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The use of moral mechanisms for prevention of cataclysmic earthquakes

Part #C: The "atheistic orthodox science" to-date with its "a posteriori" approach to research is NOT interested in the development of effective methods for detection of impending earthquakes, while if it even was interested, then it would only be able to explain "how" earthquakes are formed - thus in order to explain "why they occur" and "how to prevent them" it is necessary to form a new and competitive "totaliztic science" with its "a priori" approach to research:

#C1. How greed for the "profit without taking responsibility" prevents the present official science from finding effective methods of detecting the impending earthquakes:

Motto: "Since the inability of science to detect that a deadly earthquake is coming, allows some academic decision makers to increase their earnings without taking responsibility for the consequences of their claims, it is not surprising that these decision makers are quietly blocking the research on finding effective methods for detecting the impending earthquakes."

Quite a few brave people have since a long time unmasks and reveals for the public knowledge that, for example, pharmaceutical companies are trying to increase their profits at the expense of human health, through a gradual elimination of production of medicines that actually heal, and undertaking the production of increasingly larger volume of drugs which only ease symptoms of diseases, and in this way they make patients dependent for the rest of life from buying these medicines. Relevant references to publications revealing this morally shocking fact (of the increase of profits by forcing patients to purchase medicines for the rest of their lives) are provided in item #I1. from the web page named Healing. But so far I have not come across anyone who would dare to disclose openly the fact, that almost exactly the same situation exists in several non-medical disciplines of science, especially those involved in the study of cataclysms - for example in research on earthquakes. Indeed many scientists from these disciplines enlarge their earnings by taking part in various "panels of experts", which for a good fee volunteer to, for example, warn people about the approach of specific natural cataclysms. Unfortunately for them, issuing warnings always is linked to accepting a specific amount of responsibility - which, however, these scientists do NOT want to accept. (For example, sometimes the endangered cities would need to be evacuated - while NOT always they are later destroyed by the predicted earthquakes.) Therefore, instead of issuing actual warnings, these scientists prefer to use a trick or an excuse, which allow them to avoid this responsibility and either keep silence - when in fact they supposed to issue warnings, or to tell nicely sounding lies instead of risky truth. In turn such a perfect excuse for them is the claim, that earthquakes, or other cataclysms from which they volunteered to warn, supposedly cannot be predicted. However, in order to be able to extend infinitively such way of satisfying their urge to draw profits from impending cataclysms, without simultaneous taking on themselves responsibilities for their claims, these scientists actually utilise every opportunity they have, to block all promising research on finding by the humanity an effective method for detection of impending disasters. After all, such a sabotaging of research lies in their capabilities, as the access to these "panels of experts usually have only scientists from the highest academic posts - which posts allow them also to make decisions as to what is to be researched, and what should rather be qualified as topics that are "scientific taboo". In other words, these scientists in fact NOT only that botch their warnings about impending cataclysms - for which they take good money, but in addition they also sabotage everything that has a potential for allowing an early detection that such cataclysms are just brewing up. (I.e. they are keenly interested that the humanity e.g. do NOT have an effective method for predicting or detecting impending earthquakes.) Implications of this fact are so huge and so immoral, that to their explanation is devoted an entire separate part #S. of this web page. After all, they cause that the private interests of a few individuals are blocking the progress for the entire humanity. Thus, I recommend to the reader to carefully read also "part #S" from this web page.

#C2. Why the philosophical foundations of the old "atheistic orthodox science" also make impossible for it to determine and to indicate how people should defend themselves from earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, fires, and all other cataclysms?

Motto: "If someone tries to enter a fortified castle from a wrong side, then instead of walking conveniently through an open gate, he or she must break through dozens of walls and moats."

We live in age of cataclysms. It is enough to look into any newspaper, or to view any television news, to see how the humanity is punished by taking beating from increasingly more destructive cataclysms. In fact, it is just because of the immense escalation of cataclysms in recent times, that some people already started to "make money" and "laugh all their way to the bank", by scaring others with the supposed "end of world" - for the claimed "nearing" and date of which they keep finding ever-new excuses. For example, the article [1#C2] entitled "Countdown begins to 'end of time' ", from page B3 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post - issue dated on Tuesday, January 3, 2012, informs that in the town Tapachula from southern Mexico a clock is installed which counts down minutes that are left to the moment in time when the 5126-year cycle of the present "Mayan calendar" ends, and thus when supposedly the world "as we know it" is to end (at least according to the increasingly more widespread hysteria). Of course, these ones who get hysterical about the "end of world" to occur in this "winter solstice" (means on 21 December 2012) are enormously wrong. As this is explained in item #N1., or in item #B8. on a separate web page named Seismograph, the "end of world" is NOT going to happen still for a long time. In turn, when after next thousands and thousands of years it finally is to come, no-one apart from God Himself will know about the exact date of the arrival of it.

Simultaneously with the huge intensification of these cataclysms, views of people are shaped by the immensely swollen monopolistic institution of the official science, called also the "atheistic orthodox science". This science consumes a significant proportion of taxpayer money. It also behaves as if it knows already answers to all possible questions. But in the matter of the defence of people from cataclysms, this science turns out to be equally hopeless and incompetent like present politicians, bankers, and decision makers are hopeless and incompetent towards increasingly powerful economic crisis - for the supposed controlling of which they keep, though, paying to themselves astronomical salaries. In this item I am explaining what error this old science makes that it turns it to be so hopeless and so incompetent towards cataclysms, and how to repair this error to defend ourselves efficiently from cataclysms. This explanation stems from the finding of the new "totaliztic science", that cataclysms are controlled by the superior intelligence, which does NOT have any interest in cooperating which scientists, while present atheistic orthodox scientists turn out to be completely incompetent in researching problems that results from activities of such uncooperative towards them superior intelligence - for more details see item #B1. on the web page named UFO proof.

The reply to the question "why the official science to-date is unable to develop and to teach people an effective method of defence against cataclysms?" is provided by the relatively new philosophy called the Philosophy of Totalizm. In publications of this philosophy, e.g. in item #A2.6. from the web page named Totalizm, or in item #C1. from the web page named Telekinetics, is explained, that the problem lies in the "monopole for knowledge" of the to-date official science, or more strictly - in the stubbornness with which this science limits its deliberations exclusively to "a posteriori" approach to scientific research. In order to explain here what this problem is about, I am going to use an example of a "strongly fortified castle of ignorance" that is already referred in "motto" to this item - e.g. such one like the Castle of Teutonic knights in Malbork, Poland. Namely, if someone tries to get inside of such a castle from a wrong approach, then he or she would be forced to overcome tens of defence walls and moats, before getting inside. But if someone approaches it from the "right side", then can simply enter inside through the main "gate" which remains open already for a long time!

The old "atheistic orthodox science" researches the reality around us from the approach which by philosophers is called "a posteriori" (means "from effects to causes") - as this is explained more comprehensively in item #A3. on this web page. Unfortunately, by researching the reality around us from that approach, one is like that person from the previous example - who tries to enter a castle from the wrong side. This is because from that approach it is impossible to determine a number of facts which turn out to be extremely vital for the safety and wellbeing of people. For example, it does NOT allow to establish nor prove that "God does exist" - as this is scientifically proven with the use of evidence presented on the web page named God proof. It also does NOT allow to define correctly that the so-called "morality" is actually a set of "non-negotiable" requirements, the fulfilment of which God ordered to people - as this is explained in item #B5 of the web page named Morality.

Furthermore, it does NOT allow to discover, that "all possible cataclysms in reality are just tools of God in correcting the morality in immoral people and immoral communities" - as this is explained e.g. in items #B4., #C2. and #A4. from the web page named Tornado. In other words, because of the wrong "a posteriori" approach to research of the surrounding reality, the old "atheistic orthodox science" is unable to give a correct reply to the question "why" cataclysms hit people, nor is able to indicate effective methods for defence against cataclysms. The only thing that this old science is able to determine with such "a posteriori" approach, is the answer (expressed with clever and on purpose difficult to understand, scientific language) of "how" these cataclysms harm people - but this particular answer people learn anyway from their own bad experiences.

Fortunately, starting from the year 1985, on the Earth a completely new science is developing, called the "totaliztic science". Because of the absolute "monopole for knowledge" of that old "atheistic orthodox science", the new "totaliztic science" so-far is forced to work "underground" while continually being persecuted, sabotaged, scoffed at, slandered by representatives of the old orthodox science, etc. Also, the entire research and activities of this new science never received any official support, grant or financing - therefore are paid exclusively from the private savings of the author of this web page. But this did NOT put off the new "totaliztic science" from the developing by now, as many as several different and effective methods of defence against earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, fires, and other cataclysms. These methods are described more comprehensively in parts #H. to #M. of this web page. How effective they are, the reader can determine himself or herself from the evidence presented in items #I3. and #I5. of the web page named Day 26, or from trying them out. The development of these methods become possible due to "a priori" approach to research (i.e. "from cause to effects") practiced by this new "totaliztic science". This approach turns out to be like the "convenient entering of a fortified castle through the gate which is already open for a long time".

The new "totaliztic science" has proven, that the key to defence against all kinds of cataclysms is to practice the "right kind of morality". This is because when people begin to practice this "right kind of morality", means when they begin to obey and fulfil moral requirements imposed on humans by their omnipotent God, then, with their obedience, they eliminate reasons for which God was forced to send these cataclysms on the humanity to correct people's morality. In turn, after eliminating reasons for sending cataclysms, these cataclysms are to cease just by themselves. In most brief manner this "right kind of morality", the practicing of which is required for the elimination of cataclysms, is described, amongst others, in item #J1. of the web page named Tornado. On this web page, that "right kind of morality" required from people, is described in items from #H1. to #M1.. One needs to clearly distinguish it from the present "deviated morality" of the humanity, which gradually and cunningly is introduced into life by "atheistic orthodox scientists" and by immoral politicians who are unaware of the principle of the "survival of most moral intellects" discovered only in 2012 by the new "totaliztic science" and described in item #B1. of the web page Changelings, and thus who erroneously tell people that in the life one needs to be greedy, aggressive, muscle, brutal, arrogant, lying, deceitful, atheistic, loud, imposing, having no own opinion, etc.

While rushing in our everyday runs "for bread", we usually do NOT have time for philosophical analyses of the kind presented in this item and web page. So we are NOT even aware, how much the irresponsible politicians already managed to deviate the human "morality". After all, instead of issuing laws that would defend the morality given to people by God, present politicians issue laws which introduce their "private morality" to the public life - for examples of just such their "private morality" and official laws that implement it, see item #B5.1. on the web page named Free will or item #B4. on the web page named Antichrist. Only if one considers (as this is done in item #G3. on the web page named Prophecies) what would happen if e.g. Jesus appeared today on the Earth, and also if one discovers then that everything that in times of Jesus was considered to be "good deeds", in present times already turns out to be forbidden, illegal, punishable by laws, etc., realises to us in how deviated and immoral world we actually live. So it should NOT surprise anyone, that God really punishes with increasingly more destructive cataclysms all these people who instead of practicing "the morality given to people by God" actually act immorally because they benefit from this "deviated morality" that is already legalised by politicians and by present human laws.

In fact, the humanity is going to be troubled by cataclysms until the time when officially is established (and officially is financed) the new "totaliztic science" which from one hand is to explain to the humanity "why" cataclysms trouble it and "how to defend themselves from cataclysms", on the other hand which is to break this destructive for the entire humanity absolute "monopole for knowledge" that is still held tightly by the official "atheistic orthodox science" to-date. After all, when two "competitive" towards each other sciences begin to exist, which are to mutually "look at hands of each other" and scientifically verify claims of the competition, then ceases to exist the to-date culture of irresponsibility, greediness, terrorism, and telling nonsense to people, practiced by representatives of the old atheistic orthodox science, and implemented in laws by politicians advised by these representatives of old science. There is about the time to understand, that similarly like no-one wants to live in the country which is ruled by a single dictator or by a single monopolistic political party, also the life under the dictatorship of just a single monopolistic science leads to errors, deviations, and to tormenting of people.

Thus, there is also about the time to roll-up our sleeves and give our own contribution towards the establishment of the new "competitive" totaliztic science. After all, currently is already obvious, that the lifting of the new "totaliztic science" from this necessity to "work underground" and the bringing it to official life, lies in vital interest of every inhabitant of the Earth.

#C3. In order the world works as this is described by the old "atheistic orthodox science", there would need to be NO God:

Only a highly incompetent science, or a science which has reasons to hide truths from people, refuses to notice that "the world deprived of God" must significantly differ from "the world created and wisely governed by omnipotent God". After all, there must exist really a lot of such differences between both such worlds - as this is illustrated on examples item #B1. from the web page named Changelings. If someone matches these differences to the physical world in which we live, as this is done in item #B2. from the web page named Changelings, then it turns out that the world in which we live displays all attributes of the world created and wisely governed by omnipotent God. The existence of these attributes is so obvious and so omnipresent, that it allows for the formulation of several formal scientific proofs that "God really exists". These proofs are described in more details on the web page named God proof.

Since there are such countless scientific items of evidence and proofs, which conclusively confirm the existence of God, then whatever about the operation of the universe claims the old "atheistic orthodox science", it is simply either an error, or an immoral misleading of people carried out for drawing various financial benefits.
(Notice that the name "atheistc orthodox science" increasingly more people uses to describe this still monopolistic science discussed in items #F1. to #G1. from the web page named God exists, simplistic claims of which we learn in schools and at universities, and which stubbornly although erroneously tells us, that God supposedly does NOT exist.)

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