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How "simulations" of UFOnauts punish immoral people


The Earth is in trouble. The majority of people ceased to act morally and they carry out highly immoral behaviours. Of course, if these people lived in the world deprived God, then they would remain unpunished. But in the world ruled by God, people cannot practice immorality without being punished. So the time of receiving "punishments" has arrived to all most immoral people and communities. But God cannot appear in clouds and begin to throw "lighting bolts" at these people who act immorally. After all, such a manner of "punishing" would remove the so-called "free will" from people. Thus God can only "punish" in a highly "discreet" way - so that e.g. "atheists" of all sorts would NOT know by whom they really are crushed. This web page illustrates how God really serves His "discreet" punishments to immoral people and to immoral communities.

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