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Advanced Magnetic Propulsion Systems for Flying Vehicles

Part #J: My "Cyclic Tables" as a tool for reliable forecasting of the future, as well as keys for predicting fates, phenomena, construction and operation of almost everything that the future will bring to humanity

Motto: "The old 'official atheistic science' describes our physical world as being as crude and as primitive, as the crude and primitive was the thinking and knowledge of people who laid down the false foundations of this old science - while in fact our physical world was programmed in a highly complex and perfect way, so that it: meets the requirements of far-sighted and superior goals laid down by the omniscient and omnipotent God-Programmer; eliminates the limits of self-implementing programs of counter-matter from which it was created; and flawlessly sustains the agreeable with God's intentions work of matter, living creatures, and the 'reversible software time'."
(This motto summarises the final findings of my research described in items #A0. and #D3. from my web page God proof.)

/Translation DeepL/:

#J1. The definition of my "Cyclic tables for Earth's Propelling Devices":

In item #A0. of my dissenting website God proof I explained and substantiated with evidence, quite a significant finding for me resulting from the philosophy of totalizm, that each person who learns the and accepts in his mind, or by himself formulates, complete and unambiguous for him, however objectively also correct, definition of God (not necessarily of my authorship), God rewards with the gift of seeing like everything that surrounds him, and also like every truth of which he learns, directly or indirectly becomes proof of the existence of God.

Thus, knowing such a complete and correct definition of God, it is also possible to formally and scientifically prove the existence of God and this in as many different ways. Such definition of God of my authorship, which brings the potential to turn the hitherto "beliefs" in God, turn into future "knowledge" about God (after all "one can always stop believe, however one never stops knowing") cites this item #A0. from the above web page "God proof".

However, in order to work out this definition, it was necessary to first formulate my Theory of Everything called Concept of Dipolar Gravity. For as it turns out, defining God, nor roving the existence of God, is NOT possible if the universe is analyzed with the old and deceitful "concept of monopolar gravity" - at which suicidally even today is insisted upon by the monopolistic institution of official science atheistic science. The abbreviated form of this definition of God of mine can be expressed e.g. with the following words:

God is currently the only thinking, analytical, inquisitive, creative and self-aware "Program" with superior and unlimited performance capabilities, which has self-evolved in the memory of "counter-matter" from a separate four-dimensional "counter-world", for which this Program "knowledge" and "information" performs the the same function that "food" and "beverages", hence which Program set in motion the never-ending endless "knowledge-generation," first by such reprogramming of the behavior of the occupied counter-matter, that it was transformed into "building block" from of which he created (read "programmed") our entire three-dimensional physical world, all the phenomena of of that world, and all the beings inhabiting that world beings - including humans capable of thinking, then also by programming "tools"-software that this Program allows it to precisely design and control every event and fate of of every object and every being in our physical world, and furthermore which this Program (which is also a Programmer, that is, being both the Alpha and Omega for our physical world) has also developed a set of patterns, laws, precepts and requirements, made it available to people in the Bible, while now strictly supervising its fulfillment, which set is causing some people pedantically adhering to these patterns, laws, orders and requirements, are able to carry out the acquisition of knowledge, and that due to this observance they gradually they acquire permanent character traits that make them fit to receive everlasting bodies enabling them to coexist constructively for eternity with other persons with similarly indestructible bodies and to pursue knowledge with them for an infinitely long period of time.

One of the consequences of knowing and accepting in your mind the above complete and correct definition of God, is that in everything that surrounds us surrounds us, we begin to note the intentional and rational actions of this God, who is both a Programmer and the Program, i.e. the Alpha and Omega, of our reality. In turn, knowing how meticulously all programmers and all programs obey repetitive rules, these repetitive rules we begin to look for (and find) them in everything that surrounds us. In turn, one of the best examples of these are my so-called "Periodicity Tables", and surprisingly precise regularities which God has written into the reality around us, while the expression, illustration and opening of which for the use and benefit of mankind is the purpose and task of of these tables.

If I were to quote a clarifying definition here what are, for example, my "Cyclic Tables in the Development of Earth drives," then I would give such a formulation of this definition:

"Periodicity Tables in the Development of Earth Propulsion are graphical representations of the cyclically repeated regularities that God has programmed into both the ability to causing the gradual growth of powers and capabilities of propulsion systems successively invented and implemented on the Earth propulsion systems, as well as in everything that governs the appearance of on the Earth of new propelling devices, i.e. in the physical laws physical laws that govern their operation, in their principles of operation, designs and implementation details, in the material characteristics required for their construction, in the times and circumstances of the of the discovery of successive propulsion systems, as well as in the requirements of the moral requirements imposed on those nations which will be the first to be will be allowed by God to build a new kind of propulsion systems - which moral requirements are manifested by the by the existence of, among other things, phenomena such as the 'curse of inventors' and 'inventive impotence'."

Especially note in the above definition of my Tables of Cyclicity, that because of this gradual increase in the power and propulsion capabilities of each of the successively invented propulsion systems, God also gradually imposes increasingly higher moral requirements on both individuals and countries to which He grants permission for building a given new kind of propulsion system, as well as on the moment time when the mass construction of this propulsion system God allows to undertake - for more details see my explanations of the so-called "curse of inventors" and the so-called "inventive impotency" e.g. from item #H4. of the web page Free energy.

In addition, note also the complexity of the programming of our physical world by God, and the level of control that God has over absolutely everything that in our world happens - briefly explained e.g. in item #D3. of my page God proof, then think rationally and inquisitively about "why". For example, the "perpetual motion" machine called Bhaskara Weel

resp. in YouTube
has been built on Earth since 1150 year, however to this day it is NOT available for purchase in stores! After all, it is worth remembering that every new and increasingly powerful type of propulsion system, is simultaneously a kind of computer cursor and civilization cursor, which points and transforms the the country of its builders into another superpower which begins to co-determine the fate of our entire our civilization.

Drives are NOT the only thing into which God has inscribed the various repetitive regularities and similarities that can be can be expressed and illustrated by my cyclic tables. I personally believe that practically everything that is described by strict rules can be presented precisely in the form of cyclicity tables. In order to illustrate the reader this belief of mine, below in "Tab. #J1a" I cite an example of the "Periodicity Table for Epochs in the History of Mankind," while in "Tab. #J1b" I provide my example of the following "Periodicity Table for the Theory of Superbeings". I also discuss the topic of my Periodic Tables in items #B1. to #B4. from the beginning of this page.
Table cycles_of_historyTable J1a

/original english text Dr. Eng.Pająk/:

Table #J1a: Here is an example of the appearance and the content of just one from the whole series of "Cyclic Tables" which I developed in my own life - in this case additionally beautified by my graphically talented friend, Dominik Myrcik, who courteously redrawed it with the computer graphics into a prettier form. The one shown above is the "Cyclic Table for Epochs in History of Humanity" - briefly mentioned in item #J5 below on this page, while in detail discussed in item #K1 from my web page Tapanui.

The above "table #J1a" illustrates repetitive regularities which God has permanently programmed into His "Omniplan" (described, amongst others, in items #C3., #C4. and #C4.1. from my web page Immortality) - which are the regularities that govern the fate of successive historical epochs on Earth. These regularities always begin each new historical epoch with some revolutionary discovery or event that raises the humanity to a much higher level of consciousness and advancement. This discovery or event then motivates people to undertake long-lasting creative activities, which also promotes them technically, scientifically, in wealth, etc. However, after exhausting the benefits that these governments and decision-makers reap, they provoke some of the oppressive actions dictated by the greed, which later are to initiate the fall down of humanity. After the fall, humanity quickly delves into the darkness of ever stronger corruption, exploitation, deprivation and backwardness, for its emerging from which some next revolutionary discovery or event is necessary that mobilizes all people to undertake a new kind of creative activity etc. - such repetitive cycles of discoveries, advancement, oppression and fall, govern the development and fate of the entire humanity.
Table #J1b
Table #J1b: Here is another example of my Cyclic Tables - this time it is my "Cyclic Table for the Theory of Superior-Beings". It provides my interpretation of essence of the genius "Theory of Superior-Beings" developed by the Polish thinker and writer, Adam Wiśniewski and additionally expands the Wiśniewski’s idea by the information stemming from my Theory of Everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.

In order to save the reader's time required for searching, I explain here that in a nutshell the Wiśniewski's "Theory of Superior-Beings" postulates that in our world there are only "eaters" - means "Superior-Beings", and those "being eaten" - means just "beings". From both these categories, different levels of "eating something" have been formed by beings which due to the eating something later themselves also generate some other kind of "food" of a higher level - which food later will be "eaten" by their Superior-Beings. According to Wiśniewski the following levels of such beings exist in our world, in the above table indicated with the subsequent number of generation to which they belong: (12) inanimate matter, (13) plants, (14) animals and (15) humans. Beings from each of these levels feed on the products of life of beings from a lower level than them, and at the same time they generate food for higher levels of their Superior-Beings. For example, (12) inanimate matter produces minerals - on which later feed (13) plants. In turn (13) plants while feeding on minerals produce organic matter - on which feed (14) animals. In turn (14) animals while feeding on the organic matter produce meat - on which feed (15) people.

Notice that more about the brilliant Wiśniewski’s theory and about the extensions that I introduced to it due to findings of my Concept of Dipolar Gravity, is explained in a whole range of web pages linked through the keywords "Teoria Nadistot" (meaning the "Theory of Superior Beings") from the Polish web page named Topics. A good example of descriptions from these web pages provides item #I6 from my web page Możajski.

The problem with this ingenious "Theory of Superior-Beings" by Wiśniewski is that, unfortunately, it has not been "finished" yet. For example, it reveals only a small fragment of beings and Superior-Beings existing in the universe, as it does NOT explain what beings exists below the inanimate matter (12), and what Superior-Beings exist above people (15).

Please note that the fragment originally elaborated by Wiśniewski, in the above "Table #J1b" is highlighted with a "red colour", while whatever Wiśniewski "unfinished", and thus what represents my additional extension to his theory, the table distinguishes with the use of a standard (i.e. black) colour of writing. (Of course, I feel obliged to emphasize here that even though "unfinished" yet, the very idea expressed by his theory is brilliant. After all, his idea allows the next generations of open to truth researchers - in this number me, to continue efforts of developing further his brilliant theory.) The Wiśniewski's idea also avoids discussing the Superior-Being for us people (i.e. avoids discussing (16) God), and avoids explaining what this our Superior-Being "eats" (i.e. avoids explaining what kind of "goods" people generate that could be "eaten" by God). Probably there were at least two reasons why he "unfinished" his theory. For example, Wiśniewski might have been afraid of the possible negative reaction and repression from the church because of the inclusion of God into the chain of "eaters" and "being eaten" from his theory. After all, since there were priests who have crucified Jesus for revealing the new truths about God, naming "blasphemy" the Jesus' truths, those people who discover the next kind of knowledge, which may also contain earlier unknown truths about God, and as such should be subjected to open discussion and research, have valid reasons to seriously fear open disclosure of the new truths about God discovered by themselves - which new truths the priests who "rejected the knowledge" could also declare to be "blasphemy". (For more information about priests who "rejected the knowledge" see (1) items #T2. and #U1. from my web page Water - where I interpret verses 4:4-9 from the biblical "Book of Hosea".) Moreover, when Wiśniewski was developing his "Theory of Superior-Beings" nobody knew what God "eats". Hence, the extension of his "Theory of Superior-Beings" by these "unfinished" components was only possible when, due to my Theory of Everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, I managed to determine and define that God is a "program" - since the biblical term "Word" (see the Bible, "Saint John", verses 1:1-3) in today's terminology of informatics means "information", "algorithm" and "program", and also I managed to determine that God "eats" knowledge - for more details see item #B1. from my web page Antichrist and items #A0. and #D3. from different my web page God proof.)

When I have learned from Maori mythology on the subject of God "Io" that God resides in the 12th level of the memory of counter-matter, and when I have noticed how (probably for this reason) God always emphasizes the number 12 in His plans and actions, I started to believe that the evolution and development of the universe pre-planned by God will NOT end just on the six "material epochs of the development of the universe" shown in the above "Table #J1b". Namely I believe that after these six "material epochs", the next six "spiritual development epochs" will come - just like it will happen also with the development of propelling devices illustrated below in "Tab. #J4".

However for now it is NOT known whether God inspires me to fully decode what these next 6 spiritual epochs are to be, although already I have preliminarily made their analysis and prognosis in "chapter O" and in "Tab. O1" from my Polish monograph [12].

I will not be hiding here that when preparing the above "Cyclic Table for the Theory of Superior Beings" I confronted a significant problem with finding in our imperfect human language short names and terms that accurately and fully would describe difficult concepts referring to God, to the entire universe and to the essence of life. After all, long descriptive explanations of these concepts would NOT fit into the above table. The reason for this problem is the ambiguity of virtually all words from the human language, while a full understanding of the above table requires an uniqueness similar to the one with which my Concept of Dipolar Gravity and my formal scientific proof for the existence of God define key terms and key concepts used in them. As an example of possible discrepancies in the interpretation of the terms in the table above, consider the problem of chickens from today's supermarkets and from the factory's system of feeding them. After all, many of today's supermarkets sell chicken meat marked with the English label corn fed - which means that during the feeding of these chickens they were fed exclusively (or mainly) with corn. Thus, people eating such chickens, depending on their knowledge and worldview, may interpret their own diet in at least two completely different ways, namely either that (1) they eat chicken meat, or (2) that they feed on biologically transformed corn. After all, the meat of such a chicken fed only with corn is in fact just (2) a kind of corn transformed in the digestive system of chicken. Thus, in the above table all concepts used are also to be understood as such (2) "transformed of whatever is the source essence of a given concept".

/Translation DeepL/:

I myself became acquainted with Wisniewski's brilliant Nadistot Theory on the considerable time even before my emigration to New Zealand in 1982. I also sincerely admired the genius contained in it. Thus, after arriving in New Zealand, I was extremely surprised, that the people there had never heard of it. I promoted it as much as I could. In the meantime, because my development of Theory of Everything called Concept of Dipolar Gravity revealed to me that the "beings" that Wisniewski put in the original version of the of his Superbeing Theory are just a small part of a much longer sequence of beings and super beings that mutually eat the products of of their existence, in August 2018, while refining the descriptions from this "part #J" of this page, I developed the above the "Cyclic Table for Super beings" shown above.

In this Table of his Cyclicity, I expanded Wisniewski's theory to include further beings and super beings that I had identified beings and supernaturals that Wisniewski omitted at the time, however, whose special significance to God in a coded and symbolic, but with foresight and foresight confirms e.g., the "Parable of the Talents" contained in verses 25:14-30 from the biblical Gospel of St. Matthew - see my interpretation of this parable in item #I1. of the page Jan Pająk.

(Note here that even the old "official atheist science" has recently managed to discover that elementary particles and atoms behave intelligently - hence they meet Wisniewski's definition of Wisniewski's "beings." In turn, my Concept of Dipolar Gravity has long since proven formally that "counter-matter" from the counter-world, and hence also everything created from it, such as whirlpools of counter-matter, as well as elementary particles, atoms and practically all matter, contains well-hidden in its interior interior intelligence, i.e., it also represents Wisniewski's "beings").

On the above "Cyclic Table for the Theory of Superbeings" my extensions of Wisniewski's theory did NOT end. In fact, in December 2018, I wrote "Chapter O" to my new monograph [12] - which explains how our artificially programmed by God reversible "human time" and how, through the existence and operation of this "recursive soft time" each person adds his or her own contribution to the peaceful evolution of an ever more perfect universe.

During the writing of that "chapter O" it persistently imposed itself on to my attention that showing an example of another Table of Cyclicity in the Evolution of the Universe /only polish at the moment/ will be the most effective and convincing way to illustrate to readers the relationship cause-and-effect relationship between "knowledge" generated by each person as a result of the experiences to which God is able to subject him by controlling his life by means of precisely this artificially programmed "recursive software time" in which his life occurs, and the evolution of the entire infinite in size and time "universe" - the size-limited fragment of which is our "physical world" created by God.

Although so developing a new Periodic Table always eats up a lot of my chronically missing time, the prospect That this new board will contribute, among other things, to the popularizing around the world this immensely important The Theory of Superiority developed by Pole Wisniewski, I decided to invest my time in it, energy and motivation. A component of the new "Table of Cyclicity in the Evolution of the Universe" obviously by definition became the regularities, principles and similarities already previously expressed in the above "Periodicity Table for the Theory of Superior Beings."

For an insightful description of this my latest Periodic Table illustrating, among other things, the importance of the regularities originally described by Wisniewski's ingenious theory for the continually occurring ongoing growth evolution of consciousness of the entire unlimited universe, download my monograph [12], made available in secure PDF format from a page Text 12 and study the "Chapter O" contained therein, or at least take a look at the new "Periodic Table in the Evolution of the Universe" - a copy of which, also prepared in this safe PDF format, you can load for yourself by clicking on this link.

Also note in it that the regularities originally detected by Wisniewski and described in his Theory of Superiority, which continually and repetitively operate in our "physical world", while which by their occurrence stimulate the operation of the cause-effect chain and thus uninterruptedly influence the growth of consciousness throughout the size-limited universe, This my new "Periodic Table in the Evolution of the Universe" also features in bold red-colored font.

#J2. A brief summary of the history of my discovery of the principle (i.e. the "Cyclic Principle") on which my "Cyclic Tables" are based, and the history of development of all four subsequent versions of these tables:

The story of the discovery of the "Law of Cyclicity" which this law underlies the construction of successive of my Periodicity Tables, I described in most detail in subsection A19 from volume 1, while summarized in in #8 of subsection W4 from volume 18, of my monograph [1/5]. Unfortunately, the story described there ends ends around the year 2000 - when I started work on the content which finally was published in monograph [1/5].

So in order to NOT interrupt the flow of the narrative by referring the reader to this monograph [1/5], and also to explain further improvements introduced to my Periodic Tables, which took place already after that around 2000 year, below I will briefly summarize the entire history of of these tables, until the development of their present, fourth formulation, shown below as "Tab. #J4".

The story of this my personal "thread of Ariadne" - which gradually led me to all the discoveries and inventions I have made throughout my life, i.e. the story of my "Cyclic Tables". with truly "prophetic" predictive potential, began with a nasty flu I caught in 1972. At the time, I was a Senior Assistant at the ITBM of the Wroclaw University of Technology, while on the day of my return from sick leave I had a prestigious lecture on drives conducted for department of the university other than ours - for which, however I did NOT yet have notes or a plan for what to discuss.

So in order to have something interesting to say to the students right after returning to work, lying in bed and treating my flu I just came up with the first version, or rather (1) the first formulation, of its Cyclic Table for Earth Drives. This first table of his I later presented and carefully explained to the students at that lecture.

After she finished her lecture one of the students came up to me and with a truly Polish sense of humor said to me something that was supposed to sound like a joke, however, in practice it turned out to be his practice it turned out to be his prophecy, namely to the amusement of a large group of his colleagues surrounding us said something of the sort (what exact words then that student used, I currently do not remember - so I repeat so here I only repeat the meaning of his statement, and NOT the words used): if every fluke of yours will result in the development of something as useful as this Periodic Table, then I wish you to incessantly get you the flu! (NOT probably knew that his wish would actually come true will be fulfilled and that every time I curate another one of this multitude of nasty flues that all too often get me, in my mind I return to his wishes and regret that at that time I did NOT come up with the idea to flee the lecture hall immediately after the end of the lecture - just as they flee apparently more resourceful physics lecturers than me, which I described in the last sentence from item #J7. /please scroll down/ of this page.) Delighted by the highly positive reception of this board and the interest it aroused at the time, some time later I also published it in the article [1W4] "Theory of propulsion development", from the Polish "Astronautyka" journal, issue 5/1976, pages 16-21. In addition, until 1985, I later reproduced it in my numerous efforts to publish it next, and also presented it at my numerous public lectures.

At the moment I do NOT have access to that its first publication, so I have NO way to show it here copy. Nevertheless, its content coincided with "technical eras" numbers 1 and 2, and with the first generation of drives in technical era number 3, seen below in "Tab. #J2" - of which drawing I prepared (in ink and on tracing paper) back in 1988, then published until 2018.

The working out of (2) the second formulation of my Periodic Table of Cyclicality also self-initiated still in Poland shortly after the formal proof that "UFOs are already built Magnocrafts". This is because while conducting (still in Poland) my research on UFOs, I noted at the time that together with the induced by magnetic fields (1) attraction and force repulsion, there are as many as three completely different types of mysterious phenomena related to magnetism, on which particular generations of UFO vehicles fly. Two types of these mysterious phenomena were NOT known at the time (nor are they researched until today) to the today) to the official atheistic science.

For this reason I decided to initiate a study of them. In order to in turn to find out what these phenomena consist of, already after emigrating to New Zealand, I began theoretical analysis of magnetic fields, in-depth study of various aspects of gravity and anti-gravity, and reliable and comprehensive research on UFOs - publishing the the results of which UFO research later exposed me to numerous scoffers devoid of reason, logic and sense of morality scoffers, because they included as much as an entire ocean of various empirical and well for me documented and thus highly evidential, yet unreliable for other people, research ventures research, starting from field research of the sites of UFO landings and explosion sites (i.e. Tapanui), through analyses of photos and reports of people who have seen UFOs, and ending with intimate questioning of details of of those abducted to UFOs (and usually raped there).

As a result of the enormous amount of work and empirical explorations that I put into that research at the time, in 1985 I developed the most important theory of my life, namely my Theory of Everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. In turn, this my Theory of Everything revealed to me the essence of these two mysterious phenomena, which official atheistic science still neither recognizes nor investigates, but whose future practical use will allow the humanity to build stargazers capable of instantly reaching distant stars (i.e. my Telekinetic Starships - which can also be called Teleportation Vehicles), and to travel through time (i.e., my Immortality). These two new phenomena related to magnetism, which I only discovered in 1985 thanks to the formulation of my Concept of Dipolar Gravity, while which the official atheistic science still does NOT recognizes nor researches, are (2) telekinesis, and (3) the fact of the existence and principle of the lapse of the so-called. "recursive software time" (and the divine so-called "Omniplan" that governs this time).

Thus, one of the products of my Theory of Everything has become, among other things, the refinement of the second formulation of my Periodic Table for Earth Drives. Earth drives. In this second formulation, disseminated starting in 1985, included were already included all three generations of drives from the third "technical era" - as I show them below in "Tab #J2", (i.e. including my Starships Telekinetic and Time Vehicles).

I published that second formulation of my Periodic Table (see "Tab. #J2" below) without changing its content until February 7, 2018 - that is, for 33 years. This is because that February I returned to analyzing the principles of the of the operation of "perpetual motion" machines. After all, in 2017 various inventors had already built so many working prototypes of these machines, that this 2017 should be considered the beginning of the 4th "technical era" on Earth. technological era" on Earth. The construction and operation of these numerous prototypes has pleased me immensely, as it it represents the culmination of many years of my efforts to encourage people to undertake their construction in their publications, websites, correspondence, and in personal exchanges with their inventors and builders. This new, fourth technical era in development of earth propulsion systems will be characterized by the slow and gradual displacement of external energy supply and the use of "fuels," and the replacement of this energy supply, or these fuels, by "free energy energy" generated by "perpetual motion" machines of the second and third generations built for propulsion purposes into propulsion in virtually every future technical device technical device. (This process of displacing energy supply and use of fuels will be very slow and gradual, as it requires overcoming tremendous resistance from as many as five powerful powers of evil of human origin which currently rule the Earth, and which I described in more detail in item #D3. of my web page God proof.)

In turn, there my return to the analysis of the progress achieved in the construction and principles of operation of "perpetual motion" machines, combined with the old knowledge and experience that I had previously I accumulated and already had in this matter, revealed to me the regularities which I described in more detail in items #J1. and #J2. of my web page Free energy. In turn that my return to the analyses of the progress achieved in the construction and principles of operation of "perpetual motion" machines, combined with the old knowledge and experience that I had previously I had accumulated and already possessed in this matter, revealed to me the regularities which I described in more detail in items #J1 and #J2 of my web page "Free energy". These regularities in February 2018 inspired the expansion of the my Periodicity Table for drives to include a fourth consecutive technical era, giving this table already (3) third formulation that I showed in table #B1 and discussed in item #B1., from the initial part of this page. In turn, the two most significant of its "technical eras", viz. technical eras #2 and #4, are shown in the excerpt from its content shown below as "Tab. #J3" while discussed in more detail in item #J3 below.

However, already at the time when I published this Table B1 (and "Tab. #J3" below) I realized, that my target Periodic Table for Earth drives would include two more technical eras, i.e., eras #5 and #6, in which motion will be produced through the use of programs contained in the counter-matter which forms the divine so-called "Omniplan" - described in in items #C3., #C4. and #C4.1. from my web page Immortality.
However, in order to work out the details of these two highest "technical eras" of humanity, I needed more time. Their refinement took me until March 17, 2018 - when I refined the most complete, in turn already (4) fourth formulation of my Cyclic Tables - which I showed in Table J4 below, while discussed in more detail in item #J4 below.
Tab. #J2: 3-erowa Tablica Cykliczności w rozwoju Urządzeń Napędowych

Tab. #J2: Here is the second formulation of my "Periodicity Table in the Development of Propulsion Equipment" - i.e. the formulation with its three consecutive "technical eras" already complete. Copyrights © 2018 by Dr. Eng. Jan Pajak. The content of this board was developed in 1985, while the form shown above its form I laboriously prepared by hand in 1988 by first drawing with ink on tracing paper its frames, and then printing into these frames the required inscriptions using the then available to me manual inscriptions using a manual typewriter available to me at the time typewriter available to me at the time - after all, in those days PCs were just in its infancy and had not yet reached their present-day capabilities (This labor-intensive and complex technique of creating it explains why the next time I copied, reduced and scanning it came out slightly skewed for me). Similarly labor-intensive methods of tracing paper and ink I also prepared (as I believe "for the sake of humanity" and in the service of God) these hundreds of other drawings and illustrations which I later published (and still publish) in my monographs and websites. Around 2000 I also prepared a digital version of it, using the technique already available at that time for assembling its elements from special characters. Shown above I published the table without changes to its content until 2018/2/7 - when it was replaced by an additionally improved array shown as Table B1 near the beginning of this web page, while the circumstances of the creation of which I explained in item #J2 above and in items #J1. and #J2. from page Free energy.

#J3. The breakthrough character of the fourth "technical era of humanity" which I illustrated in the third formulation of my "Cyclic Tables for Earth's Propelling Devices" that initiates the final and most advanced three technical eras of humanity in which the motion produced by all propelling devices will obtain the capability of "perpetual motion" engines (menas engines that are NOT requiring external energy supply nor any fuel - thus that are NOT eligible for taxation by greedy rulers):

In the third formulation of my "Tables of Cyclicity for Earth Drives," for the first time I added the fourth consecutive "technical era", which began on Earth with the construction of in 2017 of numerous working prototypes of "perpetual motion" machines of the first and second generation. This groundbreaking fourth technical era initiates on Earth a completely different period in the human history, when the propulsion and generation of motion will be based on advances in knowledge of the counter-world and on the use of open knowledge my Theory of Everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and NOT on the quality and power of new fuels or on access to fuel and energy sources. In turn, since the taxation of knowledge should be prohibited, while once inspired and made available to people by God, knowledge should be open to all free of charge, starting with the propulsion devices of this fourth technical era, all human propulsion devices will NOT will no longer be eligible for taxation - which, combined with the timeless greed of the of those in power will inspire more and more people to fight for the coinless organization of the operation of societies (i.e., to organize on Earth more and more groups and communities, in which the rewards for human labor contributions will be obtaining total nirvana - what a revolution in human attitudes, knowledge and social organization, the philosophy of totalizm has been postulating for a long time now). Of course, as always, this battle will be very difficult and won gradually, because there will always be greedy leaders, whose own laziness, distortions and blindness will keep them from learning the precepts and requirements of God, hence who will conveniently and effortlessly attempted to tax what does NOT belong to them - e.g., the knowledge or energy that was made available to humanity by God "perpetual motion" machines will generate for free for the good of all people.

It is also worth noting from the next, fourth of my "Cyclic Tables", shown here as "Tab. #J4", that this fourth "technical era" initiates on Earth a completely new new group of three "technical eras" in which everything that happens will be driven by the eternal mobility of counter-matter, and NOT by energy or fuel from our physical world. In other words, only in the group of the first three technical eras on Earth numbered 1, 2 and 3, the operation of propulsion systems requires them to be supplied with some kind of fuel or energy. In contrast, in this second group of technical eras with numbers 4, 5 and 6, all propulsion activities will be realized without the need to supply them with fuel or energy - i.e., solely through intelligent use of the ability of counter-matter to generate perpetual motion.

Hence these eras numbered 4, 5 and 6, can be called eras of "perpetual motion" drives and machines, or eras of the victory of human intelligence and knowledge over human stupidity and brute force.

If the reader carefully examines the fourth edition of my Periodic Tables, then he will note the the astonishing regularities and similarities that occur in all technical eras of our planet. These regularities become most apparent if one compares this 4th era of "perpetual motion" machines operating on the principle of circulation of counter-material wind, with the 2nd era of drives operating on the circulation of gaseous working agents - for details see "extract" of both eras shown in "Tab #J3" below.

And so for example, the first generation of "perpetual motion" machines of era number 4 uses in its operation the pressure of a blast of "counter-material wind" on the accelerated (e.g., centripetally) elements of these machines, just as the first generation of drives with circulation of gaseous working agents from era No. 2, uses for its operation the pressure of atmospheric wind. In a similar manner, the second generation of machines of era number 4, already uses both pressure and inertia (or more precisely, its inverse, or "self-mobility") of the "counter-material wind." Just as the second generation of gas propulsion working medium from era number 2 uses for its operation both pressure and gas inertia etc.

Tab. #J3: Wyciąg z Tabeli Cykliczności dla Maszyn Perpetuum Mobile

Tab. #J3: Excerpt from the third formulation of my "Periodicity Tables in Propulsion Development". Copyrights © 2018 by Dr. Eng. Jan Pajak. It illustrates the highly "intelligent" regularity that exists in successive inventions of Earth's propulsion devices and thus which could NOT have occurred by mere coincidence, but had to be deliberately achieved by God through the appropriate programming of the operation of physical laws, attributes of matter, and the so-called "Omniplan" which governs the sequence of implementation of inventions on Earth. I discovered this regularity back in 1972. The above extract is intended to show the similarities that exist between (a) the principles of operation of engines and propulsors working without power from external energy or fuel and operating like the "perpetual motion" of the past vs. representing the "fourth technological era" initiated in 2017, and (b) the principles of engines and propulsors operating with an external supply of in energy or fuel and representing the "second technical era" of propulsion systems with physical gas circuits. The above excerpt was published 2018/2/7 in "Tab #J1" from my page called Free energy, while it originated from the "Cyclic Table in Propulsion Development" published at the time as Table B1 in volume 2 of my monograph [1/5] with the following data bibliography: Prof. Dr. Jan Pajak "Advanced Magnetic Devices Magnetic Devices", 5th edition, Wellington, New Zealand, 2007, ISBN 978-1-877458-02-6 (updated dated2018/2/7). The same chart is also repeated, among others, as "Tab #B1", in item #B1. from this website.

#J4. Explanations of regularities contained in the fourth formulation of my "Cyclic Table for Earth's Propelling Devices", already covering six "technical eras":

According to my research initiated February 2018, in terms of developing its drives humanity will go through as many as six "technical eras", i.e., through the technical equivalent of these six "historical eras" that I have shown on "Tab #J1" above. In each of these "eras technical eras" as many as three generations of propulsion systems with increasingly higher powers and capabilities. These six "technical eras" will be arranged in three pairs (see "Tab. #J4" below).

The first of each pair of these "eras technical" (i.e., era numbers 1, 3 and 5) will be characterized by the generation of power propulsion and motion through the interaction of the phenomena of of its working medium on phenomena related to the phenomena of this working medium - only that already generated along the surface of the driven subassembly. An excellent example of a drive from these eras is the "electric motor," in which the rotating magnetic field generated by an electric current a rotating magnetic field driving the motion of its rotor (which magnetic field is the operating medium in the electric motor) interacts with another magnetic field permanently associated with the surface of its rotor and generated in that rotor either by supplying electric current to the electromagnets of this rotor, or by, for example. by action of the magnetic "rule of perversity" (i.e., the rule of magnetism which states that "every movement of the magnetic field generates in a conductor within the range of that field another 'perverse' magnetic field which opposes the opposes that motion"). In turn, the second of each pair of technical eras (i.e., era numbers 2, 4 and 6) will be characterized by the interaction of its working medium directly on the propulsion component of the device in question.

An excellent example of a drive from these pairs of technical eras is an engine called a "windmill," in which the pressure of the wind acts directly on the surface of its rotating wings. In each "technical era," too, the drives belonging to it demonstrate numerous phenomena and regularities which are very similar and symmetrical to the phenomena and regularities demonstrated by propulsion systems from other technical eras - which allows people to make future intelligent and intentional "synthesis" of further drives, instead of their supposedly accidental "invention" (or, more precisely, instead of "inspiring" the selected inventors by God - the for details see item #J5 from the web page Petone).

Because learning about the design, principle of operation and performance of the most important propulsion devices built in each of these six "technical eras of mankind" has a great importance in inspiring and raising the level of our consciousness and our advancement of civilization, in sub-items #J4.1 to #J4.6 below I will discuss in more detail the drives of each of these 6 eras.

An intriguing observation that seems to arise from the comparing the current position of humanity in the following "Periodic Table for Propulsion Systems" shown as "Tab. #J4", and the position of humanity in the "Table of Historical Epochs" shown as "Tab. #J1", as well as follow from my discussion above, is that the rise in the level of human morality for quite a while now seems to NOT keeping up with the plans of God. In turn, without achieving a certain level of morality, God cannot allow the humanity to gain access to powerful propulsion systems, which by the more immoral of its leaders, decision makers, criminals, terrorists, or psychopaths, could be used for some incompatible purposes inconsistent with God's plans, such as for unlimited profits, absolute power, for conquest, destruction, revenge, or even for the annihilation of certain nations or races.

After all, it appears that initially God planned that the "technical eras" shown below in "Tab. #J4" will coincide with the "historical eras historical eras" shown above in "Tab. #J1". However, the moral development of humanity apparently began to lag behind the planned one. After all, in the current fourth "historical epoch" of the of humanity, people still have NOT morally earned the for the honor of having developed all the drives from as many as 4 almost entire last "technical eras". This is because so far the humanity has only working all the drives from "technical era" number 1 (i.e. drives with force circulation), and all drives from "technical era" number 2 (i.e., drives with the circulation of mass). For some time now, too, mankind has acquired the the most primitive first-generation drives from the "technical era" number 3 (i.e. drives with the circulation of a magnetic field) - i.e., it has earned the "electric motors electric motors," and similarly primitive drives from the "technical era" number 4 (i.e., "perpetual motion" motors mobile" with circulation of counter-material wind) - that is, it has earned perpetual motion engines operating on the principle that is best represented in Kole Bhaskara.

However, in these "technical eras" number 3 and 4 the humanity has NOT yet deserved to reach the level of morality which would eliminate in it the action of the of the so-called "curse of inventors" and "inventive impotence" and hence which would allow humanity to build the first Oscillatory Chamber of my invention - which chamber will be the key propulsion device for all major drives of technical eras number 3, 4, 5 and 6 (not to mention not to mention allowing God to allow humans to build these more powerful than those already in existence, the second and third generation from the third and fourth "technical era"). I also do NOT think that in the already planned as rather "short-lived", the next fifth (and, in my current understanding of the Bible probably also heralded as the last on Earth) "historical epoch" that will be ushered in by the construction on Earth of an "oscillatory chamber" and Magnocraft, people suddenly became so morally correct and obedient to the God's commands that God allowed them, in the short time of that era to invent and build all the drives of the three eras of technical eras numbers 3, 4 and 5. What is even worse, for the "technical eras" number 5 (i.e., for "perpetual motion drives mobile" using the consequences of the software already existing in counter-matter"), and number 6 (i.e., "perpetual motion drives perpetual motion" utilizing new human-made counter-matter software), the official atheistic science continues to deliberately block and prevent humanity from learning the truth if only about the existence of counter-matter and the existence of the possibility of human interference with the counter-matter software - thethe knowledge of which truth is absolutely necessary for the initiation of any thinking about the development of machines, drives and devices with these highest powers and capabilities available to people and capabilities.

In the situation of such a significant retardation of the moral development of mankind and at the same time the possibility that actually there is an increasingly strong pressure of events in the universe on the plans and actions of our God, it is worth hypothetically to consider (and prepare for) at least two of a number of possible directions that the the further fate of humanity. After all, regardless of how further course of these fates, each person will be somehow affected by them in as many as a number of different ways.

And so, if there is a rapidly growing in the universe any danger to our physical world and God, which would force the acceleration of the process of of training "soldiers of God" described in item #B1.1. of the web page Antichrist, then God will be cheered to take action of drastically accelerating the moral maturation of humanity - for example, with the use of a not very for people pleasant way described in more details, among others, on my web page 2030 and illustrated on a free 34-minute YouTube video called Video Dr. Jan Pająk - The Destruction of Humanity 2030 resp. in YouTube /only polish at moment/

In turn, if nothing urges God to hurry, then simply the existence of our present world can be significantly extended in relation to the planned its end in the year 2656 (for details see item #N1. on the web page Quake, and "9" from item #C4. on the page Immortality), so that the number of people needed by God will obtain the necessary for its gathering, so that, with proper educational guidance by God, gradually and without deliberate acceleration, it could acquire the required "soldiers of God" level of their morality, obedience and knowledge of their creator.

Nevertheless, a significant extension of the existence of our current world will require the introduction of at least one more "historical epoch" of humanity's decline - as to which, from the current state of human (in)morality, it is easy to predict, that humans will make it even more brutal and devastating to themselves than is the current "epoch of the neo-medieval". (Note, however, that the increasingly rapid rise today in the level of "land destruction" and the resulting rapid degeneration of of human organisms and health, as well as the uncontrolled increase in human immorality, the departure of priests and scientists from the truth and from actual knowledge, the depth of of human hypocrisy in everything that is officially and privately is currently being done, etc., taken together seem to strongly suggest that NOT only for reasons located outside our physical world, but also for reasons triggered by people themselves and by their suicidal behaviors, still in practice probably brought down will be brought upon humanity by humanity itself these events which I forecast to come during the tragic for humanity 2030.

Only that in the case of adding an additional historical era to humanity and extending the duration of mortal humanity, these events which I forecast for the 2030s will probably be able to come somewhat later, and will be able to claim a slightly smaller percentage of victims, than if there is external pressure to undertake the second phase of training "soldiers of God" as soon as possible).

Table #J4a: 6-eras Cyclic Table for the development of Propelling Devices

Table #J4b: Graphically embellished presentation of the 6-eras Cyclic Table for Propelling Devices

/original english text Dr. Eng.Pająk/:

Table #J4ab: This is my "Cyclic Table in the Development of Earth's Propelling Devices" with six "technical eras of humanity". Copyrights © 2021 by Dr Eng. Jan Pająk. This table is available, among others, as well as in the posts number #295E and #332E to blogs of totalizm It was developed on March 17, 2018 and already represents the fourth version of my Cyclic Tables in the Development of Earth's Propelling Devices that I developed in my entire life. An important feature of this fourth, in turn, formulation of my Cyclic Tables is that they included two further "technical eras" of humanity, namely the fifth and the sixth era. In these highest for humanity "technical eras", the generating of useful movements and other propelling effects will utilize the propelling capabilities of potentially intelligent, computer hardware-like, invisible to humans, weightless, and perpetually moving "counter-matter" from the counter-world - as it is explained in item #J4.6 /please scroll down/ from this web page. These propelling abilities will be triggered either by using already existing programs contained in the memories of "counter-matter" (in the technical era number 5), or by programming the counter-matter anew (in the technical era number 6). The development of the principles of operation of these propelling devices of the fifth and sixth "technical era" became possible due to my previous theoretical development of the so-called "Omniplan" - which God uses to control and manage all events occurring in our physical world - as I explained this in more detail, among others in items #C3., #C4. and #C4.1. from web page Immortality, and in item #J5. from my other web page Petone, as well as in my earlier elaboration of the world's only real Theory of Everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.
Highly helpful in learning about the fifth and sixth technical eras of humanity was for me also the more accurate knowledge of the features and applications of the "Universal Language of Thought" named "ULT" or "Ulot" - the orders and programs written in which (language "Ulot") are understood and performed in a hardware manner by potentially intelligent counter-matter. (The language called "ULT" or "Ulot" is explained more comprehensively in item #E4 from my web page Prophecies, and in posts #307 and #307E to blogs of totalizm.) To fully understand the operation of the propelling devices of sixth (and fifth) technical eras of humanity it is also advisable to learn the role of the "fourth dimension (G - depth)" of the counter-world and the operation of artificially programmed so-called the "reversible software time" in which people and all living beings grow old. These are described in more detail in item #D3. from the web page God proof and in subsection G1. from my monograph [12], published in 2018. Also notice that the everlasting mobility of the weightless counter-matter creates an additional opportunity for people to build "perpetual motion" motors, which in 2017 initially started the fourth "technical era" of humanity - which will be characterized by gradual replacement of previous harmful to the natural environment and to human "fossil fuels" (and based on these fuels - internal combustion engines) with a good and beneficial for people "free motion" that generates the so-called "free energy". Unfortunately, the rapid implementation of these "perpetual motion" motors is currently still blocked on Earth by as many as five powerful enemies of these wonderful machines. These enemies of human origin are:

(1) the official atheistic science afraid of the global disgrace resulting from the many years of deceiving humanity that "perpetual motion" motors are NOT possible to build (in spite that one of such motors, called the Video "Bhaskara Wheel" bzw. auch in YouTube;

(2) governments of countries, who are afraid of falling down fuel taxes that are fuelling their corruption;

(3) fuel companies that are afraid of going bankrupt;

(4) banks that are afraid of losing their income and profits; and

(5) priests and decision makers of religions who "rejected the knowledge" and make living from easy speculations and mysticism, thus are afraid of the truth and the linked to this truth the difficulty of learning reliable and new knowledge about God - for more information see item #D3. on my web page God proof.

/Translation DeepL/:

Here's the "Periodicity Table in the Development of Earth's Propulsion Devices Propulsion Systems" with six already consecutive "eras of technical". Copyrights © 2018 by Dr. Eng. Jan Pajak. This board was developed on March 17, 2018 and represents already the fourth form of these boards that I have developed in my life. An important feature of this fourth already formulation of these boards is that they include into them the next two "technical eras" of humanity, i.e., the fifth and sixth eras. In these highest for humanity "technical eras," the generation of propulsive effects will consist of utilizing the propelling abilities of the of the eternally moving "counter-matter" from the counter-world.

These abilities will be triggered either by using already existing programs contained in thememories of this "counter-matter" (in era 5), or by programming the counter-matter anew (in era 6). Working out the principles of operation of the drives of this fifth and sixth "technical era" was made possible by My previous theoretical elaboration of the so-called "Omniplan" - which God uses to control events in our physical world, and also thanks to the empirical confirmation of the correctness of this knowledge of the Omniplan by carefully analyzing a number of already built in 2017 and operating correctly the "perpetual mobile" described in more detail in items #J1. and #J2. of my web page Free energy and in items #D3. and and in items #A0. from my page God proof.

This "Omniplan" is described in more detail in items #C3., #C4. and #C4.1. from my page Immortality.
In addition, in item #D3 of the page "God proof", and in subsection G1. of my 2018 compiled monograph [12], I additionally supplemented the descriptions of the "Omniplan" with an explanation of the role of the "fourth dimension" of the counter-world for the operation of the artificially programmed so-called "recursive software time" in which humans and all living beings age.

/original english text Dr. Eng.Pająk/:

Table #J4a (top): My own presentation of the "Cyclic Table in the Development of Earth's Propelling Devices" with six consecutive "technical eras". It was this presentation that I made personally on 2018/3/17. The formulation shown above, as well as the previous presentation of this table, I prepared by assembling their frames and subtitles from special characters available in PCs.

Table #J4b (down): Beautified and perfected with computer graphics presentation of the same Cyclic Table as in "Table #J4a", but here prepared later by my graphically talented friend Dominik Myrcik. (In my opinion this presentation is more informative for reading, and visually more pleasing to look at.)

#J4.1. The first technical era of humanity and its propelling devices that were fundamental for the development of human technology:

Motto: "And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

(Bible, Verse 8:32 in "John")

This item #J4.1 describes propelling devices of the first "technical era of humanity" illustrated by my "Cyclic Tables for Earth Propulsion Systems" - the most advanced form of which tables is shown as "Table #J4" above on this web page. The propelling devices of that era number 1 for their "working medium" use the "circulation of force" generated, for example, by the muscles of humans or animals and passed to these propelling devices through a direct contact and direct force transmission. That era number 1 was initiated still in antiquity with the invention of the first pair of "motor-propulsor" from first generation of its propelling devices, which included the mechanism of the motor currently called "crank" (used to this day in traditional rural wells), and the propulsor called "rafting pole" (still used today to push some boats and rafts). To the first generation of the same first technical era also belong the propelling devices of its second "motor-propulsor" pair, which includes the motor called "treadmill" and the propulsor called "wheel". (Apparently the "wheel" was invented and first used by the ancestors of the Slavs, i.e. by the Sarmatians, who were the first in the world to build horse chariots, with help of which they formed a huge empire stretching from the North Sea to the present India. If this is actually consistent with the historical truth, then an anonymous Slav began the technical development of humanity with his wheel, while the "Cyclic Tables" of another Slav, i.e. the author of this web page, will inspire the construction of devices that define possibilities and goals up to the most advanced technical eras of the future development of humanity described in item #J4.6 of this web page, the operation of propelling devices in which eras is to be based on programming potentially intelligent counter-matter.)

God designed the laws, regularities and principles of operation of the first technical era of humanity so foresightedly that they provided cognitive foundations on which next generations of inventors could later build their understanding of basic features, components, laws and repetitive regularities, combining of which into one functional whole, allows to mould every invention of the new propulsion system. So, by using the recommendation of the Bible stating that: "on the confirmations of two or three witnesses every matter must be based" - see item #C5. on my web page Bible, the propelling devices of this first technical era provided the "first witness" out of recommended by the Bible at least two "witnesses" on which the development of my "Cyclic Tables" was based. In turn having these Cyclic Tables allows to forecast designs and principles of operation of propelling devices for the entire future technical development of humanity - i.e. forecast all propelling devices illustrated in Table J4a and Table J4b from this web page.

And so, this first technical era which was the first witness out of these at least two witnesses recommended by the Bible, revealed to us that there are two different types of propelling devices, namely there are "motors" which generate relative motion of some parts of a given machine in relation to other parts of a machine (e.g. consider "crank" or "treadmill"), and there are also "propulsors" that generate absolute motion of entire objects in the surrounding environment (e.g. consider a "rafter pole" or a "wheel"). It also revealed that the most basic component of every propulsion system is its "working medium" - which in this first era was the "force" of a direct tactile impact generating "propelling motion". These two types of propulsion systems invented in a given technical age (i.e. "motor" and "propulsor") always form twin pairs of "motor-propulsor" - which consist of one "motor" and one "propulsor", both of which use the same "working medium" and the same principle of operation. Each propelling device must also have spaces (or a space) in which two different transformations are carried out, i.e. it must have a "working medium generator" (in the first technical era, the simplest of such generators were muscles of a human or an animal) in which "something" is transformed into that "working medium", and must also have a "working space" in which this "working medium" is transformed into "propelling motion". Depending on what physical phenomenon in a given propelling device transforms into a "working medium", in each technical era as many as three generations of propelling devices can be built. For example, in the first technical era and its first generation of propulsion systems, such a phenomenon was a direct touch which the muscle energy transformed into a driving force (e.g. in "crank" or "treadmill"). In the second generation of the first era the driving force was generated by the phenomenon of inertia (e.g. in the "potter's wheel" or in the "flywheel"). In the third generation, the driving force was generated by the phenomenon of internal energy (in that first era - the energy of elasticity, e.g. in the "inertial drill", "catapult", "spring from clocks", or in "ball"). In each of these three generations as many as two "motor-propulsor" pairs could be built, in the first of which "working medium generator" was separated from the "working space", while in the second pair both spaces were connected with each other.

The propelling devices of the first technical era of humanity were the "first witness" which provided the empirical "confirmation", which each one of us received from God, and which revealed to us these attributes, components, laws, repetitive regularities, etc., that are essential for each propelling device. After inspiring people to implement inventions of the first technical era, which allow everyone to understand these features, components and repetitive laws-regularities of any propelling device, God inspired next generations of inventors to provide the "second witness" which supplied additional "empirical confirmations" revealing and confirming features, components, laws and repetitive regularities of earth propelling devices. This "second witness" were the propelling devices from the next "second technical era of humanity". So this second technical era provided the humanity with "empirical confirmation" that the above described features, components, laws and repetitive regularities required in the implementation of Earth's propelling devices, are regularly repeated in the inventions of propulsion systems from every subsequent technical era of humanity. Therefore, the second technical era of humanity also confirmed with its empirical feedback, amongst others, the correctness of attributes, components, laws and repetitive regularities which I detected with my theoretical analyzes (and later described with my Cyclic Table for Propelling Devices) already in the first technical era of humanity. In turn having such a second (reaffirming) empirical confirmation, according to the instructions contained in the Bible and stating that "every case must be based on the credentials of two or three witnesses"(see item #C5. on my web page Bible), opened to all of us the insight into the future, which me personally allowed to forecast over time the described in more detail in subsections #J4.1 to #J4.6. from this web page and in entries #319E to #309E to blogs of totalizm based on content of these items #J4.1 to #J4.6., all kinds of propelling devices that still await for humanity to build them - thus fulfilling God's far-sighted plans. This "second technical era of humanity", confirming the features, components, laws and repetitive rules that govern the formation of subsequent inventions of propelling devices of all future technical eras, is described below in next item #J4.2 of this web page and also in post number #317E to blogs of totalizm (the text of which post can be found, amongst others, in "volume S" of my publication [13] available through the web page monograph 13).

The biggest problem for my working out the construction and principles of operation of subsequent technical eras that would follow after this second technical era, was the determining what working mediums and what laws related to propelling devices would govern the eras numbered three to six. This is because God gave us just one more clue regarding these propelling devices of the future, i.e. He gave us the invention of the "electric motor" of 1836 - which invention initiated the "third technical era of humanity". However, this invention proved that in the third and higher technical eras of humanity, as working mediums will NOT be used any form of physical matter - various laws and interactions of which matter formed the propelling devices of the first and second technical eras. The electric motor revealed that in the third technical era the working medium will already be immaterial magnetic interactions. So again, regardless of everything revealed to us by the first and second technical eras from my Cyclic Table for Propelling Devices - this time as a whole providing also the superior type of the "first witness" from a completely different, already futuristic "knowledge-creating, invention-motivating, chain-shaped structure", we also needed another, more superior "second witness" from the same futuristic "knowledge-creating, invention-motivating, chain-shaped structure" which would reveal to us further working mediums and further laws governing over the development of propelling devices other than already known to us first to third technical eras, i.e. which would reveal details of the fourth to sixth eras. This superior "second witness" was provided by my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 - after all, it opened for me a window and an insight not only to the future of humanity, but also to the entire universe: I hope that this my window to the future and to the universe will soon become also available to all people, "if" and "when" the dissemination of my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 and the truths derived from it ceases to be secretly blocked for "political reasons" which I briefly described in items #A1. to #A4. of my web page Party of Totalizm.

This my Theory of Everything of 1985 clearly indicated "what working mediums" and "what laws" will govern over the principles of operation and designs of propulsion systems built in the fourth to sixth technical eras of humanity. After all, this my Theory of Everything explained that the universe that surrounds us consists of three (3) different worlds.
Only the first (1) and most primitive out of them is our "physical world" filled with matter. Mutual interactions and laws of this matter from our physical world provide working mediums and principles of operation only for propelling devices from the first and second technical eras. However, my Theory of Everything of 1985 (for details see descriptions of it from the web page Concept of Dipolar Gravity) revealed also that behind the dimension and direction "into-depth" from our physical world is hiding another

(2) four-dimensional world, which my Theory of Everything calls the "counter-world". In turn a unique intelligent substance that fills this counter-world, which displays properties opposite to the attributes of matter from our world, and thus which I named "counter-matter", forms invisible from our world circulations that people know under the name "magnetic fields", while the interactions between which and the phenomena to which they are subjected, provide the working medium and laws governing the development of our propelling devices of the third technical era.
In turn, because the "first and second witnesses" (i.e. the first two technical eras from my Cyclic Table for Propelling Devices) have already revealed to us that every world of the universe provides working mediums and principles of operation for two subsequent technical eras of humanity, this counter-matter from the counter-world will provide working mediums and principles of operation NOT only for the "third technical era of humanity", but also for the next "fourth technical era of humanity" - which is described below in item #J4.4 of this web page as well as in entry number #313E to blogs of totalizm most readily available via the volume S of the publication [13] disseminated through the web page monograph 13.
However, the propelling devices of the fourth technical era will differ by several unique features from the propelling devices of the third technical era (to which third technical era belongs, among others, the already existing "electric motor", and will also belong my inventions of the starship Magnocraft and its propulsor named the Oscillatory Chamber.
For example, in this fourth technical era, and in eras higher than it, all propelling devices will already operate on the principle of "perpetual motion". As such, they will NOT require an external energy supply or fuel supply - just like the supply of energy or fuel still require propelling devices of third era that use magnetic fields as their working mediums. In addition, fourth-era propelling devices will continue to use phenomena and laws persistently unrecognized and rejected by our official atheistic science and manifested only through the interactions of counter-matter with our physical matter - e.g. the phenomena and laws indicated by my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 blocked for "political" reasons although already described in numerous publications (e.g. in my Polish monograph [12] and in my English monograph [1/5]), means phenomena such as "Telekinetic Effect" and "reversible software time" enabling people e.g. to travel through time and to achieve an infinitely long life. From the first two eras of the next, more superior type of "first witness" (which this time is my entire Cyclic Table for Propulsion Systems) we already know that only the first technical era driven by the principles and laws of a given world is always based on phenomena and laws that create effects which are visible and detectable by human senses (e.g. is based on tactile force interactions from propelling devices of the first technical era, and on force interactions between magnetic fields in propelling devices from the third technical era). In turn the second technical era driven by a given world is already based on phenomena and laws that are detectable only to human intellects and to logical deductions (e.g. based on dynamic pressure, jet, internal energy, etc.). Hence the principles of operation and laws that will support the operation of propelling devices from the fourth technical era (e.g. the telekinetic effect, or reversible software time) are also NOT detectable by our senses, although humans are able to detect them and describe with the inquisitiveness of their intellects and logical deductions. Of course, my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 did NOT finish on this fourth technical era its indications as to what working mediums and principles of operation the future propulsion systems will use. After all, according to it, in the memory of intelligent counter-matter in turn hides yet another, third (3) world, which is also a natural component of the universe, and which my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 calls the "virtual world". In this third "virtual world" are contained programs that govern over the behaviour of counter-matter, whilebecause counter-matter rules over the behaviour of matter from our world, these programs also govern everything that is manifested in our physical world. (This is why the superior being known to us under the name God, is a kind of self-aware program living in memory of counter-matter from this "virtual world" - as I explained it in item #A0. of the web page God proof.)

So these programs from the "virtual world" provide principles of operation and laws that define propelling devices from the last two technical eras of humanity, i.e. from the fifth and sixth eras described below on this web page in items #J4.5 and #J4.6, as well as described in posts #311E and #309E to blogs of totalizm that are based on these items #J4.5 and #J4.6. Of course, to all-powerful propelling devices from these two highest technical eras of humanity also apply all manifestations and laws which previously revealed to us the superior "two witnesses", i.e. revealed to us the superior first witness in the form of my Cyclic Table for Propulsion Systems (treated as one whole), and revealed to us the superior second witness (completely independent of this Cyclical Table) in the form of my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 - unfortunately, the benefiting of other people from numerous truths of my groundbreaking Theory of Everything is still secretly blocked due to the petty motives of considerable proportions of present people and powerful institutions - as I explained this in short items #A1. to #A4. from my web page Partia Totalizm. The previous paragraph explaining "which witness", as well as "what" and "how" indicates to us what will be the working mediums, principles of operation and laws governing over the development of propelling devices of the distant human future from all six technical eras, also reveals to us some additional and more superior out of these laws and regularities that apply to human propulsion systems, which laws and regularities complement and extend with themselves a set of laws (I) to (V) described in item #J4.3 /please scroll up/ below on this web page. Let us specify here what state these further (superior) laws and regularities for propulsion systems.
Here are the wordings in which their content can be expressed (of course, this content could also be expressed with other wordings, but its meaning would still remain the same):

(1) My scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 (i.e. the theory most widely described on two web pages Concept of Dipolar Gravity and Theory of Everything of 1985) allowed me to determine that each one out of the three worlds that make up the entire universe, i.e. (1) our "physical world", as well as (2) the "counter-world" (through appropriate pre-programming of behaviours of the substance of which called "counter-matter" God created our physical world), and (3) the "virtual world" (i.e. a separate world contained in the memory of potentially intelligent "counter-matter" in which God lives and our souls reside), provides working mediums, phenomena, and principles of operation for propelling devices forming one pair of technical eras of humanity.
Thus in total, all these three separate worlds of the universe allow the humanity to build propelling devices belonging to as many as six subsequent technical eras. Each subsequent of these six eras will consist of propelling devices with ever greater powers and capabilities, but their construction will impose increasingly higher demands on people in the areas relating to God, morality, philosophy, science and nature. (Meeting these requirements will most probably only be possible "if" and "when" inventors and researchers working on these propelling devices of the future, as well as politicians, accept the truth of the Bible and the recommendations of my philosophy called Totalizm - the one spelled with "z", as well as findings of my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985, for example, accept and start to implement everything that I explained in items #D3. and #F1. and in (11) from item #G1. of my web page Nirvana, and in items #A1. to #A4. from my web page Party of Totalizm.

In other words, to meet these requirements, and thus to build these powerful propelling devices of our future, will certainly NOT be able the lying and completely deviated the present "official atheistic science", nor today's ruling elites - the level of corruption and ignorance of which makes them unable to accept the statements of my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985, nor my philosophy of totalizm.)

(2) Substances, phenomena and laws in force in each of these three separate worlds existing in the universe, provide working mediums and principles of operation, and also define constructions, etc., for as many as three pairs of such technical eras of humanity. Therefore, the first pair of these eras, i.e. the first and second technical era, based their working mediums, principles of operation, constructions, etc., on substances, phenomena and laws in force in (1) our "physical world". The second pair of these eras, i.e. the third and fourth technical eras, are to base their working mediums, principles of operation, constructions, etc., on substances, phenomena, and laws in force in (2) the "counter-world". In turn the third pair of these eras, i.e. the fifth and sixth technical era, are to base their working mediums, principles of operation, constructions, etc., on programs, laws, and actions in force in (3) the "virtual world" contained in the memory of potentially intelligent counter-matter.

( 3) Each technical era of humanity making up a given pair of eras – the working mediums, principles of operation, constructions, etc., of which era is defined by substances, phenomena and laws in force in each of these three separate worlds existing in the universe, drastically differs in possibilities, principles of operation and phenomena used in the second era of a given pair of eras. This is because the first of both eras of a given pair, bases its principle of operation and construction on a primitive group of phenomena whose existence and work are detectable to human senses. In turn the second of both eras of a given pair already bases its principle of operation and construction on a more hidden group of phenomena, the existence and work of which are NOT detectable to human senses, but which can be investigated by human intellects and by the power of logical deductions.

(4) The unknown yet to the official atheistic science laws and phenomena which in (2) a "counter-world" - that is different than (1) our physical world, define the working medium, principles of operation, and design of propelling devices of the third and fourth technical eras from the distant future of people, already now indicate to us various findings resulting from my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985. These laws and scientific phenomena my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 recommends to develop logically from the "postulate of contradiction of attributes and phenomena from substances existing and occurring in the counter-world to attributes and phenomena of substances existing in our physical world". Thus, for example, the existence of the phenomenon which I named the "Telekinetic Effect" reveals to us the attribute of counter-matter which is the reversal of the inertia from our physical world, and which I called the "self-mobility". In turn attributes of a kind of time artificially pre-programmed by God, which my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 calls the "reversible software time" (i.e. the time in which people and all living beings grow old, and thus which will allow to build "time vehicles"), in many of its manifestations will be opposite to the manifestations of the natural time of the universe, which my Theory of Everything named the "irreversible absolute time of the universe".

(5) Unknown to the present official atheistic science laws and phenomena which in a "virtual world" different from our physical world define the working medium, principles of operation and construction of propelling devices of the fifth and sixth technical era from the far future of people, also already now indicate to us various findings of my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985.
These laws and phenomena the the scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 recommends to develop logically from the "postulate of similarity of work of programs contained in counter-matter to the work of software in human computers". More information about these programs contained in counter-matter, readers can find in items #J4.5 and #J4.6 from this web page, and also in item #A0 from my web page named God proof.

(6) Each subsequent technical era of humanity allows to build propelling devices with power many times more powerful than propelling devices from the preceding era - thus starting from the propulsors of the third technical era, the propelling devices that will be built for them after falling into hands of present morally immature individuals would be able to destroy or enslave a larger part of humanity.
Therefore, the building of subsequent propelling devices that are more advanced than the "electric motor" imposes new moral requirements on every citizen of humanity which new requirements are increasingly higher from these accepted at present. Thus, the construction of these devices must be preceded either by establishing a political system that is different and much better than all present political systems (e.g. preceded by the political system described in items #A1. to #A4. from my web page Party of Totalizm), or be preceded by the "Great Purification of Humanity" which has been announced for a long time by the Hopi Indians while described in item #H1. from my web page 2030.

(7) Generating, learning, or accepting knowledge that allows building propelling devices from eras higher than the highest era the propelling devices of which are already being built on Earth, is impossible for people with a level of morality that is lower than the level of power of these propelling devices. For these reasons, either humanity voluntarily (and quickly and democratically) will start implementing the political system based on the "totaliztic nirvana" and thus incomparably more moral than the current capitalism and communism, which new system I described in items #A1. to #A4. of my web page Party of Totalizm and in item #F1. from my web page Nirvana, or from around the year 2030 will come to Earth the events illustrated with a free Polish-language YouTube video entitled Video Dr. Jan Pająk - The Destruction of Humanity 2030 resp. in YouTube /only polish at moment/ (the indications of which events are already manifested on Earth), which most probably will kill all, or most, of immoral people who are an obstacle to introducing on Earth an incomparably more moral system than capitalism and communism, and hence the disappearance of which people will open for the humanity the opportunity to build propelling devices from eras higher than the era presently used, and open the opportunity to release currently blocked the moral, conscious, and civilizational growth of future people, which growth is to eventuate from having and using by them all these powerful and advanced propelling devices.

On the basis of above laws and regularities, after the complete development of the propulsion devices of the first and second technical eras, and after developing and publishing the principles of operation and construction of propelling devices still not built by people from the next, third technical era of humanity, in my free time I analyzed and synthesized further propelling devices that my scientific "Theory of Everything of 1985" (i.e. this my Theory of Everything, the dissemination of which around the world is secretly blocked until today, means for 35 years) indicated that God certainly designed them for the use by humanity. As a result of these analyzes and synthesizing, with the elapse of time I completed the propelling devices that make up the entire present Cyclic Table already containing the most important motors and propulsors from all six technical eras of humanity - which I showed on this web page as the "Table #J4". After completing it, the turn was for philosophical inquiries into what makes my Cyclic Tables and my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985, capable of showing to me numerous laws, principles of operation and the creative essence of inventions and scientific discoveries that go far into the human future. These philosophical inquiries resulted in the discovery in both my Cyclic Tables and in my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985, an unique intellectual structure contained in them, which can be named the "knowledge-creating chain-shaped discovery structure" or the "knowledge-creating, invention-motivating, chain-shaped discovery structure". In turn my discovery of the existence of such unique structures, allowed me to define and describe what in the philosophical sense are my Cyclic Tables and my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985. So it is time to provide here the definition of the Cyclic Tables and brief descriptions of both these my most groundbreaking scientific discoveries (the broader descriptions of my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 are provided on a separate web page Theory of everything of 1985).

The "Cyclic Table for Propulsion Systems" is the developed specifically for the laws and regularities existing in human propelling devices, the representation of the one-dimensional intellectual "knowledge-creative chain-shaped discovery structure" useful in processes of forecasting and inventing the principles of operation of any new inventions and discoveries intentionally pre-programmed by God into just such a structure (e.g. in the inventing of new propulsion devices), which chain knowledge-creative discovery structure has this important feature that if one of its links is worked out correctly, then the repetitive laws and regularities which God has encrypted in that link, and which our research is to reveal to us, allow us to also work out the link following it, and at the same time to confirm and increase the perfection and truth of the links preceding it, which in turn allows us to work out a further link, etc., etc. Further features and descriptions of this "knowledge-creative chain discovery structure" I am trying to explain in the entire "part #D" from my other web page Theory of everything of 1985. For example, one of such key attributes of this intellectual structure is, that each subsequent link in the knowledge-creative chain-shaped discovery structure confirms back the correctness of links preceding it, and thus confirms the correctness of regularities and laws which are inscribed in all these links.

In other words, my Cyclic Tables and other intellectual creations representing these "knowledge-creative chain-shaped discovery structures" (e.g. my "Theory of Everything of 1985" or "Mendeleev's Table") are like non-mathematical similarities of "sequences of numbers" about which we learn from mathematicians, and for which if we discover at least two of their elements, then our knowledge, experience and logical deductions are able to work out the repetitive laws and regularities that later will reveal to us all elements of an entire given sequence.

By representing a one-dimensional "knowledge-creative chain-shaped discovery structure" faithfully reflecting the repetitive regularities that God encrypted into everything He created, my Cyclic Tables can be built for virtually everything that God has created. For example, to date I have already developed "Cyclic Table for Epochs in the History of Humanity" - which is shown as "Table #J1a" from this web page, and "Cyclic Table for the Theory of Superior Beings" - which is shown as "Table #J1b" from this web page. Only a chronic lack of time prevents me from developing also a whole array of such tables in the next more neglected or falsely formulated by the "official atheistic science" areas of human knowledge. I have also a duty to emphasize that the commonly known the "Mendeleev's Table" is also one of such "cyclic tables" containing in itself the designed and already implemented by God and detected by the human researcher such "knowledge-creative chain-shaped discovery structure". Interestingly, my first Cyclic Table published back in 1976 turns out to actually represent and contain only one (i.e. the first one I discovered) of the countless componential structures of another multidimensional "knowledge-creative chain-shaped discovery structure" which is contained in my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 - that is, in the theory discovered, refined and published 9 years after my first Cyclic Table was published.

I should add here that the brilliant logic, symmetry, correctness and intelligence which are displayed by the content of each "knowledge-creating chain-shaped discovery structure", means NOT only by those structures which are contained in my Cyclic Tables of 1976 and in my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985, but also in the Mendeleev’s Table (also known as the "periodic table of elements"), undeniably prove that these structures could NOT have arisen through ordinary "coincidences" or by "accident", and they had to be deliberately designed by someone with superior knowledge and power over the laws and works of our physical world. As such, these structures contradict the false claims of present "official atheistic science" that our entire physical world and our entire life arose as a result of a series of "coincidences" such as "big bang" or "evolution". These structures clearly indicate that everything that we see and perceive with our senses, was created as a result of an extremely wise and far-sighted design of the overly intelligent "being in the form of a program residing in counter-matter", which supreme being we call God. In other words, both the truths expressed by my Cyclic Tables of 1976 and my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985, as well as by "Mendeleev's Table", provide further indisputable empirical evidence for the existence of God, which evidence further broadens the large body of evidence that I described in items #G3. and #G2. from my web page God proof.

While explaining here that my Cyclic Tables of 1976 are only one-dimensional components of the multidimensional scientific Theory of Everything that I formulated 9 years after formulating these Cyclic Tables, unfortunately I have to warn the reader here that my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 is very difficult to find on the internet for "political reasons" which I briefly explained in items #A1. to #A4. from my web page Party of Totalizm, while I am expanding with more detailed descriptions in item #F1. from my web page Nirvana.
In turn having difficulties with finding it, present people are NOT able to learn about its huge knowledge and creative potential and about countless benefits that the humanity is able to accomplish if people learn this theory and accept it. The problem with finding this my theory is that some hostile to truth but powerful institution with global influence has secretly but effectively blocked its dissemination already for 35 years. For example, despite my countless attempts to publish it in scientific journals, always my efforts of publishing it was intentionally thwarted. In turn, although I managed to publish it on the internet, someone intentionally blocks it from being linked to by internet search engines. In turn because of such blocking of its dissemination on the internet under the commonly known name the "Theory of Everything", it must be disseminated under the first name that I gave to it at the time of its discovery and publication in 1985, i.e. under the name of the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" - which tells nothing to people interested in reading about the scientific Theory of Everything, thus which in the present era of information overloadalmost completely prevents it from being learned by those interested in it - means who, while seeking the knowledge about the scientific Theory of Everything, have neither time nor energy to browse the entire internet in order to check whether this theory is NOT by any chance described somewhere under a completely different name. (For details of the shocking history of my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985, see two web pages describing these details while named "Dipolar gravity" and "Theory of Everything of 1985").

The reason why my Theory of Everything of 1985 also includes my Cyclic Tables of 1976, is that, unlike the one-dimensionality of my Cyclic Tables, my Theory of Everything contains an almost infinite number of multidimensional "knowledge-creating chain-shaped discovery structures" illustrating all the creative intentions of God, while contained in them are numerous knowledge-creative motive forces for making an infinite number of discoveries and inventions - including e.g. discoveries of all my Cyclic Tables that I have worked out so far and that I could develop if I had the required amount of time. As such, my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 is even more important for the progress of our civilization than described on this web page, especially in this item #J4.1, my "Cyclic Table for Propulsion Systems".
What a pity that self-interest and pettiness of some powerful institutions on Earth has been effectively preventing for about 35 years the verification of merits of this scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 by the collective wisdom of all interested people, as well as the verification of a large number of other groundbreaking discoveries, which these institutions do NOT allow to disseminate around the world under commonly known names. Examples of such blocking that prevent the submission of my Theory of Everything and other discoveries to be verified by the collective wisdom of all interested people, I documented and illustrated with evidence, among others, in the caption under "Fig. #E3c" /?/ from my web page Sabotages, in item #A1. from his web page Evolution and in post number #316E to blogs of totalizm based on that item #A1., in the introduction to my web page Theory of everything of 1985, in items #A1. to #A4. from the web page Party of Totalizm, and in several yet other publications. (As verifiable by everyone example of this blocking of access to my research results, one can enter the keywords "Theory of Everything into any Internet search engine - to see how much information about my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 he/she will receive in response; then use the same keywords in available only for the use of the "few knowing" the command for so-called "custom search" (let us hope that since it was published, this command by some miracle is still going to work)to see how many sources of information about my Theory of Everything of 1985, search engines actually have - only that in citations from each of these sources they still intentionally delete the key words Theory of Everything, which deleting in turn blocks even stronger this theory from being disseminated around the world.)

In the Cyclic Table for Propelling Devices described here, each of the subsequent links of the "knowledge-creating chain-shaped discovery structure" contained in it, is represented by another and new "technical era of humanity" in which the entire human activity is driven by a new and increasingly advanced type of "working medium" and by the propelling devices using this medium. In turn every new such type of devices for providing propelling uses, have not only a completely new working medium, but also a new principle of operation, construction and other technical elements - but the laws, repetitive regularities and interdependencies describing these elements for each technical era remain the same. As a result, when I was able to construct the first such a Cyclic Table (i.e. to construct the Cyclic Table published in 1976 in the article "Teoria rozwoju napędów" meaning "Theory of propulsion development" from the Polish Journal "Astronautyka", No 5/1976, pages 16 to 21), then like a kind of mythological "Ariadna's thread" it led me to a gradual forecasting, discoveries and descriptions of propelling devices from all six technical eras of humanity which God designed for Earth. Key propelling devices that make up all these six technical eras of humanity are described in items #J4.1. to #J4.6. of this web page, and also in posts #319E to #309E to blogs of totalizm based on these items. In this item #J4.1 I. described only propelling devices from the first technical era.
Let us sum up the above results of my scientific research, which has been going on for over half a century. (Note that this research I was forced to call my "scientific hobby" only to minimize the notorious persecution, removals from work, harassment, mockery, preventing of publishing, blocking, sabotages, etc., which because of me carrying them out were served to me from a large proportion of both: my superiors and other scientists.) And so, I managed to discover two "knowledge-creating, invention-motivating, chain-shaped discovery structures".
The first of these was the "Cyclic Table" described also here, which since its first publishing in 1976 (means almost 50 years ago) I have been constantly describing in various publications. The newest and most complete description of the Cyclic Table include this web page "Propulsion" - which briefly summarizes the overview of so-far developed knowledge about the Cyclic Tables, and also include another web page Free energy - which is entirely devoted to the description of already existing devices of the fourth technical era operating on the principles of "perpetual motion" (described also below in item #J4.4).
In addition, the Cyclic Table is also described, among others, in chapter B from volume 2 of my monograph [1/5].
In turn second similar such "knowledge-creating, invention-motivating, chain-shaped structure" turned out to be my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985, which in the meantime became the first and still the only scientific Theory of Everything that exists on Earth (only that a "smoke screen" and blocking created by someone hides it from being accesses by interested researchers). In a general way and as a whole, this second "knowledge-creating, invention-motivating, chain-shaped structure" developed by me, taking the form of the scientific Theory of Everything of 1985, I have also published in a whole series of my publications, including web pages Concept of Dipolar Gravity and Theory of everything of 1985, as well as in volumes 4. and 5. of my newest monograph [1/5].
In turn the fragmentary results of my research, the success of which I obtained due to the guidelines resulting from this my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985, I described in practically every publication I have - even in such publications seemingly unrelated to this theory,as item #C6. from my web page Nirvana presenting my conclusions about the possibility of effective healing of "illnesses of soul" called depression by generating "moral energy" through performing the so-called "moral work", or like item #F11. from the web page Soul proof, which by using an example of one among these "illnesses of soul" known today as "foreign accent syndrome" generally describes "illnesses of soul", their attributes, and also an explanation why today's "official atheistic medicine" is unable to heal them with its materialistic methods, as well as what different approach should help in the healing them.

Fig. #4: Propelling unit of the Magnocraft
and in YouTube too.

Video #J4.1a: It is worth knowing that since 2020/2/14 this 35-minute free video is available in Youtube, which illustrates the most important features, principles of operation and designs of the main propelling devices from all six technical eras of humanity described in items #J4.1 to #J4.6 of this web page and also described in posts #319 to #309 to blogs of totalizm. We created this film together with my friend Dominik Myrcik, who completed it excellently due to his high graphic talent and the skilful use of computer animation techniques. Thus the propelling devices of the human distant future are illustrated on the film as if they already existed and worked, and were just used by the humanity to implement their powerful abilities now considered almost bordering on miracles. The action of some fragments of the film was located on different planets and on other star systems. Regardless of the direct running of this film from the internet address of Youtube one can also watch it via my web page Videos, with which I linked all the films and videos available on youtube.com, in the creation of which I personally participated (hence about which I can be sure that they do NOT distort truths established as a result of my research). Since this film has three language versions, namely: English (entitled "Propulsionsof the Future"), German (entitled "Antriebe der Zukunft") and Polish (entitled "Napędy Przyszłości" - all three versions are linked to abovementioned my web page "Videos2, this highly meaningful and educational free film can and should be recommended to all friends who know any among these three languages - thus raising international knowledge, recognition and prestige of the Polish scientific thought.

#J4.2. The second technical era of humanity at the climax times in which we just live - and its destructive to the nature and people fossil fuel burning propelling devices:

Motto: "If we let people ignore God and use the moral standards that developed luminaries of their "official atheistic science", then they will only choose the easiest and most profitable way to destroy everything that exists - including themselves."

The second "technical era" of humanity described in this item #J4.2 uses the "circulation of mass" for its working medium. This "circulating mass" typically is of the consistency of fluid (e.g. air, combustion gases, water, etc.). The first propelling devices from this second technical era based on the "circulation of mass" appeared on Earth simultaneously with the last propelling devices from the first technical era of humanity - based on the "circulation of force". (The first technical era is described in more detail in the previous item #J4.1 of this web page.) This mean, that being based on the "circulation of mass", the propelling devices composing the described here second technical era of humanity must be different in all respects than the propelling devices of that discussed in item #J4.1 the "first technical era" operating due to the formation of "circulations of force". Thus, the second technical era provides us all with the perfect "second witness" commanded by the Bible and mentioned in item #J4.1 above, which the second witness confirms all previously described features, components as well as laws, rules and regularities that can be detected already in propelling devices from the "first technical era", while that faithfully are repeated in propelling devices of this "second technical era". For example, this second era confirms to us that all human propelling devices are invented and built in pairs, each pain including "a motor and a propulsor" - where the "motor" from each such a pair generates relative movements of one parts of the propelled machine relative to other parts of the same machine, while the "propulsor" of each such a pair produces an absolute motion of the entire driven device in the surrounding medium. It also confirms that in every such "motor-propulsor" pair, the propulsor also uses the principle of operation of the motor - only that one of the components of this motor (e.g. stator, rotor, piston, etc.) is replaced by the environment in which the given propulsor works - for more details see "laws, rules and regularities (I) to (V) governing over propulsion systems" described in item #J4.3. below from this web page. In addition, this second witness confirms that in each "technical era of humanity" as many as three successive "generations of propelling devices" can be built, in the "first-generation" of which the motor-propulsor pairs are driven by force interactions, in the second generation - by inertia, and in the third - by internal energy etc., etc. In turn while having these two confirmations provided to us by two different "witnesses", we can be absolutely sure that the laws, general principles of operation and designs of propulsion systems revealed to us by these two "witnesses", will also be repeated in all subsequent propelling devices which people will ever build. Therefore, the general laws and regularities that hit our eyes in the propelling devices of this first and second technical eras of humanity, will now allow us to gradually identify, understand and develop the principles of operation and designs for all types of propelling devices from as many as four future, and in total from as many as six subsequent, technical eras which the humanity has a chance to build until the end of its existence in its present mortal form - while which propelling devices I described in items #J4.1. to #J4.6. of this web page and in posts number #319E to #309E to blogs of totalizm. But of course, the humanity will be able to build these devices only on the condition that our civilisation will NOT destroy itself before building these devices, being pushed "down the cliff" by greed, thirst of power, immorality and the lack of competence of its ruling elites, and by the increasingly common turning away of people from God, from the love of neighbors and from respect to nature.

The "second technical era of humanity" described in this item #J4.2 was initiated around 1191 AD (i.e. meaning the Latin "Anno Domini" - in the Year of the Lord) with the invention of its motor of first generation, called "windmill", as well as its propulsor of first generation, called "sail". This second era continues to this day, i.e. for around 830 years. Its most advanced inventions are its third generation propelling devices - i.e. internal combustion engines that are used until today, among others in locomotives and cars, as well as combustion propulsors used, among others, in jets and rockets. Unfortunately, the combustion gases used in propelling devices of the third generation from this second technical era are highly destructive for nature and for health. Thus the side effects of this second era are the most devastating along the entire period of the history of humanity to-date. So people are obliged to make efforts of entering as soon as possible, and fully, into the "third technical era of humanity" described below in next item #J4.3, and in the post number #315E to blogs of totalizm based on that item #J4.3. (for the content of that English post #315E see "volume S" from the publication [13] available through the Polish web page monograph 13 and containing the texts of all posts to blogs of totalizm).

Unfortunately, the transition of humanity from the present destructive "second technical era" to the next healthy and clean "third technical era" delays and blocks, while the deadly to humanity consequences of the current "second technical era" worsens and prolongs, a whole range of humanity's shortcomings. One of the manifestations of these shortcomings are the displays of very bad decisions and immoral actions of elites ruling over humanity. As my Philosophy of Totalizm discovered and revealed it to us, one of the principles which God is applying in the collective upbringing of all people, is that in order to teach and to raise awareness of entire nations, countries, and human groups, for leaders of all so-called "group intellects" (i.e. all countries, institutions, companies, etc.) God always elevates people who best represent the level of morality of all participants of these intellects.
However, in recent times this level of human morality has been dictatorially lowered by the growing culture of lies and blocking of truths by today's "official atheistic science" that holds an absolute monopoly on research and on education. This is because the official atheistic science, in spite of the availability of a huge body of evidence proving numerous error in what it officially claims, is still allowed to spread amongst people with increasing impunity various erroneous and false claims like the supposed "laws of thermodynamics", "big bang", the existence and work of only one kind of time, or chronic negation of the existence of God (which supposed non-existence of God in turn suggests impunity of immoral behaviours of people, countries, institutions, etc. - see examples of lies of the official atheistic science which I am describing in item #J4.4. from this web page and in post #313E to blogs of totalizm).
No wonder that by representing the level of morality of the people over which they rule, today's ruling elites are increasingly focusing on enlarging their own wealth and power, instead of putting emphasis onto what really matters for the survival and civilizational promotion of the entire mankind - for example instead of emphasising: the increase of knowledge about God (formal scientific proofs for the indisputable existence of God are published and explained in items #G2. and #G3. from my web page God proof), love of neighbours, justice, care for nature, seeking of truths, consciousness progress both in ourselves and in all humanity, elimination of "rejecting correct knowledge ", limiting the destructive for nature and health use of ubiquitous chemicals, replacing monopolies with healthy competitions, improving methods of fair and productive governance, etc., etc. Further similar deficiencies of world-views of today's decision makers, combined with the materialistic interests of greedy producers of everything that humanity needs, create also the rapid decrease in people's living standards. To this is also added the almost complete ignorance of people as to the truths and facts that God has revealed to us through the Bible, e.g. the truth revealed in verse 19:24 from the biblical "Gospel according to St. Matthew" - I quote from the Catholic Bible: "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven."
After all, as the Polish proverb says, God "does not throw words to the wind". He has raised several billion people since the creation. So He has numbers to choose the most worthy 144,000 who will accompany Him for the rest of eternity. All of the above shortcomings tolerated and cherished instead of being eliminated from our civilization, increase imprisonment, slavery and exploitation of the majority of people, preventing the entire humanity from rising above the present destructive second technical era.

According to my estimates of the situation, the most important reason for the deliberate delay of humanity's entry into the pollution-free "third technical era", are the extremely harmful actions of elites ruling over the humanity, which actions depend on the stubborn blocking and annihilation by these ruling elites of any new ideas that threaten monopolistic positions and materialistic interests of these elites. A perfect example of reasons for blocking and destroying the most important among such ideas is briefly presented in items #A1. to #A4. from my web page Party of Totalizm, while it is expanded in more details in item #F1. of my web page Nirvana.
These elites are motivated by their belief that in our world (about which they believe that it is "the world without God") nothing threatens them for the "rejecting knowledge and truth" which they consider to be either threatening to their materialistic interests, or they consider to be incompatible with what they believe and disseminate. Excellent examples of such blocking and annihilation are provided by the results of my research. For example, links to descriptions of my Cyclic Tables the prognostic capabilities of which are explained in this item #J4.2 and in the entire this web page, and which I have been publishing constantly since 1976, for the first time by internet search engines began to be disclosed only in 2019 - i.e. after 43 years, and only because these tables have already become too publicized to continue ignoring them or blocking them.
In turn links to my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985, even in December 2019 (when I was working on finishing the descriptions from this item #J4.2) were still blocked by internet search engines - which blocking the reader can easily check by entering in any search engine the keywords Theory of Everything. The confirmation that this blocking is intentional, the reader should still be able to obtain through the use of the same keywords in the following command of the so-called "custom search": "Theory+of+Everything". (If the English version of this "custom search" command is already blocked, perhaps try the Polish version which still may work: "Teoria+Wszystkiego" /or the german version "Theorie+von+Allem" or search in the menus on the left and right for the corresponding language version. It is recommended to enter the name Pająk as a search word too./)
This "custom search" command indicates that search engines have at their disposal all the required sources of reliable information about my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 - only that some powerful institution is purposely blocking these sources from spreading around the world and from being subjected to verification by the collective wisdom of all people - not just by a few individuals paid for doing such a job in manners agreeable with policies of their employers. Unfortunately, those readers who know about the ability of such "custom search" to link to descriptions of my scientific Theory of Everything, already know also about the existence of this theory since 1985, and know what it reveals to our civilisation, what it corrects, and what benefits it brings. At the same time, if someone who does not know about the existence of this scientific Theory of Everything instead of keywords Theory of Everything uses the first name that I gave this theory back in 1985, i.e. uses the name Concept of Dipolar Gravity, then still in the information cited from my descriptions, the most important words "theory of everything" will always be carefully deleted - which words almost always in my publications preceded that old name explained more thoroughly on my web page "Concept of Dipolar Gravity".
Interesting at the same time is the very meaningful way of this blocking, which reveals that behind it hides a powerful institution with worldwide reach and power or influence. In almost every case this blocking takes the form of a "smokescreen" with the same name as the name of blocked idea. Thus, this "smokescreen" always works according to the proverb: if you wish to hide a tree, plant a whole forest around it. An example of such a "smokescreen" can be the movie entitled: The Theory of Everything - which film usually is (and was) the only item indicated if someone asks internet search engines about any Theory of Everything. Other examples of the use of a similar "smokescreen" include the stubborn indication of the illogically translated into the name Totalizm the old philosophy called "Totalitarism", which indication ceased only in 2019 - when finally search engines recognized the need to refer searchers also to the intentionally written with letter "z" my philosophy of Totalizm - which I have been developing and publishing continually for 34 years, namely since 1985. Still another similar "smokescreen" was the mysterious "orchestra" about which there is NO information "whether" or "where" it exists, but which calls itself the Magnocraft, and which likes to mock about my scientific achievements and about myself, but until the year 2019 exclusively which "orchestra" search engines always pointed out when someone was asking about my starship first published in 1980 and named Magnokraft.
Moreover, to the present day information about these two "Magnocrafts" (i.e. about my starship of 1980 and about this mysterious "orchestra" which I believe exists only since around the year 2000 - when the most vicious attacks at results of my research and at myself have started) are quitemeaningfully mixed up on the internet, etc., etc. - for more information on this matter see item #A5 from the web page "Totalizm" and see "Fig. #E3c" /?/ from the Polish web page Sabotages.
Of course, regardless of the ideas I have described here, the elites ruling over our civilization also intentionally block and "reject knowledge" about a whole range of other ideas that, if these were disseminated around the world, could save people from the current level of godlessness, immorality, greed, exploitation, injustice, corruption, turning away from God and from each other, destruction of nature, etc. - another example of such ideas that are strongly rejected and blocked by elites, although could be salutary to the humanity, may be the "perpetual motion" motors described in more detail below in item #J4.4 from this web page and in post #315E to blogs of totalizm.

If one carefully looks at my Cyclic Table illustrated above in "Tab. #J4" (i.e. the one containing propelling devices from all six "technical eras of humanity"), then quite clearly it becomes apparent why God designed the existence of this extremely destructive for nature and for the humanity the "second technical era of humanity", and why God provided the Earth's crust with these huge resources of "fossil fuels" (i.e. oil and coal) which for so long sustain the operation of the poisonous combustion engines of this "second technical era". This is because the "second technical era" is supposed to confirm to still primitive humanity practically all laws and regularities that govern over inventions of subsequent propelling devices. It is also to point out the repetitive regularities existing in their operating principles.
In turn, by this confirmation and pointing out it is to assure people that God created for the subsequent use by humanity a whole range of further working mediums and principles of operation of propulsion systems, which in the future will allow people to develop increasingly more perfect "technical eras" implementing the use of increasingly better and more powerful types of propelling devices. Only that before these better and more powerful than present types of propulsion systems God allows people to build, firstly the humanity as a whole must raise its average level of morality, which guarantees that these powerful propulsion systems will NOT be used e.g. for killing and destruction. The results of the research of a few inventors and discoverers (e.g. Tesla's inventions, or my discovery and development of the "Cyclic Tables of 1976" and the scientific "Theory of Everything of 1985"), combined with this high harmfulness of propelling devices of the second technical era, are clearly to make humanity aware that the propelling devices of the second technical era that we still use today, are intentionally planned by God to force humanity to use them only temporarily, e.g. until the time when people understand the old truth that "the good of the all is more important than the good of several individuals - even these most elitary ones". Unfortunately, although for the benefit of the general public (the whole of humanity), the combustion engines of today's second technical era should be replaced by the next (third) technical era quickly and already long ago, if the consciousness and knowledge of people do NOT change, we all rather poison each other with exhaust gases, instead of implementing the propelling devices of the next (third) technical era - which the danger is perfectly illustrated to us by the to-date "achievements" of present leaders of countries in eliminating the threat posed by rapidly being spoiled the climate of our feeder Earth. In addition, the ability of combustion engines of the second technical era to cause damage and illnesses, combined with the "announcement" of the existence of the "third technical era of humanity" in the form of the "electric motor" invented in 1836, practically means that destructive to humanity and nature "propelling devices of the second technical era" are also to fulfil the additional function of devices "testing" the readiness and ability of the entire present humanity to put the "group good" over the selfish "good of a few individuals and the ruling elites". In turn this additional function of the divine "pre-judgment test" means, that from what people are to cause with these propelling devices will depend whether humanity can continue its current form of existence, or must undergo some drastic and highly painful for people transformations - the two most important of which I described, among others in item #A1. from the web page Evolution, and on the entire web page 2030 - see also film in Polish, entitled The Great Purification of 2030s or in YouTube /only polish at moment/.

Of course, the all-knowing God long ago predicted that greed and thirst of power of merely a small bunch of people from the ruling elites, would block all humanity's access to technical eras higher than the current second technical era. Therefore, still in antiquity God introduced into the Bible numerous warnings, of a kind addressed to priests who "reject knowledge" (i.e. those priests which I described in item #J4.4 from this web page), and to all people who "destroy the earth" (i.e. to people described in items #T1. and #U1. from my web page Water, and on the entire web page 2030). These warnings should be taken very seriously, because God does NOT warn without drawing the announced consequences.

During the "second technical era", until to date, almost all propelling devices that can be built in this second era have already been invented. Only that some of them, despite being invented, so-far were NOT built. One of such invented, yet NOT built, among propelling devices of the second technical era, are "controllable balloons" for heated air driven by jet thrusts - which I invented in the first years after the creation of my "Cyclic Tables" and which I described in my first publications. Compared to the heated air balloons used until today - which are still only built as primitive, non-controllable "pseudo-propulsors", these "controllable balloons" thatI invented represent technically more advanced propelling devices of the second era, because they already advanced balloons to the category of easily controllable and extremely simple in design "controllable propulsors". (Note that in balloons the air heating can also be done with electric current instead of exhaust gases - which electric heating, after the construction of my light "Oscillatory Chambers" - which are able to accumulate unlimited amounts of electricity and which I described in more detail on the web page Oscillatory Chamber, will provide humanity with devices of easy construction and maintenance, and a kind of controllable flying propulsion systems that are clean for the natural environment.) Another, also such a still NOT built propulsion system that I invented, was a "flying bicycle". Once I was even going to build it myself to win the then considered impossible to win inventive competition that offered a high cash prize to a person who within a year builds a human muscle-powered flying device capable of travelling in both directions the distance designated by these organizers (I believe it was one kilometre).
This competition was announced in Auckland (New Zealand) shortly after my emigration to this country - means in times when such a cash prize would significantly improve my then very hard life. The design of my "flying bike" that I prepared for this competition was a kind of "airship balloon" with the general shape of an "airplane tail" (i.e. allowing an easy control over its flight direction), filled with helium and propelled with a propeller - which (the propeller), like the wheels in a bicycle, was supposed to be pedal driven. Unfortunately, my fate which works as if I am NOT destined to be financially rewarded for anything new that I created intellectually (this my fate is described, amongst others, in item #D2.1. from my web page Eco cars) in combination with almost a chronic trend of some modern institutions to "not keeping promises" when the fairness and morality requires a payment to someone to be made but there is an opportunity to get away without paying, caused that when I asked the advertisers about some the less clear for me details of the requirements of their competition regulations, they immediately changed their requirements - in a new version of requirements announcing that the constructed flying device could NOT be of a type lighter than the air (means it may NOT be e.g. a kind of "bicycle" similar to "airship"). As a result of this change in requirements, I had to abandon my participation in this competition. It was also good that I first checked the organizers of this competition with my question, because if I took up the construction of my "flying bike", then I would spend about a year to build it, while judging by the reaction of the organizers to my question - the payment of reward they would still refuse me under some cleaver excuse (as this already happened once with those 10,000 British Pounds reward for my explaining of the origin of "crop circles" that the owners of the English "Sunday Mirror" refused to pay me - which event I also described in item #D2.1 from the web page "Eco cars" indicated above).

To summarize this item #J4.2, the "second technical era" currently prevailing on Earth is the most critical for the fate of the present form of humanity. After all, the ruling elites and these powerful institutions led by them, which block the dissemination of actual progress and truth that would allow us to advance to the "third technical era", so-far seem to stubbornly continue to "strangle" our present civilization until the end of its existence, instead of placing "the good of all over their own greed". In turn on what they do next depends whether we will continue to exist in our present form, or whether God will be forced to transform us into something completely different. The knowledge, ideas and truths required for our promotion to the next, "third technical era of humanity" do exist and have been available already for many years. The problem is only that the few who hold power over the rest of us very short-sightedly and to the detriment of also themselves do NOT allow to introduce this knowledge, ideas and truths to the information of all people, to the verification by the collective wisdom of all people, and to the use by all people. In turn these blocking actions prevent our civilization from advancing to this salutary "third technical era". This opposition to the advancement of our civilisation is also easy to confirm. It suffices to just note, that although we have already crossed the "point of no return", still the ruling elites instead of "acting" feed us only with promises and endless "negotiations" which notoriously bear no useful fruit (see: verses 7:17-19 from Biblical "Matthew", the web page Parasitism, and the internet concept of "corporate psychopaths" - all of which sources describe the same category of people).

#J4.3. The third technical era of humanity recently initiated by the invention and implementation of "electric motors":

Motto: "In order to learn the truth where the ruling elites lead present humanity, one should stop watching the deceitful 'propaganda of success' with which they feed the population through their censored televisions and other mass media, and start to look with one's own eyes at the true life and reality that surrounds us."

Propelling devices of the third technical era of humanity for their working mediums use the "circulations of magnetic fields". This era was initiated in 1836 by the invention of its motor of first generation – that quite misleadingly is called "electric motor". Apart from this electric motor, the humanity has NOT built yet any other propelling device of this third technical era, although in 1984 I theoretically invented and since then I tirelessly disseminated in numerous publications, the propulsor (named the "Oscillatory Chamber") of the first generation from this third technical era of humanity. This first propulsor is described in more details on my web page named the Oscillatory Chamber.
The Oscillatory Chamber will first be used to propel a starship, also my invention, called the Magnocraft. Later, after additional improvements - e.g. after giving to it during the next, "fourth technical era of humanity" (described below in item #J4.4) the ability to fill up itself with magnetic energy, it will become the basic propulsor, transportation device and energy accumulator of our civilization.
The third technical era, like all the first three "technical eras" of humanity, i.e. eras number 1, 2 and 3, is characterized by the need to supply the human propelling devices with some form of fuel or an external source of energy (i.e. the need which disappears in propelling devices from the next three technical eras, i.e. from eras number 4, 5 and 6). So these first three technical eras could be described relatively well even in my oldest publications. The reason why they could be described already then is that these first publications were attacked and ridiculed with extreme ferocity by various individuals whose minds were suffering from the "incurable impairment of the imagination" described further in this item, and by "wolves in sheep's clothing" - who, by pretending to be alleged totalizts, were actually constantly discouraging, suppressing and sabotaging the reading of results of my research. (This hidden suppression and sabotage continues to this day - if one does NOT believe, then I suggest one try to read my blog at the address https://kodig.blogi.pl, which after all, exists, is systematically updated, and nothing with it supposed to be wrong - like with all three blogs of totalizm. However, every time I want to look at it, someone's system software makes such looking rather difficult for me and I have to put effort to break through this blockade.
In item #J4.3 from Polish version of this web page I published evidence that there is such blocking of my blogs from viewing. I wonder if the blocking software will continue to obstruct my blog after this information is published - as in previous cases, these kinds of sabotages disappeared and were replaced by different ones each time after drawing to them the attention of readers by publishing what specifically they caused to do - obviously, one of reasons was to make an impression that I imagine all these problems.) Thus, in those oldest publications I tried to limit explanations of everything that would further fuel such attacks. For examples of these old descriptions see item #B1 and the caption under Table #B1 on this web page, or see even much more detailed descriptions e.g. from chapter B in volume 2 of my monograph [1/5].

The development of designs of numerous previously unknown propelling devices that will be built or can be built as part of the third technical era of humanity become possible to me due to identifying rules and regularities that in construction and principles of operation of subsequent propelling devices revealed the first formulation of my "Cyclic Tables". The most important of these rules and regularities stated:

(I) Each "motor" built by people is just the first component of the "motor-propulsor" pair with similar principles of operation and the working medium being used. For example, the "motor" called the "windmill" is only the first component of the "windmill-sail" pair, while e.g. the "internal combustion engine" is only the first component of the motor-propulsor pair that also includes the "propulsor" called the "rocket" (or more strictly the "rocket nozzle"). So since the "electric motor" does NOT yet have a corresponding propulsor, this rule and regularity shows that some time after it a "propulsor" can be built, which I invented and named the "Oscillatory Chamber", and which will be used for propelling the starship named "Magnocraft" also of my invention.

(II) Each "propulsor" from a given "motor-propulsor" pair uses the same working medium and the same principle of operation as the corresponding "motor" - except that the role of the motor's "stator", "rotor", or "piston" in the propulsor is fulfilled by deflation of the working medium to the environment in which this propulsor moves the vehicle that it propels. For example, in the motor called the "treadmill" its "stator" is the land on which this treadmill works, while its working medium is the "force" generated by the legs of the horse. In turn the propulsor in the "motor-propulsor" pair for the treadmill, is the "wheel" - the principle of operation of which is executed through the deflation of its working medium (i.e. "force") into the environment, i.e. deflation (or directing) of the "force", by rotating the wheel on an stationary road or environment. Thus, for example propulsors in cars are their wheels, while car engines only provide these wheels with the required driving forces which cars wheels then "deflate" (or direct) onto the road or onto whatever wheels roll over.
Similarly, e.g. propulsors in the form of "rocket nozzles" are created by removing pistons from the cylinders of internal combustion engines and thus subsequently deflating of "exhaust gases" (which are the "working medium" in both internal combustion engines and rockets) directly into the environment surrounding these rockets - in present times giving that way absolute propelling motion to all space expeditions. This law-regularity reveals, therefore, that e.g. the propulsion system of the starship Magnocraft will operate on almost the same principle as an asynchronous electric motor utilizing the consequences of a rotating magnetic field, only that this rotating magnetic field in the Magnocraft is "deflated" into the environment, instead of (as in an electric motor) being directed to the rotor. Thus the "electric motor" forms the "motor-propulsor" pair with the Magnocraft and its Oscillatory Chambers.

(III) The "propulsor" from every pair of "motor-propulsor" in typical moral conditions of humanity is build NO earlier than around 200 years after the construction of the corresponding "motor". This in turn means, that since the first "electric motor" was built in 1836, the first "Oscillatory Chamber" and the "Magnocraft" driven with it will probably be build NOT earlier than in 2036. (Notice, that on the basis of various non-material premises, which I described in item #H1.1 from my web page named Prophecies and in post number #241E to blogs of totalizm, I determined that most probably the first country in the world which is to build my Magnocraft and thus which becomes the last superpower and leader of Earth, will be Korea.)

(IV) In every technical era as many as three increasingly advanced generations of propelling devices can be invented and built. Each of these three generations in their operating principle uses increasingly hidden and requiring input of new knowledge, experience and technique attributes of the working medium utilised in the entire given era. (As I explained in the first sentence of this item #J4.3, for the "third technical era of humanity" described here and reluctantly being introduced by the ruling elites, the "working medium" is the "circulation of magnetic field" that closes through rotors or the environment.)

(V) For each generation from each technical era, up to two motor-propulsor pairs can be built, both of which use similar principles of operation and the same working medium. Only that the first of these two pairs always has a device separate from the working space that acts as a working medium generator (e.g. in a steam engine such a working medium generator is a steam boiler that generates steam which later is brought to the working space between the piston and the cylinder where it generates the required propelling motion).
But in the second of these two pairs, the working medium is produced directly in the working space - as an example, consider an internal combustion engine, where the hot combustion gases are produced directly in the space between the piston and the cylinder. Thus, for example, for the third generation from the second technical era (see "Tab. #J4") the first pair of motor-propulsors is formed by the "steam engine" and the "jet engine", while the second pair is formed by the "internal combustion engine" and "space rocket".

Due to learning from my first "Cyclic Table" of the above laws and regularities that governed inventions and building of subsequent human propulsion systems during the already completed by people first and second technical eras, initially, means since 1975 till around 1985, I was already able to gradually develop principles of operation and blueprint designs for all basic propelling devices of the "third technical era of humanity". In turn until around the year 2018 I also developed principles of operation for propelling devices from the remaining technical eras of humanity. These initially developed propelling devices included motors and propulsors belonging to as many as three increasingly advanced generations of this third technical era (see the law and regularity number (IV) above). The first of these three generations that included, among others, the "electric motor" and the Magnocraft and its Oscillatory Chambers, in its principle of operation will use the attractive and repulsive force interactions of magnetic fields. The second generation of propelling devices from this third technical era, in addition to the attractive and repulsive force interactions of magnetic fields, for its operation will also use the magnetic phenomenon that I discovered, which turned out to be the reverse of friction, and which I named the "Telekinetic Effect".

The utilization of this Telekinetic Effect allows, amongst others, for the building by people first Magnocrafts of the second generation, which can be named the "Telekinetic Vehicles" - because they are propelled with speeds in excess of the speed of light due to the phenomenon of technically triggered telekinesis. In turn the third generation of propelling devices from this third technical era, in addition to the attractive and repulsive force interactions of magnetic fields and the "Telekinetic Effect", will also utilize for its operation the phenomena of retraction, slowing down or accelerating the passage of "human time" (principles of which phenomena I have just discovered). Such retraction, slowing down, or accelerating the passage of "human time" can be accomplished through the correctly tuned interactions between magnetic vibrations having appropriately selected frequencies, and the DNA of people selected for shifting in time - as I described this in more detail on my web page named Immortality.

In turn the use of such ability to retract, slow down or accelerate the passage of "human time" will allow humanity, amongst others, to build the third generation of Magnocrafts which can be named "Time Vehicles" - because they will allow people, amongst others, to go back in the"reversible software time" to years of their youth every time after they reach an old age, and thus will give people the ability to have infinitely long life defined by laws of "imprisoned immortality".

Out of the above-mentioned three generations of propulsion systems which will be built in the third technical era of humanity, firstly (means already in 1980) I developed the principles of operation and design for the starship named "Magnocraft" - gradually describing it increasingly more thoroughly in articles and monographs that I published. Then (in the first days of 1984) I developed the principle of operation and the design for the "Oscillatory Chamber" which is a propulsor for the Magnocraft - also later gradually describing it increasingly more thoroughly in articles and monographs that I published. In the next year, i.e. in 1985, after developing my most ground breaking scientific theory named the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (which soon turned out to be that sought by people for centuries Theory of Everything ), I learned the work of technical telekinesis and technical control of the elapse of reversible "human time". Therefore, starting from 1985, I gradually described and published the principle of operation of my Telekinetic Vehicles and Time Vehicles.

Seeing from the analysis of the first and second technical era of humanity that in each generation of propelling devices of a given era two pairs of "motor-propulsor" are invented and built (see the law and regularity number (V) above), I also tried to work out both propelling devices which would represent a second "motor-propulsor" pair that is more advanced than the first pair comprising "electric motor" and "Magnocraft". Therefore, almost simultaneously with the Magnocraft, I worked out the principle of operation and the design of the "pulsatory motor" and also the complementing it in "motor-propulsor" pair, the so-called "star-shaped spaceship" propelled by "pulsatory propulsors" (i.e. propulsors of a different design than the Oscillatory Chamber - in such "pulsatory propulsors" the magnetic field will be generated directly in the space surrounding the given propulsion system). These principles and constructions were systematically published in my first few monographs. Unfortunately, it turned out that it was just at them that my enemies began to direct the strongest criticism and discouragement. In the meantime, however, the analyzes that I carried out about the "pulsatory motor" and the "star-shaped spaceship" and the evidence that I was able to gather about these two propelling devices, allowed me to deduce the forecast, that if the civilization which builds subsequent propelling devices from the "third technical era" manages to work out the principle of operation "telekinetic vehicle" sooner than it manages to build a "star-shaped spaceship", then it abandons attempts to build a "pulsatory motor" and "star-shaped spaceship" because the telekinetic propulsion system allows it to achieve much better performance than the pulsatory propulsion system. At the same time, my publications already since 1985 describe to our civilization the principles of operation and construction of a "telekinetic vehicle", and even a "time vehicle". This in turn reveals to me the obvious conclusion that if my publications in the future are NOT lost or intentionally destroyed, then our civilization will NOT start building a "star-shaped spaceship" at all, because it will be more profitable to immediately start building telekinetic starships and time vehicles.
Therefore, in my newest publications I do NOT describe this "star-shaped spaceship". However, interested readers will find its descriptions in my older publications - up to (and including) my English monograph [1e] available via the web page named Monograph [1e] (seek in this [1e] descriptions and illustration from subsection B4.2 and from Figure "Fig. B3"). In monographs published after [1e], the description of the "star-shaped spaceship" is therefore abandoned. However, from many items of evidence preserved, for example, in the symbolism of the Muslim religion, it is clear that "star-shaped spaceships" in old times visited Earth - similarly like Magnocrafts visit it in present times and are today known as UFOs - see Img.514 (#J4.3c) below. (As an example of such visiting, and noticing by people, of the "star-shaped spaceship" type G4, consider the origin of the decorative structure shown below in Img.512 (#J4.3a), then compare the similarity of this structure to the "star-shaped spaceship" of the slightly smaller type G3 originally shown in "Fig. B3" from my monograph [1e], and repeated below in Img.513 (#J4.3b). In turn as an example of photographic documentation of visits to Earth by already built and flying K4 type of Magnocraft, see the photo from Img.514 (#J4.3c)below.)

Problems with the principle of the "pulsatory motor" and the "star-shaped spaceship", which exposed my publications to the most saturated with venom critics, result from the fact that the magnetic field is generated in them directly in the space in which these devices operate, on a similar principle as it naturally happens in so-called "pulsar stars". In turn to implement this principle of operation, firstly people must learn to produce an unique substance which in these propelling devices will generate a super powerful magnetic field fulfilling the role of a "working medium" in them, then they must learn to control these much more complicated than Oscillatory Chamber propelling devices - the operation of which is based on this unique substance. Meanwhile, critics of my publications expected that already at that time I would solve all future problems related to these devices, and that I explain these my solutions to them - just as I solved then and explained to the so-called "sceptics" all problems related to the construction and operation of my Magnocrafts and Oscillatory Chambers.

The factor that in my opinion caused that in those days people who lived to criticize others skipped over criticism of my Magnocraft and the Oscillatory Chamber, while all their intensive and saturated with venom criticism directed at my inventions of the "pulsatory motor" and the "star-shaped spaceship", was a type of commonly manifested impairment caused by the monopoly of the atheistic official science (which rewards the "learning by heart" instead of "thinking") and also by the free of intellectual stimulus lifestyles of people living at that time (and also now). This quite common impairment can be called "incurable impairment of the imagination". According to my understanding, with its increasingly bigger lies and teachings devoid of logical thinking, the present atheistic official science is incessantly escalating this incurable impairment in present society - so that it already intellectually paralysed and victimised over 90% of people today. What is even more interesting, this impairment is NOT one of those "non-existing illnesses" which are "forcefully invented" by greedy psychiatrists and psychologists, and about which I write e.g. in item #F11 from my web page Soul proof, or in the caption under Img.182 (#C9efg) from the web page Explain, but it is a phenomenon that is most real and destructive for our civilization. Victims of the "incurable impairment of the imagination" are unable to imagine anything that would NOT be a version of what they already know well from somewhere (e.g. to imagine the appearance in the future of something that today people have NOT yet created). Therefore, for these victims are absolutely unacceptable the philosophical truths which I identified and published on the basis of huge evidence collected by my philosophy of totalizm and by my Concept of Dipolar Gravity - for example, the philosophical truth which states that "everything that is conceivable is also possible to implement - only that with hard work and wisdom we need to find out how to do it."

On the other hand, the principle of operation of the "pulsatory motor" and the "star-shaped spaceship" will be based on an unique substance that in the future will be able to produce the human discipline of "Engineering of Materials", and that will be like a kind of a huge but stable "atomic nucleus" of the size almost invisible to human eyes, which, however, will be a carrier of an extremely powerful positive electric charge, hence after setting into vortex motion by future propulsion devices, this substance will generate controllable magnetic fields of enormous intensities capable of propelling pulsatory motors of unbelievably high powers and star-shaped spaceships with a similar principles of operation as these used by the Magnocraft. (Note from the explanations of law and regularity (II) above, that motors and propulsors belonging to the same pair have a similar design and principle of operation, except that in propulsors the stators or rotors from motors are replaced by the deflation of the working medium into the surrounding environment.) Because at the time when I was publishing the developed then due to my vision principles of design and operation of the "pulsatory motor" and the "star-shaped spaceship", the "discipline" of "Engineering of Materials" did NOT exist yet, while the above philosophical truth and its evidential justification were NOT yet disseminated by non-existing then philosophy of totalizm, these people with such "incurable impairment of the imagination" were able to relentlessly "criticise" my future technical visions, while I was NOT able to defend myself effectively against their attacks.

Unfortunately, the hostility, aggression, research blocking and harsh persecution, which the governing elites (described wider in next item #J4.4. of this web page) /please scroll down/ demonstrated to people by attacking the results of my research and my person, eventually caused that no-one has ever dared to try to build any of the more advanced propelling devices of the "third technical era" (i.e. build the Oscillatory Chamber or the Magnocraft) - the feasibility of the present construction of which I have proven in my publications (which publications describe also in detail the design and operation of these propelling devices). In turn the commonly used in the early 21st century, as well as currently, the anachronistic propelling devices of the "second technical era" based on the burning of fossil fuels, quickly destroys our host Earth and is to cause the self-bringing by us "the great purification of the 2030s" described on my web page 2030 .

Hence, it is almost the final time for the humanity to start understanding the truths that stem from my "Cyclic Tables", and to roll up sleeves for quick building my Oscillatory Chambers and Magnocrafts. To help me disseminate these truths, in September 2019 I wrote a separate publication [18] (in the Polish language) disseminated through the web page named Monograpg [18], in which Iappeal to people who are not indifferent towards spreading truths and towards the future of humanity, to help me anonymously or openly in the developing and publishing films that are able to open human eyes, scripts to which films I will gladly write down based on my knowledge and experience. If people manage to build these propelling devices before 2030, that is still "on time", then maybe God will have mercy on us and cancel or alleviate the arrival of the tragedy illustrated by the 34-minute long free YouTube film (in Polish) Video Dr. Jan Pająk - The Great Purification of 2030s or in YouTube too. /only polish at moment/

By the way, this was the first YouTube video that successfully wake up many people from the lethargy, illustrating to them the truth about the tragedy of the situation which the humanity self-introduced, and which initiated the current self-growing effect of the "rolling snowball" that resulted in actual interventions by these people. So quite a rhetorical question that I would like to ask you at this point, is whether while knowing about the results of my research will NOT be pity if the destruction of humanity in the 2030s will actually arrive, and you looking at the dying of loved ones, or experiencing death yourself, will be aware that you did NOT try to silence the ill-treatment and disgust of my enemies and make your own contribution to building the pollution-free propelling devices of the third technical era of humanity described here - which have the potential to stop the onset of extermination, among others, on you and on your loved ones?

resp. in YouTube
Film #J4.3: Here is a 26-second long illustration of the Magnocraft's landing on another planet. Although it is just a fragment extracted from the half-hour long educational film entitled Future Propulsions resp. in YouTube too, recommended for viewing above in "Film #J4.1a", we decided together with my highly talented friend Dominik Myrcik to cut it out and show here for an independent and short illustration how expeditions of people to different planets will look like after building my Magnocraft. After all, the Magnocraft will use the most important propulsors of the "third technical era" - the construction of which by humanity will initiate the most significant technical, scientific, social, economic, moral and religious breakthrough in all its history. The same (above) excerpt of the film "Future Propulsions", entitled "Alien Planet 4K" and prepared in "4K" resolution (i.e. in "Ultra HD" of 3840x2160 pixels for "smart TVs") can also be started directly from Youtube, and also from my web page named Videos.

Because I am going to use this excerpt to illustrate also websites in other languages, it is NOT provided with any audio commentary. However, its commentary prepared in three different languages (i.e. Polish, English and German) can be heard in the films entitled Future Propulsions linked above from "Film #J4.1a". Note here that the reason why the Magnocraft also brings to the humanity a significant social, moral, religious, etc., breakthrough, is that its construction will indirectly confirm the correctness of my future predictions, inventions, formal proofs, etc. - among others including my formal proof for the existence of God, and also including this highly revolutionary forecast described in items #A1 to #A4 from my web page Party of Totalizm and repeated in posts #320E and #320 to blogs of totalizm.

This is because the forecast determined that people will implement the ideal "nirvana political system", which will completely eliminate "money" and "fear" used by all human political systems to force people to do useful work, and will replace "money" and "forcing" with voluntary doing the so-called "moral work" in order to prolong for the duration of people's entire life an indescribable feeling of "happiness" generated by the wonderful phenomenon of earned nirvana.

In turn, because "money" is the source of all evil on Earth - as they distort the characters of individual people, ruin our entire civilization, devastate nature, divert people from love for God and for others, etc., the complete elimination of money from use will lift the humanity to a whole new level of morality, awareness, civilization, and respect for God and for nature.

Fig. #J4.3a

Img.512 (#J4.3a): Here is an ornamental "star-shaped structure" decorating the ceiling of the Kuala Lumpur Central Railway Station. It was created by fusing together three squares arranged after rotating them relative to each other by 30 degrees - which is best illustrated by the empty space in the centre of this structure (i.e. like in its "main propulsor"). So in fact each of the above "beams" painted brown and forming the 12 rays of stars that make up this structure, corresponds to the course of stationary, i.e. non-rotating, "magnetic circuits" in G4 type of the "star-shaped spaceship". (The G4 type of the star-shaped spaceship is the twice as large and the next one to the G3 type of such spaceship shown in "Fig. B3" from my monograph [1e] and repeated from that [1e] on the Img.513 (#J4.3b) below.) These magnetic circuits connect the outlets of each propulsor from this starship with outlets of all other its propulsors with the opposite orientation of their magnetic poles. And each star-shaped spaceship (including G4 type) has as many as 3 types of propulsors, i.e. (M) main propulsor (only one) located in its centre, (S) side propulsors (in G4 type starships there are 12 of them) located between individual rays of a star-like outline of this starship, and rotary propulsors (B) that do not exist in discoidal Magnocrafts - of which there are also 12 in G4 type, while the oppositely yield magnetic field of which is anchored to the tip of each star-shaped ray of this spaceship. The exact locations of each of these types of propulsors the above structure indicates as the places of convergence of these brown-painted "beams" (in actual "star-shaped spaceships" these light-absorbing beams formed from a stationary magnetic field were black, NOT brown in colour - i.e. the colour the same as so-called "black bars" in Magnocrafts and UFOs). Note here that due to the use of three types of propulsors (i.e.: M, S and B), through appropriate control of the magnetic field generated by these propulsors, star-shaped spaceships could form with their "black bars" a large variety of structures similar to the one shown above, just like by control of their magnetic field present UFO starships can "paint" on cornfields a huge variety of "crop circles" - the formation of one of which was documented on video and illustrations shown and described more thoroughly in item #A6.1. from my web page Portfolio, while examples of other such "crop circles" are shown and explained in photographs from Img.201 (#D8abc), Img.203 (#D8de) and Img.205 (#E2ab) of my web page Interpretation UFO photographs.

Every person with an inquisitive mind, watching the above structure or other structures and patterns similar to it, will probably begin to wonder where comes from the inspiration and the internal need for historical immortalisation of structures such as the above. On the basis of my analyzes of various evidence that I often come across in this matter, I personally learned the premises which allow me to believe that this inspiration and the inner need for historically permanent documenting of these structures has its source in human sightings from the distant past of unusual shapes, configurations and locations of propulsors, which often visiting earth "star-shaped spaceships" revealed to people in those old times.

Fig. #J4.3b
Img.513 (#J4.3b): Here is the principle of designing the "star-shaped spaceship" type G3 (i.e. equivalent to discoidal manned Magnocraft of the smallest type K3), illustrated on "Fig. B3" from my english monograph [1e].
Its shape and arrangement of individual propulsors are defined by the geometry of the star illustrated in this drawing, formed by fusing together two squares rotated relative to each other by 45 degrees. This starship (type G3) has the following "pulsatory propulsors": "M" - one main propulsor, "S" - 8 side propulsors, and "B" - 8 rotary propulsors. The so-called "black bars" formed by the magnetic field that connects the outlets of individual propulsors in stationary modes of their work, create beautiful and intriguing the viewer structures, clearly visible to human eyes. One of such intriguing structures, formed in twice larger type "G4" of this starship, is illustrated above in the photograph from Img.512 (#J4.3a).

Fig. #J4.3c

Img.514 (#J4.3c): Here is one out of a huge number of physical items of evidence, that in spite of what many my critics falsely claim, starships travelling through space on the principles of operation of my Magnocrafts and my "star-shaped spaceship" can be build, while in a distant past they intensively operated on Earth. This proof is the large 8-pointed star documented in this photo just above my head.
The above photo which accidentally documented this star I took on 2019/11/28 during the pre-Christmas preparations. On the other hand, when on 2019/12/12 I was updating the Polish version of my web page "Rok" /year/ describing the fate of graduates of my year of study, I decided that under the descriptions of my own fate from item #69 I will also include this photo to show my former university colleagues how I look like at present. In turn the inclusion of this photo allowed me to notice that recorded on it with my own camera (and thus allowing me to publish it without the need to obtain anyone's consent or with violation anyone's copyright) is a star of this unusual type and shape - in which the number of arms is a multiple of 4 while these arms have two lengths of meaningful mutual proportions, which are interwoven with each other. Stars of this type and shape are known in many cultures of the world. In each of the cultures that know and use them, they are considered to have many different magical powers, while they are described by a whole range of attributes, meanings, and legends. On their basis many various ancient artistic forms were also created and survived to this day, an example of one of which I showed above in Img.512 (#J4.3a).

The reason why this type of stars have a total number of arms that is a multiple of 4 (i.e. equal to the number of side propulsors in the discoidal Magnocrafts of my invention), and at the same time their arms are shown as having intertwining two lengths of meaningful mutual proportions, is illustrated in in the above Img.513 (#J4.3b).
This reason is that such a star is one of the many forms that produced the so-called "main magnetic circuits" in starships intensively operating on Earth in antiquity which I named "star-shaped spaceship" and marked as types G3 to G10 described above in item #J4.3. and illustrated above in Img.512 (#J4.3a) and Img.513 (#J4.3b) from this web page. These re-invented starships, which I named "star-shaped starships", are technically more advanced than my Magnocraft of the first generation. Instead of "Oscillatory Chambers" they use pulsatory propulsors described above in item #J4.3. The reason why the four arms of such stars are always shorter by the proportion illustrated in Img.513 (#J4.3b) than the four longer arms with which they intertwine, is that the four shorter arms are formed by the main magnetic circuits connecting the centrally located main propulsor "M" of a given "star-shaped starship" with four of its side propulsors "S" shown in Img.513 (#J4.3b) above. Whereas the four longer their arms are formed by the main magnetic circuits connecting the pulsatory central propulsor "M" with the four rotary propulsors "B" - as illustrated in the above Img.513 (#J4.3b), which according to the proverb is "worth 1000 words".

Of course, in several old cultures, stars with more than 8 arms formed on the same principle are also known and used, e.g. stars with 12, 16, 20, etc., arms shape of which results from the construction of "star-shaped starships" built by overlapping e.g. two, three, four, etc., squares with "B" propulsors at their corners and "S" propulsors at the intersections of their sides. Also notice that similarly formed magnetic circuits from interstellar spaceships that are structurally less complicated than these "star-shaped starships", i.e. from my discoidal Magnocraft types K6 and K4 and from UFO starships currently still documented on Earth, are shown in Img.201 (#C4abc) and Img.619 (#C7ab) from the web page UFO proof.

Also notice that stars with a number of arms other than a multiple of 4, originate from living organisms, NOT from starships operating on Earth - which is very well illustrated in Img.486 (#J3g) from my web page named Petone showing the photographs also worth the proverbial "1000 words".

Fig. #J4.3d
Img.182 (#J4.3d): Here is one more example among huge numbers of physical evidence that the Magnocrafts of my invention can be build. This evidence is provided, amongst others, by authentic photographs of UFO vehicles - the propulsion of which works on the same principle as the propulsion of my Magnocraft. Two out of numerous photographs documenting the existence of UFO starships I showed and described in detail in Img.182/ 183/ 184 (#C9efg) from my web page Interpretation UFO photographs.

This is because UFOs love Polish city of Katowice, and it was there that on August 15, 2019, around 2 pm, two photos of the same (on both photos) discoidal UFO type K4 was accidentally captured, which UFO, watching the military parade, hid from people gathered there behind the veil of so-called "magnetic lens" - which UFOs create relatively often and for this reason in my publications I publish a whole series of photographs of UFOs hiding from people behind such veils of the "magnetic lenses". Both photographs that recorded this UFO type K4 were sent to me by my colleague from the same year of study at the Wrocław University of Technology - whom I personally know very well and whose reliability I am guaranteeing (for details see the web page of our year of study Yearbook - which has also its English version). On these two photographs, including the one which I am showing here, the UFO type K4 is visible as foggy disk located close to the left edge of the photo (at the height of about one squadron higher than the F16 squadron flying next to it). This foggy disk has a white spot in its centre - which spot marks the outlet from its main propulsor, the interior of which is actually an Oscillatory Chamber containing strongly glowing electric sparks. Fortunately, due to the favourable for us positioning of this UFO, both existing its photographs allow to determine the ratio of its apparent diameter "D" to the height "H", means to determine its "Krotność" Table G1 provided in volume 3 of my monograph [1/5] we are able to find out that the dimensions of that UFO were equal to: diameter D=8.78 [meters], while height H=2.19 [meters].
Also, since we know that it is a UFO type K4, then from 4-minute long free video

resp. in YouTube

entitled "How big is the Magnocraft" disseminated we can take a good look at how this starship really does looks like - if it is NOT hiding from people inside of the veil of such "magnetic lens", or inside of a technically produced artificial cloud.

The "magnetic lens" formed by this UFO gives the photographed starship the appearance of like created from fog. In turn this foggy appearance was immediately taken advantage of by various "professionals" who suffer from the "incurable impairment of the imagination" described in item #J4.3 of this web page. So immediately these "professionals" started to claim that both photographs are "reflections of the sun in the camera lens". However, they overlooked a few facts.

For example, that although they probably have cameras themselves (and perhaps also taxpayers' funds for research), they have never personally registered with their cameras such "reflections of the sun" which would have the shape of "foggy discs" and that would display attributes identical as above. Furthermore, they overlooked that these millions of people who everyday photograph something with their cameras, also such "reflections of the sun" with discoidal misty shapes and similar attributes somehow are unable to report - what would be a "norm" if the "reflections of the sun" in the lenses of cameras really formed such foggy images. It also did NOT occur to these loud "professionals" that by distorting and blocking the truth with their false and unproven lies, they personally contribute to the stopping of progress of humanity, amongst others, due to discouraging the building of my Magnocrafts on earth. After all, if Magnocrafts were already built, this would open for the use of people the access to unlimited resources of interstellar space, and thus many threats that may soon destroy the present humanity would cease to be an obstacle to our development.

Notice that this chronically "incurable impairment of the imagination" is most often suffered by professional luminaries of today's official atheistic science. After all, they are the ones who in a completely ignorant, deceitful and harmful to humanity manner repetitively shout "fabrications" or "reflections of the sun in the lenses" when they see authentic photographs of UFO starships - as I am explaining this in more details in subsections P2.14.1. and P2.14.2., as well as in Img.117 (P28) and Img.118 (P29) from volume 14 of my monograph [1/5].

I also suggest that while looking into this volume 14, it is worth to take a close look at the photo from Img.114 (P25) (briefly explained there in subsections P1 and P2.9), which documents another photo of a UFO starship type K3, hiding from people behind a veil of magnetic lens - however through which shines-through the light from the sparks of Oscillatory Chamber of its two side propulsors.

#J4.4. "Fourth technical era of humanity" and its propelling devices powered into motion by the "eternal mobility" of intelligent "counter-matter" which fills them with the energy required for their operation allowing to do the work of "perpetual motion" motors or propulsors:

Motto: "Declaring one's 'scepticism' in spite of the lack of proven arguments which rationally indicate error in the criticized matter, is in fact a sign of a philosophical impairment manifesting itself by the lack of the ability to accept the truth."

The "fourth technical era of humanity" will be characterized by the construction and use of propelling devices, i.e. both motors and propulsors, which will operate on the principles of "perpetual motion", and thus which will automatically fill themselves with the energy consumed to do their work - which energy they will continuously acquire from the phenomena of the "perpetual motion" of the intelligent substance from the "counter-world" called the "counter-matter". As a result, due to the development of the propelling devices of this "fourth technical era", the humanity will gain access to unlimited amounts of free energy, and hence to unlimited capabilities, both for a production and for a destruction. The unlimited capabilities of humanity for the production will result from the ability of these propelling devices to generate and supply any amount of free energy and power to the linked with them human machines and devices that they drive, thus eliminating restrictions on the length of the work, range, processing capacity, etc., of these machines and devices. Therefore, if they are used in a wise, far-sighted and fulfilling moral criteria manner, means only for the purpose of doing good aimed at improving the quality of life and improving the situation of all living beings and nature, then these machines and devices will be able to change the physical world around us into a place that is much better, happier, and richer than today.

However, if these unlimited potentials of human machines and devices would fall into the hands of people with today dominating deviated morality and degenerated thinking, then they would be able to inflict practically unlimited amounts of evil. After all, for example, drone-bomber planes, drone-tanks, or robots designed for murdering people, would then gain unlimited operational range and powers, while, for example, propulsors called Oscillatory Chamber that I invented to propel interstellar spaceships, after filling them with huge amounts of energy, instead of being used for their true purpose could also be turned into powerful bombs with the ability to cause the depths of destruction that our planet experienced only a few times, e.g. during the Tapanui explosion on 19th June 1178, the Tunguska Explosion on 30 June 1908, or the tsunami in the Indian Ocean on 26th December 2004.

Hence, I personally believe that although the principles of operation, construction, phenomenon such as the "Telekinetic Effect" (which forms the operational foundations of these devices) and even the first constructed and working prototypes of these propelling devices have long been known and widely described (among others in my publications), still various kinds of obstacles created by immoral people, such as the curse of inventors and inventive impotence, corruption, bureaucracy, human greed, lust for power, misunderstood authority, etc., etc., will continue to make impossible the mass factory production of these devices up to the time when either all humanity voluntarily and drastically improves its observance of moral standards, or when the majority of morally degenerate individuals will be removed from our planet by the advent of The Great Purification announced by many prophecies (including those proclaimed by the Hopi Indians) as well as by the content of warning video in Polish Video Dr. Jan Pająk - The Destruction of Humanity 2030 resp. in YouTube /only polish at moment/ too - in the scientific preparation of the script of which, among others, I also took part. Fortunately for us, although by stopping the official acceptance and mass production of these miraculous propelling devices, these obstacles will NOT be able to stop the more talented creators from building such devices for the use by themselves or by their loved ones, as well as for protecting the knowledge on "perpetual motion" until the arrival of more moral times.

Nowadays, almost everyone already knows that the idea of building on Earth the propelling devices working on "perpetual motion" principles, subdivided the entire humanity into two mutually conflicted camps. The most powerful of these two camps, which has all the power, funds and means of coercion that is necessary for its anti-progressive activities, is composed of key monopolistic institutions grouping the "elites that govern our civilization".

This camp is doing everything in its power to prevent every single attempt on our planet to build wonderful "perpetual motion" propelling devices. The list of monopolistic institutions (and explanation of their motivations) which belong to this anti-progressive camp of the deadly enemies of "perpetual motion" propelling devices is described in detail in item #D3. from the web page God proof.

However, in order to NOT interrupt the course of this presentation by sending the reader back to those descriptions, I will repeat here briefly "who" and "why" belongs to this camp. And so, the key role in it is currently played by (a) the institution of the old "official atheistic science", which still holds an absolute monopoly on education and on research. This old official atheistic science blocks the entire humanity from every publicly known attempt to officially start the construction of "perpetual motion" devices.

For this it uses the misleading claim that alleged "laws of thermodynamics" supposedly exist which make it impossible to build such propelling devices - and on the base of this claim it persecutes everyone with different views. These are also atheistic scientists, who while being invited to officially examine the existing and operating "perpetuum mobile" devices, always give the verdict that such devices are NOT working, and if someone does NOT watch them in their activities, then when they conduct their tests they also spoil the devices that they examine. Another institution fiercely blocking the progress of humanity in the construction of "perpetuum mobile" devices are (b) all "corporations generating their profits through the sale of energy". After all, the development of devices that would generate energy for free would mean their inevitable bankruptcy. Still another of these anti-progressive institutions are (c) "banks". After all, banks refuse to finance any projects that could in any way contribute to the creation of devices generating free energy. (A very famous and widely known in the world is the case when the American banker refused the request of famous inventor Nikola Tesla to finance the development of devices for generating and distributing of free energy - now us, and probably also descendants of this banker, are chocking of smoke because of his decision.) Banks are interested that everything that happens on our planet is to generate "cash" flow (money) through their accounts - thus generating significant profits and power for them. Meanwhile, the "perpetual motion" devices would drastically reduce the flow of "cash" through banks, and in addition they could induce people's confidence in the existence of God and in the resulting from this confidence the certainty of social changes which could result in a complete elimination of cash, fees, taxes and banks from use by our civilization (for details see the "rewarding work with nirvana, instead of forcing it with money", explained e.g. in items #E1. and #F1. to #F3. from my web page Nirvana).

Still other such anti-progressive institutions include (d) "governments" of virtually all countries. After all, it is from the sale of energy that originates a significant proportion of taxes, which supplies cash for politicians from these governments, thus allowing them to maintain their power and income, to multiply social problems instead of solving them, to NOT be accountable to ruled people, to escalate corruption, cronyism, bureaucracy, etc. To the blocking of developmental works on "perpetuum mobile" devices are also contributing (e) "priests" - whom the Bible openly accuses of "rejecting knowledge" (e.g. see verse 4:4-9 from the biblical "Book of Hosea" quoted and explained in (1) from items #T2 and #U1 of the web page Water), and thus who instead of balancing and disagreeing with the above ruling elites in order to persuade them to act in accordance with the mission to the guarding of obedience of which God has established priests, priests rather prefer to compromise their role and to become "YES people" whom thus accept (means who silently support) immoral activities of the previously mentioned institutions (a) to (d) - which fact I also discuss further in the next parts of this item #J4.4. After all, the Bible explains these matters quite clearly, unambiguously and uncompromisingly. It states: "No one can serve two masters ... You can not serve God and Mammon" (verse 6:24 of "St. Matthew") and "Whoever is not with me is against me; he who does not gather with Me, he dissipates" (verse 11:23 of "St. Luke").

In other words, regardless of whether someone is a priest, politician, banker, industrialist, scientist, or any other man, in fact with his/her behaviour he/she chooses only one Lord for himself/herself - namely either serves God and "accepts knowledge" contained in biblical truths, recognizes creation of the physical world, all life forms including us humans, and in everything that does is trying to implement into practice the patterns of conduct, truth, commandments and requirements conveyed to us by the words of the Bible; or he/she "rejects knowledge" and serves these anti-truth and anti-progressive forces: which increasingly more openly and loudly proclaim in the world that supposedly there is NO God, which explain everything by "accident", Big Bang and evolution - although have NO indisputable evidence that such phenomena actually are the causes, and which instead of respecting and considering the encoded into the Bible information that "time of people" passes hundreds of thousands of times faster than "time of God" (see verse 3:8 from "2 Epistle of St. Peter the Apostle"), perversely and deceptively use information from the Bible which for example document that the creation of the physical world took place only thousands of "human years", to be able to accuse the Bible of untruth by for example arguments such as the universe exists "billions of years" - but without explaining, whether this age is counted in "years" measured by the speed of the passage of "time of God", or in "years" measured by the speed of passage of "time of humans".

If we carefully analyze behaviours of all the above institutions (a) to (e) that compose the key "elites ruling over humanity", then in these behaviours a whole range of amazing features begins to be seen. For example, all these institutions act as kinds of "monopolies" jealously guarding their monopolistic position over the dominion they rule. The features of such jealously guarded monopolies even show (d) "governments" that boast of alleged affiliation to leading democracies - but which are very far from real democracies known, for example, from ancient Athens. After all, for example, just because of the behaviours of governments, many of whom are calling themselves "democracies", nowadays, many demonstrators still have to die before the situation can force these governments to fulfil the wishes of the nation which they allegedly "serve". NOT without a reason that the Bible symbolically admonishes us: "Every tree is known from its fruit ..." (see verses 6:43-45 from "Saint Luke"). Furthermore, in spite that all these institutions supposedly make decisions independently from each other, still regarding the construction of "perpetual motion" propelling devices all of them proceed with amazing compatibility, coordination and mutual similarity, the probabilities of randomness of which are the negation of independence of their decisions and actions. These highly coordinated actions seem to suggest that there is a "headquarter" for them, in which decisions are made and strategies are developed, while all these institutions subsequently implement these in a consistent manner and with high discipline. Perhaps, therefore, it is NOT far from the truth to call with the word "collusion" of this astonishing agreement of their anti-progressive actions. However, regardless of what the name is given to these anti-progressive activities of the institutions grouping the ruling elite, the creators of the "perpetual motion" motors and propulsors for their own good and security should be aware of their intentions, methods and means of action. After all, these elites still have at their disposal several groups of effective tools, with the use of which they are able to prevent the implementation of mass production of practically any invention that for some reasons does NOT serve their interests. The most important groups of these tools, which I personally experienced painfully myself, include:

(I) Preventing the dissemination of truth, information and knowledge. It is the use of this group of their tools which causes that all intensive efforts to disseminate reliable knowledge about: the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, formal scientific proofs that "God exists", our ability to build and use the "perpetuum mobile" motors and propulsors, and a number of other results of my scientific research which try to correct errors and lies of official atheistic science, I started as long ago as in 1985 and carried out in several languages and with all methods available to me. However, despite of the availability of descriptions (including on the internet) of the fruits of my research already for over 34 years, at the time of writing this item #J4.4. in July 2019, they were almost never officially taken into account, the results of my research were still NOT referenced and the existence of my evidence and theories is still stubbornly almost never mentioned. This prevention of dissemination is made by many deceptive methods, for example by blocking, sabotaging, ridiculing, accusing, depriving necessary resources, cleverly assigning different and discouraging concepts to the same names as the ideas being blocked (e.g. the assigning and dissemination of the second name "totalism" to negative ideology of "totalitarianism", entitling the entertaining film "The Theory of Everything" to surround with the dense bush of Internet noise the descriptions of the only true Theory of Everything in existence on Earth), buying patents or prototypes, then "burrowing" them forever, etc., etc.

(II) The refusal of official consents, permits, financing, etc. This group of tools experienced hard the NZ inventor of the "sonic boiler" described in more detail on the web page Boiler.

In spite that he had working prototypes and production facilities, for almost entire his life under various excuses he was denied official permit to start production of his invention. So he died with the feeling of "life defeat". Personally, I think that many of today's inventors of the "perpetuum mobile" motors and propulsors unduly disregard the power and effectiveness of this group of anti-progressive tools still at the disposal of the ruling elites. After all, cases of similar "life defeats" are also known even in such a small country as Poland (e.g. consider the recent Polish breakthrough inventions: computer K-202, Łagiewka's car bumper, Polish graphene). Thus, the history of mankind will almost certainly be supplemented by a large number of further inventors who will experience a similar "life defeats".

(III) Killing the inventor. Unfortunately, most inventors and discoverers do NOT understand that keeping details secret in order to supposedly NOT help the competition is associated with significant risks. This is because if their invention or discovery turns out to be too unfavourable for someone's interests, then the easiest solution to get rid of it, is to kill the inventor. I have understood this painful truth for a long time. That is why all the results of my research and creative searches, as well as what I invent, I publish immediately without concealing any detail. Nevertheless, still I have found myself as many as around 30 times in situations when only a miracle saved me from almost certain death (these situations are described in my electronic-book-like autobiography available through the web page named "tekst_17.htm"). Other inventors, however, opt to conceal the most important details of their solutions. This is why e.g. in July 2019 it was possible to watch videos describing the cases of, for example, the inventor of a car fuelled with just water (Stanley Meyer), whose car itself acquired hydrogen from water on a "perpetual motion" principle and then burned this hydrogen as its fuel. (The invention and death of Stan Meyer discusses an English-language video entitled "Water Fuel-Cell Inventor Murdered by Government" and available in Youtube .) Similarly was with the inventor (Troy Reed) of a car engine working on the "perpetuum mobile" principle and discussed in an English-language video entitled "Government killed inventor! Electric car without Battery invented" in July 2019 available in address Youtube.

To the anti-progressive propaganda and behaviours of the above camp of the "elite that governs over humanity" that is doing everything in its power to block and prevent the construction and dissemination of "perpetuum mobile" motors and propulsors, is opposed by rapidly growing numbers of "people being ruled". This is because taking a practical part in forging of progress, as well as standing hard on Earth and constantly seeing the actual manifestations of the surrounding reality, these "people being ruled" increasingly more often encounter various forms of evidence which convinces them that the propelling devices of the "fourth technical era of humanity" - the work of which is to implement the principle of "perpetual motion", are feasible, and after their actual implementation they will supply their owners with an unlimited amount of free energy useful for powering any other human machines and devices. Let us now list in numbered items at least the most important groups of this evidence, which convinces an increasing number of "people being ruled" that correctly working "perpetuum mobile" motors and propulsors can be built. Later, in paragraphs of this item #J4.4 that are to follow, I am to explain each of these groups in more detail. Here they are:

(1) Religious sources. Both, from the content of the Christian Bible, as well as from the information available in practically every religion, it clearly follows that "God can do everything." (This is why one of the religious definitions of God states: "God is a being that can do everything" - note, however, that the "totaliztic definition of God" is more complete, because it also explains "where do the powers of God come from" and "how and from what God does this everything" - for details see item #A0 from my web page God proof.)

This, in turn, means that God also has the knowledge and the power that for the good of people He guarantees with laws of nature wisely established by Him, that the 'perpetuum mobile' machines can be build and they will work correctly on Earth. More information about the powers and capabilities of God is provided in item #A0 (with the totaliztic definition of God) from my web page about the scientific proofs for the existence of God - i.e. page "God proof". From the content of item #D3. and the introduction of the website "God proof" it is also worth noting that for numerous reasons described in there, each working "perpetual motion" machine is also an irrefutable "technical proof" for the existence of God.

Thus, if the truth of having this technical proof people in the end will understand and accept, then the present belief in God (still burdened with numerous doubts) will be replaced with the certainty and knowledge of the existence of God (which the author of these descriptions has long ago scientifically developed for himself), and thus also replaced with potentially drastic changes in life values and deep social reforms that will automatically result from this certainty and knowledge. After all, if there were NOT that eternally mobile, weightless and intelligent "counter-matter", in the memory of which the almighty program of God lives, then the "perpetuum mobile" machines really could NOT be built.

(2) My Theory of Everything called the Dipolar Gravity. This theory reveals to us, among other things, that the continuous "perpetual motion" is a natural behaviour of the original substance of the universe endowed with intelligence, which I call "counter-matter" (the Bible much more aptly calls this substance the "Ancient of Days" - in English, and the "przedwieczny" - in Polish). It is just from this counter-matter that God created everything that surrounds us - see verse 11:3 from the biblical "Letter to the Hebrews" quoted in (3) from item #J4.5 below. More about this perpetually moving substance, which gives us the assurance that there must be a way to use this perpetual motion of counter-matter to drive human-made perpetuum mobile devices, I will explain in further paragraphs of this item #J4.4.

(3) The idea of "chaos" from the original mythology of many nations of the world. Many original myths, for example, Greek, NZ Maoris, Old Chinese about the superior God "Shang-Di", and yet a number of others, clearly states that before the creation of the physical world, living creatures and humans, in the universe was an eternal "chaos" - means an uninterrupted, uncoordinated movement. This in addition confirms from different sources the finding of my Concept of Dipolar Gravity, that the perpetual motion is a natural behaviour of the original substance of the universe called "counter-matter", and hence that there is some well-hidden way how to use this motion to perpetually propel and to fill with energy the human devices.

(4) "Perpetual motion" devices that were made in antiquity and that survived in working condition up to present times. Both in the literature, as well as on the Internet and in my publications indicated below, one can find information about many "perpetual motion" devices, which survived in working conditions until our times, although were built in antiquity. Unfortunately, virtually all of them, after being passed to the hands of scientists, were destroyed under the excuse of researching them.

(5) Numerous prototypes of "perpetuum mobile" machines already built in current times and working correctly. The work of the largest number of these machines readers can see in "youtube.com", e.g. at the addresses which I will provided in further parts of this item #J4.4. I personally contacted a number of creators of these machines and discussed their ideas, problems encountered and results of the operation. So I know that their machines are a technical reality, NOT just empty claims.

(6) The conduct of the ruling elites who, in order to continue to exploit people and maintain their power, superiority, wealth, benefits, comfortable life, etc., resort to anti-progressive blocking of access of ordinary people to the truth, knowledge, familiarity of God, confirmation of the Bible truths, inventions such as "perpetuum mobile", etc. If in fact, just like these elites tell people, there was NO God, "perpetuum mobile" motors and propulsors could NOT be build, the world was NOT created, etc., then practically none of the described in this item #J4.4, the anti-progressive moves of these elites would NOT have to be implemented. However, since life constantly proves to us that such anti-progressive blockades are everywhere and notoriously imposed, it practically means that there is, and is well known to elites, the potential opportunity to achieve much better perspectives and situations on Earth than those that prevail on it today - hence these elites are fiercely blocking ordinary people from the discovering and experiencing the truth about the existence of such better perspectives and situations.

(7) The incoming of the "Great Purification of the 2030s" announced by many prophecies. On the one hand, the progress of human civilization requires that people voluntarily and with their own effort, while maintaining the "free will", increase knowledge, morality, own usefulness as "soldiers of God", care for nature and for divine creatures, etc. On the other hand the described here negative forces blocking the progress of humanity have already managed to create such powerful obstacles that any further progress in these areas becomes impossible. So the only way to somehow unlock these blocks without breaking anyone's "free will", is to cause a worldwide "Great Purification" which will have features that will NOT broke anyone's "free will". Just such a fast approaching the "Great Purification of the 2030s" I have already mentioned above in this item and wrote about it on my web page bearing the name 2030 as well as in the filmed warning about its arrival taking the form of 34-minutes long free video entitled Video Dr. Jan Pająk - The Destruction of Humanity 2030 resp. in YouTube too /only polish at moment/.

Increasingly more people are already beginning to notice that over the heads of humanity the clouds of God's Wrath are accumulating, and that atrocities which people are committing today increasingly frequent, soon will be no longer tolerated and irrevocably is to come the time when everyone has to pay for them (for an example regarding this matter, see post number #314E to blogs of totalizm published in "volume S" available through my web page Monograph [13]). Because already now from what is happening in the world can be seen that the evidence manifested in the world coincides with what I described in item #C2 from my web page named Tornado, it can be predicted in advance that the occurrence of the "Great Purification of the 2030s" will NOT break anyone's "free will". At the same time people who think and believe will receive the reassurance they need from the compliance of this purification to numerous prophecies, and from the knowledge that for such the "Great Purification" to be able to come, there must exist both, the reason and power capable of causing it.

So since all signs on Earth and in the sky are already around us and they clearly indicate the irrevocable coming of this "Great Purification", it actually means that Someone is interested in removing obstacles that stop our progress, morality, the increase of knowledge by mankind, etc., and that this Someone has very much in heart to open to all people the currently blocked road to increase of advancement of our civilization - including also the opening roads to building perpetual motion devices of the future, "Time Vehicles", my Magnocrafts and Oscillatory Chambers, etc.

So let us hope that people start to understand what's actually going on, will apologize to God for their evil conduct, will correct their behaviour and their relationship to other people and nature, so that the coming of what is approaching could be cancelled or at least reduced in force.Thus the only solution is to unlock these blocks with the worldwide "Great Purification" - which I mentioned above when writing about my web page named 2030 and about a 34-minute long free video entitled Video Dr. Jan Pająk - The Destruction of Humanity 2030 resp. in YouTube /only polish at moment/.

However, for this "Great Purification" to come, there must be reasons and powers capable of causing it. Since all the signs on Earth and the sky that we can clearly see around us unambicously indicate its irrevocable approach, this actually means that Someone is interested in removing blockages that stop progress, morality, increasing knowledge by humanity etc., and that at heart of this Someone is opening to all people a blocked now road to increase of human civilization's advancement - including the path to building in the future propulsion such as "perpetuum mobile", "Time Vehicles", my Magnocrafts and Oscillatory Chambers, etc.

From what I was able to determine so far about the "fourth technical era of humanity", the construction of various correctly functioning devices that self-inflate with energy was successfully undertaken already in antiquity. Unfortunately, in the 19th century, the "ruling elites" described above (e.g. industrialists, bankers, politicians) discovered that it is easiest to exploit and tax ordinary people if energy starts to be "sellable" (means in NOT for free). Hence, they deliberately used the then emerging authority and power of the "official atheistic science" - to which already at that time elites gave an absolute monopoly on educating people and on research thus replacing with the role of science the prior roles of church and priests. Namely, it was caused at that time that the "official atheistic science" formally announced that allegedly there are "laws of thermodynamics", the content of which supposedly makes it impossible to build "perpetuum mobile" machines.

However, contrary to the alleged existence of these impossible laws of thermodynamics, from time to time the working "perpetuum mobile" devices build and used in ancient times were discovered (as an example see the reported by my students during the professorship in Northern Cyprus, descriptions of the fate of "Pakistani Boiler"- which I described, amongst others, in item #H3. from my web page Newzealand visit, or see links under the keywords "wieczne lampki", meaning "eternal lights", from my web page Topics).

But under the "peer pressure" from other scientists these ones who were researching such accidentally discovered and correctly working old "perpetuum mobile" devices, officially declared them NOT working, while taking the opportunity of this research they kept destroying the newly found working copies of such "perpetuum mobile" devices. As a result of many years of continuing this type of "intellectual terrorism" and scientific "burning at the stake" of those people who either learned the evidence or logical confirmation, or intuitively felt that the "perpetuum mobile" devices can be built, all attempts to develop these miraculous devices were almost completely extinguished by the blocking of progress behaviours of corporations selling energy, banks, official science, politicians, and also the "rejecting knowledge" and quietly cooperating with them priests (i.e. priests who comfortably "forgotten" their own definitions stating that "God can do everything" - meaning that God also has the power to guarantee with the wisely established by Him laws of nature, that the 'perpetuum mobile' machines will operate on Earth).

Fortunately, in 1985 I developed to this day the only in the world real Theory of Everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, which indicates that immobility is the condition artificially pre-programmed by God and achieved by directing into the closed vortexes the eternal movements of the ever-mobile, weightless and intelligent substance that fills the entire universe - which substance to distinguish it from completely dissimilar "matter" and "antimatter", I named "counter-matter". From the behaviours of this "counter-matter" is obvious that the "perpetual motion" is a natural feature of the universe - hence the "perpetual motion" by original beliefs and myths of e.g. ancient Greek people in "chaos", New Zealand Maori in God "Io", or Chinese people worshiping the highest God "Shang-Di", was confirmed by their own concepts of the eternal "chaos"

However, the "immobility" of the matter from our physical world is only a phenomenon artificially and purposefully caused (pre-programmed) by our God. This meant that there must be a way that such "perpetual motion" of "counter-matter" can be utilised for propelling motors and propulsors built technically by people. So starting from the date of developing my "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" I began searching for people and devices that in secret and in spite of being constantly persecuted (or at least ignored and discouraged) by the "official atheistic science", by energy corporations, bankers, politicians and those "rejecting knowledge" priests (the quotation from the Bible about "rejecting knowledge" by priests I repeat and discuss in (1) from items #T2. and #U1. of my web page Water), represented attempts at building modern versions of "perpetuum mobile" machines - only that in these attempts, to avoid persecution, they named their machines differently (namely they named them "free energy devices").

Soon, my searches gave me unexpected fruits and I found a number of people who worked on these devices. By contacting them, I also got to know the principles of operation and constructions of "perpetuum mobile" devices that they were trying to build. At the same time due to series of "coincidences" and findings from my "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" I also discovered the existence and operation of the phenomenon which represents the reversal of friction and which I named the "Telekinetic Effect". (My descriptions of the work of the "Telekinetic Effect" as the "reversal of friction" I presented, amongst others, in item #B3. from my web page Dipolar Gravity, and in items #J2. and #J3 from another my web page Free energy.)

According to the information to which I was then able to "dig out" about people who have started building modern versions of "perpetual motion" devices, the rebirth of the "fourth technical era of humanity" probably can be attributed to an Austrian citizen named Adalbert Béla Brosan (address in 1965: Schiffmeisterplatz 5, Ybbs/Donau near Linz, Austria). With the help of the "gold hand" from Linz named Nitschel, he managed to build the first two modern "perpetuum mobile" motors (with the principles of operation based on the electrostatic version of Topler's electrostatic machines transformed into motors). As I discovered later, these motors acquired energy from counter-matter through the "Telekinetic Effect".

The first two operational "perpetual motion" motors, Mr. Brosan named Testatica. Unfortunately, shortly after their construction, he died, while both these motors, together with the third one called Thesta-Distatica (based on the principle of the Wimshurst two-disc electrostatic machine - which Nitschel supposedly had built himself in a Swiss prison), through an entangled string of luck got to the Swiss religious group called "Methernitha" - which probably has them up to this day (but whose repeated efforts to successfully replicate these machines without the help of "Nitschel", as I have heard so far, have not been successful). I described the strange story of these machines in item #D2. from my web page Free energy.

The success of existence of these first self-inflating with energy motors named "Testatica" and "Thesta-Distatica" and numerous their public shows, plus (as I believe) my publications based on the findings of the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" - which explained the naturalness of origins of motion and driving power for these machines, slowly managed to overcome the prejudices imposed on the idea of the "perpetual motion" devices by the progress-blocking "collusion" of official atheistic science, energy producers, bankers, politicians and the "rejecting knowledge" priests. Thus, the number of people working on the construction of "perpetuum mobile" machines started to grow. In 2017 it turned out that successfully working prototypes of such machines already exists in dozens - and now one can watch videos in "youtube.com" showing the operational success and the work of many of them. Nowadays it remains probably only a matter of time, when seeing the gradual improvement of human morality, the restoring in the faith of God and in the content of the Bible, also new ideas such as the Philosophy of Totalizm or the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, in the country fastest returning to the morally correct behaviour (I hope it will be Poland) God will help one of the ever-growing builders of "perpetuum mobile" motors to overcome this "anti-progressive" collusion that blocks the production of these miraculous machines, and hence the first of these already self-inflating with energy motors of the "fourth technical era of humanity" starts to be disseminated in there at some avoiding the blockades way, thus being available to those private people who deserved to have such miraculous machines. I also hope that God will provide this builder with wisdom and common sense, so that he will notice how little are his chances to officially break through the blockades of the "ruling elites" discussed at the beginning of this item (the truth in this matter well illustrates, for example, the fate and "life defeats" of the "creator" of the "sonic boiler" described, for example, on the web page Boiler).

After all, the power of these blockades is so large that despite of thousands of films and interviews about generators of free energy published on the Internet by various authors, in none of them there is any mention of the truths described here, resulting from the findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity or from principles operation of my "telekinetic battery" (see the web page named "fe_cell.htm") - although they reconfirm the truth and indicate the correct operating principles for these generators. This is why seeing how powerful these blocks are and knowing how easily after falling into "bad hands" these miraculous propulsion devices could do more harm than good, if it is me who developed an effective prototype of the "perpetuum mobile" motor and also had the possibility of launching a small scale production of it, then instead of concealing its details and "seeking" profits through attempting to start mass production and sale, which, after all, could easily be "blocked" by the participants of the "collusion" described here, I would rather first publish all the details, dimensions, parameters and principles of building this invention, and only then I would turn to illustrating the truth and to making the good with prototypes that we would produce for the purpose of private sharing of these prototypes (means only after covering my production costs) to be used by individuals and well-known to me people, who in the light of my knowledge deserve to have them, as well as for the use of relatives and friends of the people recommended to me in trust.

As I have already mentioned, in these motors and propulsors self-inflating with the energy required for their work, that will propel the humanity starting from the "fourth technical era" on Earth, I personally became interested since 1985 - that is, from the moment when after the formulation of my Theory of Everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity I discovered that everything that exists in our physical world was created from an eternally moving, weightless and intelligent "counter-matter". After all, immediately after this discovery, the logic began to tell me that it remains only a matter of time when people will work out technically and economically profitable principles of operation and construction of propulsion devices (i.e. first motors, then propulsors of the type of my Oscillatory Chamber), which this eternal mobility of "counter-matter" will be using to propel our machines and to generate free energy. So starting from that 1985 in my publications I promoted as much as I could the idea that the "perpetuum mobile" machines can be built, and that they are able to satisfy all energy needs of our civilisation. Unfortunately, my rational and substantive explanations, publications, and descriptions of already constructed and working prototypes of such devices have been blocked for many years by this "collusion" and by the resulting hard wall of irrational "skepticism", malicious criticism, and often also hostility.

As a result of such strong blockades, the wider public interest in the construction of "perpetuum mobile" motors and propulsors began to be visible only in 2017 - that is, already after the year 2016 when there were published in Internet several videos and interviews promoting the results of my research, including the explanations of the groundbreaking meaning of the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity". It was just in 2017 that on YouTube appeared numerous videos informing about the rebuilding on Earth (or recompiling) long-known "perpetuum mobile" motors of the first and second generation. At first I thought it was the beginning of a "breakthrough" for the causing of which I worked hard for so long. However, after a closer analysis of the content of what, for example, in youtube.com was published on this subject, I started to recognise the same features I once identified in methods of operation of these "elites" (a) to (e) specified at the beginning of this item #J4.4. For example, suddenly a huge number of videos appeared on youtube.com, many of which instead of informing and revealing the truth, in fact, sowed confusion or turned out to be deliberately falsified fabrications. So it means that someone suddenly decided to start a new kind of campaign, into which he put a surprising amount of effort and means to continually camouflage his previous anti-progressive actions that discouraged the construction of "perpetuum mobile" machines. Despite the multiplicity of these videos, it was very difficult to find among them any internet presentation that would reveal the parameters of work, the principle of operation, and phenomena used in the really working technical solution. At the same time, a huge number of such unproductive, deprived details and data, and often falsified film presentations acted discouragingly, because it made difficult to find and review these few reports on technical solutions that actually work and have already been confirmed in practice. Moreover, practically to this day, I have NOT found amongst the multitude of technical solutions published on the Internet at least one mention or link to my publications which explain the principles of operation and phenomena that are actually able to generate motion in "perpetuum mobile" devices. All in all, the results of these amazingly discouraging online presentations were highly in line with the strategy of this anti-progressive power, which strategy I learned painfully since 1985, as it blocked and sabotaging the results of my research. (This strategy in a best way can be expressed with saying: "if you cannot hide a tree, plant a huge forest around it". In other words, it appears that these anti-progressive powers and institutions, seeing that is rapidly growing the number of people convinced of the feasibility of building the perpetuum mobile devices, suddenly started a massive, and therefore rather expensive, new campaign of confusing people that seek truth and information, in which new campaign instead of blocking, they started an excessive publishing of everything that only can fall into heads of someone, including many falsifications, fabrications and truly magical "tricks".

Despite the discouraging work of this new campaign of "planting a huge forest to hide individual trees", I encourage everyone interested in progress to systematically browse YouTube. Among the multitude of solutions shown in there, one can always find a few that can work inspiringly for the seeker of truth and information. After all, in order to look probably, even videos that falsify the displayed results are also forced to weave some truth into intended untruth. People working on this topic will then be able to quickly differentiate between the truth and untruth due to their checks, while the inspiration and information that these videos sow in them may save them many days of work and provide the right direction for creative explorations. In addition, these videos reveal to us truths, which are hard to find - as an example of such truths consider the idea of the "perpetuum mobile" pseudo-motor called the Bhaskara Wheel that was invented in India in 1150, and shown, among others, on the video Bhaskara Wheel
resp. in YouTube - which makes us aware that the efforts to build "perpetuum mobile" devices have been ongoing for at least 900 "human years". If one is systematically browsing YouTube, then from time to time one can also come across videos presenting the already built and actually working "perpetuum mobile" machines. For their examples, see the previously linked videos showing machines "Testatica" and "Thesta-Distatica" from the Swiss Methernitha, or the South Korean "perpetuum mobile" motor of the second generation with permanent magnets only, which in July 2019 was still shown in Youtube .

Because this motor works a bit like today's multi-cylinder internal combustion engines, its idea is relatively easy to implement by most DIY enthusiasts (there are also many other constructions with a similar principle of operation). In my opinion, however, it is worth to follow the fate of "perpetuum mobile" motors for permanent magnets, which are already good enough for starting a mass production - only that their creators still awaits the "Sisyphean effort" to overcome elite blockades - i.e. to overcome the "collusion" described in this item. One of such motors is a Korean 10 kW permanent magnets motor from the firm https://infinitysav.com/ already demonstrated in public (an example of a video from such a demonstration is shown in Youtube).

Another is the permanent magnet motor of the Turkish inventor (Muammer Yildiz) - also publicly demonstrated in several universities around the world (a video from one such demonstration including, among other things, the motor's disassembly and showing its internal design, is available in Youtube). It is also worth to look at the "pseudo-motor" built by a Norwegian and called "Reidar Finsrud's Perpetuum Mobile", shown for example, on the free video in Youtube.

The principles of operation of the devices from the "fourth technical era of humanity", i.e.machines which self-fill with the energy required for their work, relatively accurately describe and illustrate repetitive regularities and principles of operation described in the third and fourth form of my "Cyclic Tables for the Earth's Propulsion Systems", illustrated on this web page as "Tab. #J3" and "Tab. #J4". The fourth era is also explained and illustrated in items #J1., #J2 and #A3. from my web page Free energy, and it is supplemented with additional explanations in item #D3 from another of my web page God proof. Therefore, I will omit here its additional discussion.

Quite helpful for inventors working on the propelling devices of the "fourth technical era of humanity" may be the analysis of rules and similarities contained in the construction and principles of operation of propelling devices of the first and second technical eras of humanity. After all, from this analysis we already know that much information about the construction and operation of the propelling devices of the "fourth technical era of humanity" actually tells us the construction and operation of propelling devices from the "third technical era of humanity" already relatively well known and described in my publications (i.e. from the construction and operation of electric motors, my Magnocrafts, and Oscillatory Chambers used to propel Magnocrafts). After all, according to what I am explaining in the next item #J4.5 of this web page, the principles of operation of motors and propulsors of particular technical eras of humanity God have been designing in pairs, each second era of these pairs always contains propelling devices similar to the devices of the first era of a given pair, only enriched with the use of further phenomena triggered technically by people.

This in turn means that the motors and propulsors from the "fourth technical era of humanity" will be similar to the motors and propulsors from the "third technical era of humanity" which I have already worked out well - only that in their principles of operation they will be additionally using the phenomena such as the "Telekinetic Effect". For example, the self-inflating with energy propulsors from the fourth technical era of humanity will actually be Oscillatory Chamber of my invention, similar to the Oscillatory Chambers used in Magnocraft already built in the third technical era of humanity - only that in the fourth era they will be improved by using the Telekinetic Effect for self-filling them with the energy required for their work, while in the third technical era the Oscillatory Chambers of the Magnocraft will be filled with the external energy generated by the Earth's power plants. Therefore gradually (in my free time) in this item #J4.4. I will also try to briefly write down what will be the principles of operation of the motors and propulsors from this fourth technical era of humanity, and what will be the characteristics and driving capabilities of these revolutionary motors and propulsors of our future.

However, because the evolution of my Cyclic Tables (forecasting the actual evolution of the propelling devices that the humanity will use throughout its entire history) has NOT ended at the point described here (i.e. recently re-accepted to continue - after deciding to ignore the previously blocking progress lies of official atheistic science), this "fourth technical era" in the next two items of this web page I will discuss in more detail the fifth and sixth "technical eras" shown and defined in the next, fourth in turn form of my "Cyclic tables for the Earth's propulsion systems" - illustrated above as "Tab. #J4".

resp. in YouTube

Film #J4.4a: Here is a 32-second long movie film showing how looked like the the world's first "perpetual motion" pseudo-motor called the Bhaskara Wheel - invented and built in 1150 by a mathematician from India named Bhaskara Second and later repetitively built until today. "Bhaskara Wheel" is a bit more widely described and linked in items #J2. and #J1. from my web page Free energy.

Although this "perpetual motion device" and also a few others were available in a working state at times when the old "official atheistic science" proclaimed its alleged "laws of thermodynamics", which try to misguide people that supposedly "perpetual motion devices" and "free energy devices" cannot be built, it did NOT stop official atheistic science from spreading these lying "laws of thermodynamics" which held back the development of these machines practically until the year 2017 - as this is described in item #J4.4. from this web page above. In cases, when inventors did NOT listen to these lying orders to NOT build "perpetual motion machines" or to NOT attempt to spread around the world the operating "free energy" devices, various institutions interested in"capitalize" from selling energy "eliminated" such inventor. All this happened because of the "money" that distorts human nature and destroys our entire civilization - NOT without a reason "money" is considered to be the primary source of evil on Earth. (This is why in items #A1. to #A4. from my web page Party of Totalizm.

I propose to implement on Earth the ideal "nirvana political system" as soon as possible to free people from the present "financial madness" - this is because the "nirvana political system" will completely eliminate "money" from use by replacing them with the indescribable happiness of the miraculous phenomenon of the totaliztic nirvana.)

Although the above film, along with films linked via "Film #J4.3a, #J4.5a and #J4.6a" of this web page, is just another excerpt extracted from the recommended above on "Film #J4.1a" a half an hour long educational movie film entitled "Future Propulsions", together with my highly talented friend Dominik Myrcik we decided to cut it out and show here for an independent and brief illustration of how the first "perpetual motion" device actually looked like - as various modern versions of it since 2017 are widely described on the internet and shown on Youtube.

The same (above) excerpt from the film "Future Propulsions" entitled "Bhaskara 4K" and prepared in "4K" resolution suitable for modern "smart TVs" (i.e. in "Ultra HD" of 3840x2160 pixels) can also be run directly from the address Youtube, as well as run from my web page Videos.

Because I am going to use this excerpt to illustrate also web pages in different languages, it is NOT provided with any audio commentary. However, its commentary prepared in three different languages (i.e. Polish, English and German) can be listen to from the film entitled Future Propulsions linked above from "Film #J4.1a".

I should add here that the Bhaskara Wheel belongs to a special class of propulsion devices, which in my Cyclic Tables for Propulsion Devices are called "pseudo-propulsions", while the description of which I provided, amongst others, in items #A1, #J4.2, #J4.4 and #J7 from this web page. These "pseudo-propulsions" are such propelling devices in which the working medium generating their driving force is NOT circulated through the environment - which non-circulating causes that their operation is highly "erratic" and fussily dependable on the momentary changes in environmental conditions. Commonly known examples of pseudo-propulsions include the pseudo-motors in English called aneroid capsule (invented in 1844 by French scientist Lucien Vidi) - which, in addition to propelling the hands of so-called "Aneroid Barometers", in old times were also used, among others, for propelling self-winding clocks, and include also the pseudo-propulsors at present called "balloons". In fact all "pseudo-propulsions" meet the requirements of working principles that people try to attribute to "perpetual motion" devices - while the only difference between these two classes of propelling devices is the fact that in the case of "perpetual motion" devices the present science so-far has NO proverbial "clue" what constitutes their working medium that gives to them their "perpetual motion", while in the case of "pseudo-propulsion" we already know why they work almost indefinitely.

This is why today's official atheistic science ignorantly overlooks the fact that, for example, "aneroid capsule" and today's "balloons for gases lighter than air" in practice fulfill the definitions of correctly operating "perpetual motion devices". Fortunately for future inventors, pseudo-propulsions typically can be rearranged so that their working medium circulates through the environment - which circulation eliminates the "erratic" character of their work. For example, in item #J4.2 of this web page I described my invention of a "controllable balloon" for heated air, which already circulates its working medium (i.e. circulates heated air) through the environment, and thus which allow to reconstruct today's balloons from currently non-controllable pseudo-propulsors into effectively controlled propulsors.

In turn, because for devices of the "perpetual motion" type, our present science does NOT yet know all the conditions and mediums from their environment that affect their operation, hence if these specific devices are built as "pseudo-propulsions" then at one time they can work properly (means word long-duration), while at other times they may refuse such a long-term operation considered to be the requirement of classifying them into the "perpetual-motion devices" - which is the reason why the "propulsion ignorance" of present scientists allows them to lie to the rest of humanity that supposedly these devices cannot be classified as the already completed examples "perpetual motion" devices. This is why, in the case of pseudo-propulsions, the criterion of their belonging to their class should be the difference between the duration of their uninterrupted work as propelling devices, and the operation of their mechanism deprived the propelling capabilities - e.g. in the case of the Bhaskara Wheel, the difference between the period of their rotation and the time of rotation of an identical to them, but solid wheels without working medium.

#J4.5. The fifth technical era of humanity and its propelling devices which allow us to overcome passage of time and the inevitability of death

Motto: "The majority of humans limit their knowledge of the future to the present moment."

My analysis of the results of human predictions of the future indicate that if we do NOT discover and work out the principle which God used to formulate in His "Omniplan" what is going to happen in the area that we are interested in, then whatever people predict just on the basis of their own knowledge and views, always over time turns out to be wrong. In turn, principles that God uses to formulate in the "Omniplan" His designs for the future, are best illustrated by the regularities contained in my "Cyclic Tables in the Development of Earth's Propelling Devices". The cyclic table which I discovered first and which turned out to be the most important, was the one published in 1976 in the article entitled "Teoria rozwoju napędów" (in English meaning: "The theory of propulsion systems development") from the Polish magazine "Astronautyka", issue 5/1976, pages 16 to 21. Starting from the time of its discovery, I continually analyze and research these cyclic tables until today - discovering in them increasingly more interesting regularities and principles, which in turn allow me to predict increasingly more precisely the principles of operation and features of the propelling devices for the future humans.

From principles and regularities that God has pre-planned into the development of human propelling devices and are reflected by my first cyclic table, the strongest influence on the devices from the "fifth technical era of humanity" (which I intend to describe in this item #J4.5), exerts "the principle that in the propelling devices of increasingly higher technical eras used are increasingly more hidden, deeply located and difficult to access by people components of the reality that surrounds us." This principle causes that in order to be able to build ever more powerful propelling devices of subsequent technical eras, people are forced to overcome in their views and philosophies the subsequent "barriers of awareness" (meaning to overcome "philosophical limitations" rooted in their worldviews), which God utilises for precise pre-planning in His "Omniplan" the technological progress of humanity, and then in careful governing over implementation of this progress. (Notice, that what are and how these "barriers of awareness" do work, I tried to explain a long time ago on the example of a barrier that already for around 70 years has been limiting the majority of people, including the Polish so-called "UFO researchers", to get stuck on answering the question "does UFOs even exist" and thus make these people to constantly "trot in the same place". My explanation of this barrier, I published, among others, in item #F6 from the web page Evil, and in subsection O3. from volume 12 of my monograph [1/5].)

Because the crossing through subsequent "barriers of awareness" ("philosophical limitations") in human worldviews is controlled by God, the existence of these barriers allows God to grant to humanity the permission to build only those propelling devices, powers and capabilities of which are appropriate to the level of morality, civilization advancement and obedience to God among these generations of people who will have access to the power and to the destruction capabilities of these propelling devices.

Let us now analyze my most completely and precisely developed and fine-tuned "Cyclic Table in the Development of Earth's Propelling Devices", illustrated above as "Tab. #J4" from this web page, and also published in the posts number #309E (in English) and #295 (in Polish) to blogs of totalizm, as well as in my monograph [12] and in Monograph [13] which collects all my posts to blogs of totalizm (almost half of which posts is in English). This table allows for a better understanding "what is all about" that used by God and explained above "principle of using in the propelling devices of subsequent technical eras the increasingly more hidden, deep and difficult to access by people components of the surrounding reality". Well, from that "Tab. #J4" it follows that the six successive technical eras on Earth are arranged in three pairs of eras that are increasingly more difficult to complete. Each of these three pairs uses for propelling purposes the increasingly more deeply hidden and invisible for people components of the reality that surrounds us. In addition, from both technical eras of each such pair, the first era always uses the "naturally" available to people (i.e. easier to identify and use by people) attributes of the working medium that provides the propulsive power to all the propelling devices of this pair. In the second era of each pair, for the purposes of propelling are used different attributes of the same working medium, only that this time attributes are released technically by people. Let us analyze now these three pairs of technical eras in more detail (see "Tab. #J4" indicated above):

(1) The first of these three pairs, which includes the first and second technical eras of humanity, for the purposes of propelling utilises only the most visible and accessible to people the circulation of "direct interactions of matter". Thus, the propelling devices of these first and second technical eras are the easiest to invent and to build by people - although their powers and capabilities are the most primitive and limited. At the same time, slightly more technically advanced propelling devices of the second technical era from this first pair (i.e. such propelling devices as: an internal combustion engine, a "jet engine", a rocket) so intensely pollute the natural environment that they threaten human health and survival. (The reader is probably aware that at the moment humanity is in the final phase of using mainly the propelling devices of these first and second technical eras.)

(2) The second of these three pairs, covering the third and fourth technical eras, for propelling purposes uses a bit more hidden from human eyes, because invisible, "circulations of counter-matter" - which in the most known way manifest themselves to people as the so-called "magnetic fields". The existence of counter-matter is still negated by the official atheistic science - in spite that counter-matter is the major component of the reality that surrounds us from which God created all the matter from our physical world. (It is shocking that it is still negated by official atheistic science, in spite that the existence of the counter-world, and thus the existence of counter-matter prevailing in the counter-world, has already been proven by my formal scientific proof presented, among others, in item #D3. from a different my web page Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and also in subsection H1.1.4. from volume 4 of my monograph [1/5].)

Therefore, in order to be able to build subsequent propelling devices of the third and fourth technical eras, humanity will first have to overcome the "barrier of awareness" which depends on the necessity to overcome the current intellectual resistance of the official atheistic science, which today's selfish intentions are mainly focused on immoral use of its monopoly for research and for education, and on resulting from this monopoly the denying of the existence of the counter-world and counter-matter in which can reside the authority much higher than that of present scientists (which authority is God Himself). How in turn difficult is for the institution of current official atheistic science to cross this barrier of awareness, it is perfectly illustrated by the repetitive attacks on the outcomes of "hobby" research that I am carrying on, which attacks, while being unable to undermine my findings, evidence and theories, resort to "grips below the belt" - what the reader may quickly notice when reviewing the opinions on these outcomes widely disseminated on the internet. As a result of this situation, this barrier of awareness stops the humanity from building increasingly more advanced propelling devices of the third and fourth technical eras, in spite that the first most primitive propelling device from the third technical era (i.e. the so-called "electric motor") was invented in 1836 and until today it is being built almost without any major changes in the principle of its operation, while the historical information also indicates that the first propelling device of the fourth technical era was built NO later than in the year 1150 - for details see e.g. item #J2. from my web page Free energy.

It is a great pity, that the moral state of the group intellect of today's institution of official atheistic science has fallen so low that this science is NOT able any more to cross also through this barrier of awareness. After all, the propelling devices of the third and fourth technical eras do NOT pollute the environment - as do the propelling devices used today, while for example the building of the Magnocrafts of my invention would open for humanity access to the unlimited resources of the vast cosmic space. In turn, the construction of the Timevehicle of my invention would open for people access to the so-called "imprisoned immortality", and thus would eliminate the to-date human fear of death.

(3) The third of these three pairs, covering the fifth and sixth technical eras, for the purposes of propulsion uses completely hidden from human eyes (the circulation of) "the work of programs from the memory of counter-matter". These programs are, after all, the components of the counter-matter which define all behaviours and qualities of this intelligent, weightless and eternally moving substance from the counter-world - from which God created all the matter of our physical world. This is why the software from counter-matter defines the attributes and behaviours of everything that is manifested in our physical world - including the pre-programmed and later gradually being improved by God, the action of all laws of nature. Therefore, in order to be able to build subsequent propelling devices of these fifth and sixth technical eras, the humanity will first have to overcome one more "barrier of awareness" that manifests itself in the tendency of people (including the most of today's scientists) to not recognize everything that can NOT be shown and visually demonstrated that it exists - in this number the unrecognizing also that in the memory of counter-matter there are programs controlling behaviours of this intelligent, weightless and eternally moving substance, and to not recognize that to the humanity have already been revealed ways of initiating the work of these programs - e.g. ways such as: (a) orders in the language of "Ulot" understood and obeyed by these programs, while described, among others, in item #E4. from my web page Prophecies (while the software that translates from "Ulot" to human spoken languages is described in item #F11. from the web page Soul proof), (b) spells, and (c) sound vibrations - described near the end of this item #J4.5. Unfortunately, neither the counter-matter nor the programs contained in its memory can be demonstrated to anyone. After all, even verse 11:3 from the biblical "Letter to the Hebrews" states (I quote it from the "Good News Bible"): "... the universe was created by God's word, so that what can be seen was made out of what cannot be seen" - which verse in the Polish "Biblia Tysiąclecia" confirms the same message, namely that: "... słowem Boga światy zostały tak stworzone, iż to, co widzimy, powstało nie z rzeczy widzialnych." (Notice from my explanations provided above on this web page in caption under "Table #J1b", that what in the Bible is named "word", in the present terminology of Informatics is named "information", "algorithm" and "program" - hence in the totaliztic definition of God provided in item #A0. from my web page God proof and in posts #308 and #308E to blogs of totalizm, God is defined as a huge program that self-evolved in 12th level of memory from the intelligent counter-matter.)

Overcoming this barrier raised for the humanity between the fourth and fifth technical era will take place only when God recognizes that the humanity as a whole voluntarily has reached the level of its morality and civilization advancement, which will be required for the responsible use of almost unlimited power and capabilities (among others for destruction) which propelling devices of these last two technical eras will give into human hands. However, if humanity finally manages to overcome this next barrier of awareness, then it will gain access to propulsion systems and devices with almost unlimited capabilities - which I am trying to describe in more detail in this item #J4.5 and in next item #J4.6.

However, before I start to summarize the operation and capabilities of propelling devices from the fifth technical era of humanity, it is worth to emphasize the conclusions that follow from the above described intelligently designed rules clearly visible in subsequent inventions of propelling devices for all the technical eras of the humanity. The first of these conclusions, which is immediately striking, is that inventing and building such a perfectly designed sequence of subsequent human propelling devices can NOT be governed just by "random chances" (with which the official atheistic science explains the occurrence of everything that happens in our physical world). The perfection and intelligence of these rules therefore confirms that there must be the divine supervision behind them, carefully pre-programmed for the future in the "Omniplan" (as I have explained this pre-programming in item #J5. from my web page Petone), as well as must also be involved the superior knowledge and intelligence of our God. The second conclusion is that when the humanity enters the path to meet the requirements for building a given propulsion system, God gradually makes available (and controls) the discoveries and inventions that the total effect will lead to the construction of this system.

For example, regarding the propelling devices of the fifth technical era of humanity described here, the knowledge of how to use the counter-matter software was made available to selected people since a long time ago, e.g. through: (a) initiating the work of this software with the use of commands in the described above language of "Ulot", (b) use of hidden from people methods with which this software is initiated by some so-called "magicians" or other "initiated insiders", or (c) use of sequences of properly modulated vibrations generated e.g. by saying "spells", using e.g. "pipes/bagpipes" or through vibrating correct "tuning forks" - as it is described near the end of this item #J4.5.

From my research and analyzes follows that the fifth "technical era" was designed by God to exist in times when the humanity learns to use, among others, for transporting purposes, these already existing, ready made programs stored in the memory of "counter-matter" (which programs control the behaviours of this eternally mobile fluid). In turn such use of already existing programs that control the counter-matter will enable the humanity to carry out many different activities, which long time ago I have described, among others, in subsection H11. from volume 4 of my monograph [1/5].

For example, in the use as propelling devices, this application of counter-matter programs allows that instead of travelling or transporting something physically through space or time, it is enough to start the program for changing the position of this something in the "Omniplan" from the counter-world, and this program immediately relocates this something into another (pre-programmed in the "Omniplan") place and time from our physical world and from the reversible (human) time. (Please notice that a whole range of further non-propelling applications of the human abilities to use ready-made programs contained in the counter-matter, for example for purposes of healing, communicating, or for transferring thoughts, I described more comprehensively in item #E4. from my web page Prophecies.)

However, the most powerful and the most useful possibilities such use of already existing programs from counter-matter will give to the humanity in the area of production and building. After all, through the use of programs contained in the counter-matter, God Himself (or more strictly: humanly-looking God embodiments sent to Earth to educate people) created for the use of first humans on Earth a whole range of megalithic structures existing to this day practically on all continents. Examples of these structures made of stone by God can be those that I described more precisely e.g. in (4) from item #B2. on my web page Humanity, or in item #H1. from the web page God exists.

The more famous of them include, among others, the Sphinx and the great pyramid of Giza in Egypt, the Great Chinese Wall (including those fragments of the Chinese Great Wall, which later were NOT restored by the Chinese rulers, and hence have already been destroyed) and many others very long walls similar to Chinese Great Wall found recently on almost all continents and shown on YouTube, as well as a series of these incredibly precise walls of megalithic buildings with curved surfaces between different stones (i.e. walls most commonly available to be viewed by tourists in Peru and Bolivia, though existing also in China, Southern Europe, Egypt, Asia, and even New Zealand). A photograph of one of these impossible to build "Inca walls" with curved surfaces of the contacts between particular stones is shown in Img.275 (#I1) from my web page God proof, while a whole series of further similar walls from megalithic buildings is shown on my video "playlist" with Playlist Inca music.

On the other hand, if we would want to build any of these stone structures with our present technology, then it would turn out that our present knowledge, technology, machines and tools, are NOT able to erect such megalithic constructions. It is for this reason that various atheistic UFOlogists, in order to divert the attention of humanity from the truth that these buildings were created by God, promote various theories on the Internet, that these structures are supposed to be of cosmic origins. But the truth is that after earning the ability to use ready-made programs contained in the counter-matter from which any matter is formed, erecting such incredibly precise buildings from colossal stone blocks would only require launching properly selected programs from counter-matter - so that these programs first would shape stones in the required forms, and then they would order these stones, that regardless of the weight, they would fly themselves in the air and set up in their respective walls or building locations. After all, programs contained in the counter-matter allow to do with stones exactly what many local mythologies state that it happened when such megalithic structures were originally erected by the superior beings sent to Earth by God for organizing and civilizing the humanity - such as the Israeli Melchizedek mentioned in the caption under Table K1 from my web page Tapanui, or the Egyptian couple Osiris and his sister and the wife named Isis.

By the way, it is interesting whether the reader realizes that such still impossible to build by humans, because erected with the method of programming the counter-matter, giant megalithic structures made by God, are spread over practically the entire surface of the Earth - i.e. NOT only in China , Egypt, or Peru, but also on the small islands of New Zealand that used to be cut off from the rest of the world. For example, in New Zealand there is a so-called Kaimanawa Wall - which in April 2018 I could analyze more closely, among others, from the 8.5-minute video in YouTube on Youtube - which I discuss in the caption under "Video #J3z" from the web page Petone.

After all, those who try to personally examine this structure are treated in the same way as I was treated during my researching of the New Zealand Tapanui Crater (for details see e.g. "introduction" and item #B5..

For example, it is officially proclaimed deceptively and discouragingly that the Kaimanawa Wall is "a natural creation", the area in which it is located is closed for easy public access, and also researchers who are trying to investigate this structure are harassed and scared. In spite of all this, several courageous hobbyists were still able to determine that the Kaimanawa Wall is probably the still not covered by ashes from the nearby volcano fragment of the upper platform of a huge pyramid similar to American pyramids and composed of multi-tone stone blocks. According to the Maori legends, in a different area of forests growing in New Zealand there is also still undiscovered by Europeans the "Sleeping Giant" - means a gigantic sculpture of a man (probably of the legendary giant-demigod called Maui) lying on his back (i.e. the giant, which I described, amongst others, in item #J3.3. from my web page God proof).

The information that results from the analysis of sculptures created in ancient times indicates that the details of these sculptures were shaped by kinds of spoons, after the prior use of programs contained in the counter-matter that soften the stone to the consistency of soft butter without simultaneous changing of its temperature.

It is also worth adding to the above that the propelling devices built in the "fifth technical era of humanity" described here will utilise the work of already existing, ready-made programs contained in the counter-matter. However, these programs will NOT be created by people, but only run by people using, among others, appropriate "keys" - for example, appropriately modulated vibrations, or "spells". As such, in spite that both eras number 5 and 6 will use for propulsion the software from counter-matter, the propelling devices of the "fifth technical era" - described in this item #J4.5, will significantly differ in their construction, operation and capabilities from the propelling devices built in the next, "sixth technical era" - described in item #J4.6 below. This difference in the best way can be illustrated on an example of the use of today's computers. After all, for example, a "software engineer" programming these computers, and for example a "store salesperson" using specific computer software (package) that facilitates his/her sales, accounting, and inventory of store stock, both of them use computers. However, the "software engineer" knows exactly how to program whatever he/she wants his/her computer is to do. On the other hand, the shop assistant knows only which computer key is to be pressed to make his/her computer to do work which for him/she needs to be done.

So a salesperson is NOT (nor will be) able to accomplish from his/her computer anything that was NOT previously pre-programmed into it. Extrapolating this comparison to the propelling devices of the 5th and 6th "technical eras", devices of the 5th technical era will only utilise programs (i.e. ready-made software "packages") already existing in the counter-matter (because God installed them in there). These ready-made programs (software "packages") from counter-matter will cause effects on which the owners of these devices depend (e.g. will transport these owners and their vehicles and luggage to another location, e.g. from a different historical period and other time - the luminous effects accompanying such transporting are explained in the next item #J4.6). Thus, in their use the devices of fifth technical era will be like the use of computers by shop assistants, but instead of pressing the keys to cause them to work, the "keys" which trigger the action of these devices will be, for example, some appropriately modulated vibrations, "spells", orders issued in the language of "Ulot", etc. On the other hand, devices of the 6th technical era will allow people to program everything that the owner of these devices wishes. Thus, in their use the devices of sixth technical era will be like equivalents of using of computers by software engineers. The activities carried out in the sixth era will therefore include not only "what" is to be done, but also "how", "when", "in what manner", "with what accompanying effects", etc., this doing is to take place.

Nowadays, there is still a relatively large body of evidence available, which confirms the fact of existence, and relatively frequent use by someone of such ready-made software "packages" from the counter-matter - which packages allow for the implementation of a whole range of activities physically impossible to implement (e.g. allow shaping and levitating huge stone blocks, moving fragments of sculptures, etc.). Into the category of this evidence belongs almost everything that has been documented to exist, but what either breaks the known laws of physics, or also evades of the natural passage of time. The majority of such evidence is currently available on YouTube, where documented on film are for example: sculptures that move their limbs or head, or cry, or drink liquids, museum exhibits that themselves perform various activities, cases of people or objects made industrially (e.g. screws, hammers , watches, telephones) transferred to different times (e.g. to antiquity), and sometimes even documented with today's CCTV cameras behaviours of human-like beings breaking the laws of physics - for their examples see YouTube videos e.g. from addresses on: Youtube, or Youtube.

Although it is easy to deduce that the only rational explanation for the indisputably documented such events is that they must be caused by appropriate software stored in the counter-matter from which is created the matter of these objects behaving oppositely to the laws of nature, only on the basis of documented evidence of these events, unfortunately, it is impossible to determine what is the mechanism of triggering such behaviours of these objects, people, or beings. I mean, looking at, for example, physically solid stone sculptures moving their limbs or heads, it is NOT possible to determine for example if this movement is caused e.g by launching a "package" of counter-matter software (as this will be done by devices of the fifth technical era described here), or caused by introducing completely new programs into the counter-matter (as by devices of sixth technical era this will be done in manners described in item #J4.6 below). Fortunately for our civilization, the learning about this mechanism is facilitated by legends and by empirical research on a relatively recent past.

After all, we already know from the old legends that one of the "keys" for starting propelling programs from the counter-matter are appropriately modulated sequences of vibrations, or "spells". In turn another such a key are mental orders issued in the language named "Ulot". In fact, the most frequently implemented programs of standard actions performed by counter-matter God programmed in such a way that those who know how to do this could run them, for example, with appropriately modulated sequences of vibrations, "spells", or with orders in the language of "Ulot", which people (or other beings similar to humans) were able to generate in a whole range of different ways. And so, the implementation of these programs from counter-matter could be initiated, for example, by:

(A) The generating of required sequences of vibrations by singing "spells" with proper voice intonation (as in ancient times "spells" were cast by the so-called "wizards" or "witches").

(B) The playing of the right notes on the correct kind of instruments (as did so the "rat catchers" with their "magic pipes" - to descriptions of which I am linking the interested readers by key words of their Polish names "szczurołapy" or "myszołapy" /"ratepayers" or "mousetraps"/ from the web page Topics).

(C) The singing of a properly sounding "mantra" (e.g. the one that is to unlock the famous door to the treasury of the "Golden Temple of Padmanabhaswamy" in India - discussed e.g. at around 7-minute of video from the address on Youtube).

(D) The generating of the required vibrations by hitting the ancient Egyptian tuning forks shown, among others, from 4:40 minutes of English-language video available at address on Youtube and on many other YouTube videos selected by using the key words: tuning forks Egypt.

(E) The correct directing of the so-called "chi" energy. The Chinese are cultivating the tradition of using something that they usually name "chi" energy. However, if we analyze what under the name "chi" is hiding, then it turns out that the Chinese concept of "chi" includes everything that is invisible to human senses, and thus includes NOT only energy, but also telepathy, telekinesis, counter-matter and even programs contained in the counter-matter. During my professorship in Kuala Lumpur, I had the honour and pleasure of being invited to the demonstrations by Chinese school of Buddhist monks from the Shaolin monasteries in the Chinese province of Henan. They practice a kind of Chinese "martial art" called "kung-fu". These monks smashed into dust hard steel rods with just their heads, cut through powerful concrete blocks with one blow of their bare hands, and pushed whole trucks in front of them through only a spear - which was resting on their larynx with its sharp point. Their bodies proved to be more powerful and more resistant to cuts than steel and concrete. More information about the feats of masters of "kung-fu" from Shaolin, which I had the pleasure and privilege to personally watch, is described in subsection JB3.3 from my monograph [1/4].

At present I believe that what monks described as the mastering of the use of "chi" energy, actually boils down to various ways of triggering the programs contained in the counter-matter - that is, boils down to the beginning of biological implementation of what will technically be the propelling devices of the "fifth technical era". It must be remembered that everything that is able to do a human body, after the proper progress of knowledge and technology, is also able to do a technical device invented and built by people.

(F) The use of magical methods of Chinese "death-walkers". I have briefly described the methods of these unusual people (or beings), among others, in item #H2. of my web page St.Andrzej Bobola, in subsection I5.7.1. from volume 5 of my monograph [1/5], and at the end of item #D1. from my web page God.

They operated in ancient China in times when there were NO refrigerators. This is because the Chinese tradition requires that the dead are buried in tombs of their family. So when a Chinese died away from his/her homeland, the "death-walkers" were immediately called. These people (or beings), with their "spells", caused the dead to get up and walk to their family cemetery, where they could be buried.

(G) The re-use of methods for cutting with bare hands and then levitating large stones, discovered by a number of old "stonemasons".From my research it seems to emerge that a number of people who in past practiced the hard profession of "stonemasons" independently from each other discovered ways allowing them to split with bare hands and to carve large stones, finally to order these stones where they should levitate and to align themselves in walls. If we analyse these almost "miraculous" skills of past stonemasons, then the only rational explanation of "how" it was possible to do what they did, requires learning how to run ready-made software "packages" contained in the counter-matter, plus how to utilise the work and capabilities of these "packages". From the family stories of my own parents and grandparents, I know that exactly such a method of "ordering to stones" what they should do, was used by a stone mason that before World War Two lived somewhere near the town of Jarocin in Poland. Together with my grandfather and father he was helping in constructing the church, and probably also the foundations for the cottage of my grandparents from the village of Cielcza near Jarocin. That is because this stonemason, about skills of whom I have heard a lot in times of my youth, with his bare hands was able to split huge stones along the surface which he considered the most useful for a given purpose - which unusual skill I described a bit more widely, among others, in item #D3. and in the caption under Img.094 (#G1a) from my web page "Cielcza".

In other words, with his bare hands, he was able to do almost the same things as in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I saw being demonstrated by "kung-fu" masters splitting huge blocks of concrete with their bare hands. Intriguingly, shortly after I emigrated from Poland and started to work at the Southland Community College in Invercargill, New Zealand, I was very fascinated by the history of the township of Cromwell located relatively close to Invercargill - which I visited many times. It was in times before the electricity dam was built on the Clutha River flowing through the Cromwell township - which dam flooded a large fragment of its old town. In that township there was a stone cottage once inhabited by a local stone mason. Old people said that he was also able to split and to shape stones with his bare hands. In past roughly shaped stones still were visible near his "cottage". Unfortunately, when I visited the town after the dam on Clutha River was finished, it turned out that the place where his "cottage" once stood was flooded with water. All cases of stonemasons indicated in this item #J4.5 seem to reveal that in the past some of them learned how to execute ready-made software "packages" contained in the counter-matter from which stones were made. In this learning, masons probably were helped by the hard labour with stones that lasted for many years, which labour significantly raised the level of their "moral energy" - often up to the moment of achieving by them the phenomenon of totaliztic nirvana.

In turn my own experience indicates that people who, due to their hard physical work, managed to achieve the phenomenon of nirvana, are distinguished by God with a special guidance and fate. Thus, after getting to know how to execute programs contained in the counter-matter, the stonemasons either with mental orders in the language of "Ulot", or with "spells" or sounds generated during work, caused that stones were obeying their wishes. Thus, for example, the stones cracked along surfaces ordered by the mason, or they themselves levitated and settled where the stonemason ordered them. No wonder that these were former "stonemasons" who created the foundations of a world-wide organization, which in the course of time in English was called "Freemasons" while in Polish - "Wolnomularze". (Note that both of these names represent refined and noble words replacing formerly regarded as common and unworthy of the rulers or the wealthy people name "mason".) Of course, now it is difficult to find official explanations why the one among most powerful organizations on Earth, the attribute of which is to govern and to maintain secrets and different levels of initiations among people, called itself by a word meaning "stonemason". The knowledge, however, what old-time masons could do - explains also this puzzle. This is because it is easy to understand how even people in power and wealth, seeing, for example, someone who was able to split the huge boulders with just the touch of his bare hand and then ordered them to levitate, willingly enlisted themselves into the organization that promised also to them the initiation into secrets, how they themselves will eventually be able to do such miracles.

It is a great pity though that this knowledge and ways to learn these skills in reality have NOT been permanently and openly documented, but are still covered in mysteries and require going through various levels of initiations. After all, when one passes through these initiations and enters the higher spheres of this organization, he begins to enjoy such attractive personal benefits, that his intentions and reasons for revealing to the rest of humanity the secrets learned in the meantime, are to disappear completely. In turn, keeping this knowledge secret, makes to our entire civilization more difficult (if NOT almost impossible) the learning of truth and progressing. It is also a pity that what I discovered until now due to my laborious research, I was NOT aware in times when I experienced my own totaliztic nirvana. After all, knowing this already then, I would include into the scope of my experimental research also the attempts to learn how to order inanimate matter what it is supposed to do, through designing and carrying-out during this research a series of practical experiments aimed at learning how to initiate the work of programs contained in the counter-matter.

(H) The getting to know the manner and skills (NOT explained yet) which was used by a Latvian stonemason named Edward Leedskalnin (1887/1/12 - 1951/12/7).

His skills allowed him to cut huge blocks of solid rock, then levitate these blocks in the air to their place of destination. (Consider the meaning of word "skalnin" in his name.) This stonemason almost with his bare hands, alone, mysteriously, at nights, built in Florida the USA the entire so-called Coral Castle - means built a huge structure which currently is a local tourist attraction of mesmerizing mystery. If one analyzes the information about this stonemason, it looks that he used "spells" to chip out and to levitate multitone blocks of local sedimentary rock called oolite limestone.

From these huge blocks he gradually built his unusual castle. Because naming his structure, for example, a "castle made of oolitic limestone" would be difficult to pronounce and devoid of the romantic charm, while in his sedimentary rock people could see fragments of shells and corals, the masterpiece that he created was later poetically renamed the "coral castle" (he originally named it the "Ed’s Place"). The information that lasts till now on the subject of this mason seems to suggest also, that secrets of the "spell" with which he did all his work, are recorded for us in the words "sweet sixteen" - only that it is NOT known in what language and tune these words should be sung. For it were just these words that in an encrypted way he tried to pass-on to the posterity by continually repeating the phrase "sweet 16" at every occasion when someone asked him how he did what he did. On the other hand, that the "spell" should be sung with the appropriate "singing" intonation and the level of strong feelings, the vibrations of which initiated for him the work of counter-matter programs, are confirmed by the facts: (1) that he always emphasized the word "sweet" (often used in descriptions of someone's singing, for example to emphasize a feminine tone and melodiousness), and (2) that in a very scant collection of tools left after him, there were also two or three "tuning forks" - unfortunately all of them later went missing, while at present it is extremely difficult to learn anything about them. (For example, the only information about these tuning forks that I managed to find so far, comes from someone "ge45ge Called", who in a commentary to a 12-minute YouTube video from the address on Youtube wrote - quote: "years ago the tools on the wall had 2 or 3 tuning forks, they are missing".)

How could the "singing" of his spell look like, it well illustrates to us about 4-minute English-language video entitled "Special Head - Monk Levitates Above and Pyramid and Disappears - America's Got Talent 2013", dated on 2013/7/24, while available at Youtube - which documents the achievements of a monk who publicly demonstrated the ability to initiate with his singing the "spell" of starting counter-matter programs, which (programs) first caused his levitation, and then his teleportation to a different building. Personally, I believe that if in the future there will be a consistent researcher who will accept the knowledge contained in this item #J4.5 and the knowledge deliberately made available to us by the late Edward Leedskalnin, then probably this researcher will be able to rediscover truths about the mysterious spell that allows people to effortlessly cut from solid rock, then levitate, huge stone blocks.

Of course, before someone actually discovers these truths, in the meantime hundreds of "armchair theoreticians" for whose the only practical skill that they have mastered so far is moving the spoon from the plate to their own mouths, will boast on the internet that by using e.g. just a hoist and rollers they supposedly managed to explain all the secrets of the late Edward Leedskalnin - although the analysis of their explanations will reveal that, for example, they "overlooked" virtually every more important fact, such as that e.g. to raise with a machine a multi-tone block cut from solid rock, first one must be able to place the chain under this block (which placing cannot be done without raising the block first), or that in order to move this block, for example, on rollers, first one have to place it on these rollers - which also cannot be done without raising the block first. So how useful and practical is the knowledge of such "armchair theoreticians", best illustrates the fact that the giant stone rotary gate to the "coral castle" originally even children were able to rotate with the push of their small hands. However, when the experts "fixed" the damage to the gate now nobody is able to rotate it - see the end of the 23-minute video "Secrets of Coral Castle, with Leonard Nimoy - Telekinesis and Anti-gravity". (I.e. the gate originally rotated as easily as the stone gate to the UFO tunnel under the mountain called "Babia Góra" from Poland - which stone gate I described and showed with the help of the Irish video in item #G3. from my web page Aliens, as well as in entry #298 to blogs of totalizm.

However, after the gate to the "coral castle" were "repaired" by today's "experts", the same gate now is surrounded by a metal fence and no one is able to rotate it around.)

(I) My own ability to use strong feelings for causing a stone to strike a selected target. As a young boy, I worked out a method by myself, how to hit with a stone into some target, the hitting of which target I especially wanted - while which target lay within the range of my throws of a stone. (This method is described a bit further in subsection JG5.1. from volume 8 of my monograph [1/5].)

It depended on the fact that I held my breath until almost self-suffocation and getting a tingling sensation in the lower part of my spine, and only then throwing the stone with a strong will that it will hit a given target. In the result, the stone always hit the target. At present I believe that the high level of feelings caused by such accomplishing of almost a self-suffocation, issued the command to counter-matter in the language of "Ulot" that the stone has to hit a given target, and the counter-matter performed that mental command. The fact that strong feelings cause the sending to the counter-matter a command in the language of "Ulot", and that this command is carried out by the counter-matter, confirms also the experience of numerous other people. For if there are any life threatening situations that stimulate someone to a high level of feelings (e.g. someone is in danger), then suddenly such someone could perform actions that bordered on miracles. For example, he/she could lift huge loads which weighted many tons - see YouTube videos searched, e.g. through the English keywords: man lifts ton save miracle.

Note that examples of another kind of lifting, also apparently accomplished with the use of software from counter-matter - could be seen starting from 4th-minute of the YouTube video which in June 2019 had the address at Youtube, or at the beginning of another video which had then the address at Youtube.

Of course, the above is only a small percentage of activities carried out in the past, and sometimes also currently, which in accordance to my research show all the features of being implemented through the use of ready-made software "packages" from the counter-matter. Only that in the case of further of such activities, about which it is also known that they were in past (and sometimes are even until today) repetitively implemented, unfortunately information has NOT survived to our times, or those people who still know how to carry them out do not intent to pass their secrets to anyone "uninitiated". Hence I have NO way to determine with what, nor how, these activities were, or they still are, carried out. However, in order to have some idea as to what kind of activities these are, it is enough to look more closely at the so-called "tricks" of some among today's "magicians". This is because, as I do NOT hide it in my publications, my research indicates that at all times there are numerous beings staying on Earth, some of which probably work here as so-called "magicians", who look like people, but have the knowledge and devices corresponding to the levels of 5 and 6 technical eras of humanity. So if for example any of these "magicians" demonstrates that in the blink of an eye he can so much reduce the size of today's large mobile phone, that this phone can be inserted into a glass bottle, but it still works in there, then in my opinion it means that in the counter-matter already exists a ready-made program ("package") to reduce the size of any object by any value, while this "magician" only has some way of running this program to reduce the size of a given phone. After all, now we know that if we develop a computer program that controls the manufacturing of something in a specific size, the same program can also be designed in such a way that this something can be manufactured in any possible size. Similarly can be prepared the discussed here standard programs ("packages") contained in the counter-matter. Therefore, we should not be surprised if somewhere we encounter further examples of activities that similarly break the laws of physics and that are carried out with the use of counter-matter software - but about which we do NOT know "what" they are, nor "how" they are initiated, although the features and capabilities of which coincide with those already described here.

The further among such examples of these type of activities include: Arabian flying carpets, walking statues from India, climbing to the clouds after self-inflating flexible cords by "magicians" from India, zombies, walking on water, stopping or causing rain, human self-levitation, lighting fires with just touching by hands, "crying with diamonds" (this cry has been documented at 30 seconds in the video addressed Youtube), and a number of others. The wider descriptions of these examples, for which I can already indicate the source documentation, I provided in Part #H from my web page St.Andrzej Bobola.

There are probably also ways to find out somewhere the knowledge about methods of initiating also those less-known activities that use the counter-matter software. So if I ever encountered the required information, then I will add it to the list above. However, even on the basis of the list that now I provided above, quite interesting conclusions can be drawn. The most important of these conclusions is that there have been known many ways of initiating the implementation of programs from the counter-matter. Another conclusion confirms that the implementation of these programs made it possible to carry out actions that bordered on miracles. Yet another conclusion is that, unfortunately, the old knowledge about these capabilities has been lost almost completely - although the above list reveals, among other things, in what areas this knowledge should be searched for.

So, although we currently do not know, for example what words represented the formerly used standard "spells" initiating the operation of standard programs from the counter-matter, or with what vocal intonation and feelings these words should have been uttered, or how to command the initiation of actions of these programs on other ways described above, we still know that all this was possible and that it is worthwhile to start research these areas that with a great detriment to humanity are ignored by the present official atheistic science. Although in order to discover this old knowledge from scratch, in the future there will be a need to do a lot of research, it will still be worth the effort. After all, this knowledge means a higher level of consciousness and civilisation for the humanity, and thus a better future for all people. Therefore, it is about the time, to take up the idea of re-discovering this long-lost knowledge, and to let it begin to be used for the good of all people in accordance with the commandments and requirements of God. Personally, I am also happy that by pointing out with my publications (including this one) where the research effort should be directed to build the progress of future humanity, I am contributing toward disclosing to the rest of the world the ability of Polish scientific thoughts to "reach out where there are no longer able to reach eyes of nations drowned in materialism" - for the better tomorrow, and for the progress of consciousness and civilization of all the inhabitants of the Earth.

resp. in YouTube
Film #J4.5a: Here is a 20-second long illustration how, after people learn the principles of "using ready programs existing in counter-matter", it will look-like the building of new walls (e.g. the "Inca Wall" type shown here) involving the use of these counter-mater programs for cutting and extraction from solid rock smaller individual stones of the required shapes, then levitating these stones into the designated places in the wall - i.e. exactly as the erection of some megalithic buildings on Earth is described by ancient legends. Although this illustration, together with illustrations from "Film #J4.3a, #J4.4a and #J4.5a" is another excerpt extracted from the half-hour long educational film Future Propulsions
and in YouTube too, linked and recommended above by "Film #J4.1a", we decided together with my highly talented friend Dominik Myrcik to cut it out and show it here for an independent and brief illustration of how it really looked-like the forming of stubbornly ignored by today's "official atheistic science" legendary descriptions of erecting wonderful buildings that still exist on Earth, such as the Inca Walls, Great Egyptian Pyramids and other shocking everyone buildings scattered around the world. The same (above) fragment of the film "Future Propulsions" entitled "Wall Stones 4K" and prepared in "4K" resolution making it capable to be also played as modern "smart TVs" (i.e. in resolution "Ultra HD" of 3840x2160 pixels) can also be run directly from the address at Youtube, and also from my web page Videos.

Because I am going to use this excerpt to illustrate also web pages in other languages, it is NOT provided with any audio commentary. However, its comments prepared in three different languages (i.e. in Polish, English and German) can be listen to from the film entitled "Future Propulsions", linked above by "Film #J4.1a".

#J4.6. The sixth and the most advanced technical era of humanity and its miracles-making propelling devices:

Motto: "The majority of present people so zealously rely on comfortable lies and actions that even the most perfectly designed experiences and knowledge with which God educates them are NOT able to change their beliefs and habits; so let us do NOT delude ourselves that the evidence and logical argumentation that we are presenting to them can change anything in their views and actions - apart perhaps for the chance to plant some seeds of understanding and memory in them, from which in the future maybe the experiences that God will serve to them will be able to awaken their appreciation of the truth."

(This motto is the final conclusion from the results and efficiency of my more than half a century long attempts to disseminate the truth and to morally correct habits among people educated in other views and advocating different behaviours.)

My "Cyclic Table for the Earth Propelling Devices" (shown here as "Tab. #J4a", while the most widely described in item #J4 and in part #B from this web page) turned out to be one of the most useful prognostic tools I developed and used during entire my creative life. After all, the similarities and rules that revealed to me the analyzes of subsequent inventions of human propelling devices from this "Cyclic Table" properly arranged in the content of Tab. #J4a, while because of this proper arranging forming a kind of clearly revealed to us "propelling ladder of humanity", allow to work out principles of operation, phenomena, capabilities, appearances and ways of using of all the propelling devices that humanity will build up to the time of its end in the present material form. As such, this Cyclic Table brings enormous potential to inspire other people with open minds to carry out correct forecasting as well as to search for the truth, to boldly acquire knowledge, and to raise the level of our consciousness and civilizational advancement. Out of the eighteen "generations" of increasingly more perfect propelling devices logically arranged in six increasingly more advanced "technical eras of mankind", the gradual completion of which by people is forecasted by my "Cyclic Table for Earth Propelling Devices", I personally am most impressed by the principles of operation, capabilities and manners of using of the final versions of propulsion systems from the highest and last "sixth technical era of humanity". (Notice here that humanity currently is using mainly its highly destructive combustion devices from the "second technical era of humanity." Only with the great reluctance recently it started a slow introduction to the common use of most primitive first generation of "motors" from the third technical era of humanity, in which for the working medium is used the circulation of "magnetic field" - although in spite of their use of magnetism these "motors" are still misleadingly called "electric motors".)

In the propelling devices of this most future-oriented, "sixth technical era of humanity", the function of the working medium that generates useful movements will be fulfilled by "programs" that control the behaviour of "counter-matter" - that is, control the weightless, eternally mobile, obedient to the commands of own programs and invisible to people fluid prevailing in another world called the "counter-world", from which all the "matter" from our physical world was created by God. Briefly these propelling devices of the distant future from the "sixth technical era of humanity" I will describe in this item #J4.6, while in more details - in the publications which I am to indicate and link out from here (e.g. in my Polish monograph [12] disseminated free of charge via the web page monograph [12]).

After all, I have known for a long time about the truth that is capable of motivating people and is expressed by the totaliztic statement: "everything that is possible to think-of or invent, it is also possible to realize (build) - only that with work and wisdom we need to find a way how to accomplish it".

The reason why these propelling devices of the "sixth technical era" impress me so much, is that in their final technical versions they will take the form of miniature implants invisible to the external viewer, which will be implanted directly to the bodies of their users - in other words, implanted the same way as in present times implemented are implants that identify cats, dogs and the richest people. At the same time, the working capabilities of these invisible implants will be bordering on miracles. For example, if such an implant would have a passenger of today's aircraft, then for any of his/her whims, with just a single thought-order causing the reprogramming of counter-matter by the electronics of his/her personal implant, he/she could, for example, move in time and in space the entire large passenger plane in which he/she travels, including all people contained in it, to any historical epoch and/or to any place in the physical world that would be dreamed by him/her, then with another his/her thought-order he/she could return with them again, for example to his own (or to any other) times and/or place.

The results of my research reveal that this last sixth "technical era" will be initiated when people learn how they can program themselves the perpetually movable counter-matter characterized by intelligence similar to that of today's computer hardware (i.e. program the counter-matter able to become programmed and obediently implementing the programs introduced to it). This is because if one knows how to program counter-matter, then he/she becomes able to do whatever one want - even to establish new physical laws. For example, then one can create from counter-matter any objects of any shape in the place and time chosen by him/her (e.g. create giant stones directly in any place of the stone wall being erected by him/her - type, for example, of the "Inca wall", "Cheops pyramid", or "Great Wall of China"). One can also change the state of matter or substance, or add (or subtract) to it some attributes. For example, the matter of object chosen by someone can then be made soft to any extend - in this way allowing e.g. hard rocks to be softened to the consistency of butter in order to be then sculpted by someone with a tablespoon, or in the similar way softened to the consistency of honey so that then could be cast into beautiful stone pots, vases or amphora. In turn, for example, diamagnetic precious gold can be magnetized, until it demonstrates the yielding of a strong magnetic field - as did the "gold nugget" from NZ - which I personally verified that it is magnetized, and which I described in (5) from items #E1. and #E3., while I showed in the photograph from Img.591 (#8ab), of my web page Tapanui.

Also one can e.g. bend the "inter-world partition" along the surface of which the"surface" (transverse) waves of light propagate - freely bending in this way the path of light and causing this light to shine whenever one wants. One can also constantly renew own (or someone else's) body thus becoming "eternally young" and living infinitively long. One can annihilate objects and substances that are NOT needed anymore. Etc., etc. (Notice that a whole range of further non-propelling applications resulting from the future human skills of counter-matter programming, e.g. for building the healing machines, for regeneration of lost parts of the body, for suggesting the specific thoughts, etc., I also described more comprehensively in item #E4. from the web page Prophecies.)

The learning how to program counter-matter will NOT be so difficult, if the human consciousness matures enough to recognize and accept what I explained in item #E4. from web page "Prophecies". After all, the language for programming of counter-matter described in there, which in my publications is named "ULT" or "Ulot" (from the English "Universal Language of Thought") is somewhat similar to the Polish language. Thus the main difficulty with the programming of counter-matter depends on finding (and building) the principle of operation of devices that will be able to "upload" programs written in this "ULT" into the counter-matter’s memory, and then enforce the execution of these programs. Already now it is also becoming obvious that the key to the principle of operation of such devices lies in the deepening of human knowledge about the attributes and the complete consequences of vibrations.

In fact, there is deliberately "overlooked" by the "official atheistic science" extensive body of evidence available in many parts of the world, which confirms that the megalithic structures existing in there were raised by divine messengers, or by God Himself, just by the method of appropriate programming of counter-matter. One example of this rich body of evidence is, for example, the lack of the required loss of the volume of stones supposedly obtained in all quarries, which were allegedly used to derive the building materials for these megalithic structures. Almost all quarries, which the official atheistic science indicates, that supposedly acquired from them was the building material for these megalithic buildings, in fact show close to zero loss of the originally contained in them volume of stones. Almost the only ones that were obtained from these quarries, are partially carved and then deliberately left in there giant stones, and just a few examples of stones, which these messengers of God organizing megalithic buildings and advancement of our civilization used only to demonstrate to local people how to command the stones to flew just by themselves to the designated places within the walls. These deliberately left out giant stones, in my opinion, were prepared with having in mind today's generations of people. In the current technological times, they are supposed firstly to inspire people with open minds to seek knowledge and to promote truth, and secondly for sceptics with cemented minds they are to serve the purpose perfectly explained in verses 1: 27-29 from the biblical book "1 Corinthians" - that is quoted and interpreted below in item #J7 of this web page and in other my publications linked from the web page Topics.

(However, in order to NOT interfere with the toque of reading of the explanations here, I am repeating what these verses 1:27-29 state: "but God chose the foolish things of the world that he might put the wise men to shame, and God chose the weak things of the world, that he might put the strong things to shame; and God chose the ignoble things of the world and the things looked down upon, the things that are not, that he might bring to nothing the things that are, in order that no flesh might boast in the sight of God.").

The rest of the building material needed to build these gigantic megalithic buildings, has been synthesized directly from the counter-matter already in places of its use - means without the need to obtain it from quarries. (After all, the direct synthesis and creation of stones and any material substances from counter-matter is possible and easy to accomplish by those who have already mastered the ability to program counter-matter - just as the humanity will be convinced of this fact when it masters the programming of counter-matter in the "sixth technical era".)

Notice that regardless of the above-mentioned "moving through issuing orders by programs uploadedinto the counter-matter (instead of transporting or travelling through space and/or time)", and regardless of the "materializing (instead of producing)", the future mastery by people of programs from counter-matter in technical eras number 5 and 6 will allow humankind to also dematerialize any objects instead of removing them, to transform human bodies instead of their healing, etc., etc. - as this is explained by descriptions from item #E4. of the web page Prophecies, and in subsection H11. of the fourth volume of my monograph [1/5]).

The propelling devices from the "sixth technical era of humanity" will be fundamentally different from the propelling devices of the "fifth technical era of humanity" (which fourth-era devices, after all, also will work on the principle of utilising the counter-matter software - as I am explaining this in item #J4.5 from this web page). The most clearly this difference can be illustrated by the example of "time vehicles" built in both eras. Let us indicate here the most important of these differences, which is the size and effects of their work. And so:

- "Time vehicles from the less advanced, fifth technical era" will have the form of starships with the appearance and shapes of my Magnocrafts. So when these "time vehicles of the fifth technical era" will carry people and their luggage to other times - as this is explained in item #J2. from my web page named Immortality, they will first be forced to create a "counter-material whirl" which will reveal for them the "inter-world partition" described in (C) from item #A0 of my web page God proof (thus also in the English post number #308E to blogs of totalizm - published, among others, in the "volume T" of my publication Monograph [13].

In turn this unveiling of the "inter-world partition" is to open for them the "inter-dimensional" portal, allowing them penetrate to selected (different) times. As a result, the build-up of this powerful magnetic whirl creates a spiral of light visible during nights, by today's human witnesses usually called in English the vortex in the sky (see in: Youtube) - illustrations of examples of which documented in a number of different countries of the world are shown, among others, in the English-language YouTube videos with addresses at Youtube, or Youtube, or Youtube.

This spiral of light will be terminated by the blackness of the "inter-dimensional" portal which hides behind the "inter-world partition" - along which "transverse" electromagnetic waves and light propagate, thus which must therefore be characterized by "blackness" (similarly as it is with blackness attributed to the cosmic "black holes").

- On the other hand, the "universal programmers of counter-matter of the sixth technical era" - the multitude of functions of which will include, among others, acting as time vehicles, will take the form of miniature devices ("implants") implanted in their users directly into the body or inside of bones - just as UFOnauts now implant people with identification implants, among others in the place of the post-implant scar described and illustrated in the photograph Img.613 (#B4) on my web page UFO. This implant will be unnoticeable for today's people - what explains why from my previous UFO research, fiercely criticized by sceptics and scientists, is stemming that now among actual people born nowadays on Earth, also mingle with the crowd individuals from different times (dimensions), which individuals have just such implants. (In confirmation of that officially neglected fact, lately rapidly grows the number of empirical evidence and videos disseminated on the Internet and by YouTube.) The electronics from such implant will transform the mental orders of its owner into an "Ulot" program loaded into counter-matter and executed in there. In turn the execution of this order will give to the implant's holder almost miraculous or magical abilities - similar to those seen in the growing number of "magicians", such as David Copperfield, Dynamo, and several others. So it is enough that the owner of such a personal programmer (implant) will order through own thought that, for example, he/she wants something to be created from counter-matter and appears in a specific place and time, or that, for example, he/she wants to move to another specifically defined place and time, and immediately this order will be completed - e.g. he/she will immediately disappear from a given place and time, and will appear in a new place and time together with everything that he/she mentally included in his/her jump over time as the accompanying luggage and travel companions. So how will look-like the travelling through space and time using such a "time vehicle of the sixth technical age", is to illustrate, for example, a well-documented English-language YouTube video available, among others, in which probably the time traveller who was completely unrecognized by his/her human fellow travellers, for his/her luggage and his companions in 1955 took with him/her to another historical epoch the entire flight number 914 of American airliner, along with all its passengers. Of course, he/she did NOT have to worry that in other epochs the plane would, for example, run out of fuel. After all, at every of his/her thought order, this fuel would be created from the counter-matter directly in tanks of this aircraft. Similarly, he/she did not have to worry that something would break, for example in engines, because his/her universal counter-matter programmer on his mental orders would repeatedly check the technical condition of each part of the aircraft, and if significant wear or defect was detected, it would immediately annihilate this part and create in its place a completely new part with identical technical and utility parameters. As well as the technical condition of the aircraft and the fuel supply, his/her implant would take care of the state of health and food for fellow passengers. As a result, such a plane and all its passengers for decades, or even for centuries, could continue their inspiring mankind's flights over battle fields, cities, historical events, etc., from various historical epochs, areas, nations and countries. (Of course, no matter how well something is documented, there will always be influential sceptics or authoritative individuals, whose musty worldview or private interests forces them to deny facts and call truths either fabrications or something completely different from what these actually are, because, for example, they erroneously and rudimentary can somehow "explain these quasi-scientifically" - as in spite of the existence of numerous publications on Magnocrafts and UFO proof, and in spite of gathering the whole ocean of evidence on these, still many "scientists", "experts" and "politicians", explain UFOs as "balloons" or "the imagination of drunkards"; or as in spite of what I explained in the introduction and in item #A0. from the web page God proof, and in item #J3. from my other web page Petone, the so-called "atheists" are still shouting loudly that God supposedly does NOT exist.)

In other words, according to the results of my research, the differences between the capabilities of the fifth and sixth "technical eras of mankind" will be so fundamental that today's morally imperfect people with still mortal bodies and selfishly greedy tendencies will probably get God's permission only to reach at most the fifth from these technical eras. In this fifth technical ara, people will learn only the use of consequences of programs that have already been introduced to counter-matter by God (and thus the enforcement of which programs God still rules with His "iron hand"). Hence, only in the sixth "technical era" - which according to my understanding of God's intentions (see "Tab. #J1a" above on this web page) will probably occur after the end of today's world with the mortal humanity, that is, already after the beginning of the sixth "historical epoch" with immortal humanity (i.e. the "VI" epoch shown above in "Tab. #J1a"), people will learn how they will be able to program the counter-matter by themselves. Therefore, the sixth and last "technical era" will be achieved only by the described in the Bible, and more widely explained, among others, in item #I1. from my web page Quake, these 144,000 carefully selected and fulfilling various criteria "soldiers of God" (in English translations of the Bible usually called "righteous", while in Polish - "sprawiedliwi") who in this sixth "historical epoch" will receive immortal bodies - for details see the source descriptions linked by the key words "righteous" (i.e. "sprawiedliwi") or "soldiers of God" (i.e. "żołnierze Boga") from my web page Topics. Therefore, only in this sixth "historical era" these chosen people will learn how to program "counter-matter" themselves - thus entering the sixth "technical era". Thanks to this skill, they will be honoured with the ability to do many of the activities that only the omnipotent God is able to accomplish in present times. However, in order to gain access to this level of divine trust and human capabilities, they must first achieve (and document this accomplishment to God) an extremely advanced level of their morality, resistance to low human temptations, loyalty to God, and the obedience in executing God's laws, commandments, and requirements.

Explaining here the propelling devices of the "sixth technical era of humanity" (while in subsection #J4.5 also propelling devices from a bit similar to it the "fifth technical era"), I should also remind the reader that just as it was with inventing and building propelling devices of all previous "technical eras", the humanity will NOT immediately invent and build "universal programmers" (implants) the capabilities of which I tried to illustrate with the above descriptions. Therefore also in this "6th technical era" first will be invented and built propulsion devices of its "first generation" - which will utilise the displacement capabilities of the counter-matter’s software to change the position of material objects. Then the propulsion devices of its "second generation" will be invented and built - which to reproduce, create completely new ones, and to annihilate objects and material substances in their designated places and positions will use both the displacement capabilities of the counter-matter’s software and the equivalent of inertia of this software. It will only be at the very end that the "third generation" of propelling devices from the discussed here "sixth technical era of humanity" will be invented and built. These ones will take the form of "universal counter-matter programmers" described above, constructed as "implants" that for the travel through time, and also for restoring, creating completely new ones, as well as annihilating the already existing material objects and substances in the places, positions and times assigned to them, will use the displacement capabilities of the counter-matter’s software, as well as the equivalent of inertia and internal energy (i.e. the equivalent of "reversible software time") of that software. In this way, the proper directing of the "circulation of programs" or "reprogramming" of counter-matter will make similar its drive-generating capabilities, to the working mediums of all prior technical eras of the humanity, i.e. to the "circulation of counter-matter" and "magnetic field circulation" from the fourth and third technical eras, as well as to the "circulation of mass" and "circulation of force" from the second and first technical eras of mankind.

resp. in YouTube

Film #J4.6a: Here is a 17-second long illustration showing how will look-like the constructing of new walls of "Inca Wall type" after people learn to use the "Universal Language of Thought" (ULT) described in item #E4. of web page Prophecies for programming the intelligent counter-matter. This is because the skill of programming the intelligent counter-matter allows to erect a wall necessary for someone (e.g. the "Inca Wall" shown here) with the required dimensions, configuration of components, type of material, etc., or to erect any other required object, simply by creating it from program of the counter-matter. Because this illustration was made to be a component of the half an hour long educational film Future Propulsions
and in YouTube too, recommended above in the "Film #J4.1a", together with my highly talented friend Dominik Myrcik we decided to show it here for an independent and brief illustrating how looked-like the creation of objects from counter-matter explained in stubbornly ignored by today's "official atheistic science" the mythological descriptions of erections of various Megalithic stone structures still existing on Earth, such as the Inca Walls, Egyptian Pyramids and other shocking buildings scattered all over the world. After all, my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 explains that immediately after people learn how to program counter-matter, the formation of any objects (and also their annihilation) will look-like it is shown in the above film. Only that before this happens, people must begin to recognize the truth of predictions, evidence, philosophies, inventions and scientific theories which I have developed, and then learn how to practically use the truth and knowledge, which with my research I brought to humanity. However, for this to happen, it is necessary for people to first make a technical, scientific, social, economic, moral and religious breakthrough in their worldviews. In turn for this breakthrough to occur, in the area of consciousness humanity must eliminate the current belief in truthfulness and actual knowledge of the institution of the old "official atheistic science" - in recent times increasingly more lying to humanity, and also there must appear some empirical confirmation (e.g. caused by the building of my Magnocraft) the correctness of my other predictions for the future, inventions, evidence, etc., - including, among others, my formal scientific proof for the existence of God, as well as including this highly revolutionary forecast described in items #A1. to #A4. from my web page Party of Totalizm and repeated in entries #320E and #320 to blogs of totalizm. This forecast announces that soon people will implement the ideal "nirvana political system", which will completely eliminate "money" that all previous political systems used to force people to do useful work, by replacing "money" with the voluntary completion of the so-called "moral work" in order to prolong to the length of entire life an indescribable powerful feeling of "happiness" generated by the wonderful Nirvana. In turn because "money" is the source of all evil on Earth, as they distort the characters of individual people, ruin our entire civilization, devastate nature, generate crime, divert people from love for God and for others, etc., their complete elimination from use will take humanity to a whole new level of morality, consciousness, civilization, respect for God and nature, etc. The same (above) excerpt from the film "Future Propulsions" entitled "Wall 4K", prepared in "4K" resolution to allow playing it on modern "smart TVs" (i.e. in the resolution "Ultra HD" of 3840x2160 pixels) can be run directly from Youtube, as well as from my web page named Videos. Because I am going to use this excerpt to illustrate also web pages in other languages, it is NOT provided with any audiocommentary. However, its comments prepared in three different languages (i.e. in Polish, English and German) can be heard from three different-language versions of the film "Future Propulsions" linked above via "Film #J4.1a".

#J5. My "Cyclic Tables" describing different than inventions of propelling devices, cyclically repeated on Earth kinds of events and inventions of devices:

/Translation DeepL/:

An example of such other Periodic Tables, can be repeated above as "Tab. #J1" my "Cyclicity Table for Epochs in the History of Humanity" - which I described in more detail in item #K1., while illustrated as Table K1 on my web page Tapanui, and which I also described in item #A3., while illustrated as Table A1, on my page Humanity. Another example of my Periodicity Tables might be the following "Cyclicity Table for Energy Devices" - shown as "Table LA1" from subsection LA1. in Volume 10 of the monograph [1/5].

#J6. Benefits that my "Cyclic tables" will bring to the humanity:

The most important benefit of my "Cyclic Tables" is that they reveal the intelligent planning and programming by God behind what is what are commonly considered "accidental" inventions and discoveries. This, in turn, is a further confirmation of the existence of an overarching rational God, who first created the physical world, while now with an iron hand manages everything that happens in this world. After all, in order for the successively invented drives, which use dozens of different principles of operation, working factors, phenomena, etc., could show as much regularity and repeatability as these arrays illustrate, someone superiorly intelligent must have deliberately programmed in the way required by these drives the structure of our physical world, the laws of nature prevailing in this world, the characteristics of of available materials, attributes of elements, etc.

Another benefit is that they reassure generations of of subsequent inventors that as much as a whole range of important and powerful inventions of the human future: can be built, have known and post-1985 already explained principles of operation, and will utilize phenomena of of nature which certainly exist and already since 1985 have been described in my publications. (As examples of these, consider my Magnocraft, Oscillatory Chamber, Timevehicle, or Telekinetic Battery.)

In this way, these boards turn the purely random "invention" of inventions, to the planned and meticulous their elaboration, synthesis and realization (as I worked out and synthesized the invention of my Oscillatory Chamber - to which, however, the prevailing "inventive impotence" and the "curse of inventors" afflicting me have NOT allowed me to physically realize). Of course, there are also further benefits, which for lack of space I will NOT discuss here. I will only mention that one of them is that my "Cyclic Tables" can be constructed for various objects and events on Earth, and NOT only for propulsion systems - the proof of which is Tab. #J1 and the descriptions in item #J5 above.

#J7. Moral lesson: for 33 years countless "pert individual" mocked the results of my research and forecasts, while at myself were throwing all the insults that only their twisted minds could come up with, while in February 2018 I found numerous confirmations that it was me, not them, right about the immensely for the humanity essential "perpetuum mobile" engines - can the moral lessons that result from this affect the future attitudes of people and change their behaviors?

Motto: "Only fools neglect the consequences of the "moral law" revealed to us by the Philosophy of Totalizm, that in the world of 'dipolar gravity' - which is governed by the righteous and omniscient God, the learning of truth must be personally earned, while the effortless and unmerited learning of the truth could only occur in the non-existent world with the 'monopolar gravity' instigated into us by the old official atheistic science - in which the existence of God would be impossible."

(This motto presents the essence of explanations from items #A0. and #D3. of my web page God proof.)

In 1985, I formulated my groundbreaking Theory of Everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. In turn, the theory has revealed to me the vastness and relevance of the various truths about which humanity is systematically lied to by these five powers of evil described in item #D3. of my web page God proof. So in order to start restoring knowledge and truth to the lied to people, I immediately undertook then a lonely struggle against almost the entire opposite results of my research in the world.

I will not hide here that in this lonely struggle I was severely battered. Although the results of of my research could NOT be challenged in a rational discussion, various individuals still spared NO slanders thrown at them or challenges addressed to me. And slanders and challenges always hurt a lot.

Also, on average, every two and a half year, usually because of the motivated "curse of the inventors" and "inventive impotence," and hence dominating my superiors, a negative view of the subject matter I research as part of my non-professional "hobby," I also lost another job

So instead of directing his energy and creativity to pursuing my "hobby" research, I was forced to use all my power to look for a a new job - which was a huge waste of the of the talents that God bestowed upon me, because if I had matters of bread and survival I would NOT have had to devote so much of my time, attention and efforts, then probably I would have invented, researched, discovered, and perhaps I would even physically realize for the the good of humanity at least twice as much than I have succeeded in doing.

This situation lasted for me for 33 years, i.e. from 1985-until 2018. For it was only At the beginning of 2018, it came to light publicly, that in the first of this multitude of cases, in the name of truth of which I fought countless battles, i.e., in the matter of the construction of properly functioning machines "perpetual motion machines", I was right after all. In 2017, a whole lot of correctly working "perpetual motion" machines, Videos documenting the work of some of which have landed on YouTube - as an example of these, it's worth watching for yourself The following video of the so-called "Bhaskar wheel", which in March 2018 was still available to interested parties at Perpetual Motion - Water wheel - Free energy, while the merits of which are described in more detail in items #J1. and #J2. of my page Free energy, and in items #D3. and #A0. of my page God proof.

Most interestingly, this "Bhaskar Wheel," which perfectly works as a "perpetual motion" machine, was built on Earth continuously starting from 1150 - only that the creators and propagators of the paper "laws of thermodynamics" have NOT bothered to make them, or any other machines of "perpetual motion", to study them more thoroughly and discover that actually these machines violate their "taken from the ceiling" paper-based "laws of thermodynamics." It should also be remembered here that the truth about "perpetual motion" machines is only one of a whole multitude of truths, for the understanding of which people have struggled for most of my life.

For as I write these words in March 2018, they are still waiting for life to confirm them truths that I have uncovered on numerous other immensely important for humanity - the most important of which are:
the definition of God based on 'dipolar gravity' and my formal evidence for the existence of God, Theory of Everything (i.e., the Concept of Dipolar Gravity), existence of the "counter-world" and intelligent qualities of counter-matter, "Omniplan" and so-called trapped immortality, Magnocraft, Oscillatory Chamber, Timevehicle, Telekinetic Batteries, "Earth destroyers" and the coming events of the 2030s; as well as the truth on a whole range of somewhat less important matters (e.g., my "Cyclic Tables" described here), which I have uncovered in my busy and fruitful life, while I described in my numerous publications.

God warns in the Bible NOT to mock people who diligently and industriously research, document, support the with abundant evidence and promote the truth, nor to NOT boast of their insistence on what has come effortlessly and looks seemingly wise, strong, noble or non-existent - see verses 1:27-29 from the biblical book of "1 Corinthians" discussed, among others, in item #A0. of my page God proof - quote:
"God chose just that, what is foolish in the eyes of the world, to put the wise men to shame, He chose that which is impotent to humiliate the strong, and that which is not noble according to the world and despised, and that which is not, God has singled out to annihilate, so that no creature should boast before God.".

So let us hope that the fate of the results of my research, of my struggle for the truth, and the unnecessary suffering which for decades have been inflicted on me by various boastful individuals, will NOT be in vain, and will serve future generations for their integrity-building moral lessons. In turn, if people draw the right conclusions from these lessons, then my sufferings and humiliations were worth it for me to experience them. As for the above verses 1:27-29, the very confirmation on my case of their truth and fulfillment in real life, should suffice for the so-called "skeptics" as further proof that we live in a world governed by the "dipolar gravity," which is wisely governed by an omnipotent God - which proof stems from the already described in item #J1 of this web page my significant finding, that every person who recognizes and accepts in his/her mind, or by himself/herself formulates, complete and unambiguous for him, however objectively also correct, definition of God (not necessarily of my authorship), God rewards with the gift of seeing how everything that surrounds him, as well as every truth of which he learns, directly or indirectly becomes proof of the existence of God.

My life fate is also able to provide those open to the truth another confirmation of this moral law emphasized in the "motto" to this paragraph, which law states that to know the truth that drives our progress must be personally earned, while everything that comes to us easily and pleasantly with time turns out to be a lie and harmful to us pushing us down. So far, the ignoring of this law by most people, after all, leads to unspeakable harm. For example, individual people who avoid putting the the effort to learn descriptions of the truth, which they find reading to be tedious for them, because long or absorbing attention and memory, end up without any real knowledge of the world around them - persisting in the gullibility and stupidity for which they constantly comes to pay them.

In contrast, these Western countries, which have shifted their education systems to the principle of "user paid" (i.e. on education paid by users - the described e.g. in 1 from item #E1 of my web page Yearbook) - in which in order to please the pupils and students who pay the the salaries of their teachers, learning is turned into effortless fun, games and excursions, after some 20 years of such elimination of work from the learning process, these countries are landing their graduates, for lack of writing skills, are NOT able to fill out even simple forms, while for lack of ability to numeracy they are NOT able, for example, to manage their earnings prudently earnings - as a result falling into unemployment and addictions when, at the same time, the country lacks the professionals and laborers required for the proper functioning of the economy.

On the other hand, accepting the laws that for world under "dipolar gravity" are revealed by the philosophy of totalizm, of the kind of law stating that "the knowledge of the truth must be earned", generates various benefits. For example, in the flooding our civilization at present, the ocean of lies allows one to easily recognize the truth and distinguish truth from lie. After all, truth exhibits characteristics that are always the opposite of those of lies.

Hence, for the truth, it is easy to work out, and for the sake of his better future begin to apply in daily life, the following definition: the recipe for recognizing the truth and distinguish it from lies requires only that you to know the characteristics of truth, i.e. to know that: learning the truth always requires putting work into it, truth never imposes itself on us nor is it forced upon us - but only opportunities are created to learn it voluntarily, learning the truth never breaks the "free will" of the person learning the truth of the person learning it - who can accept it or reject it, truth is always somehow blocked from dissemination, dissemination of truth always costs a lot of pain and sacrifices, its critics so-called "experts" refuse to undertake a rational discussion of the truth - hence it is typically only heaped with triggers devoid of merit, for the truth there is always ample evidence (including empirical evidence) for its correctness, the truth is always oriented to the the good and benefit of all people - and NOT just of the one who disseminates it..

Notice that in the above formula a very important is the element of "imposing" (or forcing) on other people - just as television commercials are imposed, or the orders of authorities and decision-makers are forced upon - the actual for the truth is never either imposed or forced in. is forced upon, but always only tries to create an people an opportunity to learn it voluntarily only if these people wish to learn it and if they put into this learning the the required motivations and effort (to learn the truth must be earned), after which they are allowed to them to accept it or reject it - depending on their professed worldview. The above formula and characteristics of truth have always revealed their effect to me when numerous critics from a safe distance hurled all sorts of epithets at the results of my research and my person, but they ran away and hid in terror when, among witnesses, I tried to to motivate them to discuss constructively their supposedly "scientific" and "logical" arguments, or the evidence they have to support their position.

To my amusement, a similar confirmation of the same I also once found described somewhere on the Internet probably by some student who explained that if on any occasion someone tries to engage in a constuctive discussion of my discoveries with the scientists of the Physics Wroclaw University of Technology, these scientists quickly run away in panic to hide from being included in the discussion.

= > #K.
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