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Advanced Magnetic Propulsion Systems for Flying Vehicles

Part #G: The breakthrough propulsion significance of the "perpetual motion" machines, the invention, construction and widespread use of which was announced and guaranteed back in 1985 by my Theory of Everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the first easy-to-build prototypes of which began to be massively constructed in 2017, while the implementation of which still has to overcome the existing resistance of at least 5 powerful institutions ruled by greedy people:

#G1. A summary of the story of my struggle to reveal to inventors the phenomena and principles of "perpetual motion" machines:

/Translation DeepL/:

Motto: "More than half of the income of many greedy institutions and individuals on Earth comes from the sale of fuels and energy and from taxes for fuels and for energy - not surprisingly, the implementation of "perpetual motion" machines will encounter tremendously fierce resistance from these institutions and individuals."

(Summary of explanation from item #D3 of the God proof page).

#G1. Summary of the story of my struggle to reveal to inventors the phenomena and principles of "perpetual motion" machines:

Motto: "If you passively accept other people's immoral deprivation of your access to the products of the operation of 'perpetual motion' machines and to the 'free energy' they generate, or to anything else that God has created so that you learn to use it wisely and morally, then you dishonor the honor of being created in the image and likeness of your creator, and you will be punished for this by being forced to spend the rest of your life as a slave to these people."

(The essence of item #N2. from my page named Pająk for President 2020)

Although historical information reveals that properly functioning "perpetual mobile" have been built on Earth since as early as 1150 AD (AD = already after the birth of Christ), still the mass construction of correctly working of these machines was initiated by hobbyists only in 2017. To this day also their construction is undertaken almost exclusively by individual hobbyists. After all most powerful institutions of our civilization are panically afraid of these machines (e.g., they are afraid of the their official atheistic science, governments, fuel and energy corporations, banks, and priests - for details see item #D3. from my web page God proof).

Hence, in stores, these machines can neither be sold or purchased, while the official literature is clearly determined to endlessly immorally disgust them, and deny that after building them correctly they will work. To thus by its passivity NOT to disgrace the honor of of being created in the image and likeness God, those who have conditions for this, have a also have a duty to fight against this official depriving each person of access to the blessings that God has created for us by opening up the possibility of building working "perpetual motion" machines and generators of "free energy".

The struggle after all, this is facilitated by the fact that no institution nor any authority has the right to prohibit those do-it-yourselfers, which have the required conditions, to build "perpetual motion" machines and generators of "free energy", then use the the products of the operation of these devices to improve the standard of their own lives, as well as the standard of of life of their family and friends. No institution nor authority, also has the right to forbid informing other people how they can build themselves these miraculous devices.

The best, because proven for centuries, example of "perpetual motion" machines is the so-called "Bhaskar wheel" - invented in India back in 1150, while discussed in detail and shown in video clips in items #J7. and #J3. of this page. In my opinion, it is also the easiest to build by hobbyists. Thus to those, who wish to undertake the fight against the present depriving people of access to the benefits that these devices will bring to humanity, I suggest that they start their experiments from building just the "Bhaskar's Wheel". What then to do are informed by numerous my publications, starting for example from items #J1. and #J2. from the web page Free energy via item #D3. from my page God proof, and concluding with items #J1. to #J7. from this page.

I myself about the possibility of building properly functioning "perpetual motion" machines I have known already since 1985 - that is, since the development of my Theory of Everything called Concept of Dipolar Gravity, which gives us the assurance that these machines can be can be invented and built, while once built they will certainly work. In turn, the personally already researched and tested principles of operation and designs of these machines I systematically describe in my publications starting from 1989. Currently, those descriptions of mine of many years are available all the way to a whole range of web pages and monographs - from for examples of the most condensed out of of them see item #D3. from my web page God proof, and points #J1. and #J2. from page of mine Free energy.

Unfortunately, these at least five powerful institutions that are afraid of changes in our civilization caused by the widespread use of "perpetual motion" machines, still also effectively block the dissemination of the truth on this subject. Therefore, this truth still has everyone's duty to disseminate on an unofficial basis.

A summary of the history of my already more than 33 years of struggle to reveal to inventors the phenomena, principles of operation, and other truths about machines "perpetual motion" machines, and through this disclosure - the continuation of the struggle initiated in 1985 in 1985, my struggle to provide their inventors and builders the guarantee that these machines can be can be built, and that once built they will certainly they will certainly work, I have already described in part in items #J1. to #J4. from my web page Free energy.

In turn, the importance of this disclosure for the development of of new propulsion systems is also mentioned in item #J4 below. So until I find the time and processing capabilities to present them here with greater accuracy than there, for learning about them that is where I refer interested readers.

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