intellect" has an obligation to continually watch the state of morality in the entire "group intellect" to which it belongs, while if this person detects that the group morality of this intellect begins to drop, then this person has a duty to do everything in its power to lift the state of morality of this group intellect to the level that is required by God.

In turn, if persons who are parts of a given "group intellect" fail to fulfil their part of the "group-linked moral obligation" imposed by God at all of us, then God issues a group punishment to the entire given "group intellect" by the termination of life of this intellect - accordingly to the principle of the "survival of most moral" described in items #G1., #G3. and #G4. from the web page Free will and in item #B1. of the web page named Changelings. (E.g. in case of immoral banks and finance companies, God terminates their lives through bankrupting them, in case of immoral companies - through dissolving them or absorbing them by other companies, in case of immoral countries – through collapsing them and establishing on their place other countries with a different ideology, etc.) Simultaneously every person which is a part of a given "group intellect" is punished for its passiveness with consequences of the termination of life of that entire group intellect - e.g. clients of bankrupted banks loose their savings, employees of dissolved companies loose their employments and salaries, citizens of collapsed countries begin much more difficult lives in other political systems, etc., etc. But even the more interesting (and educational) is additional punishment served by God individually to these eminences from a given "group intellect" which were personally responsible for the fact that this "group intellect" become so immoral that God was forced to punish it through terminating its life accordingly to the principle of the "survival of most moral". Namely, these personally responsible eminences typically God puts to death - for examples of just such cases of God killing e.g. founding persons, directors, or leaders of immoral "group intellects", see item #G4. from the web page named Free will.

There are also kinds of "group intellects" attributes of which make difficult or impossible to punish for immorality through their e.g. bankrupting or dissolving. Examples of just such group intellects are communities living in cities or in villages, as well as owners, crews, and passengers of ships, airplanes, cars, trains, etc. Thus, if such group intellects behave immorally and require a punishment, then for entire immoral communities God sends killer cataclysms, while for immoral owners, crews and passengers God sends a catastrophe. The further part of this web page is discussing just such group punishments from God to entire communities, owners, crews, passengers, etc., for immoralities which are committed in their sight, but towards which they remained e.g. passive, or even (worse) which they supported somehow - e.g. through purchasing tickets from immorally acting airlines.

#E2. Morally behaving communities are NOT troubled by earthquakes nor any other cataclysms:

Examples which document this fact, are described, amongst others, in items #I5. and #I3. of the web page named Day 26 and repeated in items #I3. and #I5. of the web page Petone.

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