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Thorny Way of Truth


Some philosophers claim contrary to our experience and everyday logic, that so-called "objective truths" do NOT exist at all. But our intuition, life experience, and also moral laws state something opposite. According to these, objective truths do exist! Only that, according to an old English proverb, "truth lies at the bottom of a well". Of course, truth did not fall to this well all by itself, but a sort of devil must throw it there on purpose. After all, devils have reasons to hide truth from people. Therefore, in order to reach somehow to this truth, we firstly need to withdraw a whole well of "water" which covers it. In addition to this, even if there are people who already know this truth, they are not eager to tell it openly to others. After all, "truth finds foes where it makes none". No wonder that on our planet, before truths get to the awareness of people, these truths are forced to march long distances along pathways which for meaningful reasons in past were called "thorny", while about which only the new "totaliztic science" discovered recently, that for very important reasons in fact are "ways of the greatest resistance (errors)".
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