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The use of moral mechanisms for prevention of cataclysmic earthquakes

Part #D: Why in the world created and ruled by intelligent God, cataclysmic earthquakes are just one amongst "tools" which God uses for accomplishing his superior goals:

#D1. God has NOT created people "for fun" - He has an important goal which He tries to accomplish with the assistance of people which He created:

In order to learn that "goal of God in which He created people" - see items #B1. to #B5. from the web page named Antichrist.

#D2. Let us learn goals of God that are accomplished via earthquakes, and these goals will reveal to us ways how to prevent earthquakes:

The goal for which God brings cataclysms onto selected communities turns out to be "correcting morality of immoral people and communities" and the restoration of moral principles of behaviours.

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