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Advanced Magnetic Propulsion Systems for Flying Vehicles

Part #E: Evidence which confirms that magnetically propelled flying vehicles are technically feasible and are going to be constructed:

#E1. In fact Magnocrafts are already flying:

As it turns out, the Magnocraft is not just a product of imagination. Actually it turns out that this vehicle is already flying above Earth. People describe it under the name of UFOs. In order to realise how close is the appearance of and thus also the operation of a UFO and the Magnocraft, have a look at the following two illustrations. The upper one of them presents a photographs of a UFO type K3. In turn the lower one presents a drawing of the Magnocraft shown from the same angle us this UFO. Here are they:

Fig. #9a: photograph of a UFO type K3

Img.120 (#9a)

Fig. #9b: appearance of the Magnocraft type K3

Img.121 (#9b)

Img.120/ Img.121 (#9ab): The comparison of shape of a discoidal UFO type K3 with discoidal Magnocraft type K3 of the first generation. In order to facilitate this comparison, the Magnocraft shown before in Img.151 (#2) is here slanted to obtain approximately the same orientation as the UFO vehicle has.

Img.120 (#9a): A K3 type of the flying vehicle popularly known as a UFO. (The photographs shown above is also shown and explained in Img.120 (P1) from volume 14 of the newest monograph [1/5], as well as in Figure J1 from older monograph [1e], and in Image K1 from older monograph [2e].) Such UFO vehicles use exactly the same type of magnetic propulsion system as the one utilised by the Magnocraft.

Img.121 (#9b): The appearance of the smallest Magnocraft type K3 illustrated in the position as the UFO from Img.354 (#4a).

Please notice that the above illustration is also discussed on Img.179/ Img.180 (#11ab) and Img.120 (#12) from the totaliztic web page Tapanui - where the reader can learn further details about both vehicles illustrated here.

#E2. The formal scientific proof, that "UFOs do exist and they are already operational Magnocrafts":

There is a formal scientific proof already developed and published, stating that "UFOs do exist and they are already operational Magnocrafts. This proof is published in subsection P2 from volume 14 of my newest monograph [1/5] (and also in chapter J from older monograph [1e]). A brief summary of this formal proof is published on the totaliztic web page UFO proof. This proof discloses why UFOs and Magnocraft must have identical propulsion system, shape, capabilities, and attributes. Furthermore, it provides a powerful tool for the understanding attributes and operation of UFOs. It is so because everything that we know about the Magnocraft we can at present apply also to UFOs. It is because of this knowledge of the Magnocraft that e.g. the details of the Tapanui could be researched and identified so thoroughly. Also because of this proof, in 2003 the Magnocraft was voted by members of the internet discussion forum as the explanation for technical aspects of UFOs - for details see the resolution discussed in item #J2 from the web page Explain and in item #D2. from the web page Timevehicle.

This formal proof was accomplished with the use of extremely reliable formal scientific methodology called the "method of matching attributes". This method is described in subsection P2 of the abovementioned my monograph [1/5]. It later becomes the methodological basis for the completion for the first time in the world of several further formal proofs by the author of this web page. All these proofs are listed in item #G3 from the web page God proof. Together all these proofs try to repair negligence and deviations which with the elapse of time grew up around our official science.

Since no-one managed to abolish this formal proof for the existence of UFOs, this proof remains in power all the time, and it should terminate the previous period of arguing about the existence, or non-existence, of UFOs. Now we should start the period of time when we thoroughly research these extraterrestrial vehicles and their evil crew members. After all, such researching of UFO technology may accelerate on Earth the completion of technical devices which UFOnauts already use, but which still remain unknown for our civilisation. Examples of such devices include: magnetic propulsors, telepathic communication devices, time vehicles, moral energy extractors, and many more - for details see subsection D10 in monograph [8] downloadable from this web site. In turn researching evil crew members of UFO vehicles will accelerate our understanding reasons why UFOnauts exploit people, and help humanity to free itself from claws of these cosmic parasites.

#E3. Oscillatory Chambers are already used in UFOs:

As it turns out the Oscillatory Chamber invented in order to propel the Magnocraft, are already used by UFOs. There are even photographs of these devices taken on UFOs. Here are two photographs of the square outlets from the cubical Oscillatory Chambers of UFOs, published in Img.166 (S5) from chapter S of monograph [1/5]. Notice that because of the right one of these two photographs is taken during the night, the black square in the centre of the outlet blends with the black background of the sky. Below these two photographs, the predicted appearance of outlets from Magnocraft's oscillatory chambers is also illustrated.

Fig. #10a: Oscillatory Chamber with inner flux prevalence

Img.179 (#10a)

Fig. #10b: Oscillatory Chamber with outer flux prevalence

Img.180 (#10b)

Fig. #10cd: Appearance of outlets from Oscillatory Chambers

Img.181 (#10c)

Image sequence: Img. #10abcd (#10a): Two photographs which captured the appearance of outlets from Oscillatory Chambers of UFOs of the first generation. In order to illustrate what each photograph represents, the lower row shows Oscillatory Chambers of the Magnocraft operating in the same modes.

Img.179 (#10a): A day-time photograph of the outlet from the main Oscillatory Chamber of a UFO vehicle which operated with the inner flux prevalence.

Img.180 (#10b): A night-time photograph of the outlet from the main Oscillatory Chamber of a UFO vehicle which operated with the outer flux prevalence.

Img.181 (#10c): Drawings of outlets from Oscillatory Chambers used in Magnocraft of the first generation, which operated in the same modes as these captured on photographs shown above them.

By realising that the Oscillatory Chamber is already build and used by UFOnauts, we accomplish a reassurance that our completion of this device is feasible and that it bears a potential for a certain success - if we decide to construct it. Therefore we should roll our sleeves up, and start to complete this revolutionary device. After all, it not only is able to lift us to the stars, but also allows to free ourselves from the occupation by evil UFOnauts.

Please notice that the above illustration is also discussed on "Fig. #13abcd" from the totaliztic web page Tapanui where the reader can learn further details about the appearances of the Oscillatory Chambers illustrated here.

#E4. Because of the amount of energy that UFOs accumulate in their Oscillatory Chamber, UFOs are actually flying bombs:

Of course, the fact that UFOs utilise Oscillatory Chamber for their propulsion, combined with the fact that Oscillatory Chambers can accumulate in themselves enormous amounts of magnetic energy, introduces certain dangers for our civilisation. Namely, each UFO vehicle is actually a flying bomb, which only awaits to explode. In subsection G5.5. of monograph [1/5] the amount of magnetic energy carried out in a smallest K3 type UFO is calculated. It turns out that just in order to lift itself from the surface of Earth, such a smallest UFO must have accumulated in its Oscillatory Chambers the magnetic equivalent of 1 megaton of TNT. But this 1 megaton of TNT does not account for acceleration and for flights in free space. In reality such a smallest UFO may have accumulated even 1000 times more magnetic energy, amounting to an equivalent of around 1000 megaton of TNT. This practically means that if there is any accident involving such a UFO vehicle, and if Oscillatory Chambers of this vehicle are accidentally damaged, then we must expect a catastrophic explosion of the magnitude of at least 1 megaton TNT. Practically this indicates, that if there actually was a UFO accident of 1947 in Roswell, USA, as American UFOlogists claim this, then almost the entire America would be wiped out in the result. So there wouldn't be any American UFOlogist left in there to claim the actual occurrence of such a UFO accident.

More information about the use of UFOs as flying bombs is provided in item #B1 of the web page Military Magnocraft.

#E5. UFO explosions:

Since UFOs are flying bombs loaded with magnetic energy and only awaiting to explode, we should expect that there were already various UFO explosions on Earth. As it turns out, YES. Actually there were numerous UFO explosions on Earth. About several of them I wrote my monographs from the series [5]. I also prepared a separate web page Tapanui, which presents evidence and consequences of a UFO explosion that occurred near a small New Zealand township named Tapanui. This Tapanui explosion of UFOs turned out to be especially tragic to humanity. As research indicate, it probably wiped a significant proportion of population of Earth of that time. It also practically destroyed flourishing human civilisations of antiquity, turning the beauty and prosperity of ancient empires into darkness, sickness, and death of medieval period of Earth's history. Out of specific changes on our planet that this UFO explosion from Tapanui caused and that can be noticed by everyone, the most important include: the shifting of Earth's poles by around 7 degrees, the freezing of previously green Greenland together with the Viking colony in there, the melting of ice bridge in the Bering Straights - which before 1178 allowed Eskimo people freely travel on dry ice between Siberia and Alaska, flooding Schlezwig-Holstain in Germany, destruction of ancient Salamis, leaning the famous "Leaning Tower" from Pisa in Italy, and many more - for further details see site "Tapanui".

The most recent, however, underground explosion of a UFO vehicle took place on 26th December 2004. It occurred near the island of Sumatra on the Indian Ocean. It caused one of the most powerful tsunamis in recent history. Many people took it for a natural disaster. But the analysis of attributes of it, provided on the separate web page entitled Day 26, proves that it had a technological origin from a UFO explosion. For more details about this most recent UFO explosion - see the web page "Day 26".

#E6. If UFOs are Magnocraft, then why UFOnauts do not give us their technology:

It turns out that UFOnauts are actually our enemies. They exploit us and draw countless benefits from our planet. But at the time when we accomplish their level of technology, UFOnauts loose all these benefits. Therefore they not only do not allow us to have their technology, but actually they hide from us practically everything, including their continuous presence on Earth. Furthermore, as all oppressors do, UFOnauts hold back our development, e.g. by hidden murdering our best brains. Therefore practically we need to bit UFOnauts militarily, in order to free our civilisation from their hidden occupation. But in order to start fighting with UFOnauts, we firstly need to build our Magnocraft. Only then our technical level become equal to theirs, so that we start having a chance with fighting them out from our planet. If we believe in ancient prediction, e.g. ones which are described in the Bible, the time is coming now, when we start to defend ourselves successfully from UFOnauts. Only when we remove these oppressors from our planet, on Earth these promised 1000 years of prosperity and happiness is going to prevail. For more details on UFOnauts see the web site UFO.

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