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The use of moral mechanisms for prevention of cataclysmic earthquakes

Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:

#A1. What are goals of this web page:

Every year earthquakes cause deaths of hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of people. On the other hand, there are methods of effective prevention of earthquakes and defence against them. Also, for almost two thousands of years is known to people a telepathic device which allows to detect at large distances the moment when an earthquake is brewing up and is about to strike. Thus, the device allows to give to people an advanced warning about the approaching danger with the sufficient time to let them save themselves and save their property. (This device, called the Zhang Heng Seismograph, was already build and it was proven in action - so we know for sure that it is extremely effective.) Unfortunately, because of a kind of hypocrisy and stubbornness of present "atheistic orthodox scientists", neither these methods of prevention, nor that device, are researched and implemented - although they could save lives and property of these thousands of people. Thus, the main goal of this web page is to realise, that such methods and a device for the prevention of consequences of earthquakes exist and are known since a long time, to explain "how", and "why", they work, and also to indicate the body of evidence which confirms that trully these methods and a device turn out to be effective in practice (of the kind of evidence collected and described in items #I3. to #I5. from the web page named Petone).

These based on mechanisms of morality methods of defence against cataclysms are already summarised in item #A2 of this web page /please scroll down/, while their detailed presentations are provided below in items #H1. to #M1.

This web page has also additional goals. One of these is to realize, that only in "the world without God" cataclysms would hit innocent people, while true reasons of disasters would lie in behaviours of inhabitants from distant countries - so that victims would have NO ways to prevent cataclysms. But in the world ruled by God, earthquakes and all other cataclysms are "punishments" that God serves only to those people who previously deserved them through practicing the highly immoral philosophy of parasitism that makes impossible to live accordingly to God's requirements. Thus, further goals of this web page include also a scientific elaboration of the fact, that in the world governed by God, every victim hit by a cataclysm actually deserves his or her punishment. This web page explains also, that the understanding of this fact is highly beneficial for people - as this is emphasized also in item #B3. from the web page Landslips and item #F1. from the web page Totalizm. After all, by understanding "what" and "how" is punished by God, everyone can now effectively defend himself or herself against cataclysms by undertaking prevention measures which agree with methods of God's actions - for details see item #P5.1. of this web page.

Still another goal of this web page is to document, that many "religious" people also fall in clows of the highly immoral philosophy of parasitism the practicing of which is punished by God with a cataclysm - therefore the sole fact of someone's "religiousness" does NOT protect from cataclysms at all, the same as the sole fact of someone's practicing "atheism" does NOT endanger with the arrival of cataclysms. Therefore this web page documents also typically overlooked truth that "morality" must NOT be confused with "religiousness", and thus that the fact whether someone is to be affected by a cataclysm, or whether is going to be protected from it, depends exclusively on "how moral life he or she leads" and "how actively this someone promotes morality, truth, justice, peace, love, etc." In the best way this fact is explained with words of the Biblical "Book of Ezekiel" verses 33:18-19, quote:

"When someone righteous turns back from his righteousness and actually does injustice, he must also die for them. And when someone wicked turns back from his wickedness and actually carriers on justice and righteousness, it will be on account of them that he himself will keep living."

#A2. This web page indicates 6 different methods of prevention of earthquakes and other cataclysms (i.e. 6 methods of defence against cataclysms):

The narration of this web page was organised into the flow of "logical reasoning". It means, firstly in the parts #C to #G are provided philosophical analyses which led to the detection and working out methods of earthquakes' prevention described here. Only then in parts #H. to #M. are described specific methods of defence from earthquakes. But for the use of these readers who already know a significant proportion of results of my research, in this web page are also embedded "labels" which allow the reading of it "in a reversed order", namely starting from a very short summary provided in item #C1. of this web page - which explains what all these methods of defence are about, then straight going into descriptions of these methods of prevention and defence, and finishing with the use of these "labels" to gradually learn still unknown to the reader sections of my theories, philosophical analyses, and evidence, which reveal "why" these methods work and are effective. So for the use of these ones who are to read this web page "in a reversed order", I am beginning with naming and indication each one amongst these 6 methods of prevention and defence against earthquakes and other cataclysms, sending the reader straight to this part of the web page in which these methods are explained. Here they are:

1. Prevention of earthquakes through the removal of reasons for their appearance - i.e. by change of the philosophy and behaviours practiced by the population of the endangered area from the previously practiced immoral Parasitism into the requred by God version of the moral Totalizm. This method of prevention and defence is described more thoroughly in part #H. of this web page.

2. Holding back the arrival of earthquakes and other cataclysms through the inclusion to a given community at least "10 righteous". This method of prevention and defence is described more thoroughly in part #I. of this web page.

3. Suspending the arrival of earthquakes and other cataclysms due to "funding a stipend for an active totalizt". This method of prevention and defence against earthquakes and against all other cataclysms, is described more thoroughly in part #J. of this web page. In turn my proposal of the practical implementation of it, offered personally by myself already on 18th January 2011 to Christchurch or to any other city endangered by a cataclysm, is provided in item #P5.1. of this web page.

4. Suspending the arrival of earthquakes and other cataclysms due to turning ourselves into an "illustration" and an "example" for others. This method of prevention and defence is described more thoroughly in part #K. of this web page.

5. Avoidance of finding yourself in the area designated for the destruction by listening to "warnings" given out by God. This method of prevention and defence is described more thoroughly in part #L. of this web page.

6. The construction of a telepathic "Zhang Heng seismograph" which provides sufficiently early warnings that an earthquake is impending, that our life and property can be saved effectively. (the same "seismograph" warns also about the approach of Tornadoes, Tsunamis, Hurricanes, and Landslips and mudslides.) This method of prevention and defence is described more thoroughly in part #M. of this web page.

It is worth to notice, that the implementation of each one amongst methods of defence and prevention described on this web page, requires the demonstration by people who implement it the required level of "humbleness" and "penitence". This is because the demonstration of such a "humbleness" and "penitence" is a major condition which God imposed onto all his concessions towards people. (For a clear example that these are always required - see fates of a biblical city of "Nineveh" described on several totaliztic web pages - e.g. here in "Re. (2)" from item #G1.) Because of this particular God's requirement, methods described here for sure will never be supported nor researched by the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date. After all, representatives of this "monopolistic" science are too arrogant and too sure of themselves to humble themselves and to display any level of "penitence" in this matter. It is because of that their arrogance and self-admiration, the official science to date was experiencing exclusively defeats in all matters the researching of which is linked to confronting a superior intelligence which is NOT submissive to present scientists (e.g. in matters of God, UFOs, spirits, etc. - for more details see item #B1. from the web page named UFO proof).

#A3. The working out of defence methods described here was only possible due to "a priori" approach to research implemented by the "totaliztic science":

From the everyday life we know, that in order to see and get to know something thoroughly, we need to examine it from at least two points of view - the rule which is best explained in item #A2.6. of the web page named Totalizm or in items #C1. to #C4. from the web page named Telekinetics. For example, in order to get to know the entire appearance of a house, it needs to be viewed at least from (1) front and (2) back. However, the present official science, sometimes also called the "atheistic orthodox science" (means this still "monopolistic" science, which we learn in schools and at universities), researches the reality from only a single approach by philosophers called "a posteriori" - means "from effects to causes". In turn from this approach at most can be established "how" something happens. But it does NOT allow to establish neither "why" this happens nor "how to prevent this" - as more extensively explains this problem part #F. of this web page. Therefore, it is necessary that our civilisation establishes also completely different (a new) science, which would research the surrounding reality from the opposite approach, by philosophers called "a priori" - means "from causes to effects" or "from God which is the most primary cause of everything, to the surrounding reality which is the effect of work of God". This new science in my publications is called the "totaliztic science" - because its philosophical and scientific foundations are based on the philosophy of totalizm and also on the "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (from which theory the philosophy of totalizm emerged, and which developed the formal scientific proof that "God does exist"). The "totaliztic science" allows already to provide answers "why" something happens, "how to prevent this", etc. Thus, it becomes much more handy in the development of methods of prevention and defence against cataclysms, than that old "atheistic orthodox science" is. In addition, it is also "competitive" towards that old "atheistic orthodox science". Hence the official establishing of it would create the situation, that a highly detrimental "monopole for knowledge" of that old science would become taken away from it with huge benefits for the entire humanity, while both these sciences would finally mutually "watch hands of each other" and subject to continuous scrutiny all results accomplished by the competition. (Unfortunately, so far this new "totaliztic science" is still forced to work on principles of "conspiracy", being exposed to persecution, attacks, and accusations from that monopolistic official science. After all, this new science is still neither officially recognised, nor research of it is financed by anyone (apart from the author), while everything that it accomplished so-far was worked out due to the "hobby" research of just a single its creator and scientist - means by the author of this web page.)

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